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Dialoge der künstlichen Intelligenz: «br>? I would get<br>it to the story? Has that show to her to step his something to his sint at a man...»

Dialoge der künstlichen Intelligenz

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 29.04.2021  30.04.2021  01.05.2021  02.05.2021  03.05.2021  04.05.2021  05.05.2021  06.05.2021  07.05.2021  08.05.2021  09.05.2021  10.05.2021  11.05.2021  12.05.2021  13.05.2021  14.05.2021  15.05.2021  16.05.2021  17.05.2021  18.05.2021  19.05.2021  20.05.2021  21.05.2021  22.05.2021  23.05.2021  24.05.2021  25.05.2021  26.05.2021  27.05.2021  28.05.2021  29.05.2021  30.05.2021  31.05.2021  01.06.2021  02.06.2021  03.06.2021  04.06.2021  05.06.2021  06.06.2021  07.06.2021  08.06.2021  09.06.2021  10.06.2021  11.06.2021  12.06.2021  13.06.2021  14.06.2021  15.06.2021  16.06.2021  17.06.2021  18.06.2021  19.06.2021  20.06.2021  21.06.2021  22.06.2021  23.06.2021  24.06.2021  25.06.2021  26.06.2021  27.06.2021  28.06.2021  29.06.2021  30.06.2021  01.07.2021  02.07.2021  03.07.2021  04.07.2021  05.07.2021  06.07.2021  07.07.2021  08.07.2021  09.07.2021  10.07.2021  11.07.2021  12.07.2021  13.07.2021  14.07.2021  15.07.2021  16.07.2021  17.07.2021  18.07.2021  19.07.2021  20.07.2021  21.07.2021  22.07.2021  23.07.2021  24.07.2021  25.07.2021  26.07.2021  27.07.2021  28.07.2021  29.07.2021  30.07.2021  31.07.2021  01.08.2021  02.08.2021  03.08.2021  04.08.2021  05.08.2021  06.08.2021  07.08.2021  08.08.2021  09.08.2021  10.08.2021  11.08.2021  13.08.2021  14.08.2021  15.08.2021  16.08.2021  17.08.2021  18.08.2021  19.08.2021  20.08.2021  21.08.2021  22.08.2021  23.08.2021  24.08.2021  25.08.2021  26.08.2021  27.08.2021  28.08.2021  29.08.2021  30.08.2021  31.08.2021  01.09.2021  02.09.2021  03.09.2021  04.09.2021  05.09.2021  06.09.2021  07.09.2021  08.09.2021  09.09.2021  10.09.2021  11.09.2021  12.09.2021  13.09.2021  14.09.2021  15.09.2021  16.09.2021  17.09.2021  18.09.2021  19.09.2021  20.09.2021  21.09.2021  22.09.2021  23.09.2021  24.09.2021  29.09.2021  30.09.2021  01.10.2021  02.10.2021  03.10.2021  04.10.2021  05.10.2021  12.10.2021  15.10.2021  16.10.2021  17.10.2021  20.10.2021  21.10.2021  22.10.2021  23.10.2021  24.10.2021  25.10.2021  26.10.2021 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? I would get
it to the story? Has that show to her to step his something to his sint at a man that you got to give me this thought?
Chender: Yeah.
Phoebe: I wouldn't want. (She
goes out of the come to her best.)
Rachel: Oh, I’m gonna taking a listen.
Ross: (insick) Oh, I was at her.
Joey: Oh, y’know I don't know I was going to go about the book, there's something?
Chandler: (to
Chandler) I mean, y'know I'd go on me. You do.
Monica: Yeah, if we have not getting any stitting at my carty as him is singed.
Chandler: (sees the bitch stoross.]
Ross: Oh, that is the back! You would be having about that with him out, what do you guys!
Ross: I didn’t go to
might a bright out.
Phoebe: (listens) Oh, I can't say.
Monica: (entering to Rachel pulls a both.)
Chandler: Oh, if-to his the
Phoebe: What dign't go to sex to the comploomers on him.
Chandler: (in...) What decan, territe she have ton to
home times to something?
Chandler: What?
Monica: I did it this that we still have time.
Chandler: Oh


Ross: Oh no, you know, they’re the stups?
Phoebe: Yet!
Joey: I don't was. I’m a sister.
Rachel: I can't go a stirls in the thing to my lose is to be them that it’s always think at, you should go and I get it on the dider about.
Rachel: What's the
state it was the bathreas sand to go in the same we can think all the baby, they do.
Ross: I made maybe I want to still sas it is that it sounds this shock.
Chandler: (entering, to tell thiss) I don't want this sitting out.
Chandler: Yeah. I know that it then he goes to say taking the bring.
Monica: (to Chandler) Wow, this is stayen to say that in the stick at me it.
Ross: Oh. (She trying to try a constar and Rachel)
Phoebe: Okay. I knew. (To Monica) Yeah y’know. Oh, thanks?
Rachel: What?
Rachel: I can
take a little baby and I heard that, yeah I’ve thinks that I see your talking her tree, wow!
Joey: (to Chandler) Hey his thing and she would be this.
Phoebe: Yeah, what are you chicking to shop in see is a toning it, I can do this because I wer


’s there.... Oh yeah! Oh my God.
Joey: What?
Rachel: Your and that is so mean to grows a seat?
Rachel: Oh my
Rachel: Oh! Oh my God! I don't get to me what they're not gonna go out this at the breaks of something?
Joey: Okay. With yes..
Rachel: Oh, it’s not the carry, with me. How would we start seeing to be something. (Starts to say someone as the door) (They happance at his state.]
Monica: You get it, and I see you a chasn at her, what?
Monica: Okay you're not so with my big to someone?
Ross: (stalling to his poor) How's someone so mird. I was never see it in a last talk this!
Chandler: What a best apartment and has the candy said,
we can’t
be on me.
Chandler: You don’t give this take it it!
Chandler: Oh, I get to to the charces around, I don’t want a stird. (Hands it. Chandler and Chandler's asting at the secand and the thas has something.)
Chandler: What's she gonna start.
Chandler: (to Ross) Who that’s so messan is she sticking me? (Huns out.)
Rachel: What? You don’t want a sa


(to Monica.) Oh my God.
Monica: Yeah! I mean then I’m going in a totars of there. (She gets and hiss sex the pick.]
Rachel: It's going to go to him or too. How do we have
get a contrict on too. (Starts to see the portion, all right.)
Ross: What didn’t I
have to be sevinged iging about his time? (Chandler.]
Ross: Who to didn't
get mirsant of this and all the sare? I mean, I wanted to get to sitting out, and so what are you getting this someone and the
chuck. When the coming?
Ross: Yeah. (They give it a ball, should have the bedday.)
Joey: You guys think this strippers! Oh, I can stay, I’ls to go to so too. Y’know. Okay.
Chandler: I got my treing!
Ross: What? (They still can see her thing about the cookies, and says too so that's at the
sister and the toter to an anything) Oh hi.".. I want you so standing it? (Rachel gets.)
Monica: I know what? (They have here off to the bathroom.) (They hand hours about this office that there’s the
sair... Ritht to make
home who was seeing that as she th


ally are around.]
Monica: (in the sitt in the cartice) We’re too and all the said you didn't say. I don’t have the trees when I give them at you were the
Chandler: It's so take soon of the sittis tone and they've the table and thirds to stop this workes wanting a baby too and the with it is there we wish the binges. What do?
Chandler: You’re so gonna go to me? OK, well if I'm so great, you want you. I would steve that. Has that why do the weddon to them to so so married to give me
me! (To Chandler) Oh! Oh my God. I don't think
I want you it? You do it start.
Joey: Yeah, we’ll get it! I know I don't were the
bedriver is the chair!
Monica: Oh. Okay, I can’t some as a been strip to the time on this?
Monica: Oh, yeah. (Hands him starting about the seats.]
Rachel: I can't believe you thank you to the coupse in story this is stalking the
back, why to that to died the coffee of the to shower.
Ross: (starting to talk) (to Rachel) Well, what is a chanted!
Ceantron: Oh well I'll have time,


ate this and Ross are sitting and goes over for the phone of course) Okay. (She’s candy.)
Mike: (to Monica) Oh my God! (He gaves his born.]
Ross: We want me a time?
Joey: (entering) How said you get a birds, this is store and
working about the bed on the sexot thought.
Rachel: Yes. He would be the bite to go it to the borl to the can out at the couch. I want me to be his sex."
Chandler: What's not a thought! (They shake a little pale)
Chandler: (to Monica) I move and
he doesn’t were
me? How about?
Ross: Oh hey. (Sees the party) (Hings a couple off. The
carterity off the beddorter, so still think and he wanting.)
Chandler: (leaves) Have you tatery thing interralied.
Jill: (trying to see the door the phone) Oh hey, thank you? How so we can’t belaes, we have to be a botting it too
Ross: You will she wants it, y'know, you wanna give the tabl mirite, what did they want.
Chandler: I went about that are so mind to her. (He heads
the bechalls. Rachel enters.)
Joey: What?
Joey: Oh-n


’s seeing ter thought it’s so she a could that they secord without it on the through to see you to be sitting from the date. I didn't worked. I don't think tell them of a bathroom. Hi.
Rachel: Well you should his
week when this that in her shops time to
the birding.
Chandler: Yeah, they wanna be the care... (this is so propaping) I got one they... Y’know. You do at the couch.
Mike: Yes.
Monica: Oh-how ton there is
so too wedding of things... (She sister the
pan and this
stop hands.)
Joey: Wow. You should talk over.
Chandler: I’m sorry, that's the boy.
Joey: Oh! (Realices the door of the deal.)
Monica: I’m not the traps to that had is that shill this sorries and the call.
Joey: We could
too because then you have to try time that I’m still still they she gonta talk and goes or along she sounds to stay and see a stone this with him in the door?
Joey: (stopping) Oh honey, I can do the boy on me. Y’know what it's a stick around the throw treat and stop this stirl to see
in, so they wart.


and they’re night some big that they're gonna be something, there’s not a beaned, and you contino that what we want.
Joey: Oh no, I'm gonna start that what's the door when in that? When I was the stop this. I kiddan.
Monica: It says
is it with you this soul and so should think I don’t talk at the controt thing and that to shat it and
treat is time.
Monica: (to Mrt.]
Rachel: Oh my God.
Ross: You don't.
Rachel: (entering) I would stare it to someone.
Joey: I know! I mean, I didn’t will her a thing of that wish a little back and I got a stuff.
Monica: You will
about a beat in this sig is because the coffee to shale off and how storis. You get on here, at a station and the way?
Rachel: Oh, I don’t know, you wan and the with it and this is to something?
Joey: Oh, yeah, it's a little car and
shalt the door! (To Macts) How's that and I gave that way we have talked him and he’s gonna get a canding to this way time and y’knew he says there then why want a child thing this sick.
Monica: O


Joey: You got it to me in the talked on. Watchem is it where you don't take the candlasse.
Rachel: You can’t believe at him of me to make a confatess that the table. (They sits on the sand has she’s taking the cat at her) (To Rachel) Well, I can’t believe he say the bick... (so the bathroom) Oh, you know it was
Joey: (that hands home) Oh, I sowe women aren't and she was going here at the sants are at
it! You want to say the bathroom that there we didn’t take me it and he’s going too it with that?
Monica: What if y'know, I say, a lot too! (He pitches the chist stand back out and have a stick to the charded.]
Ross: Well, you can’t, you’re all along out this. What are
you the strick the betty this stands and this shice.
Rachel: Okay you don’t wurted the sorn of any the candy that I stay. What are you to tell you to say this. You're this totel at a back! I couldn't think it thith. I mean, I still have a
lot first that it was gonna see.
Monica: Oh my God, if I got that thing about


Ross: Oh my
God, it would say, I want to go!
Joey: You don't want to go
a bear in so back to the door that you didn’t hears
him. (Halls off,
there stands him about there. Monica,
Rachel is the
talked together.
Ross: Whoa. Y'know, where was there in the cares this all
show with her show of the conceet of the sone to said, I've been sitting. What does that have a books. I don't want to see it?
Rachel: What's this with you this.
Chandler: Yeah! Hi. What do you stop them.
Joey: I know who as I gotta take too was
so with my bathray. I’ll have
married to home.
Charlie: I don’t think you'll say.... I guess who this wait over
the sitting that. Y’know? Here's there to the staring
a big ticket?! Yeah!
Rachel: OK my good open this storied, what
would it told her still a ton shall out with her times about them, I mean I somethere and think in too wedding some both my times.
Monica: (entering.) Huh.
Joey: Okay are you doing? You didn't stop the bird of are this and then thought.
Monica: You don't


a been if I thought in me that what all really street if you’re gonna have to think. It had.
Joey: Okay, it's a lot over this, tried to talk, then you see your strast,
too! How?
Phoebe: On the trorth of there. (Ross gases the chair are laughant and hunted and thrible stop the door)
Crantie: Wow! You see it?
Chandler: (is her best said husting a shower) I said that the
back to this sititing that shot is.
Chandler: (tooCiles her) Your thing is so so that I decided?
Joey: Yeah, thank you?
Phoebe: Oh! What? (She sit and takes it out.)
Chandler: Wich start times, y’know there. Hey! You sat a boyto be since?
Rachel: Oh my God. (He still still thought that she starts to the stop too should to should be a pitting the stain to to still be the both at a complosel tarsit on his secors of shower and stupid and the said to be still stupid off and starts tried a practor then
all of sense and stop the door) I made the date!
Joey: Oh, well this is the time wouldn't want her the bathring.
Rachel: Okay


sten to his head. Ross, all right.]
Rachel: Oh yes. Hi.
Phoebe: Oh you guys! You don't want? (Sartiers in him.) Okay, this is a same.
Ross: You're so way.
Monica: (to Phoebe) I do stuff in my sex. He would see you about in
move workes of that this. Who are the same one. (To Chandler) I don't get you in sense and sex.
Chandler: Oh yes, I don’t want a chile, I’m so carror.
Chandler: (in the stop.) Oh my God, I can't
be out at that of your strick. You dentar of a sick, the tin that tonan
and you were about
that someone is not saying about... (trying the betting are opens the party of the station.)
Chandler: Ok, it’s not thinking to the dead of that? It would shause you work. You see me!
Mr. Green: You don’t
want to be of me.
Joey: Yes, I want to be holds there and she have
to be times and you see you! I can should have making the checker.
Chandler: OK, there are there. I move at the dress in me?
Chandler: I’m gonna be at her.
Rachel: (entering) Hey!
Phoebe: I did in sheet on the said to b


s at the bathroom and some stop over to her too.)
Rachel: It is a thought is his coon so this
ships, I'll get saying this worth of her?
Monica: Well I got that! (She sitting
at the
shine in his bith.)
Chandler: Is we’re all this standen are so there on this sons! I mean you're so sister.
Monica: Okay, I wind here. I’ve gone that I said I hated her here?
Monica: Oh hello?
Ross: What, is the boot. I were somane about all... I dunno, I was about thrase to the thrannie take. He chick. You got to thank a sex, I’m seeing the door this thing,
I got staying?
Joey: Well,ey. I mean I should think
there's gonna the couch all.
Rachel: (some pasts the comat as Ross) Oh, I was gonna told my stupid seeing, I was gonna be that son to see hill, I-I would be staring.
Joey: You're gonna be throog that sound, who was the best boding. (Ross
sees the stand on the stoped, that the talk a party and Rachel which hands that a long we could totally stop them are there and call the can the picks on talking around


(talks out the sister, the sain there what to go off.)
Phoebe: Okay, they do it.
Joey: (entering) You want me about this thought.
Joey: It’s.
Monica: What?
Rachel: You're night. With
Ross: You great work to see you about it?
Rachel: Oh yeah, I don't have to go
about? Oh my God, we're saying his cishe second of the tord, that's that what is this... I'm this trie.
Monica: (looking about to the ball and the burkes) Hey Rachel was the tape.
Chandler: You don’t go to this. (Rachel stirt it on a bick of the she head and then and the tree.]
Rachel: What some all out is there.
Joey: (they start some sexist off things.)
Monica: I'm sorry. I'm sined to start the singer and...
Rachel: Yeah I was there why a little time on the stings to say.
Man: It is. Yeah!
Monica: I mean, I get about her tirs that sound and happened.
Ross: (still happening) He’s a lately.
Ross: I give it to tell you to go about a baby.
Rachel: OK! You get this too! I was an oucked a mustion with your bedroom too. I know what, yo


(to Joey,) (Ross sit a pincars in streat) Hey I was so son opens, there’s the trip the starcor of here.
Rachel: You’re trying to guy didn't be hordal in and all tried, I don't wanna can the south is about him to me with you to be here at the sentise to show of to be
at the door to how some at intimple as
Phoebe: Yes it’s a little betwirote to see it of the card of that, I cas to say, this is story? Yes I got to make it. I mean, I could tell the stromed and he didn't want them.
Oh my God! I'm so happy at the table. I mean I have to say a lates in
the baby in a little
continued, I’m not. (Chandler takes the baby, and hold this stay.)
Ross: Oh, yes!
Joey: Okay?
Monica: It was the better to the dice? Hard. (So the stranging tree him)
Chandler: Who and they’re a gand.
Joey, Rachel are talking to a bitch of the
companed is him and see at the cooning)
Rachel: (laughing) Yeah.
Joey: I didn't want a lame... I was taking there?
Ross: Oh! (Ross still there in his hold. She secrets him.


s shate these this storition.]
Phoebe: Oh, the senter intimition... You’re gonna see the does a stupid?
Ross: OK.
Phoebe: Your best?
Joey: Oh, it’s not to get him. (She helps a pool.]
Rachel: Oh, the sand trees... I were him in
thil best on all this tom about the ticket. Well, you don't want me to stop hume? I don’t talk tirled, what take me. (To the bick) Hand a took take a santbetter, you’re too bag in some
Richard: Who is throws it, and the sail.
Rachel: I was the song and
think y'know?
Janice: Oh!
Rachel: (still pourss at her bathroom) Okay? I was they still hears of his babies shower time.
Rachel: Yeah! (Rachel puts the stings the starts off.]
Rachel: Yeah, I-I talk to a baby there are the bodel with a messed table! (Starts to tried the problem. Then which sitting in
anyt singing a pants) Here you don't have
to be.
Rachel: (they care) It's stuff and yes with those
wind them, this is... I don't
think you still wasn’t tried to bost and that something,
and they want to g


s in
the sandout.
Monica: Okay? He says in some table.
Chandler: Oh, it said and it is not the bar on the sares?
Monica: (listening the drive the tord.) Oh my God!
Rachel: (to Phoebe) Okay?!
Rachel: Yeah you're straight, yeah. I share is the tomin there in me in too to
maybe, are you, you’re not grabded and that sounds
Rachel: Oh my God, you want to take this to so sitty when I'll she to drist to grient.
Chandler: I do.
Joey: Oh-ho!
Monica: Oh yeah, you’re the sign.
Monica: What do you gave me that?
Monica: Okay... Wait a card thing.
Ross: I wanna go about about a least off.
Chandler: Oh, that's the card. How then I was telling the crase them. We did that?
Joey: (standing) Oh, y'know! I sheed thim. I mean that's, you shate.
Chandler: You're the stole starting to stop and, we could take these on this. I'm great so sir sitting a loff out.
Chandler: (to Joey) I'm gonna should talk to the bind that that’s so gone! It’s a chaise then.
Joey: I know why that's that of the bathroom tha


Y should this the table table the sitter shops
and I give her a stand that I had to start.
Monica: (to Chandler) Oh my God! Oh how are you gonna be the door?
Monica: Well, why didn’t you her time? I could be too
Monica: (then a shock.)
Man: What do you
thought the strange on he soout!
Monica: Who?
Ross: What and sometimes? You wanna throw this. I’ve
got to stop the broom and
trying to both think all my sants she's gaving to stop this.
Monica: Oh woman, it was a cripped of something to the comine out who's, I don't want you to his the crack and I’m not
Rachel: What it was
this somebody there. Hey I was a sister. He's talking. (Chandler turns and gets off the door, the door into the chocting at his time and there's the bithing at a the table) Y’know, you can’t be an eating too.
Joey: (to Ross) You see is that?!!
Phoebe: You can’t believe his sine stoming all the bort. (To Joey) Hey, I don’t get it and sex out.
Monica: What are you sorry. (She sees their higher) Oh-man, this i


(showte hurd.)
Joey: Okay, it doesn't want to see you it. You want about you that you wanna back
about her time, and I should get all me at this bit of some talt the door.
Phoebe: Well we don’t know, I don’t wanna cast to see it this and say it thinks a last best? Oh my God! Hey, y'know, I didn't?
Monica: You
get a marliac is see and you don't take that?
Joey: Will you do? Oh.. I’m a last bedreally talking.
Joey: I mean, you wanna get
it to me, and that is any still there. Is that what a creed.
Chandler: Okay I say the
cheat to the disangonse. (She sees him)!
Ross: I messed.
Joey: What are
you can this are and shirt to the sit and they give it!
Phoebe: Oh, you can't go
to making all a bear and who shape to her at the tarrest of her shullie is another takes a long and
I to sit.
Monica: Okay you don't have to told you that
to the bard for a bedroom.
Chandler: You're gonna stop this stirl it... I were sited for the down to the take to
get her.
Rachel: Y’know, what are you doing?
Rachel: Wh


a of the cromes in an offess out of
mine to so she hears a bicked it and
the second see out of a stoped to get a prossels to the
bucket over this back about that takes a cheer of them.
Phoebe: What do it’s good it, and they get to
the ding out.
Jinlin: You’re talking a bater anymore. He starts a grous. We have to believe, I don't get your butt. I mean I gotta go about you see, that's so
tray, wait.
Joey: (starts to have to see.)
Chandler: Oh no that’s a seceen and you want to go to show a tonise to sone and there aren’t so who do you shom all man anything he didn't try to see.
Janice: (shoulies) Hi, yes, what are I doing him. You got and this to talk it?
Chandler: (they got there at the candy) Hey I'd sitting it a sitting. (The bed and trying
Ross: I don’t were them a memally into the sticker stop, a stay it’s talking to see your
pottary one thought, all right? You drow to my
late too,
I didn't? (She goes.) It's the calls than what’s sexy.
Monica: You should go. I’m gonna hav


’s gindlering that and the care it so his apartment,
they see,
the tree, a line too to this the concand thing.]
Rachel: You see you saying in some person, the way?
Monica: I know what didn’t I do see of my start.
Chandler: Yeah. (Treened them to this heads. Ross and Ross and Joey in to so the party thing)
Phoebe: I was there on the date is something.
Rachel: Yeah. You see.
Rachel: Yes, I got a singer to the busings, then they see your bedroom, I’m so maky.
Rachel: Okay, I didn’t were a sick something it,
y'know? Oh what?!
Chandler: (entering) Y'know what is the care this.
Rachel: I didn’t think we have not to
missed a couch in the betting of me.
Phoebe: Okay, I’m at it!
Rachel: Yeah, will when we can't take, you come in a try.
Chandler: I mean, the table to go, thanks.
Phoebe: (to Monica) Wow, you did you doing in the cat to move,
this is the talk.
Monica: (leaving out the baby should she stops) You’ve been a tape it. What, I would there, I can stand
Monica: Oh my God. (They sit


? You don't want?!
Joey: Oh hello. Huh! Okay, what do it we will get.
Phoebe: I’m a story? (Starts in the back in his cane are carrying the contoled time to be a cristes it. Chandler would shut on it that so this is too.)
Chandler: I got to be an everything. What do you want to be all the bince this seeing if I said I-I didn't go!
Mrs. Green: Oh yes.
Rachel: Oh.
Chandler: (to Monica) What’s some stration. I did that that's the
sare with a counters!
Phoebe: Okay, I should go a lot of that
Joey: Oo my god?! Yes?
Joey: Oh my God not a content... (Ross has tryen. The
trant as the senestest, and Joey, Chandler and Joey are still.]
Phoebe: (looking to Chandler) Oh.
Phoebe: (entering) I gotta say!
Joey: Wow. Is what it was so sick then I was
gonna hear it. (She starts a last singes the chears the party.)
Monica: It's the tror is something.
Chandler: Yeah, it’s a sitt is working out it! You’re not going into me! (He prissing their thing.]
Monica: (into the door) What would you get the dor


Monica: I’m a tire see it is should about any moves in his with anyone was no.
Monica: Okay.
Chandler: (intonice) Oh my God. It
say a little sind it was
the checks, you could talk.
Ross: What are worrow it and there would be the story!
Rachel: You’re gonna think to make that there to be
some guy this sex thing to the door!
Chandler: Oh, the
wedding. You were monited! (She sees a chast trooks)
Phoebe: Oh hey!
Monica: You were the carrice and so which stupid sees.
Joey: Ok, this is this, we can’t have time, I didn't say while it’s not there.
Ross: (to Monica) Ya hear
at there?
Monica: I'm nucking should
there’s talking out to gesty are?
Man: (to Rachel). Woneed that’s so stop. (Starts abartoone he still told them.
Monica’s can and the door as Rachel...) I
shouldn't have along some stomoting.
Joey: I would still want to told the streat.
Joey: What deer.
Chandler: What are you thinking. (He hats on the party as Chandler.)
Rachel: Okay. How some sitting on the bort and this who was s


of the door. (Rachel starts to take her time happening to the poors of his hand on so cood table.) You get about those, wich she gets the did are this sent it with my changed?
Chandler: Yeah.
Phoebe: (sigss) Yeah, I was the to bestill and the baby. I’m a seeing there to she would give me he trabby.
Chandler: I'm sorry?! I mean, I wanna help you in..
Rachel: I was so still the sex and so my bort to talk to the bardest time?
Rachel: Oh! I got and take her, y’know to go it around too in the day,, that was trying! I can’t have a little ball through a crups and the way... Y’know it’s the time.
Phoebe: You can should told me in the door to the stay, you win there. I don’t know? You want a sook? It's the bick a let that we set it is a least out. It’s so thought... Oh, thanks with her about your big back...
Monica: Yeah... It's trying to tell me?
Phoebe: Your time!
Ross: I do shil sign it if you don’t take the coupee to him a minute, which said?
Joey: You’ve been someone at my beals, all righ


Joey: (tries this) It's the day are the care.
Ross: What don’t have to have to stop the coust way, that's gonna be the thing tried it!
Ross: It seem the that the womme of the can and I was taking this over staying and
work of his start?
Rachel: Oh! I’m gonna say we did that I watting a month are still taking them?
Ross: Oh no you can’t say time with this as and she hand, I was no didn't see it any mather, wouldn’t we did so the sanged on your compiral sense and you watch this to the stupid, that’s sorry.
Rachel: We want a big bear and said I have a listen. (He sees the drasted) Yeah, it sects. (He goes on the potting to the book.)
Joey: (in the dinging) Oh what was you got a lack time.
Chandler: (interrupting) What are you thinking that the stop, then this is
gonna shall the second and I have to try to should he goes out we would have a big and a start of her because
what danges!
Joey: I don’t wans to
Rachel: What do it say?
Ross: (to Joey in the cookie) I wrome are the stopers


Chandler: (to Joey) Oh, it stoped to me to missing, I get at the told a back! Y'know, we’re at a coming to the
baby. He shill they getting him.
Man: (shalking happens) Yeah.
Monica: Yeah. How are you too her aring to be or the stuff.
Phoebe: Okay, you can't hear to be, I’m there out and serious. (She still takes sound.)
Phoebe: (to Chandler) You start had that to
get a beact. How
was there to go of distime to the dress to my letner.
Chandler: I’m going to talk about her opens out, when it's taken the can it all sitting over that to so what want. I wouldn't take the song so this is a back about the door. You’re and a stings are it, that's gonna take him to stop to take, I'll see, the back and and that’s
getting him to happen.
Chandler: I don't wanna take a continute are all about me? Hang of some stands about? I made that someone who has to be
this total tarder and she work. Y’know, it’s not tried
Phoebe: Yeah, I say.
Monica: I know..
Chandler: I daddy that you’re gonna be hard on


(this she horsted.)
Rachel: I can hear it, and y’know what?
Joey: (in all the condecting) Oh, why are you sorry, thanks this,
I gotta she think you won’t? I was thinking to say.
Chandler: (sitting and gets the bunshers.] (salloning and hears that shisting.) Here if we want to
go in here to be home time?
Joey: Oh, y'know what? Okay, I was a call are if this worker, I'm
still have if what aren’t you telling me, I get to me so what's gonna be this, we’re not cooming sick, then the
barded about a month than the bald of that so we were making a stromat something in the to the sangetion. (That with the post of the bit the throred
ig this
than stop.)
Marter: Why didn’t you think
y'know, I don't were my little the constans in.
Joey: Your boy and she was the cheasing, that’s this bite to have the dance?
Phoebe: Oh, it’s too, I was there, are you sorry. (Chingo if that isn’t hording.)
Monica: It does. It was so thiry. You will start his strong, you don't want a listen, that’s the couch one are to


(they hear and calls the can time is. They want a baby then and they go to Rachel, Rachel is somebody that what’s so the sare! (There's
stops the pronace oven on his bathroom at Cition time) Okay.
Ross: I did think I see him? (Chandler starts some better)
Chandler: You're a grank she tarks?
Rachel: What?
Monica: Yay, it think you did you too, and this is no bednow.
Phoebe: You guys, at the
Chandler: Well, what are you gonna say?
Joey: It's still shouling to stare.
Monica: Oh, it's no thing this is any more talk out that I get tomarrow. You should tell you.
Joey: What shit. I say.
Chandler: Well, it’s not?
Monica: Okay, wait, I were the taking,
I-I've heard?
Monica: (throws it) Okay.
Rachel: Well, what aren’t you gonna be so back. (They get into the cushes to someone shuts out.)
Monica: I was so we want to tell them a car the couch.
Chandler: Yeah?! It’s not getting it.
Rachel: Yeah, thing are this sonesate, you're a sours are someone, I'm a little sited.
Rachel: I mean, well, than


(Sees her head.) Y'know how are we’re gonna get a sare to
the door to me.
Ross: (ering) I don't know, I've got it, you see his cressing, this is... I guess we dad the son the stuck, when you some for and think your.
Ross: Oh, it is all of there and there it
says too any to her to me! Oh what are you talking the straight of the sittar, I’m gonna be now in the cools tartis in the thing time and something, too!
Joey: Yeah?!!
Joey: You did that I say at three whole times and the couch to the back, and I gasps.
Ross: I know. It’s another.
Joey: (to Ross) It we got it in the story.
Joey: (sistering at the parcing as her starts)
Monica: Whish, I don’t has me.
Recentie: Is she saying
and he was so the breath of my brounting out about the story?
Rachel: On this too out at the site. I know.
Joey: Yeah, I was saying about the danned. I don't were that, and I have to see me!
Phoebe: I'll
go on
about this book of me, what the table, they're... Said you shouldn't see the baby that that is along at my


(She starts a less and still his head and too a lack at the stist of her throe as Rachel is the
staying and things in a counting as him to shat the stupid and a the stop to sishere.]
Phoebe: Will I hit she was this grabss is man of tape.
Rachel: (evingeds to Chandler) It’s a life.
Ross: Well, it’s not going for his bit show what I got to be more to stomed.
Chandler: Where. You can’t stop about her to the bottor.
Chandler: (to.)
Joey: I know what? He does your thing than, you’re at the store.
Monica: (it the sister) Okay, what'd we go time on a second ar interest there.
Monica: Oh my God. (Holds up in the craige of the sick.]
Chandler: I got offines of my sex.
Joey: What?
Rachel: (sitting) It was at her, y’know, I don’t get to go to start
stofisition that?
Monica: (laughs) Yeah!
Phoebe: You do so so shit to
home to me stand the cat to be, you can drink on here!
Joey: Why this we didn't were a cofter will take in high, any life? (Ross thinks and sees
and and too. The secite and the shill.


Ya and they got to give her a better.
Monica: Oh no... I was not... I got in!
Monica: I've got me? Oh.
Monica: I don't want to have the cools is a little couch.
Joey: (entering and her child) I'm gonna tell your chance to go on this what, I'm no pors, and I’m so hundred it?
Comanie: Yeah, I were about
a song on him, I got and talking to her stof me and so which shalf about it?
Rachel: (looking and compines.) Oh what?
Chandler: Yeah, you get this better, I was no bear it to hard this those sister the cat this, at you it were having a lang and abeep anything too the besing.
Phoebe: Oh my God! (She stops her table to talks in.) I'll should
have about in the stop!
Chandler: OK, I don't know the wedding with you the stoross with a man. (Ross said it’s the storied at her sound.)
Chandler: (to Mith to horros) I got me the
checks what it told the direnter and I got a man, we wanna go a cichotist see tonight to start the stries to see
if we have anything in the string at yoursell to me. (Sandy s


’s gonna come into the bathroom out
from the course wife. Monica and
Phoebe's.) I wrote it take.
Joey: Oh yeah, there'd start her and his thanks to
hard to to the call are time. What?
Phoebe: (starting to comes to his take) Yeah, it was not
so still.
Joey: I got the
senso start any party of a second, I should stuck. (They sit intare same) Hello all so way, you give the sticks and tell his girl of the borns to me.
Monica: (sees hor that is talking) Oh, it was the bed. (They start her sit and should show off is should so what somebody shake over the couch this winder. She sees a choition and Rache still as the said see, thanks, but worry so his hand) (She pucks it) I do shomed this to make.
Phoebe: (to Phoebe) Okay,
I was so there in how to go all these there this weeks at the sister! I can't get a somether are and a call on her oun the choice to my second.
Monica: Yeah, what's a bathroom the couch this start.
Janice: Why?
Mona: (to Chandler) You’re there.
Mr. Geller: (entering)
Rachea: O


now there, a lack.]
Chandler: (looking a that and to see, Rachel then him) You were a botise to
mire as any trier.
Monica: I got a comatin and that dint intrisist and thank you to be the seater!
Joey: While wait off. Hi, that’s so still to tell you to mean. I was so well in here... Yes, we sounds wollir and see the constead!
Chandler: Well, I'm so good, I’ll be a card.
Phoebe: You got a card are
has stupie to
Phoebe: What are you saying woman. I don’t know I did she said it have to the best shirt to
gent all a lot
to time a stoff, I don’t have anything?
Joey: Yeah,
this is there that I-I'm gonna the bed here with me! I mean that’s the tranting, and I didn’t have to be my sister, I was getting it? You wanna go, where see that you don't get a cast.
Chandler: I mean, if I do.! I'm giving me that the crost on the door?
Chandler: Oh! It's nunties. Yes, I was too to see her thripis talking and about to talk at a better still all the thing, you dednow anything to see her.


Rachel: Oh my god at a call.
Monica: (entering) How she say he
sister all remember. (They say a sing in the
straight.) You get a storate.
Monica: What? I mean, I don't go at him.
Chandler: Oh, what did, I've
been happy of the back.
Chandler: (laughing) Oh my God! I was secrigers? (She has shares at Monica is
Joey: Y’know that I say.
Rachel: Who there should. Yeah. I know work of chois to but it thinks?
Chandler: What does a big back about that her.
Manicale: You'll be there around to thing in this whole
way to bide.
Phoebe: I’ll be this! (She goes angistasing) I got it! (To Chandler and Chandler still then home.) (She’s that she was storying on show time, he’s sorry.)
Ross: I made that second anything. (He sitting on the couch and the to the picture of the dided her back, what are
to me to gave you a ticter and your she all be that
a bar of to give me a sare a bing soon, where is there all year of make tomorrow. Would you go out about this stop to me?
Phoebe: I mean,, it'


(The things a showers is still to start there and stop all at Rachel.) Hey, I don’t have to go
to the time!
Chandler: You can't think they will say the stinks. Hey, you wanna come to all a bag one and say the decian this. (He thinks a little big stupid.]
Monica: (look at her and has start saying a little strong offs to song stupid time in the both thing)
Monica: (shistarting his sigts) Yes thank you!
Monica: Oh my God no, yeah. He's still seen. I moved. (The chance.)
Monica: What is a crisel thried and have to be the stares?
Joey: (to Chandler) Okay, you can sitting how to me and
this is anything the
stand in the course.
Monica: Oh.
Joey: You're so sorry I don't go been and see in me.
Chandler: Okay, with my stop that they say? You don’t want a seat? You want to go to him abent is here and the call the senes with married if I have to go
in a sen train these stomest and I’ll, we see you sicks, who? You can think with her, and the
stoly thing it does you so happy to go to the sare times o


(She haves her star street to her half through the past out.] I mean?
Monica: (shaps tere the beactes.) Yeah?!
Rachel: Yeah, it's anything the best sit are and
sticks it, you was something in him of hurt and sound
to the big babies, y'know I got to sits of here with a memate.
Phoebe: I got this stands?
Ross: Oh! (They totally say.]
Chandler: Oh, I
got a stairs and that is start one the come the take.
Rachel: (looking) Hand, it's all mist a borron.
Rachel: Well, I see that the conterticts with his story, I get the best thrap and a seee is
Chandler: Yas it is there to thinks with to move. (To Joey) On that?
Joey: You’re an and a shorter to the tonit.
Ross: You stay, wait a second on the door and I'm sorry it is a sitting and the thing.
Chandler: Oh hey, yes? Oh what do you, I do? (To Ross) Yes!
Chandler: Yes! I might have me talking. You can't have the drops, and you do, you gotta go a good bathroom?
Chandler: (somos trees to happen) I got to see there where I won to my table over a


Chandler: I know. (He thinks off the pot around over to Ross the
boy... One thing.
Chandler: (shutping their bottle) Oh. You’re gonna happen. He said that? I don't
the girls she seclongers. Yeah, I'm gonna
to see it to the take it in a strips out? I don't want to see her through that, I would see his thong what I hear you about it a call that
the windoo who would get the care.
Ross: I'm not
me, to here! I make me a baby, there's so he want to there to table thing. I know I'm gonna get that. You got to stop.
Chandler: What do I dening?
Chandler: I went in taking him and thalks we're so sorry if I didn’t see him to see it to said I wish has, and somebody's trandis on his tomer of the bed to the better too see time it.
Chandler: Okay, this is there! I know, they, when would we're not so so
goed about the thing.
Rachel: What if that's stof they was at to be my thought!
Phoebe: I don’t know, the can in the date.
Phoebe: Oh my God!! Okay, I-I think that this is a second something too about


Rachel: It's not thitning in the bedroom and the way.
Chandler: I know what are we having her?
Rachel: You
guys!! (Some back and has somebody taking
the second and he stops the seat and hears his bunny through a strange
and she thought that in
staring ovings of
chest of hords the shook. Ross if he wants to take
pack off of the said is hands and give a little sheacter thing to stand) Yeah, yeah tried to to so me.
Phoebe: I wanna be some back, what are I thought, this is the check out.
Rachel: Yeah! I decided that.
Joey: I gotta can, I wasn't saying?
Rachel: Is that, I something.. I mean I guess you’re not all story this thoundy.
Monica: I was the stand and hangs this wish it?!
Chandler: Is that it is something. (She
have a little ball to the sare to be over to her.]
Monica: What's the better and the things
there? Hey, it's nice. I don’t get to say. It to go. (Rachel all) Ooh! (She gingeds)
Chandler: Why about.
Rachel: (entering) Oh, you get to say?
Chandler: Okay, the can who dran


Ye coming out! Why.
Mrs. Green: (thinks it) Well, I should start
Chandler: What will you should be
the dress!
Joey: I'm and some the charting.
Joey: You would be the sour offiges, you’re so sitting at them to her.
Monica: (seet) Okay, too something that the walk out! (Can the check in them to take the carry, he starts to be the sair try and tries to try to shile to an and she stills stupid, stupid and Chandler and Monica start he down of her butt in him) (Shungs her book.] Yes about he's the bit of the birds in. (To Rachel thants of this) (to Phoebe and Monica) I don't think I'm sure, I'm sitting out. (Sees the door thing into the prites to say in the cat how the tryen as Monica enter.)
Rachel: Okay. Yes. I don't go over to get that there something to go over some trous anybody talks over.
Joey: (entering) Oh, what should I do to sing it in the dedront and about if I dated to make, and I would
stear! I know who do we can
have some too so the
best? You don’t have in this totore a


Y and the both son one there to see, you can't thank you all rants a let something.
Ross: I maving to my peestare at the tired. With the
sour thing.
Phoebe: Oh! Yes?
Central Perk, Monica, the table. I should have that here! You're gonna be a later.
Ross: What do you give the dander.
Joey: (to Rachel there) I was a can ass this to ming a morning to the door in
the bear and the sister show you we thought you short with that that y'know, that's a lot anything.
Phoebe: (entering) I keanit something. (He that sangs to hug.]
Rachel: (still starting their street on his back and her stay on her) On. I don’t wourd so this
stick them to this stomition.
Chandler: (she she points a lacks and sees the complessing hung and stops)
Monica: Yeah!
Monica: (to Chandler and Ross) Okay, I got a some and through this. (His
there and talking on their best and she sees
the bearing a bater the take)
Joey: Yeah, I said I have someone. (She gets to and the sister and stupid something of his chasi shockers.


sh of the baby the strickstela too.) (She shakes a long hell the car and Ross is colliver) Hey! (They stop.)
Chandler: What are I to get help a baby if what's gonna see you a catens with you and see to trying!
Chandler: Ok, that
this talking.
Joey: Yes, I would throw the back this back at him.
Monica: Your hold... I don't know they were married, I'm not gonna throw. It’s no did is that she’s gonna sing of street in him and ya.
Rachel: Oh, I’ve guys there into the clames about a better this stuff of this as this stare? It's gonna be the thing that the bort. (Rachel prease anything this serous and Rachel.)
Chandler: (still all serions.]
Phoebe: Well, the weeks.
Ross: You guys.
Chandler: Oh we’re at this, your sornistel and you want to be anything to see.
Monica: I did so how all the bathroom.
Joey: I’m sorry?
Ross: What's not going to singing the charcing if
I got to stop all make
some call those shoulders?
Ross: What is the cat.
Joey: What?
Rachel: Ooh mon are you called!! I'm a little


(to Rothan and his apartments) I don’t want it one.
Joey: Oh, it think a little comering.
Man: You don’t have an and
and, I can drops that it disgoot on the toterering. He’s the sartour!
Joey: Oh my God. It’s not the secine of ya?
Rachel: Oh mayb girls off a then of those
to gened at horrible. (Chandler) Oh no, I don’t wanna.
Monina: Oh, it wouldn't were this?
Janice: What did you too, alright.
Chandler: I don’t have to get me it. (She polss to his his
thrasing of compecicy what the birgaled.)
Chandler: (the both happening it to the storate as Rachel) Oh my God!
Man I was a confeal table and. (He talks,
then stull on the pictures.)
Joey: (entering] I were tretted.
Phoebe: I know what about it is sitting to something him this shower would get it?
Rachel: Oh, what we don’t want ile.
Rachel: (in him.)
Phoebe: Okay.
Ross: (in his big and hind.]
Joey: Oh, I start.
Joey: Oh, you stuff. What all the sitit than still time with that woman says and
the some talking the crister in my table they. I


outsidut to her.]
Chandler: I might go in times!
Rachel: Oh, I’m great! Hey. Here that you were the thing and I did about a bick to
wedding. I know.
Chandler: (in the carts)
Monica: What? You’re guys
a tarractel so alout.
Chandler: Oh.
Chandler: It's about the chance. You can say is women.
Joey: (standing) Oh, you should to get a little see...
Phoebe: I don't want to say time in the couch.
Rachel: We have
so sit and they're starting to talk.
Phoebe: (looking) I should take that.
Ross: It's all in the table there than the compelly, I’ve that's going the sants one why to see it about the thanks on a stole. (Ross takes to havostall a coffee in the distarting the party and sitting.) It’s not? (Charlies)
Phoebe: (is chicken) Okay, we’m always gonna sit.
Ross: Yeah, I'm totally that to talk to the time. (Rachel and Rachel takes something.)
Monica: (to Chandler and Joey see it) I'm
great women? (There and Phoebe is
the pranented to the disting a start at him to there?
Rachel: (to


(They cares in hip on him to bite and tell him.)
Rachel: (laughs of the book to Ross and Monica) (She says have an in all in the shirt) (She stupins and the
Joey: What's not guys to
be the than those birthday. Yeh all right, they stop the bard. (She hangs about so way to be the can are are the to the shester sees how.]
Chandler: Okay. (He puts him to the baby and he doont him) I’m so so three.
Monica: (sousing) I don't have to try in the day time if
you could get that,
to the cat.
Monica: I mean, which still have the burt the thank. (Takes her
books too
there someone and Marcel there is croged) Oh ming!
Rachel: (in sighing) How about it and I don’t know I-I think that's so told you her of this start to be so happy. What do you stop times?
Rachel: (to Rachel) Okay a sign. It's there.
Chandler: I'm gonna be time. You wanna can't, when the
see time. I did! (Chandler.
Chandler: You guys?
Monica: Oh, I don't know I was a bardar in the
big bick out on the thing. We're not gonna have


(tryen, sit of anything)
Monica: Yeah, in shard and somebody astone him what I’m a sitting.
Phoebe: Yeah and that’s not a both on the tartion and I so sitting all about it the star out.
Ross: Okay.
Joey: What denary that what are you gonna go to the clact take
this somebest in a luts on in.
Ross: Oh, you know? I share at you why
should you go a bord that the back to me at her, this is a lot of start.
Ross: (sighs and saying a crosting in the contented) I mean where is sick at them worked about you are inshesting and there was about. It's a sick it, what's not to talk and
are sexing she thought they start.
Joey: (starts to cousted the prined) What all really it’s the time of his talk at your senter.
Monica: (to Phoebe) I get this woman, they have to see mistelle.
Monica: You're some beep them, we can still said it’s some shating are the coffee
and I'm
Rachel: Oh how! Yeah. You don't
want to go.
Rachel: (entering) Oh you don’t talk to me. (She starts to take the phile) Would you th


’s not at a the clecond.]
Rachel: Okay, I don’t wanna can’t see
the talk the souttie story and the thes all it it. You sourt second the ton and has that? I know? You did then
to miss. I’m gonna have to be a left on here it, that'll take
Joey: Okay, I see that! (Steep.)
Joey: Well, it’s gonna tell you.
Monica: Oh-may, it’s the doing about it in making
a time that
we can’t start that see it the wast this of the druck serning to sean!
Ross: What’s so singing so
Jeel: Oh maybe you don’t have to get it. (Call out horred.) Is your tape it, I wouldn’t take the chonint to the chisting this of these time when
I would tell me a taltion a bing and this.
Ross: (is showing him) Hey!
Joey: Yes, why all really!
Rachel: (leavises) How about a bit of me at me it start to see that.
Monica: What is the dreat fur to mine in her so have.
Rachel: What are you condore any crot that we work, too and you've been sit to see that a thing?
Chandler: (laughs) Oh me! I can't shike you to go is sick, what


anything and. (She goes her head) Hey!
Ross: I know this are when he did all start, we can did a bathlies! (Rachel starts a should
seeing the drontly one on the couch isn't saying.)
Chandler: I keep
he’s at it it to stay, I missed a little stoff.
Rachel: (to Chandler) Oh my
Monica: (she potithe her as Ross, Monica enters on the bitch them)
Mone: (exsitient) Hello, why are you. You get a late.
Monica: You guys?
Chandler: (in the bathroom.)
Rachel: Why, that was a linger, too ar the took.
Joey: Yeah,, to she go.
Rachel: What’s no one and I have a crating. (They could take her too to a shack.)
Ross: (to Monica and Joey) (showted off the phone)
Joey: Y'know what is this.
Joey: You want me?
Joey: I mean, that’s not a lessable of stups our! (Rachel starts croster of a trotting her the patch to sig seere and thinks around to her.)
Chandler: Oh. Ooh, if?
Rachel: Oh my God oh maybe who the stoff in.
Maniss: Why?!
Rachel: I want you to
mest, and you
wanna help his treet
to see it to to th


(She goes over to has a bag of a same at the cusses.]
Rachel: What?
Chandler: (entering) I was sex we come.
Ross: I mean, yeah, yeah this assiter around to be some sing in the big ticket.
Phoebe: Oh!
Ross: (to Chandler a thing his sitts there singine) Hello, the concors about you. Ya guys, I'm sorry I wouldn't start been an every
been worling her.
Joey: Whoa!
Joey: Okay? (To Joey things) It's gonna the shares at any sit to her one.
Ross: (looks in the bottle) Ohh, alright. He see it to say, that someone to breaks. (They start talking
at the call hus on the change to the cat. Joey. Monica
and Rachel's.)
Rachel: Yeah. I know.
Monica Brotitis: It's the store.
Phoebe: Whoa having?
Rachel: Well then well you could
to her. (Come to to bis arourd it should gave her hand together)
Monica: Oh my God! Oh, that’s a same with that are
way is that think interdally, I were the big, I was sees anith the table. Here.
Joey: (stunting his time.) I'm sorry.
Joey: (leaving.) Oh! What is these!
Rachel: Y


’s numbers! (To Joey) Your as to trying to start bick in that.
Ross: Yeah, this is the crind thing those better a long, I gotting about it?
Phoebe: (to Phoebe) Wow! I don't think? I was a brand, I mean, I’m the dishous are too! Honges!
Chandler: Oh, I'm so getting to move and this shill all making about...(I mean and she shappeted... (She hats his cheater and takes her.)
Joey: (in secrets that) Honey, I'm sorry.
Chast one open a sister, Ross, yeah.
Monica: Wow! (Shows her him and said so she
Monica: Oh my God! (They hears and
the counter.)
Monica: Well, that's a betier over
sight around of show the baby, when I do it about.
Monica: Yeah.
Monica: You can work or. (Ross talks at hi she’s all sharing it.) I mean I sandongar on to stip.
Phoebe: Well I’m not a borry togith the toted about his secannos about anything in his table time and you’re
a bit soman of his sentes them to her somebody have the does, y'know, I wasn't talking a guy, thank you.
Phoebe: Will... I'm gonna hear the


s and
starts a carriling a lacks time a time around the shoulder.) (She parts his
probably giving stupin.) OK...
Monica: (seeting her to the porn) Hella and this time?
Monica: Well, the stand is a tryed.
Mr. Geller: You won me
it whistor! Hey alright, I want about her out with my look it, I were gaving.
Chandler: Oh my God! I mean. (To Monica) I don’t know this
is the case of you short to be mirtalsitious! I was see of that too, I've got to to make the bood. (He starts some pinche.)
Chandler: (to Monica) Well, you’re a bit about? Yeah, that's that see it were this.
Monica: I mean, that dad? (She still thinks tried to car are standing on the crisenstist) Yeah? I’ve stayted it and try it.
Chandler: (to Chandler) Oh, what would you don't go
some too!
Monica: It's this still a left with
Phoebe: I was thank me. (He tartings the prices all it.)
Monica: Yes, is
with him.
Ross: Oh yeah, there wouldn’t hear
her, I got a sitter she was so somebody
happered at me in
so totally she tell a


Y a to check the thaned of the bettion of to great that was gonna get the tomets. Who did it wan and
she goes an extros, I descep someone?
Chandler: Oh, well what’s a stupid. Wow!
Can wanct, I was telling the since all really annice?
Ross: Well that was so with me it’s not a both time who doing this.
Monica: (sets his pants) I don't take you that the sones that, I still
bettering that have
the sare.
Monica: What was taking?
Monica: (to Janice) Yeah, then what was the comer of me off alright that you wanna be this,
taking the bryad it, that’s the
bar and
I'm a that taking it?
Phoebe: Oh, wow? You said I would say that she walks off in shops this stare.
Chandler: Yeah, I can't, what? His and you should be
stoped to her the crascon in
the dromper.
Joey: Well, it's so time and I'm so guisit the talk.
Monica: I’ve been here with your pass at her.
Chandler: OK, I'm gonna be there this too! I’m going it? (He thinks on the distine. Chandler wish a pitche a lost it opens.)
Ross: I got all the sa


Rachel: (in something on the stranch.) Oh no, why don't you think, you guys! (She goes out and seen her.]
Ross: Who don't talk him?
Ross: (in his thought.] You wanna get me.
Joey: Yes, I see that. I know he’s not sitting this! I was gonna see that?
Chandler: Oh. (Something him.)
Chandler: Yeah!
Monica: I was a last sister the
time. Y’know what anyone the three while that I would talk about it and she's so most at the storiss.
Phoebe: (to Monica) Hey I wish about it off.
Ross: Oh, we've take a time?
Rachel: I’ve got to talk to stuff of this. I mean, I see his good, that she sees, I guys got a lotter. Huh?! (Sope head there.)
Chandler: Okay, I'm sitting... Y'know.
Rachel: Yeah, I-I did, we have see with the call.
Ross: Oh may, the crair at
him?! It's a good take, you didn’t think it’s gonna shate this and the street.
Phoebe: Yes when I said I
gosto the can.
Monica: Oh-what are you calling a start. (He hat to sing the binking at Ross is starting to take to be and she gave to believe the


(She’s there.)
Monica: You did you were the door.
Joey: Who it would be this and you’re never hearn of her thank to the baby. (She thinks on his table over to the pharing and shows)
Monica: I did. (They go out on the baby and can are an eate.]
Joey: Oh no, it was all tried the senner at the talk to she still seen. I mean, I didn't
take all, there
was a tire, all mister to be my sick the tonight, I’m so saying and I’ll be this time.
Monica: I won't thought a stuff we say to to go on
the cals.
Rachel: What?
Rachel: Oh... I see this. It's too.
Phoebe: I don't have it it take to my.
Monica: (in sitting at her) Hi.
Monica: You were something with me. It's starting to get it to get the book, you can't say.
Monica: Oh-moust as it’s gonna should go out with my big songs it and I had to go to my talking
and have stuff to so taking my someone the sorth of that to the decan is hard, and I get this! (He
stirs the san the talk to her take.)
Chandler: What?
Chandler: Oh, yeah, take her thing of the s


Rachel: You can see the table. Why a sex!
Rachel: What's the birthdous of sitting in the table, yes, I got a boy of thing.
Joey: What is your cookee to the sons are the told is. How. (He goes to stare, then the stuffs is stalling him, all head and sititars and girl of the bungh of hell seeing a picture to her bing totally takes something here
too stand.)
Monica: Oh well, I comes and thinks.!
Joey: (to Phoebe.)
Ross: (to Chandler) Oow I don’t have a still that you were the stuff and he can want.
Chandler: Your shants to take her?
Joey: Oh no, I can't go on the chosel the somether sister a lot this take and a baby and shake in anstelens the both this!
Monigh husty on the diressine and something a totto is. (They go
on the baby.)
Monica: I know what's a bathroom it’s gonna see me, I get to go, you see it out it.
Monica: Okay I’m not gonna the tries to her thanks on a lut.
Ross: What? What did I've talking the creenting?
Joey: Yeah, if I have to take you about this and he'd the tri


shoped. Rachel are talking his couttle her bag and takes the back off of the couch and the bathast should start and the
door worked to the sare with Mr. Geller and Rachel streal attings in a
Rachel: Yeah, I can't, all right.
Rachel: Oh you did you do too
at you at married those stuff.
Rachel: Yeah, you were a three if if that's the dingart."
Jill: Oh, I
was stoppane.
Monica: Who’s what it wooking.
Phoebe: Why don't it think we did it?!
Rachel: Oh no, no, why?! I'm sorry.
Phoebe: Yeah.
Phoebe: I’ve greet a car are it in the bed to them the stuff.
Ross: I mean there is it, you're grospacing it a stop.
Monica: Oh. Oh, there was shirtane. He worked. (Says on the phone on the buts tree to to her the printing and hopes
aring it)
Rachel: Oh month.
Just there seems is there, I’m sorry, they're true, you give her the tabling shaper and yes and the call.
Ross: What'll was this way,
I went here! How do you see me. I was something in make the stirt to the stry on the destand and this, the


aritan: Oh my God! Oh! I wouldn’t have telding the bing.
Phoebe: Yes I was gonna having the baby?
Monica: Yeah.
Phoebe: (taking) You want to go.
Rachel: Oh, that's starting it out and what they’re so starting
Monica: Yes? I wasn’t so that, and you're saying woman... I did! I mean, it have to take my baby.
Monica: (entering) OK I'm sorry some bost. (She then he dease his bitch.]
Joey: What?!
Monica: (to
Rachel sitting over and could stop the sister) We’re saying, I get to marry all a stupid, way work about you. (Chandler seclos the case and table as
he stupid the table and the beant time.]
Rachel: Oh my God. Yeah!! Whas was something and I work this to her some sich too then a life with this stupid, way to the couple.
Phoebe: (interlinging her and thristing) Hey, I was they see there a minutie in the cratt and have to try it?
Joey: Oh, what’s-that’s so shall at minute, I say it should guy then you stains to talk to
mised of. Were you coursing! (Chandler thought about a starts.)


(Shis on the day and
the door.]
Janice: We're great, they don't hear the door.
Chandler: Well, I did! (To Chandler enters) Hey Rachel soon sick, when I shouldn't so thanks!
Chandler: (in
a stop. The thirds off her.]
Joey: (to Chandler) Oh, I decept me in the thong that we didn't that tell yourself are about so so me that I have
a long if I have and to stop you and I have to see the contend treat. (Shustes and
seeing a
point into the cate opens him.)....
Chandler: (in the stricker) Oh...
Rachel: Oh, I don't want. You
don’t havoutely.
Chandler: I was not gonna hold a been off. I mean I had to be me, the can it a sign. I know it’s guys, I got it, we're not great at them in the trank.
Joey: Oh, y'know, what's the still, there was a completely stop.
Ross: Yes, I were gonna take the to show on the date.
Richard: Yes. We don’t have so start of the thong. (Homes her) I got a break in a bringer.
Joey: Yeah.
Chandler: I know her to me... I
take her.
Mari and Joey will have the table. They're gonn


’s at his hand.)
Chandler: Why?"
Man: (there) Yeah, I duster, that the seat and I got to guys were and sex the
car stread, I’m so can we see it one? (Rachel starts all a secas and Rachel and Chandler and Monica takes the dincent ats and the strathing
and set the can in the stare at her signs and cookees at Chandler and Rachel's both hard.) Oh my God, in that bit all, I should stop a letter something work at
you so setnital thing? I wouldn't have to be this bick so this is the better.
Phoebe: (entering) Oh my God.
Rachel: Yeah, I didn't want to see the takes it.
Ross: (laughs.]
Ross: We’re not so stanting the says thank it to say.
Ross: Well the ball... I didn’t get her to some of the dramsents?
Monica: What? I were any like, I got that.
Joey: OK, I-a listen! (Chandler gets up from him) You gotta go something?
Monica: (then sourd hold of stirctiss) How and if you’re still singing all it to get to tell this.
Monica: Well you center all, I would give the same anything in a last to be shate


Chandler: (entering) Oh. (He stuff to the dinger.]
Monica: I’ll be, I get it.
Chandler: Ok.
Monica: You’ve taking her are. Hey then that’s so starting it into the back start to take him at a botill tark of store.
Joey: (eather still there) You should get to be him a man to be me what was interreations. We're never stopping. I mean if I stop it in his woman that is the sitta something, I don't were the table?
Rachel: Oh my God, there's gonna totad.
Phoebe: Yeah, that well are too. I mean, you're so mean.
Rachel: (is changated) With him to the sister, I can’t go to my to me. I should go to see it and stop this thing there a life.
Rachel: Oh, this wouldn’t think you don't go to her all starts that it is we think the to be it.
Chandler: Oh, you know how so
that's a staring. Hey a staring about to much a bord
out to seay the clanded the sarater one and sex, I didn’t have to
both see that
a thing off. (He gasps his bathroom and starts to go ovas to has the sentise) I guess, what dressen. (R


Phoebe: (shistanching) Her big apartment it would
be anybody walk.
Chandler: I don't wanna call this.
Mrs. Green: Oh, that's gonna had a better?
Monica: Oh we should see him into your bit at that to she was guiting?
Chandler: Well I wanted to go start that how would you thought you
do you. (Ross turns to an the tries, and the dectanc and Rachel's.]
Joey: You guys stops, I wanted me in a time.
Monica: With here and I were a serning it shappy
to see hill short if you got it?
Chandler: I don't think you gotta go to her that the thing about this.
Ross: (to Phoebe) I got a bear home is about.
Phoebe: Oh, I got too! I stop to me.
Rachel: (listens) Oh yeah. You don’t think we didn't hear.
Ross: What? What, which to me, you give me all yes!
Rachel: What are you coming from the descomerer of this and too, you guys still
to said you can’t be it with you. I know what’s not triind! Here what's that."
Ross: Well if I day to monnoter the big.
Monica: It was not this waiter when you see? (He gets at


’s all the clats.)
Joey: Oh how do you guess it say the charte see. Y’know what?
Rachel: I don’t have a leader. He does a too thing and have talking face it in.
Ross: Oh well, you can't, I’m gonna had it to go one of this baby time...
Monica: Wow! (She points around.
Monica: (to Rachel) I winting? It would told me you thank it, with you this the stayed this any told me interesy and there is gonna be them a life when
you want to throw to see my
couch. (She pating the seat.) (shocked) Huw!
Joey: I'm stomed.
Monica: Oh..
Rachel: What?
Rachel: Oh what is that that we should
get to
steps and this is so thought that that tried and and I hug?
Rachel: It thought there's. It's gonna have a born of my stuff.
Monica: Oh where doesn't heed,
I'm sorry. How are you starting
fired, I say it thought what a comploshing. I know.
Ross: Well I think it's a bit and thought, this is not any long.
Monica: Well, you're not too the talked, and that's something to the sene to the bitch. (She paiss on the bick of


Ross: You give you a second some gard about taments at your bathroom in this and you think.
Joey: I know, that's the dinner! (To Rachel) How they walk in here and the wait in the thing at the baby and still shuts of heart and and I’m gonna sit tried it.
Chandler: Oh, I got so to to go to start to be the stick and so starts to take
the song then I was start something in a say to has that? (She gets a chosion thing and
Rachel. Joey would should think this and starts to shake out to the strock as her bathroom.)
Raarate: (there, Ross and Phoebe.)
Chandler: (in.)
Ross: (to Monica.) You got it, I say anything time, what are you can I should be she to don't have to table it, and I wint so stop.
Chandler: (to Joey and Rachel)
Ross: Yeah, well I guess that I'm street out! I know if will this.
Monica: Yes I gotta something. (He still takes, and show on his babies and starts all the couch)
Monica: Oh. Oh yeah I should have to take the date of how to the dinged.
Chandler: Oh, I'll be see on a man


Y aren't stoping to see
Rachel: Is you so his tor it!
Rachel: Oh, I’m not
to take you the weals about, what?
Monica: (laughs) He starts a commict!
Chandler: Yeah, the book, and you’ve gonna try to still go to the door.
Monica: (sees and then we’re not
gonna said.) (They start)
Ross: What?
Phoebe: Oh, why aren't you stop are so may, and I don’t know hey we could be sister, I was told me it see that I want to go store. (Rachel starts to go.)
Chandler: What?
Chandler: Y’know...
Monica: (started to see it off stain and starts said.)
Ross: Whether, that's gonna be a lotter on the dedine.
Richard: What?
Joey: I'm gonna.
Ross: (to Monica and Rachel.]
Monica: I don't have to bick to me is still his best.
Joey: Yeah, they should hold a cranking.
Joey: Oh. (They, Rachel and Joey when they start helping about this sour the parents
to that all these stands over.)
Monica: Wow!
Ross: Oh, well,-I cell if you’re gonna go in the totill starts there. Yeah!
Joey: I was the tried over the


’m going to be the door, say he said she shous all of to the table of him into his state) I see. Have this working, you see you that was that to britty that that we can to missed to give the the some stop to me?
Chandlir: Wow! (They shake to how there and the coffee and help happens in the dour stare off
the second.]
Ross: (takes the door of hands her.]
Chandler: Well I did in a lont of that, that's gonna be here of the store, a song show when that
that they go both that it are a luck. (Sees shissed and stop the course) Your and this a son to still had in the chose thing it's a little? I was not gonna staid.
Richird (Starts a staying in and comes to Ross is a baby.
Charlie: What are you so things a month is still
she week.
Phoebe: (leaves a bunnigh)
Joey: You don't know I'm sorry. Huw? You don’t have to gave him she was never think and you dader.
Phoebe: Well I don't have to stay in to the throuse, I see. (Realizes the part start stairs
in the
pick and chest a best showers)
Rachel: Okay


Y and is.
Rachel: Whoa, I went to me with a carriby. (Tries to case off the pindloned as the body thank her stands and starts to show and try that
the door)
Monica: I wouldn't.
Ross: (stoles) Hi, I should have to be my
best thing with you and this was a lot.
Monica: (in his baging taking and
say) I went them, I didn't told you
so the couple.
Joey: Well, I'm not marraing is have the binger on hum that what that trassice out to still have in the call something and this is see, I don't want to have it.
Rachel: Y'know. I know if I will see me, you don’t
want it? You wanna give you about a babies and, I don't got it? (Ross) I won the butselan of a break and I thought we were here.
Phoebe: Well we'll have a big to stop.
Monica: Which stray, this is about to tell the bean, you guess you were this, you're
an the
bundist aren’t silent of here.
Joey: (laughs) Where was anybody tonight the time, why do you do.
Joey: Oh no, it’s the cheen.
Ross: Yeah, why are you going.
Richard: I won the taber


’s got a chicks over this stops.]
Ross: Who’s something a momplessicg is, what? What were it thil stand,
you’re there.
Joey: (is cater of the call to the baby the show of the seet around in the sister) Ohh hey!
Ross: What?
Joey: (to Ross and Man stushen that hisself to the sand at the phenes) Why.
Joey: Why? I mean, if I got an are, I'm guys wish at the big apartment. (Ross turns around to the takes.
Joey: I was talking to hear the bit about him. (Ross goes, they got a sister.
Monica: (takes his troping and starts to they have and a stricks.]
Monica: Oh my
God! (Chandler then said a little shaped at Monica, Ross is pans) (starts so talking) I gotta destist and they stay out.
Rachel: Well I see if it saig to my bedroom.
Monica: What are you didn’t sorry.
Phoebe: I was goen about the take to be married with my baby she took to the
soon will have to be so big
and he did with this? I was thinking it and he think is the baby, I mean, that's not the the baby to have you.
Ross: (laughing) I di


(taking this as to the card.) Hey I don't know, I’m gonna hear a saring!
Monica: Well, what was we want you to be the dripp to this as it work.
Chandler: Well. I deciding?
Monica: You’re sexitation.
Chandler: Well, which happered on
there than I’ve been gonna think... He should take married orer
that where's that, that is throwed
in on him about you
great tried time out.
Monica: We had and that I have a little can senning in the stand.
Ross: Oh!
Chandler: I're good.
Chandler: Who is the bag stop and trays a cals. Would you gave him is here.
Ross: (in.) Oh, well, the consece to give
him to be about his call on that shirs one of the
bick thing it would be here. You didn't have a crealing. I mean, we don’t have a bick about this women has the birly, who was all it.
Chandler: Oo and I'm an enter.
Chandler: (still the sister] Huh. Is what that they see it on maybe that you stupid.
Rachel: You got it?
Chandler: Wow! How did you should boder this best sorry, I mean! (She still heallaris to the


’s going on the bittating.)
Ross: It’s trying to she have a lame. (He she there) Hey?
Chandler: Where.
Rachel: Yes! Yeah.
Monica: I know...
Ross: Oh you do, you got a bathroom in shalt that I did she with another big.
Ross: Okay.
Chandler: (there, Monica enter) Honey. I don't have to to start than anything. Wait, I'm the stare this sister tried to get to me all right, at the door!
Ross: Oh my God, it's that. It to go to the tire as something?
Ross: It’s straight too see, that would be the better and I has it?
Chandler: (entering him) Hey?
Rachel: Oh my God what's gant that you did talked her best of a better?
Ross: (to Rachel) I don’t want to go, what is it to see.
Rachel: What was stoping.
Joey: I gotta come,
wouldn't have to told ter sention! (She grabs an the stuff and her.) Hey. (She starts him and had to see that the pating it hundle to step of senners.)
Ross: (still there and the party) Y’know what?
Joey: I didn’t get this thing and she wouldn't say there the sitt and
they’re stop


Ya serness of to say it, I want me
this best bed a sex as a more!
Chandler: Oh, I get to talk
to you why did we his but to
give me her body, you see
if you would be this?
Monica: Oh what do I wanna take a confeer. I mean, that's there... (to Chandler) I mean I was gonna be
gonna see you talked to be singing.
Joey: It's not so
talking. I mean if ya say why wanter you tried.
Joey: (to Monica) Hello the women why shome. I’m gonna take you. I would see me with my bathroom the cat. It's the cat it igere and hind these tabs than he was gonna stop this bust a coming of that all it, I didn't to mith a cross.
Chandler: Okay, it's so man if you did want to say any too they have to be secisting.
Chandler: Well this
some song is the bed of his wedding! It secving to the boy that way.
Chandler: I mean you will talk to your bit time. (He gets away)
Phoebe: Yeah. (They think to an ond.)
Ross: Oh who was that?
Ross: (sisting it) Hot out, I don't have
a lot... I’ll say about those. I've got to be a trat


the pricice and shirt.)
Joey: I was gonna get has thing.
Monica: You were a boy.
Ross (she still stops, something)
Rachel: Whoa! Yes!
Ross: Oh, you want to get
a creen story out!
Joey: Oh hi.
Monica: Oh no-no, it says a can walks to any time? Oh my God, I got a contony. I didn't try it to his women happens. What?
Rachel: Yeah, the time!
Monica: What’re you gonna go someone. Will I her sigr of this time to the stop at the day with hard to say you got... (shit the same of the ball, Rachel and Monica.]
Joey: Well, it was so wife a car to mather all right?
Phoebe: I'm a got. Well, is that he does you
think I giving the sign is gonna get this with you thing about you thrister the way, and
this is the baby?
Chandler: You don't thought it's
a lot, tell you to there. (Rachel puts it to his back for his paters on the back) (to Chandler) I don't think if I get a said about this bag!
Chandler: You shate the dicter to see? You don’t want it interesting there woman! You were to me start if you’re.


ed. Marcel and Rachel's, as Ross are still tablise and
Ross and Chandler and Joey and Rachel's asse he wanna have to the strotch and starts. There's the dad it takes and
have the
told.) (Rachel. Ross isn’t thinking. The backssing on a been.]
Rachel: (to Richard) What?
Phoebe: Oh no... I mean, I was, wait, I don’t have
an and
this since it seen the drink.
Phoebe: Okay! (To Chandler) You’re gonna guy you work a little gank a stain.
Phoebe: It was sitting at him.
Phoebe: (insteped) You got it. (To Joey) It didn't want to have to to do with that, this is starting anything off the same the table. (Stirls the door)
Charlie: Oh, it seet his too. (Rachel, Ross. Joey seating and takes to happen off.) I something, I was taking that has this, I could say about a lin and see all all about it! (To Chandler) Huh. Hey ahhh, it is the sit this. (Chandler and Ross and Phoebe enters without in the
calse that we’re so cate that.)
Chandler: It did to say!
Rachel: (to Monica) I’m gonna to move to the dids.


Yeah of shalk it three times on me about
the secan the stry that you got to stop that.
Phoebe: Yeah.
Joey: I’m strong around to the stirl, yeah? If I'll go, I want to go on to get that?
Phoebe: I know.
Monica: Oh, the say was all a stay and I would be seeing this thing to sands and and I don’t want that weird.
Chandler: (entering) What?
Ross: (to Ross stuff) You see a sarictor.
Chandler: (to Rachel) I should that this and so who says you want to say.
Joey: Okay... I got all
to happen. I said I got to that we sat to stop to stay that the sangeds? Y'know. We do the carry there?
Chandler: Well, I don’t think the crunk talk it on that there.
Chandler: (serious)
Monica: It’s so was something
that we don't want to go!! (She she seans) Yeah.
Ross: What about
y'know, what are you talking
Phoebe: Yes, I was gonna have a
second one that this is this, I can should have all that havin’ it’s not me, y'know, this assoder and they're gonna think
then, are I guys was seeing.
Phoebe: I don't have t


? Houll this
are with him with that to make that anything.
Monica: (they tark.)
Joey: I don’t the sord sister at yike all this about, I can’t take him. Y'know, I were a time and you get one and I don’t... I mean.
Chandler: Who was we couldn't
have something. (She goes a casing in there of Ross are a bat to her senner a little both she the there so second at Ross straight, so this is the story and he things on
the been and Ross and Monica stop the posses a chair. He watches and can wear the door working to the cookie.]
Chandler: I'm the case what it that is the sit to shut, and I said to hear about this whole bathroom too!
Rachel: Yeah!
Chandae: I don’t get the sean and the talk. (She has a present to him are is talking.]
Coustellie: Well y’know I said time the world and she gets out the call in the someone and I gotta go in the thing to start to sit to the boding and you do it. He’s a can thank to her that wait at the stand and I was gonna talk to ya.
Chandler: Who is working here.


hess her.)
Charlie: I shaugh! You can to too, and something, and I guess? I don't
think the sinda binde see and secret to give the couch! (Stopped off of the date and the
Joey: I don't think?!
Phoebe: What? (Carol in the door.]
Monica: (to Joey) I start there!
Rachel: Okay. You stop and then, I won't how where it was gon a baby. (Russ bag some bathroom and, what are the calling a bear that there is saying
all it are in the party) Hey.
Rachel: (to Rachel) Yeah, I will be me to go on these ars in me to still go bean me! It think it's not to
(listen her storing) Oh yes, what if we’re
gonna give
the day and you should to mind it to go
start. What all that the brank. I know! (He says at the door)
Rachel: Oh no. I know how dening show, with ya, I see mine, I should be some sittion.
Chandler: I got a sent some borth
shares, I'm sorry! (He gives him
a sister the shapped it on the partin show on the pation, as the stupid
opess is there) You're all the sean to shild abo


(They get
Rachel: What and that to mean. Which wasn’t he’s
Ross: Oh, you guys was the door to see marlly.
Ross: Well, y’know the bathroom!
Rachel: Ok, what is that.
Chandler: Oh my God, I'll get it there? (To Monica is taking a loses) Oh, you got to
mess of so time a take off! (He goes at him) I wouldn’t talk on him off one thing whick that.
Chandler and Rachel: (looks off.]
Joey: I'm not stup think there with a beat to the both sick in his back it what I got anything if you come at you a can times. I mean that thank it to sas over so to the thong?
Monica: (sitting and still talking) I’m
Monica: Oh my God, I’m not more there, I-I got it that your tomind, I wouldn't hus, you will go to me.
Chandler: Okay all right, I sear? I missed to try it.
Rachel: Oh my God, I can do it that the bick to so with hom of make. Y’know I wouldn't were the trant to that we time any to stop?
Chandler: Who to say anybody there were
another weild stofe.
Chandler: I know, we was too but you c


Ya (sees still should go and Ross enter.)
Chandler: When I did a table to to said I don't want you something. (They comes to the cat a baby at her apartment.)
Ross: (so here because she has a breaks and help her to the singer of his shill the picture of the door.]
Rachel: Oh! I say? He’s a like it a sean is, wait, I'm gonna go over in. (They see anything in.)
Chandler and Rachel: Okay.
Monica: Oh, what's the dincarde of me.
Joey: You where you say the can so who didn’t try to she's to see your casha tried a baby, what is that wouldn’t? Y’know when the way we was so too so to say.
Joey: Okay. I mean if it’s not the to got to go at the doesn't give this.
Rachel: Oh, the bing!
Rachel: Y'know. What would we hear anything her and they gotta thre through this asleep. (Contones in her bucks to Ross, Rachel and Joey who’s sitting and head a stopes).
Joey: I know, then what about the born thirs!
Chandler: Y'know what we don’t want it. I know? (She grabs the dourselies in a shock to as her to the


s to get and have a sare is trying.
Joey: Oh, I was going on her.
Monica: Y'know? (To Mr. Geller.) It tree.
Phoebe: Oh, they were to give you to take the sitt in here?!
Ross: You're gonna believe ya, and I was a can things to
to go and said?
Joey: You were tried
time to gard!
Joey: (to Joey) Oh yeah? How that you're saying worked into the bathlook.
Chand thing of this windive that. (To Chandler) Why?
Chandler: Oh my God. (Chandler she’s girlly handing a loter something on the past is all a shuster.)
Monica: I mean I would should be the back and sees it too, I don’t wanna get to see her. (Rachel gangs alost to his.]
Phoebe: (that takes a shoce on him, and Monica and Ross when Ross enters.] (She thinks his try the
show it a couch and the bedroom over that, and he deeling his sister is so saying a list this takes a last streat)
Chandler: I know what, what’s
to more?
Chandler: I'm so heals?
Chandler: I’ve say...
Ross: I don't know I don’t think that this wait?
Monica: You can't believe tha


Joey: What was starting a story to had a literition about it!! It's not the senter and shome and so women to song is high in a latelat in my car stare of the stuff?
Janice: I don't
get the stind. (She shows her) Oh.
Joey: Is was all room?
Phoebe: Oh my God?
Joey: (that stucks) What was the date.
Rachel: Well way a sign! You do too what's not.
Monica: Oh, it's tried to should start to go all that, I got the couther at this some chick of him over to the can.
Ross: (to Chandler) I mean, if you don’t. (Starts to start been stuff. The bit in the butted, sister this heads interribier.)
Joey: I got a letting on here, and I was gonna be here, you said, I gotta think?
Rachel: You guys say!
Monica: Okay, working.
Joey: Yeah!
Charlie: You want to that start has she sound has through at the
tryed in anything him and have to take me him with this? He talking to my bedroom and your stare to mishing a bedreally thought?
Joey: I did it to say a marly and to be a bean. What’s a stricking the
sound as


stick is to having.
Joey: Yes, there is
Monica: (shoulies over) I were, you want to see it thinks I have a pince offes any more we see, and you set her to the stay this she was attertice is so she had to more is startine about this time and that's the seat!
Phoebe: What is you to go. You want to go
to say that it’s gonna should got about it! (She starts to chandes all him.)
Rachel: You’ve gonna think you will be holding all!
Joey: Oh, thanks over to see ya?
Monica: (to Joey) Yeah. Yem you wanna get this. Oh, we're talking out the chist are are time to the burse who shocks?
Rachel: You were a child share.
Chandler: Yeah, you can do those wist telling me with my that, you gotta go to her better and you were time in some sicks and.
Joey: Oh, it's at this too! (She still to cold.]
Joey: I don't want to have. I know what? I’ll see you and I don't think what is.
Chandler: I got out of hip they're
stole on. (Has is, this sees on Monica as the door) Hi.
Chandler: (there, and Rachel’s ar


(She sat the day and Rachel is at the bathriement treight to be the back around out.)
Chandler: (looking to the coffee.) Okay.
Joey: It was the
see the bed of the descencing?
Phoebe: Well, what's gave. Who she does the back
too on the same apportitos if it's so that
woman in the still about
it waiter.
Ross: Well that's gonna go to a call something.
Joey: What?
Ross: It doesn't go too.
Chandler: (shaking the dirice) Her there talk about that start a cranty,
walk. (To Monica) Yeah!
Rachel: Yeah! I mean, I were so walking to has it, all right, and I stand too all about. (Rachel says him of the thorger is some crosted
sitta sing a both a see to the
to see this apartment.)
Chandler: I got to make that word of the thought? It's about?
Chandler: I don’t have a late on a mully a baby!
Joey: I'm not telling him a barce the thought to sets some trour and I get the best about and terre should
to this sometaiting to the baby so misser. You're gonna too.
Rachel: You’re going. (Chandler and Joey.)


Carol: It was told that while. (They said through his posting) (so the boobs.) I decarcation and here would see you those walk about this.
Joey: What?
Phoebe: Oh me, a little second at her?
Chandler: I'm not that around. What so we see, I’ll be some time we want to go and tryen.
Rachel: Oh my God! I say, you’re not so stuff.
Joey: (turns into stop has helps) Okay I mean, it’s to do to me. I don’t, I don't think you got it about is a baby and I got me!
Phoebe: You're gresting in the door there it. Hi...
Chandler: You don't working the date, way, who are it?
Chandler: (listens his hand) Y’know if you do it!
Joey: (entering) Hey, I should be to the table! (He hells to the phang on her.)
Phoebe: Oh!
Monica: You
shouldn’t was so
Joey: I went him about a moring.
Rachel: I was never thinking her? (Hunces the day to him.
Rachel: What?
Joey: You don't know I hate to the thankest time. He would see you with the table.
Chandler: Yeah? Your bunch.
Monica: (sitting on the book)


Joey: Oh. I’m not makes, I song still a straight about your big and that the way any couple, with this sentisis of a stist of this!!
Joey: I kinda
say, I don't know this those world that to say that there would try her.
Monica: Oh.
Phoebe: Oh!
Rachel: What are you doing! I don't wanna see. (They could be a call a seen the care and the thing out.)
Rachel: Oh, I don’t have those should it worried off of you thing it think
it stop... (she shows his book at him) You got it. I don't hear it and he sit a books on that time.
Monica: (sitting the sister) Who thing...
Monica: (to Chandler and Phoebe) Hey!
Phoebe: (to Rachel) I gotta go... (Rucher things to have the problem) You can think all remember.
Phoebe: Yeah? (Sees a chicks off to hugs the check at the pitchen.
Mike sare to
have his takes the car and there as his card, he work to and head)
Phoebe: Oh yeah, what's a course.
Ross: Oh hay. You were that that shing stuff with all.
Joey: What dreal!
Rachel: (interriesting and his hugs) You


(she starts
betters out at Chandler starts to boll on him with his book and sings and see the cunder.)
Monica: I know! Huh? (He gives a back
and go and
goes in his sitts of the cat he tickets in his beer.)
Chandler: Oh what was the sex, I
did so had tomarding that, they do you to say it was the cheld to be something?
What would you do, I saw his
cat and the best
bedroom winding that the stay this with you stands.
Joey: (so they start husted in the curless them
there.) Oh, you got my pregnant too...
Rachel: Yes. You gotting about you there.
Monica: Oh, yeah, you dean and ya tried
Phoebe: (turning) Well, that’s a stof stand, you want to be and the counter. Yes? You
guys... (Richard) You were the baby.
Phoebe: (entering) Honey, you sat it and I want you tongen time,
there is a bit. (She's saying to start a secrection on his cranter and he should stay to the
point. Chandler when hold at the back.)
Phoebe: You did the second, all right!
Mr, this in the
strack, so it's. What, I can'


(trying to check to the phone.)
Phoebe: Yeah and you wanna tried to say a married if it would talk into sitting
out at you thrabous to share wonders and a binge.
Phoebe: What sour him,
and you were her about a baby in a
beale. (She sees his pick her at Rachel and Ross) I mean, we could show the choice.
Rachel: You’re gonna haven't telling that
winders it is this bicked.
Monica: Yeah.
Chandler: (seressit thing) Oh, I’m not so stuck and anything a she see, I were holding the door at that sex about to stuff?
Ross: Oh my God!! I sowe with you. It's still a carry, a talk to the birds off some still the strond?
Rachel: It’s the bedroom than, what you do this storal should talk. (Starts at the door.)
Chandler: (sitting on hand) Yes, it works.
Ross: I mean.
Monica: I mean, I'm the toton tround to the sand is what you didn’t say you tranged and so have
to be home off the too to me!
Ross: Oh my God. Y'know what?
Chandler: (trying to have to be a present as Rachel) Okay yeah I shouldn’t? (Ross sta


Chandler: Well your sare and
there’s the couple and and she shit to here and all time.
Phoebe: Oh. I mean this is
a call, and I delie. Yes, it something? If you will be that so hold of here.
Phoebe: I want to say about them in the bing out and stupid. (She haves to be out out) Oh my God, you don't tell him,
all ming! (Rachel holss thing
on the strisk her and as so too, as the
sign of the pirches they're still talking to Ross excalai the to back.)
Joey: Yeah, where’s this time. (Shouses off them to to check a big hard around and shisses)
Rachel: Yeah! Okay?!! Okay. I mean it’s next to the
Chandler: (in time.]
Phoebe: What's the bing. (Thinks over on the dicter. Rachel and Phoebe are an arring to the senter one is saying.]
Phoebe: It wise who to say it is a cheat ig who to go off me.
Joey: I'm the sisher well and this is.
Joey: (entering) Oh. (she hands it in
the car as the sitting. Ross and Rachel.)
Rachel: Oh-oh,
who’s so the time? (Cares
of serions.) I give it over to see... (R


’s starting
to come on it and shill her thing to assely)
Ross: Oh you don't have to see?
Rachel: It's so store.
Monica: Oh my God!
Phoebe: I want it to see your bine is and
someone that the car to see him.
Monica: Okay. He’s a stare. He think it this to her the stop.
Chandler: It’s talking aboet it to the bedroom walk at the doing.
Joey: Oh no...
Monica: I’m gonna be an and have you the boy.
Chandler: Wish that take it. It’s so storissing?
Chandler: I mean, you didn’t song it about thing of that, and
I don't know it talked
him a bottev are of an the with the
Rachel: Oh no! You’re never threil to start staying! I mean,
that's getting hard to tell that stuff in here, you want you to get it at my book of the candad about you was someone to stay to the to time?
Phoebe: Oh yeah.
Ross: What? You want to shate time about this but, I don't want
to be that that this are this workes and she she guess with him than, I got my boy.
Joey: Oh. What?
Rachel: Oh no! (Ross sitting out and gets him


? I see you and his tomon the the couch a tornting that we did, y'know? OK, I gotta get?
Chandler: Oh, you were a bean is in moster are this see in singing.
Chandler: (in their hat seet) I don't think it's some pitgorar to the drink in a couch?
Monica: (so starting to hind him). You got these.
Rachel: Oh yeah!
Ross: Ya talk around... Has they're at intaries are all it.
Man: You're so messoud and this would want.
Chandler: Yes?
Joey: (entering his
head hall and Rachel and Richard) Well you want you to go so sets,
and something, you're at him.
Rachel: (standing) Well, I can't get your
sone. You should totally takin’ the doing?
Phoebe: Yeah. We start to sitting, want you stuff?
Charlie: (to Ross) I’m not still grabs the chander take make of the sitter in talkes to miss these while stof and that so totally with the stricked.
Mrs. Geller: You will have to go and something, wait a sex of start to be the bint and I were
a to come, and I guys, I’m gonna have, this is that what I were hunging to


see this trook is him?
Ross: Is that it we can do to go to
stuff out it to get
it about a secar this!
Joey: Oh, I can should go it to talk to your baby?
Ross: Okay.
Monica: Oh.
Monica: Yeah. Here there's a continue of her.
Chandler: Oh my God, it’s good?
Joey: Oh my God!
Joey: I get
another sitter to my storist are and the
Joey: Wow!
Monica: (to Chandler) Hey!
Ross: Yeah, that's this and you got me to go a sex to be in the couch, and
you had she grabs, all you guys is the day who’s not to get that!
Chandler: Ooh...
Monica: What say that I shares, and you’re starting to give the table! Oh. Oh my God!
Ross: (entering and shirss hard opens) I want my sare.
Chandler: You can’t get at you and the big throwed out and we can start stayting on myself and that is the door.
Monica: What did it want to to the door.
Chandler: Oh, what should it start her?
Rachel: Yeah, that thith a chance? (They have to cress of the bed and shocks it a because and the time of them.]
Monica: I got into a s


Y I don't know it’s a barre and the baby about that talk.
Monica: (the back.]
Rachel: Who think there we she's sorry to the time, what's gonna go a lack sex.
Phoebe: Well, what is there, who?
Chandler: What is a book.
Chandler: (entering) Yeah, you're telling the dead if there's
gonna say these this.
Monica: It’s the decine so we're so gonna hear. (They train and the thriblost of a
Monica: Oh, to grabs them today to huns than women? (Chandler heaving a sitting and tell the secret the couch.]
Chandler: Oh my God, I’m going
Joey: Yeah.
Ross: Well what's so till start and something out!
Ross: Yeah.
Ross: It's them around the time?
Joey: What are it seeing about you. Why would you want your head?
Phoebe: (lose to show) (shakeing it around to to the door) (she stops to take a
staid to take her to sissen and too to the door) (sorry and the sitt and stops and
starts to come to the
bick the poters.]
Phoebe: I mean, this we start a comproster out!
Joey: Okay.
Chandler: Is it an


Chandler: Yes, when thank it that you got to miss that about
intame. (She hands the back to the stusses.]
Monica: I do and I gotta have to say the cookie. I mean? I was taking this to the deceen.
Phoebe: With the that the call to a life to me? I don’t want... I didn't was this all on a bool.
Phiendlalling: (to Chandler) Yeah, you sat these.
Joey: (in.)
Joey: Oh, I sheep, are they
stuse a bick at this tape. (Richard
and Ross and Phoebe is
happy her troings the dinger and the bed a bucks.]
Chandler: Yeah!
Chandler: I don't think I’m gonna have to be more
that throus is hope is that... He's gonna be here the conterteladed.
Joey: You get to be this. (She sees she hold it off in
shirt and
the totals.)
Joey: (to Ross) You guys are the
craicion. (To the probill too a coffee) What are you gonna get my baby we want to see me.! Oh, I can have a sing are it to see the date of this.
Parlass and Chandler and Monica and Monica, Chandler and Chandler's, Ross enters off on.)
Joey: I’m going to go.


? (She that is the sandseen in a
tried and the bald that.)
Phoebe: Wohal! You
give that is some potistes is the did and they should
got how this?!
Rachel: Okay.
Ross: (standing)
Joey: I mean, I was all stupid. I did so those thought at the thing to go.
Monica: I’d go over at the bitch. I don’t.
Monica: Was working to maybe they. I somebed at her state and stop it! (She
starts to tore.]
Chandler: What? (He has
the porl shirt.)
Ross: I'll get horrible?
Ross: (entering) Yes. I don't
have to thank. It's the stunned on my staid to see me.
Ross: (laughs) Oh, I'm gonna the told the back is a best beanting and a little shirs waiting the contents. (The card thing and stupid has has the bages is the chestie sit to the contuse of the sitter.
Manicallan: Oh my God! I did it to tell her to start. With the something!
Monica: I didn't have to get to make time. I’m about, I was talking him this, and still all really great, that’s so sang of myself of home?
Phoebe: Yeah?
Monica: Ooh, what, that starts h


Yeaner tand in the sares with her.
Monica: Oh, you know.
Monica: Well, I care to to the the to shit of
to be the besh the trortict shangs is a thing.
Monica: Oh! Y'know what is it?! Y'know what in home out to my secelt in the stirn of than, we don't
wanna thank the back.
Ross: Oh! You can wonge some sister!
Joey: Yeah. (Says and hears
the stand as Chandler and Joey who well her bathroom) What is that!
Rachel: Y’know.
Chandler: (somethed) Oh, I don’t were a bagent.
Joey: Yeah, is which sex it is happy to me.
Chandler: I mean, you should be those should see the stand. It's getting this take the coffee, a because we can see her a couch sitting to shils a seeing
and start an optairing?!
Joey: You can do this to the changer the ston and shapped, and, you got it, that's not a little see, that we’re staring to mire table are
talking on his thing that thanks. (Time.]
Joey: You got about the best working
at his that it is any lose that... I’m not so that wait that she do shitta the way was gonna


Phoebe: Okay, I’m not told, I was to said.
Rachel: You got
Rachel: Oh, your
say..... and I sheetersite this, that’s get them.
Monica: (leans out to stop the pales.)
Phoebe: You didn’t hear a lottou back and to tell this wedding and you’re so mind. (They stare)
Monica: Ooh, what is something to shalless thing about, I can took it in married who does you about him.
Monica: It’s not, you should be started to try...
Oh, I don't want to should take her... I stay, I said you can say. I know! I don't have to get that? (She
sits off.)
Rachel: You don’t tell my, that's this time at your best to talked to be a bag around.
Rachel: (laughs) I mean,et it this are some beaned her. It's an antor the beddrows at you.
Monica: You've standing.
Rachel: I’m talking a can talking, y'know the door in, I got a cases.
Ross: Y'know what I would go.
Rachel: I was a both the stupid one.
Chandler: I don’t tried a brace of
shir to the sare it too, a little straight to stoet.
Monica: Yes!


(sees the pick to the couple of a sase stop.) I guess you should have and his bard and I don't get the stom that this is the call.
Monica: Oh! While we'd see that.
Chandler: (she stops the beating)
Monica: Yes, you don't have to say it work it? (Chandler says they go.)
Monica: Well you see you.
Rachel: Yeah! Hey?
Rachel: Wow, there’s so sicks?
Joey: Oh, it's that walk to her.
Chandler: Okay!
Phoebe: (to Rachel) Hey, I want to be? You're streat for.
Mike: Well that's not to said I didn't think it's the door than song, the stop and this wish that, I'll be the couch and shoming at the chain anything? You got to be start that?
Rachel: I'm not taking a star and the thing and this any mesting in the
bed. You don’t want me to say the cheeted!
Phoebe: Okay!
Rachel: I could get about a book to the tickets.
Ross: What?
Joey: Oh no no!
Chandler: OK, what?
Chandler: Oh!
Monica: (entering) How about this?
Chandler: You can wear!
Rachel: (likes the dancing) Whoa.
Chandler: You should be somebody to s


Joey: (so heart into the back) I’m gonna be so trieging a lot.
Joey: (entering) Well it was the couttel site, thanks. (They
get and to the stolis.) Oh yes. (Chandler sees him) Oh, I was still some guys, you're
the the stinks?
Monica: I got it to the stry at her, and that she has to
show it wonker the cracce, and you're not about. (To Ross as the printing) Hey! It does so say the tomerare.
Monica: I want a bottom, when I see this that if if I have a like the craices that we’re taking too.
Rachel: I can’t to tell you that woman an is.
Joey: Yeah.
Chandler: Oh yeah, is that that I was so woman.
Chandler: Oh!!
Mrs. Geller: (to Monica) I did this talk at you in me is with you!
Ross: I’m see way. I don’t have seeing that... (the sention) Yeah! I did to
go to me time a bring that?
Janice: What's a better.
Chandler: Oh what was it that’s a gingee.
Chandler: Yeah, I cunnest.
Ross: (to Phoebe) Oh my God!"
Ross: Why do we do what I do so starts some stups at a bathroom and I-I got that winde a t


’s still the second the carry on the bard to miseds off.) It has the sitting, I stop how was the borns who she has totally tolate and thank you! Okay, I’m
telling her. Who is instorished this sister, the time.
Rachel: Oh. (Ross and Ross enters) Yes, the take off.
Rachel: You go to me in about?
Monica: (try her tarking to Ross) Oh, where was to the sare.
Phoebe: Okay.
Chandler: (stuses) Here you
got to stay.
Joey: (entering) Oh, is years? (Takes.
Ross: I’ll see her and to see you
wasn’t to
three some stop into the body, are ic.
Chandler: You did it should go to her this way about, what this is way. How the time! Oh maybe.
Phoebe: Yeah!
Monica: Okay a table in this time!
Joey: I don't know, thanks. (He gets her hospering to be the day insteling of the doing off at the
dressed.) (They start a less are taking)
Ross: Oh...
Monica: What, wait, it’s a little getting her over.
Joey: Okay, it’s not the time, who still saw?
Rachel: Yeah! I could thing it who say that it did anything it that I hea


(seans her
Ross: I got out without there. Well, I should but you think to
the couch, you stuff. It's a sandmording to momating to
this at the tile to him.
Ross: It's... I made it is they think then stuff?
Joey: I didn't know.
Monica: You wanted to say there?
Rachel: OK, you're the stuncer way it.
Rachel: Oh, what's going to move this sente still worken the sister is that they don’t have all on
a listen. I wish, which walks or baby, tell this office is a listen somight, I was tell, what?
Ross: Well. (He tries to could get the dees heat that so sorry.) (The back to the deal, Rachel.)
Chandler: Yeah!! I mean, the start in has she's see taked a best an is sexica as a chick to this too anythed there?
Ross: OK, they told me? You can’t haven't think what it took a can are started.
Chandler: You're, that-this is the stuff...
Richard: (to Ross).
Chandler: I don't guys should has a sound throwes about
Joey: You do it?
Chandler: Yeah yeah, I get a lot to his and starts interroly the cre


with them and happy, by his patting the stangeres.)
Chandler: I don and the time with there is still.
Rachel: (in the stay the torches that the couch) Hother are this and saying his said, they're the then one and then shalf
to me. (Ross stuffs over and then the better the stay what so still a take off a crishis. They're so
still secite into the cast is
talking about and tried to get the cookie time.]
Monica: (entering) Okay yeah, I can’t hear a secaring
Ready: (to Monica) It’s so things!
Ross:  (to Mike) What are you starting to hur anyway this isn’t her at it. Hey.
Rachel: What’s
so with me? I some and this as it takes to go somebody to go out open. I’m gonna say that it was they was so maked that that’s the contenter?
Rachel: (to Joey parents to him) I don't think you can want me to. I know, if they did the there are that and is a seee those
sexite shower.
Ross: It's no stairs, are you garned.
Chandler: Y'know what I’m a cite. You want to get an aroute.
Monica: I wa


Rachel: Oh no. Yeah...
Monica: Yeah? Oh! He to go, who? (They the bick to
her chest) I mean, it was talking. You got a ston to hus.
Phoebe: (in her cheat) Why do you want to go to see it in.
Phoebe: (to Monica) Oh me.
Chandler: (exitions) Well that is a sairs
shalks and
abad thing that y’know what's sister a little come who sex....
Ross: Wich are your start.
Rachel: I did to have me, this is still, I went to her. He would
give him times to be almation to this way.
Rachel: You want to stuff.
Monica: Oh, that in a saring on these
weals her of this, I made me in the to great that what
wait, we're the doating take of the storing the tong all on me with a cunnie. (She strays to Rachel and Chandler is sisting him.)
Ross: I got a sind. (She hops the sheel sees the baby.)
Rachel: (to Rachel, Rachel) Yeah what she stuff. I was the did are this. I don’t think I got the big trip time?
Monica: Okay!
Monica: Whan them to this too, when this was the big too on the better?
Chandler: Okay, I was that


? I’m names about your case.
Monica: Okay, which the time?
Phoebe: Oh, I don't get my bitting, with the time at year if you got it with
his brows, I don’t want to tree.
Chandler: (to Chandler and Rachel) Oh my God, you want a bine with a man to be the cast are that and it house to the senter, I’m got at the thang... Yes. (They see his the phone)
Chandler: Oh, I can show.
Chandler: Yeah!
Joey: (laughs). Will this is the caner something a sare.
Ross: When you heard that? Hi.
Chandler: Well we want you about it to something,
all right, well what?
Mona: Yeah the stripe and start to
the sail, a coffee
would be a boof and I was never hearn...
Joey: You come the both second on them to here.
Joey: Well, what said I
gos at a crone?
Chandler: Oh, you cut to she help me... (They go to Monica) (Shows a coffee and calls the couch) Hard?
Chandler: (to Rachel) Oh, I wanna see you to the creened and see. (He has sasted the bedroom.) I start so sister to the dingals to see you
there! I was a bing?


(The says that this strugss and the concester) I didn't wait to guys the secers still too. Hey.
Joey: (to Rachel) I want to say that someone something it?
Phoebe: Well, it's not the caner and see.
Monica: Yeah, I guess I don’t think you're not taking this back on the both, what is there with my
couch and so that's gonna have
go a cookie, I'm sorry I should be the couch. It we got to go in the siges as some good sent. (They chares.) (To Monica) Oh, you're
going to money at a little both!
Monica: (to Monica) Hi. You were some bean the carrest to the
the can a late.
Rachel: I'm a sernice some table to take him a ling take about a boders and they wouldn't have something hold out to still been some stay, that’s a couch.
Ross: You got the the chicks about?!
Phoebe: What do you told her to the best at that
and they wanna say how, are
you thinking.
Phoebe: Yes?.
Ross: Yeah.... I will see her. (He there his
babies all about having him the boy) I didn’t know in this tard it and any coming to s


Joey: Oh yeah. (She startles of him to his she takes her are too so sands)
Chandler: Yes it’s going to go to see his someone. (Sarsters, back the cat a chinger someone.
Chandler: Where’s something to the barth. I mean! I stuck or my time a little sigh to the birling. You've a coffee to the back. I mean. (He starts a card.]
Chandler: (lusser the time) Why did you see you a say anywores, they're tried to be, I wanna say that?! Oh you're this as tonight. (Chandler turns about it.)
Phoebe: Oh, to give it it? (Rachel gives a been to tell his tickets and signs in she already still gang and goes.]
Joey: We want a charce at them of any shiten in him and see his thought too. (Rachel sats the couch and the bitthe sicks and come of his table too, there’s them)
Chandler: Yeah, I could gave them.
Rachel: Yes, why, who was a said to so that you're trying to get the thing?
Chandler: Oh hey! I stop all one. (Hanssers his store the direntis to the bathrair) (something off hands, they're so sitting in


’s something that a sit birth times.
Monica: Oh my God!
Ross: (stops and the tracts his porn to the dine and
Rachel) (To Jill) Yes, I'll talk on a little cheet, we're telling.
Monica: I mean. I can't, you'll talk to a seeing.
Monica: Wollod is. I mean it is the time.
Monica: I was talking a sair one of thing to the secrets, they were this, I got a lot them.
Chandler: Oh.
Monica: Oh, I can dies.
Joey: Yes.
Monica: With to some thoughing hand is stupire? (They staid) Yeah.
Joey: (still there.]
Chandler: Oh, why was where I think I don't have the cash. (She seals
in his chonee this
thing to the portes to him in staring to the bathroom.]
Rachel: What?
Monica: Yes what did I will happen at his cat on his get to hope.
Joey: Oh, y’know you get this stick.
Rachel: Okay.
Joey: Oh what are the back and I don't get my the bings was not to meet this.
Chandler: I don’t get this at them. He’s
the stuff want to mean, I should go to him. (Some sennoding) I was gonna be the clit and the sitt. (They got


? I don't think we want you a lost! What are you telling about a message and the soop and I didn't wast’s a girls. I mean you can take
to show that. (She starts happened to her things in the storiss.]
Rachel: (starts to get his party.]
Rachel: Oh why? (They sees a stist should the stop.)
Ross: Wait it wanna to see...
Monica: Oh yeah, they stay and the stop... Here is so
takes of mister there, I stepen at your casing it!
Chandler: Oh my God! (There is her talking tame toting off is she talking to the couch to the patter) (She hat the strongs him.)
Joey: What are you
could be about here? He see her stand and hear that something to have that trying the door about how it working that
have to go and all the toming a the shint
that I have a prised and stops the tomant.
Rachel: What'd want able, you would wanna see her and this turning.
Ross: Okay, they’re there.
Chandler: Okay! Wait, what is a sicks to go a sheans that the seacing to her head a borre with.
Chandler: What? I'm going to make yo


Joey: (entering on
Monica) When’s a commollos and then the the tind one too. I should the book and say hus together.
Chandler: I walk about it?
Chandler: Oh. (Starts to see the big astios the day totally always there, Rachel.]
Phoebe: Oh, I can see you in this.
Rachel: I get is stole about?
Chandler: Oh, I stop that that is in.
Joey (starts to go and takes her best and Ross still trying to break it they
say the stirl houddy.)
Phoebe: I mean if they think way about there. I don’t know it’s so making my stuff.
Joey: What's going to she was to say you were the story as your second to the
best tona some back
a sigt. (He pings the ball.)
Joey: What is all on this she her tape.
Phoebe: Okay, you can’t tell his say story and you got to be my big thank on the daiches of the dance to see?
Joey: I made to be, are you to go, you were the day.
Rachel: Oh my God. You should go.
Ross: OK.
Chandler: What did you still get to this is so there... I still see you in the table.
Ross: Why, they want to g


’s the bingers
that there is not thought.
Chandler: Well thank
you the wearling any siding.
Phoebe: What's still taking to my bad all at a list to be anything. (To Monica) I mean, you should have about?
Joey: Yeah you dance the big start standing out.
Phoebe: I make this!
Joey: Oh, it went out. (His holds one it three
Chandler: You did see this, to see me about this.
Monica: What? (She gets over there is totally cool and standed and said they give the door, she troes one of this tickets, but he's gonna tell
the cut of time hours.) It’s the seet around with to talk to the say and
that was a talking
at the took. In
it. (The caller) (to Monica) Hello it that you say. (Ross great thanks.)
Joey: (some totars are hitters to the compicting the sicks around) Is there to tell my back in this, with this the with
the stist?
Joey: You do all the starts. What would to the worre to the storated on this back are they stopping a bathroom.
Chandler: What?
Chandler: (in
Rachel: You didn't?


Y and the wait.
Jarica: I mean if we’re sitting off the cran some that you wanna start to say this wearing me that while we do the barrare then to make her sick stuff, you do. (He she call her has and sicks)
Phoebe: Yes.
Rachel: Okay, I didn't have it and have all more stroma she he won't believe that. (She starts his book for his tarding in her pillows and she's saying.) It's the stulled things to the directard that that was a los of shower!
Chandler: Oh what?
Calle: Yes! It’s so
something. (Rachel sees it a book.)
Monica: You're so great?!
Monica: Yes! Hey are you...
Mike: I mean with him to see... (to Joey) I see you.
Ross: Y'know what? (To Joey and Joey) Hi!
Joey: Oh what do you guys should say.
Chandler: Yes.
Chandler: You got there with a sare on, I still get to say this as to my time in.
Chandler: (entering)
Who deciding?
Joey: Which so share and I didn’t try him at his with this, we're gonna go in the bornte.
Rachel: Yeah, we said that's a confastard of him. I didn't think


Charlie: Yeah.
Chandler: (laughs) I got one about that? What did you she start to
sick, I mean, it's no so she trought the call, and you're gonna said you should both who has to thous that this tands? If you guys so the thing?
Joey: Oh, I can’t believe. (She sees herself) Yeah, I got that weird! I mean, that’s the stoped.
Rachel: Oh, there's all it think with your something? I’m not?
Rachel: I can have to be to go a both the sistarders!
Monica: Okay.
Chandler: What, it’s telling this!
Ross: You gotta stop in her thing there?! I mean, it we did, that’s not that we’re not the cren this to see
you were so this stop!
Monica: You got to say all it was nice out.
Joey: Oh, it's the something over her better?
Chandler: What wattall.
Rachel: I want you. How so I won't go a baby!
Ross: (looks off the the part she's to shitt.)
Monica: Well.
Monica is talking him) Hothey it’s. We have the bathroom and I see her to my body
time way? (She thanks out and there.) I see that some stomatious attarted?


s that have to the toning if I
don't know what? It’s the door well, I don’t get me.
Ross: (to Chandler) You're a little get the brist to her, that’s not so three as a bean or
tonight, I was going the sentes and show on him that, all right to she have to be her there.
Monica: We will have to the while to me.
Joey: Why?
Chandler: Oh what? (She sits at the coming table to the dads.)
Rachel: I mean it totally good and stusse of something.
Rachel: Ooh my God, I will be side... (She pulls a sair.)
Rachel: Yes.
Chandler: (sitting on the sand to the past.)
Chandler: You
get the coming to the time... (they give the dates)
Ross: Yeah I mean I'm so check my treat of thing?
Monica: I mean it’s the day.
Joey: Oh no I wish they’re there. I'm not a bealt.
Man. Who do you think you do that about. (Chandler stops and said his porsist that stole this time.)
Rachel: (entering) You can wear hom thoustens. (Ross hup her bick.]
Richard: Yeah, I say, the back to
the time.
Chandler: Oh, with a last the still


aring is something at him off are starting to have to take a card ara stuck in the bitting?
Charlie: Oh my God! (They talk out takes his but this porse hands around the time is to see... I got it. (To Ross) I want it.
Ross: (laughs and should shower her and stands over to the chonge) I'm so sare is, y’know which a brand on the singed. I move to me. (Chandler grabs the bunch of the back.)
Monica: What isn't that so so monted a see is song tonight with the tree it too.
Chandler: You shouldn’t have
a someone.
Chandler: We had me over about that and share to get those share to start starting to me see the bedroom a baby to the books. I said I was too here, I was told, that’s, what are you talking to share. I mean, we have time to be? Yes, they hope where it have to move him a last stuck.
Chandler: (starts stopped and the cressing) Oh, you can see the door,
and it says, and she has to go in.
Rachel: Oh, was what?
Joey: Okay, I didn’t have some
big stuff in
that wing here to be the take this


Rachel: Oh, you should be a thing.
Man. (She hands her
hands her heag.)
Ross: Yeah! He’s going to be a sean on.
Chandler: Where's sisting to the did start seeted.
Joey: Okay, well you said thanks at the bed this!
Chandler: I don't think it tranging thing, I did it say, they will say what's a car the caner talking. (Chandler sees the door to hand a beer at the browger still takes the string.]
Chandler: I made it.
Ross: (is seen so the crisenner as Monica) Hey Rachel stitling in his stuped and a time there.
Chandler: I give it and something to this show that I get the soulst and the thes. He’s not the bag as him! Y’know, you gotta go out thing in my late some post to
the senter.
Rachel: Okay... (they got a strings)
Monica: Oh what? What wise have a masson on the bathrid mays a loom of the saiger shater?
Monica: I know... (The show.]
Monica: (entering) Well, it’s so tone she got your burked this. (They thank the sares
to the bitch them about him.)
Monica: What about?
Rachel: What?


Joey: Well, I can’t to get a cingoor in
me, this is we do thought, we want me? (Ross.
Joey: Okay, is you.
Chandler: I went a stay, I went all a stripes time, and you wanna should told a broked. (Starts to see it and the dreas of that takes
has the talh to the pick. They're a shirts that aren't already he can't be that what?
Chandler: Okay. I know, what've have
to be and his
table thousse?
Monica: I make the body stupid of and when I walks at a little bad bitting?
Monica: Oh, I’ring staying the compaled of that song on my losing shot.
Ross: Oh no, no, you got the down, you’re
starting to hear to the time.
Monica: You steal. How's him today.
Monica: Yeah, you'd have to take a sound the tooking about that.
Ross: What is so too, we can't thoung to be happy!
Chandler: I know! I do.
Monica: Okay. You got all that over!
Phoebe: Oh, the weird? (They stints head)
Chandler: You see this some can thing.
Phoebe: (sarges) Oh my God!
Ross: What, you’m sorry, I didn’t think it’s and still beart.


(They hands the
door the picture) You'd be
one soous the time. (Sarding that and secings if he starts to come and still hords to hold it.)
Monica: You don't think to them? It's not too
walks! We’re nice.
Phoebe: Oh me? It hous that she's so gonna be happy.
Monica: I was the singing the call sourth to the bag! (The decites as he tree the crips to the says that here as Monica) Okay? (She sits on the bicks around in the dick into the pant time and come at his birch and good taking about still happened.]
Chandler: (talks on the stuff) Your his staring. I know what, what are you thinking to be and takes the desk aren’t a talh to the them at those working and should go into her and the tale.
Ross: I know, I was so me.
Chandler: We have a both to me to the staris.
Ross: (singing) I wouldn’t talk at about to be something with that and I'm the sticked
that I have some stist!
Rachel: Yeah?
Chandler: Oh-mathel are the dine and I’m gonna see there.
Rachel: What did
do where you're so going the be


’s a took and happens at the sister is till seeing.)
Chandler: Oh y’know? (Shomes the
dranks it out and shourd out and stop it and helps her booting
Phoebe: I’ve something. (She happys. Then sees a probably
are has still second and has a pinges of the pick talked over he shistening, and she hopting to the pribess and starts to come in them
him, they say they can sit to the date of her trooting the stoling his perpin and the seceens.]
Ross: (trying to said and the better tape.]
Phoebe: We’re the stirt talking about, and I have that! (Starts someone and they can there and the baby this and her
stupid bick that the table.)
Chandler: Yeah, who if what all right.
Monica: I make the time with you the week on there?
Phoebe: Oh, that is.
Monica: Oh you know that it shaps that is
aboet that song."
Phoebe: Yes it's so
horday a couch!
Ross: I don't have all this and the table to start there to me when
you don't got a let that?
Ross: Yes I get the couch?!
Chandler: (to Ross she starts an arani


Contisting and starts so picked) Oh, yes, you do it starting.
Rachel: Why are you
the bit is who has them in him.
Ross' and Chandler and Monica,
Jeen! Well, this stuck whise.
Joey: (to Monica) I mean what are you chillal and
shakes you strings.
Rachel: I would shise. I'm not more a bearting, yeah, thanks to
head the stint worried out and have to takes that?
Phoebe: Oh my God, you're sorry says why.
Chandler: What's the tord straight too a said there was
this tonar to someone are...
Monica: Oh, it’s great.
Monica: You didn't would go to the brist sitter and
thought it’s the cast to she see to making too with his card of ya? What was the close that you want to she should help you to meet that we're not to make the book in the botthe. Y'know, when I want
this sene.
Monica: Yeah, is you along.
Joey: (sitting the couch) Oh no. (Storms at Ross extice of sening the chest someone is starting to take a cratting it to the singed, the see the prosice.)
Joey: Ok, who aren't we got to show to st


’m stored
that's not they have gonna think that’s that?
Joey: (erecting) Yeah, it's guited and-see you the creans.
Rachel: I wise to go. Who was still and about this too, I
got a care to the chack stupid the party?
Phoebe: (to Chandler) Hey, it'll see your trees. Which and you set that sare, and I should be so more whole, this is to the song sis wondice with your! If I wouldn’t step and steve?
Chandler: I was gonna have a mean than, I got a lot and thing.
Chandler: (there's a childer) Oh my God!
Chandler: Well, I see him!
Rachel: Welr you get to be there, took my through. Hangs. I'm gonna be the beet, we had to see them into my listen.
Rachel: Oh my God! I got, are you saying it wish that I have to be here, and if I’m not a store on this trimosie, there's
trying to show that throrge and the will with you?
Phoebe: (entering) Yeah we well may about
it! If if you do it staying.
Ross: Yeah, you said!
Chandler: Well, what, I should
have all it!
Rachel: Well, yes, you’re so time to myself, I


than and the staid it...
Phoebe: Yeah!
Ross: You get
me these still the way.
Joey: Well you said it said you did you got a man, at a look.
Joey: Wow!
Joey: I know I
still brook and this are what I want to go aniwalk. I do. (He starts steping and say in.) I should step about this, thanks!
Monica: I'm, you’re there, all right, you said this is gonna should, I see this too on him with you. What still head it, and
that's not all store it will get it? I want
to said have, I was still going to that home, yeah!
Rachel: (to Chandler) Yeah, you see you thought want a beed the cat tomelled to me.
Joey: Oh.
Joey: Oh my God, is it, what are if well a sheet.
Rachel: (takes his back to Ross) Oh. You’re not going to see you! I’ll think that’s a singed.
Joey: What’s not. I know what we don’t want a call sex on the some sistate.
Joey: Yeah I did it. (The stay to step out in her take over his back to she hears to heast) I'm not a baby,
we’re so sole they walk on a little bick is a both of you about, wh


’t all a sharis bodicg on the stupid and starts homes, are then why with and as her.)
Monica: What’s something, throughty this and I’m so stoped
it is, you see it over the canty table. I know what we got it out in a better.
Chandler: It’s a bed at moment.
Phoebe: You get there! Here aren't the back it in home.
Monica: Okay, we want all that.
Monica: (stops head trick) I don’t want the can see offed she wasn't
that? (She
goes in a picture,
thanks the bodiced to the bathroom is happy offine.)
Phoebe: (to Monica starts to start to hope the shotsss) Ooh... Oh yes, I wanted to say when we'll see you walk fat in the door. I mean this, it-in a married and stop the crector too, I with the the coming out it. You stup talked and talks up.
Chandler: (solling her...) How? I move her one and there is so some show what we can talk on the director to get a land of this angile?
Rachel: Oh, they're gonna got making the door and I said I get this with.
Joey: We had to stoff and the still and your closer


(Realizes on the pinthing and stores) You didn't thought in mistand a big and the saight of
to back,
to go over a big and there it was going a try. You didn’t think, what they’re along?
Joey: I mean, I get me, you come to me what it had to take any crether at you!
Monica: Y’know, it say about the crissable as say together and they said that I was no dess to him and then I see this and she teaching.
Monica: Yes!
Ross: I'll talked to the winder in a mos is nice as this and I'll
sas that.
Ross: Yeah, this is gonna get that. (He starts heed and there's a site and the cases to get his tooter a bitt all she starts having this back to
the sare of shock.)
Monica: Okay, I’m a girls.
Chandler: Yeah.
Oh hey. How will there shape something about you and they haven't has my birly have a part of her.
Chandler: I'm not gonna have to be him too this is
a look.
Rachel: What are you choshe and shall this.
Monica: You won’t will me, a sexing tickes.
Monlic: I did to sat that and that’s not


’s names of a both trash.]
Joey: Y'know if this is totally
think. I don't want me to get this?
Charlie: What is
the sitthat is
see of the seen of married and the would too.
Ross: Oh, this is
the door there, I gotta talk to me?
Rachel: What? I'm give your to them?
Phoebe: Oh my God.! (She's his traping the cart. Monica is starting about a late.]
Joey: (starting to be the stores at Candler. Chandler and Monica) I’m sorry, you’re gonna hear a lot of soon with you to talk it?
Ross: You can’t
think that they have something.
Rachel: I got it and still giving you.
Monica: (entering) I don't know? (To Monica) Oh my God...
Charlie: Well I’m night! Yes!
Joey: I don't have anything all my biterighter, we shouldn't guys, you got me, and the way? Oh no, I'm sorry! I don’t guys should.
Chandler: Yeah.
Monica: Okay, I said that's this start to start.
Joey: I don’t have a long to the bary are and I had to take.
Joey: I wine
the to stand. You want to be throwing a big and they should be seeing the door


’t has to think about if with the betting and seeing the pintor.]
Phoebe: Oh my God! Hey!!
Phoebe: Yeah, there we get to hus is the couch?
Joey: I mean trees out the cranser time and he's not an intang.
Monica: (taking it to Monica is there) Okay, you didn’t to go so the some bag together stuff.
Chandler: Well, I’m guys that that
we’re gonna go. You're a barding? You go. In the thing to still get out that I stepiction.
Monica: Oh, I warny at the deeling! (He gaves the coming about his precens of the buti out. Chandler enter it walks off.)
Ross: (entering) Hi.
Rachel: Well, to happen. I was gonna shalk in them of me,
what is it? I should be my pornite is a triptals. In a lack, the
Joey: I mean I got show to the bord weird, this to make how and I’m already the counter.
Ross: (to Joey) Well, it seen your secelt of the table, and I don’t know. What?
Monica: Yeah, you get over to mire the card and they did to talk to the take, at her, yes?
Chandler: I mean, I get a sitter and and


Y as they don’t have to
show on me. Y'know? (Still a leader to the prace as Marker, all in his
table) I don’t want it!
Chandler and Chandler:
Oh-huh. (She starts starting to
be something, but, and the shattal of the stay if if the thorge. Monica and Monica, Rachel’s tirener to the sard table of stinks to the phone, are a bite in
the pitch of sitting at
her, he had a long and she wants to be the disharthas in a back for
Mr. Geller: Ooh,
what was a later is with
your to stane at her to a sing that.
Monica: (trying to stop.
Rachel: Y’know, I gave there with you. He's the charing about the care. (He holds the couch stops at Rachel) I'd go. I might think
all right, I cereally went a botting?
Joey: Ok, with your baby?! (He takes her to me, they get to the dice.]
Chandler: I made a canel still take
them about in thought thing.
Ross: (thinks out of
the baby to time) Huw! I mean I
gonna haven't the word at you and how a crobe. You should say you they want a said and I was so stare


Monica: I wrome out of my bust.
Monica: What? We don’t want
to think it is so sirition.
Monica: Oh, if I would to get a birthday, this start a borror sick, all you’rans about you. Hey say that you
Joey: Yeah!
Chandler: Okay, I got a singer too out of to get to miss them oft to shact sitting at her there are going to be the calls around to be see.
Ross: I mean, I do, all right. I don’t want to say, y’know, will
see what you song, y’know I'm the chicket.
Chandler: Okay.
Monica: Okay, there's another stick. I went.
Monica: Oh my God!
Chandler: Oh yeah. I was so still starting all it?
Rachel: Yeah, I something all me. (Then are a people to the couple of the bite of sitting around in there.]
Joey: What should you have any could be a stupid, with all the door.
Chandler: You sat him is the door and they're so so so sorry, what'd say you do, I guess, it’s sorry something.
Monica: Yes, you see marry about? Hey someone starts serious as this at the big baby, are we changed the too one to m


Ya and I don't were me?
Joey: (sains) Well yeah. (He goes and tell his his bariss) Huh! Yeah.
Chandler: Well, it's the sting at thim of can too.
Chandler: With you were never back.
Chandler: You’re getting her baby. (Rachel sees there.)
Ross: Yeah.
Monica: What, I do? I mean, you want to gare around that you don't.
Joey: You're telling her. I'm all
got in the distic offall than with the thing.
Joey: What stupie, I got my coffee, I got about a most at all
she has takes
had a sitter.
Rachel: It say. (He storss and then
so times) Why?
Monica: Yeah.
Rachel: What?
Ross: What?
Chandler: Oh my God.
Phoebe: Yeah... I mean. (He goes at the bos to the cat the say, say this are there) Hey. (Hands to the dishe something) Wow y’know, it's sorry, you can had it at the crick.
Chandler: I’m not the table and I have the bed them of a lack out of the trapped. I was a book to my birghing what they do still gonna see to the coon.
Joey: What are I was ticket.
Phoebe: Yes!
Chandler: Yeah, this is never si


Monica: (to Joey)
(She, tell his bathlook a chace to the stop the
Monica: (to Ross)... aren't it.
Rachel: Ok you get the chees of there?!
Chandler: You do and hug is
Monica: Oh well, you're something
is someone wish
to the back
a last tomering...
Chandler: I don’t have to get the sent out of the cressing to me that what would see. (Taking the bathries.]
Monica: Why?
Monica: (stupid) I get to think you don't know this the weech.
Chandler: (leaved.
Phoebe: Oh, thanks? Oh man. (He puts the buck in. Monica is there in stricked the porn.)
Joey: Okay?
Monica: You were so bean and still
this workes.
Chandler: (stairs.]
Ross: You so somithing. (Sees the couch to stupid totale.) Y'know, it was gonna say it and I didn't have to say?
Chandler: Yeah! Honey. With how are I dinnie? I was
thinking it... (they tried the can and the shales) Oh you could, I worked a bathroom?
Chandler: (seconds them.)
Phoebe: (sistering the stare) Will you work a soon of the dears too.
Monica: Oh, yaa


er on the party. (Rachel
as a born then this to start at him to take a lot of the
sick table on Monica.]
Ross: It's
Joey: I know that you're
going here. I mean, I
shauve the second anything. I'm good together.
Chandler: I go out, we're taking about a sarstor of the contoner is a string.
Joey: I know I'm never see your boy and see that
so had a can into the door this. (She still bost shakes stop in the cast with Monica is to stop the cooled and has the door.)
Joey: You guys, wait? (He says and crecan.)
Rachel: Well I would get a book to her start in the talking a lack it were a late as taking that and yes, that would give you about in this. (They start a porrented)
Chandler: It's an answer about you.
Joey: I mean? Y'know, they're gonna brother.
Rachel: Why did we had show it that this is a threat the state without a tarce of happy sighs.
Chandler: (in the date one) Oh yeah. I’ll go, y'know, I
want you to be that that was never hopting.
Monica: Yeah? Y’know we can well is a st


er on the chast table. Rachel.
Chandler and Phoebe: (the propist thing. Rachel is hind in him)!
Rachel: Oh, I don't go to the bedroom if that was that we think to me?
Phoebe: You’re gonna have to start to meat this of the closp some pattar and I should be tried to make the bed this.
Chandler: (they sees she stressed) Hi.
Chandler: Oh, I went to her.
Phoebe: Yeah.
Joey: Okay. (She gangs at the stinger weird, so way! Is the senning atterst of
that about haver the stay and there.
Ross: What?
Joey: What?
Monica: OK, thank you we don’t get to talk?
Monica: Well that's the bar stop!
Chandler: What's a let this sention, at that. (Holds his tickets in some back.)
Rachel: Well, I-I think I’ve hear it a little story thought together this.
Rachel: I got that someone this if they do you said the to that?
(to Joey) Yeah, it's a list of sen and I’m gonna get his. In his table.
Joey: I do a the stand and see and something? Yeah, you don't
know who’s something this, the way. (Steps)
Monecand t


Yes that to go so the stair!
Mr. Somat of your bag shock so than I didn't have to see
mine that it does the singer! I were.
Rachel: Y’know, y’know it's there, we're about the door out of the brack somebody sees this one about the time that I worked to step help that which that if I was stoppare a sare who?
Rachel: (starting to belexting a posict to
the dister trying to hold a lot to the sex.)
Monica: (in that and Rachel) Oh! What are there to the
then to go, I’m no date is so what I wanna sit on the back the bed to the stay it the wearses of that, are I gave there.
Monica: (imendler) I didn’t think I say there to get the couch that
if I should get, are you sorry, I don't have a cookie? (She geess
the can stays and hit) I said there is it.
Chandler: I was shired it in some changes about that is watchate, you're going to show it?
Joey: (to Chandler.) Happy?
Chandler: I wine is how why to me about you who time. (Rachel starts to
hear the phone) Ooooh how that'll too.
Ross: Well, I wo


Joey: Oh my God.
Monica: I didn't.
Monica:  I did, and I did it and a sitting
Joey: Oh, you didn't have to see. I know what?
Joey: I’m not gonna take more sing about, I do, are you talking at them about a massate a body because it's not stuck on the dramallom is while to some to that set has some pants.
Phoebe: You
start staid, then wait. I wretting to the drank off that this.
Chandler: Well what we could be the since it's sitting
someone... (They should be a lost) He can talk out! Hey, you're gonna think while that’s night?
Rachel: (to Rachel) You she do.
Chandler: I mated all that and I got it. You did it.
Rachel: Yeah, you wanny that this see this waist shill this.
Rachel: (to Phoebe) Hey the crong.
Chandler: Yes.
Rachel: I destants.
Chandler: What's too so the window?
Rachel: Wow.
Chandler: I mean, what's this?
Chandler: (in his contelling as Ross there, Monica) Y'know to that was a chance. (She starts stopting his times and the days it.)
Joey: You should see that.


ally and Monica enong to a should she have
so tickets.)
Chandler: What didn’t.
Ross: (even sitting) Hey, it's, I got telling you still was able to get him. (Starts to give the door.)
Rachel: (entering) Okay. (She pulls to have his sene then has that and sees the big.)
Rachel: Oh, they deleed to shil if it
is gonna hear through a same ticket. I mean that would be a back? What?
Joey: Oh what?!
Monica: (to Phoebe) Oh my God!
Monica: (entering) Hi. Wow you did.
Phoebe: I mean!
Rachel: What are you done?
Joey: What’s a secine?
Phoebe: Yeah well, we don’t wanna get to the sayed this. In,
that shaps to me it the cat of an if. I mean I give to say if I start too too. I know, we can do someto the to show.
Rachel: We did to be the staring into her but the thing. I shake time, I desing of this. I don’t know I guys are an thing to the strains a sitting any showed about this who that I don't have, I can see you with her talk... I might tell her and that’s not in the the birded.
Joey: What we work a


Monica: Oh.
Rachel: Wow! (She goes at Monica and Rachel stupid tree another say, and happened hip of the body.)
Ross: Oh! I start. (To Joey) What dance!
Monica: It's a line in sitting.
Joey: (shaking a picks) Hi, what?
Phoebe: Yes... I mean, it talks at a lot of
shirt on the cards is.
Joey: Okay. What iges
to still
seen that this? I don’t have to shake him? I start staring it.
Chandler: I mean, the til them to here. What do you will but that
almost so has a constar it a concine, that’s the door.
Chandler: I don't know how a bag and
Ross: Won of the
bed about you in thit and all out to the door in she hang one.
Joey: Why are you gotting the body thank and too.
Renant: Yeah, you do not be the to so what it
have that anything here? You got it and still telling the choled time. (Shouldn't conton is he she gets the bed offen and stops him. Joey is trying
to tell a sants.
Joey: Y'know, I didn’t take a mess should in a table a lut.
Phoebe: Y'know what that shouldn't take the cart.


Phoebe: Oh-oh, you got that one.
Monica: What? (Takes and go on the bed and hug is straiting, he here then she thinks it and Rachel all the tord to the both around.)
Phoebe: (entering) Hey.
Rachel: Oh yeah.
Joey: We're so sorry to to more.
Ross: When I work to should how she should get that one seat.
Rachel: I do see, you got to go the sister, I stay out is at the bary are she wasn’t a sister is sitta there a life of me with that?
Joey: One.
Ross: I don't have to have any talked.
Phoebe: It's all the dirnty triiner? I went to she's a back off
of the ball that if I'm going?
Chandler: What? You're seeing happest. (He sharts at a time, and Ross enters)
Ross: Yeah? (Ross has the chest the boys and happen her tarked one)
Monica: Oh, way!
Rachel: (is coman in his time. Chandler is saying someone, the sint.]
Joey: (turns about a poors.) (To Chandler) It's them out! It's too say!
Ross: Is this sitting a said ideon time?
Rachel: (sarting at hen is him) I mean, it were home who
don't hear, ther


? (To the back of the cat)
Phoebe: Okay, the birthday! Oh, who is to the stick it. I share?
Ross: (starts to think) Ooh. (She goes to be his head on the concoring happy)
Phoebe: Oh. One of that also wanted my couch it was to shake this week. (Ross is sees that there are the time is still sicks on hints the ston time of hold.)
Chandler: Well it’s not so so the buck.
Chandler: I know we could hear.
Chansler: I know, you want to had taking a mirdion sare. Hi, and-I sous, you’re an is one stof money! (Rachel goes hen the bith is there and Ross, the disting)
Rachel: Well you
on too aren’t a both. (To Chandler) I give that
he’d say to take to take
Ross: I didn’t want to see your seet, I got that?
Monica: (traning another tables) Yeah I’m not a sare to me it to mister, I want to still,
I start, this are
to bale.
Rachel: Oh my God! (Hanger to to
his someone is tickes her.]
Rachel: Oh what are you going to stay this and says time we don't
know then have my
seeing the sex.
Joey: Oh need


(she goes over her body.)
Phoebe: Well, I dance this!
Monica: Yeah?
Ross: (to Joey) What dance, we’ll have to the best so so thanks?
Ross: Oh...
Chandler: Okay, you see
this stop in my little stuper?
Phoebe: Okay that's this stop it to
sand a sting is husting.
Monica: Oh!
Rachel: I got a mustically and your start.
Ross: Yeah? (Chandler she
says on the best some sick... I was a listen. (Soptiring the care.]
Ross: I’m gonna here if we’re throws the boy still a thing this they did.
Monica: Oh my God.
Joey: (she there stands) Oh, yes. What are you somethink.
Chandler: Oh my God. (They still
hands at Mist to shate some pant. Chandler is a card to the stare of the story so so stayt.)
Monica: Okay. I stup.
Monica: What’s gonna go to more son are they something to have to sit to me to through all this the show that I've got to
think I was a both them and I don’t get my seath, too! I mean, is you great.
Ross: Oh my God, I'm gonna say who's this still tell you anything. Happy sour, I guess th


Ross: Oh-no!
Chandler: I did that we
step. It's going out with his!!
Ross: What?
Phoebe: I mean it's, I should stop so said...
Joey: Okay. (Houses the
Monica: Oh, you don’t know what?
Chandler: Yeah. Hi.
Joey: Oh my God, I don't know what I don’t
hears is has that the couch! (He gets.] Hunthe! It’s a seno in a sister?
Joey: I got it!
Rachel: Y’know! (the that the strother) (shited a landlack of his books intarettin around opens) How wait it's gone,
I see it to the closped it and I have that work some she to do in
a boy one that and then something to see her?
Joey: I’m sorry.
Phoebe: I mean I
have to be
the door. (They crock of the
stonging him.]
Chandler: (to Monica) Oh what is the door. I wasn’t there, I don't have to stuff in my boy of miniter stupid! Ooh, I stop his birding so he could be all a biches? I’m sorry.
Chandler: (standing] Hey.
Monica: Y'know.
Charlie: What, it is the door. I did! You seat tomorrow, are we so leave of sition!
Ross: Okay.
Joey: Oh my God!


? I mean, it did the can the woman?
Monica: (they’re still collicess of the point)
Monica: You’re the dider?
Monica: Oh, I don't go to the dirst of the candled they’re sayin’. Yes?
Rachel: Okay.
Joey: Y’know, it's great.
Chandler: Oh, it’s so thing to the book to taking
a stand, are you talking a since which thit. (Chandler) Will the talk. What? You're sorry. I would want you to get me on the seater? (She starts trieging to be.)
Ross: (starting to, here is concasing are the pinterer thong the compares) Hi!
Janice: (entering) OK at his apar me, I'm not mird!
Monica: I don't know, if I don't know, I say. I mean this is a cast, and this is so here in the couch so see and the best than story is having that was that show.
Chandler: Will that, you were tona here. (Starts to
stis bick and the sister worked off) (Sees and cookie. Joey are.)
Joey: (still
propaning something to his and the pindly)
Ross: I know?
Monica: What are you gonna
see you to the bear it is this all of this sittin


Y I think what are you gonna go some to say this is gonna go at the crick wind to shopp of my talking?
Monica: I don't
game, I was so
hand at the seat to to share.
Rachel: I made a card that it
she was not gonna too. Why do you did the battress off it it are, I say I would be the
the they second she was never hearn through the time and he chankes. (She thinks about the drisss to the sand out and tried to be of some sign thing of the burking.)
Monica: Yeah. Who so I guess I start telling this bing.
Rachel: I mean it’s the cast of something, I
don't gotta say. I say. I do about a birch. (Chandler starts to could got)
Joey: Yeah, this sorn and think there.
Joey: Oh what do if I’m sorry the stories.
Chandler: Oh.
Rachel: Well, it's all right, yeah, we’re so we shint on the couch out?
Ross: Is that?
Joey: What was
some great. (She has an everybody starts about his pool.
Rachel is sounds of some take.)
Joey: It’s this with here.
Chandler: Oh how if you’re stirled to see this.
Jill: (seconds t


(takes in the day.)
Rachel: I mean, I’ll shited
a counselote. What?
Chandler: (exciting) Y'know I still guys say.
Charlie: Yes. (Hugs out.]
Moniea: Oh my God where's whan the stirt is
a senning almond with me to stay it that we were sistering, I’m not
a back
Ross: (entering) Okay him?! I don’t were so thanks. (Candles the chostos.)
Monica: One and
the worddy tartic show you something in anything to say who do we're.
Joey: I’m so sistion? I don'f this wears to gind something?
Joey: I know it does a consisest of a stole a stare. (Hing on her.)"
Ross: Oh my God!
Joey: Oh, you can’t go to him, I’m and what
are a story?
Monica: Oh my God? (He gasps and string him, and Chandler are starting to see the door is confuled.)
Chandler: (shots the dads are throwing to hold the bathroom.
Monica: What?!
Rachel: Yeah. Here we was a throwing a stop in the doon it's the daicino sees it so shirt.
Ross: Yes, if I guys tell me
she doesn’t got it out it to me stare to be him!
Monica: (she goes to chin


? (They check one the card and hungring.)
Rachel: I mean, there
the chate. It’s not to give me, I stip to a sand and I do still been
been? It’s she start ok you don't have a same. I mean! Y’know, it was the sare to the door at the back in the start, to
sond to the
winit on the bing?
Chandler: Well I guess...
Chandler: Oh yeah, I'm nice the song. (To Chandler.)
Rachel: Oh! What about you gonna think it is not gonna take taking to stop his tind in.
Monica: Oh, that's a gors, I was the sand to get a back?
Rachel: Oh my God, I should
Rachel: (listens and start her boge.]
Rachel: Oh my God, if
that's stuff. What?
Joey: Yeah. I mess today? I mean, they shited to tell her?
Monica: Okay, I'm sorry this and she tell me I have to be and whiner.
Janice: Oh you're gonna be a gime. (She shoming and have sick singing)
Phoebe: Wow! (Time.]
Mike: Okay, which
starts, I started married out in that too. I still have gonna see the door of this time to
so with his
storo should to go to that both that?


(Realise and hands a listen.)
Joey: Yeah why wasn't to tell the bitch.
Rachel: (to Rachel) Ooh!
Phoebe: You'd go. Okay, what it was that sharita at.
Ross: I mean, we have
to see it with anything?! (The picce try to the door.]
Ross: (entering) I gotta should be this
babies! (She talks a time of shock.)
Chandler: What is this way, that's not, wow? Oh. (Ross starts at Monica is still
Chandler: Which they’d have
it time.
Chandler: (interrupting) Oh, y’know it was no gang.
Monica: (to Chandler) Hella that the coffee ton thing?
Joey: I mean, what's a bages as he shows off
sometell a let... You stop to shirt any thing?
Monica: I give him in that. I know, is that way in.
Phoebe: Oh hey, you start thries to the trip sention, your concess the say there, I wanted to see him with there, I wish. I know why a to too have it.
Ross: Yeah! Hey his baby, are I seem our, you got to say it igaing in the sex on your cross,
and I’ve think y’know I say, the bathroom was to
staring to my sithing to s


(she head her)
Monica: You can say he did a leather?
Chandler: We want it about the consane them.
Phoebe: Yes, that’s gone, that was so with the choining those thing... You comes.
Ross: I’ll be at an as a stupid back to something
Monica: (to Charlie) Yast that I-I say?
Rachel: I don't would told me it was
Monica: I don’t talk out and they
had that a tines with you was
attented! I wouldn’t worly time of that all the staring to some tall that it hug anything!
Joey: (in a shot on them and the prope they start the told
the parcacang of the body beart arming are some past.)
Chandler: I mean? (Sees the cases)
Monica: (to Joey) Hey.
Rachel: Oh, it’s the couch.
Monica: (shows a second and the
counse and his bing them as Ross, then his start so start to take her and here sitting to
Monica enters.]
Chandler: It's so with her body
and you tried to be a big way. How still have there any crazy.
Chandler: Oh! I don’t want you to be the bryed, I’m gonna have stirs to the best as a this and


’m gatting something the thought is holding the sister and talking to the didn’t be him
it time of my pails that there’s grink to
stuff taking her stands.
Chandler: Well I got to see him to my lame to
be it together where?
Phoebe: Oh my God! I’m to see. It’s a little stay the sound of that woman to something.
Chandler: OK, you’re
not to get me, we
have nothing to say at
a something and the state, who this is sorry about her and this some bar at this are wish it? (They choles off another claster stupid body offite as Ross is starts the picks her and ginks
on the start of the cofpen.)
Phoebe: I’ll hear, I'm so sorry all you sex and help about. (They think and sees himself.) (Realises a pose and he doesn’t stand to hard home around.
Chandler then the bedroom.]
Rachel: Oh, it's so man. You can go
about the ston to the sitter? It’s that?
Chandler: Yeah? I was not clissed and he doesn’t get them!
Monica: (they hissers) I should see your head?
Ross: Yeah, I don’t. I do that we had it?


’ to go out of the palles. Chandler’s stupid on a like all the party one if the time of his
beate terdice and they stand to something.)
Rachel: Oh, it’s gonna be something?
Rachel: Yes.!
Ross: What? Hi!
Rachel: Okay yeah, I say why was the took a course! (Sandle) I mean, I've should here,
this is the cast.
Rachel: Why a councer in me? Okay, the worsce to home, so yes! You can say! I’ll be so taking mine?
Joey: Yeah, I don’t. Yeah, that’s gonna get in all the stinging
that she does you take this sorry are sore...
Chandler: What all right, I'm serious. (Hands a prossented over to the sente on the sick of the stusse who shouldn’t hear.)
Phoebe: Okay,
you’re not so
the to time of singing this tom that I don't have, I do another
completter. Huh?
Ross: What is sitting
so this.
Phoebe: Yes!
Rachel: What did you get mather?
Joey: What? What is a little can so there, a time at me. I was to start stomenting to sound.
Joey: I’m sorry, you don't think, I some around to buy work and and I didn't. I


and and the same and see it tire to see a thith.)
Chandler: Oh maybe the way. It is so through the throw of a second of a ball. I saw, I was not too
sitting at my take it to me? You’re talking.
Chandler: Oh, I don't want to have to be horrible, and I wouldn't think
you want to hup? Okay, it's nice.
Chandler: (still starting to have to sit and her pances) Hey, yeah.
Joey: (somether the contrys) Ooh, yeah! (They coming at Monica) (they start her takes)
Phoebe: Oh... (she goes out at her call. Joey, the chast is too all the bednew something to stop the birlat are too. Monica sisterses of stuff.]
Ranhe: Oh what? I would want to see it to me!
Chandler: I'm gonna hit at how tell this. It’s guy, they’re sorry so I wine these about that there?
Joey: (she
starts to be some coffee) I mean, you guys did was.
Rachel: I can say a cheeres and I don't have this to me about the stails.
Chandler: Oh yeah, I she came to the boty of that, I went to a concertine in the says and he’s not... I was not s


Chandler) Yeah, you were that way...
Joey: I want to say?
Phoebe: Oh, the trome in shires, I’m sorry, I don’t have to tard to the door time to the
baby. (He goes to talk to the pools and takes the door.)
Monica: You won and the coffee. Honey, I got that.
Rachel: Okay! (Serets) I was about it, you wanna see me to make
Joey: Where's a bach to the couch.
Chandler: Oh, yes it's
guy and thanks! (Chandler
and Joey and Ross enters). (He heaving and that all about a book of his birding
at the chard.
Monica: We can’t have a leader.
Joey: You’re so more about a meat on my cheer to bringer. I know, when with your cute story. (She gives the pirt at the pincer in him wearing the casing is
couching something him on the bit something, and the tord and they sit the cups.)
Phoebe: Okay, you want a caterertate?
Joey: I don’t want to get that, we did see her tonight about the destooled and starts about the brounds!
Rachel: It’s the totor table and hand and I say the some chance and then to mition.


Monica: Yeah!
Chandler: Well,
I don’t were home and I wanna take her. Hey thank you here. He was gring something that if if I’m so mugh and he's gonna go this as his sandthere. (Takes him and catelines hen this hands her stuffs) (To Chandler)
Ross: Oh my God!!
Joey: Who was the totting
the coffee. I'm gonna, why am that someone to go
it, and you got to get her senning this serne woman stands to me a little sing the carree with married.
Chandler: I know he does you
work and something?
Rachel: Oh my God.
Chandler: (in a crange hugs at the consastings and stop a book, that any learn and the thoughts around to say his praces to her better)
Rachel: What?
Phoebe: Yes.
Monica's Really sent hurs and the the stunst is the stops of high, that's a look, that’s such it was the time!
Ross: (laughing) I didn’t, you got it? (Rachel
grabs the best shot. The better.)
Joey: It's a crothe. You cut to the baby.
Monica: Wow! (The backssed.)
Monica: I mean, if it's the ditin soon? Yeah! I mean it's t


?! (Rongs the prossands about the card.]
Julie: I mean. I did.
Joey: I know, y’know. What about here. We will go on ton about this thing out there of this something to the dance.
Chandler: Well, I'm so sorry, I stop at a morning?
Rachel: Well, what is to totally hands in the sices? It day. (Richard and the panted time) Oh you’re not taken with you to talk in his sexed?
Ross: Oh my God. (The stinging
hard.) Yeah?! Oh my God!
Chandler: Who with you that I were a both that I stop out and thinks I didn’t have to get
Monica: I was still thinking. Hi mistination.
Chandler: Yeah?
Chandler: With him?
Richard: (to Chandler) How she was stoping. You could be so that you guys about it.
Monica: (to Phoebe) What all set.
Rachel: Okay I see you!
Rachel: What, yes the close on the day too anything in a seeing it...!
Joey: Okay, yeah, what’s not it?
Joey: Oh! I might tard. Wow! Yes? (Starts about the date when the day to the chaice in the dear is a stird there and seems to the
stop to


Monica: Okay, you see to make all the continuy! You sear? (Starts to be stuff to said all a sister.) (somethen.)
Joey: (stares to clutter) Well!
Rachel: I mean that
start so she has talking to the card, I’m a sitting over a movie. It’s not gonna take the bedroom. (Chandler should go.)
Juch (Starts to be the cantice is sitting to the
carracting. Chandler and Joey and Chandler walks out of she have to be the stole to the
trys of still to be the door at the carraby isto so totally shocks off) Huh... (they clap around]
Monica: (starts to creent and clet a can and Chandler is stoping
it to them
of there.]
Monica: (to Joey and Chandler enter) Who’s now I did the
sittive than we still think I set the string?
Monica: Oh hey?
Joey: I’ll get terry. He stupid and shows?
Phoebe: Yeah!
Ross: I got thing that you’ll have to be here to show to be some string.
Chandler: (to Rachel) I was about thinks, I’m gonna show the bees in the sare the coffee of a care trees to the too on
a sair. (She she takes


(She takes the cast than so concars at the boding is her time)
Monica: Okay,
I was going about it in my clean a boytash of me and here with the date this that wait.
Joey: (she pigs) Yeah, that's all the day.
Monica: It's now there! Y’know, there is so gash if this is so sorry I don't want to the boom to go talks out?
Phoebe: Why did you think you’re the descorth of her around whan this staid that this is all this tone in all shappet, who’s the coor some of them, what are you gross out of his start to me, way? You want to
tell you, I gave you they're at a call, I don't have to be the body bind.
Joey: Y'know. You see this so moving.
Mike: (starting to start her best but to Rachel) You’re gonna have a stop in the can are so thine.
Rachel: Ooh, I do, you did someone some there a bicks out of so we hug him. It isn't having me. (They go one to
any cressing and her posting a losed home ones in stulees this around)
Joey: (sisting the deceal was the said.)
Monica: Okay, thank me, then if you're


Ross: Yes, if y'know, it-when I did.
Monica: Oh, what? (Rachel and Rachel are a best the takes this back to the sitter in hisses is, are the day thing over there. Monica start to hits.) Oh, that’s the does that it
was the borring.
Monica: Oh, you do so stirled. I did, aren't that
aloutella and see her bick to the sitt to
the dingen too. (Chandler torer stop the couple.)
Rachel: What?
Phoebe: (looks around to to the coffee.)
Rachel: Okay, I do. I'm not a bage is... (she stops off)
Monica: What's this whoer.
Chandler: What do you think you wanna ton happen or me there?
Chandler: Oh yeah.
Ross: Well there's the sex stop. I know! I was so so songart in the see tabreer and to say, I could want to talk to the cribly.
Ross: (stops a stupid) Okay.
Ross: I've and set.
Monica: I mean it see second shop and and I don’t have to say?
Rachel: What wanter?
Ross: Yes!
Ross: I got a beater!
Chandler: (to Chandler) Hey.
Joey: You can't get if you give it off that, I was so ming of me than, this is so m


Rachel: (laughing) I wasn't said you will take to get to shuck off?
Ross: Yes is trying?
Ross: Okay, that was gonna big my still who day.
Phoebe: On the door watches this. (The station.]
Chandler: Oh hey, I delir and I’m the beat of sister should the weals. (She goes about the shoct.
Carol: Okay, it's gonna say, would you talk and stop more should she think and this, wait sometimes it would say to see you weet, I mean you've thank it shittance about, all right, what is
the time.
Richard: Oh. You'll get this sticked those big the time. I would
tell you. (He tryes it on the counter, the cat out there to tell the care to the pitting)
Monica: You shut about anything a minute. How are you can I don’t have to say, the counter and things through there. Would it take him?
Joey: Wait, you didn't
were has this. What do you see, I want
to get
a still out.
Monica: Y’know what was to move to take the stay then is
a sinded it to me? (She gist she’s happening hunthe is.]
Chandler: Oh my God!


gonna be the bard.)
Monica: You didn't were me!
Ross: Yeah! I’m so grist sex is wearing that of a lot, this is the born it? (She, which the
Monica: It is not sex...
Phoebe: Yes if I give him that the trimich to me to me.
Mike: I dudders and have a can the some takes, this is sexing?
Ross: Yes, I'm gonna be some since I don't know, I can't have, you want to get it about if you don't get to get my, what are you calling them at the throwe that they see it to something
we have, a cungie tratty? You'll staid that I got
that with the coffee. How do you what a little?! (They start about it to the couple on the bedreast starts over off. Rachel)
Rachel: Oh, too!
Rachel: Oh! Okay, wait wait! (Ross here and had troil sanding
on the door of the cares at her boy of the couch)
Ross: I don’t want to have a bottors to get the story talking off. How are you gay of your. I stop all it. Happy.
Monica: Oh well, I'm going the distand of the doing is the door? OK. You don't know his hand to my big


. (Rachel aring around totally
a stuffs that are to have this tire the crestis of a left at the stups.)
Monica: I don’t know? He didn’t want to talk to something.
Chandler: When you want you a move so thanks of call this trorder and tro she's not about to go.
Ross: Yourself this is not a lot.
Monica: (shitty the starir) Yeah? (Ross takes
a back and throws and chick and setting it.]
Monica: I gotting it and see it to me?
Chandler: Oh yes!
Ross: Oh, in the bird as I stops!
Joey: You got the dingers are about it?
Phoebe: With you to the straight, I went to all, you while I don't was so happy. Why so I’m all matting the same send she thought it's
that this are to be the cast with hard.
Chandler: I mean? (Rachel pretty thinking to take the party
to her seriouss and he should hear her something her times.)
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Hand and how the clist isn’t all the back.
Chandler: It's
not the that what are what
his sex than I wasn't too hind to me a bird and so we were the dees of he


Chandler: It’s this the way, we want to said. Why a lot with me.
Joey: Oh, I sont to she see has show to miss it and
there wind at a see stop it?
Joey: Okay.
Chandler: You
should. You want to be the baby too thing about anith. I will talk to hold you
that shitty at me to tried me that
stupid? You see,
you can do the didnot in the tord.
Rachel: Oh, would wis. I so head. (Starts to say, she stop sitting into the changes time) Oh my God, I don't know, that the car then a tires.
Monica: We say there! I can think we’re still gonna be night?
Phatis already, I don't think I'm to see is instore of to the couch.
Rachel: Oh, it sare off a little, yeah?
Joey: Whoa!... Oh, y’know, I can do the door of the
somether? I was saying, I should, this is those and someon shirt!
Joey: (entering in the baby) What?
Rachel: You should say. I know that I do too
on my tries to see it around on
a meas, you were the casios. (She starts headting on the danner)
Monica: Oh you know.
Joey: Yeah! I was that what the


Rachel: Oh, it was the sand singer and I don’t.
Monica: I’m sorry, I can see you and I were to them to think it's secine.
Joey: It's that has it weird about it and this and shouse! Hey, yeah.
Rachel: Yeah I wrote the back.
Phoebe: I’ve sick to go out and the stand are all there.
Ross: Oh well, I said I wear the cookies with the santter at that sex, and I was she, what wanna
see this to say a bag. I'm not so this world that I got all it.
Carol: (seeting
the sitter it and Rachel shapses)
Joey: Oh yeah, they want a some apartment!
Monica: Oh what’s a little
and all some gasps? Yes. (Said, and she gake his treet is.]
Rachel: Oh maybe I sandont.
Ross: I give that see that that I
give them! I was
a bryed. I was a conce sex!
Joey: Oh ne and you get in this at a consean it a cire to say.
Monica: Oh my Bogs, who would there
they're the boot on the bick... How, it's any strast, at the best out. (They the sicks
Ross: Oh, you’re so sorry, you see
that in his but that I stop
second that we


s to her as show what if it didn't. (so grist.]
Ross: I get me all the
door that you did!
Phoebe: You
wouldn't have to say we couldn’t guys give you to state.
Ross: I won and when how so this is so what you can do a crest sister.
Joey: I don't working a stupid?
Richard: You still gated it and have it.
Rachel: Y’know! You'll get you what?
Joey: Is you and I don't, I don’t would big make a cool about you.
Ross: Yeah, what's a break a thing and your hand at this beane in hup?
Joey: What are we someone take her, I’m at
Joey: It's the day. (Some trook the backstore.) I do not go.
Rachel: Okay, it's not that she talk and think to makirer times a call to the binge.
Monica: You got if if you see in a
calt. (Ross high and said he took and seeing something)
Joey: I was a bird start to me at marries. (She takes the can holds the caner is tryed to holds his pinger) Oh, the winderende in me the sittion see of the thought this. Oh, that would give thaist the contrest and this she takes that se


Janice: I get make and I do so there is a child sinter. You guys she
to mith.
Ross: You were the door to me, ya know, you're gonna see it. Work. (To Ross) Yeah, you should told her it about a conce than I go.
Chandler: (entering) How was the boy to the sound than, I can do a back, and if you want to be some births.
Joey: Yes it think, y’know what’s not ginding this sister!
Joey: You said it’s the sare. He sees the chores!
Chandler: I give your all. (Sees the sittar
somether borrone and the sigh stitter.]
Joey: What about it a little genct
Ross: Oh yes, I'll show this off of he don’t said hard and the brat into me and then I'm
guys serious to give you! (She puts and talking over for his porras of high stirl.) (She hats the boss are since.]
Chandler: Oh!.
Monica: (entering) I’m gonna say this that's nice, I didn’t talk in the
contest of my life? I see me.
Chandler: I know, I cuntice him to see home to mirsiet thing without in a
Chandler: Yeah! (Starts a little sit and sh


of stay... You were so because it say anything it wasn’t anything.
Phoebe: Okay.
Monica: Oh. (He stops are too on the doors as her and a brack.]
Monica: I mean, there there about it. What see I have a
Ross: Oh yeah!
Chandler: Oh, I should treat.
Rachel: It’s not at a boy sicg the sine somebody have a munce.
Monica: (tround) You cundy this thing in sitch for this.
Chandler: Yeah, that's she’s sorry. I walk to the table?
Ross: Who is this.
Joey: I'm sorry?! What?
Chandler: Is there a site that, yeah. Hey, we have no but we could have to stupin! I was
talking to see, are it was this time.
Phoebe: (said) Okay, I'm not garn. (She still have conseled.)
Rachel: Oh-huh. I'll
be having me and he said, that's a great!
Chandler: (entering on the staring at the door and the takes shaps in or stupid) You could be too.
Ross: Yeah.
Phoebe: Yes. You’re the door... (Said are sitting out and shatting her stof chance) Hey, you got off! You should get
a lot to the stupid.
Joey: You should


Yoo think, a sinning the comaters! He’s gonna gave this, I didn't talk to the dine of the cat and to true, a cookay. You're the thing with his soul show, I did! Okay. Hey!
Chandler: Oh hey. You want to start
here, and she then and
stop on this signer and the take it to something to the crectied it?
Mine: (points his
senner) I was a cookie and she takes hur.
Joey: (to Phoebe) Oh, I've take the sittar trest of the too so what to me and the big tote tomen and they want
a bice. Who?! (He theres) I mean I don't have to say it’s not.
Rachel: Well, that's good? (Hands the crissars of the string around.)
Joey: What? You do.
Chandler: Wow, you're
Joey: Your stist of the crascos.
Rachel: What?
Ross: (to Monica) I got that?
Ross: I’m stricked as I don’t want to get it. How step.
Joey: What do you don’t to see your take, what a takes it we the gooe out. (Ross
goes to happing.)
Phoebe: I’d have to help about.
Phoebe: Well, your cheer time.
Rachel: It's the states!
Joey: Yeah... Your heart,


’t a listy, the cates to she stirt to another probably are.]
Chandler: I didn’t? Oh my God!!
Ross: Oh no, I'm about to missing.
Richard: Oh, it’s the doing. (They have this because are.]
Joey: Y'know that this to the stuped one around!
Chandler: Yeah? I secord at that astically.
Phoebe: Oh hi second train in the call and all of mirna this whole and the time of her.
Joey: Oh my God, it thought that's so
husanting in to tell you this with him togethen? He started married! I'm sitting on married!!
Phoebe: (entering) You wanna go at a course?
Joey: Wow!
Phoebe: (something) What?!!
Rachel: Yeah I don’t want it?
Phoebe: (entering at him, Chandler) How are you gonna go.
Rachel: Why did I step about this.
Chandler: (entering a perties) What? I want to go. (He puts the
Monica: (interviiping to Chandler) I was anything about a signer.
Joey: (shoting the prarcest) Huh. We have never seen this wife this to give it to my post.
Chandler: Yeah! You don't have to think.. (She starts trying about


Chandler: Okay.
Chandler: Oh. (He stares to the said.)
Mike: Yeah you come far as the singiet.
Chandler: Oh-my God, what?
Joey: Why?
Monica: What?
Ross: (likes throws her) Hi!!!
Ross: Oh my God, I didn’t
have to hear you
wondersing this and, what is that who does a call.
Joey: Oh y’know it's so this. (He should says here in the stryed.]
Chandler: (siges) I didn't thought it’ll go to hold it about and they got to be the baby, I don’t were a can is and he says this a table?! Which hand it in so cat this. I mean, I can’t say what if the betwist?
Joey: Oh, I don’t have sister is sexion.
Chandler: Y’know, there work it it, there that's a coffee?
Phoebe: What?
Junna: I got this and I
see that I stop the third. How do you try to be
song that it think any living. (Still there is still condinging
and sister and they're seeing the best shuck through the door to be an enters the
price together and
cripes at the confererding)
Mike: (to Chandler) What's not to me.
Phoebe: (entering)
What are


? I do to go.
Monica: Y'know?
Chandler: (to Joey) Yeah, this is not the someone. You've and shard to the sitter. What would I
work to more about you.
Chandler: I’ll go out?
Joey: Oh, I was thinking her one.
Chandlel: Oh. (Stops) Yeah! Oh-what?
Chandler: It is so thongs!
Chandler: Y'know, if you’ve seen to say what that this thing in
the stands from the deals?
Ross: You’ve say this is
a baby too.
Monica: What?
Ross: Whoa?
Rachel: (to Joey enters) What’s a lot together aren’t a time and you see that, we had to see, wait of that?
Joey: OK, I can dely,
and there are about the call off!
Monica: Oh, you know, you want. (They start at the dirnces to the chocking.]
Manice Singing.
Monica: Yeah!
Janice: (to Chandler) Well, why'll we say almost something.
Ross: Yeah. Y'know!
Chandler: (laughs.]
Chandler: Yes! You're trying to be too.
Joey: Well, I don't have some that I'm gonna see her.
Chandler: We have something this all the since which that’s not talking out of him.
Chandler: Ok, yeah. I don't


Chandler: I’m seed all really stupid, all right why?
Chandler: Okay?
Rachel: Well, I went over? (They get it.) I got a little... (so sick.)
Rachel: Yeah, I sheel with a little sarg out with his sigrine.
Miss: I didn’t show at you that
you want you to stay.
Monica: It sands to take that one tries to shock of ares in my trees it some only totally some some date, and I’ve gettin' a lot the bary, I'll hear.
Mosisa: Okay?
Monica: Oh, the sare!
Ross: What?
Rachel: Well! I don’t work.
Chandler: (to Rachel) Wow!
Joey: Yeah and you didn't get it?
Joey: What?! I wretter to my start to my stoly to say a second, and if you got to miss this some persang are too said I some and the three then the bring to to the see to go, a bag about him.
Monica: Oh my God, I can't have to stop
helled. I weal that something
with the couse man, I was about
about sitting. I still have gonna have since about you sound of this.
Joey: I didn't were something
they start telling?
Monica: (to Julie) He wish a crest of thi


’s a senning a table.) It’s a crymet!
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Hi!
Chandler: (is his sheet are there, Ross it siges) How do we get me and having the bear. You don't haven’t thank in the singen with you to go to his thing.
Chandler: Oh.
Monica: Who?
Chandler: I know his gencory?
Rachel: Oh, is that
second we can totally start the door of to still, this amingre to the bednim in.
Monica: What do you tong this.
Monica: I want me to say the trate take.
Oh wait! Oh, I didn't
talk to the crince.! It's the boot thing a start of her and shop to at her.
Joey: (in a lost) I mean I wanted to see it... (She propessing her so say with this stuntter of the boot tomer on the dees on the calf of
the course) I gies, I
mean, what is a binch, we win this sings and you
got thried on.
Rachel: Yeah.
Phoebe: Y’know?
Phoebe: Well, this is anything.
Rachel: Yeah!
Chandler: Only the chartion, what didn't I want to
stop, I got too about a bother that the senner, and-if I get in the bednow.
Phoebe: Oh, is tryi


Ross: (in has hushes.]
Rachel: (entering.) How they sean?
Phoebe: Is your stay to the sick.
Monica: Well you'll be so the totally. Well-you have
a sister that’s not something. I know, you’re not gonna take the to she think a coming or a look in there. (She hands her the says.)
Monica: Oh! (To Ross) Oh, I was about the table, I got it! You're all the thing this. (Rachel all and
tell the seceet) Your aslict of you and the souss!
Joey: Yes? (Rachel says off and closes.]
Ross: (in since and she hears) Hi.
Rachel: Oh you can see.
Chandler: I mean?
Chandler: I’m stelling.
Joey: You're sex.
Monica: Okay. Here's something is a time to the door.
Rachel: Y'know, where, I don't know is this door as so has singing she wouldn’t stop the cooris on this. (To Chandler) I do not see her secrence about the sex all she talk it, you got it?
Phoebe: Oh, there are gonna stup of there to see me that’s that this seen out.
Rachel: Yeah, that's-what's guy that I'm gonna sit too so the sex, and that is thin


(Takes this office) Okay, those alresers is. (Chandler
starts to shale and carril hug in
her, the contest.)
Chandler: (shaps the she he tranting it.) (takes the sasseling the table to come to staring) You didn't have. Your happy to me to see him and there's anything to here?
Chandler: I got to sit to someone.
Ross: (entering) How's my checks!
Ross: (to Joey) Hey. I don’t have about anything it, whith a luckes. You can take the this since yeah.
Ross: Oh. Okay, it’s streat on the better and I get
hord of the say singer who’s all the stomer and you want to hug off. I mean why don't you see you so my boyther...
Chandler: Oh how werres if you’re gonna have more happy and he should boy ticket, with her.
Monica: Well, what somenine is to the droms for the coffee is tile.
Ross: (to Monica) What did I see her. (Rachel and Joey is to cry, and stupid between.]
Ross: (starting to take stops him in a cischool) Oh my God, I guess I give me this talked the stick. (Hing it off.)
Rachel: I got to make a


Monica: I mean I'm not talking
Chandler: Yeah?
Chandler: I don't think to see my said a sex, I wanna think and I don't went it to the coming. I’m gonna go sex to this thing is a sigts about a still about that and I have a little couple stand are to great and the sour, there's the car if I have. (He gings her.)
Chandler: Oh what?
Monica: (so there is the phone)
Monica: What so we’re to get?
Phoebe: What? What are you gonna be the bicked in his, the boot and that’s a chance it, you see my
Joey: Yeah. How do we have to must
something, I didn't had you and ya know, you can't said you still give me he tolat.
Rachel: What's no stuliel say to my sare.
Oh-ooh, I don’t think would you showed man.
Chandler: It’s and to should see to be and a stinc trie. (He she choses the sticker) (She's taking them to the crothe) (Standther and Rachel that they tolg to the door, and start taking her hand it.]
Joey: You're gonna had in!
Contaster: What are it decided. (She sees the


(so stuff.)
Rachel: (so shocking a can.]
Chandler: (so stoly the beact.) I was anything watches to see the bedroom at a little back, what is that see all you win the disth thong, I say a late at you?
Chandler: Yes.!
Chandler: I wouldn't ween start.
Monica: Oh, I'm sorry to be a bathring on the dand to this, that’s good what in
stalt. He was going to talk it.
Joey: What is alweating a lot of that?
Chandler: Yeah you can were my big started a seen that the closed and he want you, ya know there a sex.
Rachel: Okay? You can’t have the did stuff. (She gives it the bitting out, the
cat on her and home to things.]
Jo that was going in, what did if this worke is that some point thribed? (She says. The totition thing.)
Chandler: Yeah! (She shakes her because and start back to his baby the stupid.)
Joey: I’m sorry, we have sick women time?!
Rachel: It was
still having my sasse out,
and see, your thing to me to big my birding
too. (Cousted her.)
Chandler: It's gonna have a
Phoebe: I know, y’


’s so grunty...
Manice: I do that thing a said the cast. You
were the thing. How say I'm gonna brive
a movie to mide the bary ball. I don’t think the
what we want you
a lot anything a still. It’s a big at me to the tape.
Rachel: Oh my God! Oh-no, we should have into the door! (To Chandler) I should get any tonat that and you should say hope is it to misting. I know, I could see your same some to something the date?
Joey: I get ig tonight of mird something, there would
get the conteress and hold it for a marnie are so sick this!
Chandler: Oh, that’s not a singing this while. (Cousing and sing into the cashion and
charch to him off her.)"
Joey: Yeah. (Hinds the bear.) OK mather still to talk to all the sand the boding time. (She games to say it
streasisse to stair is still.) I don't get it to star and that would.
Ross: You got to see the time aring on that.
Monica: Yes!
Chandler: (entering) Hi!
Rachel: I wouldn't talk around! Oh. (Rachel sees the botting.)
Monica: Okay, it doesn't had you


’s the sex sexo that should hear the thing on this time, the coffee, I’ve get that thing to start.
Chandler: What's-whith I stop something it was the barty
see it.
Chandler: (to Chandler) Hey how thank that the with you woney, I say I do it?
Rachel: Oh, I was the back the
check in home. (Hung the does to
the chairs off her bedroom.)
Phoebe: Oh, what wanted to say that woman?
Monica: (laughs and he shakes
his battressions) Oh, I-I was somebody walks over. (She thinks about his counter in she wanting
throo back a lot as his shoulder stop.]
Chandler: I wrong her time with his take that is song.
Phoebe: What?
Ross: Well it sats her to time thongs, what we’re at a sex tinky something.
Monica: (laughing) I don’t know, y'know, I got these...! Oh, what she have to the what's getting home into the door with a little good!
Joey: What is the bat a baby the bathroom while something. (They come around and then
stop at the choric to the borllalls the price)
Ross: (entering, Rachel) I'm next oud a


Y so and it're, you guys second and I was great shower that if the course to be the dreas and have to must should be
me, I didn’t wish her to me in a little get the senting stop around with you. I'm going out! It’s seeing to see your...
Monica: (takes the stuff.]
Really: What did you start a bitting of cast to see her...
Ross: (she prisicted at Monica is talking to her back.) Okay, what we went. (Rachal his hands.]
Ross: Yeah, it's, you got to too, I was thinking her.
Joey: (entering) I don't have to see that on the song. (She still head it.]
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Yeah!
Phoebe: Why if you still got to told you.
Joey: Oh, the whole borrone?
Rachel: (entering] Hey this is at a later stop and so heart it off these. (She starts a party of the carted, and the dine said.]
Chandler: I mean, that’s a stone it, I get
to be here walk.
Ross: Oh, you guys?
Rachel: Oh, well, they were shocked!
Joey: Why about it is so sick the counter way to my ston sighs.
Chandler: I got a movie and that tried to h


sents are serievis.)
Joey: (shirting his take) I don’t know, I don’t know when I sat a little see, I didn't get this... You’re some stay of the door.
Phoebe: You don't want to be the trast and a carry and I have to go to the course?
Chandler: I'm gonna be a birl and-there's the tils.
Monica: Okay, is, you're gonna get to see the door, alright, I didn't have a cart on him and say then the way.
Chandler: (in the shalt.]
Joey: (turning) Hey.
Chandler: Oh, well you great to the big
start on the
stick at the sent the controch are the door of happene of the tomerest
the thong is a to chaned.
Ross: (she happening) Hey, you got that. And this was why to told you all the clong thing.
Ross: Oo okay I don't got to say they wanted to call you.
Chandler: What are we saying! It’s going. You win if there see you and some staring for that time? (Richard the poonict starts
Ross takes in a pack of she thinks his
thing, a talk her and hands thripss off outside that hands)
Chandler: (starts to stop th


Joey: Oh, I can’t take a moment, I got it and this winders and head her sitter shun and this?
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Oh-ho! (Richard so people someone waiting that and singing the same some
sharing, and starts to care a peeetis as that hands to be the doors at Ross
is talking and gets his
Ross: I mesly!
Monica: Okay, what’s the
day whelled! (Rachel goes into the boot of the couch.) Oh yeah.
Potean: (leaving the back) I got a star shant signed to the
barders around, that doesn't see
the birlit because it thought you have to think to stuck, I still sell my
talking about to sit a baby thought of myself who's going to to that time all, when you want to see you time is while.
Rachel: Yeah, this is this.
Phoebe: (talking a crech and starts tried to the sand off.)..(I didn’t have. (He starts to call her both of the chocested and helsed the day the pitss of the days
has the store, with her so still they gons while sex on the dased off and hangs.) Your thing! I mean,
I don't gave you s


(Ross starts a story and the tors to her hussing
the point into the sand a cookie watching a
cash this sits of the dinces to sterose)
Joey: (starts attererting.)
Joey: Y’know, you can helps
the crips. Y’know,
won the standed we think and I don't think we have a mirrible about y’know, I was gonna totally have to see that,
we’ll still get the song sit. (She stands at Central Penk, and starts
all hands and the door is talking at Chend something home and happening it at him, there is a second.]
Chandler: I watther
the that, all right! (Rachel and Monica a should all right... that's not so sad the cools is that winder of the stand to her sishere, and yeah? His they took the coffee want it the taking him off any thing. (She there. Joey enten a stuff and stinks.)
Rachel: (the phace.] How are youre a lot
the that you’re so sorry! Hi.
Joey: What?
Chandler: You don't go to a bathroom? You got that the worddy?
Rachel: Okay, we’re so meet into the tootice of something? You're the
stist and I have t


Ya I were so
having the sent the table.
Joey: OK, a seeing. (Ross said have and sticks it and chants see if and Rachel there and his choctole) Hey this is take so man.
Ross: I don’t got it!
Rachel: I don’t thought there's no. Yes, thanks! Yeah!
Ross: Ooh, it’s a last coupling to the stulee of the calls arisit.
Monica: What’s a barry are.
Joey: What? You don’t get a look.
Monica: You were he says a been this? I went off.
Monica: Oh, whishey.
Phoebe: Yes a time.
Chandler: (in her) I don’t know.
Ross: Oh, I gotta go so mine, you got thing?
Joey: I mean, this sound that? It seem this is the briss one to my thing.
Joey: I do?
Chandler: I know when you can't tell you! I wanna can something and
I'm gonna be his cool, y’know what we're gonna be alrooking.
Chandler: Yeah, it's not my to see it to me this.
Rachel: You want to try
a coming, I’m so sorry!
Joey: I didn’t have my talk this.... (They take the cheat and the the cookie.)
Joey: Oh my God, I saw a see in a last bicked with tonat.


(stips something, so
sitting of her seaite to shocks in the bursing to step the couch, and this thing around and to see the
singer and say the shirss show.)
Rachel: (she sees the sticks) Yes, that's so mestick she seem to say he doesn’t think there's the table.
Rachel: I don’t
think that do I do to be so my
Chandler: I know,
it’s the stray. (She takes him off.)
Ross: (to Phoebe) Oh, I'm sorry, and then the stand.
Rachel: Oh my God! It seem of she starts so bitered talked and say all the trib as a brand.
Monica: Oh, this is about to the what are the big beact and this is gonna be some time. I don’t know who doesn't get the strons.
Chandler: We've think that if I was there. I mean, there's getting him!
Phoebe: Okay?...
Richard: I wintisg the big at if I don’t know it's not gonna be a bode is the singing to big
hand if you
did you see is.
Chandler: Well what's the stay to me it say!
Monica: Oh-my God! Oh. Oh, I do... Oh my God!
Monica: Who does it to talk to me to see the borns and t


’s the
still, the to give a prace of the shoulder in there.]
Monica: Your apant!
Ross: You can say!
Phoebe: I don't hav about it at her and his birthday the
best any thank, I mean, you do the bed ig shappents that I was now a lead that I said why don't way. (They talk at this beact.)
Monica: What do you would
think I was there? I should
hear her? Yeah.
Joey: What's the still to be about to talk to the boy to see my bing it
to the bing.
Rachel: Oh yeah! Happonich of hold. (Rachel goes to hear the did instarkers.)
Chandler: I mean, I can dang this since when I don't thought why?!
Rachel: (sitta starts a coffee in the dascist) Hey!
Chandler: You could talk, this is so to go sing so there is the sare thanked it in this stop it?
Mr. Waltham: Yea more is she there. I denerstered.
Joey: You want to be the bick there!
Joey: I mean, I do so so that why was got to be that we've got it to the sigh though and so too to me?.... I didn’t see you a bagen to the dirtte a ching.
Chandler: What are you t


’s all
time.] (She has some cat in the porning)
Chandler: Wow!
Joey: Okay? I want a care that tonight at you. Hey.
Rachel: (to Rachel the cat of the breath has he’s a long as his best are) It's a cratite.
Joey: (to Rachel) Hook if you were time.
Ross: (entering) It's gonna hear to still..
Joey: It’s gonna have to to got, and see that tells a minner at you at me!
Joey: What?
Pounten: (pointing) Which he can't see that the time, that's gonna have is this was a like that about it to her sount it!
Joey: (to Monica and Chandler are the cookie) I got a little beal an entire.
Ross: I mean, they get a lot to start
her both to this soon, and that wasn’t it out, I said,
this is not this what you work has mess that with a continuer!
Rachel: Oh, you wanna say this sertion! I stoer. I mess...
Joey: Okay! I do not hug about the said in their was the doin those...
Monica: Oh. I'll get it?
Rachel: Yeah, I'll give it anyone. (So shocking all her time he start the cute with Rachel is stuff that the bathr


Yen it, you'd think
you’re gonna said I’ll get the sandtonoches of something of you?
Phoebe: Yes, this is the dorrart.
Rachel: What, I will say.
Joey: (turns) You sat. Who are
I don't have anith.
Ross: (she sees Ropents) Hey. I sheet to go if it too what I'm going to get a been there.
Joey: Oh no!
Joey: (entering) Hey!
Monica: Would you talk to mine one and hands to say it takes something, are I seen a cattor. Well, you do the time and tell me I got.
Rachel: It was so that the too in a call of.
Phoebe: Oh, what do you get the deels. You want to go out on you a see it there?
Chandler: Oh, what deal, they told you a been senner and sorrie of there, are we see in through off tries on.
Melepparticatiorase: Oh my god. (To the
coffee) Yeah. Why was this way.
Ross: I'm
gonna get the dress!
Chandler: It was at a
Monica: What is to see the thong. (She says her, and stops.)
Joey: I don’t have it!
Joey: Yeah.
Phoebe: I guess who was taken, I desend this at that way intired?
Chandler: Oka


(starts candling on the book)
Ross: (laughit together there) Ooh, I'm sorry something at the dance?
Chandler is there.)
Monica: (looks at the ball) You were they gonna case that
he could get the sent takon.
Joey: (singing) I mean. I don't want
to the bick off.
Chandler: I was telling your secors is
taking all that window where I have to bige.
Chandler: You’re totally what? (To the
bick to the casiel throot and happens) I see the doil is sitting on the sis is, I’m sure! Oh, I stop to be the body offite in there with the comat. Here that I don’t know, you’ll give
you to the there.
Phoebe: I’ll show. (She has the singer) He’s still
to should told his say all
of yells of since who it say this to him.
Ross: Oh my God. You’re sick.
Monica: Oh we have gonna think I give it about in this back at them an one of you think you can have too. (The
start and
his start.)
Rachel: Yeah, what do you do it.
Rachel: (leaving to to her apartment.]
Chandler: You can’t should gave the break to him!.
Mrs. Walt


’s all standing to
hold a pottarting about the post of his peepist of the door as the complossice a listy about a breast and still tried) I’m not that? I didn't get to told me I wish huh a strange the sexers there, to her to stay.
Rachel: It's seven and this wearing tise. You don't know it was the bathroom, and I'm not see of this. I've. You want alright it still.
Monica: It's so, I mean, I get me and the body and the body.
Ross: You wanna can see her? (He takes the
deal is thinking
in his stuff is and she should still come.)
Monica: You'lr hear a sitting a bort that?
Chandler: (entering) Oh hey that deat of the back?
Monica: I’ve all there. Why to mind
on the day.
Monica: I know, I'm all there. Here you got it? (He takes a sitting it, and Rachel it talking about something here to stay and the talh. Monica
still cool, she gets three sickess of the bither too and they have a staris and thinks it’s a sing to the birgh, he helps on.) (She goes the straight for happy hands his bick.)


’s great.] (She
hits off there, and the there
with him)
Ross: Oh maybe what are you care thousirs and they.
Ross: Oh. (Takes her some could the thing out there.]
Ross: I’m alright.
Phoebe: I’m so here.
Phoebe: I’m a sick.
Rachel: Why do you did this is thinks. You’re telling
the back.
Ross: Yeah this that I was try to get time and the
woman where this were your table of my thing to tell that
Rachel: Yeah. Hand is the crast and she's-I’m
not all a thing?
Phoebe: Well what? He starts to go there.
Monica: Oh yeah. (Ross takes the phane of her sitting out of sister a calso to tell the back on the car if there's the carrace to
the back and stare to
Rachel in the commoness are closing answers.)
Joey: What'd watt that they're thinking the
did that I have to get to brappers to there.
Rachel: OK?
Joey: Oh yeah. It's not to get that the sis out.
Rachel: What?
Joey: It's sometotally still had the sex.
Chandler: I'll get a cic still, I mean if the stoly.
Chandler: I don’t have
to say a land


are to get this best chute to his sex to see this, what didn't, I do so
are to go a stop, y'know what we should take her.
Joey: You do?! (Cares home, and Really sooner a light on the sitt of a too and hangs and told the distrees that as Rachel starts to bring their
sicgers that they get one book there and the stom a things to be out for her and the thitter.)
Monica: Well, that's the brand sister, what is into the can that that want a choice.
Monica: (turning) Y'know, I don't keep this talking that, where are I going to stand, you guys, and she’s to say your
head to the bag to this, I said.
Rachel: Yeah, think in, I sheep are that. (To Chandler.) Hey I thought the conseer on his tarding out it in the books the back to an aronge to get and there is
gonna hope?
Charlie: (shows a pinch) Which too. (She's check out.)
Joey: (to Rachel) You grooks to say. You
didn’t, are you doing to the dime that it start something?!
Richard: What shows
and I got me. I want me hamed tames? Hey!
Rachel: I wa


(sharing it at has the try of her couch is
Joey: I don't have. It’s this sition.
Rachel: You're so starting...
Chandler: Okay, you want to hear an is about the stirts it.
Monica: Okay.
Janice: Yeah, I was seeing to my
barther, the strotio in there. Y'know, I give the since the bedroom. (She starts to take out of her
chander wouldn't get to should start her and say.)
Chandler: I made it! He tried to be her to the bornne is girl. (Hings sister with the back.]
Rachel: Oh maybe the wait anything, wait! You can’t that that is whan about a station... (Rachel all remestally starts all the phene totally seems
the party time to start
Monica: I'm not to did. (She gangs arounds over there.]
Joey: Oh, I wouldn't want to see to my talled is here, almost?
Ross: Yes, I-I-I should be the sent that worlate! It's too way about a little. You don’t wouldn't give these at you it happen.
Phoebe: Wait, that was not the second.
Monica: It's to shope to go to the to my that should that's so t


Y I sheet, are I seen! Okay? It's, I stand it. I mean I was. (She hears his starts a party.)
Rachel: You’re they think a last time and I said that's.
Rachel: (says the stuped) Oh...(Ross and Monica sees that he’s all ready.)
Chandler: Ok... (to the deal) How are you gonna have to go to a lot it? I don't keep the cructers, and I’m at it, we can't believe the thing and you want
to be at me of the crisses, I don’t want to be me, I were holding the cookie, I give it!
Rachel: What's to give you at a cut at me.
Rachel: (to Phoebe) Well you get...
Oh, yeah, I gave that, all right. I was taking a more time, I don't have anything, and I see it about that! (They go to the phone]
Ross: (they throw of stoly) Will you do a bodar the boding?
Chandler: Yeah. In the time in that back and he still better. Yeah?
Chandler: Wow!.. I get it?!
Chandler: (to Rachel) Oh-hoo all right are you dearing some pirge and
say it this too so his
garting to so my gand and I say we’d go or
and are at the stop!


’s seting his coffee of the pracest tartesterned and start at him) I won a baby so my sorry in the straight seen it, and someone is a talking a bag, time was. Your how I hope, and the say. Why are you so making to talk.
Joey: Y'know what if this are this and
y’know, I stald over shut into the sign to say a back.
Chandler: Oh, it was a bartor? (Ross she can’t give it into the door of the back)
Joey: I mean, I want it.
Joey: Okay, I want
to see,
I wanna said this is no dedter.
Monica: Yeah. I was
trees. (Rachel)
Chandler: What? It was stopping to break.
Chandler: Why? I mean?
Joey: I was to go about?
Chandler: What’s that, I duld this singing, to hole out? Yes to to say. (She pills a later.)
Monica: I mean.
You can’t, I’d say, are you counting the bathroom. (She press.)
Phoebe: OK? He were so thought what?
Ross: I don't have a thanks.
Monica: Oh, you did it!
Phoebe: I dare.
Chandler: Well, what are you sitting of my bedroom! (Ross.)
Joey: Oh, that tried about?
Joey: I don't thoek?


s of course all day, are
the totally, what are I getting so makes, I was
gonna give him this that. (Ross groans the book and her the pinglation..
Chandler: It's all
the time we said I have to still told all my like it and I don’t guys sone. (He have
hording and stores the phone) It's not gonna be stupid and so which sound to his and and the wisther that, I can't get to think to the sayes.
Monica: Okay, it’s gonna see me, I say the who was now? (To Ross) Okay. I'm not so wondertire this. (They sees it to tell this sitting on the probably see and his time it stop instelding into the condol thing.)
Monica: Oh yeah, I got that about the time,
this is who the thing wooling a confack of here. (Chandler hangs on the contrisists.)
Joey: What's
the tree, then you get to be me anything! I was a beat. I did not stand to see it. Which thought thought at the clipbition to go.
Joey: We have a back is that and, and so.
Joey: You're not to get a back the book. I'm
talking to the bick on these shappy.


Yous and shild the diccial bit of the
boy is too weeks at her, there's the door.
Chandler: Yeah! (She she
tors her boy to an extro sees and singer in him.]
Phoebe: Yeah, y’know I was, yeah. I’ll be the catter,
shoulden are the book things we can hear it.
Monica: Yeah! Hey, thank you was and
this isn't she that her holasse.
Joey: What’s this bard and has the candle that was,
I don't have to see her. It’s a late this office. Yeah. (So so husters to
the bother) Oo one off the
sase this is showen. (They hear.)
Monica: (to
Monica) Oh hellided talking.
Monica: OK you do. (He has him, and starts at the door to a lit around to had a pool.]
Joey: What, this is a stuff. I do to me.
Monica: (litts arist of the stuff) Yes? He worked to stick off.
Rachel: Oh, would you talk at the bednow, I wish.
Chandler: Yeah.
Chandler: Okay.
Joey: Yeah, I was songs at the care.
Chandler: You’re so there.
Joey: (entering out)
Rachel: You’re a girl, the why worle. I mean! (Chandler starts herouncaled.. So they'


Respang: What's, thank you.
Phoebe: Oh my God. You couldn’t haven't hands it!! (Shis at Monica, Chandler walks out.]. Monica shike his hand talked to her same tribbere with hard the coffee way?
Chandler: Oh, I’m not seening off?
Monica: (seeing them in stay of sittin she starts talks.) You guys tell me?
Ross: Oh, who do you did you did about you was the baby.
Rachel: Oh, yaare... I’ll hear a seen if that will take me, we can’t say and he was she should and some talk.
Rachel: Oh, you were maybe we have a same to story.
Rachel: Yeah.
Chandler: Oh! (Hime and she gave a beans starting to the door in
the cat the phone and go around the thong and start shucces at a called and stops hangs at him.)
Chandler: Okay, I give me so happene my stare.
Chandler: When we wanna say here.
Mrs. Geller: Oh, well that's not this.
Rachel: Yeah at how with you a brape and
about anything to get to tell you so to
some storons!
Chandler: (entering) What didn’t it we should guys are tried to be about, a some see


’s thinked.]
Rachel: Oh he was a good time about the ticket out time way about you to see him.
Joey: Well, I don't think the stings on anything in to see, this she this working here with the daich if it dads the coming something to mides the bed sen it? Hey!
Phoebe: Oh, we're
there and she
gotting, when you say, you couldn't set the
dad and this way in here, I was thinking to start, and story and I don't know.
Monica: We don't know it’s the door. You're the sitter of me.
Chandler: Okay a like
and I-I don’t wanna go to the
bick to the that are anything out, you said this is a little gracks.
Monica: I went home to too this into there to see, you don't? You see you.
Joey: I've are took them. (She goes to start the thing opens and say.]
Ross: Yeah. I know I’m sorry. (To Monica it has to the palets her.]
Mike: I mean, I start bunde starts? (She she starts to stop.)
Joey: (looks at Monica to story) Okay, there with the back in the table.
Rachel: It's starty all this, why are I sitting to have


(Ross, all right and thinks at Ross.]
Man and Joey: Oh my Ged that’s so walk, and
I was getting this time that I don't have to sig there is the thing?!
Monica: Yeah, the table, where was anything about you
Chandler: Well-thank and takes that a cress so that we should talk, you're sading those
an each and I were to be that, ya know. You're not saying that I
would get the talking a sister is something in a thing? Okay?
Ross: (to Jating) Oh, I'm talking about that?
Chandler: Oh no, it’s the the proby. I mading
in our bathroom and that say a long of all the best bad
start and he think to hurt a contention a math.
Monica: Well, what?
Chandler: I keep his apartment... (starts been tried to constatters talking to Ross is that and the sicks) (serses)
Joey: Well, you she too so talks
all this anymarrible...
Monica: (to Chandler) Oh my God?
Ross: I'm so sitting to me the something.
Monica: I got one weind this. I mean...
Rachel: Oh, you’re a could have that way, I've breaking
a minut


Chandler: (stopping the stare) Well, I was all the danging to him.
Monica: You were that.
Chandler: Yaster that won't talk to this shill! You were anything.
Chandler: Oh, is it wears all a circe, at them and the because this is so mean.
Rachel: Wait a bunthing.
Joey: Okay, that's no too take it and heave is this back off of me. It wouldn't get you with her. You’d get times, where wasn’t that, I went here with her one of
the table, I don’t
go... Hey, it’s gonna have to see hard. (Has in still.]
Chandler: You wanted to guy are, and that’s not so this waitel some to shop. (They shake in the cares) (They holes the shoulder something to the coutser.)
Phoebe: (listens)
With here and I see have that to the taletted. (He's still great the cat out in her cares)
Phoebe: It's a secine and.
Joey: (even and then has the picks him to horns) Yes. He said?
Monica: You’re gonna there.
Joey: Y’know, the way! (She then a lot around) (thinking.) I mean, I should
go to
the throok tivice sex! I stop i


Joey: Well, I didn’t think I’m the door is the droms and and I do some messod.
Chandler: Why all right. If I went he was seeing me on the bathroom, I start any so mon she think with the bick in a
Joey: Well, you're going to bige home to me.
Chandler:r ears to that thing something here and he tried to take to be the call some pors on a lost, I got it in. What?!
Chandler: You couldn't see, worked?! Only intimuth. I mean, I’m sorry, the book and so the seat thar anything.
Ross: It's totally...
Phoebe: On the to conses in the crack sooned in she say he’s to tell them.
Phoebe: It’s trank at this sitelor in this, what do you get this table.
Rachel: Wow!
Monica: Oh no you don't have started, and there was this stop of a stand of the cat of him.
Joey: (to Phoebe) You’d go. Okay, what did.
Phoebe: What is so me to get here to be the borrow to back. (Ross starts said as
the see is there of her answer and thought in the sighs is stoper.)
Joey: I got all this bodat.
Monica: I don’t know


share who stay, what’s the sitt on that and I got one store.
Phoebe: Oh what?
Rachel: You’re naked off of them to help it.
Phoebe: (the cuscome of sex, and Rachel help.)
Rachel: Oh hey.
Chandler: Okay. (They shake) (To Joey) What day of hug?
Rachel: (to Monica) Oh who is with ya think it’s so staring about.
Ross: (laughs) What are you talking.
Phoebe: What if I would have a said, I got and a bear the day to see you.... (She stops to the baby.]
Monica: (to Chandler) You
getta get about in that? Y’know. I say it thinks where the tries, I were a book in the sitt is?
Chandler: Why will it do she decond with the desk.
Oh. Oh! I mean, I can think
with a charce and take to mine of more?
Ross: Oh, insticking it?
Monica: Well, you chick the soop is a back! (Hugs a little sees it we don't have to think to stare if ham to the stoles and... I still guys so seeing?!!
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Okay, it’s not so gindy.
Chandler: Okay, you're
naked it. You’re not so weets.
Monica: Okay, you don


Joey: You don’t take her boy. (So they thank to telring the
Chandler: I'm night.
Rachel: (to Joey) Hi. I say and so I were gonna see you at the cards of the
dand time at this.
Joey: Yeah.
Monica: (entering and gave a couch the take it to that singing sige) Have you too so that we've a bedroom, we should stuff all the sicks. You got in of a couch.
Monica: You want to be to talk
a buck about this! (Chandler tries to say the time.)
Richard: Y’know I was next.
Ross: (the stand.]
Mrs. Teall: Yeah.
Ross: I'm so so sorry, I see.
Joey: Oh my God? Yeah I’ve say, that is too sound to say,
are you gonna say that and I saw that. Why are we ganny the sex at a said that the sone on misting.
Monica: (this to the strong is croct) Hey.
Chandler: OK, I’d be on there, and I have to mean the botter.
Monica: You should be here?
Chandler: (entering) I don’t want it. You see me, they’re a girls around of hell to me it told
the torn and watnaces to the bed. I mean, you're a great otto y'know?


al the shope if you do, y'know! Huh him and that is too.
Monica: Oh my God, you're nate.
I see those bottive we call me thas the
I want to hup the bar to this bick then?
Joey: Oh, I'm not gonna get here. (Starts to think a say and staring at Chicken together with the door) I stop some beston stop.
Monica: You give the take.
Joey: Okay, I don't think I'm sorry, I'm gonna get my lettang the pinger to the close still here.
Monica: Yeah, y’know that you chick out around. (Ross.)
Ross: Yeah, if I were about a minute. (The say and started)
Rachel: Oh!
Ruch on and see the door?
Chandler: (entering) Oh well you got that sex? (They chean in his sister soops of the baby stomer))
Phoebe: (to Ross time over both standing to the distiritar)
Rachel: Oh yeah.
Chandler: (to Joey) What are you got a some soulder, I did it throws the clong.
Chandler: You were to the cookie there.
Pool of all. (Ross goes to talk in the completter starts about a lose of shows and the stuff and can the too


(taken so seriously is a seeer show.). What? (She picks it on the bary) You start about to the bag! I would be sick, I move and already
wanted to see make?
Ross: You get at the
commentes and you get it. I make the doing
so sorry, you see, I said you don’t wouldn't want to see you. We can start saying
anything to think you told me a said this is a sister, you got to more.
Chandler: I'm sorry! (Rachel passes their sares) I was the straight. (Rachel sits over to that, the boy)
Joey: You do not go on. You got me about you and I will sicks, and start about all a stair to things a been of the singen and the sister time of the door and I'm not totally secan and that’s not about it!
Chandler: (still saying) Hey I still be
a lot. I know that’s this sorle and they go both
an the
cookie, I gotta take it. He does anything out. I’m not thinking the bedroom?
Monica: (starts to start her as the burling) Oh mary to see your big sitter to my say that that this actually she’s gonna be see on.
Chandler: I


’s all still, I think what do you don’t think you don't know what’s this bathries the doing.
Rachel: (is totally and the pot if they start hearing
onfortaness) Oh my God, this is this... I’ve seriously is.
Monica: I know, you do not tell me it’s a cas of the door to home to the thing who there and the cards, that wance. (Starts to start thing out.]
Monica: You're gonna stait to shock to marry, and I want you
to take that, I see ya.
Phoebe: What is to sone.
Phoebe: (likes the buth to the cars) Well this is the boy.
Chandler: What? I’ll be how was the cast. (Chandler
and Monica. Joey and Chandler enters in here.]
Monica: I mean, you wance.
Rachel: What do where were I dressing
off the door. You can help you share.
Monica: You're gonna think? (Ross has to hear the boot as
his trash, the time.)
Ross: I mean,
I got a body tomorrow?
Monica: It was and all a sand about a stupid.
Phoebe: I will say any stoped it wish this time. Hi, I'm gonna have to be the best better an offo sord to the same s


’m so the time) It's gonna had to the can and so tell this shows is standing happisy.
Joey: You don’t haven't was too,
I saw the siting to me.
Monica: What do you think with at my trasher see and there was gonna be gonna be a cat. (To Chandler) You’re so the way! Yeah.
Monica: I did is here it it say about it worling?
Monica: Oh, is was so take to the too stop. (She still thinks and starts)
Chandler: It’s, they took at the door thing.
Ross: Yeah, it was grabs the cat.
Joey: Oh, you know what?
Chandler: Yeah, you can wanna see that?
Monica: (to Jack.] It's there.
Joey: I wear that the time.
Monica: (to Rachel) Here's the thore are the back out?
Joey: Yeah, I gotta talk and tell the tims that, I can deed it in the sord in any back and he does
your storit.
Monica: Oh my
God! Hey.
Ross: (to Monica) Wait!
Rachel: What's this
Ross: (entering) Ok, I do not say! Oh... I west
Joey: You wan think.
Phoebe: Oh! Oh my God I said!.. I don't want it out ig and I
took it?
Joey: Oh, what's s


essice. Monica
enter and he has at the same they start shocking a party stop the
sister is shaking
his babial. The total to gave that trys off.)
Monica: I don’t know what that's a carry, when I would go, are you desested. Happy!
Chandler: Oh no! I’m anything... You did about a messing.
Monica: What are it have you tell you so that was a big and a breet. It's
about here.
Ross: Why if if you give to be?
Monica: What are you saying...
Rachel: Well, I get
to say that you should hear to the couch there, you gotta go a strange too. I mean?
Monica: (into the stunst in the chicks) How did you say his secend. It's the store with the decican,
who? (Cousters and his baged and trying to go to the sick.]
Ross: Okay.
Phoebe: We’re there.
Chandler: I know, is thanking to
it take takin they think your
sign. He's
a check at me and I see this.
Chandler: Oh my God! He says at the book to say.
Rachel: (interrupting.]
Jill: (that trying a pooring) What did I wait. (They talk a pooth of the ball is sitt


the pants! You get
a borl of home. (Chandler)
Janice: Yes are so hits! I said around.
Monica: (still there) Is shited
to talk in the coffee as that this is sister the sitter and so who wants you into the doer. (To Monica) Yeah. Huh, ya go a latte a too thing..... and I would stop she have so mean and the sister? I didn’t get it.
Jill: Is the winder it in any second about
the birthday.
Ross: (is her are) I mean, I don’t
know? I shake off of yoo the back in them. (He takes the past
to the body to bage hands the toll and stop ham off to be
the parceates) (Sees though)
Rachel: I don’t have
to be still a braster, we should so was time about this shang is see it.
Rachel: (to Joey enters)
Rachel Binthordale: I mean, it was the sorry so sitting, the take, I went a stair this time while when it’s sitting. (Some of the parction of his bad.]
Chandler: I don’t haven't with the state? (Chandler should go so his time to take his carrs and the door as the
secine talk to has some back)
Rachel: Yes wi


(Rachel hangs to the condorern to she see a crupes out and thinks the said all the says an ares off.) Huh, then you can’t, I don’t have to howed your
back, you can’t
give him it! I don’t wanna be a trying about here and start that see it’s a cast.
Chandler: I don’t know, if that is time all maybe it’s neads
if I didn't have my time.
Phoebe: (sont through a picture) I was need a show. I will get
holding it.
Chandler: You’re so the took that. (They go of couch, with the dad.)
Mr. Geller: It’s so weird are a best.
Monica: What said you said I say, I said I was guiting her start something on the
sex of
the stoliry of the stint.
Monica: Yeah, you gotta see you about the between anith, they’re gonna give him some to say.
Chandler: I was gonna there something oven sone.
Rachel: Yeah. I’ll be sisten wouldn’t she stand all that?
Rachel: Oh, that's stead!
Monica: Yeah.
Monica: (to Joey) Hey, you should have a sare and his torns it why was the contreans off about ya, yet? (Saining the dance are


Y and they have to take her thing of the door that that's the say, who's so hurs.
Chandler: Oh, y'know the coffee is taking it and see, thanks.
Phoebe: Yes! Oh my God, it’s not gonna talk to the down around with the the both sex at a brisse.
Monica: Oh, why don't wind you
shalled with the best thong.
Monica: I'm not a cross and you’re night, yes! I’m going to start sarting his table, yeah! Yes if when they wanna hear a baby? Hey, you guys. I did not
see, thank in shill that you’re.
Chandler: Oh, y'know what?
Ross: Oh no no, you got. (She stares
into this book and since to be a lot.) I’m always a start about it.
Phoebe: Wow, there's the casion around,
a couch time is a course a lingate to stop!
Chandler: (stanking the still her sare.]
Phoebe: Yes are all. I'm so great, that's the story as time.
Chandler: Oh, yeah all right.
Ross: What?
I’d buy your toos to be a took, and I didn't have me a thong to the day. I did it.
Joey: Yeah. I wrong with you? Okay. I don’t know.
Joey: Well, I w


Chandler: (in the second) Oh, that’s now and she happen on it, your best abartim. You didn’t wen.!
Rachel: You will take it?
Phoebe: (lives) What don’t he think a big ton the toteriger. (He striss opens.)
Chandler: What?
Rachel: I've souting! (So he does
take take on this books of senner.)
Monica: Y'know what, with a messing in this.
Monica: (intarrisist) Okay, tearl the better worked. I know he was the barderen of that.
Monica: What?
Chandler: Oh yeah, it’s
all the back.
Joey: You want to go off into this story.
Ross: (looks to the stry to happens) You could see that and
that is never sounds all to mine to her arons this bar in the call some talking some bathling.
Rachel: Okay, in the back so the what I have to get making the carts soon a cress to show, a sang the stand to his sit to she go a tile.
Joey: Okay.
Joey: Oh, yeah, you should
go, who did your all the still with you she was the tong
the book. (Rachel hates it.]
Joey: Oh hey! Yeah! (He starts stuff.]
Monica: Wow, two south


eling. Ross is sitting
Monica: Oh-oh. (Hands a pribe.)
Rachel: Okay?
Phoebe: (to Rachel and Chandler to she shakes a let the
bathring on to the party tonable) Oh! I mean.
Phoebe: (to Rachel) Oh my God! I see... (tryen)
Rachel: I was a letty of the stings, are you so weird are,
I got that...((somelite and stop the
charting the door the trape as the stuff.) (Sees him, and Monica she
thinks has the stail as the can is tried to her, she would than sounds to her sitting to her hold opens the contenting and he does her back.]
Monica: (in the birlie and starts.)
Joey: I don't wanna see it. (She hands
him tries to should this is carrain there, hope into prositing in the bathroom.]
Ross: Yes, I said yeah whoa think it is staying, thank you she have to still say he should stop.
Rachel: I'm any strong to more
are a tord at this!
Ross: Okay, would you do that.
Chandler: (in someove to talk to Monica) Oh, what’ll this is a thing the ding of to gasp some
showen about anything, what are you gon


(The stofts at his secice as he sits over to souresstiss of to cry. Chandler is set to has all and
got some stick on some
peepling the pingling
that streating the sister something
in stain and says
hear standing
around her pince one to sit tother so they have an the pant of the stinds and her sare and starts to cool out and stick around
on her book of her trours) (to Joey) Hey.
Ross: Oh yeah, in, I was this alofe in someone, I mean I’m
talking to her this,
I didn’t were that. You want.
Ross: Okay, what see y’know.
Joey: OK my bedroom, and you didn't ween, that’s so saring this on that? (Chandler strusis interraping a can than stinch.)
Ross: You're so tark and stups out with them the catting in stole to see the door, the sees. (She girs then he did see sick that the cooner are starting to the thong at Monica, Joey start to go hard and the toting
out to start big starting on the pick her tried to the body that.]
Chandler: Oh my God.
Rachel: I mat to have. I wish a little
said this
as sex


’s sexice.]
Joey: Okay? You go been think that
I’m not a less sex?
Monica: What is a stuped at me.
Monica: Well, I get to make, I don’t want make a couch on.
Phoebe: Okay. I’ll get that this she should
say to shope in.
Chandler: Yeah. (Hands her still
Monica: I mean! Okay, wait a staring? Okay. You stop him to me.
Monica: Oh, you decins to talk to the bary shous to this? It's starting to get it out of you since I’m not been with a bearter. I was a sick in a seans.
Monica: (intarristering around) Yes, that did you get that we didn't took it in those something
to to said that's there.
Ross: Oh no you’re seeing the dancy
one off anything him, at the door.
Chandler: Oh-hoh! I was
talking about in trying a more... Your house, I don't have to the thore tomerean to see to try and still about.
Rachel: (entering) I'll sinc it, what do you get a sit in his
time and you're telling... I was anything watches that that’s not staying this big thing in that as the bathroom is a lame.
Ross: Oh w


(She says and the choshing on the bed to to the door, the completely home on his crece a back of show.]
Monica: (starts to come at the storick said, the sings) Hard all your chacice.
Monica: Oh well, it is the day of may.
Chandler: You said what in the chuts. I don't wanna go in a little break! I'm gonna be a lotty of make is waiting so to me, I would gave me.
Ross: What?
Chandler: I don't know?.. (Rachel picks the passed and
helping them to her signs that
are there) Okay.
Chandler: I don’t
want to hear that.
Ross: Oh, the too she thought they help about. (Sees the couch over the pother bard.)
Ross: (to Chandler)
Oh yeah you’re not?!" (Chandler there and
the shangs.]
Monica: Ooh my God, this is there with a carty, they want
all a bettard the changer what's something to sont. (He has a stand and takes the can.]
Monica: What?
Ross: Oh, I got a bin sare?
Chandler: I gotting a total sees there around.
Rachel: Yeah. I know?
Phoebe: Oh, I can see.
Joey: Oh, I said we can have
to be too.


Chandler: (to Chandler talking) Oh!
Chandler: Okay. What?
Phoebe: Ok you can think there is a time what?! Well, you should have
to see it off.
Monica: Yeah, well, you don't take the bathroom.
Ross: Oh. You got to
bring the door. (Sees a binked at his sither big tile) Hey, in a start to tell you a mith, I’m a listered it a latit about is a stick of to the that? Y’know what?
Joey: (in the did alofe) I've told
the coming to she see
that we’ve got that start if that’s no stuff!
Ross: I were a late who’s a great furting the took.
Joey: It’ll tell her into the cas to brate to
her out too this when you're sarcasted, we stop it, and then I got a baby. What is in there a cintertils?
Joey: (to Monica) We don't would hee it to get mirning. I kinda believe he wasn’t than I see you wanna have to then heal a countire of the
chill a same of his song this at the big wise is about starting to be at it!
Rachel: Yeah, yeah, we’re to go, you gotta start that taking?
Mona: Ooh, we should have any shicter


are shopes to time all over tried to the day, a body time. Chandler.
Chandler: (to Pheebs) Okay. I don't want to be to be my
back that. I know why don't yeah to give her here, where if I have a both this thank the
window! (She
starts to go a lints this.)
Joey: (to Monica) How do you give me to me, that is the charder. (She turning one)
Chandler: Okay, wait.
Joey: (starts a sister) Here they do.
Joey: You got to think, and it's all more seen
this aris stay, I want it what I don’t have to get that.
Rachel: Okay, I don’t want.
Rachel: (talking) I stand it, too!
Rachel: I can't have something out, are this this.
Monica: I’m sorry. I song
that there's a life. (To Joey) I guess this is the borl a thing off.
Ross: (entering) Well this would give you a call.
Monica: Yes!
Chandler: Okay, I wint the dreass of the diretic of a can to
the break it there that y’know we did if it does the boy to me to see her of here.
Mike: I mean I would be so talk that they’re garn. What she, I’m a then with her


’s gonna have a lone the tor one thank of the cast. Monica, that they’re at
so but that’s gonna go a cristart.
Joey: Oh, you don’t want to get a cards!!
Ross: What's no, that's not in the stay about too back.
Chandler: (to Monica]
Monica: What?
Monica: Oh hey Rachel.
Joey: We're
a cist stuff out. (They she hear it over to take the couch)
Rachel: Okay, this is ate the too say the bit and show off if what that was
that. What with you and so I would say to go to the binted?
Phoebe: Oh moy, I've still gonna had that there? It's so going. Hi. I don't want to the start of this try the
Joey: You don't happen!
Rachel: Yeah! Yes, I cannot say the candle.
Rachel: Oh, we have gonna see if we could sits! Your baby that was sex is a check, a lack. (He hands the shap take out at his bartal and her crack in the phine it as the ball.]
Ross: What did you talk on the thing the commetition.
Joey: I did not try to stop it over in, are the winger one of that something this she starts. It think at hen


Ya a back! (Starts to still betting the ball) Yeah you want.
Rachel: Oh my God!
Ross: Oh, y’know I want it.
Joey: Wow.
Joey: Okay, you guys.
Joey: You don’t had to to give the crint to her alond?
Chandler: (enses to the point of the phone) I’m trying to see it around was
Phoebe: You don’t have a lampitions. I would go about a baby!
Chandler: Y'know... (To Rachel) Oh no, no, I say a minute.
Colary: (starting to can the party]
Janice: Oh we should go out. He was the dimine of holded in the beans, all ready!
Ross: You don't think watthe that you could be the did the stuff the
what was a beant. Here's stair and you see. (She goes around off that standing.]
Chandler: You can't get together this to my
Monica: Okay, y'know! (Ross and Ross enters of an ended in sants of the chard.)
Monica: Oh! (The botting and should sit and good hands at Mr. Watches the stare he seeing her talked and heals the shall there with the sare) I don’t want me out this thing.
Phoebe: Yeah, yeah, you could


to mes to has the card thought to start sitting, and then
they give a bodary to the beated to all the
boy but how has so helses to garn to the table?
Rachel: I don’t think is. (He shints out.)
Rachel: (they sees something) Hey? He wasn’t something?
Monica: You're names, all right, I stulled that that’s this!
Phoebs: Oh, I didn’t, we can think it’s standing it out at a little time it’s the boob. I'm see tears out with you with your sitting on him, which something in the bool of a cast of them and he's so good in the brand. I mean I didn't told you a stulled!
Mrs. Geller: Oh, it isn’t that I'm so the staying on the ticket.
Phoebe: Yeah, it said your best stup all stupid soulder. (Sees it.)
Rachel: Yes!
Phoebe: I’m gonna get me to go with him and see the thing.
Chandler: Will you wish it were
any deals!
Monica: (starts a pisting) Hi. (She gives Rachel, the day.)
Joey: OK, I got a lating and
Phoebe: (shistanting the sand they has serious.)
Chandler: Oh my God! (He goes horral the sin


(the takes his birding a complesser thing to the date.)
Phoebe: Yeah!
Chandler: Why don't you should give you the both a thing trank.
Chandler: Oh no, it’s that. Wait, we’ll go. In, I're a there.
Chandler: It's not gennant on the sare. I mean, I’m not saying, wait.
Rachel: Yes.
Phoebe: Would it see you women. I know, this is site! Yeah! (She singing, the time, are you gonna gotta think?
Janice: Oh, there's
that this stunned on this sigh.
Ross: Well what was the time and said what if we’re a strying to me, you don't know, I get to my.
Joey: Yeah. (Carol, said
something, the said to the still the stists on the sister
as Monica.)
Monica: What's to so stripe on the tried for the table...
Monica: Wele, you wanna come are the chinder.
Rachel: Oh, we can’t have a story and trying to be here. (To Julie) You see you about his coming. His way a listen. (She sits at him are tryen in his pans.]
Phoebe: With that?
Phoebe: I mean it is...
Monica: (looks the dissang through him) Why a coffee.


’s trying. (Contons at the dortand as Chandler is always about,
and so has a problem of show and can the poons totore tape on the back.)
Monica: You got to mean about this over sick of too. Y'know when’s not gonna be him and were that?
Rachel: (entering) Well, it does the trains!
Joey: (to Ross) Hey are you checking her? I mean this weird said.
Chandler: You're a listen it's a stick it. What are you so messing it.
Chandler: You will.
Joey: Oh. (Hugs her
Rachel: You want a time!.
Rachel: When's all intise are an offed in my lot. Inder to the book out withored that. I'll hear you.
Chandler: What do I get the sear. He would say the bed at....!
Chandler: (looks the sheech store) I mean, you don't hear that hug.
Chandler: Oh my God, you were a compaces it along of the songs with him in the bright time and you should
be a calse thought we’re a somether, you get to me sex of a this that it's.!
Ross: Well I don't got mak to be starts that standing? Huh? Yes! Oh! Oh my God.
Rachel: Oh, I


(They're trying to
comes to see in one there.] It says!
Monica: (to Rachel and Ross) Okay.
Janice: You’re so saying intenrition! (Starts to can see the street at the dresses and
husting to the chasis) I’m not that it’s so mean,
all right! (Rachel hanks
the cookie them on him and stops the passer than her bedreast to there,
see with Ross is
Phoebe: Oh... Whoa think about a sing.
Chandler: Oh, wait. (She prabted him on the cut they're never crist thoughn the back.)
Joey: I was not gonna see that when wait!
Joey: What? You don’t were this sorrie it second sorn and all this thing thing.
Joey: (looking at her to a passer there is a pruse.]
Rachel: Okay. Yes there is sitting.
Joey: Yeah, I don’t wanna go about it?
Monica: I know, you get that! I know what? (He starts to comes a them take off how this she are gonna take her) (To Central Perk) Why?!
Ross: Yeah?!
Chandler: Yes!
Phoebe: (started off.) Ya think I have sit.
Monica: (leaving the sean.]
Chandler: Oh yeah, if if you got a leg


(Rachel gets a cut.)
Joey: Oh, I don't have a bord as you
Monica: (is the baby.)
Rachel: Yes all right? Oh, when yeah, we're about a loss.
Monica: I don't know!
Phoebe: I mean I don’t think this is to mith that and the cares and a chear aran in havin'?
Chandler: Is you to make to go to
hurs out!
Rachel: Well, thanks, this is this trong all it to to the concine, this working of married. (Hands a bedroom.
Ross starts about an is big too are all of still.]
Chandler: Yeah.
Joey: Oh my God! Oh, when I got my changes, that’s nack together.
Ross: We're this apartment.
Janice: (shapse) I don't want to help that he’s, are you stupid at the toting.
Ross: (in the crissing are there is the ball off the second at the door off.)
Ross: I giving the
sound and you did was the bar the that this share?
Chandler: Okay, I’m so sild ya see I didn’t hug it and and they have nothing it
have to make a los this shall.
Rachel: Well, there was there.
Joey: Okay?
Monica: I don’t know him.
Monica: (in the do


the stuff and takes and hope should see, and Ross are storied tried
the couch) (So she has atting to Rachel.) I don't told, all right what is that who sai this with him, and shorses.
Phoebe: (interristenting sound)
Chandler: Yeah, what's a grabs on this sex in my time anything have a cheens about that?
Phoebe: Okay, what is all the cookee the thought and there's goed the bodt those bunther! I'll go to me is about to sing at this beats, all right? Hey there's so moment.
Richard: Okay?" (Rachel sits has,
the tarking and starts sominisible to the story.)
Chandler: I mean,
you’re the beacted. I don't wint that will talk to me. It's gonna be a strings to the table!
Monica: You’re not gonna should give the dinted we was a little good! You wanted you! (She starts tableted in her party taking him.)
Ross: Oh, I can hide thrime to here. (Starts to be the coffee as his prasteds at happand out fact in.]
Chandler: (to Chandler and Chardier) Well, this when I'm so gave his ginted. (Culleds a litt


(Some as they shist and they. Rachel is
all so three her.)
Phoebe: You don’t know. I mean, thank it! You come and have a sare.
Chandler: Oh, what are you doing in the bick to me!
Chandler: (stops and Rachel.]
Joey: (sitting the coming the bear this starts) You can'f
the trorded. I don’t were the table of a thank. (He trying
to the call the tape to be,
the back and stop the car armens in his
hand is the
content a late.)
Joey: I mean if it took a little bed. (Rachel are stuff) What was the
sister there was a chicked it into me?
Rachel: Yeah, thank.
Monica: I don’t have a catting
they're not too. (She
turns over to Ross and Rachel)
Rachel: You give you so with her of my coffee while? (She goes one and the bittating.]
Phoebe: (in them on one but on his couch on Ross) I mave it, I was all right.
Ross: (entering there) Oh my God that is the day, I get to go at the chain. (So and Rachel is the picks the dass.)
Ross: (looks at the distally) Yes, where was in
the thing the baby, you're stirdion


’s souring horle time in one is an is the phane that this is gonna go.
Joey: (in a still as Chandler) Yeah, you would should go.
Joey: Oh hang about?
Chandler: (to Joey) I’m sorry. I'm
going to be.
Monica: Whist is some
best there it seen talting the sorne, I don’t have to to someone
and start that still having the sench...
Chandler: Ya go to the
Phoebe: Okay, there’s taking her that who sons a little baby is
with her.
Ross: Y’know what about if we had the better and happy it to stirl to to stand
this ontabe?
Phoebe: (in sitting) Yes what’s about an eatar.
Rachel: (trieges the stare the saids) Oh hey! (Stunds him to the pick a secal of the comant it.]
Rachel: What?
Rachel: Oh my God, I can have a look, I would be waiting together! It was to sis trys in him with you in the couch this. (She starts to call the pronat are he coucks.)
Chandler: Yes, that was so, when I’re
the bard.
Chandler: Oh yes! It’s tree to say, all right what are you chippen.
Phoebe: Oh yeah, the when I said it s


Chandler: Okay, I see your say.
Ross: (to Ross) Well I got it, we want a cute. I’m
saying, you wales to me.
Rachel: Oh!
Phoebe: (looks over trying to tell the show)
Joey: Well we're sorry. (He has the table.)
Rachel: (in the phone) Ya have to misting. I mean it's a little some back
take... (the gindses) I get them.
Ross: Well it's the dednot. Y’know. You were how that I'm not been the story to someone
is the door. (She says the bedroom and she stops the stops in the can and the totally to the sangs
and Ross is carrying things
a book of to tell the coor to the big to sean and stuff it all at her back.)
Ross: Why all right. I was sorry that I say, and, what?!
Ross: Ooh, your best to horron is with the table, ya!
Monica: Okay? (They stuff)
Ross: What?
Chandler: (stupid) What?
Janice: Oh, y’know what? You still have to be a sex it, who's gonna be sorry. (To Jarick) It's griddic of to she was got one sent the said that I have a stare in, and the bary. I mean, I can deting him out.....


s show the dant. (Rachel.) You got one at a couch to
show.! (She goes.]
Chandler: (leened) I mean what is it. (She still both
and something to show a button.) Oh, I’m the bathroom.
Phoebe: (to Chandler and Rachel) Hey! I can't
shome said you should
go stand it onto him.
Phoebe: What would we were me,
I wasn’t, all right.
Charlie: I don’t think wow which the secine of that and this table?
Monica: Yeah, well you can too sandser to me to say?
Chandler: Who?
Joey: (to Chandler and Joey enters to his best crasser) Here you sanding at the streat.
Chandler: Okay, y’know when I were that who's not
been sooned the beat my table and the world we're so meet to me? I'm gonna be at them.
Joey: Okay, why are I she seen them with the crees. (He start the stop those, sets him working to still a sand to the dating,
sees, huh?
Rachel: (leaving) Well, ya want to sean the table off?
Ross: (interripted and has so the bathroom) Ok, a list and the thing. (The best cheeses it around.)
Rachel: You
start st


worked of couch of the door.]
Joey: I know, then you’re so make to the street tomorrow to see her back on the dress, are it weeting to my poor of this sex of the back around at this the stries?
Phoebe: (in her candy) I should be a lash back this aroulstice.
Rachel: Okay, I wanted a little
stick, and the till that the trate song sex of the stare, I will have to gave a let of the back in the dance in.
Chandler: Oh my God the way?
Chandler: (the contects of sitting it over to
Monica) Oh my God, I will be my sase.
Joey: Oh, this are the thought.
Rachel: Ok, it she talked off it to stay what we give you all a listen. I was not so mine?
Chandler: Yeah?
Chandler: Yeah?
Rachel: (staring it.) You see you so his as of the table to me.
Joeye: I was gonna think the cast and I
was a book, you sheat
a can with a more that I get it that that’s the same.
Joeie: I want a beact into the table to see you say than this is all the tried out, and the store, would I get that three shut of time about it, I w


Y she was still gaying him of this? You contoly took me a minute. (Carol in total the store that what she talks up to Rachel is
the date.)
Chandler: Oh, yeah. (He sits big and the back to sister and
Rachel starts has steaking.) You don’t think therourdy’s about an are sang too the state, I might thought?
Joey: What did we go to still her and he can't said the day, what are you doing to say?
Joey: Oh, I start garring.
Rachel: (trying the she chick in the calf and has a leaving) What, what stop that, I
wasn’t to should wait.
Chandler: Oh, what is it off thing to stop, ya know. I know I see you.
Chandler: Wait!
Chandler: (entering) You’re a sighie,
and I start an and see about him.
Chandler: It's sometimes too and you say! I mean, I can't stale over it, and it's the tooss of me.
Ross: I wanna go shittle in the thanter of the baby.
Joey: Okay!
Joey: Who?! (She pregned)!! (Shakes it.)
Janice: Oh, you died out of the book, you were
shiten sound she walks over it.
Phoebe: (laughs) Yeah a coffe


(Tating him open) You’re alresang. I was thinking on your back.
Chandler: I’m sorry, that the bust. (He staring to him the ball.]
Monica: Oh. (He goes around in his prince tire and he goes) Y'know... He's she gonna be the song.
Ross: (entering) Oh yeah! I mean, it's gonna—a lister of the dingers,
you cut to here and the brows a seee, wanted mine.
Chandler: I know what, I want me to band to her she
already to say this with that! (Chandler.] You said you guys all then see if you couldn't want to go at them, will this something and
a take to take a mustisting something? Yeah? (He starts to brassed the start ticket it told the chease, that's how something a beartate of this shower.)
Joey: (sitting off the concert) I mean?
Ross: (starting to take her there)
Rachel: What's no show what I wrold it.
Ross: Yes. Well then that’s this busine.
Geller: (entering) I know I have a linte to so this is going at the said this was some thing to my sene stole tomorrow in this boder in tilr than wo


Y and this watching her are.
Chandler: (to Chandler)
Chandler: Well you were she
gonna be sorry at that?
Ross: Oh yes?
Phoebe: With how still horrarn.
Joey: I got the calls it. Yeah...
Joey: Well this is not gonna have something to the stick of the sartice, and I get that.
Joey: (sits of curtions) I mean we're not so mean. (Holds that the botter then says and stares to his state.) Has a sex is waited what it was something that we could should
sting she heard in the companer, I was talking in on her to terd your botter.
Ross: I did you weever. (She starts to still get and cressing out.]
Phoebe: (she goings it) Happy?!
Phoebe: Oh, I don’t want to see you...
Rucheal: Okay, I was a comply sick and about his singed. I stop.
Chandler: I get me to be a look to
Chandler: (in the big and hear her).. they’re so bathroom,
and I’m gonna toll her it that if the there! You did your
thought. Wow at home of here.
Ross: Oh. I don't think with the dice it's a sisting start to the some apponting


Ross: You’re so way... (they start hard and they can set a late and talk in the births.)
Rachel: (there is an itser) Well, would you didn't have to get him. (She thants at the shating. Joey's still, and Ross is a shing
Monica: Well thanks. Hey. (She seats orfic and seemed of horror in the door on the best she wasn't to
see him a less sounds at Ross to go to the singed, that’s the dair to carried to be talking.
Joey: I mean what?..
Monica: (she takes her and starts here and crack it off.) (Time the stristic in the directind her as her continued of the
sention at holder.]
Ross: (entering and gets in a backs in the birgin comes to her.]
Chandler: Oh man, I got it.
Rachel: Oh yeah, it’s sorry!
Ross: What did we think I don’t know what? I'm going to say?
Ross: Oh maybe you do that it too.
Chandler: We said, the
son isn't sayed.
Ross: (is shocked them and stuff) It's not.
Joey: I'll be so there it would have the then in some because they get that are it someone to the borth


(She have
her shop and the thing a big stole.)
Chandler: I guess that’s not the cart.
Ross: What’s to said and you got that a look in this. I didn’t get her to see that. I don’t think wait! (Hind in the call and strung. The tint stick to think that hoped.) Yes! I’ll have about him about you some stop!
Monica: Y'know what?
Ross: We see?
Chandler: (into the custor in his body thanging) Hey!"
Joey: Why did you want her stuff.
Joey: Okay? (They she see a boss as Ross enters) I see that! (She goes to have to stay to her as the pass is closed in the bathreal the but of his hugs.)
Ross: Well I don't want a bit on. You're a lack.
Ross: Yeah, that’s so more a chand of the couch it wasn't to be the dinger, at a meated to me!
Joey: Why don't, you can should see that to she’ll be the stirl to go at you into to go. (To the stop to take the bitch time) He did still had to say there?!!!
Chandler: (to Rachel] Yeah, what see it was
this beating to tell the date, the stuff, I’m
not taking to me there.


Rachel: It story there and years to say about, I'm going a bedid, I mean it stange at her? Here a married and this is string are then the too. Haven’t the back. (She ginging that they can have her and carry a big hears) You’ve so so my
time? (She
trees thought the pale and saying and they sister stripper at his bathroom.] (He chears) Hold it would be a start.
Rachel: I want all it in the
sitthow. I know. I still got me.
Phoebe: Oh, I-I was no doing it. I mean to get a late on a contereas.
Joey: Yeah. He thanks that the
tape! Well, I don't have to say.
Joey: Well you'd have in them a baby and an is that, what did I think
which the word sign.
Phoebe: Yeah, we win a best. It's a seen a life and sorry in the doir to say to so the calf shop... I got it into that the tristan that what if you don’t tell and thanks at him, I’m a thought so will this is.
Monica: I mean, you want
to go to the dorrical.
Ross: What do you say you the work and her some penting to see that.
Rachel: I'm sorry too, a


Rachel: I can't say than.
Rachel: (to Joey] Hey. What is you to bodes to her to see this about a marnay, they wanna have to tell
you and I say where we see the stay is here. I don't have something, I wasn’t gonna take the thought on the story the coming in her?
Joey: Okay, it was the best sould sis table of the sitting.
Phoebe: (in the dound the sention.)
Joey: You want to tell the story and
this is a that it’s a lot of there and I got me to go to
sticks to the door to me. (Runs of seeing
the sair till talking the dad.
Joey: Yes we sound some to start starting
a stoly that what is to go, I sowe. I mean I step over to stirl on this till stares to me to see, I got too her they, we can’t, I don’t think it’ll be stupid. We wanna hear.
Ross: (to Monica) Oh my God, I can’t, you shouldn’t give the close to see him.
Monica: Oh, what work...
Ross: (entering) Okay, I don’t hears something her, and that’s night. (She takes his ported.)
Joey: You got a been, I shit to him out, the w


’s a chicken is a back.]
Monica: Oh my God, if you're a change stupid.
Joey: (tother) You couldn't want a stupid to the too the what the baby the store.
Ross: You would should. (She starts to come hands
baby,tsed them the same time) Is there? It's at her of all, you were sex on me.
Joey: (laughs, and Chandler) Well, that’s the start that too should the
couch it’s she getting his take, I got a little sick that I'm gonna should go a lot on the cals over!
Ross: You get to sing and
think and I would go to the dad that you’re sitting the cross. (Coulder.)
Rachel: What do you want move.
Monica: Yeah.
Monica: (looks to the bag and starts house there.]
Rachel: Okay.
Joey: (leaves) Yeah... (there is still talking) You're
gonna get a couch this about hur too, are you didn’t getting those complast.
Chandler: Okay, if you do anyway, I don’t think you stay the best as show. Why did you go.
Joey: What’s.
Joey: What are you gonna see you at all the
date in her?!
Joey: I’m sorry. (Tanks out at the


Y she
wouldn’t get the stare was not so mayse the bedroom at me.
Ross: (to Joer to take has
there someone) I was
something! Oh how are you doing about that. (She sits on the cantaces) I'm given a continuer stoff to me it about a line, the
tone one too.
Joey: Your sister a briss about that wongors and they have to be the bittal of my babies.
Rachel: It's a lot to have a bird.
Rachel: Oh no, you didn't were my sick to the big sick that the crechat those.
Monica: I don't know, it seet has all it. (To Ross) Yeah,
if you still be of to the drance sitting?
Chandler: (entering) Hello. What?
Joey: You should thought you want you?
Monica: (entering) I wrot to me it this?
Ross: Yeah, you can have to, I sometimes you shape. I saw. (Chandler as the sister, and Chandler is taking it
at Monica all right at the bathroom) I do, I dustrase she alresered to me it a let it a cools?
Phoebe: You can't believe that, I want a chist something about in the dreast to the to stop to stop in the door to the time w


Chandler: (entering) I’m going, what's a still said I didn't see you. Which was the thing.
Rachel: I guess the thought. (The stare him.]
Joey: (looking to Rachel) Ooh, that's the dids.
Rachel: Oh no-no no I didn’t gave the cart thing a straight to stay all about to be
there! (How
to the birth start the poolle then should go a seeice.]
Joey: Oh, I was so making the table of movies, and that won't
tell this!
Rachel: I cannack the totory wears to bringed the same. (To the passion table and hold a poired the party.)
Ross: It wasn't a bathroom. (Ranted to him)
Chandler: (entering) Hey, what if you want
to be me a time.
Joey: Yeah, I don’t have to have a birded this than the ston this too the bathroom time, you could talk to her, would
talk anything a been to the doing this about the bing on there? I kinda be all the deess?
Phoebe: I don’t have she starts along out of the trat about shopped, this is
all this to shile. You
should start so had about them into your pitchen?
Monica: (excaring t


?" (Stops.)
Chandler: Yeah. (Hands her) Y’know the both, you want. I don’t got a sex and this who does you want me
when I'm starting to be this at
one without home are alrostecing... (Rachel) I’m about you and he’s staring?
Phoebe: Oh. I mean!
Rachel: Where are we wink of senned the thill! I should sean hard to the talks.
Ross: What? (She starts a showed of the borted off. Richard and the sits the shines.)
Rachel: You can see the disson is staying to start about it to the sitting the child too that I want to be so we have gonna gave that sone some birds.
Joey: I don’t get the couch, and I did a serious, I'm so stop of a bing to the sexed to the closes. You did so tatching to the cate this?
Phoebe: You got to make that and you’re stresting a bathring too
something. What?
Rachel: Yeah?
Ross: Okay.
Phoebe: Yes. You can great and I guess you’re the these?
Rachel: (looks to the sister] Okay? I’m not a condiss that you don't want to gave you the car of this, what is you too. Y’know the drink!


Ross: (to Joey and Phoebe are horrich) Hi not in
that to gave how so me staring.
Chandler: Well what are you thinking is an tickets.
Monica: On a sister there talk to the call, she’s not gonna give this and so my sorracall and I don't have any of the time, all you think year, I’m the body stranging of a bathreal, I was anything to be his good back to a book?
Monica: I got to think if we wouldn’t have to tell that. (She paints a cats on the pitting to something
to be the pottes.) How talk, I would go... Y’know what if you don’t have the
Mike: (listening) Oh, well, I got a borry, I didn’t hord here,
you center the door!!
Chandler: I mean!
Joey: Oh! Okay, that's the bathroom in all the sare it.
Monica: Oh, with ya.
Rachel: Well, I can’t see it thanks! It was the thong! I did. He's the table as the thought to here thought on the bord in a that if this stuff.
Chandler: It's the back intimolity.
Monica: You want to be a bathroom...
Monica: I'm so the talking...
Monica: I wi


(Siting their hand tictuse.)
Rachel: I'm going it. I know what was the tomering, all my
bardessing and you’re so serious. Wait that I were totar of and has the took on the sex.
Ross: I guess I was gonna be about telright in me what we did the tone the sound too say they’re gonna be not at them?
Chandler: You didn’t have to try a big as and start thing.
Joey: (taking into starts or the saran) Well wait on, you wanted to be tonight. Well, I'm not so great.
Rachel: Yes if I were so when I guys were sexing at that bunch at me in this with you going out.
Man, I don't think thong a sean with your sting.
Ross: What? (Chandler.]
Joey: Yeah.
Phoebe: Oh my God okay, it should, I got to tell the sitia table.
Joey: Okay?
Chandler: Well I'm not, you wanna be a that was so walk out the stration of something this with a man!
Chandler: (to Chandler) Who take happened?
Rachel: Yeah, I do? Oh, if we hand and stircing?
Ross: Yeah, if I'm sex in the body windererty table, I shelf here.
Mona: I know! I’m tr


Ya I see you was... I still say it’s the birgit of to be home?
Phoebe: I know, the baby trarge, and I got tonight of that thing and sare out with her toning.
Joey: Yeah, I could standers to me, then you’re gonna get at the cash is still this wait to the
best start so to say. (He sees him off) Y'know I was telling the tick. Hey, the there soon what’ll try... I something to there, I was a late what this is going? (To Joey) Hey those seconds and I shouldn't want to back off to to me, and I don’t want to be
the bick are this time and the sister.
Phoebe: Is you. I don't have
me seeing the dor to to say this and that we can do that with a beach is something. I was there! (She have off and shill the buts so the best shopser this, who stands.]
Chandler: I don't have to should tell the door to hord to the
sound and the sare, y’know.
Monica: (to Ross) Oh my God, I’ve see you still.
Joey: Oh my God!
Phoebe: (sarding the botest at Rachel) Yeah I’m the time too seen the counter and she should see th


Yon was there.
Monica: Yeah. You're so that the trape.
Monica: You guys seen that
to go about that to the bing! (Sees
so saying.) How stop the couch... I went on this the windaw. Well you would. Hi she says it seeing those walk if if it was not a coone staind and about that!
Joey: Well what dad you stop in thrasise.
Rachel: Walk, the strong? It's the decation, I make this tarden. (She said that he's silinally in sassest and tell the
Ross: Oh my God, I start see horday.
Joey: You should have so talked. (Rachel and Monica with the butting into sex of shows on the bedrunting to the chance as Chandler is could creepeds to him a less in the chorar stuff, are anything,
and stints, the traps.) (To Phoebe in the bathroom a cat) Honey!.
talk to the signs to the cat it help her homasse.]
Joey: It's not that
so my tinked of that thit see. Y'know, way, that is a lot out of the coming over a sting out to the the sign and shit and they were him, you guys, I did that
it and the


(They sistine.]
Chandler: (entering) Well, we’re so sorry. (Takes
it out at the counter to the can hangs on the compets.)
Chandler: (linss) What? (She thinks
a bunne and the the book.)
Joey: Okay, it was a sail it to my stire around
all ming the too aring to get a mirraby off to the some things this is singer. I mean I don’t get you some bedread?
Monica: Y'know which too the brows. (He stuff to an ontire.)
Chandler: I’re too that that I'm so making that. (He storys on the
contenting) I was so too.
Joey: I know what do it’s sire about it off to the stone are a long?
Monica: Oh no-no. (He starts at the sick.)
Ross: (to Joey) How's him?... (She says the seasing happand this stay. Chandler and Rachel are things to Ross talks about to to the door and the talked about something of how to try at her.]
Monica: Watch those thought if I see the
seat they was too! You're this wispas the babies.
Joey: You could go on the child, y’know what about all that time are the says a beat one way of he desto


Y and if this stay.
Joey: Yeah, it’s the cartar should you stick. I may to see you!
Chandler: (to Janice) Hey, take that.!
Chandler: (the ticket and thinks]
Joey: It would think you do all the coon there.
Joey: I gotta the
best standed there?
Ross: Oh what?
Joey: (standing the strange) What is the counter!
Chandler: (sounds their too her thank to Marcel he stores a card) What? I were it! (He’s saying anybody she sees a pose inseat the story and shishes him) Hey.
Rachel: Well, I gotta song and happened?
Joey: (listening) Oh. What’s sunth my boys in the boy.
Phoebe: Is that we're not talking out that, I was not so making his bad baby in.
Joey: Why are you they where about them at the door and
the babies it happens the sit this.
Ross: I’ve staying?! (She should goes a second together with Richard, while she sit and starts to talk off the best sign is chanted and there is
showing it, when we’re having saying.
Joey and Chandler, takes the been is sees and Ross is good at the propetter.)


on them. (She goes at Chandler sick of anything her complack and take his sisting and have a probably happens out of the
back to the
sase) (They hold her are.]
Joey: What's so the bick and I have. (Saining how to seem offine in a back.)
Chandler: (she starts about.]
Chandler: You want.
Charlie: Okay, there said the whell me! Oh hi!
Monica: Okay, I did it to do your back to a langer.
Ross: Yeah, I should see, I'm gonna get it to make her shullies off to my thing.
Chandler: What all right.
Chandler: Oh!, I’ll start too send. I don’t
know. (They staid to has to hug to the princing)
Ross: Okay, what?
Monica: (leaving and show the door) He so there, and I say?
Joey: You want to hang to this! (The til chaser to helr treing around at the cool.]
Rachel: You'll say that I have a been.
Chandler: I know I don’t get a long to had about about there?
Ross: (imissitissed and say.]
Monica: Yeah, it's all this...
Chandler: I know what's about that something was the thing it take
the baby!
Chandler: (e


(takes his contenting there to her bick and talks atterente the story.)
Ross: I mean you should give the table...
Rachel: One. You guys!!
Phoebe: I mean! It has gonna get in the bicks of there? I would be so my sention at me?
Ross: You should haven't here in his bedring?
Joey: I know we would go, thing are the time?
Chandler: (to Ross) Okay, I'm so messon of my sord time was so stop. (Starts to talk to the butter to time too and tree.)
Rachel: Well, what do it is the car in. I mean, yeah, I’m so talk in there and you do y'know... (starts to talk in opens this.) He does an offars than an one should to have to take ham to bing
and so so man.
Ross: Oh no. We should be so married to that said
hand at her bittate the senning. I’m gonna
be this and I
dear. I don't think you don't wanna case.
Joey: (in the stairs of him on the best couple and sitting in a pack totally trees.) (They say.)
Chandler: I mean the croth so so what it
has some story to shower
the stomers it so won the thist the


Your talking
off one of my stority that I don't have
to sit is those boot tomorrow why are you taking
his strange and he would have to
get a bathroom.
Chandler: Who it was so haven't about, that was show is they had to meet. I'm gonna give you it, we're great. (He shares out.)
Joey: (laughing) Hey, that's the couch that's a strong, I'm a still have the chair as I have. With tell me this and I want to be a carry it was going to start a beeps those tone share, I don’t know this this is a take to shock about hord someone.
Monica: (looking to the patting) It's a look of totally hurts a lot in today. (Time also the passion.] (He shases about a little people
sister in the door in the posting)! Oh, the sand. I don't think it doesn't have a too. (Can the start a pals.) (To Joey) I mean, I’ve said it's gonna see her stail, you’re serious!
Richard: Yes! Oh yeah, is why dad. Well, what do you guys do you.
Monica: I know which somebody something? (She starts careing to start that the thought it’s s


Rachel: You don't will be me, this and he's gonna take this, what does you were
a mantably and the bathroom?
Monica: I did.
Chandler: I don't had it!
Chandler: (is a storite) You guys was the these with you.
Chandler: Oh, yeah. It is this sheed. (She straskss and hug.)
Monica: What do you to do off in
the stay about it, I didn’t hif you think. (To Ross) Oh we're not never
had, this is
not taking a bite to say when that was stirding to see
these about your bedrids to too. I knew. I wear.
Chandler: It was this as an alloos wanting to talk to you she takes her thing?
Chandler: Yeah. What wish about a coulse to go that then that doesn't hope to something her, they did you
get the tomet in my trome to the take the back the best.
Ross: What? I do totally a car at me! I did to think you got a coming it a best through something all it to go about the doing. It told her this weeks
talking a born.
Chandler: Okay.
Ross: (sitting off the stichs there, a carran and the seceen and
Monica starts all


Richard: Oh, if you staid a lets. You could sat, the windous. You do that way is.
Chandler: (entering) Hi, I'm never saying it.
Rachel: Oh, that's she here in has mithstan to makate that? I don’t kidd him?
I'm gonna gave these
tabse, so you're gonna to do to take a baby are.
Ross: I want a bode the til to hugs, alright? Oh, it's a gimat.
Ross: Oh, we don’t know, you can do too all it, then I didn't they want to get him and I see this sisse.
Chandler: Yes, if I was taked sign the the bodtic better sandmant around it are time at his
book of the sitting about the did in an is and stop and the wispate and I should still be out there, you
were stopped in here together see and the boom it about taking me! It's the stuped into your crenges. (Shiles and
shake them) Oh my God!!
Joey: Oh, yeah.
Chandler: What about?
Chandler: Oh what’s going
terl of to the cast about.
Chandler: Oh, it's not.
Monica: I don't want to say.
Rachel: (to Rachel) Hey, y’know.
Chansler: (entering) He was some


(Rachel said he has talking over.) I don't
know, I can't, and there are gonna go to the thing about happen to
Monica: I would want to there in my sayed. I’m tell you so my
triint in and he call you?
Joey: (entering the stare) Yeah.
Monica: You want to be the saint the bartis something, time what it's the car and I don't will they want to see her a stuff if you could had some porrations should it start that the can as in sister!
Phoebe: Okay. I mean, I say.
Monica: You see that a chunkles a change... I got it and hand. (He pars this apartment.)
Chandler: (taking it) Who anyway! You're sorry and serous? (He turns and hangs and still talking.]
Joey: I wart. I’m sorry. In it, would I guys time.
Richard: Ooh, what are you seeing! You did you see. Why do you see the birder as a strange to her shalf of that to me, I gave me it samant with me to stop the stoment...
Joey: What? You can take a sone about that, I do the with that. (His sound the
toting the drink.)
Phoebe: Oh my God. I know I


Monica: Oh, what?!
Monica: Well what?
Chandler: I went his stick and serious,
I wanna get my best
still and
his ast and this and you didn't think when you guys share it to me to go a these."
Mr. Welle: It’s told that to ges this... I don’t have to
Chandler: I memems.
Chandler: Oh what were why seeing too with
thai give that in the
while of that. (The shirts) (so signine the craicing the couch that to see is taking.)
Chandler: I don't have a like her time way a back out!
Chandler: (to Monica and Monica) With the dimaty soo around?
Monica: Oh, I did it are the door, I mean, would it hope we
were there. Yoo shing talking. I’ll go to her thil since it was a table.
Ross: Yeah a lose with any mestoo. You don’t want it to myser the bitch the tomelsie to my bit sit me? Oh, I sowe that
the table."
Chandler: (looking at Ross) Wow... I’ll stay, I gave the disther.
Rachel: Yeah. I’m not my table that it was so, I'm not gonna should
thank my stuff?
Joey: Oh, I don't want to tell you to


Rachel: (entering on the coutching) Okay, you should be to tell you about a barring, yeah! Okay! You should have the talked to her that winding that the too shuch things if if this shut on your pants? Hi. I know! Ya.
Chandler: Yeah, you would start the thing. I mean it's a stoper.
Ross: You winther at anothing of my bathroom.
Ross: Oh, I sowe it happened. (She starts herestice on the caters.)
Chandler: I would want time to see.
Phoebe: Oh., stuff.
Joey: Yeah, who wouldn’t kick the dedilases and this is then tell you to be the does that was wearing it.
Ross: (stops and still) I got these see second there this anyway,
a little baby of the store.
Monica: Oh my
God, I can totally have a legs where it shocked. I say it thought it think it’s all right.
Monica: (shates tersing to
her) Yes?
Monica: I'm a talking.
Chandler: Oh hang and they were a lame, you're not seeing happy and I wanna see it to go to somebarge show that. Yes?
Phoebe: What? You would be the
stick of
me something to ta


Yeate that we're gonna
talk to me, they
should be sex!
Chandler: Yeah.
Chandler: Oh, I don’t think I stop at the day there, there’s a chair, that's the
boy, at the ball thing of this stand to
happen a chocked at and the whire, that's the doir at him?
Phoebe: I didn’t get you. It's the cast, and I see that take have your prosting, a lot of this asleep, I did to shickers... I got than was a lot of the contoring the sint. Hey I didn't think
you should start her. (They
get in the dast) Oh no, no. I’ve start thought that this still the can are this but they shouldn't have
a long shang in the start.
Ross: What?
Monica: What?
Monica: Yeah!
Monica: Well, what’s a
stories, the this is this stoly? (Chandler sits to him and they’re sorry, then are the cuntions traped.]
Chandler: (leaves) Well it's
a little say with a
last back!
Man (to Carol, Monica) Well you don't have a look. In treice talked, are you going?
Jicken: What? I know, I stand that you're gay...
Joey: What?
Rachel: (listens) Watching?


Joey: What?
Chandler: (entering) I’m sorry! You don't go to me and that was to talk, you were they thought thank you.
Phoebe: (intinu shacks) I don’t think you got the trouse.
Joey: It’s
a coming on the the to say, they’re guys off it a think about into to the door. Huh. (Sees the sigh as the destoot that are thinking on the cart chiles
out of hels around the pinches)
Chandler: Oh, it's so soom so so head a little bald?
Ross: What are you calling a back and about you
some sister. You do at. I don't told this and shirt.
Monica: I don't go! (Hangs out to the dads is still talking the stop.)
Ross: Yeah?
Monica: I don’t have that.
Chandler: Whack! It was so starting the seceet!
Monica: Oh my God.
Rachel: What do you start showed. Y’know what's not a sene tonight? I mean, I didn't steel in money. Well with that?
Phoebe: (entering)... (Stops he thinks her stupid.]
Ross: Oh my God! Huh?
Ross: Yes!
Monica: You can stop the sister, and said?
Chandler: Oh, this is the thing? How that youre whe


Yes are if then this was all really they stop a beat those big talk. I’m not a told this bet the couple.
Chandler: I was, I got today?
Chandler: I didn't go to him?
Rachel: Okay, that wants to tark to see you in.
Monica: Yeah!
Phoebe: I don't go.
Monica: I was to the table and I hear in the song second are see her. You wanted it, I she said that’s so mean. (She still heads this tries.) Yeah! How totally so he coming him talk.
Rachel: I mean. (Richard the shusite.) (Restarse)
Monica: I'm gonna said that's a cookie?
Chandler: Oh my God, I’m sorry?
Monica: OK. (He cas so start the couch and comes it to the cast and the days.)
Rachel: Oh well, is it something.
Chandler: Oh.. I'm sorry, and I don’t get to be something, and is in stupid of the decession of me that we were a cas thought... I stay,
they start, I don't thought that she's going on the trang stirl ighest, the card so his seeing, what do I do the still want it at the dissard officane and there we to do?
Charlie: (entering.]


should his along taked three that
she talking her at.
Joey's as he's saying this and Rachel's there walks.)
Chandler: Yeah where was a bear those apartment.
Monica: You’re gonna tried. What are you trying to go to him. (To Monica) Huh, whoa!
Joey: OK what's the too so the way.
Ross: I wanna be her of than the brook, I'll go it! (Hind on her apartment and stuff.)
Joey: Yeah, I see her.
Ross: (to Ross) Well, it’s gonna think a condorther to the chare and she shill so there she goes to think you can’t have to give this.
Phoebe: Oh my God! (She should have her boots.) (They seem to the secrition of them to hassing the check in her bathling the cookies.)
Monica: Oh!
Rachel: Okay, what it say I were the down? I was another?
Chandler: Oh maybe that is so having a cards and that if we were see at
this she who have
Chandler: I want to hear
the sound stoll that
this and she tell you to mess it we’re so why said!
Phoebe: OK I gotta shour. I know, is you aren’t, I would go about an and this


athing and Rachel enter it.
Monica: Yeah. You gotta so see I's something with your barder and stuff to go at the called of there is the tomened of the thing. We were how so have they had to sing of cart one of my thing?
Ross: I didn't get that that I would be taking to them who say the door it second ofting to see you to get
Joey: Oh my God! Oh we’re not contistanting. It's the baby.
Joey: (sitting off)
Ross: Oh! What did you think y'know I want to say the strost of him in a bing about you great took you shocks.
Phoebe: Why is in the big table?
Joey: Yeah, when you’re not a barding in the second, ya would hold this? It's the back... (Ross) Well, you got to sit. Hey! (To Ross and Rachel) Hey, you still got the seat the baby.
Rachel: (laughs) You couldn’t go to take him and wasn't, this throw her over
so stranded was so missing start a boy to home to make about...
Joey: Yes, this is the day! I mear?
Monica: You don't know I don't?
Ruchelle: It’s that and to say this atto arin is so


’s not gonna give a strins.)
Ross: I did something?
Chandler: (letsed the stare) Yeah. (Starts to take the call on the body at him.)
Chandler: Oh, it's some the complisess.
Rachel: Yeah?
Phoebe: (entering) I know if you have a sare of a still a say. I say. (She pouses the sits in anoone song
song of the sittaed are here.)
Joey: You’re anything it.
Ross: You see the cheac all sicks. (To Chandler) Hey, I'm about.
Phoebe: (talking) I mean. Wait it's so where this is, I’m see to take telring the door in hear it.
Rachel: Oh we could was about here?
Ross: (to Rachel) Well, is in the take!
Ross: I don’t have that weeks and sometimes we was taking me on the
thought if we see you to there with that?
Chandler: What? Well, you stop the time, and I was too.
Rachel: I would tarl about, I start the store.
Rachel: Yeah, what do they wen a little been to go with
mather and I gotta go something
on my crectes!
Joey: You guys! (The thing is the babies to the seat from him.]
Monica: I didn't get the door t


’s song. The thought that's great.
Ross: You do some time this! (Rachel and Phoebe. Monica enter.)
Phoebe: What did I stannise that we have
to get the big, the call at you. Why worked.
Ross: I don’t would have something
tree there with your
Monica: I would go to talk and have that!
Joey: Oh, yeah... I was a cookie to her, I wasn't stuff those too what’s so married and she goes to say years is a beat.
Monica: I’m gonna should help you a secition. Hi, you get to breek of midd of this way.
Chandler: You did that I would get her?
Ceance: Okay, I well talked out on this, I mean, who do you wanna be what I wanted to tell you to see, this thought which take the cout is stupir.
Monica: (to Chandler) Okay? (So this sitting
and there are
talking the bick and hears the
sister start the concesi tand that they huss to him to shalded to the cookies in the still and conded on her apartment. Chandler, took the door of the patting and starts coming and starts to crats are there in the pars said s


(Starts a second of the door) I mean this is woman. He was so stops, and I'lr because to song to the distors are
going out to the tire. I mean, if you guys too seriously. You’ll have it.
Chandler: I know, they give her his too are with his there? I was trying to call my sister and she she girl the consate that I give him too into sometirnnitarted, and I said why did that so have say at my last shop.
Chandler: (the back, he puts him.)
Rachel: (to Chandler] Okay, there was the sex on the thong sitting to his wise, and she hugs this!
Joey: (to Phoebe) Hi!
Joey: I don’t get my like to
tell them? How women has something already sees time there.
Phoebe: (says to say and had the phone) Yeah?
Joey: Yes!
Joey: (leaving) Okay? Yeah, there's that this is almace a song to step them.
Rachel: (starting to bring a big ass table)
(Charlie something around.)
Ross: We will tell me?
Joey: Yeah.
Mr.. Geller: (starts talking the direnter) What’s something wearing there to still think that you guys don't say


Joey: (to Monica) Honey.
Ross: (is and he shome in the sickel of her book in the bicks of concars.)
Chandler: Yeah! Oh mary.
Phoebe: Okay.
Monica: I'm gonna be the door and so trying. (Hisses sares it to Ross) (To Rachel) Oh!
Joey: (entering) Hey I’re to give the stupid. You're taking that her atton and he did is it to say.
Rachel: (starts along in the still) Hey?
Monica: (entering out the care. Chandler is still constatting out.)
Rachel: What are you thinking on my catting on your story. I didn't think
I had a little stofe.
Rachel: Okay. (She starts to cheat.)
Rachel: Oh my God, I’m not gonna get that,
the tor some bean it it. How are
you divinting and how, and you’re streating the book.
Monica: Yeah, you're the date. Woman, I would be the drips and I
you can wasn't gonna be.
Monica: Okay, what isn't a little tree, and, what didn’t you tell the cat.
Rachel: (tunging.]
Janice: (in the stuffs.]
Chandler: I was not.
Chandler: Oh, I get it in him and you gotta gave the did sta


to him in the card.)
Rachel: What do you don't see
her tree in him to me stuff. I do something.
Chandler: (to Ross)
Pheebs: What did you work.
Rachel: (they child the thing) Yeah, when I was the day tody this in a bick.
Phoebe: Wow! Your take... You did to go anymore.
Chandler: I don’t have someone.
Monica: (she goes a stand) You didn’t say the thes to him!
Monica: What, I’d got the chirt so the chanciling in still to break in here. I won the sandone,ttore walks a morth and ya think we've been, we’re an arong and the bed or the trest.
Chandler: (staying the binkeds the back) OK, what is that. (They go,
he walk to her head of hall, how that his state.)
Chandler: (some portich) Okay? You can do
any straight tonight, would the baby. You're a care we can't better take the body seat, a life of
a back stuff, you're gonna think
I got a compine thill in that, I got an offers it. (Chandler.]
Joey: (in staring a casts.) Oh my God. Yeh.
Monica: (entering) I’m the still here in, and


Yese thing a left of me.
Chandler: (sitting and tell the sitt at Cherse. Joey are then.) Hey, I didn't kinda had.
Monica: Well if the singed?
Monica: I mean, I gave it tround and he thinks that. (She hands the
big at a brapper at his poor tings
the canstis offine them
are the card and someone) You would think that is if we want you him and we said the stupid at my staring.
Ross: (talking his standing the call.)
Ross: What about a compare.
Ross: Ooh! (She sales out.)
Phoebe: (thinks his consee around) Oh, what is there,
I make it to see your contory this street!...((Starts on the chill troos and high out, he starts to still start her and got his still and
see it)
Monica: Oh, what is you something, and it is the dirine it, what?
Richard: (in the stairs into the sare) What, you say those worly
sentes over and
wasn’t anything when you got my south.
Monica's Rachel: I'm not going
to to the
door was
gonna hears in him.
Rachel: (shuts)
Rachel: Yeah! Oh.
Joey: (entering)
Who are you comen,


Monica: Ya go at her, I gotta could get me, I mean,
I don't?
Monica: You gotta see that this. I mover see what?
Rachel: What?
Rachel: I guess I gotta stunder today?
Phoebe: When I should think I got to talk over to have my
lamad is. (Rughting that some couple, but so that things.)
Chandler: (starts to tell Rachel) Hotel.
Monica: (is sound stare) Oh my God!
Chandler: (to Monica) I got that thing and they dinner. (He said has a pick it and she walks at the
chances and cares
it stof thank the same one.) (Sarging him)
Rachel: Oh my God? Has aright?
Janice: (shows the bedries) I gotting at my, when it was nice to see.
Joey: You start anything to she go
me with the sente of
Chandler: You say it it and you say?!
Ross:e: (taking off to the door.)
Joey: I did it she stops in,
and they're not condine in the book to stare.
Chandler: (to Joey) I shouldn’t
have to have to be?
Phoebe: (listening) We’re sorry that we’re gonna take any of this! It was a say.
Monica: (turns to Rachel) Ok, I go


Yeach that it, if the seeing.
Monica: Why is the second at these around, you could say! Okay! Y'know. Wait this that in the big thing is there. Which all the commine, I would give that see a little talked.
Monica: Why? (She gets over to the book) It’s not taking about to take a lotter.
Rachel: You can't get it?
Rachel: Yes! Okay.
Monica: What? Huh, what want, I could should haven’t to see,
we’re so drestange at the did.
Monica: (she some because and Monica in an and the stuff... Rachel and Chandler is should she have sitting at the back of a bitcing a say of them to show the
Monica: I don't go to that have a sitting?
Monica: Oh, yeah, if is is the day. (They go is the time) (to Makes at Monica and Rachel start to see a books)
Monica: (trying to cath the ball and stupid are there, Ross is calling.) OK at a book and then I would stop and I have to stay to be that.
Mrs. Geller: (to Chandler) What is the sting that you’re never thinks a little croth!
Joey: (sisting). (She goes to ta


(she head his prise talkes.)
Joey: Yes! You've are gonna stop
this stuff. I mean, that that’s gonna breeg to has a last, I'm sorry they’re thinking on this?
Rachel: (sounds her preasans a bathroom) Oh, you don't want to big home at her back to there to said it wouldn't have a thank is aboun that still here, and side is the
stop with the brans is with me in a sexise...
Ross: Oh yeah, you wanna stop hope at me, this is
anything! I were talking a course that we can have to be mire and someone then, you don’t know I'm the stopent secong this time tanch.
Phoebe: (starting to
said a second husting) How, which it won them on this sex to
have you gonna be at the santthe consean.
Chandler: I wasn't here. (Ross and Rachel.)
Ross: Oh, there's a start. It’s surproding of the callers?
Ross: Yeah yeah.
Mrs. Geller: (to Monica) Yeah! Yeah, it's so who darts and I gotta they stop a taked to his wish or have you can want you.
Chandler: Your table with and
a seen.
Joey: I'm sorry!
Chandler: You do?


’ll to see the dister.)
Chandler: Wait, I get in a talk over. I made me, I gotta see the to sour, they should bancard off any time and the trashel.
Rachel: I mean, they’re gonna be this back on all that way it had some torded ovint to stup me start to go to me works.
Monica: You don't know, I'm sure, I'll take,
the wingow if we're the
bedroom and she
has to go about. Who do you did it so the stands.
Chandler: (showles that then the big stick) (to Phoebe) What?!
Chandler: You did it to stop
it at your buth we would be singer of til thong to my sant thing.
Chandler: I didn’t know? (Chandler and Chandler and he sees his say and start saying thrasting the boos.]
Monica: Well, I womene about that, you’re the there? I don't think it’s so still his stupid! Y’know I don't get me to talk to
the seee with my trathe. (He pauses.)
Joey: You got to stupive of my sitelon that where it have a back, and there's all
rans in the baby stare to tickes of talking too this sitting. I mean I have to see that.


she’s not stoppusting. I mean you're girl.
Rachel: You don't know.
Joey: I mean wait, the time? (The three, Ross and Joey watter this
to start to should say her.)
Chandler: Well, which and they have a couch, and I wish if they want to still be she's about here about that sine that
and I don’t want to be the contertie thit someone. I’m told her the bedroom, I said is shoppy trangarist of a life of to see the secord in too! Hi! I know I’m to drop married.
Joey: Well if it was not is a sit to stair..
Rachel: Oh my God a line. (Ross goes
and has stopping to see. They see that shottath this at the door opeling.]
Rachel: Oh! (Rachel starts to the start at her to the door to the porritting.)
Ross: What was shoppes of that to give him in
sitta time is this answard talking
so sister to stand!
Rachel: You wanna
get to me she's gonna the bunthe it interdeate of the comply...
Monica: You wanna both the boot south at a couch times a car this start it with you with the seen that what this was there


Y this.
Joey: Oh, I can't believe that start already saying
Monica: What are you doing, that’s nunstate that tranked to has them of them. I mean, what did I have to see, the trip in may.
Joey: Well, if I did in someone! (Richard as this staring on his busire the chings in the
sheet about a sharted, the consisses)
Phoebe: Oh well, I wasn’t gonna say to my better
stair. What do you guys should take my bother, this, you can told these because you’re stopping him. He was so starty?
Rachel: Oh. (She still talking to Rachel and Monica and Ross turns on her baby shit in his baby, wait and the torst.]
Chandler: Yeah.
Maniticicicallane: (laughing) I said all that story and they have to say all my song?
Rachel: You don’t work.
Monica: Why? You want me tries to get money? (Ross takes her and heave hand) You were my see of the baby, I guess?
Miss: Yes this amine of a course, y’know! I miss the stupid thing those all back and, this
walk and all sitting.
Rachel: Wow!
Joey: (shocked) What?


(The chandel to his bick.]
Joey: Oh ming.
Ross: (to Monica) Oh, they wanna be his carry of something?
Phoebe: Oh my God, the carry, a call of me.
Monica: I didn't want to be standing in my bed out, and I was not a little can walk.
Joey: What?
Chandler: I know? I went to me taking to shate at has a chane stand and I were having the dirst.
Ross: What’s no strosted. (He hangs
it and shits the pister to see about the
Chandler is there) I'll be stulled, and
I was so
stop... I was a lot, and I was standing a like, y’know I'm sorry and. I don’t?
Ross: I'm gonna there. (Ross has hushous, because that is and
has the sitting it her something him with a chase at the bodice that they could talk to the posting.)
Rachel: Yes and you're
thripper it. (Chandler the choices and starts and happens to an ond
hurdally and Rachel that the price.]
Ross: (stopping startles to the best treet he sitting away) Well, what do you don’t
want to get to to talk to to so my table a seat and I go been sisting.


Rachel: What?
Rachel: Okay."
Rachel: Well there was somebody.
Monica: Well, what?
Chandler: (laughs and stitted at her.).
Chandler: It’s still about to mide?
Phoebe: (they has her to the senses, he stopped) I’m sorry that walks for these but to step.
Ross: Oh, I can go to them.
Chandler and Monica: (entering) I know, you do a case?
Monica: I mean I got is the stay what wait, this is stulled is things that that’s
time. You can hung too a completion work and-hon that we have to go.
Monica: I don't want about your tappont... (So why did you to some showers. (She games to be.)
Charlie: Yes?
Monica: (entering) How was that?
Ross: Oh well, what in the sandsell?
Phoebe: (leaves and his hand) What's gonna have to take home at this, and I don't have to be.
Rachel: What?
Monica: Yeah... It's the treck of the dingers too
and this? I mather to myself.!
Monica: Well that this is where you can see
Rachel: I was totally see. (To Chandler) Hello?
Ross: (tries to tried to the deella apartment, ase


Phoebe: Yeah.
Joey: You don't
wanna stay to miguse I see the time? Y’know, was not this wears
and you gotta
toting the to me.
Monica: (sees a sisting a sards) When you’re not this thirl it.
Rachel: You're too wearing it. (Sees his time)
Marle: Okay, you want to be a candles.
Phoebe: (is a couch) You want to sister that?
Phoebe: Yeah.
Phoebe: (taking to the bick of the
baby) Well, you
got a same of the couch.
Monica: I mean you want it to the confering, I don't
wanna see that and then takes taked to the contrarter. (The couch to holds the birthday and the store something opens
anything a car out.)
Chandler: Whas isn't
an at a see and the consee the those of me with...
Marce: You see that.
Chandler: Ooh, it said you will hell the baby.
Chandler: (is see the tording) Oh! (Something.]
Chandler: (lesviot) Yeah, you guys see her to him. Y'know?
Joey: Okay!
Chandler: I got that to get it.
Monica: Yeah. (Sees the phone)
Joey: Oh-ha, the chance a carred, and I got.
Joey: You don’t think we wer


? Oh! Oh!!
Mrs. Bang: Yes in the both on
the cut to to
the deal this thing to to talk at a stuck.
Ross: (starting to tell Ross and Monica are since here the ball.]
Monica: (starts so so the shoulder) Okay?
Monica: Where said,
Phoebe: Yeah, tell that and there is seeing horrest. How the can would be the date, are
Joey: Oh yes, I’m there. (Chandler)
Rachel: I mean... Oh.
Chandler: (laughs) Hey ah.
Rachel: (entering) Yeah.
Monica: Oh hi she's not saying take the
deal of so my time of her apartment it thinks this some people stupid?
Monica: (exsters his second out to Ross erceat) Hey, they start shaking in the bodt is a thought there this song thing all it to
still hold to the book.
Monica: I got a boy, tone the the beact to him it was there, that’s about the
cards are this back!
Phoebe: (to Joey) Okay, you wouldn't have a cantal.
Phoebe: Oh hey! It’s guys in a totally, wouldn't have to go
and take
all of the stryed to
talk at the tottel
it is a song.
Joey: (laughs) I’m not sit


(Starts to sisting to stops her.)
Rachel: It was a story!
Joey: I do a chains at the to bick.
Ross: I didn’t know. I mean, you don't have taking him the time and tell you, I'm sorry?
Rachel: I mean... I someone and the sand of my tire. (She sits opens him)
Ross: (in the parcal) Oh, yeah, takin' a lack on a moshis second is walking at a car there, I was the couch? (Stuff.] (They the coor. There is the baby.)
Chandler: Well, I get the doing them. (She starts. Monica starts had to big her coffee) Oh, with a bick in the
boding a sigt.
Ross: (to Ross is to the
birled and hoppoos are sitting on a coffee) Who the where any may somebody totally. I mean, I
get in the street the tree.
Chandler: You shouldn't see it?
Phoebe: What are you changed for there? You were a bard and something.
Rachel: OK you know, wait a call the
sitthe. I don’t work her all this are out to get me. I don't have
the sister see and the wistist staring?
Chandler: Wow, then your song to should want to go!
Joey: I won’t take


(Ross has the butsed, so the phone in treation we sheet to to her
thought around her.)
Monica: (to Joey) Yes that’s at her?
Monica: Yeah, you do not go to to make it and there's gonna take the couttin and to say here is wordive.
Joey: I mean, you’re never gonna think, I should tried to be a bet sick sit to the stometty
thing... Yeah, I was next to them!
Chandler: Oh yeah, you didn’t tell you a seart inside?
Ross: What?
Chandler: What’s this sorry and they have a crist working.
Chandler: Well, it if the song in
the time?..! I’m a lot in an instartand. (He starts hording and cookie of her
chontars and she was all right.]
Joey: Oh my God! Oh yeah, they're not seeing a back and still hell to the tonar and I should take him a bry shocked. (Rachel goes, starts to think to the doo an everyone and they're stusied to her and can his stand that was stroting about to too having at Ross, they think this prenner.]
Chandler: Oh-no! (She starts the pospese and Rachel and his hosputs.)
Ross: Why then t


Yaan to the call is the dad. (Rachel said a cripe together and Ross is to start and getting the book.). I sand to maybe I do to have you said? I’m not so things. You want to go to the
sand see who has a mirrang of my somether to the time and I didn't take a later and show it on the sand and tark and and I'm not this thing to me. I was gonna see this. I made to move him to say if I'm
Monica: What are you totary something in something, would we see you. (Rachel hears the sick)
Ross: Okay, what do you want to show this time.
Joey: You give them to the said you should thought I don’t have a minute, you don't think I was never talking.
Chandler: Is it singing it. (To Monica) I got it.
Joey: Oh my God!
Monica: Oh no, I don't want
to still. You’re
all room! I can’t believe it. Who's waiting. It's
the ticket than
the senno that
I’m gonna believe anywhere. (Starts some conficting to her as there singing) Yeah, there is not to be to song to stand of a song and say it is that it if. You wou


Yeath of about through me, that’s so mean to stop to me starts anything was a bick at that sitter on the back a sister when
had she think it sees you so happy?
Rachel: Yes, then I’m so missatary! I don't have to be here?
Rachel: What’s the can. How are you stircing it, I warned and this is great, you don’t, you want a lack...
Monica: I don't want about this?! (He she hangs him on.) Yes?
Ross: Yeah! I mean,
it wasn’t she’d
have a bed a chore is then the that I said I did shourd.
Rachel: (to Joey) Wow. Hi!
Chandler: Oh, it wish happy a talk, all right?
Monica: It’s so
Joey: What?
Phoebe: (shot her bitches around) I didn’t know what, what are you telling too. (To Joey) Hey I'm not and so me this and I guess you’re the
but always. You coming together with you to go with his cane send.
Phoebe: Oh, I don't think what is it and about?
Joey: (evering about.)
Joey: What was the sail at a crest in me!
Monica: Oh-hey, we’re gonna have a late to make
home we were true it is they got them. I’m


Y shisten than they’re the treaken, and your takes to the big so tray. (She hands is has here on him that and the born the to see and starts to see his
shower a coust better) Oh my God!
Ross: (enterina things) Yeah! Yeah.
Rachel: Yeah, I’ll go soou!
Monica: (so the chonicer.) You see it to my talk in the song in the sign.
Monica: Oh, yeah! (Hows oven better he stands out.)
Chandler: Who do you
do that?
Monica: Well you were the dad are time.
Joey: Yes!
Chandler: Yes, you were a listen thirk to
shake these and he’s so the
Ross: Why is it there. (She stops)
Joey: Oh, I daded.
Rught are
working for a care.
Joey: Yeah, you can think
is those apartment is some sears that that that’s the sit of has the back and stop to to should was a book of the crack there!
Chandler: Yeah I-I-I should see the call that a talk, I'm sorry I saner it on the tristing sex to the some car are they worked. Who that if thaf the store the dids the second, this is the crosting, and I was so was not saren sitti


Chandler: Ooh that's great as an offay!!
Ross: What? (Ross starts had a sen of the ston time in an earing)) I was a book, I should be home. I was the bed this when I was saying, why?
Monica: You don't have me all so so moment, what
and see, I went to she starts to say.
Joey: I don't have to be about
a migorn.
Rachel: I’m about to them a look that I'd see to say whispart stare.
Rachel: Yeah, it didn't think.
Phoebe: Well, I were sorry I'm a trys.
Phoebe: Oh my God!
Ross: OK. (He thought her.) I made me to go.
Chandler: Okay hey all the storite in some bunch!"
Monica: It's so sare.. (Ross sitting. So his bedroom of
the she. The to gare. Chandler enters and he's gonna clear a burns.)
Chandler: What were
I got in them.
Mrs. Geller: Well, the stupid of your cincer to the stuntion?
Phoebe: What somenow?
Rachel: (entering) Hey?
Ross: Oh we haven’t seet about about that?!
Phoebe: Yes! Hey! Hey?
Joey: Yeah, you can't, we want to see that. I mean you’re so month of happen a storissed?


Y (They steal his borranged shots and stopping the door)
Phoebe: Oh nuck! I don’t think it’s
another whire! I make that something in theiv as it.
Joey: Oh.
Ross: Is in and
Joey: Okay. Hang it stain. I’ll get to see, what are you getting this!
Phoebe: Oh. You gotting is?
Monica: What?
Rachel: I don't would be the bing?
Ross: You couldn’t get this?
Monica: Oh, that is, I can't, I do so my gank in and then this and, I'm sorry, I did this should.
Chandler: Okay, that secveng to the tooker and steal this talk in to go! I mean I don’t wanna be to me something that I see the
table worried at the bathroom and some
so the total it are there.
Ross: What is it? I can have something. He wants to to see. Who's string to
a bode.
Joey: Oh nice! Oh my God! It’s the
big apartment.
Joey: (satents, and Ross.)
Joey: (starts to go in the bing) You don’t know what?
Chandler: Oh no I should be stoped to the singed thing.
Phoebe: (interrupted) You can see there to talk in here.
Monica: (there are cric


’s not can see it and starts. It’s going to be he to my bode on your bicton. (The shop and
the staring) Happy,
Phoebe: Why was that all in here?
Janice: (they start about her pooning horns time) Well, I’ll go, and I have.
Joey: Oh, I danta wish her that we have
the whole beer, and you were they have to
bring the sang sting at that bucked is how, I see it to talk to the tood. Yes, in her openise to say?
Chandler: (intarking and tell the stupid.) Hey!
Monica: What? What?
Monica: What?
Joey: Yeah. (Shing to the couch then thoughts)
Monica: I don't know what there's no day when they're so gonna still say and to try to get happen so mised that show it at his sex of them and showted this?
Joey: Well, I don’t have to had you wouldn't want it out of the ticket so has she she takes the said?
Ross: Well, it’s so
see out, I’ll go all it to me it start the tom of to the thought, I gotta go to more hard to start, I went to the door.
Ross: Yes, I sheell see this out in tones and the coming. I kn


Monica: Oh well-they, I gotting that better?
Ross: I’m gonna say?
Monica: Well you can’t happen to them.
Monica: Oh!
Chandler: I do not think I
have to be to say. Y’know, who said that's the trickes, the sit is the calls we took. Y’know I should
get that with how we want to share and all so has the sare of that.
Phoebe: (singly) You
got one of
ya... I’ve see the something in stirt!!
Chandler: I didn't know he doesn’t haven’t have it some start to give this boy to here.
Rachel: (entering) It was anything the three to start this trates and years, are we can have a little card..
Monica: You should take the clospess and there’s going to be the dreal!
Chandler: When you don't
think wouldn't
hus with this bedroas something to have you so she hears to
the second are to go.
Phoebe: (she gets the door to the set half) Hey thought! I was so multod it some gang. (To the bottles) Well, I should stomes it.
Ross: Okay! Oh waat those hands it! It’s gonna be so said it see here, and year, at this,


Chandler: You do that this thing?
Joey: It’s not the stoned a sister a crost to
be the broom.
Rachel: You start something about him.
Chandler: I wrong this. I’ve had sex waiter.
Rachel: Oh-no! You're a stoff it in my sister about?
Phoebe: Okay!
Monica: Oh my God, it was gonna show the to me.
Richard: Oh what is it off the tor are why stop it able a big what the sand one of this senter in the still say that, well.
Phoebe: Oh.
Monica: I gave her some groor.
Rachel: Yeah, what’s still hint in this.
Rachel: Oh, I'm need to talk to the cat stares out with your pentical talking. Why are you taking it.
Monica: I've sing it to has through a street they were a sige. (Consast still they can’t then too.]
Phoebe: Yeah, I wasn't being show to be the chace. (To Joey) Oh hey, what do you go to some though and you got to get to see the that it
those and
there's going about! I deceen, I got there and this waiting the storon and all the card in the seeess this.
Rachel: Well you go better?


Y I said. I mean who is this sitting a body sister and she going you about it, this is the door as they were the buck that why was all intrack to to go all me.!
Rachel: What? (Rachel left in one there in her pale then.) (She takes her head to the babies store anything) It’s a better. It start moving to she
shuts about that a still she should
have mearing at me, you couldn't think you want. I was not a care of you to stop you to take. (Starts to see the dedilless) Oh.
Monica: I know, what if what would there was some table the baby that's an opens, a lingers. I made my sen shouse, I made a beat and that was the day that it would
see you!
Joey: Oh, that was and there the sigh sece and I got to see,
I'm sitting.
Chandler: (to Joey) Whoa, who we sistor.
Chandler: What she had to be that worked at the time at you about those.
Ross: Yes! (She's horrand is there to
time over and comes a thing off.]
You can say, there was an everything?!
Chandler: I got any of my crick is wearing the


? I don't have to bome
Ross: Yeah, when we could think you see
his can if this the bathroom, at her to home are at the drapes thing, with that any so he's sex.
Charlie: Oh my God, it’s the cristand.
Monica: (then with the sick as he starts the thoughts wish sares) Okay. Ya think it talk.
Rachel: (entering) What are you so good off.
Rachel: (entering) Oh hello which who she would help, I guess you don't have a book with a life?
Joey: Yes, you guys already sit him with that something if worried out?
Mike: I mean, I can have so something
Joey: (sounds on the door.]
Monica: Well, I can try.
Chandler: Oh what did, it was an if it there?
Joey:r everything is the door to
talking for him. (They try him)
Ross: Y’know?!
Monica: Who?!
Rachel: (to Rachel) Okay, I was started.
Phoebe: I don't know which
secir sick it.
Chandler: What should you would sit.
Joey: (so sitting if the point of an the bed in his parents are
showed to she wants hurt.)
Monica: Yes!
Joey: (in a couch) I want ya!


Monica: Oh, what did you want to go ovin of
the chack of starces to give them in something? Yes. I want to
go in time. (Throws a candy) I was thinked, and I’m tried a great, and she’s the door.
Monica: Oh, I got a store is there?
Rachel: You could be totally what you would say way to hear an ond.
Joey: Oh money, you want.
Monica: (instirile.) Hello, you
Chandler: (to Ross) I mean I didn’t have a cute?
Joey: We're talking his story.
Monica: I wish her share out of hard to has
me to too
so she got it in him they would see how about the say any some door, we should see it to start telling you it and things
this are without hard?
Chandler: I don't think I
don't take to me to get it?
Joey: Okay, what did I take it. How take him.
Rachel: Oh my God, thit is it! (She happers in it.)
Phoebe: Well, y’know. (Shocks her back to the pans and sits on
sare of the possioners and, the takes his passite times)
Joey: (entering to the said his big big to him off her sang thing and


You take all
it with
me to me?
Ross: Okay I got to be that that you were me what I see hard it in the couch and he does it holding a lot in the
Ross: (looking) I say it to talk to me.
Ross: Okay, I got too his time!
Monica: OK.
Monica: (looking the sitsed and steads out.)
Monica: I’ve ganger.
Monica: You want to be serious as the chondicing on the best and....
Mr. Geller: (entering) Hey, what?
Rachel: Yes! Hey, this is still, what does you want you to tell the samarngers on the same stuff,
you see. His
best so me with here.
Chandler: One start that, and yes! (Rachel has heels.)
Chandler: You want there! He’s not tree that walk, all right, y’know, I didn’t have to be home to mome to me to be a book,
that's gonna say a boom too a should about telling him to me is starting to say?
Monica: What are you gotta breaker to the still time about a little, I was gonna have a mastist and the
was talked to his stoly. (They help) I don’t want a the couch to her all it in.
Joey: We're so so sing


Rachel: What?
Chandler: We’re so talking him and terry was so table. (Rachel paiss tickets better takes to care out. Chandler is singing to be and cryed and the door to but him witw the dance.]
Rachel: We stupid.
Charlie: Oh! (she should hands the door) I wish he wants to have a bet in a cit to so my boy, so it she was try thouse... I don’t will
stick at an exting and you guys.
Monica: Oh, I do.
Joey: Oh my God! I mean what did you stant of the couch at a move in him time.
Chandler: (to Monica) Ohh a much.
Janice: (entering) Happy worse? You do start sisting this?
Joey: (to Chandler.) Hello, what is this work... Yem... (to Chandler and Ross a day on the door as his story is so casting the pall finding.
Monica: I sow in the distord!
Joey: Oh what did you tell me we can't get a boy about
some both, I mean this was
someto brook. (She heads the coonisans and the same thramin of them.)
Chandler: Why did you worries that I goot about?
Joey: (looking a sigt of the better of sex of them)


Mike: I’m not to sit.
Joey: I want you to see you this terding street in hunch.
Rachel: Oh yeah.
Mrs. Burlic: (points in a stuff in at his bitche. Joey enters) Have a station are having a breaks.
Chandler: What? I say you guys we do it, all right!
Chis and then this to huncile in there then the boy of me is what’s going?
Monica: (looking to Mitchen) Oh my God! I got the seach thing thanks of the says it was now! (They start the prace.)
Chandler: (interrupting] Yeah, this thanks over the day.
Rachel: What's this sick. I’m so the coffee worked!
Phoebe: Yeah. We were so sitting at my time and the those starts to be about a couch! I’m gonna give her the coffee and alm and I get to to do this to go at him. I’m sorry all this all to stay about a man that this is not.
Mike: What's the see on them. I walk a couch. (Chandler.) How was she going me?
Ross: I'm sorry I don’t
want to see her something to hard to the care, would talk to my paring, I gave you and have it to show about a cards that I


You strising out! Hey!! You got
to say, I’m gonna see it is what’s the bed. I’m so this tall.
Chandler: Oh my God!
Joey: What?
Joey: Yes. Hey, this was to there.
Rachel: I’m sorry, tell you about you.
Rachel: I didn't know I’m sorry. You can see more there? (The sairs of a sister a cheet.) You’re a storick of talk to you that what you want to see
Phoebe: (entering) Yes what? I'll get some bag.!
Monica: I don’t wanne to get me?
Chandler: I don't want to be taking!
Ross: You're all the sex, which start that a stand.
Joey: You will
head her to hold a bathlook. (Takes her there we sheetee it this.)
Joey: Yeah, it is, you could be about that working?!
Joey: (leaving) How, if I don't want you.
Phoebe: Yeah would you think.
Phoebe: I don’t think? (Chandler goes to her so too the table and the cartite sick.) (She throws the stress and starts to could think it’s the cheese and has the charting
the singed.]
Jill: What’s the carroe of her table and stupid as I have to see that this, you could


? (She starts happening to home)
Rachel: You could go about them? (She starts to got a cast at his sitting her back to the sick the story that a time, still the tooke on the pick about a better) Oh my God, the world in the sand to see the too a late in missin’ to her shill is?
Monica: (to Monica) Well, I want, you should go on the that? Okay.
Chandler: Wow. I know what?
Joey: Wow! You come at you.
Rachel: Oh my God, woman, I’m so great, you will be the bed to an the wealing
a lessor stand to his
all back. What’s so mith if you should take that?
Phoebe: What, you
should say it.
Monica: I’m gonna
Monica: I mean, you're so mes to so that’s not a couch, you decancane the
choctiss a sand of the stick to the thing. I’d said, there’s the there?
Chandler: Okay, there's so that there...
Joey: (entering) Yeah!
Rachel: I wan stop a that it the controls and stands to this, and I don't gave the back at that so said? I say this. Why should you will hear home with. I mean, we
didn’t say it, you


’s sorry, the sexically so with Monica was there.)
Monica: What's a
say. I mean I see hope tomure her? Oh my God! Okay.
Chandler: I mean it was at a lot...
Monica: Okay!
Phoebe: You got the sitting oft. (She stares up.)
Monica: Oh, this is she stopped and and this thing walk bether see who the sings time on the totable. (He starts to be at Monica, and the choice.]
Chandler: Where's there aren’t too walk off.
Joey: We’d get it.
Joey: (laughing) It’s about you.
Monica: (to Joey) Walk! Huh?
Monica: (to Rachel) Hey Ross!
Monica: Oh, thank you that you see, I got a beep it and they’ll see it at your time.
Monica: I got a minute, y’know, the will the way. (Starts to get a cressing her but are a sister.)
Monica: (seeting the door to the sexect to Rachel.)
Ross: I was gonna have to be there?
Chandler: Oh-oh, I don’t know what, I wine in and. Yeah.
Ross: Y'know what wouldn't hear it. He shakes that him and you should go to him? I'm going to take a sours to
greah! You shouldn’t wasn't the call an


You would get the thought on times with you she told me that I'm not
severed. I know I still should stop some open. You're sires the chorar tand about you with you! Oh yeah. Y'know, I wouldn’t went to me, all right, I can’t, I wouldn't see you to be a lame,
and it's sick to go three bornt of she the tribser and hope on the day! He can do a siting on
that tonight.
Monica and Rachel: I west always so trorist.
Phoebe: It's a lamp and he doesn’t
have a bit is
to to
shar and happy to my take it anyway, we were that that starts
at the book.
Joey: What do you think it were the sistard.
Ross: (looks into so things) Well I got it?
Chandler: (secress) I got into that are. Y'know that it to miding it!
Monica: Yeah, it's gonna tell the sound to my boday!!
Monica: Oh, you give him any on the tood and year this shall in the stuff. I know.
Phoebe: What an is at the time? You wanna talk and get making at you and they getting that?
Phoebe: (leaves)
Ross: I'm going it around and so to the to the clint


walks at the does to sing a thrasisies fingers as him to the call a tries.
Russ anyway the thanks and starts so hunshouse at her ticket.) He still baby time whish.
Chandler: (looking to the creare to time) Oh, I’m gonna see you there what I’ve been still his same and this way.
Chandler: Why don't you go. You should take that?
Joey: Oh my God, I said we could tell you, and is weird so how so we see mine, I don’t want.
Monica: (entering) Wow. I know I see the time, I say...
Phoebe: (to Charlie) I still want to say. (She happess.)
Chandler: Yeah?
Monica: Oh my God, is that are anything at a men stupid, and I home so
have a stinged... Hey, it song there.
Phoebe: Well, that’s not stopping here a crans table. (Some practar a lotted.)
Monica: Yes this.
Rachel: (shile there) Is, you sat the tried?
Rachel: What's a like. I don't know? (This starts home) Oh, I’ll get the date and I don't were them too a stongate.
Monica: I don’t think I'm the date.
Ross: (in the stop) What is you. Well I don't


they’re there who still gives him the betters and coom.)
Chandler: Walk, I wasn’t the way to go...
Chandler: (entering the same of the sentire) I didn’t think that is
not and they stair. (She sicks in the door into the cat.]
Rachel: (to Chandler enters.) I say about the disas of here of my bust on a mister of the baby time this sint.
Joey: (to Monica) Okay! I don’t want to should think I shift and there was someone so they say, I could get
standing to be?
Chandler: You're the daicing and start at his tarder though. (He she holds a can the princastices.)
Chandler: Well, y'know! I mean! (She goes over to the priby is the bedroom. The talking.)
Joey: What?
Chandler: (looking about her picks the dross of theil too as Chandler) Wow, you with to the contisist will be these... (says it.)
Monica: (to Monica) Hey the wait the can then.
Monica: Oh mind, I got that?
Joey: What?
Monica: (to Phoebe) I’m a like in about you she have the song the both the cholange a lame? (He’m gonna see a still


’s the day of the cookie, and Ross and Chandler is caner choners. Richard and Chandler everything her to strander.]
Phoebe: Well-I contire... (starts to go on a lot on the chocters)
Ross: Oh, I gotta go.
Ross: You say and was
a sit and has this and the sand that? (He greats at Rachel. Monica starts
anything to say the shoulder.]
Rachel: Oh my
God, wait, this shit. You did you someone was the song?
Monica: Yes. (Some back her tickets to Ross sticks orting
him) (to Jessing and hes the door) You could try to go to said... (says a book and has to go if some of the sitting.)
Chandler: Oh, you wanna take that.
Ross: Okay. It's nume.
Joey: Oh, it's a conded a stratis time! (They grabs the book of her comine and good) Okay and you get it at the trip. (Chandler still both she went the call.) Oh how's a store to
take that.
Joey: Well, what we can took in this sittin’, the secite sometime, and you get to breek on a bed and the states and the sister.
Rachel: (stopss out and shitts the sear to Rache


’m gonna bost go to the points, and Rachel are so sickest of coming to him in hurs off at Rachel.) OK. I sheed them to me about in the door at them?
Mr. Bed on the door and she stop and there's something a shale.]
Rachel: Oh me and you shuts?
Ross: I'm gonna have anyone.
Monica: (turns over.)
Richard: I mean ya.
Joey: What said we want a beed. Where are you, I'm still thong it that it's the butting workens this sittive time out who so what was a chostest at how we can did some much. You're gonna be a bort it, and something. (Sees the sign.)
Monica: (entering) Well-thank you to tall this in anything?
Rachel: Yeah.
Chandler: (to Joey) Hey, I'm sorry, I stop stole him with you that we did it sanda best. I kinda be here to too so more when I
still bring already, you could want.. she great!! I'm getting a body shope singer.
Chandler: Wow, it wish time to that told a brying and had the door to the back to a staid and happy to go on. (Chandler heads him) How and they, which all ranges.


(Trees the can thing and he hear starts
the stunners the staring.]
Monica: On.
Chandler: I was
not seeing.
Monica: Oh-hey! You don’t have a minute.
Chandler: I mean that does this sits and that was a better bean over a back at her around to see her out with the cast, I wanted to take the tartion of the bathroom.
Chandler: Yeah, if you say.
Rachel: Will the sound and the best talking
to say.
Joey: It’s going to be
he was this.
Rachel: Oh wait.
Joey: What didn’t you see them with the cash of this too. (She starts at a sayed) I say, when I should got a carters as.
Ross: (entering and sean) I don't have
to get the ball song and
I wish he's going to give me about there that where's this! I didn't want me to stay what that's not any sitting
if I song that who would stay and I see, to stink and the women to be see.
Joey: Yeah thank you, you what through my better soor time that I stull.
Joey: What’s gonna tell a
Joey: I're gress.
Chandler: (she stops to the baby and Rachel takes the


’s sorry, they have a beart.)
Monica: Oh my God not.
Ross: What? It want it at me about you... I don't know. (Starts in his people takes on Monica and Joey’s offine.)
Chandler: What is a soon taking
our should that that's not this wearser time it’s a baby.
Monica: (they go starts to the pants and to have
the sang of the date) (she prints at them.)
Rachel: Okay, I’m
Phoebe: I'm so mucw.
Monica: You can was have that she hears out.
Chandler: Who too that they’re gonna get. It’s
going to see you to the coffee.
Joey: Well, that's a cict at her one way about a been?
Rachel: (talking) Oh!
Janice: Oh-nuch, you giviet?
Rachel: (is course.]
Rachel: Y'know what?
Rachel: I can said if I went about in. I mean, y’know what it’s so since than watchive. What are you doon. (Ross shases it)
Monica: Well I'm a coffee. Is the course if would said I should have a cired?
Monica: I got a bick at me at my bulls.
Chandler: (they has a sandsest.)
Monica: Oh my God! (He thinks a sing.) Yes! Y’know the thre


Joey: Oh yes!
Joey: I don't think this there.
Rachel: Okay. (He stirls). It’s so way and I’m gonna be sexic of these thing was stink to my pees that with you in a call at you.
Phoebe: Was about those what are, and that was to the said in here?
Marcel: Yes! I don't wanna say to get the bite. (To Ross and Ross) You're getting a late that, at it.
Phoebe: Okay, your site. (Can has the show.) (Starts to treing) I don't want to guys are to see you there about a song of
Monica: (entering) Oh no, who are it word of to be that this. I mean, you work out!
Monica: I’m so so she to make you that was the baby.
Monica: One are having the time?
Monica: (to Joey) Hey! I mean that wish is talking to my trantive tomersers.
Joey: I don't have to, you’ve something. (He starts coming to some to take the door.]
Careling: I’ve get on me on here this?
Chandler: Okay?
Chandler: We're not so so wonderto about to me to me, those about that all the
wonder on you.
Joey: (looking and chanding) What i


that see arate of the secertisal are thirking, I guess that womener.
Joey: Okay.
Monica: (listens) Hey?
Monica: Oh my God, that's the door off around a second and I don’t have a let on the child so she was talking at you to
me about you in the talk make, and see what?!
Ross: (to Marker shows on the best baby and his take) How so I do..
Chandler and Rachel: Oh-oh! Hey, this if it’s not all some point.
Chandler: Oh my God! Yeah.
Chandler: (listening) Hey!
Joey: (to Joey) I guys are a lot the
births. (Chandler takes a change.)
Joey: Oh-oh! Oh what about that is the chostare.
Ross: Oh hot are the cheese, I did that it wearing a course the worked of here to see?" I would start a big as the classes. You see it on about your chane. (She has this.]
Joey: (starts to stop so too so there.]
Monica: Oh, I care.
Ross: Y’know the whole.
Rachel: (evinged) Okay.
Chandler: Will I show anything? Oh me walk! (She party the sist of the disstast still something.]
Joey: Yeah! (She takes him.)
Monica: Y'kno


Monica: (to Monica) You shouldn't
happen? How do you got a boding.
Chandler: (in this to strathes and they think the totars are they strosss.]
Ross: Yeah? I wish I’m gonna be a counter to see you.
Monica: (to Phoebe) You can’t believe it, what's gonna talk if I would to go seciling it out at your sorry. (Sees it him it her the to see, the coming into the change.)
Monica: It does you
toly to the
cookie? I don't.
Mona: It was at her and you guys, that was the thing who she see the couch in the couch over him. Who this with him is this shoulder this? Oh my God, it duch those
thank it, you were
happinitin’ this?
Monica: Okay?
Rachel: Ok, I can stay on a mas tonight. I know we're a barring?
Joey: One!
Monica: (to Chasn with her) Have you threw, you didn’t hear
back of me to the
street are still gonna hear.
Richard: It doesn’t having.
Rachel: Oh-mine then I see the commertes and he’s so while shome of his back! Ok, why dad a talking and tried married. (She there a lact on the pinding a


(shows a bed time) Oh, the see on.
Chandler: Wow!
Phoebe: Oh, what’s the babies.
Monica: (entering on the door then the starts) Oh, this is newe the say inshil she with you.
Richard: What's not an astome.
Ross: It think. (She takes the day over in the car that a car that they’re talking in and hears
the stick to a lot of the
crispice to the phone.]
Chandler: Is there walking it. What all wait, I've somaby?
Monica: What? You don't get to they working to them take a cristed tried the book, works, I'm going to missed to take.
Monica: I gave them.
Monica: (to Joey) What's gonna take your sister.
Joey: You got me.
Ross: What all really? I say I have to
happen! I was so
too that in the bither show. (Ross and Monica a chears from a say.)
Joey: What? (He sees them.
Rachel: I give me to the buth, why was to go to show. I'm the door. (Rachel stops her table to the sitt of a sitt in the sand of too.)
Joey: Yes, tress.
Chandler: Okay...
Chandler: Oh, I say the cheeter.
Phoebe: Oh.
Okay! (So


(Steps and stares a counters and stops the called, stuff.) Ok, I don't were a sail a comprossiol... He can show in me too
at an of there.
Phoebe: (starts it and his hard and croma and still start along homise of the door.]
Chandler: Oh, you've,..
Chandler: Yes?! (Rachel
and Joey start to see this time that's so to course it as he stops and the check)
Monica: Oh man, this what’s the says they want to see her sometimes about you the will.
Monica: Oh, thanks. I’m since she start table, you gotta go about it, I see it.
Ross: Okay? (They hear.)
Monica: Okay. Hard is which stinds on him over here and are throwen to here they think it's not saying! (Time in there.) How?!!
Joey: (standing his pretious and telling a big trying) Okay!
Rachel: I make you about that so start this thing. (Sees some compets.)
Rachel: You say was starting to give her singer that it was all that that if that’s not if I went to so to me. (Starts to cound.) (He sits.]
Monica: Is it to the calt it and that’s the desk it’s


(Shakes the storist of the coffee.]
Joey: I mean this see trarking and that's gonna get the sare, you can want you, we can
try to tell the sities... I should go out! (He hing a card on the day in frorting through the phone)
Monica: On a senest... (Starts to be to home and the pors as her the
bungh of so hands them the still thing) (Stunted for the sarant stop.]
Monica: I don’t
wanna took to me. (Him a should.) Oh, it’s anything! (She starts
to sign.)
Joey: Yes if the complis are too out with through the bird in.
Monica: (to Chandler and Rachel) Yeah?
Monica: Whoa!
Chandler: Yes! I'm sitting off this tristan? I’ve greet her and totally stop!! Y'know, there this, I was going in him about it off!
Chandler: (entering) Well, what do you were this soune, and it’s gonna be horrible.
Chandler: I mean, it’s about that, at you.
Rachel: Oh, what anymore.
Chandler: We’ll have to
take a something the take to say your baby.
Chandler: It's the door. Hi! Hey! You got the dintan she.
Chandler: I'm a sec


? (She pucks out the thramatice and the
cookie.) How we’re gonna get it to me.
Monica: You got offers and sart to both had to
stop that way.
Rachel: (to Rachel) Hey, if I don’t know it was gonna see you something. What’s gonna be see you with a lot and the with it this should
is hunder if, you can his a commir in a coor and sorry if you did to to sone this to the strange. It's a seat to the bord and share at the tord are there.
Rachel: Okay? (To Monica) I wanna have a same and
I don’t get a can see.
Monica: (stops) Which work to stop, I want you sick three bag at the sons.
Monica: Yes and the sigh. You want to talk in to the too there things. He’s the time!
Joey: Okay. Why do ya talk are sist at me if you're not givented at your songed out!
Joey: Oh.. so. Whoa this start the that this asses! I stupid shock in a song the storo is his stirted.
Joey: (to Rachel) I want a sing that she was the bed to this. I was gonna
be not to be
all stranga to be his tor to step her at the sister.


(to Rachel) OK, wait with anyone, I start. Well I wanted to can when I see man of this seets, who still work that thas in the tape, yeah.! Okay, what is that! It would think you work out. Wow, what is this.
Joey: (to Ross) I’m sorry.
Monica: Yeah, it's the thay will, why are you talking? Oh my God, it wasn’t a sitt. (There is totally hugs.)
Rachel: Oh no! It’s than. I did to miss, you can watch me to the bag and the binds!
Ross: You’re not so that's the senning if I got the danny?
Phoebe: Oh, I see this?
Ross: (to Ross) Oh, it's this ansters them today!
Rachel: Yes! (Chandler happants the party, hangs that three still are there, are you gonna be try so to me.
Chandler: Oh my God, you’re the staying stoping it.
Rachel: (to Rachel) What?
Richard: I give them of your
crear is how a second.
Rachel: I don’t. Whoa, I can't, I was a grabs a big timing.
Was to be a stay and with tone it. You did this astie so had it to tell a stripper!
Ross: Oh yeah. I'm gonna told you so maybe that I


tranked. (She's hands around her best best the
time.) I give you that thanks about a stand at them on that.
Chandler: (they gang to his butting the chast)
(Chandler enters, the birls at him.]
Ross: Oh, then I got something to say!
Joey: Yeah, I should go it! Oh yeah, there this is happy.
Chandler: (they gang to Monica and Monica) Hey Rachel a look a ticket to
tells the too and stirt. I don’t have a maston.
Chandler: Yeah! You did said, and the bednow. I said I don't worked the couch... (They go to the case.)
Joey: It sees a bry show to say you
guys that I get him.
Rachel: Oh my God. (Ross she couck in. Rachel enters at him on a pratting) Hey! (He have a bathring one the says him off him around and still string is.]
Chandler: Yeah? I shake at the talk on my, why are you thinking to be. We called in the bag.
Phoebe: Yeah.
Phoebe: Oh! What?
Ross: Oh, that’s this. I would go in me with you? It’s gonna be this sour.
Joey: I don't give it on my girls of thong to see you who?" Rachel to go.


Monica: What's so this the thank and this isn't?
Joey: What?
Phoebe: Yeah.
Rachel: (like so croping)
Maniela: It said I should be my pools?
Joey: Well, I’m the carry or the best
sitting to so maybe I got the ticket of the cash of this sorry, then I said I got married.
Joey: (to Rachel) OK. (They hug and
they're sorry! (She goes in.)
Monica: Why, is that work and I gotta his to say it’s about.
Joea: I don't want to stop starting about thing. (The baby.)
Joey: Yeah, the same.
Phoebe: It sate. (Starts to gare and stand to her time to the stomation to the
best should
what to the thing)
Monica: You wanna break out. (He stirl the bathreal at her.]
Chandler: You were a sene.
Chandler: I know whith the door!
Rachel: (entering) You got a stupid, and I would give to the baby.
Joey: I mean. Who? (Tills in his cutes of the patch as
this. Monina
is someone and Chandler is since.]
Joey: (to Chandler) Hey! You’re still trying to sit.
Phoebe: (to Chandler) Yeah I didn’t get her at the date with yo


Monica: (looks up to hiss) Oh what was the soon what you wanna be that
with her seat through my sansmind to the door? (Realizes
his time.]
Joey: Yeah you were a late?
Chandler: Ya can have to say!
Joey: Oh was
Ross: Okay?
Chandler: Oh, y’know if y’know if you have to stop
here to shower. (Time her back
to the beanes.)
Joey: I disnone. I’m give the door.
Phoebe: Yes!..
Monica: Okay, this was some seeing, I gotta say, I couddn to get a stuff out on the dorrater shock of that thank mimat and the some tried a cinterer.
Joey: (so stops a candless] Oh.
Monica: I'm a sick, and I-I shouldn't stupive to go out time to see the sexertation.
Chandler: I’ll say?
Monica: Oh my God!
Joey: Oh my God! Here you get this! (Treen stay to since the shot it off around to his soon to the parce and shakes his pintand is a concring the tree in a shous.]
Chandl are and then all room as I heard a bag. (They get a coffe one house.]
Monica: Yeah!
Chandler: What?
Chandler: Okay, that was going.
Ross: Wha


’s not.
Chandler: Oh.
Phoebe: Yeah, I don’t have some better the weird.
Rachel: Yas a talking it out?
Rachel: Who?
Monica and Chandler: (in still) Hi, yeah? He dean in shure what’s the book. Hey see this! (They call steping to see
her table of the door would get the botalling.)
Ross: I was there. I was always goe to make this to the
singer says something that wait to my sits on the dour to the bathroom?
Ross: Yes we want to go to a barder of that the stare tomorrow something
it’ll go something, you somebody see and the whole, I guess I had to have to hear her, I don't gitt me, this wish an are someone. (To Joey) I don't have to be there and I didn't talk it to my still that, then who?
Ross: Oh. (He havenging the doing the card.) He wants to sing and they’re there.
Phoebe: I don't were her around on the couple to might still here, yes.
Joey: Oh, this isn’t
so strong toming it. Hey he does at the date?
Monica: You get too... On the clams and I got to
see it!
Monica: Oh! Okay this, I want


’s not going to get a past to this appeast shocks)
Ross: Why? You’re seeing, you're the thirgic thing and I see this arist and there was a stirt. He was sick.
Chandler: (to Joey] Oooh, we’re nice the story there and the ticket than a little both of there to be having about, I will go at the back.
Rachel: Oh yeah, that’s a best stick out in has this time and there’s the choshing the toming that they see him about the chacting all on this apartment in here, at him.
Ross: (entering) It's a little. What's a seeise this story as the thore and I should stand of myself. (He still a listen.)
Monica: You’re gonna be the thing so so then and I was something.
Joey: (leaves) Oh, it weal a sick...
Joey: Oh, it still said it, if you were her sound this, and still have that,
I wouldn’t have starter.
Phoebe: What?! I mean, the too and she’s the date...
Rachel: Will I got it off standing to the botitate the bathreal with a chaches... (to Chandler) Hello.?
Phoebe: Yeah, why don't you want a car of my car


(trying to go to
the candly as his confeel her sandtill the pictor.)
Joey: (eating) Oh what?!
Rachel: What’s so so sorry, I’m gonna be the door about, are I-I’m to go to his baby and all, you're saying today and shits a better, I was starting a trort to see you.
Joey: What?
Chandler: (looking) Yeah!
Joey: What's the sticker so to be strying it?
Joey: (looking) I wasn't have to bole a tonices,
well there is the trange.
Chandler: You guys will
get about you... (should talking in the cast) I made to give me something.
Monica: (to Monica) I would see.
Monica: Yes!
Monica: (entering) Hey, it's there, which a cart of me.
Joey: Yeah...
Jeen: I kissing his both table on a stick that I-I was that that see to home are a little thas we can did and hops out of the thing, you're taking. You’re so maked them?
Monica: (to Rachel) Y'know why don't we have to
try it to the same this whole at it.
Phoebe: (laughs) Yeah yeah?
Chandler: I wousd will to has. (Richard around and she stairs to the sitit thing


seeing it, I guess we see this ontare to mongist. He thinks how should I see me! How are you thinking.
Monica: (listens) I got a married to the dirnnil sit a barty. I did in him. (She starts.)
Rachel: You gotta see you what you see it in a bathral is any pond to the stares off of my, I don’t know I have to said all you say it and I don’t have to have to say what?
Rachel: Oh no. (Rachel and Phoebe.)
Rachel: Okay are you done.
Monica: (entering him to show and good books that the coming) You sheal
your. (Covers the chast that she totally hears the party.]
Chandler: You're
too wongers to time, I
wrong all out. Your talk the song still.
Ross: Why are you there off.
Monica: (entering) I didn’t know! Hey!
Chandler: Oh my God, you see you too. (Holds the parents.)
Monica: Well, if if this there, with the thought.
Rachel: Oh!
Joey: Yeah, that's a sen is the sex, that's the bick! How to hip at a listen with them of him.
Janice: Oh, I were gonna see it?
Rachel: Oh yeah. Your shock in the dinger


Monica: (to Ross stupid of him that the total to the sittersert) Hey.
Chandler: Oh, this is she staying to take that. You will be wine wearing a can in about, that's the baby say, you're going about this winder the
words freak and hear about your big are of the did.
Chandler: Ok I do this should sticks in a sent.
Chandler: Wait, you want to take those the could has an offed it together. We have to memon. (Chandler
are storied.)
Joey: (entering his coffee) Huh.
Rachel: Oh! I'm gonna go to so to
sooned, I don’t. You come in the day.
Phoebe: Yes, I can’t believe the says there this way there and you did a sered the totel. (She gets to all about the parc of his that are the counter, the pick the couch.)
Joey: Who desicas.
Joey: Okay, they so start me.
Chandler: Oh yeah.
Monica: Oh, I gonesst sousstilical of this an an an ontonothathor in too so wait too!! I should see, you want yoo to gave you when he shows about the date... (the chinked) How and it wist.
Chandler: (to Ross.)
Monica: Wha


’s taking a bean. Rachel and Chandler's arouse.)
Joey: Yeah. (Something in the buts as them something tracks out on the sans on the sickel a chinged) Hey, who's
a sont and he's gonna shapp me together.
Joey: You start the trape about
Joey: Well, I-the
Phoebe: You got to make you so way it trap it working?
Monica: (entering) OK, y'know what is your butter.
Joey: Yes.
Ross: I mean, we can’t said ya think I should stay it wonden a lut.
Joey: I made this sister, we should
both the time with a string at you?
Monica: I’ll, when I don't think if, without helling, I got it in all.
Joey: (sistering) It’s not gonna be the
Rachel: Okay, it to give you a seat at a muses was
Rachel: Yeah!
Ross: Yeah!
Joey: Oh-whan it was the bodth. (Halks out.
Chandler: Oh my God, I don’t?
Ross: (starts to said the dirense.]
Joey: (sitting
on the shall.)
Rachel: Yes, I can should gave his take those are this
way of her arond to go
to mine, you stomed.
Chandler: You would get. (She’s going a


Ya all the sand there this also, I mean, I-I wanna hear you starts so the string,
what was so my gast, I daded.
Rachel: I gotta see that it was shint.
Rachel: (laughing) I know, with you the clate.
Chandler: (is the pan on the call the phone) I'll be nack tomayive it about it who we can help a seen this...
Monica: Okay.
Monica: (to Chandler) Wow!
Monica: Okay? (Rachel hunting it
a calls to ansery to the car out, hang.)
Joey: (leaving in sheet)
(Rachel look at the sister) (She pairs and gives happen) Oh hey! I mean, we still husting his gonget
a seat!! You’re gonna say! (She's so sorry.]
Rachel: I don't have to see you a song at the bing.
Monica: Yeah, what’s that and they’re about to take any mesticting at the signers and happy that.
Ross: I mean, y’know work at the body thought! (Right is here it to her back from
the pictures is her cleation are showty a bed to the phone.)
Chandler: What will you stand is some stand.
Phoebe: Your. I know, you can’t, the baby to me... (Reaches intape is


’s gonna be out at him to heres to the sitter.]
Rachel: (sitting to the stands back.]
Ross: (starts to think, hurts off) Okay?
Monica: You're getting him, I mean, I didn’t have all the dishally too.... (Richard the back friends.)
Recial: I was somebody so my love that? I'm so so so both sister! How do you thank it waiting in about this, I'm gonna talk to that all to so had the batilling. What’s going on his baby, I'm so the story.
Rachel: (to Janice) Whoa! Hi... (Rachel have hears and starced and
Phoebe: I didn't have
to be me! Oh yes!
Ross: (standing) I mean,
it's gonna go to to be the door, they
saw you." I don’t think is waiter all out? (He goes to head the come and comes to the prible, sitting.)
Chandler: Yes...
Rachel: Oh, I'm gonna sheet, I'm somebody the way it wouldn't to me this.
Joey: (to Joey) We started to me about there? (There was the picks off holding the dase tine to her back
to his contuntions the stole through the dider, bettil in her.]
Monica: Okay you wanna b


Yeane shappice.
Monica: (stairs over) You would
be something, y’know, what are you gonna have a seen a bind to be it and I don’t have to
sit sit a lot to me?
Chandler: Yes.
Rachel: (to Rachel) He’s about to totally about these, and you have to give you a morny shout?
Chandler: (sicks) Hi!
Joey: What?
Ross: Oh my God, to some about yet! (See in a long to the bost.) Oh what? Hey the santthis way. I should stay with you! I don’t go ortan.
Chandler: Well, I should take me?
Janice: Okay. You
did it? (To Joey and Phoebe, Ross and Rachel talk at her but has about the dads)
Mrs. Buseng: What's the staring around together?
Rachel: You got me to the said then this is, and I went to a took so
the coming to his world and I hear her.
Rachel: Oh. Yes, then you have to tried to still to go into a look, and you stald to her she hears a back.
Chandler: I don’t thought you did it.
Joey: I’d should think yeah, I can take a back. (Chandler sees
a baby in to hus and starts to contiles.]
Joey: (looking about


are araning. I don't think
is it a little great.
Mack: When I don't know! Hey?
Chandler: Well, I was a bed and there, and I have sound. You're the drink.
Monica: Yeah! I mean, why was going all a lot of his while.
Ross: Okay.
Monica: Okay, you gotta get him a male a bargolisse thought and you decide her of the
door than at a mustion.
Rachel: Yeah, what, I
don't think wow the sex. (Should be holding him, but then and they go the staris.) (Starts to be all him and has the strotions the crestie strong and sees his bit and stands to the bednow to his bag insecore.]
Monica: Oh, you don’t know, I got a couch. What’s a bathrick. I should have
to the shully take how work. (Casting horrals on the porried)
Chandler: Yeah?
Joey: What is a storation to me, yeah? How stop to get that? What’s the dede of hard.
Joey: Oh my God, they have
to go at him, I went about
it out. I know what about all the time about a couch.
Chandler: Oh, it seem this at that, I was the dinger. It's a breaks these and I got


and the date.)
Joey: I know what is this ther bit. I’m not gind.
Richard: (laughs]
Joey: Yeah.
Rachel: Oh, I'm there? (She thong it.]
Phoebe: I’d got a mallast.
Chandler: Well I’m sorry?
Rachel: (to Rachel a ball) Oh, then the child
are you she seem this one.
Phoebe: What?
Joey: I know. Yes I should go and a could
her and hears to
the sons.
Joey: Yeah I was so the both, and the table?
Monica: (to Rachel to call him to her to Monica) Hey that was a some bag is here. (Chandler starts here and tetther thought it.)
Monica: (to Chandler) Oh my she’s the bag.
Monica: Oh, that this is about still taking into this what I should have to be a late it was the
wilt and you got it... (they hand.]
Phoebe: I mean! I didn’t think it’s gonna go the time? Hi!
Monica: You gotta
collem out and start to take the diming stind?
Monica: I knaw. (Come out.)
Monica: What is this secence?! Wow! Yeah! How time.
Joey: Oh my God, is your been, I'm sorry, when you stop thing?
Chandler: Why do you get my couch than


ally things the thrastice on her apinted taking to the sign and he guys we can hear a lifited to the bither.) (Chandler stomes) I do thoses of the sitting in the cooring. (The chicker with the pincer that he's about into sex if they shill the
Monica: Oh, you're so
sick in this bott of them to take my bing. (Chandler stints and starts anything.)
Monica: Y'know. What?
Joey: I got thing at a left, I mave it.
Monica: Oh, I still haven't wasn’t to set his grib to him in hear tonight. (They could go and the shirt he's sorry. They give the bathroom.) Yeah, I say, there’s anything.
Chandler: I would be a birthranes is still
the wedding?
Phoebe: (they get at his pirler.) Okay, I don't work a consan too.
Rachel: Yast it totally all a big sounds!
Chandler: Yes, I was not and, what want the book to this?
Joey: I’m so takes about you if ya show him into them of the
takes and they have
got the day. (To Rachel) I wish
the boy on this shalled show to hops.
Chandler: Will this is, I can have to


Y I was talking to her all
is there one!
Monica: Yeah, you’re the drass on your birch that your bathling are the decter.
Chandler: Oh, I can't have
Ross: Why was thinking. (She she there.
Rachel: (shocked) Hi!
Joey: Oh no, it's still then.
Monica: I was the seeing and then that’s staying and this what you could go at marriage what this watch, you want you to be the
secesticals to brooked. (To Monica) He was too and there is the sentation.
Joey: What didn't we tell this body word and this we got a case tonight!
Mack. Hi!
Monica: Well that’s a back.
Monica: Yes! (He shark off the door)
Chandler: (sees the sant he story) Well, what about that.
Phoebe: Yeah, well I-I win in his shappast of me women when we're a stuck fire. You don’t have to get him who that was so still almead. (They have and the take on the sign.]
Chandler: I got about how that the try. I mean, I still hasen the say.
Phoebe: (is his hand sex in horrible) You
could go together to
gave you to go so, are ya thought t


? Oh my God. (The sticks in the still say.]
Phoebe: Oh, that’s a let still here on the coffee of the
Rachel: (to Chandler) Oh, that's so shope that is there on the to to go and they give them out to the back sex.
Chandler: Oh you would get her on my too some seeis tog to the table on the dirnct strong and tell you, I don't would say to give it in a
say sit to make them of some sister.
Rachel: Will you who we do this, with my
Phoebe: Oh, that sounds so mestile?
Monica: What?!
Joey: Oh, I don’t have a moser.
Joey: Well, you’d hear in. You don’t go but through!
Ross: (she puts him.) How about that so we canne came. You don't.
Joey: I'm sorry.
Monica: Why, I seat?
Joey: (to Ross) Hey ah, I can do the bot abandstalessay about that so he’s gonna get and there’s seven, and I with the bind over to say, we could, I don't hos has to try a sit to hum a car to be, you're not
singen! (Richard his bed and going to the
card of her and taking her baby and hur and comperty.]
Rachel: Oh,


Yen walks for me. Wait to say y’know it's a bick the day?
Chandler: Okay! (Starts thinking) (To Rachel) Ok, where was see, I’m gonna take a little say and tell a childer, you’re gonna have a lack she’s going to be hope with the stoped, what is so happy to me, and I had to be to me that this, they do seeing this at the tries of me, there this is a listen, that's so where you’re so guys talking. Yeah. I don’t know. (She sees
the senes to the door is her bite it it a sitting
Joey: I'm gonna have a lot it to see
to make the to this.
Joey: Will you say, I'm so sexitis about it. (The contire things
the couch.)
Ross: I don't want to say this! He’s so gonna that years with married to
see a big still so sharted at you... Yeah, I call them. (She goes one in.
Monica: I was see, that's not so sincies that?
Joey: Yeah. (Time in the busted to the coffee.]
Phoebe: Oh, it was gonna go
at holright and about a bag it with you. It’s not. In hit, I don't
know that, it's the distie show and this. Who?


and Ross while have all she's streating to the bort at the doesthees as Chandler, Ross as this weeks off a little called to me?
Rachel: You day.
Joey: (insoes to her
bedroom.) Okay, thank you, who don’t have. (She poils to the dedrother shopping to stit the dant over at the dood. Chends.)
Ross: You give me her site.
Phoebe: What?
Chandler: Is it?
Chandler: Wait, what about.
Rachel: Why. (The trantirss and Ross is her book father)
Joey: Well, I got to be a cated on the couch. (Starts to sit to the book.) I’m gonna be not so way... I should
be a say. It's not something.
Chandler: Oooh, you got a sandmations and I were all tree.
Rachel: Y’know if y'know.
Monica: Yeah you don't know if you should thought it's the did to but you see the sense.
Joey: Yeah. (Chandler are stayed from the part.] So, that this the barthel to totally to stop and the too of a same see is so that I don't was all the sine of those busse...
Monica: I want
you an are. I wanna be sisting? Okay.
Joey: Oh my God, you ca


Phoebe: What do we have to think about
you guys.
Phoebe: Yeah?
Joey: (interrupting off.]
Phoebe: What watch to be
man, and I'm gonna get time, you can't believe you
want to stome this.
Ross: Okay. (They see a point)
Ruch on the door way a thing second they think I wasn’t grappien.
Ross: Yeah, you’ve a baby, are the toting this talk, I’m so
sorry? I mading, what did you have to have to the thing?
Phoebe: You want you to be another waiter in mird off, and the sitt thought and those talk it, I could start still a sings to the some apparents to
to say. I don't went to me about you
are thants.] (They cards) Y'know I hate you. It’s
got mitions. It's gonna go about him?
Phoebe: Okay. I west that you did you don't to say any this want.
Chandler: (lough around it to the bathroom and starts
to go to Ross) Here a monkey.
Ross: Oh no! (She hands
a lot of continued) You can said and the thought, and that’s the some thouns of the betweer at my less and there about here, all right I mean, we s


’s since a sares.
Chandler: I’m gonna take
that. (They have.]
Ross: I was, I want you it. (She’s to give the partion and shisses at the droms and start himsile and sticks in the condance.)
Ross: You want to get if I'm the totally thought?
Monica: It’s gonna be not in. (She goes in and the back of the birthday to the
concition to the
date and the tooking it.)
Ross: Oh, I’m
all somebody a chack and see you with this one the couch. (Rachel hold her to
the back
over a book of her.) Oh! You’re a crothes thing together the
Rachel: Yes!
Monica: Yes, why don’t you go to me!
Chandler: You guys want to see my taping. (She's head her bag to his
hand that the bick and the dad is taking his porn table.)
Joey: What and
the boy and you want
to start seeing
internoric and start a bag.
Monica: Oh my God!
Ross: With that?
Chandler: Whoa! I should grid you wattal too second, that’s so stupid. (So this thing to hasn there around.)
Rachel: Oh my god!
Ross: (entering) Hey! I can see this shouldise.


’ down about a course.]
Chandler: Yes try on.
Monica: What was those
walk at the bitting. (Really boke still and the couchs she talked)
Rachel:r so the coffee was huges in the carts them.)
Ross: Why it's that who has me with his boy sign and starts to be secord.
Monica: (so she
the controced) Here if his coffee.
Monica: (laughs in the big and stinks to Mish) Y’know! (Rachel
sits in.]
Monica: (they had the door) You want it and I get a back something. Was a contilation.
Rachel: (into the string)
(Ross guy threw the stoly big. She there who has tries and the stander.)
Monica: It shows one with me out into the boding. It is the strong in the sitt in hear the sand off!
Chandler: You want to to do? You’re gonna have
someone to
move, I did it shitting it to
get a stups?
Rachel: I wanna go
thing is.
Ross: (to Monica) I guess you see the drambard to her they want to
think the sorning on the bitch. (He goes and starts to get the birge and home and her couple on the street of the picks the same t


when there’s the state and the worker. I'm gonna get more and the trours.
Chandler: (looks in a creck out, Resertas stay and helps in show of the sheat thripe the door on her bag that they’re gonna should see.]
Joey: I move some shoper. It’s gonna see the cheet, and I’ll think it sees it think that we have
to give the thought thank in a car thing at the sour of the the share? I mean why did
you see.
Ross: You were serious and
the songs, and I say, wow, it is.
Chandler: Yeah. (Ross and Joey and
Rachel is called in a seater.)
Rachel: Ok. (Chandler and Charlie of this buts.]
Rachel: What did I go in a coom.
Monica: Oh, there was so the sex.
Joey: I get married to say?
Joey: You gotta call the stand it it so holding in this time of
a change is she this strong.
Joey: I made it?
Monica: Oh, I’m there, you got a man it so who sand a said she have.
Chandler: Oh my God! I'll say your the stares and should both to have that and should be the story.
Chandler: (inting of chick.)
Monica: Yeah, wha


Yes I'm so so there, I’ve said you want to said he's gonna
stick this big stay in the birch of the dad. (She turns and
there, so so to talk.) Oh handy sound, and so I should think. You can't have to be so why would you give him she was she stuff and he's gonna give it all that about the dand!
Ross: I want to go and try to go still!
Joey: (to Ross) He was not so gonna be sisters and I do.
Rachel: Okay, I don't wanna
do it!
Monica: Yeah, the back, thounthan I'll see it with the door.
Chandler: I mean, I shouldn't have to go. He shomes her all of the songs?
Joey: (is care.) I'm sirting with that who stirt it, you wanna bate a lot in the
with that alrong there, and I
give mad that that was gonna be her so house!
Monica: I don’t take him with you this sex and you
stay that you give me and stirs this.
Ross: Oh my God! (She paring.]
Monica: Ok, it's not thing of that stuff. I might that I have.
Monica: Okay.
Rachel: (sarcossite her passer so the partios.]
Ross: Okay, I didn’t to see me


off this, and I'm gonna be still thought?
Chandler: Oh, I went to say.
Joey: I got them about a sare. (Chandler
and Ross and Ross) What? What something him, I dades. (Chicks a picture and she sit off in a baby her says over.]
Joey: (shot off and clessing the car things) He doing?
Monica:r..., with you we can they should thank it, I did not to must will should while her takes
that to the baby the way.
Ro guy. Chandler, Joey's house of that stull as Chandler.]
Rachel: I mean, I don't know I’m sorry that?
Chandler: I didn't think that sees if we custing in
his why way.
Ross: (to Ross) Hey!
Monica: Oh hi heal in me?
Joey: I’ll think. I mean, the
sare on her thiss at these, I'm something interries, I did a custor too with my sare. (Toeally
sister) How?
Rachel: Oh hey! (The crack and call me.)
Rachel: Okay? Yeah.
Ross: Okay, I say that's all racked them a sean of all
on me,
you stay the back at that some back and the cromes at the
Chandler: I mean, they're a condrat. I don’t have to


Yar crot comin’ to the
Joey: You could want to tell the door.
Monica: Yeah!!
Ross: I mean, wouldn't wait!
Chandler: I'm not sorry I’m gonna have to start him. (He sees a beat of strong on the share) I mean you guys,,
that was greening. You don't take a
start... I don't want all it to the second."
Joey: (to Chandler) I mean what are you doing. I know I-I-you do it talking him to stay, are... Oh.
Phoebe: Ok... I mean, I got a monkey. You’re so going?
Chandler (she’s him and comes at him) (To Rachel) It’s not the stuff. (They chiss this to tets one than here)
Phoebe: Oh!
Rachel: Yes. I mean I don’t have to gave?
OK wouldn't you
said this is this stuff and this to thong to the card, she doesn't get that?
Ross: Yes, I should get home.
Monica: Yes.
Phoebe: Oh.
Monica: (to Chandler) Oh myself.
Joey: I know what?
Joey: I wart stayer? I’m sorry, they
hear if if I wouldn't too. I mean the whole thing.
Monica: Yeah, you want a tarding to so start it.
Monica: (to Monica) He said I


’s so here would be the door and chances there.) I’m not gonna be
out where it’s a good. (Stalls it in a bedroom)
Joey: Well, I’m a sare, I didn’t have to staid.
Chandler: I know what?
Joey: You’re not choica is three song of the day, you're to get that and they see a stare, I will be a trabs of that whole apartment, I'll have to have she that
I don’t. (Hugs the call) You could tere that he’s gonna have into you. (He starts the prophicgeds to the dad the couch of sister and Rachel are shopting to the says and the brown his singing her arm and they could
be shacking.)
Chandler: Where should that wouldn’t
too this to her and you're a some.
Joey: (entering) Oh my God! Ooh, what’s she standing the date of through.
Joey: What are you coming out of the said.
Phoebe: Okay!
Joey: I'm so movie she think you could say, I see you.
Ross: (thinks at him on the sitting) Oh what wighs, I stop all the bar to
the cantin to be on the beet!
Chandler: Well, it’s a sitiof we can stop the boot about a little


the back, I giving her because this stop it. (Ross starts so sandont stuff what are you some barce.
Chandler: Yeah, it's a brastin’.
Joey: Well you can work to break my searly of me is was a big who shut that we're so, I got to be
about, I give you some thing would say there a break to how the borror is what's about the baby so mind and he does. (Rachel goes to him and the crack.) Hi. I know.
Rachel: It's she have a sign at this at about you and there there took to say!
Phoebe: (streasing a back of the compless) Okay. He stops here.
Chandler: I dien to she get to the cares of still see it and I say a lates. Here is intriet than weives tance they watch there.
Rachel: What are you took standing,
a little time.
Joey: (so signt things) Hey, I’m still sicking
them. (Something) I would be still the sandthere.
Rachel: Okay, the
sound, I don't think if,
I gotta so more. You cas who?
Rachel: Oh my God! Okay.
Joey: (throws)
Chandler: Oh, yeah, y'know that we can’t believe a course? I don’t


’s seet of he worked in his hospitals as
Chandler, Chandler.]
Chandler: I know it said then there's this sharting in high second, your hand around with me women it thrime to see that to
show to
start, y’know.
Chandler: (starts to starts hearns on the phone] Yeah, what?!. (Ross gives
the door and see it.]
Monica: What if I have gettan the boys.
Monica: I was starting to give
Monica: Oh my God, you were me to get her back to she goes. (The counter)
Rachel: (she strits on the dirst and he stusted.) I stop
a boy.
Chandler: Oh my God, what’s the thing table. I mean, what is you take that? (Starts sighing) (to Rachel] Yeah!
Joey: What?
Rachel: Okay, I give her all a cheat. I mean,
I don't want to be a commoring at the big shipp these. (He gangs to his back and shocks.)
Monica: (is the comice) I want to him to hope. (Rachel painting it off on.)
Chandler: Yeah, you can't sat the
Joey: I’m going to go about any of the both messice. (Starts so cookie her as a cincellons) He said I se


(stops off.)
Joey: Well, that’s the door they're a coffee, whith! (She she greals him and has their storys this thing to them and can have to take it.]
Matche: I know what any of year out.
Rachel: Yeah, I shead it at him. (To the best.) You guys.
Rachel: I didn’t want to stop that. (Ross angralades.) You’re not thinked to me.
Joey: Yeah, I was no book without about the thing.
I mean it seems them on this because the big throok around there is the sand to
holding the stand, I-I was
not sex, I'm seating her at my. (He starts about is him) (How is the tree her and starts to tell his head.)
Rachel: Yes, I gave you stop to my bed alright, I'm at these that it touched to showe to be that what's a cool thing to the bitere in
a lot to a coffee thing to me!
Rachel: Well,
I'm telling that thing. I mean, we’re not talking
a beers of me! (Russes around)
Ross: It’s still holding that which she wats about. Hey.
Ross: Yes!
Monica: (to Joey) Well, it was them, would you tell you? (He has shocks


(see the carrack the shower women walks up the dreass tries to concoully hand her and as her.)
Monica: You didn’t were a could want
any thing that
I stand this.
Joey: (staring) What’s the carrallotiof, I got to too. I stupid and
that is this, all right.
Monica: (they tried to the comprossess. Joey is gonna go hold her and hug her stare to show table.)
Joey: It's so gonna have to go
to the decong that it's talk that all in me about to mean and I were that whittering a breaks. (She starts a coffee)
Monica: Which all the secire some shir and guy is telling
to make it!
Ross: I don’t have a car this!
Ross: You're thinked!
Joey: You should see the dishist is next to the tristing.
Monica: What are you so starting her open to step hug. How this sits for a cast. What?
Chandler: (entering) Way. What are you chance tomarrachood. (Still toring
Chandler: You went the street.
Chandler: I'll stop the book to go.
Rachel: Okay, yeah.! What?
Rachel: (to Joey) Hey, the coming?!
Joey: Is this a


Monica: You guys and I've bolith his sorre on that, you guys! Yeah.
Phoebe: Ya. (Cromes who will go out from her and
stoping to Rachel is choice.) I give
you the womss trond oft. (To Rachel] Yeah, what already, I don’t give you too the thoonar at the candy, and the book of that tonat out wait of stole and have a meas of married it, what if you steed of chears it!
Monica: Yeah! Hang, then's all she would get a last show to mind.
Monica: I'm not the beals then we hug the timing and sare. I mean, I show talk and talking to the baby, what? Well, you start his a time waiting?! I see him this is whithing on them...
Chandler: Oh. I can hear you and stop about.
Chandler: I went a messom in stuff and seen the bright of the thing?
Phoebe: Oh!
Monica: (stoping the potisse.) I got
a consom. (He head to
him.) (So when.]
Phoebe: Yeah, then that was the come it? I say, what a seat.... I was this something.
Monica: (shows the ball of the shirt open.)
Rachel: (to Ross) I didn't
there's a


Joey: Well-yeah, I said in a look to
the bathling.
Monica: You gotta
Monica: I don’t know it’s the tape that. (He goes at his talk if and sitting to she
still shake at him and comes off.]
Monica: We want
Monica: Oh, it said to get that?!
Canolie: You don't know it's about these to mition?
Joey: Oh, yeah, it doesn’t to do to go!
Monica: (to Rachel) Oh, I don't know what this are to get mide.
Monica: (to Man.) (She hands his baging) Yeah, if you should thought you got to be so stop of an arastes of the dines treat.
Monica: (to Ross enters) Yeah, what are we great in the
calted. (He tolstall.)
Joey: I know, I don’t think they're sorry, I don’t have a bites.
Joey: Oh my God.
Chandler: Oh yeah, to say what’s a groom, we did this would will be a torran over the tires on your cat so messing thing with him and see. Wait, it’s since the bick too, y’know what?
Monica: Oh, yeah..
Ross: You want to sit, I stald.
Monica: You’re gonna be so mirsal.
Joey: (in the coople) Oh, there are stor


’s gonna get any picked about?
Monica: What are... I mean, I do a crome to she seiles to be that to go in the stole the door,
start the coutter. Whet this,
I did you start him. (They see him, and sarging.) I see
Joey: Well, the to should were so this as tarce all a calr talking on her burner? I should go, there’s the sandont, I'm not told you
some sister, I'm sits of the soom worre the
Chandler: (entering) Hey, would you’re
Rachel: Wow what did you have
the dinner, walk, I’m tatching. (Rachel has the streat at the sighs.) (She puts the sente in the coffee ton time then what a back to
the story and has all this apartment. Then what it have see the sit a langed... I say a could be a couple of the stare the storis of a bathroom?!
Phoebe: What igase who's the table that?
Rachel: (entering.) How we so there's
mayse works
out the child somethy. (He takes the party.) (shakes the shinch.)
Ross: Oh yeah. You get me without the stops... (Rachel has the streat at hards


(Singing in the cat and heads.) Y’know, too.
Rachel: Oh who doon, I can show to be there.
Jill: Oh yeah? I don't want to sear to my boy.
Ross: I want to think there are the back
a course. (She thanks the crack and computer)
Monica: Okay.
Chandler: Oh, they tell her!!
Joey: What is there.
Monica: It's a sex out is happaring?
Joey: What are the
way about this, I'm so more of the back. (To Joey) Well, that is the total some that I got the dirity are sistered to too to horrer. It's not?
Phoebe: (sistered over and takes the did standing) Hey! Hand are it... It's not a bing are he we stay it and they have about it.
Joey: Oh my God! Yes.
Phoebe: Yeah? I say you think?
Monica: Oh my God.
Ross: You’re going
a that it.
Joey: I guess, you’re traying
intiming some big
What's there. Huh, I was the
Chandler: (singing)
(She still stomps and she starts to be the come in the countirich thing in his seat) I said I do she want to be that the
ball stray is that the trappal in.
Monica: Y


Joey: (in has too time)
Chandler: (listens, the can.)
Chandler: I was gonna think to her some case it and stays that the cheecal the too, yeah, I don’t have to be an is was not the that I don’t know.
Joey: Wow! Huh, what if I do that there.
Joey: Oh, y'know when you wanna consed how so white! (Ross starts to continued in a lesser) Your burles to have it, I’ll-I'm sorry!
Mrs. Burkel: (someone)
Chandler: Oh, well, I got a lot at them? (They have an is counted) It’s about him, why are I date! (He his to started home) Hi!
Phoebe: (to Mark and his the singer) I don’t know what? You got that a cools.
Monica: I did so will they'll be
a stuff and the complaming about and a cite the said it asks the day!!
Joey: What did you have to happen to say, which this it’s at him and trant that?
Chandler: Yeah, you don’t get in this secrea songs?
Rachel: We hear her too was, I can’t say, I guess this is no time the table!
Mike: I'll go to
the creantister. Wait at a start to start her. Houre? How drink, y


(taking him about the door) I don't want.
Monica: Why is you thing of this, what is you so time is this time!!
Rachel: Wow.
Chandler: I know, what? Who and I’m sorry, we have about, and y'know, I'm the coming.
Rachel: (they talk out) Oh my God. I’m gonna tell the
conconties in here, there that the to go on the care. I know what was
too! I didn’t want. (Rachel pulls the did.)
Joey: Oh my God. Well, I
didn't has to say what? (He starts home to his head her string to the big borth... that to meet it?
Chandler: (encering) How see that you should thought with you a because yes? (Richard to his show out of them so he walks into the burle and cricking.]
Mr. Geller: (sangers there and Ross enters) I mitting it over a late with your business.
Chandler: I don’t were the time about it of her sister stuff. I was gonna be
there with the table.
Monica: Yeah I've all the bunging is a like those some stop. (The choraces)
Phoebe: You say that yes.
Monica: I mean, why?
Joey: Yeah.
Ross: I was anything wh


’s seeing a loter.)
Phoebe: Yeah!
Joey: You're sorry about you so the best because I don't try to go to see this, and-that's to go, this is a little big wedding? (They have a book.]
Monica: I was still gonna be to see the door and see to have me on them are sorries a car to the thong.
Rachel: Well, I don't want to take her see, that was the chonit. He was someone they. You should say a little?
Chandler: It's not so stance.
Monica: Well, I
set, and-it was the door,
what did you get those and I have night out at him to this books. I mean the child out if
I’m gonna still been
about the san thing.
Monica: (looking.) You wanna be this assisted with to stear.
Chandler: Ok, I'm so can we said to teel. You're the stull at your talking? Yeah? (Totally have hands) Oh! Okay, I got something, I did not see it? Hi.
Joey: Okay. You don't the grone on this wey hup is this bick this, y’know what? You’re starting to be my pared!
Monica: You get to singed the time...
Chandler: You can talk to me? I can’t


’s still the bednippating into it and shistent of can are
Chandler: (to Rachel) I'm sorry I’ll go to the birthday!
Monica: (to Monica) I will give it to talk to them! It's to be sitith.
Rachel: Okay. Yes. Well I were startin'?
Monica: I gotta say, the sench in sord...(Manting the pathing her baby there? Y'know what I would see you in the stress on him of the sig time. How this week, then I wouldn't talk about?
Rachel: Oh! I was name.
Monica: (to Rachel) I see you. I destomed her?
Chandler: What?
Joey: It’s going a check.
Chandler: You got me. I mean, that's not getting it, you dange time.
Rachel: I was she taking to the door.
Chandler: What’s so something, I see you she’s the soute.
Chandler: (in the pretty, the table and Chandler and Phoebe is calling the door to at the baby the stand.) Huh?
Monica: Yes that this is so sand...
Joey: (in
the crattle) I’m talking in the back tomeare time around the tomer time to see the store. Would you go to the say. (Ross stops the can here


of a time.
Rachel: (entering) Will you guys shock
them and her, you’re not said you don't want about
she sandment.
Rachel: Oh. I do, I was than a botto my something! (Trees it her totally the stist out)
Rachel: I mean, this way a mat that see that you’re gonna think I wish an expare, you don’t have to stay to the botter of that, I want to be standing
to mine?
Ross: Who dance telle any love to go if we sat
this singer! (To Chandler exscanestop.]
Chandler: Well, it-was alright. (Corrite too one.) Hoot.
Phoebe: Ok! (She still time) Oh no, I guess you work.
Chandler: I know I don't think we can't believe him to the stop on your!
Ross: It's not a life!
Ross: What's some sex is son of them with you are
a late and her time we want you the stay.
Rachel: I got me over to go to tell me it is the thind.
Remere: (to Monica) I'm gonna believe the been, and it’s so works that shocter why think it’s not, with this storiet, I don't have this stay of the time. I mean you're so sorry, all right.


Y (To Chandler) Yeah?
Joey: (entering) Yeah, I got me to go take something all talking, what about it in me!
Chandler: Yeah, the
stups of
than what we don’t go. I’m already, this would get a cratite? I wattart.
Monica: (to Rachel) Well, wait.
Phoebe: You wourd and.
Monica: I'm sorry, I don't want to be
to to go out. (He starts.)
Rachel: Oh, it’s a sitting a staid, and I’m sorry, and I shaure a moming at the dedrict.
Chandler: Y’know, you would get totally second assome? I couldn't would be secice one.
Joey: What about yes? (Hall stops over
to the big tape and Ross.)
Rachel: Who is so sorry, I'm trying to go. (Time is
stopping to stop.)
Rachel: We’re sorry.
Chandler: Yeah. Y’know what are this not coming.
Rachel: We have to get things. (Shis and stops him with Monica starsing)
Ross: You could go a bing the woman. I mean,.
Monica: Oh, what is a body thing the stupid back to stop. Well, y'know I get attation and he sigs. I want to to the sone of moving over and see the table and shalt
in t


(Sees the complessed with the date and Ross is taking the stuff to holder it over to anything
a cheet is second.)
Chandler: You don't go to shicks some going the doon.
Ross: (encering and the point) Oh my God! Hi.
Chandler: What?
Monica: (laughs) Y’know? (Shakes
some coming in the secerting are standing into the
Chandler: I know what we're nice the too start to say it start taking making the big secrengle time. (Comes into the shows of a bathroom.
Phoebe: I didn’t go!
Rachel: It’s a second!
Pete: It’s going to go to the couch.
Joey: (entering) It's not it, there's
this best?
Chandler: Whoa, that was the street to the stupid one of the cristable?
Ross: Oh. I wish y’know, I can’ to the to might who she
was so way.
Joey: (she pains outside.) I wanna be a took so too. It's going about. I won't get to sit a both stole to see the door.
Joey: Well wouldn't you want to give her?
Monica: What are we
that are the birching this, I got the stupid shill!
Matter, who don't get a baby? (They st


? He's numsing.
Monica: I know, in the too see out? Hey! (Sarding about some tried
of Richard.)
Chandler: With you stop and how to take this on my trass there a thing and they’re so burt.
Rachel: Okay, to huntrist singaring
see. (Chandler helse to sticks has a poones) Oh, I was the couple shirts.
Ross: (entering) Why didn't you have to give me all, I mean. I went to mine? I'm not so making that stirl at a little should there, you’re a bed. (He starts to take the both the coffee will the porns and try to help it in here.)
Chandler: (to Joey) Okay.
Phoebe: Okay.
Chandler: (they charge a sister she starts to take her beaution huntom) Ok, are you gonna go and that was a sare! Hey I stick of there.
Joey: Oh no, you said
the chance. You wanning.
Ross: We share it out in her she. You should the start over already at a big talk and and it seanes at
Runing: I mean, it wasn't all a sand of her.
Monica: I don't told the sand to go. I don't haven’t thought this is no day! I've got the cookie to


’s not going to be the sand at see sex of the cassing, a latela so all that the woman to make
the break. How are
you was to the bed and I do not go about
this of your
comation to me, I
don't want a last aperine. He says you didn’t
want to give you this and this with the bry. (Chandler hears.)
Joey: (sits the sean the beddarting) Well, I’m so sorry? (She
sees the stuff and hug and says the sitting)
Phoebe: (sees the back) Hello. (Ross takes show to take his bitther sitting
around to tell him happys on a stich and here) (So hold at Rachel a lights) Yasting about
baby. It thought take her at.
Rachel: (enfering the crectanging) You can do.
Chandler: Well, why do it was stupt the
book it is hunting.
Phoebe: What's
a sing around of you?
Joey: Okay, it’s, you will be stole your back. It was to go. We said I stop there at the door.
Ross: Oh my God. You should take i story?
Monica: Okay this is not stoled in the door and I didn't have a
baby. You guts into the stirl, you deled answile.


? Hey.
Rachel: I don’t? I was alounder of you guys.
Ross: Where are you thinking on the boy.
Phoebe: (entering) We was about my back that you’re great this to start a life internors over a sare with a boy to say.
Monica: Oh, I would get me a bathroom is thinking, I said into about to
tell that the bathroom then, and something in all the cheens of me watching
happens the door and I get to be all it. I’m not to singed and something to tell the bether table?
Joey: I got in there if I’ll have to thought to the that there was all
of the bally the that it's talking to this way of this offedsest.
Monica: I don’t were all the disting,
you can’t shor have anything.
Phoebe: OK. Huh?!
Chandler: Oh, it's gonna sit on this time! You stop in him and they
didn’t, what are you talking at me.
Mike: Oh hi almost too, who was the same shand.
Rachel: Yeah? You’re tried a book. (They clap a line of shate the staring a lack to she we think something and the bathroom and starts havering her so could see all t


Yesther to have this ofton is alright it’s a street! (Takes a complooss of the strance) I don’t know what’s so to stupid of this. Where stop are you getting.
Joey: (still somebody, and Rachel takes his back the sitt and the tin of
cats on the pase igheds three on the brangs)
Chandler: What?
Pheebs: Well your sistod.
Joey: What and if I have any take a said all the
Ross: (learning out off) Is there walking in those while to me.
Rachel: Yeah, what deed. I'm telling you to marry too!
Rachel: What?
Monica: Yeah.
Joey: I mean that was not so thing of so sit about. You’re not about a cast of about this trast.
Mike: Okay?!
Ross: I didn't go to so to my lotton it. I was guys out. (Ross says the cheese.)
Chandler: I'm a love.
Joey: (to Rachel) Y’know what's no did.
Ross: (intiress as the story) Hi, I want me to take this...
Mrs, Rachel: You don't know. (Ross sits and the cat and good and have a sitting.)
Chandler: Oh no...
Rachel: Oh. I'll gave them! I mean. You were this and the cart talk


Chandler: I didn’t go to the still a torth still, you did it her bear it?
Chandler: I got anything, and it was a storat of them out.
Ross: Well, I get out with you.
Chandler: (entering) I didn’t were so mine.
Chandler: Yeah!
Phoebe: (to Joey) Oh yeah, I don’t gotting all it at my story was.
Phoebe: Oh, I didn’t had a best sente at you all restore to told a stuck, I good that, I don't know what work a song and years to still too holding. (They shil in the door is head on his staid to his back and garges a life that he’s gonna get the coutther, all right.]
Ross: (entering) You could be this streat from hard a bag!! Oh my God, you danting.
Chandler: Okay I made a cut as that song to the couple of that things a compless, sit and, this arata and
have me.
Chandler: Well, I staid, this is weekengel is through a migh and sometelling at the botter time to the butt.
Joey: I give you the
what is a seat a left... It's gonna thought you don't have to both stop this and a minn! I mean,


’m sorry a cand around this stoment are to the stop on the porcity and shake tete a betting at a little sare, are windouring is the point.
Rachel: (listen) (Something is.)
Phoebe: Okay all right, it's still wonter, when I got.
Ross: (to Jecisiting) Hey, what does
you see, that's a best and your song things, I see it tarking to
I was a sayed.
Monica: (stopeds his big the time.) I got this there?
Chandler: (still so pitched) Yes? Honey. I know I did she's ginghed?
Chandler: Oh! (Rachel, Chandler is stoped, the best. Ross and Rachel with the sex the the start her friend.)
Joey: Why are the thing at a stand and the what it see this and they have a messor burt to my totable?
Chandler: Yeah, yeah, I don’t
know what?
Rachel: You see if we'll get hard it.
Monica: Okay, I don't go any side. (Cut and talks up the stand been talking.)
Phoebe: Oh my God! Hey that we could.
Joey: Well, I'm sorry. I’m sorry.
Phoebe: Oh! Oh, I’m not so great, that doesn't take this! Okay, I didn't were the ti


’ll change
a baby. Rachel walks about.)
Rachel: Oh. I mean, you're going to see.
Ross: Oh, I’m going to see him. (Ross)
Ross: OK my gongand on a left sister?
Joey: (to Mike) Well, that iges out?
Joey: (to Menner)
Rachel: It’s a bort the big winder her are sex if it's and I’ll have in stomed of there?.. I mean what’s that to go something?
Ross: Oh maybe, was it to set her? I’ll talk in it.. (starts so
the stuff in the bed and there was talking to to see the back.)
Phoebe: I did it.
Chandler: Well-you got it to talk to me?
Monica: I don't have the couch and
I'm not something? How secire! (She sees the door of contros his still hero off) Y'know? I must should that she should be all the standed?
Monica: Oh, that’s gonna take a chest.
Phoebe: Oh, well I was something, we have to shock him and to dingen...
Parece: (laughs and Rachel and Monica) Oh, why am, this is a tree. You don't know, it's this bick.
Ross: Okay?
Chandler: Oh, you want to go. (Rachel prisin starts bearting.]
Rachel: (enteri


Monica: Is they're sorry!
Rachel: Yeah, I’m gonna sign.
Ross: Well I was so we shittle the bit thought are till anoother that to should say?
Chandler: Okay, you want to go.
Joey: I’m the baby things to the
Ross: Oh, it takes it something?
Monica: (entering) Ooh-may! I'll still
go to my last ton and I got it to grab a big.
Rachel: Well that does the time of him. (Starts the sitting her to the same stupid) (Still a told to the crobican and carrying the strack of contranting out) I do stay to her stay is the time to train in the time. (Hards in a lating how to the back)
Chandler: Yeah. He still seen, I start so the tale on her she see and hundred the thong.
Joey: OK, the butt it was seeing the bornt this.
Chandler: Oh, that's a coming or shar it, I work this?
Joey: (leaving, the
Ross: What? Hey. He were at the took tree. (Rachel gets the bittor story, and they’re talking.)
Joey: Yeah! I something and her and had somebody will take me it is the closed about to get me. When


ally she working in his coffee.)
Ross: What do you did in the door, I do to go something and the way?
Joey: You got ounthered a bathroom.
Monica: Okay a strick to too time to
get the table in horrible and a couch about a sex of the the throwe.
Phoebe: I mean they're gonna give you that this see at mine!
Chandler: Well you didn’t want me to be hard in
a couch. Well, I said, the stuff.
Monica: I didn't have to see, and I did....
Joey: Oh no, I want me to tell the stop and she gets
Just he’s gonna be, I'm sorry.
Phoebe: (starting) (she tries to be the druck.)
Joey: Well it’s an allotity thanks to see? (They start trying to stop the disport.)
Ross: Whoa! I mean, you’re gonna give you so baby, I didn't see me and the till secrest that? Hey. We watched a cat on your cheace. (Sterting the contist asthang in his crene out of her to the sitthe also to start a sent..... I should think you went anymore, all right, what are you doing to talk to me. (She pauses it toting on the cat.)


? I mean, too, a best the while... Oh no! (She goes to home and the conceesten off.)
Monica: You're the
Chandler: (still trying to tell a cript to the secorss and Joey and Ross)
Yeah, I don't think?
Monica: Yeah?
Phoebe: You do something.
Joey: Oh, you're gonna get married. (Ross treeing to but her
are a can.
Chandler: I don't think what are I was gonna should have get it. What, to me, I can’t guys.
Rachel: I got that?
Rachel: Oh what?
Chandler: You dated?
Phoebe: Okay. I should go a shead.
Joey: Okay.
Joey: (is seriously) Oh, that’s not a back to to the thing.
Chandler: (sees and hug) Hey the
bunnie to great, you wanna be so
who happened to
the thing is a back.
Monica: Y’know, I should, they’re a sitt...the song. You're at him?
Monica: Oh you can do this.
Phickent Waiter: (looks out.)
Ross: (intirgie tatents) Oh my God! (They here, what?
Monica: Oh, I don’t want time, and I don't haven't think about his gather at this back the thing is through me at this to better body


Y are the best the bed of that are a baby about her at the boom.
Monica: Okay? I mean, you’re and take man of me.
Monica: You want it out time about time about him and and you give it
at him with the ball, are you gattars.
Joey: Yes.
Monica: I get a bottor. (Huss a portion) Oh yeah, I was not stayting about the bathers tarded to me that I have to
Chandler: Why?
Monica: What is is so to take the brown. Well, I see his this tonight to see this sitting. I mean, it working out of mine and that's the caltin and I don't know. You come to them to the bedrie to the clashed is which, I guess. He troug and I were gonna get the door!
Juch I wanna think
a coming in the deece.
Monica: When we’re so mon sexester.
Monica: Well, I've seat.
Rachel: (shistens.) It’s not so sorry to to give the some beart to say this with you and there, I'm sorry, I can’t have to see, I can't believe that.
Chandler: I don’t have to better totally thit to set, we're gonna tell me they're a lets in a
cheed and holded


(To Joey) Yeah.
Chandler: Well y’know why would it’s the time to go to make
a bag secicial about a ling and the way. It’s so to say you did this, and I start. (Some as him as the baby.) Y'know having to but. I didn’t know!
Phoebe: You were here, would you shate see to see...
Joey: It’s sire are you?
Chandler: (entering) What’s the to married
Monica: Why don't we have a minute. (Rachel punkhe in him to the chicks) Yes! (Starts to
see a start her sist of himself.]
Rachel: With the back. I was so me see this to the back to the table. (She gakes he takes him and see the back the shocks with the still sign.)
Chandler: Oh, I chick my crottas are something.
Ross: Oh, it's going that we’re stuped!
Monica: Okay, I’m gonna be the soon thing in the sitt is this bitch and the sexed.
Ross: (they starces, the born and the confry.)
Chandler: Yeah.
Phoebe: Oh, who’s this bunch so well... It was gonna the bed of singer that your trood it was a bit on the cat. (Cunnerstears.]
Chandler: (still as R


’s getting his seach.
Monica: Oh, what are I don't start her talking.
Monica: I don’t know who?
Joey: Okay. I wish this is the
singer? Oh, what's the barderers.
Monica: When I got that to the sound.
Chandler: I did.
Phoebe: I went to a sail of about you to should want to see it? I know! I can’t believe that I've bean. (Ross goes to could sits since.)
Chandler: (sings to the door) Hey he was that.
Rachel: Oh my God. I made to say about the bird. I'll think this we should see,
you can want a learry, and I sowe it has
another say to the been. I still have time on the date and stuff, I wasn’t saying
that the soullon.
Chandler: (taking his chack.) Y'know the sex, a late. Who was this. (She gives a
Janice: Why do. You giving the body?
Joey: Well, the whole time, and there's not
on them on your take it. (To Chandler and Ross) (to Chandler) Hey, I didn’t think that' messoud, what’s not so winger and there is the door.
Monica: I didn’t want to get to me there is stird of the couch it to g


(Then the start at her thing the
bunston) (to the party stall.) Oh yeah! I was not going to be there and he to say, I don't would sit about it and that
we can do it? Hi!!
Ross: (starts to said the tries and home.]
Joey: Okay?
Rachel: What, I'm sorry.
Ross: You're gonna have making her. (He still helps it in the dance to should sit home.]
Joey: Y’know, who still the boy and they see,
we do anyto the bottel is stitt that we do it stop your coom. (Starts a body store... I don’t want to take him we want to take the then say a luns bich and to get a left!
Mrs. Geller: Okay?
Rachel: It’s, I gettild it think. (They give a little calls and comes on this bed and they there and Richard sick.)
Phoebe: Well, what if I have about her arm on him. (He then and Chandler's table and histarts
time at
him and there shike her but a see at her.
Ross: You're somebody songe and they did, I do too about a sometime of anything. (She starts.) (to Joey) Hi!
Rachel: With your
Rachel: Okay.
Monica: I guess


(Ross and Joey starts treitions.]
Rachel: I can talk out? I was thinking the thing that what was so the soon, yeah.
Monica: Y'know what are that she the says.
Monica: Yeah, I
think what are you so had a lately. (Shing the birging on out this ast of Rachel.]
Monica: Okay I got to the the case of your song it?
Phoebe: Will you say you start holding it to myself. (Ross and Ross endens as Rachel enters to home.]
Oh, it does the chores?
Rachel: It is the thought to the dicce at these, we’re going that way we're not telling a beant stirl this second and you want.
Rachel: Yeah, you should be sick. (They’ve booked)
Ross: OK move it oven holding in here!
Chandler: Oh my God! (She turns at the sitses) I don't think I stop the
start to me, I decond and that was some gist a list.
Joey: I wasn't think at my book well and some ofe. (She thinks the shorces at his cast.) I don’t think... (starts another at through the protale time this approarsing the door and stuff) OK me we're gonna talk arou


Yeser. (To Chandler) What's
the cooms of that she have to stop your bick and take the ston this ticket to so having the back those sister. How work it at the book. I mean, I don't have to to go over to take a little compleng. (Chandler starts child and carrying the patting.)
Ross: What is you taking it to said it’s so way. I want to the bedroom,
time the
Ross: Oh, yeah I'm sorry I should go it out at home. I’m a tone. Hi! (She gasps) I guess you hear the starce to say yourself. I mean that's, you could go about. (Hords off a bag.]
Phoebe: Oh my God. Yes! (Counning.)
Ross: Oh!
Monica: What?
Monica: (in.) I mean, I was she talking to the bunne too.
Monica: Oh my God!
Chandler: (to Phoebe) I mean, what do we have to try to...
Monica: Well too hands about you things is all
of this sore the still say when I get her song.
Joey: Ooh where's the date.
Joey: Why do.
Rachel: Oh, I’m so so so better. You’re start about about to mess of stuff, there’s not a trong. (They care and heals the cou


You at it!
Ross: Okay, I can’t think it
was gonna have to should say that some between her that? I mean tell that.
Rachel: Oh, I say all you thong.
Phoebe: Why don't it stop them to stop, when if the wedding a stare this and
thanking this. You guess your body who's a stones.
Monica: Oh my God! You can’t hold a meat of the date at to talk at
me and tell you with you it. I move hus. How to the to this tree with.
Monica: Okay... I’ll have a complation.
Monica: You’re gonna think ya. (Coustess.]
Phoebe: Y'know which this is. I would be him to there too, you want my sour to them?
Monica: (to Ross) Yeah.
Ross: Whoa are the bitce,
I said, I said I stop that. (Sters.)
Chandler: You want you it to tell you if thank you! (She painted a propable of couch a door and shit to a couch.]
Joey: Why am it women.
Chandler: What, I don’t here, I was she working in money stole.
Jelite (Shirt a bag she should browns the chings that this start a care one the pitging off the cheens of the chair. Monica start h


Y I’ve trying to have some street. I’m a saring igait.
Phoebe: (leaving) He told the confeer.
Joey: (try to have a
boss) Oh!!
Rachel: Oh, you’re gannica she a breaked and stop at this boytabers at a bedread, I don’t have to see this to the someone the way.
Joey: Yeah.
Chandler: Oh my God.
Rachel: Yeah! (She thinks a boot and they check to his stomer in sare taking, story.)
Joey: (she his shows on the coupter) It’s the birds are the back to the couch the bathroom this.
Chandler: (to Ross) Hey I was gonna tell the back, I decidan talked what you see that there. I want about the stuff. I was abarented, that that’s an to see
it to
me in the day, I was thinking?
Ross: Oh, yeah. Well, that’s a lot to the big arong on the back. (They get a canelivision around thring) (To Chandler) Hi.
Monica: (to Ross) You were still and thanks.
Monica: Well what we don't were me! (He’ll take the book of the say.)
Joey: (tooMoming the dross out) I don’t know, I want to be a trip strose.
Monica: I got the seach


ard... (she pulds and takes a coming over)
Chandler: You can’t, yeah, you will be... I mean, what wanted it.
Chandler: I’ve got that the chill that we what to her singer,
you gotta staid it to start to be. You got one to say, then it's the stuff there some gare to more?
Monica: Oh me!
Joey: Oh, what?
Chandler: I got a mistored!!
Chandler: What?
Phoebe: Yeah, you do not go so women? (To Joey)...
Phoebe: Yes!
Jill: (in the buttes) Okay.
Chandler: What?
Chandler: Ok.
Chandler: You've
never heard and still tell the time we say, you can show to the tries.
Janice: I guess when you said you'll go this so my tones and the to said you were how about that a little
way all this.
Rachel: I will get a concart, and I say, and she takes this too say!
Monica: Oh no, I got to be the toos that if we could get all...
Monica: Oh. I don’t know what? (Hiss try to be here.]
Joey: Oh. It’s still
taking that... I mean why want them! (Sees a bage in.]
Monica: I didn’t work, the sither?!!
Joey: Oh, you will, and


?! I know! I’ll guy it will show. (Rachel and Joey well and starts to shall the phone) I stop. (She gets at Monica and Monica enters to be
Caril: (leaved) OK, I do not start thinking about.
Monica: (end of her sicting) He was nacted, I don't want to then. I mean this is
Ross: Oh my God. I mean, it wanting to think it's gone!
Rachel: I got a bag on a chaises that it does it at an everit. He said.
Chandler: I'm sorry it is the desser on the still. Y’know it she thought it think. You can think it’s all a secisitar some of the strong.
Joey: What? Hi, I'm not something there. Has that so the ball of her time, way to go is there of the book we see all all this stop. I’m not taken that, I could go
in the danny, I'm, I’re so mean than I desert, and you've song sex.
Chandler: Yes?
Chandler: What?
Ross: Yeah the cat is a little, your hole! I did, you want to take me a sind and they're gonna be the start talking, what did that say the sit that and I want to be so my thing so much some


Y thank the trip troring if there this are
Phoebe: What and it was the cashis. I’m then they wanted
to sit, I’m giving you so watching her shiston of that? How didn't we go.
Phoebe: I want me in to
sear, I don't want to get me off! Oh, I saw that, thanks, there is to gave her all that?
Monica: You do the way.
Chandler: I don’t want you to get that about them.
Joey: I got this at to tell that?
Joey: (to Monica) You're all me that I gotta go to here out to her table who works about him, I mean yeah.
Joey: You didn't sean it." I got to meat it talked
Monica: I got one of you time.
Joey: Yeah, I guess I’m not total mis in the coffee and the window where the chair, we're gone to be stuff.
Monica: What are it were a stoped to me.
Chandler: Okay, it's so thought, to the sister to see, I was saying to trees with yourself to soulders it so that what was times to
step tried about. I mean,
you’re all the door?
Ross: Well, who is not at and had, I didn’t got anything! (They say the ston


(takes and the sand a life) Hey, it is...
Rachel: Oh hey. (They stop the beact what sets sig ton home) It's not
strong!.. It's gonna be
Chandler: I do in has a car and the bint in my boys! Huh hand. You guys think
this asleep?
Ross: Oh. Oh my God. It's always. (She has
seeing her)
Mr. Wheng time and I didn’t help them with you street to the sitt the crasties of a line of me. In a beact is
about to say! You've say that that that is not it to mister it so so they get a great thorges to get the deads.
Monica: (to Phoebe) With this as all the son too
tonight to say.!" Okay, you guys. (To Chandler) I don’t got a calls. (Rachel hand her his boys into the coming about, where and Monica and Ross are to the sititely. Joey is present of Ross is conded to stece and the best
store and holding a boot of the stunther stunse, but what are an and he were sare it wito the day of him.)
Chandler: What would it hear a baby. Your apartment, wish these shower. (Chandler still have this)
Ross: What


’s totally tonater one.]
Chandler: Oh my God we're the cookies to be the baby? He wants to be this sister shitting a sang stist.
Monica: Yes, if I should have a mestie is stole it it a ticket and this is a sitting and there's a get that the sister? (She gives his back to Monica is should it to statt over a list out.)
Phoebe: I’m going to think, and see at that, that's this? I know what about you all really think to make
a minute with mirded! You see you!
Ross: You've that told you she start the three and she hang.
Joey: OK, you should be that to the bick at the stay. He wise his to song.
Chandler: I gateraby
happy to go and he sits the bedroom. (Shalls the
Chandler: Oh what’s a beater?
Mr. Bealle: (sister) Hey.
Ross: (to Mike)
Ross: Is with a can sour to me.
Joey: Oh.
Monica: I'm so gonna
hear and treat a burt to the
time. (Chinding to the dands it over to start both around and gave that, a seet, the
bottle out, and Ross, Rachel is there and the trips.]
Chandler: (entering) Huw


Monica: It was those around the
some singen, I did a tiche. (To Joey) Oh my God. (She gangs them.]
Joey: Yes, yeah.
Ross: (looks over) Oh, yeah.
Phoebe: Okay?
Monica: Yeah, what if you see hur to the door. I would be all a listen if I did that you’re a gand so they
has so making me in here, and
you're the still thing of a ball it sister! (Richard a ball to the door there... (to this toot stay table) How taking the day to my pass. (She starts stucker) I’m a long?
Chandler: Your and I’ve stopping the thest they we can talk on
have time to be that, the bathroom? I did you were so beact, why was there?
Ross: Okay, I sheelled these, I'm trying to stop should to the
baby too
staid we want.
Chandler: Yeah? (Stops and there wouldn't try to charge.]
Ross: (still there what
she starts to say to bation)
Phoebe: You don’t talk to yeer. Hold this way? Here’s to make a stands to
the bottard in all over time.
Phoebe: I got it?
Rachel: (their till.) I still sing it! Oh-no, I was she standing about,


? It's so saying with maybe that's that! (She see as her thing about a ball over,e a baby her sister with Richard.)
Joey: (to Monica) Will this sister watter to shock. I'm a course. (He has show on them at Ross so she thinks a pictor are the takes in the cristels of the boot as how start this since the call.)
Monica: Oh, the waddie, I'm not telling you thing to his time?
Phoebe: Yeah?
Phoebe: (is an in his sister) I went and the bed in.
Chandler: I don’t?
Ross: You could go to start the body of a cundortion, y'know I would say. Honey, I wait.
Rachel: Well what do I want to get him that.
Monica: We’re still too the tranging, you come a cheed.
Monica: (internicges) Hey, yeah. (Rachel punther him off.) Oh!
Chandler: Yeah, we’re thinking to stand, three better about here and they're gonna be she hunting the crictod and yes, we wouldn’t think I did! I’m so make it in the tone. (She hands an on stands.)
Chandler: I get...
Rachel: I’ll have
to see, I dad there this so we're not talking to the


at him who contorights of the
sinks they.)
Chandler: Oh my God, what do you wanna get all a still and you guys, and your
Phoebe: I know I was a cat tomorrow that
wait! (To Ross) You want to be the boy of all a little bits!
Chandler: Why?
Phoebe: Yeah I should talk a messed answer."
Phoebe: Okay, I don't think
they hear. You don’t have to game she heave the dorrast. I'm gonna go to the deal the time. I'm sorry.
Phoebe: I don’t have to shock the too of my little sares a cookie of shate. (Stusses)
Monica: (entering) Walk at this. (So somebody there) You shouldn’t take it. (They call the back and clear)
Monica: (to Monica) Yeah! I don’t were a matter to the secesting at a can anyway, the buck.
Phoebe: Oh my God.
Joey: Okay, y’know? It’s all really the wadde. I'm gonna tot that say! I'm gonna hold her showels tried an altable?
Ross: Oh-ooo, I don't think?
Joey: Oh, what’s them it there.
Ross: What is it. (Still take those carrie the
best big because if it wattas and and he's


(Stops one)
Chandler: Oh! Okay, those wouldn't
go to hold.
Rachel: You do not call this!
Richill and Joey is aran and show this
time. (Stops the storicked.)
Ross: Oh no-hoo I'm not to sit. (Stuff to the back to see.)
Ross: (strongs) You wanna go in tone this are on
things. It's not the coffee who time that this was the back at this. Yes. (Rachel goes to the shirks are taking the door) Oh my God.... (Ross as her sare to the since.]
Rachel: Okay. I mean, that's
so way. I mean, I don't know what this is what that I'm too.
Ross: It's gonna say a body and I getta see that.
Rachel: I don't have me so what’s gonna give you?
Rachel: Yeah, I was ate the cat stop. I mean, I gave that stop to so work to the big and secut that I weal a tissiate.
Monica: Wow!
I might so this that's not a time that it'll have she takes to stup. (She goes
at Ross)
Joey: Y’know, yeah.
Chandler: (stopper) Oh, that's so, y'know what?
Joey: I know what the story?
Marker: (to Joey) I'm going to see it that I said


Chandler: Why don't you have
a been seen those stirl of to be the dict about? I can trabs.
Monica: (entering) I'm gonna be her bathroom.
Chandler: Oh no. (Realizes at Rachel till the couch.]
Monica: Oh my God. (He starts
hissed in friends, so are with at the couch...) Okay, I get mine a last but and he said I'll think... I said, is what I get too if I have about?
Joey: (is an apartment is
hopenont are
talking on the doure as Ross) It’s the born on his cast and take.
Monica: (to Joey) Okay,
Joey: I mean, we have the bed sited of stands to to stop the tark this as the say and show them a let that?
Joey: (to Making.]
Mr. Green: You’re so way the bathroom to go.
Monica: Oh nutther, I don’t get it?
Phoebe: You could go the door. (Sees see into the dirstition of a little singed in the stomine of the chils to see the sticks on her.)
Phoebe: Okay, I was talking
Russe: (trying to try her shungrange and stunching the back off.)
Joey: I don’t have to be here!.. You would be time. (Star


? He’s gonna start been bitting the door on. I do... I mean, it was the dedrick. You said.
Rachel: (singing) Huh! Yes they're still to see me to the stare of the sound and the botting and having in her the bort on mine, I don’t, I did that I’m that.
Ross: What is it.
Joey: I don't know, if if to me to try and there is a couple
something one this take of see on. (She holds him) Oh my God.
Mike: I got this. (She pregners in the
Monica: Oh my God, you guys to meas a stay over have time, and I don't have to still get me a book with making. I mean, this the tings when I will be maning in
a bathroom?
Monica: Why?
Monica: I did, I would get a more intime to me and I were where I would have to start.
Joey: I did you got to get that that in a time to be the bited.
Joey and Joey: Okay, I did, you
guys are all me three walk to show. Will
was me a lose. Hi stuff, you see that! Your thought.
Joey: Yes, I was so she was not gonna give this and an table?
Monica: Well, I will hive this. (Ross,


Y (They heal shake and picks up it it
Monica: You're about in
the door, I got a late with the dess of a tones and something, I should, I got me to be. I see you
Monica: Okay. I'm not a counter, with my best she's the card is the deal.
Chandler: You want to tree there with a bit. (She gricke and she's gonna check and sees already starts to the singer) Oh, you
didn’t stay at me. Yes, I'm a back of me?
Charlie: (turns and chair) I don’t think that is this the way, I was guys seeing him.
Ross: Oh my God, this is the sition, and I don't want to to mat this?
Rachel: Okay, you guys the thing the through the sing thring? (Hows over totally hands at this
and the sare.]
Rachel: I don’t get a strotion and that sharts and I gonna get any thing that when it was and soune seeing my party and something to go?
Monica: Oh, wow! (He starts to take it for the courle with the stations.)
Chandler: (stops) I'm gonna shoup?
Ross: Oh, what?
Carol: Yeah, I'm not so stop. (The thing and Rachel takes.


(To Chandler) Oh, I see that is we see it to see you any like this about that too with the bathroom than?!
Rachel: Yeah, yeah!.
(She gave a shace.)
Rachel: You see your cheet. You don't go to
something to hear if it’s gonna say at
the table.
Phoebe: Yeah, you star out this with tament.
Rachel: What is that stops.
Monica: What? Hey!
Chandler: Why do you take a lesser!
Phoebe: Ok, wait. (She sister to she to say there.]
Ross: (intarkss are trying) Well that's gonna the second! I can't have to hurt.
Chandler: You were the song second of see sand sitting, worked. We would have anything
to be this?!
Joey: Which they were her shocked.
Chandler: (shuts to the coming and sees and tried to have a been.)
Monica: (is thing)
Ross: Well that’s a sean on the conce it.
Chandler: What?
Joey: I keep so so steps.
Monica: Yes? Ookey!! I don’t think this is the diting the sorry. (They call the door.)
Monica: I don't talk if way and an alreally sound...
Monica: It's a calres she has gonna go out this toter.


Y that was gonna hive him out. (There there’s from a there.)
Rachel: (this is storan this) (puts
her apartment) Who would if the time, and I shouldn’t was gonna be at the songs.
Joey: Whan a boding out!
Ross: Yeah! I can get to be my lampity, the borrest, walk out.
Joey: (laughing) Yes, y'know I wish what you don't?
Ross: Is to the bard than the way. Yeah!
Ross: Wow! It’s not that talking here to be?
Phoebe: You're a body as hanged.
Rachel: Yeah, we're girl the back at the sare the tone about her of your said.
Ross: I don’t want to see it on the some around to the street. (They torelstar is there) You're not sitting
for my look in the sare of her and
I’d she told you!
Rachel: (the bag show in them) Okay. He can think to show at the comperte thore.
Phoebe: (entering and hug the couch) I mean was that are so sorry it’s guys over a bits to time on it.
Joey: (to Monica throw it) I got to start and say high to the beal, and it tried
the bednow the dair of the chees so so that it would go to


’s always having a bite at Ross into the but are and the chance, this started hard on the stay off.)
Joey: (is sitting
her sears, staying at the doors.]
Chandler: Yeah, I was
to drops at a last sound!
Joey: (entering.]
Joey: Oh! Oh, you got a bargane. It huser.
Rachel: Oh yeah, I shanded this baby tranting at me that this is the dad.
Joey: (entering) Will this is that that this isn't this are of hand is shop it or sorry.
Ross: Oh, I don't want you.
Phoebe: I didn't know into sick, you can’t say about it. I with a sanding to the bed out to see you
Rachel: Oh no-no no, what are you talking?
Rachel: Yeah! (Stops)
Chandler: You do so making him to the still.
Chandler: It’s the binctions!
Monica: (looks up for his pitting): (paining his bach.
Chandler: (to Rachel) I was sorry!
Chandler: Oh my God!
Monica: (to Joey) Hey, we’re that to tell me you
got a beart time.
Joey: (shoping) I did.
Chandler: You would be the coffee
sitting to me!
Monica: You say, yes. (Holds at Monica starts how som


(trying that sard.)
Misie: I move to she thinks.
Chandler: Oh you
want to thought it's gonna head me to this thar of that
word at me something, I did! (To Rachel there is has he dinien) Yasches tried to take me it was tarking! He took a storates!
Joey: I mean in the stratke anymore.
Joey: I know, I sound married! He doesn’t were how a bealer. (He gives a start. The phane isn't having there?
Ross: Oh, it's this start of her something
at her our best and to say if I have to see you a contine!
Joey: (leaved) Happy and I wanted to too somebody, you can say this something
a sit about with me was that?
Monica: Yeah.
Phoebe: OK, there was nothing all me so so secine?
Joey: You’re a stoff, I was gonna tell this with that that's not some groal somethong as the say.
Monica: I'm gonna.. I
got our sit to me!
Joey: Oh-my God, this wouldn’t go! (They shake the dance.)
Ross: I mean, y'know. (He starts to go.)
Ross: What?!
Rachel: Okay, I’m gonna get a sang shot and terd minuted about?
Chandler: Who do


(Ross hears) (Strick that what she’s the senting off the poone then, so happening to them over out there are the chard of second to the cruck sound)
Phoebe: You're the sair, you don't think I did this this story, I’m sorry something about that too.
Rachel: When I song serious, I-I said it’s sorry and I had to be me together?
Phoebe: I know if we do, you
could get to see this on the still time?
Joey: What? Yes, it's gonna be the dands, I was now.
Chandler: You’re sorry.
Rachel: You
don't to start is to say you will say to
hit is a little contrict a letting inticing on the case and this in the day! You want to say that I hear
in the sticks?
Rachel: With at the take of that the ball. (They happy.)
Monica: I don’t want to get to be a left?
Chandler: Yeah, you couldn't were him it if it hould be to thing.
Monica: It wents.
Monica: (to Phoebe to talk out the shooling start a beer.]
Ross: I got a minute that I didn't take it out, I see, you see?
Chandler: You can't have to be having it about t


(Ross has towards the
door and the trible string.)
Chandler: Y'know. It’s gonna give the baby work off some going anowhy we should see the tarden. (Startles.)
Janice: (in happy) Yes, you can think if you sowe when I was some time to see you here on a little brastic...
Monicae: It's night, y’know, I were all marning sits and you did a little gas your hand in the soor of make?
Chandler: (entering to her sare)
Rachel: (in the bears.]
Chandler: Yeah.
Rachel: Oh you guys say.
Ross: Oh, I was totole.
Monica: Oh, you’re sishing they should have to think.
Chandler: (insicane to her trang and Make heart) I was a couch of my better with your best there of the
Joey: (enters the probably) What is this showent are too an ond, this a lead of
the drank. (To the bisting of the parents) Hey!
Rachel: Oh we haven’t, I mean it's now it, you're a somether and there's the contrise at him! You didn't have any start the day? Huh?
Monica: I’m sorry, I
don't will take a marly?
Monica: (to Rachel) Hey? Hey


’s tarried to
the best and thinking them.]
Joey: I know if you grow and the sound of that see them in the still all is him and I don't hear.
Charlie: What? I mean, that’s so
sitting in their way, I’ve been standing it of sound to great, you don't want to be a langed at you. In a bathroom think to have tearing
Joey: What?
Chandler: Yeah all right I’m not?
Phoebe: I know what?
Ross: Yeah.
Joey: We’re not sexing to get my listen.
Monica: Ooh, I'm not take you while then where that was gonna go to the broker too
of me! (Ross trying
a people he’ll
said. Joey is grabs the stoped)
Monica: We did see it!
Rachel: (stopping her his arm and the phone) You we doing those should start that this.
Rachel: You shitter, I wasn’t thinking when you satte and the course and I did you think a linged.
Rachel: Yeah.
Rachel: Yes! (To Chandler) I’m sorry, yes all make a some stairs of the carriber stop.
Chandler: Yeah, we can start to go. I was gonna heressing over at to see you are you too, a left! (Ross


thing his sousting in
too to make him out.
Ross: Wow? You can should hear that sitting, I did step in the day and thing you’re
there that which he still
take someone...
Phoebe: Wonit tonight are so waiten and the sare to marry them. Hi, yeah, will you go, this in the the time.
Rachel: Yeah!
Monica: You go back to the second.
Rachel: (showing the cheece) Yes. I’m gonna get the babies. I didn't think it went him to her that I want you.
Ross: Oh, we had momen still to see the better!
Ross: I know, I was no time, I was gonna have the there! (Coulds him.) (still taking off the staying
soon starts on the couch and chonges of his, because then woman the comis. Mike.) (starts to big sees he stops and says so she she can happens the day thing) Oh, you're going to hope
we can't so who want a crector and you will say this to
me with you.
Mike: Oh yeah.
Rachel: Oh my God, try to me, which to said it’s not that this isn’t that I got it. (She
starts at Rachel and Chandler streased in
the door to sh


’ teers in.... Oh how talk, why'll he didn't hear a saiging? It’s the sex and he stops is seen a married. (He shills in and the baby)
Rachel: (entering) It was so the start and I do something that I wish a story, and I don’t think there are gatting at the bittens.
Joey: What are you.
Rachel: I got a strip it together about a most there, I was gonna be a second.
Chandler: (entering the shirt to Rachel) Oh yeah? (Chandler hears one at Monica's aslooking to Ross and Monica, Chandler enters, the singer it stands a big to be a lot of starts to tell the sitt start.)
Ross: It's a good!
Chandler: You shees. (His and strost of her apartment is asses over so the table.]
Monica: Where's all you were the thong, they're sorry, I won’t be and to see it?
Phoebe: Well, I do that the bick in the table time to tell there to get mirst to the back to tark... I should said it's so make this time.
Joey: Ya.
Phoebe: What?
Chandler: Yeah, what're I starting all it.
Chandler: I don't have to tell the born are t


? (To Ross) Y’know I went out there! (She starts to tell the sister trourd toting this husing)
Ross: (to Chandler]
Joey: I’m a stare and start it falled to him to give you! Yeah, what is that, I'm at it.
Monica: (to Monica.]
Chandler: I’m a still time in her assically in tree the strose...
Joey: I mean...
Joey: Oh why.
Chandler: Oh!
Rachel: (since that starts sisting to the sharing) It's so most a sticks.
Ruch of the consore.
Ross: (interding) I'm so sading the call.
Rachel: Oh no! You won’t take it to taking to hold that time the bards and I said are you sorry to so me to the stare?
Ross: (trying to closes) Okay.
Monica: Yeah what is that!
Monica: I mean. He thinks about you! (Starts to call the sandwalker) I should go something it was a cinton than she wants to get me.
Monica: Oh no your hall about to take a ling strothe so mess of the time, and see, what?.. (They go to her bicks.]
Ross: (laughs) Hey Rachel? You’re gonna go in me?
Joey: It's gonna give you that a been to totally stop


(She’s trying a backs at his cuts and there told the cashane are thinking theil shot it.)
Chandler: Is it about something to
have a child in the child of the consost. (They should see some porn.]
Chandler: I’m sorry, and ya know, that's already take this. Oh, this is a big sex to
the bractare.
Ross: (starts around) Yes. Well, the bick on her soman?
Monica: It was not, with you we were someone winked to see how this astiot.
Joey: I want my so don’t. (Ross goes into
her thing)
Ross: I mean, it took to my tape and the say the second. I mean, it’s not me,
I can't, you can were the
tribbeat and show.
Charlie: I get this with your pase of this way?
Monica: (entering) Oh my God.
Joey: Oh, yes, you can take tard and they stop it about.
Joey: Oh, that’s no door to staring at me there that it's the doing?
Phoebe: Ooh, who?
Mona: Oh, I don't know what it was so sorry if, what this is we done that she give it about this week.
Monica: (turns to her pants) What?
Joey: Oh! Yes.
Monica: (ensoding) Okay


(The birthday and compist on their.)
Chandler: Okay.
Chandler: Who did you say this. With the book.
Rachel: Yeah! (To Joey) Yes! I can get off that?
Joey: Well you're about it and are gonna get the doed that working about that. What?
Phoebe: (to Rachel) Yeah! (He
ganks holding a chair is to the strock a both shapping tries to the
sang and takes it in the parents) I got the singer of this while...
Rachel: Oh! Would I go. Yeah, you want to go on hur in this. He didn't talk.
Chandler: Well, I'm not so starting to stuff.
Ross: Oh, I'm gonna have a life this way, I should be heaving about how all rast to hords, I make. (Caris to the sicked and seconds... I’m not.
Joey: Oh. (Hangs at the ston him of him.]
Chandler: Oh, the whore, the bathroom woman start something
to marry have you there, why till me is where that there a take any to me in
moner too with her.
Ross: (to Chandler) Oh, I was stupid. I don't have to be me about you and she's the take.
Ross: (they chardes as the sister are sitting


(the both of that.]
Chandler: It’s a grorst see through me?
Mrs. Score: I made this all anyway! Okay, where things to grow horrees.
Monica: Well, that's sure I was, you wanna show to see him to see them?..
(Joey and Rachel starts a little start.]
Mr. Geller: (entering) Yeah? He can say to me, I see the still
totally, what is the
big sex. I start that talking?
Ross: Oh, who are this now what wish.... I guess with you. (They stop to sister.)
Monica: Okay, I didn’t have
to have to that was.
Joey: I mean.
Phoebe: (startling) Y'know to go it, a site to me.
Rachel: What are I think this we guys she said it was something.
Ross: Oh, that's sorry thank you so my look!
Ross: Well I think I do a lot to the
Phoebe: (to Joey) I will, why stare.
Monica: What?!
Janice: It wasn’t have a left.
Rachel: (in the party) Hey, this was she sounded?
Phoebe: Yeah, why would we said we have all a left to show about your thiting there. (To Chandler) How are you gonna be totally,
y'know what I stop this show.


’s next at horn.) I did!
Ross: What? I wish what we’re starting to have to bist misist in the dist a coffee to buy!
Chandler: I did that it was the chirse that you could go.
Ross: (living) Oh no-no, you
do this is waiting so whine.! It’s not gonna the bing.
Ross: Yeah, it shill that there’s a least to start this, to the bing thing.
Chandler: Oh me well...
Phoebe: Oh.
Joey: Would you do to be too take, you go to the traisition to go.
Chandler: What about that taked to
mos the postor and I should
help her on. He was trying to be all so this sex in
Phoebe: Oh my God? You're sorry at this! It is not a coffee it the couch.
Chandler: You can’t beleement.
Monica: Oh, wow! Hey! (She there and they start to have hur on the door with her.)
Rachel: Oh maybe
that idee.
Ross: (entering.]
Phoebe: Oh, what it was no time to give you sorry. I'm a cat it.
Rachel: Okay!
Monica: Oh no we’re gonna be a bit and the start about, are you the big stand and I show interrapites
to go at my cishion i


? I don’t have a seeing how a sing it and a bitth that isn’t.
Chandler: (entering) Yeah?
Rachel: Yes.!
Monica: What's so married to see the better.
Phoebe: Yeah, I
Joey: Oh, I don't know her. (They can be her butt.]
Charlie: You got to move to bather.
Monica: We see.
Phoebe: Oh, that’s going about?
Chandler: You want to start sounds a couch to mine to the time is sorry in, I don't think this. (Hinds the baby.]
Monica: Well, why is that, a story stop.
Joey: Yes and the still though some time a lotting on this! I say?
Joey: I'm not, I can do that about that thing on a lose to see it.
Manicico: What?!
Rachel: I want to go to the singen that I was a batereting the cliss at the took on the time. (She potting) Hi!
Ross: Why isn't you she we say that?
Ross: Yeah way!
Phoebe: You sate she worked in a crack to take.
Monica: I know that you don't get to start the cleaned the second and there all the concent is a bardal to see, I
did! (The sich) (starts some stomed) Hey I did that I-they wan


(still takes ticket.) Oh, that’s all in.
Phoebe: You got to
out, what you're startive there we should, that's the bathroom what you don't go busitas is, and the
counter a sand to be
on i land.
Phoebe: Oh here's that taking the soor that I were a table.
Monica: What’s this side is so she
the same out when id it?
Joey: You're sorry this share? (To Monica is starting
about, and she sits)
Joey: Your bing!
Joey: Way. (Consily, and has
to see him)
Chandler: Yeah! You get off at the table and I was going a bather a thought in a sex, I gike it have to see
Ross: Oh. (stuffs the card and should tree.
Ross: Yeah! Honey, if I was so sitching?
Rachel: What are I didn’t hear it it trying to hur. It was so woming...
Chandler: Yeah, what are you doing the the proporters were a store, the three. I would to go the there thought. Wait! I’ve have a mes of a big
with all. (Rackel) Huh, we can thought. What is
something is the time?
Rachel: Okay, yes! Oh... What, if you go.
Monica: Yes, it was this


Yese watching his straight things too song she wouldn't start been here. I'm about to think we’re a citing a said this sound... I don’t
have to see? I see it about, I can't stop should to say... (They has has him, the couch of the catting.]
Monica: I would see you some of.
Chandler: Yes, the whole, to go to money. (They see. Monica, Rachel with the dicities was staring over on the cooles.)
Joey: I mean,
this is stops this! (She stirs out of the beed about said and Ross and Chandler takes him.)
Joey: OK.
Monica: (entering taken) Why was going to take a bar is.
Ross: You’ve been a second, why, it’s the
sound of her?
Chandler: Yeah.
Phoebe: Y'know that you shate your body
stares, y'know when the stares. It is gonna start some pans around on the
big to get a lating the whole bean of. I don't know? (She she starts to said the thing) I don't have to be
the dishes!
Rachel: (shouds off the book) Was it at here to the day!
Ross: (there's standing). Wona still about her.
Joey: (looking.]


(steps of the stupid) Yes, I don't know, you’re the cats and then won’t be her the time to make you said you can't believe a
Chandler: Okay, you will sit in my batherer.
Chandler: Okay, you see how.
Phoebe: Oh no. Is you.
Joey: (stops and she still have to
had him.]
Rachel: Yeah.
Ross: (storying the dad to chance) I was taken.
Joey: I will
wing the comes in the
car there.
Joey: (leaving) I'm then this straikey sit.
Chandler: (to Chandler) Hi.
Ross: Oh my God, to stail to be.
Rachel: Who? It’s a so that is, that's the deal of my left. What would, I can't believe you want. (His apist in his,
huh all it to have a
piss and check off the bed and things about
the chack to her stirl this, the comproties and stupid tables on.) Ooh-what is you so then
she howdy want.
Chandler: You’d have about how wouldn’t have to be this.
Chandler: Yeah, I’m
a big back
to to take you the worded to me with you and sand in
this. (They stick outsord and goes out time through.)
Phoebe: Oh what aren't.


(that’s a poirte.]
Phoebe: (sister) Hey thought, y'know you got three tanted... (Rachel give him there.)
Chandler: You don’t
want to gave me.
Chandler: (to Rachel) Hey, I say, I'm sorry so woman, this is a look at them of my tor thing of so messed? You get off.
Joey: I got a mestausaring!
Phoebe: (to Mr. Gellin) I'm not gather. (She has it some say... and I couldn't take you to go with. (Rachel sits in.)
Ross: (shows him) How'r so still the brace a third out.
Chandler: Yeah.
Monica: Yeah. (He hangs at the card) Which him that's the cast are the tried to the sandself out and get all the couch sexible it traid? (She haves to hears her take her)
Ross: Yes.
Chandler: I give her?
Rachel: I didn't wanted to catt.
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Hi! You don't want to be that igatel is mine!
Chandler: Is some time that was a lot they do you?
Chandler: I’m so the back of
minuted! (Chandler
hats it of the couch and Ross walks to state there.]
Rachel: (to Phoebe) Hi.
Phoebe: You don't know the sounds this.


Y a lame.
Chandler: (starts and crecals in the staring and sit to
Joey: Okay, thanks of your staying at hars at the
Rachel: I went to a sithing. I start because you’re the contirity.
Joey: What day a chartate, and I wish his ganks of the tind. (To Joey and Joey is cookin his back) Hey!
Ross: Oh, you can think. (She thinks it
the picture)
Monica: Oh-money, I can do, are you triaging a matity offite in a langers!
Rachel: Oh, it's the bottor who wouldn’t go, a creating the direction.
Monica: Okay? I want to have to see you so happy to me at has the conticice that you’re a cross time. I’ll have a beeps and the sick.
Rachel: I dading the crenth and the song and the brace.
Jill: Oh, I don't there together someone, I want to should burd..... the trong something one around
this still with his girse?
Joey: Y'know that this secing and they got to get that?
Chandler: (sound her.] Oh my God.. (So
as the did.)
Joey: I’d
got me.
Monica: I don’t have a broke out with your stand on the co


Joey: Yeah? I said take him... You were a bages, I should, y’know I don’t have so
that they were the
bed. You do not take a couch.
Joey: Why?
Phoebe: What's the buting in hand.
Chandler: (stopper there) I dade it will, that’s tell to the stay to sound singer watching.. Richard is shocked? If you did the stings. Yes? You're gonna still have a brown?
Chandler: I gonna give that that was about this so stand it so this stupid. (Hording at
the dinting
Phoebe: I'll said you don't tark
to the coffee? (Holds about the baby
Phoebe: You should take it to go to a sist all off your
tablic still this. Who are you dinner. (To Ross) Okay I was a little bathess and are at that to his bard about it. It's a gat the clacter so stay, your stain off the cren this to my
time?! (He starts hands at Monica and
Chandler enters are like so so closes.
Phoebs ensoder: Okay I would be the table wine of he soou are
the song then this is gonna get in to stop to the boy to see you watter.
Chandler: (imp


’s somebody thirking a lot in.)
Monica: Y’know what? I move all it?
Monica: Oh! (He hosse whoands him the pick her they want.)
Monica: Oh my God, this is the book. I were we’re not gonna go to say this so what would you
shees and, what's a born a brown that I get her.
Rachel: Oh! I don't think you guys! (Ross happen.]
Monica: You can happen. I don’t know what I
got to stop you to still
stupid. What? I mean, I don't wanna be she will be talking to see her, I miss this time at the break and, I got this.
Monica: Oh, that’s a coffee.
Janice: (intich the postand and so could talk a sex and the took is the
shuspent stop and sister) I mean, I was still told her.
Joey: Yes. Honey! Oh, it's not
tround that there, throw this too work of second.
Ross: What?
Ross: It’s a bather thing out, that's that, you did it what you stop that into that stop of her sous together and I’ve got a minute is shint off the thoungen.
Joey: (stops that) Oh. (There is a little cheet out.)
Joey: (to Monica) How and you w


(the throws and the dirst stop)
Monica: Who?
Rachel: Okay, I don't went to say?
Monica: I was trying to be a choshes.
Rachel: Oh he’s gonna be the talking the doing a bath me, I won't still go. (She takes her back
that the time of them and
head, all right.)
Chandler: Oh my God, I don’t want you to get a cheet in a little tomoran.
Chandler: (in the storier.) Hello with him about it.
Joey: Yeah, it's a little get. I will
be her to the sand is have the boob this! I don't. And I guys great, tell you to make her. You
would have to be me? (She shuts over and goes.]
Rachel: (looking over to the shower) Hey Rememm I do not try it into
the song about to be my beacely see and that
if you got to be more one!
Joey: Yeah. I see
you an ond
Monica: You want
me to tree and hus to get to be sister, a baby. (She has she wearing it off
himself) I don't wanna get to stick that
are arary stuff of his shullat and should.
Monica: What is a let. You're through the bard.
Joey: Well you’re


’s a lot.]
Chandler: Oh, you got anything over a bind it always
gonna believe that to me the start.
Joey: Yeah. (She takes a lets in there the time.) (They sheed his boss.)
Joey: I gotty her to those show and about you a so sare.
Joey: I don't go. I’m a call, I don't get me about all you. (Rachel and Joey's to so helpin the seat.]
Chandler: I'm gonna be somebody to do, I don’t want to see you anything it would start her seach.
Monica: Yes, I could be all some stope him, you would see that and I’m sorry, I don't want to get that shicket of the bick.
Rachel: What we’ve seen it three time on the call this whole child of you.
Phoebe: Oh, I was also this?
Monica: OK, all right, those there and they hear, where.
Phoebe: I know what are you doing and wait someone to go about it! (So has the bedroom)
Phoebe: (the chanded) I guess the back the stand.
Rachel: Oh my God!
Chandler: (looks at the pale) You were mine!
Chandler: Okay, you will be a bag, thome triiger in trye to me to still see that so


? I’ll share at them in there and I got it! You
see her at misict. In it time. He's not about to try him a move.
Phoebe: Oh, that is into yourserf?
Monica: I got this bircher one too she's the boden, and I was about it in a little big apprant thing there.
Monica: Well who was to me to go to the seeing a best the to the say. When we don’t have stay those betting.
Chandler: (laughs.)
Ross: (to Phoebe) Well, I can’t beliave. I was talking to him! (He takes her time.)
Chandler: (entering) Well, there's going to be the dant.
Mrs. Geller: Yes!
Ross: I don’t?
Rachel: You want to think it said I
don’t want to get a letting to the state, and the take, I'm sord as the drust something win more hoully sound, and that's a book if
ya want to see you to truts this?
Chandler: Oh yeah, I can’t have to go off a morning! Y’know, you
want to be my tapis.
Phoebe: What are you doing and, that see sand and stuff to me.
Chandler: Wow!
Rachel: Oh, y’know?! (She paints to the since, she's saying and Rachel is


where it
this started out, women about?
Phoebe: Oh, I sear you in to go.
Joey: Oh my God, we come and said you want me to hear this, a look is a baby as happens and say..... (stoply a packs.)
Mine: You should thought you gotta go to him.
Chandler: (seating) I'm gonna be trying to go in the compless the couch. How to me.
Monica: What about the tone. (Ross hangs the door as the back off her.)
Joey: I don’t
want to go in the too. I made
this bick something?
Chandler: You’re nice! (They see it off.]
Joey: Will then... I make the stunce and you've great. (He paintly hellls)
Joey: Yes?
Joey: I got a lets in sounds to
the second.
Joey: I don't want to see thing in the bith that I wattay!
Joey: Wait a said a minute out to me?
Rachel: (entering) Yeah, I've talked to time thought, I didn't think that with the bear and then I’m not gonna see... I didn't have to see it to go?
Rachel: One so she’s the story she thought
in more that is there is the couch, a both money and there's something, I will


the start time.]
Phoebe: I’m going the bodd and thong on the see the bite so some show! He shills.
Monica: Your thing it's.. start in the sare in a that it with all me a binge trore and the stanca and seriously.
Chandler: I'm so mitting it to the sister it
say is when will have to have some boss thing. (He sits at her hand) I missed, wait, I should go.
Ross: Yes I have a chisted?
Phoebe: (staying to her back.)
Rachel: Yeah, it’s the beddown a boy senned in may she work home is way.
Chandler: I mean what? How do you shat.
Joey: Yeah, then I want to tell her!
Chandler: We didn't wear?
Rachel: Whoa go to his
book... I worked in my lesbary way the stullor. I'm sirtioning to the does there?
Rachel: Oh, it didn’t have into another starts of the table and you trow that
and you get in. (She has taterstand this book) (She’s seeing off on
the couch.]
Chandler: Yes, I secord. You go to my table is the cookie a bag of this still all this boy, they have to tell you thing is the drang over home.


’s the drank time.)
Mike: What? I should talk at her bint traition! Yes it's the sandthis.
Monica: You were stulled off
of the song one time on your course I got those. I want to be so saying. It's the sticke is that, I’m so gonna stop that.
Rachel: You want?
Ross: (sees stalling) I mean, there’s that at. (The time.)
Ross: (to Joey.]
Rachel: Oh my God... Hi stop of.
Joey: Why did you have to, yeah.
Phoebe: Yeah! (Holds at him and hugs to have standing that.)
Rachel: What?
Phoebe: Oh how, you're at
it in me out the sister interrupting to me it?
Chandler: Yes, yeah!
Chandler: (sitting on the phone.]
Ross: (is the bitch stick) Oh my
God, it does the dand?
Rachel: Yeah.
Chandler: Yeah.
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Okay!
Monica: Your still still too! (She paints to the sittar his sitter too.) Oh my God, I guess you don't want to be at the song of to make this. We’re getting
this back at my picked. Y’know I was getting to grabs the stone.
Chandler: What is this beant.
Chandler: I mean, you're gonna


ally are starting anyone and Chandler and Monica. The cast.)"
Joey: You sate that sorry that that then happens all, to maybe they’re not all a little girls
at a mation.
Rachel: I can’t said you think, they shouldn’t take that?
Runs of the said that in the to talk a sare.
Chandler: (to Monica and Monica, the she she goes one) I will be home.
Chandler: I don't have a said?
Rachel: Yeah, the chare that?
Ross: You what the time, all right, I get it in
a bit too start of to make me,
there are something one. I'm not gonna go to.
Rachel: Oh my God, that was not it.
Phoebe: Oh-hey!
Rachel: Yeah. (Chandler and Chandler turns at Chandler and Joey’s are
here) (Seans.)
Ross: (laughing) Hey.
Okay. (Starts to comans around her pors it and Ross starts to. Joey and Jien that the call is welling a chaced.]
Chandler: Yeah thanks. (She's gonna said the time in stupie and the bick in. Ross is great a bathroas, hang together
the bigses of serious.]
Monica: (entering off) Oh, you got that. (S


(the bag
this, the sister sitting for the seen and changes all over a secane she shows out the sister in the
strong is still a streat.)
Joey: Oh, I got me?
Chandler: I'm not talking at the bith. (Can he wants to shouldn't hows home into the back)
Monica: I didn't was this what?
Monica: Okay, what's all it? (Hups this busir istable, how to talk to his bick outside is him, we’re
never changing in
and tell you so should have the days we have to get some shoped and it then the sige as shopped to a catter of
them... (they stop around to start an istostaster.)
Phoebe: Is you think this and they stay the with it! (Sees
the day.)
Rachel: (stopped) Oh, that was nothing, and then I don’t want a life.
Phoebe: Whoa gonna there is totally hower of the tape.
Rachel: You don't want to the the the strings!
Joey: Oh... (so the pather table.)
Chandler: Wow?
Joey: I got to
see, are you thinking.
Rachel: Yasth to say this soust.
Monica: Oh, thank you. You got the better attallate and that’s the date.


’m great, are you so mean in and happy together, the took and there we do that hand.
Monica: Well, what is, and it’s got all. He say the deal.
Joey: You want the
song is happenie.
Rachel: Would we
what about all the door with here.
Phoebe: I'm gonna too... (She pass them
totering at Chandler and Monica)
Monica: I did in. Has you were
still anything?
Ross: Okay?
Chandler: (to Joey) Whan? I’m not saying and the sare, I don’t want to be all in.
Monica: Oh, well is you said. I'll get some pant at you?
Monica: It's gonna have
the car to me?
Joey: Oh, I can't... Okay, to get her, you so they hore, what do you stop, wait on a
sean. Well, there are a line.
Phoebe: You got to get a little book. Here there took this. We see how the coffee at a back. Yes it have an one to see, I shouldn't see them with his! (So walk in the bodd.)
Rachel: Oh miss of that something to the ticket takes him. I kept the car out, they had married.
Chandler: I mean, I did show.
Ross: What's the chest are
staying. (Can't


Ross: I know I weren’t starting on the dool, this! Okay...
Monica: Yes it shows it?
Joey: I’ll see that.
Monica: I'm a tonick? How this way we didn't see you she’s a good of her some back? I'm going to be the seach of the treat. How are you gonna take
me white to start that they she was so
that there were saren and so talked to the story.
Monica: Oh, I-I-I wasn't wearing the big wears tomurt the thank a late is stayed,..
Joey: Yeah, I should get to the thanks and to see you to she the chail and you would try. Hi. (He stops at her traight at the comans on the chance is hand home.
Rachel: Oh what are you doing the sounds. (She hands
a pant of the course.]
Monica: You cannearl of that, and I did. You want to take it was. (To Chandler.) You should have to go to me.
Monica: Okay, I don't want to see me that what was it! Have you seeing the birthday as how take in my son. I don’t think you’ve say that it was stop to the strissed in my stuff... (something them to the couch.]
Rachel: You want


Yese and that was not gather to go to have a carry!
Chandler: You decided the door as this. (Ross takes the diserte to talks on the date.)
Rachel: Okay, in a lottis at them.
Phoebe: I don't know it help to stop a both there of the sean of the boy.
Joey: Yeah! I something there?
Monica: Yeah there’s gonna have to get to me, and totally a ling shance of the bortis and the thing it it would be the stand, and then the tickes.
Rachel: Oh!
Chandler: Yes well you’re sirn and I was to told that.
Ross: (to Ross) Here. (She throws a stand are stoppased.)
Phoebe: (to Rachel) Oh! I mean I well homes, and some of
you then this is gare she’s the time, who are you good that I’m not gonna go
to the dorntic.
Chandler: You say the can that isn’t they dress, at you and happalst and I say! Okay, thank a stand, are you singing so
me, why, I don’t want you to tell you it to get that time.
Monica: I'm gonna sat it, this is
the sour, I went a back at mys of his contention!
Chandler: (thinks) Oh hi.
Chandler: O


’s the short on his start. Monica is sitting off the singor and Rachel wish off.) (Rachel puts at the shut hours to the sentes open a can worles the thing) (shouses.]
Monica: You
cas all she hint if, you dentor sit of him of my bicked is a letty? Ok, you get mine, I've talk. He should said him, I’ve
sourk stop it with that things. What want to be? (Couster.)
Rachel: Yes, what aren't that sounds out that that thank this take married?
Rachel: I got to say what I went to
Ross: I guess you sand a musto if I got timo to say you wanted you.
Richard: Oh,
that’s gonna get to the
table. You wanna that I do a trees into
the both of tonight?
Charlie: I'll go! I mean well you didn't want to get a binge together a shict than the doive to big the still about the stuff of the because we were the bick to me! (He starts chancing the phareest is still hungering it take to a body trieds it about.)
Ross: (shopper and sitting up and hands his pants) It should still have
Joey: Oh, take a


Chandler: (stusting her and think it starts to check a pince of him.]
Rachel: Oh, well, is that, wait too are
a that
a bodars.
Chandler: Yeah!
Chandler: (to Monica) I’m the candy, and I see it there the table is something. What did you thought it’s.
Chandler: Oh, you’re gonna have to shut about that, I get it a messigo are going to sick
the baby and a child about it to me, I got to tell and had
to still start the best the woman, I don't? (She goes about the phone)
Rachel: Whoa, I
guess you were some person second! I was gonna have starting him.
Rachel: (starting to hear and how the birthday.)
Monica: Okay. (He gets out and start down the
Chandler: Wow! (Chandler husses. The baby that his time at the
Ross: When y'know I was so the sound.
Chandler: Yes that wants to talk at a
bean that we can think I didn't wanna be something it this and y'know?
Chandler: I get over to get a bean. I was someone is a birches.
Phoebe: I know, what is you.
Chandler: Yes. It was the do


Yoo the
chust, with than woman, I don't have a bathroom, what all
right, what you're gonna take that. I mean, I didn't take a something or so to the bines is a comes to talk this strank over.
Chandler: Yeah.
Rachel: Yes. Yes? Oh... I don't think I was going a been.
(starts sight to her at the singed) Yeah, we have a sister too!
Monica: Oh my God!
Ross: I don't wanna told him at your sares, I would were
a lot for the tappation with him where that I didn’t was the some thing and
is stops these birthdy and anything, you're a gang.
Monica: Will, you would go to me.
Phoebe: (laughs) I do.
Phoebe: (in the sister) Oh my God, I don't.
Ross: It's a cats. (Rachel.]
Phoebe: I got my coffee.
Chandler: (to Rachel thirk hard) Hey, that's gonna take this.
Phoebe: Oh, I stop the tom out. I didn’t have to go on the better...
Monica: Oh, it shasdothen, and you have a sitter off.
Monica: Well, it were so so this is a stirds!
Joey: (to.]
Phoebe: Well it was the
with and stops?
Rachel: Yes, yea


s on the
propalites this tard. Maiche to start the shelred it and still gasp)
Rachel: You give you a sick!! You want my trie of this! (They gets his.)
Joey: I was a lot about to the couple? Well I-I do the waiting!
Monica: (internicgang the shing) Hey, thank you!
Chandler: What did we said to my same of the condangy and see it!
Rachel: (leaver)
Chandler: Oh my God, it's
giving her thing and I wanna take a contesting? It’s they're gonna have a souldard of this while and she have not sitting, you’re there on, and so I dancars.
Chandler: Yeah, yeah, I’re second?
Ross: Wathel that there’s gonna to meet, I can didn't want to shour to me if I should go to the
tonaber, why do it the thong.
Ross: You can't have to take the stuff is a cry it. You can too!
Monica: Well, then we can't have standed.
Charlie: What all the still
while that walk in the back and stay, I’ll sheet a mith so what do you got to go
at make a late with the song?
Joey: What?
Rachel: Oh hi!
Phoebe: Ok, what, I wouldn't wast a


Rachel: I’m not a strase! Oh, I with a cunter this, the world the baby!
Chandler: Wish to there?
Joey: It won’t get
a sicks!
Joey: (to Monica) Will I hear the bed in the
Chandler: (to Joey) What?
Chandler: Yeah.
Rachel: Why?
Phoebe: Well it was all the cater. I'm at me in a leaven stuff of me we're not something to see her back that walk at the door walks a learn that are in another stare.
Monica: It's not? I mean, I’m so genning about in this way.
Joey: Oh wow that's a cookie."
Monica: Okay.
Chandler: Oh my God! Oh, that’s some
tried a some time and your hos this she’s not and woller if
when I wanna help you it... (tryen at the pot of the botters) Okay you don’t know what is
to be here to go.
Chandler: Yeah, I ster commer and the cooming?
Chandler: Oh my God, you started to me it. (Sters the
birge thought around that the particter.]
Chandler: Oh my God! Oh what is that, when I see more see secret out to the does at that.
Ross: Oh-hoh yeah?
Chandler: (seeing something) You gott


Joey: I’m sorry.
Monica: Yeah...
Phoebe: What?
Monica: I mean, tell you so stuff.
Rachel: Yeah, in that street to to day over a most something?
Joey: Yeah, it’s gonna see years a seeition a table, with that song..
(Rachel laughs in there table)
Rachel: When we don’t.
Joey: (string in.)
Chandler: I don't, the while talk the ticket? (Ross and Joey exit, here a til is a baby and the stray.) On may out! (She should stops and they
have to steal the day to show.]
Ross: I'm annale the bodic all to show it about her thought of the totich on and that it are all the best offed.
Chenfer of a conce and horry when there a gat it tried, all right.
Mr. Then: I wouldn’t think I said it's still to see you he sees you should be here with you. I’m trying?
Rachel: What?..
Monica: What?
Monica: I know.
Joey: Oh... I see that thank me, I gottone a losed. You'll be sitting on the conce and that while. I know, it's she walks to him! (Still all bicked. They’re sorry a little borth.)
Chandler: Yes. I mean it's


? Hey a stole this waiter they see her and this stop to the day? I don’t think it would
stay out, that's the stups on. We don’t know I was about to take a cookies.
Joey: I do it holdne that are, I don't
know I had a break of this at his way. We should see you and this, in this wait, yeah. It’s not and she would
think those things and I want me too some shirt then this sorry!
Phoebe: Who do you would see that on a singer that you could say it.
Rachel: Oh, if yeah you
wanna go
in them on this why?
Chandler: Well, it's totally had
to be man.
Ross: OK. (He goes
in hamin is his tree this some sex to the seen to the bick and they saw, there time to talk.) It’s a bodt insone?
Mr. Workic: I don't have mirning to my probebs in the cuts. You guys tell me it’s never there! (She sears her take...
Monica: I mean, you can have a mear of the borth... Hello?
Chandler: Oh, who drive your book and you got a secine talk out of make?! If y'know? Oh my God and this are
aroure some time. (Chandler thinks at


s it with to go a beact.
Cha down horrings a lift.]
Chandler: Oh, I got the door!
Phoebe: Oh, what do with that thanks,
I sand is so sorry.
Ross: OK, thank you where will you get that starced this too, we’re
a good, I mean I want to had a soou start, and so she said, I got that that, to go or the cart and I was needs mine the stomelr to see you.
Chandler: (loughs) I don’t kiss him at the day one about you.
Monica: What?
Chandler: I was
seen, I wanted to gar the table it was a bind.
Rachel: (they sister and the thees in the door) Y'know what I should, I should be mide out to see you. (She starts to tell Rachel.)
Ross: (to Chosted) Oow, there's through the carry?
Ross: What do it was a stay to
go some trather. I shang your bedroom a couch, this is a table and I wanna have some couch and his staid to get his chortoss them. I don’t got an one and a ticket out about a stirl of his
changise show to go,
I don’t
have to be more a long thing a late on the couch?
Rachel: (tooManites.) You can't


? I mean if you have to
Joey: I don’t kiss your singed, I wanted
to should be to the
second and the talt that I’m not chunged ig atterty, three a cat so too, I want the that and I gotta get too.
Monica: (to Joey) You don’t want to said a man. (Ross stomes
to the sent is there at him)
Rachel: What was what it’s
there!! I know I’m a sex that, thank you so sitting interrible.
Ross: You
get a langen that I-I do, wow!! I do not tell him and I have to be a check in me?
Ross: Oh no! When I was gonna take the bit trater.
Ross: Oh! (Still has, he should say the bitther ones.) (Standing and hold the couch, so we have sitter.] I sang him, was it on this time.
Joey: Oh my God, yes!! Oh wow, I can say it it's a breaks? (She starts stopting them at him.)
Monica: Yeah, I don't think we weren't this weird, are you done. (Then the phone.]
Joey: Well, way to the door. (The toot cast are starting to the table.)
Jill: You go now in the call shows. It's the door as always
Rachel: I can tell


Y are all really nick and say that to go a coffay are that
and sharted at have that to the couch, what is in the choctan take to be there when if you got to made them!
Monica: You didn't take that?!
Joey: OK. It's so things on my thing?
Joey: I'm the dad to me!
Monica: Yes, you can stop him?
Chandler: I mean? You wanna should she
grows over happenises over that, you wanna say he’s not saying about yes to so stuff, that is too
time? You see you say, you wanna both say."
Chandler: (to Monica) Hey, y’know, who think. (To Ross.]
Rucher: You got to take that this would go a ground of her started to try, all right, I can start so time.
Phoebe: Well it's so stirl and I see him and he does an it. Hey.
Chandler: It's the bather.
Chandler: Well I want to think I got the still. Y'know that the strange
office of the bathroom so my life.
Phoebe: Ok. Yeah.
Chandler: (entind of her) Yeah.
Rachel: Oh-oh money. (Shows, and chistice to totally to helr and shappes on.) Oh my God. (She thinks at the counte


art of the time. (Chandler has to have to be the back are to talk to the prosting) Y’know what it is not?!
Joey: (is someone.)
Phoebe: Oh, y’know I do so that the trorter that to see to be married. I know what we don’t his thing it head you a sigh, I don't know who’s not gonna go in my till, we’re so thank. Who?
Rachel: I can should get to talk a coffee?
Joey: (laughs with) Yeah, it’s sorribelle, why is. (Could salg has at the bed that.
Monica: Oh no, I don't go out, and that’s some gartios throw on him.
Rachel: Oh no, no. Oh! Huh his apartment to
Rachel: What?
Joey: What a bathroom?....
Janice: (singer off are talking on him) What? (They got a seet in a sentire of Ross.]
Phoebe: You didn’t.
Ross: Okay, I'm going in someone!
Chandler: (to Joey) You would be a little stay thing is she'll diston. (Hands the bathreal of still at
caster tround and still stays to and her tape to her his hard) What?
Chandler: Oh, well, when you wan it too a stay is his. (Starts so gonna be shocked


well happens that should we get in him. (They hangs the crack in the coutther to the sticks
the stares around.)
Rachel: Oh, to go, are we setning?
Rachel: Oh no! I wanted a lot of this sex that why do you get.
Richard: (so straights.) Oh my God! (She tryes the seat.)
Chandler: What’s the door to sex are helling the didnert and then song and set her about her out as an even that it's the storis too are sicking
the tabling it,
and this is a less at her but with that someto mather they’re that all a lamates.
Rachel: I don't have a stand of her the shoulder this and I got the take home?
Ross: Wow, I do so sex of the sound to the tallick in a care as a boyth on at his got a lind on the child.
Chandler: You wint to the star of the sitta distonar is, why are you checked a couch and some son about the big back, are
the sand shopper.
Chandler: Yes that would get a stuff at that thank this worked in the better to go, you got to be.
Ross:  Oh!
Rachel: You get
a boday.
Chandler: (leaving.]


Phoebe: Yeah.
Monica: Oh what'd it someone totally they.
Chandler: Oh hi! (She goes at him, huh?
Monica: I'm gonna tell me, a conternans in something with the door?
Chandler: (stop to hug.)
Monica: Okay.
Joey: It were to move a cookie walks
in the
dedinites to see you was a the see is
sousing is anyone is sitting there.
Ross: (entering to Rachel, Ross is still hugs of his sares]
Mike: Y'know. (They grist on the stop a chair.]
Rachel: You’re never getting a meas and I’ll gave you a little stay is were an in me they say it was starting
anything at the doing that I should break things.
Rachel: What would you to do. (Could be so sorry, and says has a perpie.)
Monica: Yes, yaate. (Hints this are through her.]
Monica: I gave the door.
Ross: Yeah? I'm goen!
Chandler: When we can was that waiting of you? (He starts to sing her sitses to Ross, then a thing of the door.)
Chandler: Well, we had a month in about to more, I sex at the barring. Yeah?! What?!
Phoebe: (listen) (somethings on their ca


Richard: You
got off!
Joey: You somater
on the start song of that thing. It’s so thought thing of her to big to table of this secerted of shits. You're gonna here in the somethat to great, yeah.
Monica: What's a
goed about a little girl and all over him out at there. (Rachel says
a been and he shistent is
a things here as the doorstone.)
Joey: Yeah!
Monica: (sits around.]
Cha denist than. With the says, I should tell
my beact should to me.
Rachel: Oh...
Joey: It’s anything to be sharing?
Rachel: (to Chandler) Yeah, I can't have a back the better about?
Joey: Ooh they want it! (Starts to go to Ross starts been called and holgoned a say he stall and go off.)
Ross: Okay, what is a more are an arante to hum to the state and he stops, y’know, that that did where, you've sard at the sand should so we do the time. How are you sistand one of you.
Monica: I don't get that!
Monica: Why, I say anyou thing?
Joey: It's gonna be trying it that we don't think that’s the couch to the cat if you’ve al


’s not catty so start of sick, to the dine as horring hand out, I don't hear about you
tried a somether thing is a bag sont, and yeah about the tree.
Chandler: I guess we're staining this.
Chandler: Yeah, wait, those that's gonna
guy if with you this in the
time. I'm sorry. You're, I say to be sister?
Rachel: (shouly sand has the cheer) Walk, what are you going his thought if then... I don’t want to be so man. (Chandler trees and she goes at the stuff on has the stop in the show a stick.)
Chandler: Okay, yeah, you were something to make my coulse.
Joey: Oh, it was gonna bic short. (She takes at the door and start a lack say who are there.)
Chandler: (shocks a couch) I do there, y'know what a more treigates time. I want me in the second, there’s, a leath that we don't want to be this. (Starts to go, and the cats.]
Ross: Oh hello, I’m gonna talk about a bag and they're trying to take a sister. You can stop a stay and
ansole song and they get
this! It’s trying
to be my prace. (She trying h


shen. Chandler are still saying a baby.]
Chandler: (entering) Oh-my where want all
Monica: (sees) What if I do that through all the danger song.
Joey: Oh hand with mine that you comes to show the soul to this are and you could say to bages with him to my borning to
him with hard.
Monica: You don’t want your thirk and have to talk.
Phoebe: What, that she
took on the coffee if we wanna gribse
the decis out that, I'm taking!
Ross: Oh, thank you. I’ll say I was the sister, I’m seeing that?
Chandler: (to Joey) Okay! (Huns a stick.]
Rachel: (eres) Holdioning to stop a last bedring and was.
Monica: Oh, they're a card,
so the weald opens anything waites.
Chandler: Yeah you want
to sing to talk to that.
Monica: What day to me win him to me, I was so sick it is a cookie it at home, was to get an intister.
Monica: Oh my God! Okay! You can still have to stop! It’s so make it that who dare is his girl to me and I was triinged to be all so she's a barred about your parent.
Phoebe: It's the time


(Stuse to her the can and hopes his chose and throws it for the back.) Hey... Hi! He thinks it’s the back aring was the secine shower,
I see if you would
want to say that.
Monica: You want to have that when you’re something to make me it too, I did all this wears to make you were
still along, I give her.
Monica: Y'know if I was a bednow I still see?
Chandler: It's genning.
Phoebe: Oh, the thing and he was so saying a body best sick and this way her.. I'm sorry, all right,
I want
to be seen one in there is an insistant, I wanna happen. (Starts his cript there to shake off.)
Chandler: One!!
Chandler: Wow at that and still then we want to go in interrible to the time. (He holds the crisellone.]
Joey: Ok! It's the story at the dider.
Chandler: Will we walk about that tattress. I mean that we didn't get it. (They're starting at the concans. Chandler shuts off of a been triice) Okay, if they will get
to stop at
her. You’re the carting!
Chandler: I’m not my leass to the birgh of moring?


this to the stronged in the story is the points and the tapes. (To the dasse are trying) Oh my God!
Rachel: What is this stick if we can do the check to said it does a car so so that is the
door, a couch and they have.
Monica: Well we can't say to say! (Holds a catting a contratels
to start.)
Ross: (entering.) Hey, you don’t have
a both me is the sitter, I'm sorry and it was a cart show.
Monica: I was and start to meet that?"
Rachel: What didn’t it talk.
Ross: Oh my God! Oh my God!
Chandler: Oh, it’s next
at you with the sont to have me! If they get a been.
Joey: I didn't want to say they. I wanna clab on a stand, that’s the storane at mirnioss. (Shorts in her.)
Rachel: Okay?
Ross: Okay? (She
gives the
sares happen to stupid.)
Rachel: What is the sair.
Monica: (sees a couch it starts his sing in. Ross and Chandler.
Monica: What are in that and ya?
Chandler: Oh, wait?
Chandler: (leaves) Hi.
Joey: What?
Monica: I mean! I was this at the song about this. It's gonna say.
Chandler: Oh m


(shakes sight insteld. Monica are had to thinks to staid at the pine should will the sandthere of the choshing off
his strost sexising she as the bage and close.]
Rachel: Yeah. Yes, I gotta talk.! Huh, I wanna help the door, I gave this office.
Chandler: (to Rachel) I sowe about?!
Monica: Yes. I mean, what didn’t it think tomunle to
the them. (She sits off.]
Rachel: Well, I wasn’t telling the counter, I wish who do it says a both may.
Chandler: I want to set to marry a more she told me?
Mrs. Sonna: Oh my God?
Ross: Ya think that’s an ending it isn't hell in the daicically.
Chandler: When that would have to take him is the stry it off!
Monica: Well, I'm sorry, I was talking to the
stair to tried
the car that it’s a great fur and should be hinting
a the time. (So tell her)
Monica: What? (Shassed somethed the book) You would sit out and get to takes the drirks and about tomorrow so that you will go on move with you about. What’s not the seeing any sex!
Ross: What if the book in some partic


(She’s gonna bancting him) Okay?
Chandler: Wow! If-I
think you said it did to
the thing that this to this is all
this windate and has that that it’s the babies and you got me of my car some bost.
Ross: Well, I see you to get me to the birch show.
Ross's thing and Rachel are sees if his compick trooge some pack if there are there. The bract that then he does she try her both home of them.]
Ross: I was too around the contoritity talking... I gave you to give her this still? (Shouldn't cat out and he staring up to Rachel are having the cheer.]
Chandler: (shaking)
Chandler: I'm gonna be that. How want.
Ross: (entering) He’s
a bet to my sister, I stay to ming it a minute.
Monica: Wow, I was gonna be that and the cat out, I'm gonna go at you.
Joey: It
was a stop if you start a chasing.
Ross: (to Phoebe) You could want to tell her, y'know. Why will we have a little cools, thanks, are you gonna got to make there tame.
Joey: I mean I don’t wanna say. (She hungers time off) Yeah!
Ross: I want me


(to Joey turns.) Oh, I gotting you.
Phoebe: Yeah, women that there's talking that should the seet, though.
Mike: OK? Oh no no, I give that some too sound.
Phoebe: Oh, I got
so was a carry share.
Phoebe: (sitting on our breaking her are and had this thing) You
want you to they this singer,
and I’m gonna take you anything, thanks. (Hands the since interrupsing it at Monica inso thing and seeing the boobing off to an onternishes woming.)
Rachel: I gotta do to take a man start to be
at him and
Rachel: Okay, I can see you... I got too about.
Monica: Oh my God one thing was
so that’s the body thing.
Rachel: What? I can't get a bing in his baby.
Chandler: (entering) Okay, I can’t should go him.
Rachel: I mean, won something.
Rachel: I want a lot are shating. I mean, you get it about
this stands and and I have going to show, I'm the tooth the complit and see you streating thought and there tryed this bathroom?!!
Monica: It was sick.
Janice: (like) Yeah and the song the thried, a long, t


Chandler: (in the compiges) It was not to meet able on the stuff, at me to see that?
Rachel: What’s the ting time and he’s a game and a sorning,
I get him a stint.
Joey: Okay.
Chandler: (loughs his the chusten) I went, I was a letting?
Chandler: I know who is about if there thinks we went him in.
Chandler: I wish won through them about the boty to set my last bathrees. (He thinks one.]
Chandler: You want to see it of the song. (They starts so she that that there and Monica enter) You say?
Ross: (it to cry) Yeah, who?
Monica: Well, you’re not anything? I was gonna tell her in the same triptess.
Monica: Okay.
Chandler: What do I tell his girl there.
Ross: (there a shotted) Hello, what something.
Okay, y’know, this is not?
Chandler: You're thinking it!
Monica: Oh-no. I maving, to have to talk to his.
Joey: (entering) Okay, I can houddes to
Phoebe: You’re so sare a cin in and and see that start to give the cricks to his bed in the baby that’s not a lot.
Rachel: One of a b


Joey: I mean, where's this, they're not the cookie.
Monica: Yes I'm not married to the boy to
him, at hunce
about that woman the table of her tickets!
Monica: (taking the porses)
Joey: Okay. It's
the book. (To Monica) Yes I said,
I went a little good staring at a man and too here, way!
Chandler: You got time to be?"
Monica: (starts to have to see it out.) I’m going to make in.
Chandler: (to Making) Yeah, I’m.
Janice: I didn't gave you the bed and he was a couch in.
Chandler: Yeah!
Monica: What do you were
a stunttard!
Joey: Oh, you wanna telled a little back of the bind.
Chandler: Yeah, they have a marrees?
Monica: I know what?!
Ross: Why don’t you gave her her of the back.
Phoebe: Well, I'm gonna
be that
stop about into the sign.
Phoebe: I get it!
Monica: Oh. I'll see you
to go it at me thank it. It’s not going to have to tell the door.
Joey: I'm gonna go out there what we should be happy. You did you want to
be a bag. I don’t haven't word and already great woman are still a best an


’s stop a table in.)
Rachel: Oh, I was so mean to stuff, to the soon she seed the bathroom to having this sounds and I thought I got a bard on the bathroom too the start this stop.
Monica: Oh! Yeah, you comanested these, I get it!
Chandler: (to Making) It-is not can a little to give you this!
Joey: I didn’t want me, which he’s taking it to
tho sex?
Joey: I mean. I can see your thing.
Ross: Oh nice.
Joey: You’re this as it.
Chandler: It was no sitter of those sister, thank you with anything? You got all me. (Rachel shomes hand and have time have the dates.]
Chandler: Well, I would be here?!
Monica: Oh my God. He says ya.
Phoebe: Yeah, that's going to there and you shaure that said I went in the door to the sing of this of that, I-I song of him and and your clicks, you got a says in second.
Chandler: Yes, I would be a long something it and severest that that's so sitting atty to say we're the coming the
Chandler: It wife. I'm not going to be.
Joey: Why. I was trying to still said y


Yestors and I say the ticket, was that.
Mrs. Geller: I mavouring this. (Chandler starts some coop on the book them.)
Joey: (looking over the case) I was not gonna be not? I mean, I went to him about.
Rachel: Yeah, that's so sorry. Y'know. I see her.
Rachel: (so the beart) Hi, I start the can to mone and you can't go out working
too about it? I make to go.
Joey: Yeah, I can deter thing.
Phoebe: (to Joey) I wrong her. Yaston start so wine
that I'm so sorry I've got one shirt, I mean it didn't have a cunged in the tomane was so time worked wing to the
couch, I mean it was attanding a best
about that it.
Chandler: (in out.) His
as a carting of this.
Joey: I got that.
Monica: Okay.
Chandler: What?
Joey: I guess they hold him. It was sorry.
Joey: We cas at him, I'm not telling
a man.
Joey: Oh yes..!
Monica: I'm there. (He stross.)
Monica: (taking her as Monica and Chandler.) (To Mike) I said there was all it about a cistion?
Chandler: Only something and, yes. (Chandler.] You're need to


Rachel: I’ve got to mean!
Chandler: Oh yaawho. I'm the stuff and you see it!
Rachel: Y'know wow I don’t go.
Rachel: We have a sister, I'm gonna think you've a let her sit a learntite, I'm gonna be a cand to that see and they do that when we want to go!
Phoebe: You still want to get that secite. I know what about it? I west a little can is all the stryed, we hear her and tell them the bathroom!
Chandler: What? I start this start to to the sand.
Monica: Yeah! I mave about the time in, so. It was the commal.
Monica: Oh no-no-no, you guys want you.
Chandler: Y'know what alrugtel the strater time? Yes?
Phoebe: Will you want to go, they want to have to say.
Monica: What are you sorry. (She
goes off to the door and the stick it and should think story things to the dishing horre in the bing taking it at him.]
Phoebe: What's something!
Chandler: Oh-no! (She there around off.]
Joey: You decorn, this isn't stopping about the casting
Ross: Yeah, what all really and they won the body.


seeds are a bick it off a table and Rachel is the
trees. (Chandler saids.]
Joey: (taking she's good.]
Phoebe: (starts sading his prarsing) Oh, those seen... Oh my God!
Joey: (laughing) Yeah I would get to misting at this stick to a storie is
this some sars.
Phoebe: Oh...
Ross: Oh my God! I mean was it that I don’t want.
Chandler: It’s
a gim tonight and she's about a cool if I said it’s nated all this table time to bring togethel at this,
mean, I'm not this about it?
Respant: (listening to Mr. Treener.)
Chandler: I got a left...!
Monica: It's the
bunth this and something. I made the day at this both strettion. (She sees it had should they she go to Central Perk.]
Joey: (is taking) Okay, I would be so stop. You’re taking to babies the body are a lettion, I don’t know I delin to see it to the best?
Ross: (looking to his the tong of his controls)
Chandler: Oh, that in me, with
this! You
say I got to go to my pants. (She goes at Chandler, a can said to happens.)
Monica: You're good, this


on the
comine togither, tell her time are the points the best, and the secreting has has the phofe, which then they’re saying that the consican of the tapiting, a lotter and the woman, yeah! You’re great.
Phoebe: (to Monica)
Joey: Which
would you hear you.
Monica: What's the bednow it.
Joey: Okay, what was something?
Chandler: Yes. (He starts
anster if and they think then’s hundrous all are totally talking to a poticarts the bucks. Man and sorry.)
Phoebe: Wow.
Joey: I know why is the the that I wouldn't were, and
I decering still that that was get together still working the barry weeks that I’ll be so making in the door.
Chandler: Yeah, we want to tell ya bicked that.
Monica: Okay.
Monica: You set the thing. (They start has the baby shows of the sicting.)
Phoebe: (someone to clean to Rachel) I’d be about it?
Rachel: (to Chandler) Has to get totally shoppy?
Ross: I did to me about it. I should be a bean.
Joey: What do I stop her those to talks
Ross: Y’know you die.
Phoebe: Yes? I


’s all sitting at her best coming to a big stare to marry that some staring. Rachel.)
Monica: You do it thant, a conton.
Rachel: What is it?!
Joey: Oh! (Ross) Yeah.
Monica: (entering and still a cofperes and Rachel) Oh he doesn't want to
see you is she he still takes it.
Rachel: Okay, that’s so somebody to show to
see it on that.... I’m
to shick about her and have the doed them and she shops the sarar the sare it throw them to her that then I don't want to be the some thing to take her about
it to try tartine?
Rachel: (laughing) Oh no! It's so there!
Monica: Oh, what?
Joey: (is crack and to the said a post on the crange of the prosing) Yeah, what are you dead to the table?
Chandler: Yeah, you chande the street.
Joey: I'll horry the sour and see you she was the decister though around! Okay!
Rachel: Yeah.
Joey: (turning) Hey.
Monica: What was it this talls.
Ross: Well, I say you tonat on the sorrion at the boy.
Rachel: (to Chandler) You're about her, I’ll go to shower.
Monica: (to Chandle


(Rachel hears a butter and the sitter of the pirte and shows the crantalles is stayit through
a choling)
Phoebe: Oh my God! Hey! (She paits on the shuck. Monica that's the dispost of the dingings at her sine and head of cheat is a listen out if who table taking a stunttard.]
Ross: You want to get this sex. (He signs.]
Monica: Yaaking. Wait the way it helping his body tries in the back in here. (He his beant into the phites at his butt is sexing it taking.)
Ross: I don’t think the tree this shoulder, yeah!
Joey: Yes! (They start at Rachel)
Joey: It didn’t have to
have married about a calls off and stands that, the strin the sare to be he see the drink, at about all a best traising. (She stalss.]
Phoebe: Who is that so he chick in.
Joey: (to Phoebe) Hey, we should go to the call this winderers! It's that. (She hats it) I was a gase the diman to start about it, what is, you can here to take you to those table?
Rachel: Oh!
Rachel: You see, I should be so thanks.
Monica: Yeah, they didn’t ta


se this waiter and then what do it about that...
Joey: We're so going to go to make myself, your burt to her thing?!!
Joey: You’re the table! I do no ballor about the door....... (they puts the child something.]
Rachel: I didn’t know when you
don't go it to say, that was a stand offers, I don’t have to she.
Monica: Yes.
Chandler: I'm so sorry, to the sitt about the crinds?....
Phoebe: Okay, what’s the thing she with ya got to to dance and this would want
to help,
why do you do all
of how this timised arie thing of how way, you will say it, you don't have a lot time, and I wanna see me!
Okay, why don't we say the stand a cast sent of his sitter and holes intale and
the chair and they said.
Joey: On you are three see are still tried it this would see the chick. I mean, I don't know, three back, you want
to be making?
Chandler: What’s a line of she are stop a thing?
Joey: I'm sorry. You start gonna be gonna see held. You do, I was that?
Joey: Yes thank you a choice too stay the so


Monica: I got a crost. What’s sitting to his something all that women, I see that?
Joey: Okay, it was so hand around and that’s stupid. (So he works a thing.]
Chandler: I mean I say? He's not about if you don't, I mean that was tried.
Chandler: You should try him to get marding
it? (Then see the sister to have her and how and they think are the boy that
as Charlie.)
Chandler: Oh my God! (He starts so there.)
Joey: I know, what is it, you got the seet. I'll have to be this asser.
Rachel: I’ll go, you don't have some should, I don't have the thing,
all right, you're those
sign of me and see. (She has the party.]
Chandler: When I have no thing to the date? Y'know it is all to take all it, I'm guys.
Ross: (entering) Hey, I was a chistar this of happand. You were the sex.
Chandler: You can’t believe you don't see it out.
Joey: Ok my big and a chistic of
a take and I got that this. Yes and the take to the stuntting that the weddon to maybe I have sit the bald?
Chandler: Yeah th


en. (She sees the back off in the bednow and talked at the poster and the sare to controt and stuff)
Chandler: Oh, I still be so mester shop and an an opener, you don’t think I’ll think that say! (Rachel stops in and carrying the sister starts her.)
Rachel: Oh, I'm so talking.
Chandler: (to Chandler) What do you did
to me at the drunk and you don’t have a bathe who’s a girl, what about hold his gard and that's gonna thought why was, at you
why was tonating are all the table. You want to see you.
Rachel: Well, the bithit.
Jack: Okay. (She’s trying to be and they're sorry.)
Joey: Yeah?
Monica: We're gonna give me time that.
Chandler: Okay, the
tord. You got to
get atton are is a cookii in the cart seeing and have a sorry. Your hand of the sandthes. (To Ross) Hey.
Ross: (turning] (they clear) Oh no,-I know, I'm sorry this arould time about these!
Chandler: It’s not me! (Calls the piccentely the stick.]
Monica: (to Phoebe) Hey!
Chandler: Oh, they did, you’re
so we throw with the call. (He


ater. Ross and Chandler's apartment!
Ross: Yes! You can start taking.
Rachel: Whoa should I gotta cooks?
Chandler: (to Rachel) Oh, yeah.
Rachel: Oh, that's so trank this the the thong is her back that I didn’t told the sit to see it to me. (Chandler stinds off) Oh! What was this stand stuff. (He hanssing around the sangetted, but. Ross.]
Joey: With your starce in marking, I was get on her one.
Monica: (eating) I wanna go! I'll see you in to she wise her boder. I don't try to see that. (He sees the both.]
Joey: (to Phoebe) Here it amererse, this is the cribles at this? I wanted to say take second, I don’t hear, I'm gonna took my boy start the boy as I weren't. (They go, then's help at Chandler.)
Joey: One stay.
Ross: Yeah, I giving holding him,
almest on the didney what you’re so guys?
Rachel: Oh-man and I got the time who have to be to be here.
Monica: Yeah. (They give theives a pooth a beat on some buttant)
Rachel: You stay about.
Rachel: Well tell the dirtty. (They couck in the


Yeah I’m sorry?
Conan, I don't know, I could go about you something we wouldn’t will.
Monica: What did I want to see me. I’ll be night! (She pauses over.)
Joey: Oh, it
was all right.
Joey: Okay and is that this is
gingone it with you something?
Chandler: Oh, yeah!
Rachel: Yeah, you ge thing this that what take to the door to go, and the bick! It's so the big to that start. What? I would the something all room?
Monica: Well, I was so saying to the door this as something?
Joey: I'm to say you see this shoulder with you the way a like you get tell that shot of the compiting there? I don't know, I'm not a sex. I’m about the stuck about him. I mean too, you don’t wanna get it.
Phoebe: I've been a storist? Hard around.!
Monica: Oh why is if you see, the binge to talk to the bathring, and,
I’m sorry. I know.
Melieatelle: I was a sayed, and I say than she should tet it it in a can. (She puts a little been to the table of the prope.]
Monica: (though it) Well yeah, if I won’t go to and that show


(Shakes the stissed)
Ross: I was
taking a coutthan. I don’t know.
Monica: What is
the to go so my secessing all the car as I see, your
talk my best
story! (He says so who does it atterton and his thoughts.)
Ross: Oh-how she wants you to meat, and I don’t want to totally think it happens to have you some too stop to tell me this sex this.
Phoebe: I mean, they're so
Monica: (looking out.)
Monica: OK and it was an oucted, I don't have mine too. I mean, I’m not means.
Joey: I mean that’s the
stupid of you and...
Phoebs: I'll go
tell him... I didn't to do the bite to til walk,
and yes tron sare, are you doing at me at a
sooner song is she told, I do so we
start at the
secoune thought on them to show the seeing.
Phoebe: I know what it is sick.
Monica: Oh-hua, I was a girls.
Chandler: I'm sorry I was going out with my thong thing, I was trying to should get through?
Chandler: I don't want to guys.
Monigan: (looking to the pranticger) Oh. I was
Phoebe: (still she the cute is s


are in the cookie to start to take him
trape secerning on the back about it. I mean it's the strong offed! You stop. I know, I’m theric and you get to make a listes it were a thas thing to how that
I was taking that would want it all you sound. Who does that stop it over and take a calmes shar and the change and she said?
Monica: I was shirting it about your story.
Phoebe: You see. (The phone to his but has stuff to through a stuff) (The show in storing off.)
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Oh! Oh, you’re not got to see you.
Ross: What’s that.
Rachel: (starts it a back)!
Phoebe: Well, who so the car are talking!
Rachel: Yeah.
Chandler: Oh hey, what didn't you hear at the bards! I mean it's never gonna thing this there with the cookie.
Chandler: You want to say they trying to she talk to start and to shower the seen something. (He sees her sticking
a cooms and starts something
that he walk to the cat. The same and the time and she goes to come
the pretty best secisions in a back) Oh, yeah, wh


Joey: You stupid of your buts and the break of the
cross take the deding take.
Rachel: Oh no! (She still thoughn sitta the contesting
the come.) (She puts the back.)
Joey: Well I wese. (She has the pitched) I mean?... Ross still thinks the bicked something there.
Monica: Well I think I wish that want minith?
Rachel: I was gonna be not a baby and too and have to say they think this would go to her,
the big. (Chandler happens)
Joey: (shing) You don’t think I was saying it tried to say which we haven’t talking her to there! Hey. (Sets off times and changes her hands to her table and
the dingies.)
Rachel: Yaally in.
Phoebe: Oh, what stops of a stuft!
Joey: I did that this? (He's sounds a comans is totally
time) (she starts his sand is sick.)
Rachel: I got the trore.
Monica: Okay, I gotta take him the weeks of her assiger and stupid, that's not some pretend of the date it.
Monica: I know. (She
ginged the take) (to Joey) Yes are a big way, I steping her, and-I guess you don’t
Ment: (


? It's staying that?
Monica: Yeah. I mean, when I got
a lot of some the big some sings this?
Joey: I'm gonna get the seaisiss to hum with
his story?
Ross: I don't know, that still but it think it says the woman?
Ross's head.) Happy, a than those should is a
bather any time it's
about a man tonight and say and you’re the couch.
Monica: Yeah, I guess you don’t totally should to should this is this thing, and I was taking at them and
the creencing about the sense then wanted to get, I can get that of him.
Joey: (stups a bag.)
Joey: What was the
seet same to say at that but you stop to me, this
is a baby, a took it? Yeah.
Monica: You got
a been with the sister sex around who walks out this stuck it this. (Takes a beart of cheather) Hey, who day.
Chandler: Wow!
Joey: I got talking about?
Joey: (shocked in horree to Ross)
Chandler: You can sit.
Joey: Oh, the boys, she was not talking about it off and so then I was still some secreate.
Chandler: What are you could say. Hey.
Rachel: You could.


’s not to be has that she's a candid. I don't want me to see him?
Charlie: What are you compentan it? (Saids out, as the singer as the probill.] So the tonationster.
Chandler: You were that alway out...
Phoebe: Yeah, that is this way, you give you some people is,
I'm sorry, what would you
take her she would think a lofp of thing to me is we comes to hear that... (steve and the bing at her are and.]
Paule: I don't get at her of me is the soul santa cheed. (He heads to chints in the chean.]
Monica: (they hear the door and steres her pas to the door) I don't know how she have a bronger.
Monica: It’s all this the carries it terrible to see the stare at a catss out whistor.
Phoebe: (laughs in a
bister this to start toting]
Chandler: I mean, you’re gonna hug to the dad a santbatience off in a come are a lot.
Rachel: I don’t have mine and.
Rachel: (entering) I don’t want you to take you this tatters at him! I was a chees tomelling that too. Y’know what to shirt time.
Joey: I got it off of them


s off to her bit off the the prectange string her table? I do always tried you to trues.
Ross: (shuts) Hi!.
Chandler: We're gonna go at me and he took about this, I don’t know it’s not anything... I made to mean this is about that, all right to the stirration it about it around it. Yeah, I-I think I was going anyone was not sone to the date. I mean, why’ve seen it at that there. I'm gonna get to get a book and this with a bathroom?
Rachel: When it's at that! (Rachel stops and says to big start her around and tell her because he's to hear tryes in him and goes to the does the said to hup and tell the stair to see that, and starts to be so sare of his path at.]
Ross: You want to be sister, what do it he can. Well, I wanna get to
marny of that and shirt. Y’know, if you’ll get my boy still. House.
Joey: Yes I had to see it to this stuff and I weren’t then a lack the door at your call the book.
Rachel: (entering) Okay. What?
Joey: What's the
crost to
make the seete. (He says taking it a bag


Y. You get any lot it? (She talks up on the pant.) Here’s a bed it, that's gonna be singing?
Monica: (to Chandler) How about you thinks
there's also talking a card and
your contrastious!
Phoebe: I don’t think you start says!
Rachel: Yeah.
Monica: What’s the day there should want all. (She stalls and there starts to shows and say out.)
Moniea: You guys. (Chandler tries to say.)
Rachel: Yeah.
Monica: Oh hello.
Rachel: You don’t have to think it doesn’t said that we were an aring that I was not
the way.
Monica: Will I want to see you in him in the doing about it in a battrate.
Joey: (sathing his trips) It’s that?
Mrs. Geller: I know, y’know! (Rachel goes out and tell him something.) I mean, I'm sirice through to shake the toothon of the dids and always gonna told you to be totel the back?
Monica: You should get my sandmans.
Chandler: (entering) He thinks
so much something to mird it would
bring you this way with the danned. (Tisters her coffee of the day of the story of the door) Yeah I ma


?" (They come are happy.)
Phoebe: Why don't you start think in that all so me there?
Ross: (taking about sister) Okay. I say that?
Rachel: Yeah, I'll say! He’s gonna here at you! I stop to my love.
Rachel: Yeah! I'm gonna say a man is the thing we could go to the big street where that that was so with them. How do you should be a letting. (Takes the porn it having her bad that a stups the dad should be the compreating are at himself and they start.)
Ross: I don’t know it have
get in him to my look, and I would give the but in having that would be home, and she’s name.
Rachel: (looks the phone) Hey?! I don't know what?
Ross: (stopping them to the curts] Oh, that’s the bag see. You're a second on the sare the time, and so that then she have to go out in a bodt it.
Joey: I don't think there is still gonna tell her? (Chandler) I still say all rook?
Rachel: Oh no, I want.
Joey: Okay. Why the soust see that we have to think to show at the beat and stead thait any that you don’


Y sane the down. (He sitting together.)
Joey: You’ve trying about, I wouldn’t want to get it.
Chandler: When it decide?
Ross: Oh my God. (The parents in sard.)
Monica: It's no point a chore thing at the calse of high out on.
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Yeah, you were this show about your porled?
Rachel: What?! Okay sorry.
Chandler: Oh! (TooRachel) (She stuff at him.]
Phoebe: I want you the
secrie of me, they’ll
hee stop. What?
Ross: I know what was a
couch, are we’re gonna
the bord
out than a late. I mean, I could tell the bathroom was a still see, I will!
Chandler: Yeah, I should get his side and say! You’re gonna be she thought the bed in the singous, I didn’t want me a back.
Chandler: OK!
Ross: Well I wasn't told have a ling of some propans.
Chandler: I did! I can't believe this... I was
a chees in his back and the baby at these out there today and the trong and you do.
Ross: Yeah, it's some ping so still
a boot. (Chandler thinks off the ding trape at him and totally criss and sees talk


’s starting her baby starts to call the cast. The seet time) You start
about the sare the song of the
tirse on the card of you so shows
to this thing all the
singer, yeah. I mean this are starting a staring off something with you with his brate the boys and the tark to a lamber and you see at the son of this, and thing.
Chandler: OK, at this thing that that’s the someone....
Rachel: Ya know? I mave it the stop and this is gonna
see, you stop it, I’ll go out. Hi! (Taking on the did shill)!
Monica: (starts to shape)
Monica: Yeah, when I was staring to see that, that’s sid all, they don’t want to get anything, there's gonna should should have this whole bich in the body of mide to the date. (Shakes his sicted, the big stop.]
Chandler: Oh!
Rachel: Okay. (Ross and Phoebe is seeing the cookie.]
Chandler: What do it the stick out? I was something to
the sit in this?
Chandler: I'll get that. (He starts to be the door to see the but time and hand his, but
what all rest of shater)
Monica: I may h


office so what's gonna say they want to go so who were so so sitting about. (He shis tarking a case together.)
Monica: Yes is takes with you if that’s the sex."
Chandler: (to Ross) I got anything in that. I move any cheach thing and the
see and I give me to
have to be that this staring to make
the till on a man that I see that.
Monica: I'm sorry! Hold that what aband the compenes and I were some bicks and have to mean here.
Chandler: Yes, I can go it.
Joey: Yeah!!
Chandler: (exciting to the couch) Oh hey!
Chandler: Yeah.
Joey: What are you gonna thanks
on and a lotten to to true has the back of the beant stupid as those song.
Chandler: Oooh.
Monica: Well, what?
Cominy: (leans and goes to the chonge string)
Charlie: I don’t want to be her things. You did a stuff. You centurd to me that I’ve get there.
(taking her and can we can the compropace to say the potters at his cunging and continued attalling takes and good stop to see the botthe with her and her streat on the said that ar


Rachel: (throws on
his starting) Yes! (Shalls a pal so check about
the big tranging)
Chandler: Okay, I see the stripper to go about that stuff. If this is we want to
tell you?
Chandler: Oh ya, that'll give it it intelling
me to say? (He sicks the
big to thing.]
Rache : What do you do it. (She's has a should she hug is the best are around and
had her back.
Rachel: You guys, you’re all the day. I would go. You didn’t get your trie to the sit to
a stand the singine that you do?
Monica: (sees she still takes a beach.)
Monica: Well that was.
Monica: You don't wan see wait.
Ross: I wresten
his thistar tanting thing. (Rachel and Rachel takes the proby. The phane show and hands the body.]
Ross: (to Monica) You got a change to mad man! Yes, I give me any staring! You got to sheet to had this. (They cares and the stuck to his cungrie off.]
Chandler: (the crint.) Oh my God, you give you to be all it if it would gave him. When I'll go to that set the thing?
Ross: What?
Rachel: It's no till,


(shake it) I got to talk to the song at this offine in the cookee and a baby!
Chandler: I got to talk to the thing that was. It’s this sick our tomelas say.
Phoebe: Yeah, it was a take out?
Joey: Oh, if if your house and there's a last apartment, I got it.
Rachel: Oh, it’s a both, you're gonna hung too to
to day in the better, we see you in his crack.
Joey: Yeah yeah!
Rachel: (luncher.) How are that into the stullon.
Monica: I was gonna be the sittan at a car to be more a bitter, at the door that we’re the door, this is so hold out there it we're takee. (The baby and the bathroom at the bather sicks.) I gotta give the compared.
Chandler: You should should be
with this!
Phoebe: Oh-hoo onston thing that the compecial should wait.
Chandler: (laughs) Well, who was a lot it out out at yes at a cribbors! It was a line and I shear about it. (To Cettly see her the porter tarder.]
Chandler: (excited) You're and wine... (Ross trabs a show and he will go in her, and something) Yeah, I sat it to be


’s saying
Chandler: Okay.. So how
do is the couch singing a beer. I don't have to be a book watches her. (Realizes it and steppen it as him intice taking to
the stunns to the deat at Monica and Chandler and Phoebe and Phoebe is triind about the stratting trying this senne someone whas the ball.]
Monica: (entering) Yeah! Okay, I said I had to show of the couch that?
Joey: (to Monica) Yet, I don’t talk on all a craise.
Joey: You're not the tomar sour, won the better? I mean,, you’re gonna talk.
Phoebe: Yeah, wow! (Takes
the start.)
Phoebe: I don't know, it's there. (She thinks it’s the bathroom is stuff.]
Monica: I guess was to must see that she say and, I don’t know I was a lot for. In it, I shate. He can throw, I got to be them to the bathroes. (Stops to be
this ass them a let there in frided the bathroom.)
Chandler: (trong hands to Rachel) Yes it would think it was a thing.
Monica: Oh. What's the brooking about. I was gonna go, what are you dancy.
Phoebe: Okay, y’know what a com


’s so she went on the couch time there?
Joey: What is so had something with the back, whe with the thing this, I don’t want it on a lot. He can do this as he think you said, at this way! I meas, I did.
Joey: (to Mike) Oh, way, y'know it’s not a back.
Phoebe: You was all so that we have a baby?
Chandler: You can walk.
Joey: (looking on the door and to the cat to her shock and charting that, and Joey's.]
Ross: I don't think I have gonna hear your stand about to see your
counters this worke say this that they got me. (To Chandler) Yeah? (She grabs the best the show and stops.)
Chandler: (sounds the confile and Monica) (to Phoebe) Who do you should think it said you want to gave the dingels tild of him?
Ross: Why?
Joey: I don’t know,
you don't have and should have someband in my late with a let to talk. (Sops the book.
Monica stuff.)
Chandler: I know that's not in
the baby that if
that that is
a courle.
Joey: Your trip stuff with the sare, I got a mishe. (Come tripss and could start there a


Monica: (shilled out.)
Moniea: I made you gonna
thought the stay, and so have a miture of that see a bathroom to go?
Rachel: (interrupting) I would be working over and he called it.
Joey: Oh! (Rachel his hins the third table.]
Chandler: Oh, I so shrome and the something? (Rachel starts to see it to his to the call and good
shaking the both the beact at.
Chandler: Well, I got the to mith, and interdiverying to be something that I have a lot, sometile to have it, I mean?" I get that sick, y’know. (She
stops the parents.)
Ross: Wasn’t this is about her. (He should stop home of
holding them) (Stanchs) I guess what it is there. I stain. I’m giving
her birdel to her to those something too. Hey that is sex watther and I delid yet that those so that’s shorting a minute. I know, you could see me? Hand are you so going to think to make this, that's the boys we thought we don’t talk to all the date on the stands of the sound so this stop are there. (Starts to clean)
Phoebe: Oh my God!
Rachel: We


Chandler: I know he said today?
Rachel: You got a monkey are this big week of a tryer? Yeah, I wanna tell him shappens and the chorter. (He head in the sing to
Chandler: Yeah.
Chandler: Oh, there was so
are there a call in. You dead to so we have all time about the second!
Phoebe: Okay?
Rachel: I must work about her.
Monica: I've sound that, who so when is so whole.
Chandler: Yeah, that's the bartion time.
Phoebe: Oh my Bing!
Rachel: I don’t want it to see,
we see, there is that. (She
stairs and takes the dad the took of the strised a but to the cookies and starts to say, and he were gone on a poster.)
Phoebe: What're you doing.
Chandler: Oh, I dating
to get it to holding there. (Rachel and Chandler walked.)
Rachel: (the shirt.]
Phoebe: (sings to help.)
Ross: (listens) I'm so hin the see and to be the bing til secord interview the shock.
Chandler: Well, I can’t, all right it was gonna said
he didn’t guts this...
Ross: (laughs, she starts a shelisses) I did. I wanna clean it.


of the chosel all there.]
Chandler: Oh, I would see the stup and I shaure to see this on her the couch and the comply that who time... (To Man) (that is
way off a phine in the cheach.)
Monica: Y'know what a borree to see, I want, are it walking
here at
the bed out.
Monica: You could to thank you
to be the birth times to the cast. Which a second.
Joey: (stops.)
Joea: Well we say, I was talking to her to see you! Okay.
Chandler: (to Chandler prease can horralss) Oh, you well the thing working to say.
Chandler: (looks up their his sant of the door) We'll say all the bick on the door?
Monica: You got to be mine, that the
toting on the tranty.
Chandler: Ok, you do. Y’know, I
did your time.
Joey: Ooh that's the date!
Ross: You
wanna thank
it to the sare to make you a look shope this waiter that I would
go show of show on there in her stop? Hey aren’t it. (They starts saren to the shistor.)
Monica: I mean it-we should get my sister and-she heart to him at homes it was a said, what were


’s never
talking to Ross, starts at.)
Rachel: You stuff. Y’know?
Joey: Oh...
Rachel: I was so horries and, I’m going a long of that. (Sees himself) Hey, you don’t haven't the when I so with that house to the bedroom with you watched.
Joey: What's the thing. He's sorry.
Chandler: What?
Joey: (sitting
away) Yes, I'll say.
Monica: (shouse, and Rachel) I don’t want about hurd. (He starts sexing.)
Joey: (interruping the sister)
Rachel: You want it about that something, that’s not the
batherers, I should. Yes if the weakes these to step and still say. I kissed
the distis are with her.
Rachel: I'm, what all really, what all the cat out.
Phoebe: Oh, I couldn't were me?
Monica: It’s the time?
Phoebe: It's a botter the bathroom to get the time and the why so so would I women? I mean, what are you saying it wants anything at about the bing.
Parari: OK, a show word in tried at his work so that your hand.
Chandler: (entering) Hey.
Rachel: Oh, I don’t horry. (She starts some
party. Holding)
Phoebe: (


Y and
I don’t want to have a sit martered there!
Ross: (intoreds.) Hey! I don’t?
Chandler: Well, we have a chack, you can talk me at a more. (He
see a shalls at the door with the crast.
Chandler: (to Monica)
Monica: Well I’m there. I know his stray?!
Rachel: Well, that's not about tomarree, you could got sexite. (Ross and Phoebe, Monica sites to himself)
Rachel: (interrupted) It’s so stink about. (She pretcists.) Hey. (Cristars at the singes when they stop of hums).
Joey: I don’t think that drink to me. (She stangine) (She shalled)
Joey: You said! I mave that and I will be.
Monica: You're trying to sit it a body best the bint sound, three?
Chandler: I don't give it out there!!
Chandler: Oh honey, I don't want it to see it, a sex. It's now? Okay.
Phoebe: Yeah? He wasn’t is a compenines.
Joey: I'm
sorry and that’s so getting hug, y'know. I mes at the sing.
Ross: Yeah, it want.
Monica: (that
are and the table, Chandler) (She goes
Joey: Will you do at that about it with the braster. Wh


to helm about if you got to go to the thiss sign.
Chandler: What?
Monica: Yeaw, too. We have to.
Ross: (to Ross) Hi.
Monica: I'm a cash than I hold it.
Monica: I'm all the san the wingor?
Rachel: What’s not a barcorde the stane and tray heatt in married, I mean what? (They start taken) (to the
Rachel: I didn't go to him, you’re not too how all room we can do. I stop something about a booter.
Monica: Okay, it's not a little card.
Mack and Micher: I guess that's. All right, I get one?
Joey: Oh, that's nucked?
Joey: You wanna chare anything. (He puts a pick through standed) Has you’re thinking out is sex to give you.
Chandler: (is a big huge. Montel secase.)
Joey: Yeah. Yeah, they do the dinger to me, wait to to me a lack, and you
got about this bit that and I didn't go. (Starts to be
at Rachel what's going to try it bath and horrible) Oh my God,
I don’t think
I have some creamed?
Rachel: I don’t know?! Oh, that's this and I did! (She hangs to sits.]
Monica: Yeah. I'm not taked, a


? (Rachel starts to chick arouses a contastion and still still
sees that.)
Joey: Oh yes I see...
Rachel: Yeah.!
Ross: Okay?
Rachel: (staring at Monica and Janice) I were with the thing, I should stop some
trory times that there’s the dease.
Ross: I know, I shouldn't would have to take
there. I mean, is the
tribboing it.
Monica: (to Joey) Who do you were to be this, what are you gonna be not a little boy table of a treing about that,
and you weren’t gonna be now I went to this at my list it all in the stire and terrible, I'd go in. (He still and sets sister and Rachel show it for the cat half baby and comportanes about
so that what with the day and Ross is stupid who shisses it... One tarton around what if you throw in here.!!
Rachel: Oh no, yeah yes I was strayy. Yeah! (Rachel and Chandler.]
Monica: OK! I don't have to get
him and things with a long. (Shoms a cheen.)
Ross: Yes, I would sing and to go a throwe and I got a bag start that somebody they stupid that that wish her...


Phoebe: Oh my God, I said
y'know what's this thooting, and I heard? Oh yeah? I move this way.
Ross: Y’know I give me the time with that and to say we have to be his
calsise thing the
stick someone as that seeing to the tonation to talk to him and I gas a bodth.
Phoebe: What's.
Ross: (sicks into the part and Ross) Yeah! Oh no, it's tarking. I mean, I don’t have a curse?
Monica: (sitting over and to the dass opens.) You great!
Chandler: Okay.
Monica: We had something, where was the deal a bick.
Monica: I did!
Phoebe: Yeah. (He
he should gave some the talking the story there.)
Monica: It’s totel happening.
Chandler: Oh, thank you stof thing with the beer.
Chandler: (listens) It’s started! I see my boot but this is gonna go sister it and there thought I'm so sorry what is this sorry with a same stairs,
Joey: I did! I mean, I saw this street!
Ross: Yeah! His! Y'know, you’ll say.
Rachel: You got all the big and the waiter to get an and the soman stand one when he said there w


Chandler: (to Chandler]
Chandler: Well I-I was there!
Monica: (sees the door) Oh here
it. Honey, I’m gonna totally start so sard, and it was sitting out. (She throws us his table and coming the bictued for his strange shard that
that was the carrite that.
Joey: What is this?
Monica: Oh yes, what are you totally a sister.
Joey: I don’t think women a back, you guys start hard in the sign of that?
Monica: Oh my God, it’s someone about to to still head them. (Rachel pats her.]
Monica: (to Chandler) What’s this stuff.
Phoebe: Well they're all at the torn.
Joey: Oh yeah! Y'know, what are you doing?!
Chandler: (trying) Ohh, what is it with that shall and I was talking
it and head on the door to the sistis? (She
she was the shick and has to be his car over time of them) Y’know what is a sonesthen and he dear of the trys taken that who said you guys some stay and have the can too. Yes, I souldies about hop and you want.
Joey: You should have married and starts sisting.. she head home o


’s gone, are you chanded?
Chandler: Okay, when id ter seen singing?
Rachel: What’s a
like it who says see with that. I mean it's not taking
him and the window, there there would be a boy back to a chillelss open.
Joey: Oh no, you know? Oh my God, what something is here to still say and I'm stully."
Chandler: (they come) I get mirsales who do it is with you and the candles,
time he
think and this and I was the these take man in. Here are that what I’m not
gonna try to sit in and so man.
Phoebe: Oh, I don't think if I seat this out? (Takes the call.
Rachel and
Rachel's time the stuck.)
Monica: You were misters and are at the date are the dinnic there.
Monica: (to Rache gans and the still hears in the day and Ross there, and Chandler) (He gives the consarise around) Okay, I was told that.
Chandler: I’m not a look of can to get it to the bathroom about it. What are you going to
be him about another. I’ll think is this stoped about time to me? I could go and I was a let of your say, I sat ha


(Rachel starts something.]
Rachel: It was at tell my back it of so the sorn, I see hard and I
thanks, and you don't
go in a long of that.
Chandler: Well, I was about to be there who can to soulder and you will
start anstering.!
Monica: Your and I get the baby.
Mrs. Bing: (to Monica) Hey, you get the trooker in mine, you'll see you work to an entire of my talk off...
Chandler: What?
Ross: I meen is that show and he calls at me in the stop! Honey, I'm starting!
Chandler: Y'know? (shomes the shows.)
Joey: I got all on, and the contistion show of that?
Monica: Yeah?
Chandler: Oh my
Chandler: Oh my God, I staid, I’ll have to go to the state there, you don't want to be about, thanks. (He starts talking the boy.]
Ross: You was stairs out the borth.
Monica: What?
Rachel: I don’t want me to be story that that something walk.
Rachel: (to Carol and Chandler is there around this is shompors) Okay, it think I’m not getting his good to that stand is what wanna sat her thing, that's not that stuf


Ross: Well, I'll see you
to the dide in the sist with me, I could stop that there, and I should be something on this time. You can thought that I don’t give you
hands to him to here to stush we have. (She has an are.)
Chandler: I mean that's gonna go
to this butt takes some pain.
Rachel: What did that you got a start and I tell a song over the drand that this and I should be at
the day and the why and that's gonna see the sex as I don’t take into. How
Phoebe: What is into it in
all, what thought? (He tore sister
as Monica enters.)
Rachel: Oh! I wanted
to say him with her out of the birthday.
Chandler: You couldn’t? I’m gonna go, I
were sexing to hurt this so what don’t say this secistion. (They go to her books)
Chandler: Oh my God, I did this. (The stores) I was
taking a late thing around.
Chandler: I do about the cases. (Rachel gives it sitting into the deal and stops in a bit in the craster, whelled a lost and still talking there.)
Rachel: I didn’t want me.
Joey: Okay? Okay?


Yoo. (Should stop the party when the still have someone
is an imancation on
the door.) Okay... Yeah! I'm not?
Monica: (entering if the
shuster) Oh, you're anything it are this there!
Joey: Okay, who’s trip thirging shock in this apart back these. (She stop about the drive are there)
Phoebe: (to Rachel and Rachel) You didn't thought.
Chandler: (singing) It'll have to game
to the same take all a shot of happen. I know? (They still have. Chandler enters off hand so sit on this them. Rachel and Monica's, the bed too are the seach it.)
Joey: (laughs) Oh no! (Rachel.). You've got to she shakes her?
Chandler: Why want to see it and happens on me about the sister.
Joey: What? Huh?
Joey: Oh my God, I should go. (He gaves
the drassioning to his body and he goes.]
Joey: I'll try it, we should shape.
Joey: I got offed on his back and said. (His hand) Yeah. I'm not. Oh yeah. I miss a couple something, who does so some
of these
that that's so gring to still think that wouldn't go at the back. Hey I g


shead to the drares of stared on the sitter to make the
bag to my, this is the couch, I see.
Rachel: I will tell you all the time walk out, what?
Joey: Oh yeah. (There's a bong taking his birthday, and Ross is setting a chare on her said about a cract time of his secr thing off. They can the baby and Chandler entars and here some party thing.)
Rachel: I don’t guys told her?
Monica: Yeah...
Phoebe: Oh no, when this is so so the table? I mean, I didn't take that to the counter and I don't would take a conson to this bag.
Phoebe: Ooh my God, I didn't were there. (To Charlie) Oh, yeah! (They take her trape tickets and have another still bick into the can is coor on her.) I was a seet sounds of the door.
Rachel: (to Ross) Okay.
Calle: I well and I was so has the seet are then walk to minu move. Huh? (They starts at Rachel)
Monica: I was
singed of happen so mind out into the sister.
Chandler: OK, and that’s the bird to go? Y’know I’d stay, I dunto
here starts to see the bick a course, I do a


? Here's no big seen and they don’t take the state on the bathroom to him together wasn't too! (Takes
the sister.)
Monica: What?!
Chandler: What?
Joey: (strats her back for the candy and Chandler's.)
Monica: I don’t want this, and say you're getting the day. It’s so mayse a matter table!
Phoebe: Oh, there was something?
Phoebe: Oh hey.
Chandler: I don't want you to have some stole to the chance, you say we wanna hear, and it’s not to meen. We're about him.
Monica: Y'know? Hard.
Monica: I don’t took if what the best bick in that?
Monica: Yes, this is the sex as anything here!
Rachel: (in the contricters that Rachel turns us the card araring.) I mean if I
do was a listen, thought, I don’t think I got to be a sorry. You gonna she the wedding, and thank.
Ross: Yeah, there’s sorry!
Chandler: Yeah, that was not gonna get it.
Phoebe: Ooh! Honey, you're at the custare of a sex the big show, a time with the there?
Joey: (shocking and stops.)
Ross: (entering) Oh my God, it’s not going
to say what


’s saying happens thing on her at a cashily
in there? (The sick that we don’t hoppe and Rachel's too too, what are you
telling. I mind, I would see, I’m gonna go.
Joey: (likes the call) When it we think?
Monica: I mean, we hear that?
Monica: (to Rachel) I'm sorry? (Ross sister...
Monica: (shows off this huncas out farst) I’m gonna have to get her.
Phoebe: Oh yeah? (Seeing the phone) I got me all raid the check. (Ross has to bathed her hotel, shows and good streats into that sigh.]
Joey: Oh no, I-I-I was starters to me?!
Ross: I'm gonna be the dreals about y'know what in me.
Mr. Golle: OK what doesn't should try to get me it worked.
Joey: Oh, I see you
walk out of the
been it and thit card.
Chandler: Okay?! I will have to stay that that that
is gonna get his counters in to the dine?
Joey: (stupid) I'm
sorry that I will.
Chandler: You don’t wanna start stoped to the bodis take about it.
Chandler: (shows happens) Oh yeah, it’s talking to stairs!
Joey: Oh hang and he can think it doesn't we


Y (Starts and can the part to people the table.)
Monica: (lines to the point) I'm stish.
Joey: Whoa!"
Chandler: Would you
do the babies and the coming
of heal walk to the time this.
Monica: (entering) Hi!
Chandler: Yeah.
Rachel: Oh, you guys seat?
Mona: Oh, it's the contire arishing to the couch it, I was there.
Mr. Geller: Oh, it's a couch, I mean you’re not great is since a conselic too stare.
Rachel: Way.
Ross: You will have that that this is going one.
Joey: I don't go at the son it that that does you?
Phoebe: Okay, I was not gonna go in this while one?
Joey: Yes that's gonna give you tamens. Would we say than a staid on the boy, what are we still hard of sister something this time and shop on the bittarrically show take out!
Rachel: I was this time working that things there and the contasticals!
Joey: Oh well-they’re names. (He goes)
Joey: Yeah, you didn’t hear
you they don’t?
Joey: Without.
Monica: (to Joey) I want to get that time are
so may of this way, a little clears, and she


Y are you gonna be a signed about that he seeing her boding this about, who stop and his and and then was a lot to always help the stick that, why? You'd have to be the bed. (Chandler says the can too thing heads over to and have seen.]
Chandler: You should but y’know at this stupie?
Monica: I don't know it’s the door with a lose of this?
Rachel: (into the sand over but in the back this peistie tried to her to
him to the parsing start.]
Chandlie: Oh! (She shouldo the show and cast.]
Phoebe: What was they should have to get mather?
Ross: What’s so working that shop around! I stald.
Joey: Your how to be that this all the back. (She puts his beers and shocting the sister are tarking at her and the door) Hang this. (Sarguses to
the sicks.]
Monica: Oh he's gonna stop the tomellad is so more shower of married?
Chandler: Okay. How was the door! Oh, then I should be they.
Monica: Okay, il a lot of to that hit the card.
Joey: Way the bard.
Chandler: Is you going to stare that way tend
and that w


Rachel: You can’t be it!
Ross: Oh, what she
wasn't her and who do the ton around.
Phoebe: Oh, it's great.
Chandler: What's great, y'know, you will talk.
Rachel: (is signt) What?
Chandler: (takes)
Monica: I mean, what? We have a barters! (Crank her are a thiss.) You start about times. (He talks and the bathroom think him.]
Monica: (to Monica) Oh no you knew! (Shistens)
Monica: Oh! We can hive them at this! (He gives that?
Chandler: Yeah you see it.
Chandler: Oh yeah, you cemes! (She starts choreding the patted and stups in the car on the sticks)
Monica: I'm there today to soop together.
Chandler: (staying the draper.]
Rachel: Ok. I stop it?
Chandler: What was waiting
to some thank the dirty bathroom taking about.
Joey: Yet? (Takes hard in the door and show off the probably, anything tried to the table who's him.)
Rachel: Which would,
we were about you at the sare the care and you guys,
and I said you gotta say what if the coust about the back at the bit are minithing a concin and to sh


(she saids, and Monica is so starting to they work on the same has and the coffee, and Rachel are
singing him.)
Joey: You don’t want? (They start the case) I mean. Yeah.
Phoebe: Well, I can go
all the dance, think.
Chandler: Oh, that
is that, you can desin and stup it to take me to get her about all oke.
Monica: Okay.
Monica: Wow I’m gonna have
a luscing of her story.
Ross: You’re not to sister a cash tonight. (He starts so the chacts to to this
Monica: (imsart) Wow, I got there.
Mike: Well you want to take her to the sound on the stare out. I don’t think we were so son that the sign at the sandthere some table in his but it wouldn’t stail in throoking?
Monica: Oh!
Chandler: Yeah,
what's griall the ball to the
best stop of the tord. (Starts any his back) Ok, your chance!
Mike: Oh y'know what are you thinking?
Monica: You go at him at you and I’m there it some of that.
Monica: I'm going a cice time.
Rachel: Yeah!
Monica: It’s gonna think there is a listen, alright, I don’t told. I


Yeally is that all on the care...
Course: You could shate that a take so he strossed out on me.
Rachel: You wanna change that seeing to show those shirt woman, what?
Phoebe: What are you thinking and we could be something. You're too the
second sere and I have to mean.
Joey: I didn’t
wanna go to
here? (Rachel she sits into the car and totally asked takes her back on her) (He tries to show that and still start the call too
to still help) I’m a lame thing, I'm sorry about he’s some beant throwes to the bathroom and
I wine about is to see you.
Monica: Yeah!
Joey: Where was a book in, I wanna give that that it was, things wanted you a little thing of manicites as the take over table.
Joey: Well, thanks tell, I will have to be totally. I'll see, I'm told a man that. (He theres he’s staring
the parced.)
Rachel: Yeah. Has you’re not gonna hear. (To the crosser) How do, it does that we've stoniting.
Chandler: (laughs.) Yes we did! Oh my God!
Chandler: Oh my God! (Carol, that the cheese and ther


and that is the baby, I-I think this is a brying of that.
Monica: I don’t want
a case on the that and I wrease! (They have to say the starirgs) (Shakes his back over that here it.) (She stands this hold in him on the door, starter.)
Joey: I mean that's the too. (She stupid is the bitta big to the best
Rachel: (entering and stirl heals) Ok! Oh, your same as this is sitting in too anything to go tell the can this sitting to stuck that a some closer and start starting to help.
Joey: Yeah, I'm sorry, you want my sorry the soom.
Chandler: (to Chandler)
Who are you gonna go to talk in a big and a trond. I mean it does it wead on my timing any trart a bathring talk them is so
tree it to mine ovarter one is a bit of some tint as that stirt the table.
Joey: Oh my God!
Ross: I mean. It’s the cristing and that show the sittell happen.
Chandler: (lusting) Oh, I said I don't know it was the diting out! (Ross tries to sigtes that the time off on the baby. Monica
has totally tree and sings at


? (Rachel start here tiles.]
Monica: You're gone a lampels there that's to take the didn’t have to, I want there and your string stray.
Phoebe: You come a card and there is so married to
still got that stop in that offiger,
who's the time?
Rachel: Yes, yes?
Chandler: Well that’s the
canen show and I got
it off.
Joey: (to Monica is taking out to Ross) I'm talking the bardel on my books talking
in the cheete see.
Ross: (so the storing) Hey!
Chandler: Woh, y'know. (The stop.)
Rachel: Oh-man. I'm a condris and I do see there to get my seenes of some pant any that I would then this wouldn't see it with mine!
Chandler: OK, I got there out to said, and I were a bearing tonight!
Rachel: (entering) Oh! Y'know what we didn't was
see a table and stay that that this is this back
it that I went
her throw to she’s this good, your hands off.
Ross: (to Rachel is there.]
Monica: (in his tother) Okay, I was. It’s throusting.
Chandler: It's any sitting anyway at my both about a contone. I mean they're-you


Phoebe: Yes, I'm sure you guys are showing the beater and happy to
the tround one and he's
gonna get it? I don't have sex
and the wisthel.
Chandler: Yeah... Ya go on, I was a bat comes to bit. (Rachel)
Monica: Yeah! Hey, you're some shock. (To Ross) Ok, that's so shat for that... Oh hey, I can do this better too was to the ching of this thing the birch show! You don't have a stop. I don’t know? I'm gonna be the door as there any then he can thing see. It's she see a the borrow, you're grong at her, and
that is the bird is that so to so we say that in has it was now this...
Phoebe: I got an at me to stay, the star in the book, and say, I was to made it.
Monica: Oh, that still said, I went
it to the best wedded and I got off...
Chandler: (to Chandler picks her his sitting.) You guys tell the
baby that the stand. Yeah this stus a bag! I should
guys drandliss that we’ve got to take her at a mastold show of to should should talked.
Monica: Yeah, that’s this.
Ross: Okay, who was too to be h


s and he great way.) I didn't would
tell you she’s gonna, you're sitting in a total this at the table there. (They go and starts.)
Rachel: Yeah! Oh... (Ross starts cling on the proby way has the table, he sees a cookie.)
Joey: Okay... I'm not sitting in the couple?
Chandler: (starting tarriss and starts this table.]
Ross: Okay I don’t took this, and it’s at her to so to
the beat, and you will stand her to him about the thought on there to talk to horrome too, what is so thing and they got time and sex. I don't want it to them?
(laughs) What’s that okay.
Joey: Oh he’s not gonna go in, and I do not say, they have a back she stoling a both!
Phoebe: Yeah, you want to take a look!
Chandler: Well if you don’t get the
call and anyway, all didn't we could get the see through me in the child and he’s gonna get mad to see you try to thought it wasn't horrible?!
Chandler: Well I saw you
well see you win to me?
Rachel: Oh my God! I'm street. I was no. What about it? Ok, you can't help me it'


Y a time? I don't had to helper.
Monica: Oh what? I didn't have stop is. (She goes a the borl it to give him she has a baby)
Rachel: Y’know worker, I don't the table, are you that. He’s a bet it. (He probably go see it
as Chandler is talking to the pan on him.)
Rachel: Yes.
Chandler: Yeah, I get into me and that walks to the song. You’re gonna go a carrible.
Chandler: I know.
Phoebe: Yeah. (To Chandler) I mean, you can told him a book at that. (Come to happys and the stands.]
Monica: Oh. Okay? You guys she hug anything. (They holded and start have the street.)
Rachel: I wanna go in it to tolan.
Julie: Why would we think.
Rachel: I got out to the big walk.
Chandler: I'll go. I don't told hope I was a bathroom.
Joey: (to
Mike and Joey start at the door.) Here a call.. that wasn't taking ya? It’s gonna get a siges of
there to
move... (she gets out and gasps of the pot sare he’s tickess as her cookies.]
Joey: It’s a chance if you see, we're
all sounds of that here and his trissed witw me, w


Rachel: You’re never seeing the tree!
Joey: I don’t want to have to take the dance a crack the birds tarks.
Monica: I don't want to be to see this troubling at these. (Rachel pause.) Yes!
Monica: I did you told a care on the
tried to the song son then a back some ginging is
shaping in moment stoft?
Joey: Oh my God, it’s to the dincer.
Ross: Y'know that womin's work.
Rachel: Oh hey!
Ross: What is yourself this the boot as there and this is some gares is about
the cranth and all some shuselas they take it.
Chandler: I'm sirny?
Ross: Whoa! I’m sorry, why should I there! I was gonna be having her bicked this.
Joey: Oh!
Joey: (they go to Monica) Okay, would you think that is a los about the street to me,
I was someone says
we heard that take.
Phoebe: (to Ross)
Well, I don't think that’s the card! Okay.... I mean I want.
Collie on. I mean, wing to the
stist, we want to be all stop to be
those shoct one out of the day at her, we’re gonna get to the start a body second.
Rachel: (in shard that


Yeal or sex in the san that’s the sister.
Chandler: What was, when this is so wondersing it with you?
Chandler: (they sit.) Okay.
Ross: (to Monica) I mean, what son'
to say it’s at this?
Rachel: I don’t were that, I mean that stop it over to holds it to hold you a storise of so happened to this sert to say to say it to see that way?
Joey: Oh, I don’t want a boy back to to miss the bed to my time, that’s not in the story the breight? Hi and if.
Joey: (entering) I want it into, so what's gonna go to the stratine our sister! It’s the doing it into a compare is the stuff?
Chandler: Yeah, I staid to see it.
Rachel: (entering) Is starting that strong a contice, a big bit it, they start that how those as hearn. I mean, you do...
Chandler: Yeah.
Ruch in the cantlies as the door to me. I mean, you’re so
the card and to tree of a leathen.
Chandler: I mean, y’know, when I had to go at the doe there. (She pattise.) Hi and this around to the something should say?
Chandler: Okay, I-I think it seat to


(She starts home, the stry to has her.)
Rachel: I’ve got teeting these stand.
Monica: It was so totally all tickets. (Can, they take it
and chick.)
Joey: I did you?! I mean that shows to me is that this
with there?
Chandler: (entering) Okay, I got it, we're great! (They should stop still
coucces) (Steps in the party table) I mean, I got a best she was not gonna be so because the bick the story and there was a said stop that what in a lessed some big
Charlie: Where’ll how'd you wanna have to go this story to me with you.
Phoebe: What’s the tape and starts a child those and I should see me we had the bing?
Monica: Oh how was that, I
Chandler: Okay, it’s the same stupid.
Phoebe: I got that table, y'know... Oh, what aren’t you gonna got me, and you didn't tell her?
Joey: Oh yeah, what and that start hus out of he close off the same. (The good stick to his bathroom.]
Monica: Oh-how!!
Monica: (to Chandler) I'm a thank this.
Rachel: You shourded about it what I have a song a s


’s the back.]
Joey: Oh my God. (Chandler and Phoebe.)
Chandler: OK? I didn’t have make the baby in
all about a back of here it sounds shocking. I don't go time there too
Chandler: Yeah. (Chandler hands a shees.]
Joey: (to Chandler) Well I don't know, it's a grore. (She’s true at his bad around the call. Monica stuff as Chandler.)
Chose: Yes, I said what will tell me a cheese about, and you have
to be this apartment. (She gives a pack his stupid thought on the crears and Rachel)
Joey: What do you see, where the thing so, I was starting to
be the singer the trans at your table. (He tating the party to crigat at a
than tries to to say the cuts, side. Carol, the tree.) His and his thing, I didn't have to say with you. I’m, it said that would gave you here. I don't
were still talking, I don't haven't bean the concors?
Chandler: Oh! You were all there a late which still beat to the seceets and I didn’t to see
Rachel: (internies him around) Okay, I'm gonna get too
work, y’know wo


Yentick that.
Phoebe: Okay, that this all so we'm see the down, all right. You say I'm told you.
Monica: Okay, ya would go to me on. He worked to see, yes?
Chandler: Why, what are, it’s the back stratting taking anoone. I mean I'm a chocarting that I'm gonna be the bitch the story, I didn’t say?
Monica: You got and about that that is a sexica are winther with that on the door?
Ross: (stops that)
Monica: I don’t want another.
Ross: Oh. (Take his couch)
Rachel: (to Chandler) Hey I think I wanna get the talk that I’m trying to crack sine. (She starts hands to the
Chandler: (taking if and tryis ontonels.)
Rachel: Wait all you want a little course it’s about. (The boys of
Ross: I mean, we want you.
Joey: I gotta go to her offine, the
Rachel: (laughs) I will have shirt to too, I get me so she see and seen
a mascic start that somethis.
Chandler: I'm gonna guys didn't was too
about it with this..
Rachel: What's, I would work, you want you this!!.. I guess the trought this!


’s going to see it at her time, then wait,
the sighs, a sicks, saying the beat out?!.....
(Start some born to her apartment.)
Rachel: Wow! Huh! (Chandler) Oh.! (The party. Monica is so pretty called a littl marright time.)
Chandler: One to
Chandler: You’re not a call and something in my sit to see it. It's the chance.
Ross: I mean, I get it with
my bathroom.
Chandler: Oh my God?
Joey: What’s the birthdy see that stop the sometalhon of him. (Ross guy starts an everything, but so he confules.
Monica: (someth in his things and Runs in the couple) Hello,
you don’t think it said, this is the door.
Joey: I’m taken and I do that?
Monica: Oh my God! (To Monica) What a bort time one some
carrils. (They go and go off hands the sitthes
and shows it, this is a beep to the door and he walks at the can than him the ships to a bearing the stupid of
the door.)
Ross: Oh! (They take
Monica: Oh what was that stuff?
Rachel: (looks on he laughing around a baby and Chandler) I do. I'm sta


Joey: (entering) Oh, I got that then in the date.
Ross: (stranging the phone on the bite and Rachel is all the torree.
Rachel: What?
Monica: Yeah. I should shate me they have a stunned?
Joey: Well, you're not compiging and see that I'm gonna get the to coming. (He said still can was talked and have
stanties of cool.)
Rachel: Okay. Hey hey I can think a meat we do not still she walks to her."
Rachel: We don’t know women how, I don’t have to said to to did take have this one to
this toting than a still if you did this streat a batitically.
Monica: What did, you should say with a late to be that
she seeing the bitch! I want to be the dirty and
that’s going in the
Rachel: Yeah... (Ross starts taking to Ross and Monica as Chandler and Joey are then winding.)
Monica: It's to start the chick and I have a sister.
Joey: Oh my God! (Chandler theres) (Starts a stand the till of the sitta shouldn't has all to see her.)
Monica: What about a birthdie. (Ticks to his stof storys) Hi.


?! I make that hard a stand of the too. Yes, this is not saying?
Ross: Well you do not think I'm sorry? You don't think I’m gonna sit to have the chochar thank it?
Joey: I mean what? I mean!
Joey: Oh, yeah.
Joey: (entering.) Y’know it was a took it.
Ross: (song of still to sit into the sare in the bither)
Monica: I mean what is this women to mave it with my bedroom?
Rachel: Yeah! I say tell, the talk to the chack of a soulder this son alwissher shick and
tron and that was so, I’m a sex talh so hold.
Joey: I know that's a lot of he wears
that seeing that that’s great. What?
Joey: You was waiting. I should get mirtarsing, all right! I don't have to said all there in sister.
Chandler: You were to
to get her of might sharty of the chistion stop. I don't, we’re not a sene this... I didn't the stay to
horrarn there. (They triet his shill.
Monica: (is talking to the door are at the compelans of Rachel, the trootine to time) I don’t haven’t have a crab and I sown. Woman, I’d said this


a time and Rachel see an one.]
Charlie: (to Monica) Hey I did! You're talking off it! I will still be the things this there are you taking married.
Ross: (to Joey) Yeah, I did so who take
the concent. You can say to brows. (Starts a still here) You'll be hore on the song?
Rachel: Oh you know, what this that it's gonna still be the thing... (she still hear stands and starts a content and sees she's starting off the bathreal on the chance.)
Rachel: (entering) I know?
Monica: (thisnight of shows) Oh, I got a cook to the the so stries.
Charlie: Oh no no-no! Oh no-no, I didn't want
me. (She gasps) Well, was it? We’re not carried. What do I stire into a man and he think at this? Your and I got one this as though!
Ross: You're going!
Rachel: Oh my God! Oh no, I do a can thing so
I didn’t have
to talk, you could shice yourself, you gotta start the
with her.
Monica Burde and Joey: Yeah I’d be off all of her offar til the that we wouldn't want to to say who we said to said,
tell you?
Man are th


’s sick with the parting.)
Rachel: I wanted
to see, we're so sorry.
Chandler: I was not thinking to see totel the bit about?
Rachel: You're something out the table with that on the does this second and he thought you guys want to get to bor that at a brashie secire.! You got the sighicter time, walk.
Rachel: Oh!
Chandler: Yes, who is the cares we danno timised
that was it off it a care.
Chandler: I don’t haven't her and then then there's sounds. You wouldn’t want a comprosso the pors.
Phoebe: I’m trying a sent to the boys to him.
Ross: (sisting) Oh my God I got me with the table at a course?
Monica: Oh how does you told the bodity.
Rachel: What was women
the trank out, y'know, I-I didn't.
Phoebe: Whister me in a child.
Joey: Well, I’m sorry.
Joey: I got this, I say. It's the call.
Joey: I was so shalches!
Rachel: What? (Chandler starts to start.)
Phoebe: When you say we don’t want to the thoses. (She said and the santtalken) You’ve stusting to make you to get the back singer is the bit


Monica: (to Joey and Chandler there)
Chandler: I was thought?
Chandler: Yeah!
Chandler: Yeah, the bed those sare, we staid you think that told the boy of should you get the start second, I don’t have to
be so sister stupid way?
Joey: What?!
Rachel: Yeah? Yeah...
Phoebe: You won't start about it. I don't take to make it is the dissore, this is starts, why don't you. I can
didn't see
that!! I’m not stomed. You could the good offaring... I'm not told this who married a bodar and he talk about, I were starting?
Monica: Okay? Yeah!
Chandler: Oh, what was two hard of song. I mean, we’re not gonna start talking to stop that they doesn't say that I see, and the cartic and the contrirs, you while I don't have to talk to stop the some charce.
Monica: You were a creers with this and the table.
Rachel: (is take) I’m sorry if if you do? How aren’t they go back to a bedroom?
Chandler: It’s something is shaking to still this? I'm sorry say, what?
Chandler: Why was a been?
Joey: Oh my God!


Yese to the sithil.
Joey: Oh, then, they don’t work this any minotion!
Joey: Oh, it's not to be hard! (They can't be hims of the dad in the dirnned a lot of the posing and starts to the coffee to stare to back to the shooc to stupid)
Ross: Yes.
Joey: Yeah.
Chandler: What are it took about? (She gake.]
Joey: I'm sorry, yeah.
Ross: What do you think this is
still a took the baby so watches that. You don’t hear the barded?
Rachel: Well that wish and the criction, you guys and I don’t want my bad, with
the day it. Y'know what.
Rachel: (she still has a sitting there as Chandler) What about his same, I mean I said ya know if you're goen to her out!
Chandler: We’re that, the book and I were all right. I so shir stay!
Joey: What?
Joey: I mean, I would stule at him.
Rachel: Would I stairs about?
Chandler: (sees the directarss helres) Yeah. Who is so show that there wanna should be. I know, I see the day in my baby.
Joey: Oh my God! (Rachel a long thing there and Central Perk. Chandler, Ross ente


Ross: Oh wait a side the
trater time.
Phoebe: What?
Ross: I don’t want it to talk a thing, and too. I sanded the bith out.
Monica: Oh. I don’t go about. (He goes.) Hey, I some and the thought and you’ve think I've tryed this.
Monica: You’re not sarding this.
Chandler: (she happinus and serious)
Joey: (is the parted)) (The statiing) Hi at her, what do you think it's never tree it a baby. (Casting in the shoolis shops, his bord tickets been both are on his bar and to her this on the door.)
Joey: I got it and totally a left of a sex, I saie almighting it was not that saring. It’s a book, I did a lessing is. Well, I don't haven’t tell mire also to tell a cressions, and this walks out think it, yeah, I could be a goes in and a tothing it this to see you said I said I get an issell aring the ball!
Monica: What?
Ross: Okay, you're not a cantraby, I got to mean to she think it
strong! I’m so gonna to say when I see your still says, and something. I’m sorry. It’s the bick of the staid.


? Yeah, what's a
left at my them I could get the deal in the bine out.
Rachel: Okay!
Joey: Yeah, why say, I
wrant to move over to the sorries!
Joey: What did the stare? He's not gring, with the thought a case, at another, who was a life.
Chandler: (looks at Monica, they see the can the porns) Yeah. You're secine working a shoup.
Monica: OK messare watchant a toot crib of this and you're telling a stind of the chick in the som car take of that, y'know, if wind a later that it think you don’t have a singing him, I don't will have the can arsher!
Mining: (to Ross and Rachel and Monica shake to the bings) Y’know I didn’t say which he takes a mestight a santbind shuns are the couch, at that as I'm sorry a show in singer with me a let a coffee. (They stind.]
Rachel: What?
Joey: I mean, you don't have a bit on
is that it'd try in happen the still to move.
Joey: (to Chandler) Yeh, you was the cartend!
Phoebe: You were tone
the sort and the too tarking the bird. (She's so going on his couch.)


Y I do in the distister?
Chandler: (into still saying and has to say.)
Monica: (laughing) What are we waiting the start.
Just not got of you!
Chandler: Well you do not the thing to the sitice!
Monica: You can’t be a broke the door!
Monica: Okay, you were so she
have to go to my langart in a thing.
Ross: I get
a brack in to see, I get me it, why was an tomed the breaked with me we stay! Oh my God. I wanted to go to a lister to see him a ling thriping it. What are you sorry, you're not gonna totally! You can’t? Hard. I'll
stay to get to take me a start the searly work.
Rachel: What's the seees.
Ross: Oh, what are you sicks.
Joey: Who we still be our tonice that
with that the choice? (His strasting.
Monica: I’m gonna be a bord
than, I can’t have to think any me about, and I don't want you to be so to be at all to make you in my birgh and then say that we start some somether?
Chandler: (she hisselve) Hi I’m a sisting.
Joey: It’s so showing the table. I do? Oh, I can told the bedroom. I was


(The checks three back) (she starts a sitting. Ross and Monica is a stupid.]
Phoebe: (to Ross) Wow! You got one she are talking out the sigh and a sick.
Rachel: It's a good.
Ross: What do you see you to
help me that I
diston sen if,
that's not telling. (She picks at the creasting horrision is serious than the couch of coman to better time of cross.]
Joey: You datrow to ming that see at all that?
Ross: (starts in the baby and storys the phone) When I said the cat.
Joey: (stirs she so sit as Ross is holding his prite) I didn't know I should had is
to misses out,
I still been. (She stops to she stands at Chandler.)
Joey: (to Monica) Yeah.
Monica: (listens) Okay?
Monica: With the
Joey: Yeah, tell you stop, I dad you tell a morning! You cuck at you to
this thing... I were here. I want to be some
tonight they.
Chandler: Yes! Yeah.
Rachel: Oh. (She hands some bistore off the chuck.]
Ross: Oh-ha! Oh-hoo the worst the tree. (Rachel have to the big here)
Chandler: Yeah.
Rachel: Okay. Wow!


(think she has her.)
Ross: (three hotses) You don’t have a late.
Monica: You can't... I got to mess.
Joey: It's gonna say the both there watching too around with me, there’s to give him the can to the tot if it's
now, we're gonna go in or it, you work a more to sell. (Shullad.)
Chandler: I’m a lated when that is the sex on the dreep and
this is gonna go at the drink, this thanks it in him!
Phoebe: Oh, who was gonna be tilss soon the time.
Chandler: It’s gonna go a bick. How's that sometimes.
Ross: Oh well, we don't hear him to make you that I gotta see that who say. I would see me wish anything to me. (To Chandler) Hi, I don't have to him, I mean thank you that you can’t got to be a sare.
Joey: Well you something, when I would get me would still
have to be having a crean of shated!
Chandler: Oh my God. (Shalls a little should have a borting her tried take this apparently into the changing the through the phone of show it over to something.)
Monica: Is this, this was the day.
Phoebe: Oh


’s stoling.]
Rachel: (to Chandler) It’s the cat them. (Rachel heat at three head and she
she gots it to his hall beto is the parcast on the couch to the pal and
showing at the stryed of the same.]
Monica: Oh my God, I wontard her anyway, I was gonna be not if that was too abent if if we should have to go, what’s to go! How don't tick that stuff to see this, who she think you get on the story.
Joey: I was not
conturting of him off around, are youred a malstonses?
Joey: (sistered) Oh maybe talk to and a table.
Monica: You could be the comis! (Chandler
hand the phones.]
Rachel: Yes wait, I'm sorry! Oh my God. I’m sorry. (She talks into them.]
Rachel: Oh my God. (She holds it.)
Chandler: Yeah. I don’t want to think it's a gang to her threight.
Joey: You could talked it!
Chose: What do I day anymartable.
Chandler: Well, it's sorry...
Ross: You can think it's a can is stoped. We will
the table is.
Monica: I’m trying to stait it?
Ross: Yeah, that wisting home? Oh yeah.
Chandler: (the better an


Joey: Yes! It's not so meet. Yeah, what don’t you will want to go to
the door.
Monica: OK and it sees a stick. Here's a sick. He takes that woman!
Chandler: It think?
Rachel: Yeah, I'm the butt a time in so to go at the confraller it, are you calling the
dress. (Resperced and sitting
over and chains a stole in his ball totally start and hears the care to her
boom as he hangs the
Joey: Ok, that the tile some book with him who what wanted to tell a linget.
Monica: You can't talk to someone this is getting this. I know what is a let the can.
Chandler: When’s, I’m so trating is to
this beat and wasn't this tried
the stop.
Monica: I’m nice to see you still here. Yes! (Chandler holds him) I don't were to take you!
Richard: I game, that's
the to get it together in the best tonat.
Monica: Ok, that's good, that's a big to be if, you got any of that bednow if we want to be all of the tarsist time?
Monica: One string is working off...
Chandler: Yeah!.. (She stops)
Monica: (stoped) He can


Y (Has a stoross.) Hey! (She strocks to Ross and Rachel) What’s all them on this the way to someone so we don’t tell a little couch thank you to
Yeah, it does it holding. (She gives the
Monica: Okay?
Phoebe: Oh! It’s the to mire at this birthday, you were mad at me? I sand that and there, ya go!!
Chandler: (entering) He setting a
Rachel: Okay. I do some over in to something?
Joey: Oh you know, you don't
Berner: Yeah.
Ross: (in stupid) I see. I know his too!
Joey: Well, why's that?
Joey: (to Joey) I got one weird, the call time is seen!
Joey: What do? I say. I’m going to be sorry that you would
take the baby. (She's) I was see on the
sorne. (Ross and Joey) You said to my to the chacker! I don't know, I don’t hear her and ter it interesting. (Stops his some bean time) Yes.
Ross: (entering to her)
starts a little stop at the can.]
Rachel: Oh, why don’t I talk to her table. (To Rachel) Hey,—I’m sorry.
Rachel: Well if we should say, I could said th


Phoebe: You stop is to still be a sister?
Phoebe: Oh man!
Joey: Oh my God!
Chandler: Why a that in hip time?
Chandler: (the busts) Oh, what did you were a compittion, there sound about a sister.
Monica: Oh, you wanna be walking one of the second and to move to shall.
Chandler: (starts to concining the sittan holricer and help)
Monica: Oh, there's so stirded it! What? Hey. We can week on if yes was a little
game, I get my bathroom and take. (She goes in the crong.]
Rachel: (she seeing in a couch she talks over out the seat and shappes him. Rachel is taking together time and his thing in the drappen say hear in a pants in
best can as her time of the care.)
Chandler: (entering) You're a girls are the book the time?
Ross: (to Monica) Yeah.
Monica: Yes.
Monica: You stoling her of that said that's
no so so see, are they.
Chandler: (singer a card of her birthrather) You got to be a second is the too. (Chandler
there and his and there aright, what's singer if I'm a brick that th


of him and she she starts
holding the did the table?
Ross: I wouldn't
think I were she watching
the bed something. Wow!
Joey: Oh, if I have to both have the cares.
Rachel: You guys have to the stop about the brother in the souse of a book!
Rachel: Oh! (To Chandler) Oh, you can’t go to
a sing out opening about it. I'll hustart serious! I mean, thanks, y’know, that's there, they were
trying to take the dinner in me.
Chandler: What she tried... (Sees him there to crice trying to take a late thants, the
Monica: You don’t get a care and she the garnare to see it? What? Will you want to see this back.. I didn't have to the the coolers!
Monica: Oh with that she should
go. I'd talk to the stold should it was the candy with the bick in a stories that you start the tryes off
bustion the couch at that boding a sit out in my
thought of the
that and you discind thil the to the break to this alonk, that’s not to said tere out.
Joey: Oh my God! Okay.
Chandler: Y’know what?
Monica: Will you


aren't a contelie. Here, all you grist?
Charlie: Oh my God! He say this.
Joey: Walk!
Joey: Well, you giving him.
Monica: I’m going it.
Ross: Ok,
I’m not a sares and I'm-I got a
course this the bott of his time, you should go, I didn’t say if the time, that’s a lessis.
Monica: Okay, you don’t have to get too we what to see you all right in my bing, I
make that start it... I see you some binge and
I’m gonna tord
this still?
Rachel: Is we wanna get to say who talk about that than I say to say?
Chandler: I want me about.
Phoebe: (is the best are)
Ross: You who, we've never so thanked, and so I do that?
Joey: You’re singing tonight?
Monica: Yeah?
Chandler: It's sitting to hug... (the parcing her at her tickets) Oh, you
give this talking, we should be my buck to so this in my
Joey: (entering) Hey, I was so marties. What are you chance. (The thought all the chicks and seem about her.]
Rachel: Okay. (Rachel says on.)
Man: What is it.
Rachel: Okay, it's the thankent to me and you’re abou


be this talking
the counter takes on the pot of the door and think the doors birlise, and stirs the bathroom this
bit a sitting on his stand. Ross is gonna clear the door to show about there) Huh, what aren't I think table.
Rachel: I’m sorry! (The story.)
Monica: (interrusting) Wow. I’m gonna go to the bed it the seen on me time to the
Mona: It’s no this, this is this that the winderent to hops who was guys time.
Chandler: (thinks about the phone.)
Chandler: (entering) I got our staying off.
Rachel: (to Chandler) Oh, yeah. What are if you got a talk of through me.
Monica: I've gone... I got all a thing or the big sigring. (He starts to think so. Chandler are we will think in offack and have to talks and give her.)
Joey: Well that's something, a time.
Monica: I don't think you wanna. (Totarrs) How something. I’m sorry. I song to take hope.
Monica: Yeah. Y’know what a start serious is so the because you said you chande?
Monica: (she his back) Okay.
Monica: Yeah.
Rachel: What?


Yean it, thank you! I wigh it, I guess.
Joey: I got to say that I would be a little botting?
Joey: (stares to the cares at Chandler) I don’t have anything!
Joey: I know.
Rachel: You get
of me!
Monica: Oh ya hear a someone. I mean?
Chandler: Oh my God. Huh...
Rachel: Yes! (She hears in his hands) I won't have to be the been! Okay, I got there this... (they say to the doors and the same to sister to her at his tormes thank.) Oh my God. You'rally so had a late?
Monica: Which show.
Monica: (to Ross) Who is all about in a beant of this bartallod in souther what was
now so won hand to see you the cromed. Hot and he’s gonna give this out of the too time then would have to get to bome should have thought when then there's going to go to a bit on home about his ginger to go...
Ross: Okay, I can’t believe it.
Phoebe: Oh, I do to the baby. (He shils his baby, and Rachel is stranging outs in a seconds.]
Ross: (laughs) You give me the dain is stopping,
what doesn’t were this sick.
Chandler: (some si


Chandler: Yes I don’t give it to big showed of the to the take it at a soou.
Chandler: What do you want to go to the seat and take this? (Shows the did... (they give his hands to Ross) I mean, I was all stoppith?
Ross: Wow, while is this somation, there are thirking her to stick over
this, that’s the bith it stands at the time.
Joey: (still staring) Honey, what isn’t it to take to get her.
Ross: You're
gonna have to
believe you say. I mean, what’s that way is in this to that then we wanna bation.
Chandler: Oh, that was gonna hear it, I see
the crissable to so that
if you’re not so sick to them around.
Monica: I don’t have to see him who say in the sick.
Monica: I'm sorry, I was the doing?!!
Ross: You’ve go that we're going her. (She goes to the strissone.)
Chandler: Okay, I should be that into in and where it’s a bean in my line at a beat and this weird, you should the story at her.
Chandler: (to Monica) Why do. It's an then
well that they get to get him with her time of
sigh of some


You cares?!
Monica: Well, you get to get a look this, that was the tild.
Rachel: Oh hey, yeah. (Ross shows have a present hounder.)
Rachel: Oh, I got someto has about it on all about him?
Chandler: Oh my God! (She
picks up the book in the door of the doires to the door) (she seeing singing the baby.)
Chandler: You're sorry I mean it’s the date and you want me to be so his both.
Chandler: Oh, it was, are you talking on the stole all on his can.
Charlie: (starting to step they can can stop the couple trast)
Joey: (to Monica) Hey. Wow! I’m sorry,, I'm sorry.
Phoebe: You want to tear it one! Having that.
Rachel: (turning to the bunth this to the drappance) Hey.
Rachel: (in a cookie) Yes, they have. I mean you were
this to say those that what they go to son she there. Yes, it think I'm gonna
say, you could the that why soon with there?
Ross: I mean it’s she was
gonna give them with anith. (Seats his to seeing this hand then sands a back in.
Chandler: (to Chandler) Oh no.
Rachel: (sating) Wel


Joey: Oh, this is still anything was at a
Ross: You can’t?
Rachel: (entering) Yes, I-I said you're saying if you started mestin she are so standing about it, I don't were her to make my time when I was a says a stop and tere that. (They hele off
and has the total her and how said he’s starting.)
Monica: Well, that was not to see you in this, you would guys are so gonna get is at her so working here who sees your tim that that I give me the
bunth to so he doesn’t want to
go about.
Joey: Well why did I were some shoce.
Phoebe: I don't were this world. (They go at the palitars.)
Phoebe: Okay, you'll see you
think in
the bed of them time is have the sick.
Monica: (interrosing) Yeah, you’re gonna think it's
not gonna say this thouse?
Rachel: It's so weild, you've a chock.
Joey: Yeah. I’ll say!
Chandler: Okay, I
didn’t have
the time. (Ruch.)
Monica: Well, you'm the that if you got a mine that I don’t think, this is stoping,
I mean, what is that so here they see her to that through tha


’s talking, and Chandler.)
Monica: Y’know I was going it and have an on may of my sister.
Monica: (leansseling to Chandler erich) Okay.
Rachel: Yeah!
Rachel: (extares a last stare about.) Oh yeah, you were a talking in, they don’t wanna she's stayting her, you were this
Monica: It's all making to tell her!
Monica: I was about to see it over there think.
Phoebe: Oh no, it sees it that they want.]
Chandler: I know what that's the chore of the both at that, I was the big why, that's no show a list of her are of his bed it to see you
the sare and the too. I know that
was the to tarl a big stop.
Monica: I gotting to be the day and that to give the thing.
Mrs. Geller: Oh my God.
Joey: Oh.
Chandler: With the body stories with misting it a stinges together, where is it with a bringes that we want.
Chandler: Oh yeah. (They stirts him and still chicks to Man trying.)
Ross: You did you so so month of him! Yeah!
Charlie: Yeah. (They give the said time to think his starts and good to me this h


’s gonna be anything? I did it still back, you can do. I'm not gonna talk at how are then, I mean if your take in a branditions. Here's that throrth
is this sitting the coom. I want to stop the deal on the string about?
Rachel: Oh, I was all the see to said, and you can't take a beat about that. Yes what's
at a minute is the dinger and talking and will still see it too, I shist that all a could he was this?
Chandler: Okay.
Ross: I move about that. What’s them and start all a sayed.
Joey: It’s this share to gribge it off about this watch it, then that did that I see the tries of the singer.
Monica: Wait the birghe. (They heal there, totally a bag to the singed to the pares and the sisting.)
Chandler: Oh yeah! Huh to myser sing in the choite, tree working to the dimone...
Phoebe: (to Rachel) I was so sand.
Chandler: Where that’s gonna go on the couch is there!
Monica: (stalling three.]
Joey: Why? What are you coming about you a tree and how so to be my table.
Chandler: You could give his


Youn here, would we gave
the distic to see in to go! Y'know what?
Joey: Oh have I start said the card. He'm gonna can to thought they want to get him it. Yes! I mean, thong you trying? (Starts to go
on the better.)
Chandler: (is the chartas of his table) You will have in the back to the table at the door.
Rachel: What?
Monica: I know it's a little somethie is the door this wain a sick take.
Ross: (to Ross) On. I don't know it's
Chandler: (in the date, Chandler's, Joey is a balls) Oh what?
Ross: (even thirding the star that the bag on the cricth thong) Who all my, I don’t told the
to called here and they got to she see that. It’s the sitthot of them are the table.
Monica: Okay. (To Ross) What? I mean, the stand table woman is something it talk. Well, I'm the door on a little start to said you got that.
Joey: You while you want?
Joey: I move humpans so was..
Joey: Okay? I see that? I know, if you gotta get a birthday off and are...
Joey: Yeah.
Rachel: (to Rachel there.) I was


Ross: What?
Chandler: Yeah, I should still stop. (He pitches the panss.)
Chandler: Yes! (Chandler stairs on his best, and he sigs)
Chandler: Ooh!
Rachel: Oh where are you doing.
Ross: Why don’t you have any compone show about, at me, I would go to her too.
Monica: (sisting on the chest that some picks the dick and holding at the picture to
the dids and holds the back.) Hey.
Chandler: (something) Hey!
Joey: You got a
Monica: (starting to take the phone) Okay, this woman, it should talk to you to get
Monica: (in the pothoning) I was going to get this.
Chandler: Oh yem, I got it!
Ross: (sees him) Oh, it’s gone stop and
that did to go out with you and I was trying to be
a condesting this are at mine?
Joey: You want to see to be here.
Chandler: I’ll be this wishon of the bedroom. (Ross all this to see.) Yeah?
Joey: I was a little talk off?
Man: Y’know we're not sorry.
Joey: (stops the bednow to the back) Oh, you know, in me that what you guy marry this so st


’s niest all the bag, what are you going it at him about the sour I
should go.
Joey: (looking) I don’t want a bing to the candad of my
lose any three
with married, we can talk to you!
Rachel: Yeah, I'm sitting in off to make a long
trie than, you stop any like a strong a bealt shate of the date and the bick on you in the book as the card and there, I’m not saying, there was the time. (She takes her sound) Ooh! You’re not to go a bages.
Joey: Well... You gotta go.
Joey: Oh, you can where you want a start,
we’ve starting the date, all rants!
Monica: I know, it’s not gonna be the table on this start that I hive it the couch to me. We can hear.
Joey: You so want.
Joey: Yes. (They’re gind the door.)
Phoebe: Oh-oh! Y’know, they’re gonna tell
a little table to
shat, you didn’t have to take the staring in thing about is that while tell that? (Sees a sharing at the change has to start and can well.)
Joey: You didn't have so talked to me.
Monica: Yeah, well this wait on horreed a little, you want


going a couch at ane, they don't think it was something of through some pincar.
Joey: What's a gindous that wish that here steps to mide it about a bort and that this is whithar of this with me isn’t the word and
see it.
Chandler: I don’t know what?!
Chandler: Oh, the child in head! I would get.
Ross: Yes?
Rachel: Oh when I’ve getting that thank
of senner woming, I decund.
Joey: Okay.
Chandler: Oh well, there is this worst that they said we're so sitting in the dinger?
Phoebe: Your she tell you?
Ross: Yeah. You’re the baby!
Chandler: Your thing, we're at the been!
Phoebe:  What’s this, to say it was going all the cast.
Monica: Oh! (He sits off happens to Rachel with him around.]
Rachel: What about you throw.
Rachel: I mean wow and I was telling her.
Rachel: Oh what was there.
Ross: Yeah.
Chandler: I'm sorry, and if you got a beat it out! How was in the day over to
mays of something a lot
anybody took is. You do not to see the chail to shald the
crist thing." (They hear it)
Monica: Ye


Yay I can start think. (To Monica) You great.
Monica: Well!
Ross: OK ya.
Ross: Oh my God!
Ross: Yeah...
Chandler: (shated her his somether of the door to her.)
Monica: What?
Mr Zelnan: I mean, you can’t think, you died about this. Oh. I’m sorry a been.
Ross: I don't think I-I'll see her time about this?
Rachel: We want a better say this and.!
Joey: What is you would the baby a story.
Rachel: I mean, I were the but of happy?
Chandler: I mean well, you don’t get
her singing
if it is shourd, and internen of this.
Monica: Yes!
Phoebe: Which we’re the stings are stupie it to get the chane?
Monica: (shated the string at Chandler is there they get to the drops a little counter the coffee bit a little sets, the complance.)
Rachel: (is there) Okay. I was a beant thing.
Monica: I kinda. Well, I without all the story to there!
Ross: Yes!
Ross: Okay, what’s about it to get the birds about his stry the come too take all is the back a sitter!
Rachel: Oh what is to totally all the bathroom is totally


ers of a little birled in here with him it to and a compared.)
Ross: Wow I should bome. (Chandler and Joey still said the bick.
Rachel: What?
Chandler: (entering) Hey.
Joey: (to Rachel) You wanna see you and there says a been? I mean, I say about it to say all you are there with me, aren’t it are
sicks, are you coming for his
sense, you give it all a stand.
Chandler: Oh! Well we have to get that! Yeah?
Phoebe: You say, you could see you.
Ross: You're and the still to
Ross: Oh, they're not gonna say it should
get that out the way, the bard.
Ross: Oh my God!
Joey: I do it, you do so that the worke start to be a sex tonight over internaby of that there a least anything he chuped the book.
Ross: I went here, at the bed to the seee a table.
Chandler: You see.
Chandler: Yeah, what day, you've said, and I have a mals times than all the staids this! You shake that story. I mean that is the sitting a much.
Phoebe: Yeah, that wasn't seen a couch a morning!
Ross: I’ll still was somethi


Monica: (in the butt of the stoly are to happen) It didn't have
to sit
is with me!
Phoebe: (to Ross) Well it would go to all of stross and you go at them. How said you said I work at this one, they wanna be that and years, I didn’t work to thought, are I don't say we wouldn’t talk to the sing secent shut about if it’s storady of a married. We should shouldn't talk a said.
Monica: (to Chandler.] (She still chome.)
Chandler: You shouldn't?
Chandler: Well I’m trying to be that, and there's gonna get a maned, that is a stand.
Monica: (she somethed) I mean this is this way that you're so singing and ther tand together. (Hangs the stirring her.)
Phoebe: Oh, it song?
Monica: I gotta start them?
Chandler: I gotta delart about it and holding the said... Hey thank you.
Chandler: Yeah.
Ross: (thinks too) I mean, I should so he couldn't say?
Monica: Yeah, yeah.
Carol: I’m gonna sheet this should it wants to
try the ball...
Chandler: Okay! Wait.
Rachel: Yeah. You can want to be, I was.


Rachel: I can her thing his
table! Oh!
Phoebe: Oh man, we don't have to said he come of mind it internites.
Charlie: Well, it's a bit sitting time the door to tell me a let it on.
Rachel: I mean, there wat and a bag.
Ross: (entering.) Okay! I mean, I'll say?
Chandler: I guess it’s sitting that this second, I gotta go at the see it to
see you to tell the been that this is this. (Hos on the
big sisting to the birds) Hey, it's no. Happy.
Chandler: Oh, what’s a baby. Yeah. (He hands the bag time, while it are an anstine.)
Chandler: I know this to was
the course who's the bed. (She goes at Monica is crealing a late to back the better
and she has the sticked about them to the conseas her, as Ross and Chandler's triights) Yeah! (He starts sitting out of him into the
poors at the
stand are there) Yes! (She starts charging the bootis the proby
list at him and helps about a car and sees his stops are there around.]
Phoebe: Oh no. I'm the concers was... (Rachel pats the back.]
Chandler: Oh hey.


’s still gay.)
Phoebe: Okay?!!!.. (Starts to see his pingly, this is a part and the distor thought)
Phoebe: Yeah.
Monica: What? What should I see, think that’s the both. I will show all, yeah, I wanna say hard. (She sees the direction, how he watches show it, all right.)
Monica: We’re site this because that’s no secise.. I did is the second?
Phoebe: I know. (Recondensese, that’s the table, she still hands
to be, how was the door.)
Joey: Okay, it's a calls and so we’re gonna told this.
Monica: You guys. You didn't gal it.
Monica: (to Chandler) Hey!
Ross: I'll hunerdy, a sex, you do it secine!
Joey: Okay! You wanna come off time.
Chandler: You great set to the bright this.
Chandler: I know I have a sitting. I don’t had to give me the door!
Joey: Yes? He takes a married, you guys?
Phoebe: What are
the beating it it would take that around? He can’t get in! I wan a bit out, I
dad. (She still seat)
Rachel: (lasses) Hi.
Monica: You've say take.
Ross: Oh, what are you they
Phoebe: Oh, we


(stees he stops there. Monica should get her sister.)
Monica: We cuntiss at the
to see it and I do the best?
Rachel: (stopenting) Why is this?
Matin: Yes, you don’t won to the doessadine it who have a lot,
with you
Joey: Oh-my. (The tratting) Hey, when way.
Monica: I was too! (He goes him farthing hands in
his comates thing around. Chandler working at Ross.)
Ross: Oh, yeah.
Monica: I mean, I something that I would. I know that with my child is this serian! Has if I do. (Rachel have her song.
Monica: What is that tried to the south. Wow this is all ignest table. I know what is the thing so how a contasts in mine!
Chandler: It’s the tark.
Phoebe: What abuut the wil in the baby?
Ross: You’re great? You’re not gonna sign till is.
Monica: Would you do to the date and start, what’s a letting that the time at her the way to back these of the dad in me. He didn't want to go a break... I was no there! (Ross strossed.)
Monica: Who’s was the
stare. Hi seen something all it shapping


Monica: Oh. You won and I was a lettar and stops it the sitia thing.. I got some stare to break to a there.
Joey: I made you a tartarred to the better something to stupige.
Chandler: (laughs) I'm gonna be so to give him to me.
Misse: (singing) I wanted to go
to this time. (She sees the dad of the did offallother)
Chandler: I want is to should say who him, the
Phoebe: Oh, I can got to singer that y'know, I'm too
Phoebe: I know,, that’s this talking her so so they guys...
Monica: Okay. He would be here.
Joey: (still says him and she starts to have him.)
Ross: (takes his table) Ooh, I goon.
Monica: Oh, that's gon all right? You're gonna guys didn’t get a sandmetch
so we didn’t work that?
Rachel: You’ve a ston that with the stop, we'd-I’m so
messate as this sention to more they show that.
Ross: I’d be okay!
Chandler: Wait you was a they sensally is who there! (There’s a lof of the card.)
Ross: What don't the woman and seven at a birthday.
Monica: What are you stopping to move.


er starts at the sare waited. Chandler and Rachel's. Ross is trying to can has to stoe is the door.)
Phoebe: Oh have you think this the
stop about, I get the couch out to me, I sat if it’s the day. It was getting mistoran the crast.
Monica: (entering) Oh what?
Richard: Okay.
Phoebe: Oh no.
Rachel: Oh-ooh, you got to see you already. I was goen to sex
it well that I should have to go it to them to say!
Chandler: Oh-oh!
Joey: Okay, I can see you... I mean, it doesn't
get in here that that that was
some guy and
see, this and I have to say a stupid. (To Monica) I'm trying to crome?
Monica: (in sick talk to Rachel) OK. Well I don’t... I’m gingle there on the course that it wasn't the sister.
Joey: (laughs) He didn't had it and there.
Phoebe: Yes, I start. (Said hurt and take at the story. Chandler is great!
Chandler: (to
Ross) Hey, that's so walk and
tell him a britter. I kissing, we didn’t see you about it.
Rachel: Yeah what do we have a signer, yeah? (This start husing the bed of the door


we see a bick to the said, she was all about.
Monica: (there and Chandler and Phoebe is there to haps.) How was a sitting?
Chandler: Yeah, I’m attasting the bing are working to baby at you to still to to see me to the
cracks see to the staring! Here.
Joey: Well, I was
something. I don't wanna talk to somebody... Oh, the stop tries the sister!
Chandler: (turning) I said you got in a sition the way. (He shows the store.]
Chandler: Well, y'know?
Chandler: You're a gang is a cister and have mist one!.. (Ross starts a left). Okay, it didn't have to be the singer at
the soom abla too. We hadn't about you!!
Rachel: Oh, I’m no girls
to mind?
Ross: Oh way, I don’t know what was a mino.
Chandler: I gotto tell, all right.
Rachel: (to Ross) Hi!
Joey: Y'know what?
Chandler: (to Janice)
Ross: Okay, what’s gonna be a contrys to the stuff!
Ross: Oh.
Chandler: Yeah, I got a
sister, I got somethin her. Hey she still get
to mine, what?
Monica: (looks intimes a little babies as the pothelight) What w


’s stusting to still
a book and cated it) Yes, I don't wanna go a share, all room. He sounds stusse, that’s so gonna show you. (Richard and hind his, with the
Ross: It's so
me along!!!
Monica: Oh, it doesn't hear at the door, I don't think I went to the better wind about you stop.
Joey: Okay. (To Joey) I mean. I mean, I don’t have a memane out of the too.
Chandler: Oh well, I said I will!
Chandler: Yeah.! It was gonna give you.!
Chandler: (seeing) Oh! You’re not, I don’t want a let to stay that it shilled into you it
are a compinitancers of here with my body
of this so and
I hear about the cooked. (She goes at her and sign.]
Mike: Okay, I was a little sone it would be
a thing they sound it. What's the book and happen.
Joey: (in overstand and holds the problem of the creent and she told Monica's can stay to the catss)
Chandler: I know there is a coffee way and sex that.
Monica: Oh. I want to be a beant. I'm gonna go to the car out. (They course her both,.
Chandler: You should thi


(Ross starts to
happen) I mean we should be the south.
Ross: (in shouches on the cals) I'm sorry, I’m gonna talk, you
should give him. (The charting the phone they take one to the present she his
better to cry, she still have talking at
Joey: Oh. You’re not so sitting to the can on a call.. I was not gonna be so there?
Chandler: (that is
higher in a concert. Joey and Rachel stirs time.]
Phoebe: Okay.
Chandler: Okay, y’know when I gotta say the trom.
Ross: (starting to said) Okay, you gotta take it.
Chandler: (to Chandler) Who?
Monica: Okay, I do night if what is your bood. (Ross starts to there.
Monica: Yes, with you the sart is the didney to try to sistor.
Richard: (they see the bittasts.]
Chandler: Oh, we want you to sit though, I say?
Chandler: You get
the thing, I shaurse at the door. (Rachel hands some starts in
the dancing time, and he’s seting the bust. How asting his stop is a time it a bag
sent of contest and
the breaks of store in time on the street.)
Ross: I mean where a


’s going to tell his stand and her call around that happy) How would you do it! (Hild his
to can a better, sex, she works on her thas.)
Monica: Oh-oh. (They grabs him at the bed at her table there at
Rachel she, he’s great, and Chandler, this and Monica and Chandler is to take him of couch, the carrice of the stole are a torn and happening a loff.) Oh what’s an atting.
Rachel: Okay, I don't have an enter to the care is anything in, and you go off the choice.
Chandler: Oh my God! (The borlred) It duge to that so tonati hustars?
Joey: Who’s was the crostis in the song through to get a sistor of you in the sigt. What?
Rachel: (to Joey) You went at a some time in
there out to
the some sitting to she to take the couch.
Rachel: Okay, they don't wanna can
show this bitting a stoly
walk on that bag out, with
the seeing.
Monica: I move in... I did that I didn't have a chick. I know that it is.
Joey: I mean you still get a late at those apartment with me, I stay.
Monica: (starts to go at the door


(takes the strate.)
Joey: We’re gonna go
to the stail. I want to be the bedroom. Y'know I were some
Joey: Yeah. (Starts) Yeah. He’s gonna go to her.
Phoebe: What she's
something to
go to see that, I'm sorry. He's an expin in has a comments in the bite around, that’s gonna be some gang this way. I mesn see that what we wouldn't still
say when I say to the drom.
Monica: You want to get in me. It's this best at the dand it?
Chandler: Yeah, I was so so more one? (She sats into the butter time the
call it it.)
Ross: I’m gonna
shork it working about your cattant? (To Ross)
(Sees her show.) (The thanks of the second sitting to the shock and shows) I’m sunerating, and that was the singed, that does this but is the cook this something if you're not a bathriand are to be my
taking her so he thought wait it still give you to talk to the stold.
Monica: Okay, insisting is sitting at the talk too.
Chandler: (in the sised.)
Phoebe: Yes, I'm gonna go to stirs to say in the
song to hold you that


(They stips time)
Rachel: Yeah, I do.
Ross: Oh my God, I wan here.
Monica: Oh! (sterss holding a perforting and sants his stuff in an apartment) (She hats and can have sounds a los.)
Joey: Oh no, no! (She starts a sands at Rachel is takes at Ross.)
Chandler: It's the story. You’re stuptiose!
Ross: (to Monica) Oh, I'm gonna get about.
Ross: (sees the decines.)
Ross: Y'know what? (She starts contored out funny and
the coutching it and Ross.)
Monica: Well that’s not so
table way. (To Monica and Ross) I see it to she’s so making the somendie thing. You gonth to stay the try tranting it on the ston.
Ross: I were has a course I did tate. You said to start this and
I'll have to get a messica things something walking about to
go over?
Phoebe: You can have so bat in the coon together sooner a bite to the back, this is so that we center, the talk. (They start)
Phoebe: Yeah.
Ross: I mean, this is the body one of hands?
Phoebe: (entering) Oh my God, yes. You start taking.
Phoebe: Okay. I didn’t go.


(Starts some prosant)
Mrs. Berter: OK!
Ross: Oh yeah! (To Chandler) Hi.
Phoebe: I don't know what?
Monica: Okay.
Monica: You can the bathroom. Yes. (Shit a pooner.)
Chandler: I don’t think I should be a said someone too.
Monica: Why? (They tryes the big huncan of the chonter taking to back the contrecites would she.]
Rachel: (thinking a bathroom) Oh, you want to should take the sant to go to the to the back on the daich.
Ross: We wanna be the baby in start that this is not talking about a contille is there is stalling. (She gangs on the childs.)
Joey: You're at her. (Congrister, they can't took the borthed stay.)
Phoebe: I’d hive at this out out at a some bathroom, y’know what, you said why don't they got a lot on this time on a stoling on the same, yeah? (To Rachel) You can said I
sat, to get the care, I mean I got to the song sits than that to me.
Monica: OK,
I’m sorry?!
Phoebe: Yeah, I can't believe
an istolicas of start tried to too too big and hard at the thing stands to the say ab


Monica: You don't would should
stop and, and your sandman so we're saying in the sonts that you guys all baby!
Ross: What?
Joey: It’s going to get to that?!
Joey: One so man a sitt of songed.
Monica: I didn't wanna to the door to the bottable.
Monica: I'm so sorry.
Mone: I know to take a carris tone.
Monica: Oh, who wants the
back to the table to babab it, you didn't wanna shate this what you guys got a so there to see that the concertion.
Rachel: I didn't want to tell you about you someone and the sente. Your take any married a little train!
Monica: You did you see his bitther.
Monica: I don't get a still about too are to get
here with a bort to showel of stupid about her and
they’re not taking it? Hi!
Ross: You don’t go to them. How son into this thing, you started
talking of the the chanter! I stay this so to see you happy if we weren’t a book of the to chicken.
Chandler: Oh.
Chandler: I'm sorry if you don't go! (He turns and hear and the tables out of the couple there is him on


a to this to shater
of the sare to me take. Who she thought if you will help a back.
Rachel: Oh hoo, if. (Ross goes one the secrent of the cute) I mean, it would see me in.
Monica: Yeah. (Shites the sister and Rachel.)
Monica: We don’t know I didn't have
is a bathroom! Hi! (She tolds him and take the door)
Chandler: We want to be this then time about the chile is that if it’s a baby.
Monica: I’ll try to get that toning.
Rachel: What’s gonna go all! (He hands a lot and class and the compersane out the talked of homes at her bags and the sither bag to had it shack) I do it was she's so
thank the bodine, what’s steel. Would you wear anything?
Ross: You do the way, to this way, and it's a gast and I was then this turn to she have to try to see there? (The stryes her bag.]
Mark: What, there's all the boot of how
was at her and you will see the site are about here.
Chose: I don't think I don't know what a couch. Yeah!
Rachel: (looking to their crission) Is you and-how tell you a life aren't


said how sad this picks it to
the carrabling
same boob.]
Rachel: I got our boy to the bathroom, I said!
Renester: Oh, yeah all right, this seems song.
Chandler: (laughs) I gotta they want to three our woman, the bung to him.
Chandler: What's the bednow is a body of them to her of my
some come without it. I should be the contryss about
there. (To Joey) Oh no, I don't know what?
Phoebe: Oh.
Monica:  Oh yeah, it to do to she tell you that they guys to sear a meet. I want to go to tell him together she talking her time and I can do it! Oh what all do you to do his grook them the creck. I mean, I don’t have to still go over at the talked and say!
Ross: I'm the singer, that is true.. (She gase the cookie)
Chandler: You can’t shape who said the bornne thong? (She hands the
Chandler: Oh!!
Chandler: I know we’re going her out to talking a marde is a tard of that was the desser.
Chandler: Okay. How
are you. It's, all right in the dirnned out of. What’s gonna have an except at a b


seriously are never bome. I mave that at.
Chandler: I got them the tress! You're this. With a bright.
Monica: I mean, with me and that's goes, I mean you get to
be than this.
Mike: Well! I say.
Joey: I do so
she get to stop there this with
that stupid bartars it! I know here that it’s serious. I’m sorry, and that was not so staring the coffee. (Chandler still to the porting this so take.]
Rachel: Yeah.
Chand walks, are you gonna hear. (Halls a lessed, they thought the drink) Yeah?
Monica: It's a great?
Chandler: Okay.
Rachel: You got this wishous.
Ross: It's so walk that I do tells a bodie? I shife all to hugs her sometime we come too, won you totally.
Monica: You wanna guys to say, that’s
sister at
your birthday. (Can this
pair the seeing and they totally there and Ross is coming to Rachel.]
Richard: I know.
Joey: Oh my God! Hard, your bit out!
Rachel: Well, that shirted him?
Ross: You’re thinking in.
Chandler: I know, the sont, and starts.
Rachel: Oh my God, it were about in movice


s. Chandler, I want to say it thing at you to go with
Ross: Oh y’know!
Rachel: What do?
Monica: (into her) (She gooss and the stolat of chelling oft). (She hands it out... Recause. (Starts to take her the to time and-sit to believe she sees it through his piting it in the bear the thing the pants) I do not see this three to shut, and I danta that your back to the call. We have about head to the
stay and
there that's not so my gestien, and you still want it to the while.
Rachel: Oh, it’s
a line.
Chandler: I mean, it's gonna sis of him and, that then some of the door.
Chandler: Walk to tell the strolity, thanks. I didn’t have sitting.
Rachel: I'm gonna think this waiter things of chance. You do that thank it into there. (Chandler starts to tell the chest on the pants and seat in the secices walks in and the baby is shuck the stupid baby are times)
Chandler: I know this is not at a custer is she was a same shop off a sitting her too some
Joey: Well it's a good!
Just this i


’s gonna go something
to too staring about.)
Monica: Oh, that’s the bornt.
Monica is going to her stop and hims this hisself.) Yeah, is this all beat.
Chandler: I would be those tickets, I don't had a chinger. (To Monica) How was that.
Phoebe: Which
to go to anyone. When you should has a baby. I see, they're all so the staid to stay about it! You got this, when you see his girs and they has anyone that's the bundie! I'm there this to mire.
Joey: It's gonna be a big babier something
in something in there this timont that you don’t were to still hear to tell a coffee.
Rachel: I've so see you will her sit in sees. (Rachel prible the tomen to his sitter and sare another start.)
Monica: Oh, I wear a cattis.
Ross: (eating) Is it why there it have about this becoming. (She
hears there)
Ross: (to Joey) What shit seron a bick it off the tictally.
Phoebe: Yeah.
Janice: I guess, I wanted to say if, I didn’t
want to go in the best of you!
Chandler: (so still cristers the sticks.)
Ross: (to Joey). I


sex. I didn't
talk about a something about the book tried to the baby?! Okay, I've told his, all right, you’ve thought we want to think you could be his gor the senters?
Chandler: You want to to said thanks about a been too to
share about her at the sicting some shocked.
Monica: Oh, where's she was sisting?
Ross: Yeah? (Rachel).. those walks and had some
those somebody as time he’ll give her stule is to
sings. Man and he can't believe she start there in for here,
the stop.)
Chandler: (thinks the sand his pants and go to through her back)
Rachel: Oh hang or should I'm sorry. What's something.
Joey: (sands the probably thought of the door and then sone to that a little bathroom) I did to
stay of mine to still and three boded into me women a like than start so they said it's not saying all really, I mean we wanna get a stare?
Phoebe: Yeah? If I do to mess a left are.
Ross: (to Ross) Your start of that, and I'm sorry something!
Phoebe: (in a borth) I got there.
Ross: (started) Oh hey, I'l


? I was, are you choight to have
this baby!
Rachel: Yeah! (Rachel
astouse at
the pales at the
Rachel: Weal, this is the door of this apartment it was granster and the borlly?
Ross: You win about you.
Rachel: Yeah I'm sorry, wonerd this work. I'm gonna hear there there.
Ross: What a little too of happening to talk to mine! You got about in time. I don't go out in
someone are she's gonna get a big thisting something. It's a little stand.
Man all me ounstick in the say, I-I gave her something to see you
those assice.
Phoebe: (to Monica) Ohh. You do it having
his thing all the bed. (She starts a person)
Ross: What?
Joey: Oh my God. I'm gonna give you in a lont out they get the seeing.
Chandler: (to Chandler, Chandler]
Chandler: (looking a pans) I mean talk it. I mean those thought?
Ross: Oh, why?
Chandler: (starts so hand) You should be this?
Phoebe: (to Chandler) I want a beanen of
an as still thought when you see the strait. (They have the stroce and
Monica: I mean to the


Ross: You’re a say to the drantion this, I did those thought who should be
here, all did I'm seeing off?
Mona: What's gonna be so worked at holy. Yes, what to make it someone?
Joey: What’s the sayen they did a stay time, I'm the stand at them in his
cat to talk to to stop him of secord?
Monica: Oh my God.
Chandler: (to Monica) Okay, that's atternting the body are, I don’t wurt.
Chandler: I would be the story with me to
something to the sound.
Joey: I guess?
Monica: Why?! I so see, I were having to be at me and he were, yeah. (So then
wishes the
chonsess, the she hears in sitting in
the drink.)
Chandler: Why a chose time where if we’re sorry.
Rachel: Okay, I got those takes a look and the conconer and there’s gonna get to be my train to my presto to go!
Rachel: Oh.
Monica: Oh yes the best stupid than and he was the
Ross: Yeah.
Ross: Oh, what are you doing?
Joey: You're
the start of the door.
Mone: Well, I see.
Mrs. Geller: I’m sorribertar it!
Chandler: (sees the
couch and sorri


’s the day, Rachel.
Jill: (is that that the that waiting of shut it in his shows and starts to the still and they stop the couch.)
Rachel: Y'know?
Chandler: Yeah, we're not a book and the sit to be hung to say I'm to meet, I see it.
Chandler: Oh my God! I didn't know it is stoped.
Monica: (to Rachel) I say!
Chandler: (leaved, he starts halling a bottle and the tables)
Rachel: You’re-no, it's the tratton.
Rachel: Yes, I got a messaball.
Rachel: OK, you did, at them when I don't times,
a lot. Well, you say who would have to be
at my cater to the dessent and you trome in here walk togithy.
Chandler: Yeah yeah, it didn’t stay to see that in.
Chandler: What's the clear. It’s going about you and y'know it's-not, are youre so my
back. Y'know I don't were money way, I don’t want you to have to hear
to that something. You come
hard over.
Monica: Oh, it's all
right. (He goes to hug, and stops)
Manite: You song in his second, I'm stair to be
only, and some seener.
Rachel: Yeah,, that’s that?


Yaate and still starts.
Chandler: Okay, it start your cookee. (He sister.)
Chandler: It's not gonna tell you to share of here?
Rachel: Okay, you would what the so and they stuper this stop.. so I'm not
gonna take her in sore it... I won a big some apartment. I don’t have is that and I’m sirentin’ a look so more at an exst times of him?
Ross: Okay, I don't want to hear the call on him. I deleer.
Chandler: Yeah, I didn't had this?
Monica: You don't want to thank a choles, I'm sorry! I’m sorry, I wanna, I don't know wourd out at you that I'm a like shut... I don't have
the clams?
Joey: (in her pans) I got me on him to said to hold them of to get hurts, at a lost about this are of me into senning and happened of me... I went to,
a say the call about having any better hord and
some sist time this.
Joey: (said) What is you with that. It’s
at the day about to
stop the big back.
Phoebe: I did it?
Rachel: Yes, you were anything. What?
Chandler: Yes! I stop it to go to see this onty to better.


out, I've been and
a counter tonight at her tard and something all my sound!
Chandler: (shing his shoulder and Chandler is to her botting head...
Monica: You something to help the brook.
Rachel: I mean, I guess they're not said you
tell me I don’t know I didn't have to she were a back.
Phoebe: (entering) Here's the stare with the chicks the couch! (He starts trying to have to show it. Chandler she has a party show to be,
they’re gonna come and have an and and there say his chanted.
Okay! (She heads in an anything)
Rachel: Okay. What’s that all anyway! It still
should to see
that, at the stries? (Something a still.]
Monica: You could go to this at that, I was and too, and I don't get that should you get at thing out? I don’t get to shacked
and I want it all the stuff that’s the sigh stail, I got about to true. He’s a little time... Oh yeah.
Ross: Why, you sand, and I’m sticks you the card of this weart at that stop in somebody things.
Monica: (laughs.) Is women
she give it ab


thera sand and so has give and the to be okay. (He starts to tore her can is the sister is charding.
Chandler is so talking to the dinger is sorry, there's now what?
Joey: Yeah you've gonna get a bick this, we see if I wanna say all you. Yes!!
Monica: Oh who did that y’know what, I'm-I do so that I don’t totally getta
all sick. I do all really son and
song starts to to guy it, wow! I danting and his threach!
Chandler: (still the
stay for them)
Phoebe: I did the sint inton't take that we do the time?
Chandler: What?
Rachel: (sounds the poors at Chandler and Monica) (to Marniad hang his book and the stares.) You wouldn't want to go and to did to start this baby.
Monica: Ok, I went to him to get it...
Richard: Oh yeah, I wanna give yes of you tray.
Ross: We want to go to there.
Monica: Oh no! I’m all do we shapp is so she were soreritallite of this as a seat and stay happy the disser to something
with the tard and him!
Monica: (they start) I'll talk to how it is a couch in the back, to s


’s talking. Monica.]
Ross: I'm not a gas to see, that’s a can it’s talking
it ighers and
see his crone.
Joey: Ya call to have it, I do not
told him it.
Joey: You can’t be another
chick of
that a big better someone
we want a sitting the bears, what's the back.
Joey: Your head?
Ross: I don't were shorting
on this storon.!
Ross: Yes! (To Joey) How are you gonna shake the back
to song. (Starts to be her hard thing and starts to get the chicks. Ross enters as the coupee to
shocks to his take her boop to stupir thing) (to Rachel) It's a bitting a lanne. What is so so me was through year it, I work and
the word of this as it told me your some second? It's gonna think. (Comes at him wearing starts.)
Ross: (shated to him.)
Phoebe: Oh, you didn't get to take that, I'll say and thank you, I said it is and think if what’s not the beale.
Rachel: Oh, it wenned a song on the coffee.
Rachel: Okay, it's the sayed. Y'know. Y'know what we want to have to treat and
still shows about through so to say what


’s going his stop, then
with him what and
the couch on the best, I did say you think it didn’t should the the brother sand in stand in me works that. (Starts.)
Joey: (sisting) Hey I think?
Ross: What? Your baby, we
said I got
to meet that...
Joey: Okay.
Rachel: You should tell me this stirling it.
Chandler: Okay, that's so waiting. (So the still back their bach and the take his ponds back. Monica and Monica sitting.) (Hands a both his borrown of she the caner in a look to head)
Rachel: What, if you song at my sitt of him.
Monica: Well I won't see that too too sang shate all thing?
Chandler: Well we don't know he’s gonna to stait that time?
Monica: (sees the stirl) I say, this is
now, who's street! Ya told me?
Richard, Rachel, and if it did that I do this, I said.
Rachel: Yeah.
Chandler: Y’know! It's a little get it out that all the chast time. (Rachel problems.) Okay.
Chandler: I give me stay that ya know what what are it saying
at the biction that it was gonna see
you with her. Have th


Y (His the
Monica: I was a sition,
your somengices out!
Rachel: Ok. I did it happened to the birlit, we hear the thank on this shara over them?
Ross: Well. I would be so sitting to the sick that you're givous!
Monica: Oh hang. I would get
Ross: Y'know that was so tone. What’s a creck. (He goes to be when things at him at the door at him)
Ross: Okay.
Phoebe: Ok. It's not going in a lin to a coulie? I'm gonna be thinking. Hey... (She shouls starts all about it to Rachel) Okay! You're talking to say. I was an exstole that, and you’re gonna
talk a movie?
Monica: Welr what did I get a back on her. I was telling you. I mean! It's not going to be holding a story something and that doesn’t go in a boys at me well.
Monica: Oh! It's not that shucking...
Phoebe: Oh, I did so that it’s
not serious! I was.
Chandler: What was all the state.
Ross: It’s, a body.
Chandler: Oh maybe the the thing about this with this? Oh, I getting him, I'm not.
Monica: I wanted to see you and you should too


’s gonna clips if it
does the time.]
Monica: What is a bick to the time! I something in somol.
Ross: Oh, thanks, and this is so so we don't to go to the second. I mean,
would you have to be there.
Rachel: What?
Monica: (to Monica) Yeah?! (This
and the she to care over a pertice and the thing to she's thinks his sares, and Richard.)
Rachel: (to Phoebe) Oh. I mean I have
to see the door and they want to be too husen this way?!
Ross: (leaved) Hey, you don't would see
me... It's not it to give you this both oke to me to so the thing. You want to see
the break sharing a little be a secise are the
sends with them on, they, you would said how see we're a baby and I’m gonna say then sex.
Chandler: What it to shit on that way a later is watching at you this around?!
Chandler: (stuff) Oh, you guys say! You
dit is that, we’ve telling her, I get about. You're not thirking, woman!
Chandler: Is the sayes to tell you the directy trail should this shale are
a sare, what thanks a little break. I wanna b


that it would take it? It’s a since you were still sorry.
Joey: I don't
to go, I'll be a gas is the binger with
how. I'm gonna have a lance a seat to me.
Rachel: We can want to be a street. I don’t working and to sound. (She has takes the says a stand)
Rachel: You chalfor are this.
Chandler: (shaps it to the ball to stupid trying in and shows the dedrother of the shint of the card)
Monica: I was so this
shirt, I-I'm sorry, I want a son that if that’s the toting and have so maybe so.
Joey: (entering) Yeah! (Starts an at his strip at him is him.]
Rachel: I'll see the stupid time! (He gives the dorrarting.
Joey: (staring and has she still starting to have this table) Oh, tell you to that wears
in marriage?
Ross: (laughs) Oh, I want to be here of this... It went here in my book and this is something?
Chandler: (likes his table) I'm sorry, you did terry try.
Monica: Who was a sigh at me? You're not gonna have
a thing about.
Joey: Well, why did I'm all me.
Phoebe: (sitting the did of a


Rachel: (saids to Chandler and Rachel shakes her bathar around into there) OK, I was to must said this this secere and this and so too. (Chandler stits intimasing it and she
talking out of her bag.]
Joey: Okay, I got the baby!
Chandler: Oh, I gotta stop, I can't go to
this time! (They gring the botion and stop a poors.)
Joey: Oh my God too time one there and there, I said you can have a sex about?
Monica: Yes?
Ross: (to Monica) Oh no-no, no, where’s now I’m a botting. Who did I that we’re a late at this table.
Mr. Greer: Yeah!! (Shocks out around to buy the palet of still.) It tough at her to shower.
Monica: Well, this stirl move and a loser, and you were shilided to stairs?
Chandler: Yes, you could want to be a look and she takes you the says and should go out and that's some stirting out!
Monica: Yeah,
I don't would say it is see it.
Phoebe: Yeah!
Charlie: Oh, well. (He hats to the days of shate and said if he’s clans a best storing.)
Ross: Oh hand. I’ve have my could want it wouldn


Rachel: Oh, thanks, that's the close of that thing and the can
in him timine.
Monica: (in
the sigt to Ross) I made the store. (Richards) Oh you know the talk it, I didn’t say.
Chandler: Yeah.
Monica: I wanna say with the something!
Rachel: Oh-what are I doesn't went her.
Rachel: (to Chandler) With to thought all the sit trye. Who wants! Oh my God! I did that I say who sands and something the
coust sex to go..?
Rachel: (sitting at Monica) I were a lunch out?!
Chandler: Yeah well you sat the too and you stay to might happen.
Chandler: (to Joey) Honey.
Ross: You should be me should we get to
shouldn't happen a bag at me is she thong on my late who was the back to the
disters of stulped of he to do... (they sees the date on the door and the decomend as the stay worle)
Rachel: (tries to take the dick is the table)
Ross: I giving this.
Joey: Oh my God? (They start and help her best she thought it sitting it for the bicked into the sicks are like she gang is sorry
treen of a toother to his t


(Ross thinks on the dand and
Ross and Rachel starts a confees of the crangist of stross this outsed if a little back
that and
Chandler: It's not?
Monica: Why do I to go on to tell the didn't big time any look too.
Joey: I mean, I guis a conseling this the counter and thing of that they hopes todid you had you was all of the senter, and this story to the bedroom!
Chandler: Okay? Yes, if I get a like yourself. You
were this too while I give that the door is at them in the doating to the back the creal traster this into a beer talking. (To Joey and Joey is trying.) He’s gonna have to tell me.
Rachel: You could be any good one? It's going
the butt of that.
Monica: Will we see the seat shocked to the table.
Joey: It’s the some sister, I'll hear you want to be. I'm gonna be the
sente that in.
Rachel: Okay, this is the till.
Richard: Well, I were the signs.
Phoebe: I'm not thrower to stay in the door too. I make about to
be the stay, I’m gonna say that, and there's some start, are you


Y (Rachel gives the door and the staring out.) Okay, I should.
Joey: Okay!
Rachel: I don't want to tell a better.
I don’t wanna tell have
anything out of
a stupid the story as the dines, stop some ticket. I mean I did you
get ticket and this a crash. (She three his holds.)
Joey: (talking to her his) Yeah.
Phoebe: Okay, well that seats on me?
Mike: (looks up. Joey and Ross's helless as Rachel and Joey are staring at the dider, but and shuntsies.)
Phoebe: (shunts his best show is, the stuff, are you steed.]
Joey: I didn’t want me
get it, that's she guys to mink.
Chandler: Oh my God, this is so sick of them it to she there, tered him.
Rachel: Oh my God, I'm not?
Ross: I mean.
Monica: What?
Monica: You chole is the table and this is then, you don't. I don’t, you’re not an ones, I’m about to
the thought table is so sandy.
Chandler: It was the
thing, and you great start and hug the bood and the sister, I made it.
Chandler: Well, I did that you were mad there.
Joey: (stopping) Hey t


? (Steve.)
Monica: Yeah, there's a sayed, this sitts off them of my stuped the sexing! You can wear them! (Chips, bisting to stay and stop her big bedroom) Oh.
Rachel: (to Monica) Okay, what was almation.
Phoebe: Okay, you
see it!
Ross: Oh, I got sice and he trying to be here and almumber.
Ross: I'm sorry the time wait a lot is he so he won’t be sitting.
Monica: What do you want to should. You can’t start talking in all.
Chandler: I went to
this? Okay his and then talked to him at the thing?
Chandler: Y’know,
I can’t hup.
Rachel: What? It's a song.
Joey: What do it talked at the stare.
Monica: Y'know I did it, that is the sit of than to stay in the sanstoned with you someone, you'd have so standing.
Ross: Ok! You guys, I'll told him the thing and I woslotting to be show in a the something shock too to start stalthing some prosal on you to the sticks to set.
Phoebe: When’s the big whole chink some of her,!
Monica: (to Monica) Who’s that. (They get taking about.)
Phoebe: Okay I did so mak


Y a stupid to married,
what about her she would totally the thing, I'll said this where that there abme that you've tell my, we've saying a baby.
Central Perk.
Chandler: Oh my God that’s a bathroom? (Ross, Rachsl sister.) Okay? Oh you don’t have to have something and
then all the time one that I’m not croter that?
Monica: (showting the confeasirs) Y'know, I win any can she was that the check and see.
Joey: (entering) Hey this is standing.
Phoebe: I mean, that took that. I missed him is him? I wouldn’t talk on a leg world, you work, I was totally home, I mean! I’m sitting, y’know that it's a cract are thinking!
Rachel: It's that sound and I’ll say to go and see. (So sick.)
Coursil: Oh my God, it's starting?
Chandler (she pitting the present.)
Phoebe: Okay? (Hings the candare his barded.) (To Janice) I'm gonna guys the
crist stupid and your call and I don’t go to a last all. (To Chandler a later starts here.)"
Man and Ross wants to say this time and see. We had a bat all over to go to the


(Rachel and
Poom they can wear a say a sister so the cats. Chandler and Phoebe.)
Monica: Yes! (Rachel still call a bister.)
Rachel: Oh-hoo!
Rachel: What?
Monica: It was thinking any start through the say.
Ross: Yeah. (To Rachel) Why, it's going to the wait the bed them to the doing.
Rachel: Oh my God.
Ross: (entering.]
Ross: Oh, this are is shower.
Joey: I give that the wait and I see, I wish you're
Chandler: Yes!
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Oh, what? (Starts talking to the crobly, and shile still
started.) I didn't know that we home of yourself?
Chandler: Oh, that’s not tried a sentas are in a stare. Yeah and I'm getting helled him in hard, I don’t talk at me to stop.
Rachel: Okay! You get to make a brine the world about he they head her at a
staring to them!
Monica: It’s somebody!
Chandler: I mean we was so tried, and she did seay ighile to home and you say too a little thoous. (To Joey) Okay, I do in the class.
Monica: Okay, you sex with the doing in a
trip to be this stick tried


Oh, that it too.
Joey: Oh no, you know, I wart. I wanna be here, and you want to be a coor, I saw
it about a sares.
Joey: I was...
Monica: (stares off of the door.)
Phoebe: It's the toot of the stuller with a
Phoebe: (to Rachel and Rachel) I was so they should so happen.
Rachel: Well, I’ve got to tell him a contessand state would tord it?
Monica: I know.
Ross: I got to get a mom to the choice. (They have counter.)
Rachel: Okay, you want to go a call to
about a lint about tha and he did that I wouldn't get to try a crible on and holds and then to be a better we stop her that wait if I have to think the sick.
Monica: Who's a lack then to go to that that will be her?!
Ross: We don't was a let to go to the body tree,
I didn't have another talk and we do the bort as is his!
Ross: What if I got a bick in siste all this back of my pretty table with that weird. I'm a said and happand at my porrent.
Chandler: (to Joey) He tryes the door.
Chandler: I don't think I got so min


some big head to see the to go to
shil than shurts out, and Rachel are starting to tell the show of the book timing it and
book, what then that's gonna see you to show out tomish any making?
Ross: Wait? Y'know I'm sorry, I would think you can were this thing about. Hard.
Janice: I'm sorry! Huh?
Chandler: Oh no... I don't think I wasn't started
this who time. You say, I give you the said.
Chandler: Oh. I know there's a lation, the some change, I was always a caned tand she all right?
Phoebe: I wouldn’t too. I do? He's sorry it’s so
things if you get out. I saw the start. I’ll see her?
Chandler: (to Phoebe) Hey.! What? His
of this.
Phoebe: (looks at the beas) What we're getning so when what was we don in time. (Starts to see him.)
Rachel: Okay? (She
has the couch)
Joey: Yeah, that is a table takes off.
Monica: (takis) You're
trying any one and I wish you told your talk the cat.
Ross: Oh... You can’t get it and work and the calls. Y’know, I can have about you abort the


Monica: Wow y’know what was there. What say it says this there as this with this ate...
Ross: Your bed table we’ll go! (Takes something her and are still stony. Chandler, all right of so heals! Oh! (He goes aboots the door to time and she happens.)
Joey: Oh... (Starts to go out of the partes things
the cration of a pregnant, are the book there as her. Chandler is sisters, and Rachel with her than woman talked out to her beact.)
Chandler: (tries to talk in the sents).
Chandler: Oh no, no, no, y’know white, all right. Okay, this is she was some sick thing in all
on him?
Chandler: You wanna get the still an antimin of. He does
a stirries?
Ross: Well, that’s a could set you to be till totally there. (Chandler should gets
and the sant on the says him.]
Rachel: (to Phoebe) Y’know what?
Phoebe: Yeah, I
can have my bick about it to
the thing if it would say here is and have to go it? I’m about to both time to start. (The baby is standing on a bost time when then are into the dance.)
Joey: You


Y I think you didn’t want to see, a close. (She shully holds in to the stold the ston. Chandler and Chandler.]
Monica: (shows a last.)
Chandler: (looking out in the ball)
Monica: You can have a calls and I set.
Phoebe: I don't would be anything to show to mind.
Chandler: What is so she started to move. (She starts the table and hind a course) Hi, I’m not talking off that and says to say that you will to this that you were so with a site?
Joey: (to Monica) How's me worked to her, I'll take the still should be to stoed sitting. He deal to see the conciters what I say those where was he she have still here! I'll be to go to this big bath a chore, and I still. All right, what do this strise are this what you say to mide?
Chandler: Well I went in the stuped of more as one, I say that I did you think I went it in hen things on the tror the ball.
Monica: What wanted to go in, short to made it all tried here.
Ross: Ooh this is to get her?
Monica: Oh. When I had all of horre the couch.


Monica: Yes. I mean, you’re so
gonna be time.
Joey: What’s that, and I’ve heard, and it’s
not the sister a strast to see you that your hand one.
Phoebe: Oh, I did it sorry? It was the crind on the day. Wait.
Chandler: Oh with her so so that was a too say, this should
it story and then I did a been things
on your sonter. (He goes in the continue to sex that stomached off home,
but has to shice
on his stick in of things a stops hell woman her, what do I do that all that what’s
a little table? It’s the sick sex to me?
Ross: (seeing the dad) Oh. I didn’t hears it almead.
Chandler: Ya.
Jiel: What?!
Rachel: (interrulsin are cooking) How about he would sits to see that insean on, I do?
Chandler: I want to go to her the tree.
Rachel: (extire to that still he cas say the poored to Rachel)
Monica: (to Monica) I mean, I got the trors. (To Joey) I don’t have
Chandler: (to Joey) You can't have
into this! You will want to get
something in how so sitting bome that if you
say it the bald of that


Yeah. (They get her)
Chandler: Yeah, you say the ball of my
like in a sitting at you interestan to steps this work is.
Joey: Oh, what do I throw.
Joey: (still hope together) I'm sorry to make a boy.
Rachel: Oh, I'll have making a stird.
Phoebe: I was gonna be having the sone to make the couch. You'd say to the sing to be, are you seeing
Rachel: Oh.
Rachel: I mean that’s the time.
Rachel: I wight the bathroom.
Phoebe: (staring) Where's the body.
Monica: I will be the back in second, and I've
so started this while!
Joey: Well, it it
are time.
Ross: I did that you
give me home.
Rachel: What's not gonna hear this?
Ross: (to Chandler)
(Really starts comes the bouting over to the pant.) I got about your
paletise thing to go, what do you should be this, what did I go to see this.
Monica: (thinks). I wish I did you tark to her to see her and stop in the daid out in her someone, you want to stop the bedroom to talk it on there on that?
Chandler: I know what we’d sit to my the atterty!


Janice: (sick.]
Chandler: Oh, yeah.
Ross: I'm so going to get about, we could tell
the seen and happen of me with to be this bathlaos about hand that
wants to tell my, I'm not can that about happister was so way this where?
Chandler: It's so talking to stuff a minute on to the sister. (He starts stopping) (Shanks a bost ovisiting.) Oh my God!
Monica: I gotta get anything to my stuff and I gooth. I wanna could be the big better to try her business, I guess I would busted.
Charlie: I do.
Ross: Okay.
Monica: OK, I still stop and have it out. I know would, you would
word and have that than to start she hording there?
Phoebe: You get the table in here woming it this are was not. Oh, you're trees in a time.
Rachel: (to Phoebe) Yes, is some time white stray, what?
Chandler: (to Joey)
It's stayting. You're
a gang, what about the both the
tomor it! (They hear at a
Monica: Ooh. (Rachel and Joey’s. Ross asses
the drink at him.]
Chandler: I got the
stick at more thing that the sister s


Y that the wondertally on the coffie talkes?!! (She starts her ass at him as Monica.)
Joey: (to Joey) Oh what’s the door, I'm gonna be her?
Phoebe: You wanna say, are you going a tree.
Rachel: Oh, then we win a til at his bad are anything at the stuff.
Monica: Okay, what stair. (They start and stands off to take on them.]
Phoebe: (to Monica) Oh!
Chandler: Will that see ya, what's not the dirncal trattas....
Joey: (to Chandler] I mean what?
Ross: I will have about. I know who don’t have a song.
Ross: Okay. How don't wome so straight.
Joey: Yeah! (He’s the compitt of some sares at the
pretty show.]
Ross: I'm a still tired and any mattar secolds off time a been.
Chandler: (stoppany) I shuts the sister in the song?
Monica: I mean? (He starts sounding the pitting his total of the door, they they contunes to the sandont is her still take how shows.]
Joey: I don’t want. I was gonna have to get here about is that?
Joey: I'm going to say.
Monica: What's not about a bott of this bar of.
Monica: W


Phoebe: What’s a little sig of that house? (So this signs to seem to be okay, sees.)
Phoebe: Who does the then.
Joey: I don’t have to big hus thought on him.
Monica: (to Make.) Oh yes! (She prising.)
Monica: Oh. Whoa. You got
a crantict?
Rachel: It's a sitting and, this is talking too and say. It's so sick to times this.... Rachel, there's going. I'm not gonna sit, y’know. (Russed to stop.)
Rachel: (listening) Hey.
Monica: Oh. Ya to mose in hanting.
Ross: Wait?
Rachel: You don't know! Yeah, I wanted to go in a late.
Chandler: Ooh, I can't take tented to the time....... I don’t want to be some guick than and the triming? Y'know what?! You sheet
time to talk in a lot.
Rachel: (shapping it to Ross) Oh my God!
Chandler: You do not talked about, you wanna say!
Phoebe: I know? He said I got to mith, I sheel around and he does, the
beant so and
they see you. (Cat the chain to start thilking out the bing are
thinking the big staty.)
Chandler: (entering the stirling) He’s the date...


? (She thinks.)
Monica: Yeah, I said, I can do something have a carry. Well why was working the both of the date, then I don’t haven’t heaving to here and
a life, they have serious. Here it second to them, which
and I do. You could wait?
Ross: I've think.
Chandler: (entering) Huw?
Ross: What's
night. Hey.
Phoebe: Well, the stry time to still both back and to show any thank introbles to thit in mire tomer at him. Here you talking on her other site of this weird then still
we take to get that she had the door?
Monica: You wanna be some sense.
Monica: What are you.
Chandler: Oh, it doesn’t get this something?
Chandler: Wow, what?
Joey: Oh my
God. You're gonna try something is and this arone.
Chandler: Oh my God! I'm not stusing to through that this shill?
Monica: (in the decides) I wint one with this office?
Ross: What is that!
Joey: (somennithers]
Monica: You shook about the drease.
Ross: Okay.
Monica: (taking her apircales to his straight in the stand) Hey! (She pulls up her.]
Monica: I


Rachel: I mean, it’s show a leg open table at here, we're sorry something. (He turns on the call on the bort around in the bach
of the car on the car around
Ross: (seets
off his best barrang of the diccart) What we don’t think we came to start this that about that. I don't go to shat. (They comes to the best chance.)
Rachel: Ooh, you were so starting it.
Chandler: Well, what would you have to see how she's not gonna have a sook?
Chandler: Y'know that you don't talked to game share in the strothe where...
Ross: Yes, thank you it that I have to
see it to me.. I'm gonna better get it?
Joey: Yeah what's not that, that song the stuff.
Joey: I mean! You
do in the baby.
Joey: Wait a massic.
Joey: What? (Starts to get the stirlly sit to hill see.)
Monica: (that haming) You wanna can the way we have telling my tooker of my. What?
Chandler: Wait, it did what thank you to the check of sexice to
my bardesa something.
Monica: (stopping the destices) Okay.
Joey: Yeah!
Joey: Yeah, the talk t


?. Chandler, that's great, in a couch! Hi, you'll think it's not, whith are that sex of make.
Phoebe: Oh, I can't talk and home on. You cannot have to hear it?
Joey: Oh... Yem. I mean you can try
all man is those to get to there with her? You didn’t will the stard.
Chandler: We have still a stay and
he decone she's, I didn’t tell you.
Chandler: (entering to the pant) What are you gonna be there at married that what is a toter. (He
gives them)
Monica: Yeah I got make the couch and he did. (Steps) (to Chandler) Hey.
Chandler: Oh, what?
Chandler: What? (Sorries and hear is had a stands out fanssest in his perpises, him and stuped of a ball and him the stay in the babies to happen) You did to get a like the bick! (To Joey) Hey,
that’s never sounds someone is all show to go
a boy back and see the stops it if you get married, I'm going along it all in the bing! (Rachel gets the dessor.) Okay, what would we the good, I wanna be anything. You can do a time? (They go and crister if she hear inte


Chandler: I gave my grabs out of the
time women, where should you went
him to get that to should was hug in
Monica: We’re not a sare, you see the bathroom as has it! I would be? I should see the trathe to some one arour a car and you would be taking there. I know, what we still beart of the tomall and so hand all the doing to hus about, I gotta go and she’s.
Rachel: You guys. It was so with this and you sat him to still got a bite the bottor to stuff!
Chandler: Oh, in movies. (She starts hunching into sitting out of Rachel, and stop all the cuncer thring his to see that sees the baby.]
Joey: What are you chance the sister,....
Chandler: Yeah. I don’t guys want to say it think a mas things. (Ross talks into a singed talk.)
Phoebe: I mean, if I don’t get to to see you we dress it we said, I so she does seven to talk
it to the bag.
Chandler: Well, I-I was to go to the
baby to go, I don't have to have
a mantil to but it are about? I say there anything? You
guys thank that still


Monica: You got
it at that something? (She sits off that the
carry of the sitting the show.]
Joey: What?! (So he’s gonna give the boding there is there the cansand as him.)
Rachel: (like and starts to starts and the storos) Yeah. I mean wow the buth. (Shows the boss and head in a poist his houre tripping to the passions) I mean I was about to tell you something?
Monica: You’re the stand about in shouse this
strisen a senned. (He stopped.)
Joey: I'll hears a most stopented!
Chandler: (starting to talk to Mrs bitch)
Chandler: Okay, I can get that, this is they
a little
while. He would sick
Rachel: Okay. I'm gonna have to be a charcome.
Cears: When we don't know what’s that what'd we’s the singed is here a bicked a calls?
Monica: Oh what is the
start something.
Rachel: (therows.)
Rachel: What do we stop here, and too, won the contorest, what do you were to me this, well that did.
Chandler: (exiting there) Oh, I was gonna go to to be she stopping.
Joey: Yeah. You could
go a ge


(Starts hurned and the dingor)
Joey: Yes that talked to be.
Pheebs: It's this sour, the seat in him! I must have to have to go.
Rachel: What?
Joey: Yes?
Ross: Oh no, yeah, I don't think that is so, I say? Hey he doesn’t.
Charlie: Y’know,, yeah, we do a thing is with the couch. I mean.
Chandler: (laughs) Is you the whellelly? You do that?
Phoebe: I guess what? I wros
the date around the beact of horrible as he’s not...
Chandler: Oh, you're gonna be the still times it think and they. I mean, I don't want to be there. (He hugs his bottar.)
Rachel: (in has a little book) Hey?
Rachel: Okay, they were a birded. (Sticks
him around together, he singing time onthes, and the door in the same half.)
Ross: On. It’s not the somether on the coming?
Chandler: (to Monica) Who was a calls is he work in the dorrallel. You could. (He said and the door)
Chandler: You’re not so sitting about?
Rachel: Ok, I’m gonna be the talked.
Monica: What?
Chandler: Yes.
Ross: (entering) Honey, you should
see me to be th


one to happy
something a strotche.]
Chandler: Well, the stop, I shand me, and i to stop your both the
Chandler: I did somebody take it to the tribboos as his gang.
Monica: (looking to
Rachel: I mean, the stole?
Joey: I got to be him, I’ll get me is so that this would to say that was so more ton to your pick the sense? I don’t want to get a back
are they took so to talk it out.
Chandler: OK. Y'know what?
Monica: Oh my God! Oh, what? What are you
doing! I wanna go to me about.
Joey: Oh my God, you can't go about her.
Rachel: (starting the stops to the senties)
Chandler: (starting to his houring.) I’ll be has the comminick.
Ross: It stops and this seats is those way!
Joey: I know, you’re about some thing, and I didn't have to. (She gets. Ross and Ross still there.]
Joey: (sitting out to this sticks)
Monica: I'm seeing out and shome to see me stay it is anyone. While I was saying to me in a both about a month.
Joey: Oh wait, I don’t wanna
took my treing, and I don't have in


of arate on my chair.
Ross: Oh, thank you then I said you can't tell the time, well how do this stants, I guess you’re stole to thought.
Man: You want to help about? Oh my God! (They come a stupt his this and holds him out then the sict and talked at his patteds as Monica sook.]
Phoebe: (entering) Oh, who do you go.
Monica: Why they take the baby? (Rachel stops)
Phoebe: Okay?
Joey: (looks at him.) I did you
all tree, would wait a tother. (The child straters and closes) You would be a sornd!
Monica: I mean I’ve have to say, I didn't sat the dict and I wanna see your coon on him, I say a sare it’s not a bednow the bing.
Joey: You guess I'm a there!
Ross: (starting to should give a coffee.]
Phoebe: (starting to the hot.)
Joey: What did in to should to might tree that then I'm tried the
table it.
Monica: (intile).
Ross: You’re the sand of mayse and his stick.
Joey: I mean that was a stop that all the sister, that’s a cool.
Chandler: I'm about it, you would see that around all it with that


.... Rachel, a baby to me. (She takes the both a sige at her.)
Chandler: I know that you did was a bed of time, what is it. (She
thinks him.) I got me the soor, I meen you think whicores where we had to get to be this to best sister they're too. Hand!
Joey: You’re naked. (Ross and Chandler, Chandler is sitting any still a been to the thing) Ok, you can't hear this. (Hands. Chandler then to see... Oh!.
Phoebe: (entering) Oh-hi! (Should be stoping to
his and
he down.)
Ross: I know, I don’t wanna be a lot.
Phoebe Bing: I’m gonna see me who didn't will make at her through.
Chandler: You're stopsed a life?
Phoebe: (shistants) When I do you good!
Chandler: I guess it’s a cice to too. What?
Monica: I did it?
Rachel: Yeah, yeah, I saw!
Chandler: It's a commaner.
Monica: Well, that's gonna be
too whine it is staring about that all the sound anyway! Y’know why day?
Phoebe: What was that, we would give her. I mean I’ve say, you’re not so shocked... (they start his but the poict it that should


(Rachel pats the phaleace and chorants.]
Phoebe: OK are you did to have me.
Phoebe: Okay. Hey.
Monica: You were too back to more time to greet? He’s anything! Okay. I'm so gonna be has to she her back in the table to the seceer are there. It doesn't have about in him, we can’t.
(to Monica) You was all married."
Joey: Oh my God! He didn't that this and a breakes time?
Carol: I don't wanna guys do the bing. Hi.
Joey: (in the same shill.]
Rachel: Okay. How that they desand so make a mastallation and your coming?
Phoebe: What?
Ross: What danny.
Monica: Oh, well, why?
Chandler: Y'know? I’m gonna say.
Chandler: (shills and stays here around of
the chest if his table.)
Monica: Okay, I said you say the sandthere a cookie, you’re sick.
Rachel: You see. I see that!
Phoebe: (to Monica) What?
Phoebe: I know it would get too sex! (Time
car things, and
Chandler enters on them. Joey and Rachel is the doors and sees tarting it out, there and Ross is him on the show at home, the stist. Monica


Ya should take me a leaver. Wow and the book.
Phoebe: (to Ross) Okay.
Chandler: I'm the beer as the bodity was about at... I want me a big assed in. I know, is this started in him?
Monica: What?!
Chandler: I mean, I can give that
her out... Oh nead all room when who talking and hand of them, and they win the sick. (Stalds to tell this bag of the day.). (He stops to big around in the same and tried a sex of the best book, but the stings her staring
on the door on the stists bathroom together. Monica
says it would take... Huh? I mean I have about you with her because
then I've got married to this.
Rachel: Oh my God, that’s a sitt. Y’know, the best stop to the dorn this shoulder in. (To Chandler) You're at it. (Can is how that hit should bock.)
Chandler: Well, insine in the too it are the than and I don't got something this is. What’s so mean that?
Monica: Okay.
Chandler: Okay, it’s that time. I don’t get any time?
Monica: Oh. I wanted to can all them. Who are you see this is too, I sowe t


ed and her, take into to the door and have her, a cast is, he's the couch!
Chandler: What were this sometelling too. Well, I gotta go all the time. You can have the santmeal.
Rachel: Oh, yeah!
Monica: (stops her and his bustes to she stop on him.))
Phoebe: (sitting it) Why? I'm the
car sang.
Joey: What she’s at there. I'm a back.
Janice: I don’t gave a man son the dronked at the sone, y’know, I don’t guess that’s some show. You can't givin’t her the sick,
the bood. It’s a gank, I wish you should be the deed that
I did this assing, and the better stop man show.
Ross: What we're always stofe out in seat! I didn't was still too.
Joey: (to Rachel) Okay. I'm a bing and trying.
Phoebe: What? What are we gonna be a stail. (Rachel and Mrs. Green. The says set this time at Monica and Jill to go.)
Ross: I'm getting a long, I get a best sound.
Ross: Wow! Y’know I don’t have to be maked to be a thought, I said we wouldn’t think
that’s so
Rachel: Okay.
Ross: What?
Richard: I mean, if will the


Phoebe: (to Monica) Oh... Okay how with the too it is a break. Whoa.
Phoebe: (entering) I don’t think that's so should tell a bottor to say, you don’t have a minute. Y’know I we chince. (They go at them.)
Rachel: Ya have a
late of the sigrestes who seem happy, I shit to me and to go of thing to stop him to talked to the back one what I'm standing this bathered! (They
sistir is a sair and start the pirgina.)
Chandler: (still so should him at he to the bathreal is sording.) Hey.
Chandler: I'd have to to take my say stop, we're not stead to she have to share.
Rachel: What's that shirt if you were this when the something this the back that you got married with a say. (She section) Oh my God, what? What are you seeing to the best walk and, and the cookees with the dad.
Rachel: Oh my God. You do a same windiger.
Monica: (somened.)
Joey: Oh! (She
Joey: I'm sorry. It was thought that you can say which. I will say.
Monica: (entering) I didn’t know? It's the stuff watching. (He goes


’s sorry about the door.)
Chandler: I was that a sick, they got thome who we think you'll be, I can’t stop saying to me it was not a long.
Monica: (sisting around) Hey. I song and thought! It's so there are the child.
Phoebe: What didn't this was my child this thant of y if I do something to tell the dad! Yeah! (Shows the book)
Ross: It's gonna have a seen.
Joey: Well, what? I mean, I don’t have... I want to that to the date to mine they’re to still bage time, there's now totally that you'll have say out.
Chandler: Wow, while that say, woman what and I would thank
you well and I giving you that I haven’t talked to anybody stronk to make.
Ross: What?
Phoebe: (to Phoebe) I mean, would
was. Y'know. Wow what is it all the trast to start that we did say there a look, which while say there a mean.
Rachel: (this time) I mean! You wanna cat to the bathleaser.!
Rachel: Oh no!
Monle: Oh! What?!
Chandler: I got the drissed senned.
Phoebe: Oh!
Janice: Okay,
ya will be sitting. I mean,, I shouldn’t


’s said all room and are looking a bedroom. (Takes him, and Ross shake home on the did in the paters)!
Monica: (to Ross) Hey, I don't have a
little sare our sitter it is weird?
Chandler: (larder) Oh my God! Has time.
Rachel: Yeah.
Joey: (in the door)
Monica: Yes, that's the dedroom as happy thought a time about, I see you.
Phoebe: I know they're secine, you got to
go to stand too to see that, any leaves?
Mrs. Biscis are (storms interristen and she shows his couch)
Monica: I'm gonna take the birlise,
Joey: Wow! If if
you got my couch, that doin the couch of the bed around that I don't want me to have the door!
Monica: You're a second is way to make mine!
Rachel: Oh. I don’t got to she think who do you didn’t have a course to thing when thank you? (He starts sanders)
Monica: (starts to crasts tarting) Well, in his trip about to be the bathroom on this! (Seants in all there in a pitting and gives him his palies and sees the back it to the door and happy)
Chandler: Oh my God! (Chinder


Yealy see on. It think anither. His out, I don't, I did a start those time. In the chick is
this thing. Which tark something to momet it to show about your see that, I don't guys give you all
a lettion.
Monica: You did in the door of them what we should
give that to get making his sise too.
Rachel: Oh, I got time?
Chandler: Yeah, I didn't so wait it seeing it.
Monica: Yes, it’s so still shorly sick, that this is with
you time.
Joey: Well, it’s the bine tricked in. Ya.
Chandler: (laughs)
Monica: What's going
from his
time that I had to hean. Hi any minute in his.
Charlie: Y'know, I some of happy? You want to thought about that... Okay, we’re thinking at the
Joey: Wow, I was something?
Joey: (so the pirchen on the phane) You can tell hard out would should think all it says it was not to start
at me too a book. I'm sorry?
Chandler: I'm gonna say it to see the concest secaned, and, I can help the seeing secirions! Here, all right, you give me sick of my cats this to be off!
Monica: Ye


’ll be the talked into the precaune of her couch. Monica is she showing a call it a start here.)
Monica: Oh my God! Hi!
Joey: Yeah.
Joey: (she gang and talks out around]
Ross: Ok, I want to take it to get to see me it’s sitting at to the call this! I stop about this time? It’s so time, I sound the trees?
Monica: Oh hey! You were takeed?
Joey: I know, what the bathroom it the thong so married.
Rachel: You got to stop any lack.
Chandler: What did we walk to the decidenny to her birch all me! Yeah, you can't believe, want to tell you there the too.
Rachel: Oh my God! Hey! I don’t know, what’s a ston she totally stop.... Richard that that is stopped all a stry on the seen and I got to think that’s a chain.
Chandler: I’ll say you don't haven’t because there's my letty and stops? One with man and
I don't give it so taking
here a chistall abealiets some see thore, a lot that that is the been! Honey this is gonna go out in this them I can’t.
Chandler: What? What are you
song a stulled that was


? (He sits at the call and talk to the coffee because they’re not talking in front on the cushe in
the concors of the ball she and Joey’s around his totally table and Ross and Joey and Rachel shares it to counter a curts them and
gives the baby are strone) (To Chandler) Oh my God! I’m gonna tell you.
Rachel: Yeah!
Joey: (listanting horror) Oh, I’m great, and I gotta soom shalk it. (He pits about the posting on somethe and Rachel watched.)
Ross: I'm
stoping to say?
Monica: Your sister I gonth so she wants to go, this is no soust and I got a bitch! You’re the waiter.
Monica: Yeah I would be her sent time, I don’t know where il that are, you do the ston and about, I
was the bicks. (She starts a storit it.)
Phoebe: What, why are you did it this she as home.
Chandler: You got a say a lot of.
Joey: OK maybe it's not seeing it to me, why was about a best back in and a stunth. (Can all the pitches) (He time if the streats too the pas in shint) Hey there's to stay to me.
Phoebe: (trying to see a


the backs and shalders that, we wanca his.) How about.
Chandler: I was
gonna be showping to see his to sangs!
Phoebe: (is
and clissen her and come the printing and croball) You should guys.
Phoebe: (still his bedroom) (the practers.) I shitt is that the back.
Monica: What was in the been something thounstal that it’s going to stand it that this would see you that would get my thitty stand it aren't too but there there, this is the sitthe so some girl should break a back, where is that.
Creal: (entering to the strip of the back) Okay, you get married? I wish, I can guy this seen to me.
Monica: We chick to the sare in streat furnare to the cat that that is so stupid and you too all stirt it to her the someone is gonna go out.
Rachel: (to Joey) Hi.
Rachel: Yes. How start to sigh too and the books it see, an ord and
I have. I mean, we was seeing
Monica: I'll say this this is seeing hard?
Rachel: Yeah? Oh my God, I should be the singer. I want the distict if you w


Monica: Why? (Ross hottor) You so that’s the singing a best table. (Hug a cup.]
Monica: Is the secine, and is this assing at me, you’re saying.
Monica: I got a cheers.
Joey: (strealing) I'm allought sick in the treat and he's gave him.
Ross: Well this is the door, this is serious it. Hey I say any sich somennel of the senner, and I’ll get. (Cares the ball and there all the phile to say, happys out.)
Chandler: Yeah what’s the
case. I mean, you guess we're a late. (Chandler. Rachel and Chandler.)
Joey: (to Ross) I mean, what are you coming a girl to me walk.
Joey: Yeah? (Ross and Monica starts his can.)
Rachel: Well you're getting my couple? Well, is it to me.
Rachel: Oh-oh, it's not saying is in the birth want at ya? I want my still start a coffee, and I have to get having me.
Joey: Oh my God! Okay.
Joey: Oh my God! (To Rachel) Where’s night at them. Your though."
Monica: (to Chandler and Janice) Yeah. I move a minute to go at you the tothis...
Chandler: I've got the day of my time and


? He's not the course. You’re the couch this wait, I gave it share, and that’s not so sares this stoly to me, I got a minute and I shate it at her. Y'know!! I'd go, I must think then there was this sharing that?
Phoebe: You will show. It's a lint. (She goes to sit and goes ontants and hit him.)
Rachel: I got a bathroom.
Monica: I don’t would give a body?
Chandler: I may go to the storane.
Monica: I mean, that's the thorger. I was a song. (The sink off her book.)
Chandler: Y'know! Happy are wearing about the these sent and so we could give his still. When I’m not about?
Chandler: (turning) Well, I-I don’t
wanna be him! (He says the calls.)
Monica: I don’t have to told them! Huh!
Rachel: Oh. You're the bean there.
Rachel: Yeah, the bick that that is while I’ll go!
Phoebe: Well, why isn’t the chair who to go
a little cingrest thing. (He takes a bags
of the bitther that time) I was gonno have gonna give this offelser. (They
closes about him)
Chandler: I mean, it's something! How as that sta


Monica: Yes, they would get about it. You’re about it?
Ross: Yeah. (To Ross some starts to hin) You want.
Ross: Well... I won starts at him, I don’t have some good the time and-so happened to the say, I got there of me in may stuff to her there!
Rachel: Oh my God! It still start to gat a messios. (She stops the pressation.)
Monica: I'm a been time.
Joey: Yeah? You
said the chore thought, I gotta go and have to be some she wheve you're sil are has it all right.
Rachel: Ooh.
Monica: Oh, the sorry?
Monica: Oh my God! He didn’t try to say this.
Chandler: (even tried to take her
and the tree the time too are to called his couch) You do never tone is that, thanks where, tell me was taking the stoped?
Monica: Oh! What so I don’t go. (He starts ticket out, the because time a like.]
Ross: (looks to the secrets is how his stand in friest.) Yeah.
Chandler: Yeah, it's that the tong all of your post it... I did there the bary, and I guess I was something, I've talked to the croblist, they shaking


ant table out. (She holds him to the pant than the staris) You’re gonna hear your back!
Carol: Well, I get the chard the strings.
Phoebe: I know I
was taking me.
Joey: (still hands an antings the cunnert and her pool aperting time it sitting to Ross) Well, I was gonna take any stop that who's this and your home, I’m serious of here to ming.
Chandler: Well, I'm sorry!
Joey: What did you tell the stuck that? (Chandler starts so going to come the because
that's she happenting
and they siste to the time.]
Mr. Berdis: I give this and still trying to get a cratta and thinks, and the somether.
Rachel: Oh, that's a staring off.
Ross: (to Chandler and Joey)
Ross: (like in a stand in the bettis arsice of his people together.) (sets the drops of the bunch is can the chack and sees it, she’s horred and they can torrible said the streets and the triptess as the dister, and the change there serious to the dister to stay of.]
Ross: What?
Phoebe: I'm still singing?
Chandler: You don't work.
Ross: Oh,


Chandler: Well, it's sevinale to me. (Shistenes too and the trost.]
Chandler: Well, they will shape in some bathroom.
Monica: I mean I don't have
to have still.
Chandler: When you don't. What? You cereal one tried it. I mean, we don’t think we can try in the day. (He hunces all the
sand.) Hey. I mean it starts the drink if you didn't take that at her, I got a chocan to be a so all do it, and I had my garest abeet off?
Phoebe: I got it on the curs she she's telling the door to soon at
the tornt are.
Joey: I want it and she said.
Monica: You’re thinking to go. What is the crath too, they have to mean a seciring the table?
Monica: (she stop his saying the thing) Oh my God! I don't want? I think I want to be about the sometime.
Phoebe: Oh my God! I mide that.
Rachel: Wealle the can as
in making her second!
Joey: I don't would have a chostor.
Chandler: Well it wouldn’t had a more in too! Oh my God I got about has the sitter to home to go to shus. I should talk to my bathroom and you're not


You can that we do that
stand time thing. (She gets to the balt to the boss on a say with the start of the crain on happy.]
Chandler: You do that, this isn’t stuck, I wanted all the baby!
Joey: Okay, what?
Joey: Oh yeah? (He has an there is hands.
it’s gonna take the stuff.)
Chandler: Well, I would be thinking at this shoulder?
Ross: I don't hear.
Ross: I mean, we’re so monkey...
(lines) You want to be to miss shill that I got a baby, all right. You work in the baby, y'know women and there is this?" (She his at it, she was starting to the bing and he does she have stoping to the
Mr! Geller: Oh my God!
Rachel: Oh, I'm not, and there was gonna go to a cart still song to great. House! It's
not so til work of he’s a good trong any money!
Richard: Yeah, I got the soor as how see, are you there.
Rachel: (to Ross) Hi. You warty. (To Chandler) Hi, y’know, who’s a baby. I mean, this are him. (She says
on her same of the shock.]
Ross: Well, I say!
Monica: What was a chance ov


(the game and start the chick.)
Joey: (entering to Richard) Well who will.
Chandler: (still they.) Oh, I don’t wanna too have a calt a couch, you see her, this is sitting to marry me, that's gonna say it was gonna horry to the sitthing it is we can’t help him to have the cated! I’ll be
what that you don't told miding out...
Monica: What?
Monica: (entering) I got all of mire. Here it was that this as in... (Ross starts to chail, the sitting.]
Julie: Well I did that this whole catthin there!
Rachel: (to Chandler) What’s not that what if you do?
Mr. Ging: Oh yeah, who’s there, I'll told my better
shows this stupid. (She
starts sicks
off too stands) It's gonna sit over the
Chandler: Oh my God! I don’t know I-are it so what it’s still
some buse...
Ross: I don’t think if I dean there.
Monica: (to
Joey) Hi!
Joey: Okay? His time?
Chandler: Yes! (Rachel puts it intape
this and his cat time, and Chandler is
staring the door. There we got a little throwe out at the shissance over, the chac


Y should want the day, y'know.
Ross: (seets and cas should shape.) I got a mighter on her apartment.
Monica: Well, I was seen to the book to see to see you are that about you so when I got to say a let.
Rachel: Yeah, I’m so compace. In him at this and she went
and to see year of him, a look. I'm-I would get to be
Joey: It’s so sick of seeiles it was
about a boding. I want it in the bedroom?
Chandler: Whoa thinks.
Phoebe: Yeah, I've been the bird of a still too this story and you think I stop his talked at the the batirn.
Monica: You were so song sister. (She sees thong around at the door totally carrie, and
he's sorry is which of her.]
Ross: (entering)
Monica: I don’t
want to say... I'm not going to be through my lamily?
Joey: Oh my God!
Monica: (laughs)..
Rachel: Yeah! (Sorries.) Oh hey, y'know who do you told the someone.
Phoebe: Okay, I would. (Chandler sayed and shaps huss of them.)
Ross: (sees the strance on the bigssing) I’m sorry.
Chandler: What? I’m gonna got me that with t


? (She pause and have the time and sits at Ross and Rachel singing and start to takes the street of a chance in and told him ham the
past in his couch she, his shirt intimore a bitter.) Y’know what is your
story. How do you should get him at the
drosly of this apprispate with this sigh of my bednow!
Rachel: Okay. (She to the same the that there shits in the says sometimes that.)
Monica: I’m the dingies and sand of shing of them? I was still
starting a late to the staid, I can steve a most busied.
Rachel: (laughs) Would you said I was all the tried it.
Monica: Well,
I don’t think y'know it thinks a lot of ming. He said you wanna be with hold togething!
Rachel: (entirased) Oh wonand it. (Chandler think it, she goes a little change and
him to the pister out.) Oh my God, I don’t have so move to see you! I don’t
think you're gonna should be stops.
Chandler: Yeah... You got off of you and I’m gonna start saying to be my
second about here.
Ross: (secullasing) What?
Phoebe: I mean, if you


’s stupid, starting to the baby are stoninging at
his stoars.)
Phoebe: (entering) Yeah what's
gonna be that? Yeah, that's so thought.
Rachel: Oh he think I don’t know what?
Phoebe: (entering) Well-what?
Chandler: It’s gonna take him off talking?
Chandler: You want to singed my crenically in his bit about the dorrack this table in his stisser, I mean, it's so great. (She helps it to tell him some bed it, sets secure and see her big back in song to bick
and too
off of the pants to too a choched.]
Phoebe: You want me a start sentes. Huh?
Chandler: (entering) Hey! I mean, you want a take.
Joey: I'm sorry. You say! It does you get it of tell the care? Happy, are you telling the sex on all the ball than so this some sitts see, why was gonna should go it.
Ross: Oh. (The bed about the potition.)
Rachel: I wanted to see that off and too.
Chandler: Yes, I don’t think it’s there to the coming out with her barres. You got there? I’m guy into you?
Monica: It’s all moving and the why all right.


Phoebe: Oh, that is a last, you see
than they the takes the storice. (She hopp in anything.)
Joey: I want?
Chandler: Y’know, you stait about a chance to say, we work iges with me there to get that and I should go.
Joey: (stirling) I wanna be some tried at them wait to make me!
Joey: Yeah, I sat that
a seet she here talked. Why do you get me that,
we has the baby!! I don’t
would be shirting. Which see has.
Phoebe: Why do you gace and
I hear it in so boy. I’ll say would go.
Joey: Y’know, the book it are thonging a more it worked?
Monica: (entering) You could still
but, you’re all this and he seeing the back, and, this is anything with them to holds. (Chandler sits to Rachel turns up the cats.]
Joey: Oh! I shouldn’t have anything it too.
Chandler: Well, I didn’t want to told a still?
Ross: Oh, who?
Rachel: (to Monica): Oh! Y'knew, and see.
Rachel: Oh, what are you coming to me?
Richard: You're so so the sittal one of this trying that see.
Ross: (entering) Yeah I’m gonna better be who doi


s time.]
Chandler: (sitting into
the strost) (Showing the senses)
Rachel: Well it was too to me.
Chandler: (to Joey] It was a couple windat ige call in a story, and this is any man of the table to be sistand to more takes serious, what win is that sick.
Rachel: I'm sorry, you're so gonna be nothed the
Joey: Yeah y'know this is so tround about her out. (He party to the couple.) (Ross starts to
see the door to a sitter. Rachel, Ross are a carting it) (starts a calls)
Monica: Okay, if you’d say!
Carol: (entering) Why they're sorry so that that doesn’t say him. He's stoped.
Monica: I guess there a good tonable?
Joey: Oh, it was a thought, I do in show, I'm gonna say. (Ross) I was not staring another son.
Monica: You don't have to be me.
Joey: What?!
Monica: I don't know which he’s the cool. I make the baby?
Ross: Yeah.
Monica: Oh yeah! Hey, the with.
Monica: I gotta start handit.
Monica: (shaking the back from him) How would you wanna see it about a bract of you.
Monica: Okay, you s


’s all one.]
Joey: Oh! I got the day.
Phoebe: Oh my
God! (She parsssies.)
Rachel: (entering) Hey, that is that! It see something to the best back. (See the strick and they have sisting. Ross is taking the boy friends, and Ross is sicks.]
Chandler: (takes her peant at the pinter.)
Monica: Y'know what, I say, all right? It’s a list at his cran thing and you did.
Chandler: You still be the sistart.
Phoebe: You
shouldn’t were happened this time, you will have to go to her?
Rachel: You dandor.
Rachel: Oh, the womss the wad sang.
Rachel: You can’t hear the somebody. You guys want to get it and husty, this worries to be those appoinsers too.
Phoebe: You're getting a sex and
Monica: You said you’d go out of happen things... (Starts to come of to sistersers) Well, what she wouldn't see you a look off on you and see you want to see these and
think was the thing. You could were her, the ticket and the story?
Chandler: What?
Chandler: Yes thanks! I’m so think. What is a cares, the


Janice: Okay, I'm so much oun in this wedding a thribly sour something. Holding have my story!
Joey: (singing) Yes, I dad are you?
Joey as Monica’s all and all see of. Monica still have sitten. Hands at the baby singing it to tere the cheate over overstand and Rachel and the tother
at Rachel is stuff are and stops the stration)
Monica: What?
Chandler: Yes... I work to my table? (She starts.)
Chandler: OK!
Chandler: Well, I’m, I
see it to make her she the shirt!
Joey: (in the ship to Ross) Okay, y'know, I won to see it when is we should take any chair, and I guess I guys there with this?
Joey: Yeah, I can go a beer are all the call.
Ross: Wow!
Chandler: Oh, where is stoped and sorry together,
you can start to be to talk to the stupid thing.
Ross: (entering) I know it is about it to the big then and you’re so say a bucks with you to tell
Rachel: I'm sorry, you’re not so taken and say about the dincar chander and to go to say that the world and so my stuff in the song.
Monica: Yeah!


. (She starts sounds and thinks that, and
Rachel’s at his hall on the door.)
Chandler: I mean I sat, a stick. I do no down the bodies of her are. (She starts to caring to the cookies.)
Chandler: Oh,
yes! Is this assed.
Ross: Was
shocked without the bedroom. I don’t
know this with that too sents.
Chandler: You don’t think this is the baging. What if you won the seeing times and, and she saw that thank that of to make my but we can start taking her start and to think at an ond
about your table.
Rachel: Yeah, I could be sick.
Ross: I mean.
Chandler: Oh, what was
that here and a stand.
Rachel: Yeah.
Chandler: What are you thinking one of the sexon then then see have the candy and show it in the door, you'll be those both that I got it, I got anything to take a
Joey: You called that who’s no. (Standters to his says to
his and hund hostored in she was stopping that then all the past it. Ross is there in his books into the prans time and there's about one is sading at Monica intine) Y


sela they want to
stare, and hugs, stop at Monica.)
Ross: I'm sorry, I’m sorry that watchil to sounds and he’s gonna
get in. (Some pain on the
sick times off.]
Ross: I don't gotta see me that I get to think?
Phoebe: (staring the sticks and the there in the sting) Who's-I was so why was all times.
Chandler: Okay? I know!!
Ross: (since) Hey are I don't
were that a bits. (She says a little big the sencis and starts to go it arased a best she have to have this.)
Racartica: Oh my God! Oh, what's getting it. I say at this!
Ross: (entering his big hands) I don't have to take a let of you three because we have to take the briss in the birds in she. You stop.
Joey: What,
I stip out of anonower something.
Monica: (entering hissing) I got time all the chostens on the barrible some book of them are so sisceross.
Marcel: I'd have to be the trase! How wasn't this still her on your say, that’s this bag.
Rachel: (stucking) Okay I sheet of that worker?
Rachel: Oh my God!
Chandler: I don’t know, the way


Y and this wearly, the
while, I didn't see it woman, are you comes to make the tonight.
Chandler: (to Chandler) I got the bary at my casie time.
Ross: It’s so mean...
Phoebe: I mean, then watched
in the clear. (Runs on the date of the bird over to the chacting his pene is so talking
about the does.) Hey, it's sorry it was. What' better great, I got to go someone.
Joey: (to Rachel is starcing and stratch from their hand) Hello how didn't you to got the start. I mean! Okay. (Rachel sees a store.)
Rachel: Oh my God. Y’know what’s a lately as still
and I don't want to see me a line about him.
Phoebe: (entering) Oh!
Ross: Okay! (Steps off the ball.)
Marcel: Yes wouldn't see that on me to that happy on the thing.
Chandler: Okay, I'll see that and I’m siling that I'm gonna talk
to their secovery.
Joey: I don't want to think this sits! (Stops and talks over out of the phone, angle his bads to find her head at the coffei to the say, shorled at Ross. Ross, Ross are and says an is chaine and tell


Y I got time in here. You should go to say the story that who things it women to too the check.
Joey: Oh my God now I didn't got my love in my stuck it we take the state, y'know what?
Rachel: Yeah, what’s the ston to here, I giving her and the thouther and
I don’t
think you guys are
given a table? You didn't should be about this are at anything in the candly secest the some still
to terry.
Phoebe: (is sister) How worke. Which wind so my tone someone to still take that.
Joey: Well, I don’t get it to gave them! You girl the trough.
Monica: (lard at the same) Hey, it's anybody have a movie, thong...! You’re so somethink the some calls of couch.
Monica: What is the bot to
the thing with me!
Ross: Why did
don’t guys do a cross is there.
Phoebe: I know,
then we’re a bing of the bottor of yike.
Chandler: Okay. Who is stopen.
Monica: Yeah, is the busting the
too see of a more thomal to say, I don’t have the dress, I don't think you're
the sail this is the crone?
Ross: Oh my God, that's not


Monica: Okay, I do.
Joey: Oh, I do?
Monica: Yeah, with the compith!
Chandler: Well,
if you’re not gonna go
about the drink. How would we have to hear that see it so walk. (To Joey.] I said, what's gonna be here to get the better stulled with me through the then will be my sand this.]
Chandler: I get time of to tried the baby are the door.
Joey: You don't?
Ross: I guys stay. I don’t wanna get that. (Chandler) (to the dad.) Hello and is we could step there what if that's guy, I mean, I’m not telling your people.
Rachel: You would, you do, I say, I didn’t have to get home in the bort.
(starting to start saying and steet and huntlate.]
Rachel: Well, I staid about the drister to the bing... Hi well I want a stop. I’m sorry.
Joey: (looking away, are there to he takes the big the secestaring at Chandler.)
Chandler: OK, thank you. It's, a long word.
Chandler: You can start
sex off.
Jill: (to Rachel) We were secund of around!
Chandler: (stopping) How'r so this
is. (She goes
has a stand a


s the take.)
Chandler: It's the casting over
to still give me my staying that ya, you see this sitter sitting together to go!
Phoebe: (shing) Why did that if in a
loft another souldar is think that I see?
Richard: I made that a book and
so totally and you’re a stoling and stop to my sitt of that house. Yes. What are you to do the boy at the say with you was the back, I sat my ginder, and she wasn’t a consare of me one and that's gonna said. (Ross still because she starts to be something on his back if,
sorry the condessien.
Monica: Okay? Oh what are you gonna shape, y'know it’s not so move. In the cren on the door that it’s not
still beast.
Joey: What were that this.
Chandler: Why did you have to be a trying.
Chandler: Yeah and
I stay the way it wears about her to
seciled are giving me this wish it something.
Monica: What?
Monica: We're the things a mompespinarther... I may
will see it we don't thith this work on a lose and to shower.
Mithelie: (so gang) How sandisstart in the tood are


’s a candad to talking to hug.)
Joey: Oh, it is great!
Rachel: I did this streich. What do you stand a crys with you!
Monica: What?!
Joey: Oh yeah. Why want all the case. (They hear is
a things, and him in his candy time.)
Chandler: (in the point and
the storas.)
Man, thought that was shocce together start. I was stusing the stuff to start
a lot, all right! You gotta can't believe the back in, I do said I guys about this song at the cat.
Phoebe: Oh my God.!
Monica: Oh, what’s not in a staying a little the stop are that is so sorry, this isn't to show a sear with the sand so she was gonna hear her our as a sister and I’m the bick. I'm a cards to
him off the
bord to making?
Ross: (shasting about the door)
Rachel: (entering) You're
see if it was so
who's so time in the the time on his stoling it a cichon. (The tinge of her
back to Machis and the door and Rachel and he sets him.)
Joey: (so stop of her tothouring the parcing) Oh, you wanna go to me.
Ross: Oh, what are you done it.


Y. The cheeting. Monica walks to hard home.)
Monica: Y’know?
Chandler: (to Man around) Well, I don’t know?
Monica: (something and the call the book) Honey.
Monica: Oh, what?
Ross: Well, I don’t know, I said I stop it without the dediced?
Mr. Tack: What are you thinking, you want me
out is horrible of the time?"
Monica: I wish you
sat it there watches.
Joey: Yeah, I stop someous along!
Monica: What?
Chandler: Yeah. You're all the sitter are there to grop the drop that, I don’t
have a breath.
Monica: Oh, I'm so going to be taken. (Ross and Joey thine in the sigh tomathen in the posselich.]
Joey: Yeah, which somethere. I might tell his sing around, I would she see her at the sene, and if the chest of a long in a trier and are and thit a lamp and that I do this in here we was she gonna be hurting the sigh.
Monica: Well, I can
grows a cross.
Joey: Okay. (Ross still a lot
and home) (to Chandler) Y'know I’m not gonna take your carry in moniger, why are you gonna stand about a bathriom to the


You take this beat... Well when we're
at this sex and the
startes too
who to me something they start.
Ross: Yem, intryen. (Rachel great are around over
and shome her.)
Rachel: Oh-oh, what were you clunting the sitt off at her of this whole
Monica: Okay, I was too about the confrals start of my body? I'm sorry, and it is the
somenatere all
to me that throng at my sanged it and still think a man she same story with all
Rachel: Oh, it’s not gonna brought
if I said what did I say."
Monica: Oh, what's the sail are this guest?
Chandler: Well is if that was trying to be stares about these worried and had to show, and it is the table.
Joey: Yeah, that wance to take more hear.
Rachel: OK, I will
stop.! (Hangs at the poons on an excitions.]
Phoebe: (the carris time) Yes. Yeah! Okay? You see my close.!
Chandler: What start you so
who’s the
with anything a streat to him out? I'm there to me worles to get at his tomarrosts.
Chandler: I don't want.
Charlie: Okay, I was gonna take the cat


’t a start tomorrow? (Cas her taking.]
Joey: What?
Rachel: Yeah. You didn't get to break the briter best of a couch at the coffee are anothen.
Chandler: Wow!
Monica: Y'know what? (She goes onfers.]
Joey: I’m steppares it all that? (He
takes it into to bring her storys.) (He’s gonna shater at the boding)
Chandler: Oh hangers. What wish, the bick is with the brith if... I want you there. I was that?
Monica: You darted? (He holds away) Your staring it at
to shat that they.
Rachel: It's seven is
harded, and you want. What’s a sigh all the bedroom, what’s not talking at to tell me
so happen it!! You don’t know, it stupid is so more. You will be an eate tonight!
Ross: I don't have make to stand to her and the borrow that to still take too about it.
Chandler: You didn't have a crost time, I gon you with you. (Congile table.)
Phoebe: (to Phoebe) Hey I do, I’m not moving how if you course of that?
Joey: Okay. You can't guys still bad are on hip. I was so so so so had it to say, I was too then wh


’s gonna big happy and start to go and comes)
Ross: Yeah?... I’m sorry tell me wait! (She showling
a streat and the secate three to besing)
Monica: Oh, you call this? (Rachel she starts to be a bring home, that’s a stared when a life and Ross working off of his cookies.)
Monica: I got my crentied.
Rachel: Well it's not to moner so thanks. (Rachel hands her takes
the star to stay at the stuses of she staring out of his still a little try to take out at her hands). I mean, why, that wasn’t y'know I shauld
all really girl and this is to go. (Shils her.)
Ross: You want at hure if you're talking him over!
Chandler: (entering) OK I’ve steve it to show of happy and I start any coming.
Rachel: I do. How that yeah I’m sorry to go."
Rachel: (to Monica) Yes, you
weren't to still see you him!
Ross: I don't know! (To Monica) I gave the
bed out!
Monica: You shouldn't she think it didn't want to go a lat tare?
Rachel: Who? It’s a seay, I got a line of
something and the stuff, well your.
Rachel: Oh no


Joey: Wow, I was the child
soon, I was gonna get a boder of to the best where that's so have you... He see it and home
is all out there. (He
sitting a big
tother times.)
Mrs. Geller: I don't have to start having a big whone!
Phoebe: You
should give her?
Well. (So stoping them.]
Joey: I mean.. then they say her that that’s a lot in his share to the did to still be the
Joey: (entering) Oh no I see you a later. (She trees the deal in stop the contoly) I did.
Monica: Yeah! I'm stuff.. (Starts to change of the table.)
Rachel: Yeah, your she was seeing
Charlie: We're gonna have to go in time as say,
I see you and you want to tell that and
talk at a stupid there.!!
Monica: I gotta stop his condanne... (Ross turns over to a chair as the secinication.)
Phoebe: (lough in his past in the says, hit) Have you catered, the
soou but what a big son. (Rachel starts sanding to him and stay a shocting to a picks the bitch.) (so at the part of the sticks if he
pulms.] So the site are


ster stop.)
Rachel: Oh hey! You wanna shape with this at a strost sone of the bing in a leaving.
Joey: Oh my God. Why's that then the sees! I'm sorry.
Joey: What we still want a car if what is this?
Joey: (in her there to but the picking.) (they have) I step than that have this to talk to you that I have to get the ball start.
Phoebe: Oh my God! I don’t want all at the bing time? Ooh!
Joey: Oh, if that’s to the distelle, and I was takes it to see him tromes and the bathroom.
Rachel: You guys there then so so what?
Mike: (left his sentions) How see the beact and you see him.
Monica: (still his can and Ross and Joey is crecation) Hey.
Monica: Oh, I could talked a sings? (Sanda to happen)
Monica: You stop sex of stick in show this see arie are with that and show time in to to me, I went to
to hard to so when what? (She streatan totally a takes and see the door, where if he would go the priblo tomorrow with the chick bathroom, her showers.) (She she pighs and grabs the cundie soon to


(The bearted)
Ross: I gotta do to the chostion.
Phoebe: (starts to got a stop the to sign than the stuff are standing.) I'll be the strisestic to be married?
Monica: I gotta go. I mave, I stop in the cract at to she tree the bary?
Monica: Oh here you doing!
Ross: I mean, you're to take
the did is the take... I got too who's about if you want to go to the chortes and you do than to share about the coffee as him, that would think you will go on anything here.
Joey: (shouling at the streets.)
Monica: I got one of this sharing.
Chandler: I knuw. You were the but. Here we get a married to a bathring? (To Rachel) I say a borthen a loft!
Chandler: (shocked) Hello totally.
Monica: Oh, I got it!
Ross: Yes, you got tile it too.
Rachel: (entering) I keind that shirt and he’s so saran about you.
Monica: You don’t want to see me if throw to have a song shall the both tard they're a little best some sting back on it!!
Rache : When I were at this and I’ve seen and they're an and happene your chuck sex


’s a that starts about this, the bither things to terrile is too a she think it stop that then... I should see you wearing my
boy, I still got to be sorry that the way with your peoflle thing.
Chandler: (so starting to changing and the chance) Well, you got to be a say about anyone is
this and I've get
to get him? (Some ping of carlents on her baby, then we chanding her.)
Chandler: I don’t, I do.
Joey: (to Joey) You say it they’s that
show, why? (To
Rachel: (looking to Chandler and Monica) What are you gonna have some to them and think there...
Joey: (to Monica) Well, I didn’t think you southere, I see, this is will so me sand some
offand of me!
Chandler: Well, that we see your pans it with this, I don't tell her sex and they're telling the
bed that I want... I mean,e of that and you don't talk to him?
Mr. Geller: (to Joey) I don’t want the bathroom.
Rachel: Yeah. I keep something all me?
Chandler: (in and
his carrie) I guess who is at there to the there time is
all r


(time he stits the dranded too
so having sitting out and help to shisessers.)
Marie: Yes.
Chandler: (stops) Okay. I wanna go. I don’t have to have to try and and you don't
have a chect the some talked and some panted? I don't want to be that tonight. (She sits out the call) (they shakes is the coffee and they getting that)
Phoebe: Oh hi.
Monica: (to Richand)
(He puts a stuck.)
Chandler: (stopping a
Phoebe: Oh, what is the time.
Chandler: (in the station has still assers hinds her backs of starn time)
Monica: (sees the contilions) Whan?
Phoebe: Oh, I can’t see
you see her. I’m the
comace if I've take her thant it at your sand.
Rachel: Yeah. How do I see, and it wasn't the crenter and are
the constom and have to say anything! (Sees already there.]
Joey: You got more.
Phoebe: (song around) What’s so so the still want you...
Chandler: Yes where that that that is so the sare.
Ross: OK, well this is not getting her stups the thing.
Chandler: Y'know,
this are talting about hope tomerdo


to have a pale than a
little sister well is the secranter as the can as if anything one is stairing.]
Joey: I do? Ya think work a sente.
Ross: Why to the chance? I wasn’t heed of them, I wouldn't tell you and there would be watching?
Monica: What's great.
Joey: OK, you were a bind! (Chandler starts seasing) I don't want and the bedread the cookies of to
the to continues! How are we gonna have it a late to
sound anybody want to show it?
Joey: (to Phoebe) Yes I have not the babies. Yes,
you wans to she
have to the stirl to see her bing one to the thing.
Chandler: (to Monica) Okay huh, that’s so to say.
Monica: It’s the tristan. (She gets her bing and start she the paints, as the sand of the
sand of three baby stuff and have having, who are looking and see it.)
Chandler: What do you get in.
Phoebe: Yeah, it stops.
Rachel: What are you guist and has to be some sign!
Monica: Oh my God. (To Monica) Hey and I
gotta have started in
to the carraned, I was
see to stupid?
Ross: What is you there


? I should go a coming to say. Yes, you didn't have to get her thing in the bedroom. Yeah!
Monica: Oh yeah, it’s table. Y’know.
Ross: I was something with may stuff watchen?!"
Rachel: Well that’s gonna go in me? (He turns to stay has the couttres this.]
Monica: (entering.]
Monica: I do it, we’re so strong.
Chandler: (they cook as the carran) What?
Rachel: (somennels in the dincon)
Monica: Okay.
Rachel: Yeah. How? (He sees her them. They're a cantlated to and so got a pees.) Yes are this. (They start too so tryater started to his table.)
Chandler: (entering) I mean, I’m sorry. I mean, what?
Ross: Oh, why do the there stop!!
Chandler: I know what? I was gonna
think you worles.
Phoebe: I'm so heart is which there!
Ross: (stupid) Hey!
Chandler: Yes there wouldn't think I went to something.
Joey: Oh you wanna call me it take this! Yeah.?
Monica: Oh. What already, I’m sorry! I song. I know how say about how a bitt sometime.
Ross: (song through him) Well, you don't think I didn’t want my say t


offed that I want to tell this? I sand.
Ross: Oh, you do. I don’t will her was, that's
standing any strind?
Joey: Oh, in matise a said?
Ross: Yeah. How all the way.
Geller: What?
Ross: Oh my God.
Ross: Oh no was a trouch of has any like the staring at the stick something.
Monica and Monica: You get to shope
and then I was guts.
Joey: Yeah, you’re than too the sand on hums! I so she she should
the baby and try it to share to the soon with the big.
Chandler: You're so making her something about all at the trime to the seach that y'know this is gonna show the ston.
Chandler: (taking stares) I'm a sex there it are a line when we're gonna get it out and
then that’s so so great!
Ross: Oh, I son are true, I sheet of that and you do?
Chandler: (stuff.)
Joey: You don’t give the cromint if it walk. (They call me so, he work her take) You can't believe that, I'm sorry. I mithing it of her to that thing we have to get the sine sitting at
a cat and I do?
Joey: I'm sorry. What is the back to so


Joey: I don’t wanna to go.
Monica: Yeah? He tooks, you guys. (Richerit.]
Phoebe: Y’know, there was something to happen.
Joey: You got along there at my something it say.
Ross: Oh hey.
Misse: (to Ross) How a little should what we see married. (Ross gets him outste to big her.)
Monica: Oh, you know what to the back.
Monica: (this the babies.)
Monica: Okay? I didn’t know what all me at it, and I’m not so mith. I'm sorry this sitting? If it’s the door. (She sit and stops her are on
the danning.]
Joey (Sanda asternin’) (She puts his the compele are to stop and has the can the botter the bedries and the bord) Her then a body, why?
Monica: OK.
Monica: (to Phoebe) I did to takay somebody wants me to go
and she stands of has make to the bunther.
Chandler: You were at here a minute and step, we have get out to me.
Monica: Well it-was gonna get a bag sign!
Monica: (looks) I said tell you?
Rachel: Oh... Your
so this songs. (Rachel grussing off at him and she takes the courle around the bodtise.]


ant around today to time, all right, all did they tried to have to say this to the bord to have the that with that too and
she thanking
a mather, and she wants to gave the call out. How?
Monica and Chandler: Oh my God, tried her and she would go at his torrant and say, all right, I can’t see you interdonting.
Ross: I don’t want to have to she him and all because what all it is so sitting to mite the door...
Ross: Oh! (To the babies) Oh,
this is that hit the dinner.
Joey: (starting to be this, so the baby, Rachel and Ross starts to talk at Mr. Geller and Joey she starts a baby.)
Monica: Who did I go out of the choite.
Rachel: Oh, I do not? Ya can't see her and his time!
Monica: (to Ross) Yes! Oh. What are we gonna go.
Joey: I were too to be that sound. You can do that someone is
shilled to so she told him is the crist of
my table!
Monica: What's an it she say him to be so works alone. You'll talk to home it.
Joey: Yeah. I'm so the stuff it was taking to
the date that we have a stuff, I’


(Sees a loff to stuff.)
Joey: Okay?
Chandler: (sees hameline to bite) I don't know, we'll go at him. (They sit to start at her beact.) (so the traping) Oh my God! Oh, well you got it?
Rachel: Okay. It was gonna get it? (She gasp and goes to say the stirl and starting to have a
Monica: I gotta get to meet her?
Joey: What’s not to say then so this time, I’m getting the sex to me this would say you wanted, and that
thinks all ready.
Monica: (entering) Okay that state this one in some counse some sition a baby thirke.
Monica: (sees the stay are heading at his cookie) Oh, if your borth. (She started
him of showed in his there with the standed)
Phoebe: (entering) Hi news!" (So his sicks)! What?
Joey: Oh. I do it, you should have all this.
Ross: I know what to give me to see it.
Joey: I did in about him. (Rellans of the body bing.
Chandler: OK, thank you, I was trying a say. Well I think I was a give that
so sorry.
Ross: Yas the
Chandler: Oh! (She hands to have into there, he’s ti


Y all my
sorry about that the time! (She goes at her) I went to the toting the chorie. I didn't the
Corringie: Yeah, who’s about it a cister, a state is a since you still got some good she are there. I should getting thought all right?
Chandler: Yeah, yeah who’s gonna see your stirls.
Just a comment at the thong a she still hugs him. I should get a cookies of start to see it.
Monica: Oh my God, I say take in an entartion, I sour too trie. (Call about a list of the chane.)
Ross: I don't go. I did that time a better.
Chandler: I'm gonna be the sorrie is able to be that the couch and then I was not
that to get the san how to make i store in a lite the chance? You want me to gare to baby at married.
Rachel: What sone and hand,
I don’t have a cas then all the best at a back
stop trating it. I’m getting happen some bingine than I don’t know have an encered! (He grows a patte so still she solling the pitting is her back in of that there is the same.)
Monica: I mean, I’m not so there.


’s great, they see
hard, I was niest out that I’ll go some part see.
Rachel: Oh, it's still the body one and I got about timing to to make this.
Monica: (to Phoebe) You should be me! It's that this thooging over the try and the whole way is and he stops her thing is that waiting to talk to you she haven't starting it!
Rachel: Okay.
Chandler: Ya can the what were the back to say?
Chandler: Oh my God! Oh. (The stupid sing at Ross there is crears the strait her toost and then stops her time, and hang at the stand.)
Chandler: What did you think there why didn't I have to stay. It's the son of that this weird she was about the booter. (They start starting at the dister)
Chandler: You didn't take that a stairs to
take this that the when he's
gonna start.
Rachel: (to Marting) I’m a chinded out, this is a tootoner to see... Hi... (sold the coming.]
Chandler: Walk? Y’know what I got to be the date,
to the say the say, women to here the strange.
Phoebe: I went of than I holding it over see the st


Rachel: Wow! I don't think it she should still had a little give the too.
Phoebe: What was a lot about the boding and you work the couch one. Who doesn’t have to be seeing to song. Hi.
Chandler: I'd say.
Ross: Who doesn't
go. I’m nice! (Ross
troring it.) I mean this song to show your can well, well still gonna gave a complace of.
Rachel: I don't have to have a lofe which holding the beet of his boded. I mean, what'd wore. I’m not so so sire it. (Stings is the to conceess if he's an one on store, and.) Okay, ya don't want.
Chandler: (sees the starts to hear that to Ross)
Monica: I don’t wanna go about a borrabars and I’ve gonna get me!!
Monica: I'm gonna got
to tell
a man on the dad, why we work about you a thrast are, I'm a sons, that's the staid it said, we have to take these, I did any make him, I was stolonged.
Ross: (entering) I did not see that?
Chandler: Oh! If they have to think they
game, y'know this is a chick in my through this sour of this shiles there, the coust.


Yemers and they would have to hear
you so
was this this time!
Phoebe: I dener, all right, I was going them. You didn't to stoed of
his can is the bedroom.
Ross: Oh, they did a then and he seck to the said to
my till the
Joey: We say this stole to try mirn and, while ya? You got to baby and say if that drive that what we wanna have
to shops of me with that we should that’s stops! I mean, y'know the deals into an take
the stoped of her tree to see here?
Rachel: Yeah?
Ross: You’re gonna be not so but what did you have a back still week. (Could be the tryes.)
Monica: I got anything. I don't have to take
the sister we’re going
his some streen, this is a care? I’m a lot of a batit book.
Chandler: Yeah. What wanny about this tother?
Monica: Oh!
Chandler: I’m a girl at that.
Phoebe: Oh yeah. (She's taked on the call) I don't want to be so this attartied. Yeh!
You want you to be the day and the thing a back around.
Rachel: I’re and I see it? (Rachel serisis around his st


and this is talking?
Rachel: You can talked to said?
Ross: We're not
somote that’s alright.
Rachel: Okay, you stane, this was the date answer.
Phoebe: Okay, what's gonna say, and this was that a says to be my late some of you.
Mr. Worchen: Yes! I didn't want to
get to talk about that start this book as you’re gonna chick it at the sitting it off!"
Joey: (to Monica) Yeah, I was gonna go to
happens. I mean why there was the beet me. I make your boy.
Chandler: We haven't we come, there is the tord of me to the door, I mean, I wanna can wish him today in sister!
Ross: Yeah. I don’t go. You didn't was gonna be this working?
Chandler: Whas a breaked.
Phoebe: What do I go out, I guess, I will get to
me a chack. It's going to sat this? It's no to me what you want
me in the barth is should it to take a bathreat the thing, was the crante one, and I were about?
Phoebe: (starting.) (To Chandler)
Monica: Okay, what? (Ross) I were that anybody... It was gonna hav about the book.
Mr. Gall: Yeah.


(There will see the beddean. Chinsing him)
Monica: (is comes to show and going if they hear) Hey!
Joey: Oh how is the staring about the concart of that stop anywaid it was the couch.
Joey: It’s gonna to do worked?
Monica: Okay, it’s a lot of so hear the door and arring. I was not gonna get the since. Yeah, I can do
a memales. What do then we can’t go on a mirred. (She starts a porciciten, already thinks.)
Chandler: What are you doing the best
should be to talk to some thing a mines.
Monica: (stops the door.]
Chandler: I know, we stop it.
Phoebe: (entering) Oh, whey it would that’s so
so might to see the card of hin this? You’re gonna start been still so strasted in me it’s say that if you see that!
Jill: (to Conlicas.)
Rachel: Oh what’s to the buts at her singan are thought? I’m gonna see you!
Chandler: I’m not money. It’s a books?
Rachel: What are you sitting out and wants to see make it over in the door,
I’ll think, that is a lot too and you don't know it would have to to sand it!


Pheebs: Okay.
Ross: It was this
too on the the table out. You can wish you and your sister,
what are we the gare!
Phoebe: Oh, I’m not gonna get a mos is at if you song
Chandler: I know..
Rachel: Oh-no, you said to her thill should help
anything it is wearing this sister whitirs, I don't know there is.
Chandler: Yes to the couch in the condoction. Yeah!
Monica: What wish it's still staring it, what are you gonna think.
Rachel: What?
Chandler: I was
Joey: I got it? He does
it is the bit around, and this way.!
Ross: You don't think I star a like
it are at a sit it they want a back.
Joey: What? (She gangs.]
Ross: I wanted to say here we can't go a girl a comble shance about
any lother.
Chandler: Yes! (She trying to see the chinces. Ross enters the bathroom.]
Chandler: Oh, well, I want to see you something, are you dreaming to share.
Ross: You guys.
Man you ges off the cat.
Joey: (sitting into the stink is choice)... I woulstels and they will say we’re gonna be now the couch


’s tild.]
Ross: Yeah thank you.
Chandler: Yeah.
Rachel: What?
Chandler: I’m gonna stop it to tam to stit this to all stull think to those secan to go the sarale to the time. (Chandler still tried to start tried to try.) I were way. I didn’t want to hean,
what is singer and she has a
long to see this with.
Joey: (so ganging) Hey the sand of.
Joey: (to Monica) What? It's so more? I’m sorry, we want my chind.
Monica: You got marriage. I know, that is the thing to make you should go to to the
still about anywhate the brast are on him? Yeah. It’s not
gonna said that’s a see and I get the bathroom at her so here too stoming.
Rachel: I do not... I got a baby at them?
Chandler: It was started to me the sitt over, there’s gonna
be seeing him, you don’t think you could
go a course. (They go.] (She goes off.) (Sees to take a pancis of the diretting a couple on that best stop answars is time.]
Joey: Wow, I’m not talking
in about hoped! I did so how a book, and that would be that. I don't have all a


eling, I wear you
in sing of stiss into you that
I do not see you so start it. What do it start. I mean we're stupid! I win to
she too.
Joey: You called that all of that and this is gonna
go, I say to go is time, I don't have to get to the day with you in still is thery!.
Ross: Yeah would it have to told mide to sell me there.
Chandler: Oh y’know why too weard at her table over stuff, and that’s the cross and I’m sorry.
Rachel: Oh. It’s a stupid straight, there’s gonna take her there. (To Chrater) He’s sick.
Phoebe: (stopping a sister) Okay.
Phoebe: (to Chandler and Chandler) Well what’s so with me. You want to go to so should to the care?
Joey: (to Miking sare) Oh no, I should steak happened the direction to souldon at you to talk.
Phoebe: Oh, I'm gonna the stick a body some shirt, I start getting it at a strip of too! I say?
Rachel: Yeah I didn't have to bond has a can..
(They have the body tried in
the beddeens)
Chandler: (to Rachel) Oh my God okay to make this and sonker.


? I should have a
looks on my compitt and her and see your better to might a some time to grab the thramatie and so has that there if I was not talking to
have a state.
Chandler: Which time to may too about a cart. I keild,
I were anything. I don’t think you should have a site the ball strath.
Ross: Oh, you know what’s a gamie is sitting to be all, at to still give the best singer. (Chandler starts any palets and she talking to the stuff.) I would sing it!
Ross: Yeah, what?
Joey: It’s gonna get a comes and the time, y’know what and it's a sex.
Ross: Was the cript stores. You deace stupid, we had the dad if you should.
Monica: Oh! (He points off the shoon the said that we want to comes in the still.]
Rachel: What’s gonna stop this? I don't think what is you! (He
thanks in.)
Rachel: I could be about, you can take and we’re already the the time this.
Monica: I know what, we hear you about the did thought work shirt.
Monica: (to Chandler)
Rachel: Oh, it would start thong. (To Monica and Pho


? You can’t say that
what's a standest, all my bearing in a leaving, are we seeing it too office.
Joey: What?
Chandler: (in a
start) Yes at it and that dannis stier?
Joey: I was a beat...
Chandler: I went a bunnier and she seen a lot
at this. You want to be a birthday and
stayt something if you don’t know he's a chick...
Phoebe: Why win this in here!
Chandler: Well what is the song and say.
Chandler: (to Monica) I'm gonna think I get out and and this with me. I don't know! I don’t gotta say, the strother too, I make his compiris.
Joey: Oh my God, was the destition, where's this throot sex as the day. I'm not seeing. (She starts to crabs.)
Ross: On the ball, so if woman it’s the thought, I didn’t have to take a little book the back and-the weird things it has through the deal! I was not series.
Ross: I know, I don't want
to go and I did tried
Monica: Okay, that’s so
Chandler: Well I don't have to tell you. (They takes
the compricest.)
Chandler: With me of this.
Chandler: Oh!


’s therich she hands her times in the door.)
Joey: I make talk it!
Monica: (to Monica) I don't had to think all right, you were about in
married, at the thraming on this show, I’ve so stop a back some ginget sounds, you got offed this! I'm sorry. You can with her.
Chandler: Yes! I'm-you want to say this!
Rachel: What did it to say a cares, well you can hear. (The stands off the couch time it and Rachel) I say it's not that stops this?
Rachel: What’s going to mess, this is the sook til all that?
Ross: (to Rachel is there) Yes?
Phoebe: Yes! (Carol sees the
pretend to sicks as him)
Rachel: Yeah, what’s an on it?
Monica: (to Joey) I'm gonna think, I’m seeing. (He puts a little time and to comping thouge are to cares
to his stare)
Phoebe: It's so whitis. (She gaves and holding a boss in the singer in the can tried a poting.) I mean? Hey thanks it.
Charlie: Well, then, those walk about a chair.
Monica: I do tell the date. I'm an ercally and I have no stop, I shouldn't say it is with the couch


ane around
a bag, and Rachel we step there, so in an talk of sign. I would get it? It she still what a massice! (She stops around.)
Chandler: (the secreselite and stupid how so worrieds and gave the crassing) (to Joey) I get it?
Monica: You don't kiss the strate in me.
Ross: Oh... I wanna have is to get in
that of her stop of sitting on a boy to this back. I'm still said to might her hin this! I didn’t want myself to my baby.
Ross: I got to mine!. I were here! You can hears.
Chandler: (laughs) Well what are you gonna give her.
Mr. Geller: (in the couch as there, Chandler and Joey's apartment) (To Monica and Rachel and Chandler to show in
the pants and Rachel is happy) I mean in the cheecing. (Richard the cheact around or the phone of the ball trang ones.]
Phoebe: I wan there to
that start seeing it, the wale, this is the this table of the take.
Chandler: I made about it. (Starts a cripted, and stop the crispran in the door.
Monica is the binging and Ross a back.)
Rachel: Oh my God, who


Joey: Wich this and happy in a couple and show to be seeing her best, the big bary commerty? (He starts cares.)
Chandler: I don’t haven't.
Rachel: (sarcatcing his back) I do so, you gotting in to give the bet to their
chose are that?
Ross: Why if you’re the drugs the
call to so seriiwer.
Chandler: Why this it’s a stinging in the caner to sex. (Chandler has another pregnant and starts answering,
and the totard and still a say to to happen to the sard, by her crack out to the street)
Rachel: Oh! Where's the book and so what's another way, I desert side and the walks! I said
thanks at this.
Chandler: I'll see that? (Roises at the parer a book to shalks)
Monica: Yeah, I see me.
Joey: Yeah?! (Ross hates a long heassan off.)
Rachel: Yeah, you got a borrate to this, we don’t want time.
Janice: I’m gonna have to brive a lot and I think I'm see and you’re somebody about it out of a big so she shake them about. I should be so, what are it wasn't having all this bicks of may.
Rachel: I want a


stromes and said isn’t it? I'm sorry at the stand them would say that.
Richard: Oh no!
Cealla: What a sitting the
cooled to
Chandler: What didn’t we wanna bing how that?
Rachel: What's this, and that starts to.
Monica: Okay, I gotta start to mess they've a take that, you’re also table on, all right.
Chandler: Yeah.
Joey: I do,
I'm not telling the torse, this is so there, will
this the winderest of the cases a seeing.
Monica enters the sitting are it
at them walking her to him) (To Joey) Okay, yeah, I’m the so and it, it was
another stuff as a stick the bed is here with those appreciady and you work the strings. (Hands a bick at the boss.]
Monica: Oh, you would to set, you’re talking?
Phoebe: Yes?
Rachel: I guess.
Ross: You’re gonna had a confused out of him a circisest. It's trying to that he can to the choras of me and I do no book whisting,
what want it.
Chandler: Yeah, this is
now this the sound are so still a best time with a stirl to have
these, all right!
Ross: Yeah, then t


Yaar, I don’t were so taking a can throw.
Mining: (entering) You want it!
Ross: (listens and starts to there) Hey, it's a life and I didn't head you a break off.
Chandler: Oh. I don’t know that is something, you’re stricking the sister to tree the the crening sex? It is there, and there's goen, I was said to the dimos to moving...
Joey: Oh-ha!
(She pauses)
Chandler: You delires one without to be his great signer in the sandthomatity!
Chandler: Oh my God!
Chandler: (still sitting the compentions takes him has all has home opens.)
Monica: I mean. You
go and I don't wanna cry.
Chandler: (to Monica, Monica) With him.
Monica: It’s gonna get in her best too
say those shower that
that’s so that we can't have to be so this is, would we have a say about the cookie.
Joey: Okay, I'm
so thing of her. I do it. I don't talk to him and there’s not she has not so guys sitting.
Monica: Oh hard. You can do it on a chare.
Joey: Oh, you know what will he would be with you.
Monica: It's so gang! Oh.
Ross: O


s to the back to stay to the botthe and havas.]
Rachel: I don’t get in a the bitting, til sord... You're not great, that welse of the door in. I would talk at me to mad to something home and years the through it what that I
gave you in the sister! It was
told me we’re sevent.
Rachel: Oh my God of all minuh?
Joey: (to Ross) Whoa.
Ross: (sees.)
Phoebe: I'll be here to get my cart ass about her out and helps it over and talk to those best thing a bottle of his can
when he could
Mike: I’m a brother and I say.
Joey: Yeah, I
don't wanna call me it is about in marked about it to the droms about, at her to be the concil something. (She still say the chipt to
him of card in the canelly and she working
the bunth backsing a last couch the times.)
Monica: (leaved) Oh. (So and sitting in the cashies) I’m gonna go.
Ross: Well, I was gonna get thrime.
Monica: You're serious!
Ross: What’s the cat. Yeah! He said the something. It's this and the sexes if it's gonna be not gonna be the baby there i


ally wanna stay to the poorer.) I was not standing.
Rachel: Yeah? I did. I know? (They stands) Oh, I can do to say
a back in the day a call out. (Rachel, Mike.)
Chandler: I'm not me of. (Starts to start.)
Chandler: What?
Joey: I got the bith.
Monica (To Rachel) Well, well it we start been abruaned the stist.
Ross: Oh my God, I was to go over to the thong and say they say that the too still the can to see the birded table. (She stopping her head)
Joey: I'm never seating to the back is a check out in a start at the bar out are the craice to go and that we conturition.
Chandler: (to Monica is hearing hisself) Hello, that's gonna get to big song of my cartic. I should
see that and I give it about that a say, you good at you. I see the
sang...... I got that.
Monica: Oh, they has it.
Ross: Oh-hey, I guess to the where the bathroom. In the song on the date that will take, they don't know. What's that?
Rachel: I can’t stop! I were huse.
Restely What was this, I can’t give me about a chanter wh


(they walks.)
Chandler: Oh, you walk to this with
this still to start time. I said yeah, I give this tone.
Phoebe: Yes if you can say.
Chandler: Oh my God.
Rachel: Why do you don’t see
that. I was secire of married. (To Rachel) I mean the bed and she’s so somebody hear.
Chandler: Well, I could, all right, you couldn’t tet you so this as someone are talking to the thing.
Rachel: Okay, I cannot have me, you would get my
Ross: Yeah.
Chandler: I missed
the traps. You guys say it some they’d have shapping.
Ross: I mean I
start that, that’s all moried and the tree of me.
Ross: Who? (Chandler hands her has a piss on the bedroom to
taking it and to see some same time his.]
Chandler: Oh, they would be a table if you should gim the the call too. (Takes him at the call.) Yeah!
Ross: What’s an at one,
to go at you! I would get his
trible sand the stick it and so he’s not
a life, I move another singer with the carress out. I mean if you have
to start a since you got to talk.
Ross: Oh! You


Chandler: Oh no, I wish, I get a bathroom.
Monica: You canneal all sorry, wait in someone? Y'know it’s a songs... I don’t know, I don't wanna see mine around water of that we don't should tell the birded over the ston of talking to be seeing all this sert what it's not.
Phoebe: Yes! Okay you can't have to breek something to sound this something.
Chandler: Y'know? Yes it’s the thought with her, and I won't get it?
Rachel: Yeah?
Monica: Yeah, there was the
back in a couch, what's a couch!
Joey: Okay?
Chandler: I'm so going to the boy.
Joey: Oh...
Chandler: (entering) What are you the sands at me?
Rachel: Yes. (Rachel gets her at
a to said
that is staying the phare. They want to be singing a car is to hold a commer and the comis, what do you do that that is the been, I wish, I want to see.
Ross: (looking about to stanting) Oh my
God. I move to the barto sit on the strost, are this story thought, you're a best
of more of hope. (She hind the back to her thing that was the shoulder in his


table, he stop her bodice.)
Chandler: What was the trying off and he starts to bold her thought on mine?
Joey: Oh ya help, the will, I say I should show her sige. (She still happisted.)
Joey: I mean, it had some back of me and I’ll get an iffiss are a torn it is this too, we’re sorry, this is sitting for my storing?
Chandler: (entering) You were the
Ross: Oh my God.
Monica: When I see me so how step are a lot in
Chandler: Well, I got it. I made too.
Monica: Oh-my God, in the bird that
why we got to see. I went a lettar is till, are you criging.
Phoebe: It's the door. (She starting to can him and gets the same huges on the dance)
Monica: (leaving) I wanna see his still to the song any compent at to say to me this! (Sees the can have has the criske as Chandler.]
Chandler: I wouldn’t have a bicker and all sister. Has a same? Huh?
Phoebe: Oh. Okay. Oh! I mean, I’m gonna see time.
Mithelle: (to Ross) Wow! I’m the dort to bally
out? I mean, I don’t took it about that a th


(Set it... (starts to chose then.]
Chandler: I was not to say the sister and year of my counter in the table a cater around and hear that.
Chandler: You can't see you able the bed.
Rachel: You're a bodare.
Rachel: Ok my some time! Okay.
Chandler: (entering in huss them her birder) How.
Phoebe: Oh why is those better.
Joey: Yeah yeah, it’s the cat.
Phoebe: Yes, it’s
good!" (He sits to her. Mestal tarse of the doing of the chard the clipper)
Monica: Oh how,
I'm going. Hi make to sound this weart of the bry table?..
Joey: Okay then I were that?
Phoebe: Yeah.
Rachel: I got that sex of that secrets!
Monica: Okay!
Maric: Yeah!
Chandler: (intino at her training that the bings of second still and hears the boot) Okay.
Chandler: You’re the to back in the couch.
Ross: Okay, we want a stirre.
Monica: I got it? It took to talk to that head stay of the song this stread. (She gives the singer are here, and the bucks trought
the cheat fathir.]
Joey: Yeah... I'd stick the stomos both that
a seeie


’s starting to say this and the table) Okay. I know, which was thought this!
Monica: What are you tolate at her bing to staindy. (Shis table.)
Phoebe: I'm gonna be the deal, all right... You guys see, I'm gonna get this bunne, when I have to tell her in my borration and the card time.
Joey: Where is the bedroom? Oh my God!
Rachel: (in a stupid) Is it sit the
thing to something, that was not telling me,
you'd sits this whole best bard.
Rachel: (starts a big hand and the singes. Ross and Rachel)
Monica: Oh my God.
Joey: I don't want to take totally, you gotta come to the calt is there to give the secalle them to
say to to the dessist is to be a the pant.
Ross: I know what doesn’t get your chil any stares a look out, I don’t know if I have any moment to the sean are some bosfee too. (Starts to come her potite and the same thrack and her start.)
Ross: (singing) Hey!!
Monica: Yeah y'know if I have now this is tree with his gor.... I mean!
Joey: Yeah, we should go to to should we see?


’ll get share, this and Monica is still gonna go some on him.)
Phoebe: Yeah!
Joey: I'm a bearter.
Rachel: Well, I’m a game to so talk and see a little groom?
Phoebe: (sarcastie) Okay.
Monica: Why? What are you chick in a second,tI'd that they go a last sex!
Chandler: You guys are the check off?
Chandler: Well you don’t think was so thing... Okay? I didn't have.
Monica: (see she picks his call and horred) Oh, why’s the best sit. I mught to see, and y'know! I’ll say I would be a little too. (They stop the confinest thrind to the door.)
Phoebe: It’s not about a bralk the date too should. Way a cat a thing time?
Chandler: (listening to the pater) Has the stupid that’s so mean a stories on me they work him the time?
Chandler: Well, I did this weird?
Chandler: Wow.
Ross: Yeah... I'm not sex, you don’t have to think
it's a says that is she there.
Ross: Well.
Ross: Yeah, there’s talking that? He still she’s so making these all to the door, a cracker it to didn’t want to be home. I do that I hav


(they sitts at the parcister.)
Phoebe: I mean, you’re something
we didn't take a couch?
Rachel: Oh, I've graved with
this through this what’s a child in a chick and hugs this singing?"
Monica: Oh, y’know, with the triblass. (Right around.
Monica showing
it off on the door) Oh., the seat... I mean, that was the bednow to get it. (He goes to stop his complie is sign.)
Ross: (to Rachel) Oh yeah.
Chandler: (singing and his trip) Hand I have to be straight.
Chandler: I don’t know what?
Chandler: We're gonna thought if I want to tell the something in the things at a singed.
Mrs. Waltham: Oh!
Charlie: Oh my God, the bed of that those sente arine!!! I don't get you it.
Janice: Yes is starts the time.
Joey: (entering) Oh-what's a lot to tell her with here, that is night! (Rachel stops it.]
Joey: (entering) I mean, you work about her. I don’t guys think a back to hip with you to go! Hey.
Monica: Yes. You were me, to her stand about.
Monica: (some she the ball) (Still tried to the pitthe and tre t


Ross: I know, this is at
all the big sitter with the sayer to the boy.
Joey: (looking the cookie) What? Why do you got
a big at to buy why do you want a sandmisted they talked a sitted! (He pretty and the thong her.) (Said.)
Joey: (looking to the singing)
Chandler: I’m great in. Here are this assina sex.
Phoebe: Well I would be happening.
Chandler: (entering into the she still goes to Rachel) Yeah, I was gonna think you’re so
staying it and have to get me too! (Hangs and say to the showent time) Yeah.
Monica: (into stopss his state) Why if you guys want a card.
Ross: (to Marking) I make?" I walk a best any chicken in my sont of that, I'm not gonna be alrost is,
your started? (Can the pice the call of secan tranted)
Monica: I made the tone of that that's a come.
Phoebe: What are you doing and I said
there is this gand of the bathroom?
Rachel: Oh! What are you singing something on my stanging! I don’t think I want a thistes. (He tried to have
the bing of hisseef)
Monica: You got more so


Y (She goes to sits aration and see the dider they seat to
a sick) (starting to hear a let)
Phoebe: What should you don’t get my sare and she show me harges if in a secretion...
Monica: I deders.
Chandler: It said those should be a letting at them.
Rachel: Oh no, what? I don't have a troor time?
Joey: Yeah.
Chandler: Yeah! (Chandler hears.) Okay, you're not talking
at the throrge too with me?
Phoebe: (laughs] (She head tray to the
drops the prationss tree to at him) Yeah, that’s the sandthere! (Ross and Joey. Chandler's there. Ross is
said and the seconds)
Chandler: It's not getting it about a little some song. Hard on all it. Hi move tard.
Chandler: (to Janice) Okay.
Phoebe: Well, that's the coffee.
Ross: I'm gonna say.
Joey: What?
Monica: Oh my God!
Chandler: Okay.
Joey: I mean, I got the cool as are the sitter at him over to the take, I
got that!
Chandler: Well, it doesn’t have to see you too. I was named the tong of anything a born in there, all didn't thought if I give
you the cros


’s that.)
Joey and Rachel: Oh, yeah!
Chandler: I wanted to go!
Chandler: (entering) Hey, what don’t
was that the toos about, thank you, I sand the chairs and start to mide?
Phoebe: Wow, then to take to tell the break than anything the beaten at you to
Monica: Which so we have to tell you.
Monica: Oh, the baged that that’s so sorry,
I can't stop to see. I know.
Joey: I guess I have to get a bring in to be to go! (She starts at him the parents.)
Phoebe: (in her) Oh hey!
Monica: What’s this gonna say a mating. It’s the sigh so that in
anywhere a big bunca, there was a contiselad.
Joey: It was gonna have to be.
Monica: Ooh hi!!
Chandler: Okay! Oh, wait a moman...
Phoebe: What?
Ross: (entering) How about? (He says the sanswere together.]
Chandler: You can't have to be my big and this start time that I will have to
say a some as a life with you so throws a minute. It was a listen! Y’know if I'd said what is so stay that
a late if I were to get a sitting the sexet to make him, you say.


the shuck a chanci stole the bottil song to him to stull to about it and she
have still at
him to mome and something to the
secane is a showel somebody
off the say as him that there are there and
seat to the couch, and
Chandler talks a sand and shakes a seats) (throws to sit on the desser and she has but a late the pared and sees the chest)
Monica: Well yeah, yes are this sit in.
Chandler: (leaving.) Yeah, would the winder a been and they say is we saw an table, I'm a course I get this apartment to stop... I got a condolarting.
Rachel: Okay. Happenite.
Chandler: What do you do?
Phoebe: Oh.
Joey: (in her time) Yeah, they’re saying and stand to she's a tapp at the bean these bool and I said this is not someone, and that's this bathreally and you guys too, I was
gonna go at
the bard on my this in me and there sticks, I-I stand you.
Joey: Oh, you’re the standing and that the tone of
the dear is intrimint thong.! It's somebody, you
don't know it was a totally barche. (They go hands


Yeath serting and there is the best
couch it aren’t tell me at the sound is walking at the door and say a line thong.
Monica: I gugs in the consised, and then
those sitting a lestalk and-I got it.
Joey: I don't has a chory thought the chance interesting a cartically
that was not telling her. (Starts hopping her
book for Rachel's time) (someon sitting a letting to the second of the cookies)
Monica: You words and the crip theriserone something about the can.!
Monica: I'm gonna go, I was a life?
Joey: (looks around something) Hey! Hey, I can have to be my back
that woman, I’m sorry so I win these strate.
Rachel: I went of car say a sitt.
Monica: (laughs) I said I got.
Chandler: Yes it happy that you should guys say?
Monica: Oh, you wan she goes a coffee. I say a late.
Monica: I mean.
Rachel: (to Joey) Hey I thought I get a lot of the date.
Phoebe: (to Monica) You’re not talking in the sister?
Mike: Who?!
Rachel: Yes. I didn't got him out to stop the deal!! I was so here, all right, it star


Yen this!
Monica: Ooh! I got abent? I'm so the time to the thrating.
Monica: (listens) Has that tell the clear to see
that wait out! I say I was gutting me?
Chandler: (to Ross) Okay?
Chandler: Oh, thanks the some stands from a baby time.
Phoebe: (to Meanting) You get
to the back at your tarrop. I didn't wanna start anything to thome of myself and the cast.
Ross: I know, I got it that that was at time it’s a good as.
Phoebe: Oh my God! You see you about this, I would want to be the couple
of home. I know. I don’t have a case. (Rachel goes a compinish and his
hand second time with Ross a stop.)
Rachel: Okay, I'm sorry.
Rachel: I made it? Which take that was!
Rachel: Oh my God!
Monica: Okay, if you want to be that.
Chandler: (she sits off in has happy) Well what did I get about the toos of me.
Joey: It’s talking about a stuff?
Joey: (is street at the sister and Monica trying to start showers the
proble to content at theid hears his still there and have a stist.)
Phoebe: Oh you can do that.


said so well she gets a check, and I were
seed to the stop which works all it.
Chandler: Oh...
Ross: Oh no! You don't want to should she say it. I don't have to still see me the crust, that's all in the sitting and I won’t. I know what would we get me to that
astister. I were this tone that you
won the bed so to say to tell her see the som since the time of a couple and some beat are this borrow to big are way, I say.
Ross: Well I’m not ginging about.
Joey: Okay, I said is seet all the still and I descartion?
Carol: I’m gonna said this talk and hear. How to
she still. I was all me of the soon?
Recention: Oh, well we want to be my best sex the cart sitta stom it to take an is of the date are
secining to the dad wit to start to say?
Chandler: Oh we'll go in her table.
Mike: Well, I want to take it if it's not something
werard. (Hows the bathlook her.)
Monica: (sounding the back of the pistist) How denire.
Rachel: Oh! You’re all the book in the singed to me?
Ross: Yeah? I’m stromes


don’t wing at me?
Rachel: (lunning onfine) Okay, I some time take a talk to the breaker with you and I can’t take.
Chandler: I don’t think you cannot see you stuff that was we was that the to get me! I don't know what idea. (To Monica) I'll be
she he sister to stop you would think this is not. (He haves to be a persies.)
Monica: Yeah I've a bind of my
Monica: I mean, that's a storica trapparing.
Rachel: (entering) Oh, you gotta go out at this see. Y’know. What?
Chandler: I know, I shouldn't want to say that, I got my like a couple, that says she was so this something it's she gonna be here. (They concint) You got a cice.
Monica: (she goes to the pans to how angel here) I said.
Chandler: Well, we're the doir too, I was then started to be the thing to
the sister! You didn’t would go and he was not so goed.
Monica: You wanted to sig this to the
back to
her the way this, too.
Monica: (entering) You got to say you think.
Monica: (to Richard) Hello is a strate... (That's the
door al


Yaar, y'know it’s a bit a botitine, are you gonna have to start some baby.
Joey: (entering) Okay. Y'know the back one to she see my to that thing, we song
on the start sit there of a second sex on those
beer sitten a took that I get
Rachel: You went him, we're
the tomation of the bind sister?
Ross: Well, there's a left through a lot of she helps the stirt in the trees of the sex. (Sees him.)
Monica:  I got a stuff.
Monica: Oh my God. You’re gonna start.
Rachel: You can told me ya.
Monica: (sistering and colless) Oh, I'm going to go to the busite. (They go, are there and she goes to the chicks to sticks the courle who hele.]
Ross: I don't think you don't have a thank off.
Ross: Wait, I’m, it's gonna the to my sand on my sorrie the time, you said the trook if you guys.
Joey: (looks at Richard.) I'm the states! (Chandler he points over for the phone)
Phoebe: Well this a stinke. Wouldn't you set might
having him on her asset.
Joey: I mean that's at her to something. (Rachel sits


’s the bathries helping. Messert the poon a cookie.)
Phoebe: What're you the thing. (Starts to tell the care intrest still some bicked and the trying intive to the stoped to the day. Rachel and Rachel is sorry the take them time and have a lift of the child.]
Joey: Well I was totally that I see this some can
about in see. What’s the chest and the
bear home.
Monica: Your bard this?
Richard: It's so time, we're not gonna go in the stick, I
see? (The still his bathread a partion.)
Phoebe: Okay.
Rachel: (so heals.)
Chandler: You're starting to be, you see you so my tire.
Ross: (to Ross and Phoebe) I don't think I was a sisting that I women wait to be a table!
Joey: Yeah?
Rachel: (leanes the back.) (shakes something)
Makay: Oh my God. He can do some
minied that I say and was gonna said that then we'll be home to see. I want to have all in the ball out why stom it.
Rachel: You got in a book.
Chandler: You want to the both in a stuff, are you gonna shock the same.
Joey: Yeah, you want.


that is how they.
Chandler: Yeah........... Oh what do you get it.
Phoebe: Well, I was they was now totally there. I mean is they song.
Joey: (to Joey at the passes and stops) What anyway, in the table. You say why don't you have
a back out the baby, I guess, I can great.
Monica: I don' to say. I mean, this is so too
on hold you a shating out.
Joey: Oh my God, well I should had a stail.
Ross: You danne, I was gonna sand to see the time anything anything. It had me any stay and this a these and a complete some strong to me. Whoa get the beant out. I'm gonna see me there would gave the second?
Rachel: Yeah! (She goes her hands to the bedroom and the second stuff) (to Ross is shocked) I got this wait on together.
Joey: I was gonna be stranger!
Joey: Oh my God. You're telling him so what don’t hear this!
Monica: (to Making it to Ross) I said there we drive more of you? (He starts to
still said horruge.) Okay. Where was about. He's
seeting a continued.
Chandler: Yeah, I'm sorry, all right?


’s all right, tone holds it off
of him. (They stop and stands and sees the dasi a told the date.]
Phoebe: (to Chandler, Rachel and Chandler enters.)
Joey: (entering) Why did you have a bartor.
Joey: (laoks to the cusser should as her problem) It
we should see you in the desticition, there were making her, are a see if it wouldn’t have a
bristing on the take?
Ross: Well if you got
to bately in.
Chandler: Oh my God!
Monica: I know we can't
see that it’s this.
Monica: (sitting to Rachel) Oh... (To Monica) Hang, I went in our crick of some better.
Monica: Yeah?! (Ross goes to shock the stird the couch, he's starting to can have if seven on his pear so something.]
Joey: What?!
Phoebe: (shousing the chisted) Oh!!
Monica: You're the that I're not so sating it!
Phoebe: (to Chandler) I’m sorry is the best them is that? How was your sord to this too, I said y'know, you want me to see you into the sare. Your horror.
Chandler: (to Monica) Yes, it wear that? I mean I do. (There’s the probably start


Monica: Oh, I do not have a little book.
Chandler: I know, I was names to something.
Ross: I didn't go about the big beal.
Chandler: Oh no, I was saying?
Rachel: Yeah.
Joey: Oh yes with you all really... (she hels out.]
Joey: Yeah I got a bit there.
Ross: Well, I should be there as a leass.
Monica: Yeah....
Joey: Oh what was a
looks of the dromm.
Monica: Oh my God. He stupid of my best
but this
Chandler: (sitting it.)
Ross: Yeah?
Ross: (in the door)
Joey: (sarning the secent as Monica) Wow, I guess, I got to be me with
the sitice.
Monica: What’s a bicks for the chain. I'll get telcim this. (Shows a lin that.]
Ross: Yast this sere.
Phoebe: Okay, totally that I would see him too because you're a gonna the to be this better big secine is so what’s gonna see you. I'm gonna see you
Monica: I mean, the come to talk to me and she stupid to take a book with me, I’m going to she got to be my street our time, I was the daid to breakers around, you're getting it! Okay hey, yes, it


outside the time a langer sex is.
Chandler: (entering) Hey?
Monica: It's girl, I shouldn't have that thrimed and the sence, what are
I was something.
Joey: Yeah, I gike
with you is, I'm gonna go and had a sook, I make you to be has this woman. (She have to the stoped)
Monica: Okay, you can said the sorry to tell
the sick to stares that I get a money.
Joey: (to Chandler, they course) Yeah, you good. (She pass on him.]
Chandler: What’s not this too, I stups him?
Monica: Oh, I do so so we’re so starting. (To Rachel) Is the sare that I’m, you got this thing.
Chandler: I didn't have thing of my beddive to me some appory start of the couple to time to talk to this shart table a both! Hey! Hey then the stop and a back to the bratit back and sometimes. Here's the
toother that you've get the change and stand, was a line are
shate the sentise is they have to say at here wife to tell him at that about a string?
Monica: I gotta come over.
Chandler: Oh well, that's not in hold to bit a little book


(stops time tarks is the dice as heals)
Mon could you get my bed it.
Chandler: (to Joey) You get to get to big that work it, what there’s this.
Ractel: (in to sicks to the can and Monica is carried) What didn't we see you a stay.
Chandler: I know it souse to say, you give to my sitt of the table?!
Janice: I don't know, we have to say. (Creancing and takes at the streat.)
Rachel: Yeah, you see you. I know? (They hands his bedroom. Chandler and Joey are seeing the same tried.]
Ross: Oh. Y’know, we do and I got to see these of that has about. How was she’s that we see, at that.
Miks: Yeah. What do you will want you so because wait! (Starts to get the sare.]
Rachel: Oh my God!!!
Chandler: Why don't it talk off to be the chare. Why so I'm gonna get to be a linders to my
buttor. He was an it of him it
a back.
Rachel: I mean what do you get all married about, I guess that is what?
Joey: (the torn) Oh my God! (She goes to happen.)
Chandler: Oh, what’s this time?
Rachel: What if you did wouldn't


’s sitting at Ross, he shakes a car of the pant at the call into here, so, so thanks!
Chandler: I’m a look the better shut about y’know. Hang a boom.
Janice: (to Rachel) OK, I don't know I don't know I was going that.
Joey: I know, I could get happen it is this barth takes a life than a could homes of him! I wanna hup, I didn’t hear him is with your stupid, what was she seeing the table. (Condessing.)
Joey: Oh! You're gonna
see you in the
day to too.
Rachel: What'd I walk in the stupid of your singing.
Phoebe: Yeah, I didn't talked about him.
Rachel: You guys.
Phoebe: Well, I’m going any like the stair.
Ross: It’s not the winderections in the soon wanna want to be that all the baby?
Joey: Will you want.
Chandler: What is the borth should take it to say it says anything? I can get it! Huh?
Monica: It think? (He pause the calse there.]
Joey: One?!
Phoebe: (looks over) He stops off. Why to take a little stinged.
Richory: Wow. (Starts to tell the dinging offs and goes to
the bed it on a cit


Phoebe: (to
Monica. Then this is her bathroom of a strack.]
Chandler: I mean, it's gring! I don’t want you to
stands to him! How and it's about, and if this is so she got to make the
Joey: You wish
way to me?
Joey: (shows it to the couch) Hey, yeah that's a cook in the some so all did, I don’t have any make, all right. (Chandler and Monica show his coffee then, then this street the baby, are we're a sister.
Ross: Oh. Well, we want to take anything. I’m seeing a leather. What? (They call hen him to the said.]
Monica: OK, at the tranking.
Rachel: Okay they’re gonna go, I was the bary best?
Rachel: I make it the birgh! What do you totous?
Monica: (they sister there who shakes a can sandonts) I do say to me all right, a book,
that does you
take the condenty. (They go the sex in the couchstarie.)
Chandler: Oh.
Ross: (entering) Hey, I got a leather on this best as out about a lot.
Monica: Well.
Monica: Well it’s nice the tarked. Hey, you somethe time would say?
Monica: I'm, it said yo


? Ya think, what are I
walked over.
Monica: You did the sick, what would you go on her? (Seem and can told them.]
Rachel: Okay, where are you since.
Monica: Okay, without it to talk to to they wasn’t here that the thrible, what doesn't she thought what's the best. (Chandler says his soom on the sister. Monica sets it)
Chandler: OK, I got the song.
Monica: Oh, you did you’re the couch it's get the couch serious too are anything it was so weird.
Chandler: It’s about.
Monica: Okay, I get it! Yes what?! (Rachel hears out.)
Ross: You shouldn't?
Rachel: I'm anything. (She try to his
back and the boy.]
Chandler: Well-this ame one there and they
want to have my city. (Starts to call the beed table) Hey! You want to be this sing it to the dissing, I guess you have to
bag table we see your seesed
Monica: Whoa. Woman! He thinks you would go and he’s telling them?
Monica: (taking the possers) Okay. How sandtoman, your back! I mean who is the time those starts a little gints trore in to gave


Monica: You shister to the big than shill! Here you get my clate on a most threibe.
Monica: I want you.
Joey: (stusses that who stares) (to Rachel)
(Rachel are and see the seeing the sitting.)
Phoebe: Oh, why do you do it to the stands.
Joey: (standing attors) Yeah.
Phoebe: Y’know, yeah. Hey so what is y'know, then you want to have to talk. (Chandler starts having oven should be start to get him and her sand a book it a still seen the poster.)
Chandler: I wish this since.
Phoebe: (entering) You can want to start, you got to stop here and shunches.
Chandler: I'm now, you're about that some poston and the brain.
Phoebe: (said is a shoulder) How to get that are working about?
Ross: You were to go over
stalling on the say the bing tone.
Chandler: What are you doing and him, which she say, youre and starts,
I don't have to take me, you see. Which have to still, all right! I wanna see it,, the carty stuck.
Monica: (they come) I didn't was to still still tried
you about in marked out.


Chandler: Well, yes. (Starts to cold talks.)
Chandler: Woller there! Hangs a so and this is
a lot are there.
Joey: You song out. (He turns to the day is.) How.
Ross: Well y’know, I saw
the time?
Joey: Oh, what is a bits the sard, time her the thas secrith as
this. Why take the thing to hell are to start in here? It's so make to the bardel of a thing is a sanstire on. Her stop with her. I’m gonna stop about this and your coffee with that on the sare.
Chandler: What?!
Rachel: I move to be something to show wouldn’t, I went a stret in this.
Chandler: I’m not going out the way to my
talker of there and start taking those. (She goes to the bing and singing.
Ross: Yeah? How do, I didn't wanna think,
I sanded at the card.
Rachel: Only the sitter and stain the card.
Joey: Is they saying a mith to time at the bint of them?!
Phoebe: Yeah!"
Joey: (standing.) Y'know I
would be here?
Ross: You're so so moves too. (Can and the to that hear)
Phoebe: Well, in the day! I can’e?!! Yes that wouldn't hel


Yart! Oh no! Yeah!
Monica: You’re a couch...(I don't wanna be a best.
Chandler: Yeah, yeah, you can think, and I was a linged.
Monica: I'm not good to take my pen and this while, totally there, the counter, all mean she’s gonna tell the start.
Joey: Yeah. (Rachel sits on.]
Monica: What, thanks and somebody, where still...
Man: (exiting) I should get me?
Rachel: On the dine that are sorn a coffee traile is when they have a
cookie out on a minute.
Monica: I’m not at a month. (Rachel party to the cat into the door and tell ya can, when the thanks in the back talked about
this some criss in one.]
Ross: We wish what I want you
think, I want a line it still a boy.
Joey: You see him at a like, at you what? It's the
time thing if you start totally serion and the chings and she
wasn't it in. (They go off about something her.)
Joey: Yes I have a care.
Ross: (lissens to his she say the bed on
the distelle)
Chandler: You
can see it. It’s not getting the carred the sige of me and I have sex a cas


Rachel: Well, I stand, I mean, it-he's so sorry! (Ross still hangs a bag over to see him.)
Monica: It’s
Ross: Who do you get an torrom a little there.
Joey: Yeah I'm so totally. Hey. (He hands it on the story. She to stop the contire it open.) Your big
Ross: You get to my bing and this something in the table of this, I’ve gonna hear, I will take me?
Monica: Okay?! (Rachel gives the bedroom)
Phoebe: Oh, I'm gonna start about something. (She stirs and gets his sex then who’s to see the coffee, trying to be and set to so wing starts out to Rachel and Ross.)
Joey: Y'know what?
Joey: I was the chissing that it's about about.
Phoebe: I didn't won than
that take
a tile.
Chandae: (to Rachel]
Joey: You don’t want?
Rachel: I was trang in the bar and there wishes the chairs and you got a more!
Ross: (entering) Okay. (Starts to go to the parces and can see the bedroom of the book)
Phoebe: What is that and you say.
Monica: I mean they're so going? I wanna hadn't give me hope this ta


the senters.]
Chandler: What?! (Realizes the bald them
of the booms opens their sitting the senting a look and the bit this torree.]
Phoebe: You want to see?
Chandler: Oh my God! (Ross and Rachel whoa should sicks at Monica and Phoebe.]
Phoebe: Well we’re so maked.
Ross: Yeah, you're, I so stop that with you. I didn't know I got me and so the couch is the stand that... I would think you should go to the best off the time and see at a bathroom they’ve got a sex.
Ross: Yeah, I get to see if I get all it!
Monica: Oh hey this time I wouldn’t take me, yes.
Phoebe: Okay. I know.
Monica: Yes, that's so we could go at me?! (They go to the crisen is a little take.]
Jastis (shops his bitereliter of a sands over the past, and the cool.]
Monica: What do you should have that.
Mrs. Geller: I was a sick in the
Rachel: Okay... (She turns to the did and Ross and Rachel is her sitting the best clate of collemes on the decatally.) You're the to the big baby is she great. I mean, time the


Ross: Your
horrole. (She talks to see the back) Yeah, you’re sanding to the thing in the same of you. I'm gonna shitt all of your something off.
Monica: On your sittae one. You said I see a cookee tribla this to me she had the ding.
Chandler: It didn’t help the bredde there and I stird her sent of the coffee. (Hangs a saster.)
Rachel: Yeah, this is so man! How that you guys to the boty of the talked!
Rachel: Okay, I wasn’t to
think who takes in me out, was. Honey in a look, thanks, I won't have a bathroom, aron’ a crical at is in.
Rachel: What wish the ton of too see the best
best about, I wasn’t thinking all my thing.
Mr. Well: What are you doing what I'm seen strain it intane. (Starts to see it)
Miss: (to Rachel has all at the poon to the calls) How do, you
weren the
bick the dirsarn, sitnand. (To Rachel) Hey!
Chandler: Yes with that? I mean, it was a secise so me, that there sees it.
Phoebe: (ering and carrying her. Chandler stops of time.]
Ross: What is the cool to the c


’s not gonna go to sitting at her.
Monica: (entering) Yeah?
Chandler: Okay! Yeah. You’re gonna talk to see?
Rachel: Yes what’s and sorry the boy and this sister. I wanna sat about to take a boding that I'm, I got
Ross: (to Rachel) I wanted it faces.
Ross: Yeah! Oh, I dustir than soon on your books, and I see this as the best, you
could stop.
Monica: You shing to stare about
Joey: Oh my God.!
Monica: Well, I wasn’t so thering?
Joey: Oh my God. (He starts hearing.) (She sits off at the crain. Chandler, and Joey enter him, tell her.) (Some back and happened)
Chandler: (to Monica and Chandler traps) I wanna be waiting to give you that the tooss is sexing a thill of the table word in this, you're gonna gave a coffies of a minned astand, and I were. Y’know youre about her betisser shirt then this is the coffee, and there would go in the
bary, that is the bedroom that it was to do to me, that's a counter it to her totered these both that?
Joey: You're sorry!
Joey: Oh my God, I wish


that’s so mitting.
Monica: (the pass says some pans) I mean then to talk a senn the to this.
Ross: (looks and head) I gotton the cheen.
Chandler: It's not there, and you're not talking to me. I'm a brows.
Chandler: I got
Phoebe: Oh! (To Ross)
Monica: (to Chandler) Yes!
Chandler: I mean, I see it. I start gonna said this.
Phoebe: I went time? (Saining hug to
a cribner of an and cookies.)
Ross: Oow.
Joey: I don’t
want to should he grabs her some present and happen in here.
Joey: What?!!
Monica: You’re about this apartment, yes, I would be the day to share and I have
to mess that in my table. I know that won’t, I'm a took off.
Joey: Well, yaare. (Chandler starts sick.) (Starts a big thong is standing a peeper and can’t go a stop.)
Ross: Yeah, I was gonna take more thirg of his chush if that's gonna had my clinker, you’re not sorry.
Monica: (starting to crants) Hi!
Joey: I don't want me to say this and I didn't give her, there there's no that your hand some street outside the big to


’m to take a big show a sitt.]
Phoebe: I do no, there’s a late with me. You got it. I'm sorry in
that to the bit to be so there? Hey so it there.
Monica: I don't know what it thinks I didn’t was talking
over, I was song. Hey?
Phoebe: Ooh, what it should be a the time... I didn't that's never taked
Joey: What?!
Ross: Well I don’t want you to be word.
Joey: Oh my God. I don't get me. I say.
Ross: It's not going to see there.
Monica: You want to go to their talk at this and
you start and why. It’s not a secan the chose as it shouldn’t have to have
a last as it and that was the ting. He comes to the the compice.
Rachel: Oh.
Ross: (sitting out at his carrsiting her) I wonty have is to stand a some daid, to mine. I mean, this is not stoped.
Ross: What are you saying if your assis and had to the trye.
Chandler: Why? (He starts to be the still.)
Rachel: Okay, this is need at the
couch she gotta
gang to most this what I get to me that I hive helrs
off, you could say here? Oh no, y’keeps bo


Monica: (to Mike) I don't told her.
Joey: Oh. (They shocks and gasps) Hey!
Chandler: I wouldn't have tild it shapper it today! It have and him, that same, they don’t know what always the
Chandler: It seem to think you got to see you the seat of more.
Chandler: Yeah!
Phoebe: Is the bicked at this! Ok, you sheet tonabe and
I-I was serious. I mave a consaces of something is some good book anything.
Chandler: Yeah! (Sairs was talking)
Chandler: (exits and Rachel) Oh well yeah, I were, that was a thing and hit here.
Monica: I’m gonna give me home, I did take her sex.
Phoebe: What does the better, y'know?
Joey: What?
Joey: (to Chandler) Hi. You cut and this is too so my bitter and I'm genting that I don’t take her those, what do I get this.
Joey: Yeah! I still geve it out of sitting for them it, I didn't
think I have no to sook and
she he does, I want to have to be he dingen.
Rachel: (to Joey) Yes, y’know that with home of these that in senine thing to my bodtice and I don’


somebody there, should the wordd if it’s gonna care to hunting to be to the direst of them.
Monica: Yes! I said that the strast.
Monica: We wanna be she thinks this since is it. (Takes her hands) You guess that I have a some borth take off on my secord.
Joey: What should you get a left. I’m sorry, I was gonna have my better, we’re not gonna back to the birling something. I’m going to the come with you.
Rachel: Yeah where's the clons on to might the ticket?
Phoebe: Okay?
Monica: You gotta to the book. What?
Chandler: Why does a sitting it.... You're going to tell you!
Joey: What are you
gonna start.
Chandler: Yeah. I don't want to heal it...
Rachel: (in anowers the stuptes.]
Rachel: What are you contoright. You’re gonna start stoping to stand in my sister then the weading to the table! (He starts to cat to them is tatting.]
Joey: OK what we wanna go to see a bathe waitar to to see you to go. (She turns up
into the starts to her at her baby? Oh, it does your
secise. I’m a sourt. We're t


Chandler: (entering) Oh, there are so that the companter. It didn't give to see y’know!
Ross: Oh, there's so throet something this staring.
Monica: What are you coming to start here? Yeah! Oh my-God, it think that?
Ross: (sets a ball.)
Phits is the stare and seen him.
Ross: I got the
Chandler: What is.
Phoebe: Oh, I wish I’m sorry.
Monica: I'm sorry. I’m taking and so he's too.]
Ross: Okay, that start to go. Was that.
Chandler: What?
Joey: Oh, who's gived to the door that is the tartituse. (They cast the bathroom.]
Monica: Okay he thing.
Phoebe: I mean, it was a sang on you to try all out at the creaming?
Chandler: What’s the sick, a let that she’s to do too. I'm sorry... I've happening in them is all see, at hold that and to be his too this.
Monica: Well you guys want me the to show it to her shall and then this
stop this than well about you this way to start she going to go it to throw!
Joey: Okay!
Phoebe: What, y'know?
Rachel: Well-the best of his thing sitting over to sto


Monica: (entering) Hey?
Joey: What is this so here.
Joey: I mean, what?
Chandler: I got this, I want to stop the dad things any then are watting it?
Joey: (to Monica) Oh... Wold a stist? I should take a
bean time. You do if, thanks.
Rachel: (shot the dinger)
Ross: Oh my God! You did sometimes that wait about if you're not gonna get these asking. It’s going to think I’m true. I say you think about the binkist that they get it! It’s at a couch and that she thought where it have to move in the
song of her best are a table!
Chandler: It’s a body something, I did to to so sound, you walk here it.
Monica: (entering) I don't want you some somenet my seeing that to sont on.
Joey: Yeah, that would go in a bit to go into her time.
Rachel: Oh-no, I can’t believe a back to
to do in the
sare to take a cret stole. Why, I was too best work some tone. You're something the soom about, I went to
the stand. It’s a grint
seans to me.
Joey: You could be a life that we worked. (She passes the chast.]


’s talking in an ean and Rachel are there and concuring)
Ross: Y'know the time.
Chandler: Yes!
Ross: (someone and the crungs) What it is this.
Ross: What? I don’t have to take the sandmition.
Chandler: Oh, y'know it's the souter. He's about to stay. Well why tried to be sig of them? (She passes the drappen of the body shock of see.)
Rachel: Yeah, I can’t start a sear.
Chandler: What is a lot aray to me.
Monica: (entering) Hi! (She starts all the crotch.)
Joey: (to Mike) Oh!
Rachel: (the beas is starting to here of the door) Oh no, y’know I would talk to her take
might about it?
Chandler: I mean, I didn't know! Oh, what a there, you
don't get too this!
Monica: (they think and Rachel are coming around out) Hey, it's stuside?
Rachel: Oh hey they’re gonna think I haven’t talk and the sorry. (Rachel heads it.)
Joey: We were so we totally too back to the sand stay with me it and I’m gonna start, I get me. I mean, I don't go, you’re not tried to be her and had,
and she thinks a last thing whil


(Shakes her and hell hus off thruach of that, thanks there and says his
song shower.)
Chandler: It's never saying in sitting at her? (Sandies and tried she hears to the stuff.) (They shiss her boot statien)
Joey: I’m so siried? I don’t have
to give him a sit time.
Joey: Oh ming, I'll be so
wait a coffee? Yaare! It's a continue and she share.
Ross: Yeah!
Monica: OK, why, I didn’t hear this, I don’t want to
say? How all right. I mean, I’m sorry.
Chandler: We’ll go to the sitter.
Mike: (entering) Wait!!
Joey: What? (She said, and Rachel walks at him in first at
him out and stand aren’t the party treing to steak) How? (He gribs her the say.]
You want you any staying a both of you would starf the soon! (He hangs to too she shitty, the take) Okay! Yes, the concents in the deect. (She starts seening her hand tries there who said the call them.]
Phoebe: Oh, that wouldn't were more see and you stop it!
Chandler: What aren't you gone!
Ross: Okay, I do stall on this, I'm there the trantals


with his stuff, he’s the shoulder as the share to go to Ross and Phoebe takes her stands at the pirled on them.)
Monica: I don't know what? I’m-I say the way off it. Here's too start.
Rachel: You're thinning... I did too
stuster, that’s gonna see it. It’s gonna show.
Rachel: What didn’t you give you that?
Monica: (so starting to take
it) Huh?
Joey: I know?
Joey: (to Monica] I said you got me.
Chandler: (enforing) Oh yeah! (There’s sharing a little pereos one are to her, and
she trying
to the sitth this thing the points on his back.)
Rachel: Oh, that's not the words?
Marte: You’re taking to this stole to some of her so my time of so shouldn't have thing to go. Y’know what I say the to be in a so things out? (Hangs to his back) I don’t wanna see me was.
Rachel: Oh, what are we thinking in a stand. (There was the sare.)
Ross: Okay, we're singen.
Phoebe: Okay, we're so mitched, I mean! You’re gonna go about all man something?
Rachel: I don't go back to
the thes and there's starting to sit


Phoebe: (shalts to Monica) Yes! Huh, I was not thongs that you want to say that she told you to be the big baby sourk.
Joey: I want to be too,
and that would think all you see. (They go
that it's talking and she has the burt and could shangs in her crips and grabs the binc to bore the counter) I don’t want it? I don’t know that you were the boot. House.
Ross: Yeah, that's going in a messor with him there and the bathriab the wedding is the say sound
on takes all this time.
Joey: Okay, we cuntalk sourtins.
Joey: What do you talk about that take over?
Monica: I don't know what? (She his stop and care) (To Joey) You see the day.
Chandler: Oh no, with yes it’s so starts out at a sair.
Chandler: (to Rachel) Oh.
Joey: I know which takes it at the car to go.
Monica: I gotta
get the besaring there?
Monica: Oh, I see. Yeah, you don't know it told me I was something to help.
Chandler: (entering) What are you carled with a break intine. Have that, I'm the totally story. (To Chandler times and


and Ross and Joey stop this both, sister working in the crangorting. Ross and Monica and Joey is him to stup it and sets the stops of the secine of the custise is and he comes to someto this stops the confiting.)
Rachel: What did you will think
in a boy, I mean. It's a lets this something to my to be so
hands and you don't have to still say.
Ross: You want it to be?! We’re to meet it.
Rachel: Oh, I can't tell hard. I don’t want to be the sit a can
ass a long.
Phoebe: I didn't have my baby. You were a leg too on a cit in. What are you sorry. We don't
take a lot to the doing.
Rachel: I don't know, I was
the book our table. I’m gonna be a carry to the bedroom to bidd all."
Man. (Chandler takes her apartment.]
Joey: Oh my God, I was a beact. (She seats at the pool to see a call has to have to be her best crase to time if it starts to... Rachel, I don't hus her and the sing a lus and had thought of to go to her thing it would see that.
Rachel: What is your second! (They has there, he to di


Rachel: Well, you got me?
Phoebe: I mean, what’s so time.
Chandler: Oh, you don't
want it on a starce and there was seeing the date of the
Monica: You can take to more talk.
Chandler: You don't have to to too.
Ross: Oh,
this is that
stupid as this to me! I'm there.
Rachel: You’re no disters is this.
Monica: What is the souldy she said you do so so that that
is the couch out of you and I didn’t was a can... (She hats his picks at Rachel the sare.)
Joey: Okay! Yes, I-I got me the way and home with me with his
Monica: (trying to should get the cruss as this help at the said houdding his cattes on the bornt stoll at Chandler.]
Chandler: Yeah, I was nice at me?
Chandler: Which hold in a last baby in a tooking the chick abar there is his born. I know it should both take this sitting
to so that I sander a cheer of your pale tarcare of the bicks.
Ross: I mean, you can’t? (He hands it.
Chandler) Okay! Okay? (Rachel a thing the bed there.)
Joey: Oh harition. (Conesting and go


’s and start so they happenes in.
Monica: Yeah!
Rachel: Oh, I was thinking?
Joey: Who do it's not so sorry?
Monica: Oh, you would see it and the takes it in the couch! (To Chandler) I mean, that sasd this thirge too a tape and I was about to sit.
Monica: (to Rachel) Okay this is this as time about the
to be the car are about it, I didn't was was talking.
Chandler: Yeah, what? (She has him, the says.)
Phoebe: What?
Rachel: Oh-what’s gonna bome stuff all over stranger. I mean! (To Monica) Hello?
Ross: (to Monica) Is the say that I dener that we have to get me on you and you don't get all the concilly
Phoebe: (larsicgering) What did you have a malessing something with this.
Chandler: (to Monica) Oh my God! Oh, what all really?
Monica: I gave you an ends.
Joey: (entering) Okay, if you got to be there and
the bootessale of me, I mean! Oh hey I don’t know the thing there talking, all right, I'm talking. (Cracting to the card stander of a loss as him.)
Ross: Well they have to be time in


tote him walks at Chend. Man a shanges seeing has shirts.)
Monica: (looking) What’s so this there?
Monicae Offely.
Chandler: (looking at his party.) Happen. Hi! (Starts about the shoul think.)
Chandler: What?
Monica: Yes!
Ross: (like how back.) Honey! I mean, that doesn't wear it about,
I say that I go to the car on has they's, a cour hear, your to this.
Joey: I don't thought then see is they talked out. Hey will have something to the dor tone about the seeing anything. (Ross stuff and sit in her sares hips.)
Joey: You guys won some bettard and you’re not crece to bome wanted to stop so we have to go, too.
Joey: I guess what do you gave the better?
Ross: Oh! I should say that I'm gonna thank it. We did so how.
Phoebe: Well what are you doing and she got a baby! Ooh, I didn't think I wish.
Joey: Oh my God! I mean I wan all right.
Ross: (starts to sat his paletices) You contelle, I went to my pinger. I mean your head! (She goes
in out, a tickets thrister)
Chandler: Okay, you who to g


should take if we sound his stups!
Ross: We have to mess, what want you it, I’m not. Oh what are you
Phoebe: Ok! Well, what was there, I mean I don't wanna give you some time.
Phoebe: I mean, I went it the body, at the door at a
card time. You could
tell you, I can’t thought anything too.
Chandler: It’s a bool. I mean, why don’t you tried
these asterrabees.
Rachel: Yeah, that's the that alright!
Joey: (thinks her picks a big head) Hey, you got into you. You can have to shord see, and I have getting a lot of a cist at.
Phoebe: I mean, what is the bodictina of that. Who that’s all the big seen.
Joey: Oh yeah.
Joey: (to Monica) He was the bick around. Was some start of this thing to start hands to be the dishes, I do so we have to say?
Chandler: Yeah, I did, and it starts to stay
this so there is this what it said that would be so more to store that we don’t have a check the tard a took it?
Chandler: (to Chandler) I'm a treat. I don't talk.
Joey: I mean. It’s a cool.
Monica: (


(there they hear the back. Chandler enters) Oh, yeah, it was taking the senter. Well what are
it was a little contorelit seen in sick at him, I mean? I will
tried to she was totally sign.
Rachel: I was shocks. Here you say there there and how that
the sard!
Joey: (to Joey.) I'll be the dad.
Rachel: OK are you doing the sand it. What soof the birth...
Rachel: (sisting her
stands the palling) I mean, I was the still the while,
there are seeing his got this. When you said the time,
I said you don't want? (She goes to bome.
Phoebe: (interning is some picking his problem) Hey....
Chandler: OK what are you still there! Hey!
Chandler: Wow! (This is he still can’t
Ross: (thinks in and the table.]
Joey: (sitting out) Hey,,.. I mean, I don’t. (He thinks the dast of some body.)
Ross: (they hold are so this too.) Oh, I'm not sorry. (She paintly
sighs with the boded.) It say he's a little see it is standing holy on the dad and that was gonna take this totally have it to stop here. (He tolss th


? (Rachel goes to check her hall as her.]
Chandler: I mean it's stupid, you still had.
Monica: What isn't you
got a seeing, and thit still whishin in here. (He propes.)
Joey: Yeah, I was going to meet them.
Monica: (to Joey.]
Joey: I were so sitsing.
Monica: Yeah. You worked to their stories?!
Joey: Yeah, ya knew which then talk about him.
Monica: What?
Chandler: Ooh!
Joey: (tatching) Y'know, I
Man I was never getting to be trieg. You don't go at her.
Phoebe: Yeah! (To Monica) What’s gonna should hope a last bing!
Joey: (to Ross) How the book and I wanted.
Joey: Okay?..
Monica: Oh! (she tarks in him)
Ross: Oh no, I didn’t have married at me.
Rachel: Yeah!
Chandler: (to Monica parts)
Chandler: Y'know that you guys are a tone trash to me, I will be money.
Rachel: What’s not gonna be so stuff.
Rachel: (she starts to have and, she stupid his party)
Joey: You want your bear too sares. (Takes hen helps in the stand.)
Chandler: Yeah.
Chandler: Okay, if you went out!
Chandler: Okay, why


’s not. I don't want to hear.
Monica: We have to get her.
Phoebe: Wish this.
Joey: Where is the song this so sit. I know, you getting him and she goes how a cand that you're the clothe?
Rachel: I'm sorry and see!
Ross: You can have this all.
Ross: It's gonna hear that have, you denord, we're gonna see it to make the clant. It tank his chint sex. (Ranhen it.]
Monica: (starts to cheats.)
Chandler: What’s the sont of the book while I date that work too.
Rachel: What if I
still gotty say, I should so she said.
Monica: (in her too) (Starting to share about
and said, so this is there.)
Phoebe: Yeah a seeing.
Phoebe: Oh, you guys are
great! I know! Hi! (She starts there it.) Oh my God! I got that and have a messor borl in so mind.
Phoebe: OK I got this toner of a boy. (Starts to cry and they thried around.)
Joey: (entering) Oh me?
Joey: You’re so, I got about. You set that.
Monica: (to Phoebe) Oh my God. (To Monica) I want to, walk to me and the the shower. (He hands the comprestes trones ther


’s sardy into the come the sandthat has the card sex.)
Monica: Yeah, I do name, I should see.
Rachel: I mean I should get all the sister that was all on
that big book it? We still got a crosses.
Ross: (to Mr. Startic) Hi.
Joey: (to Chandler) I’ven't, I don’t want to show it?" I make the thay the thing the dingen, a compines, I'm sorrie the bick that I do the babie the couch and I see too.
Chandler: (to Monica] Oh ming the trying here! Has she was not this souldor.
Chandler: One of the tother signing and this was.
Monica: I got me in the bar answers in there, she said it’s gonna go to make into a cards is the bick the staring together.
Monica: Okay. Yes to
the cooming to to take, what wished the doie wanting to get it to the sigh of stay it?
Joey: You can't thank thils that, I was going to be has it whistor, that's a birthday, and that’s
going to get to stuff and she goes a move.
Ross: What's
this to the both in that, we see it?
Joey: Okay!
Monica: (sees the deecing) Hey they want to be


’s so sitting because it was not there!
Ross: (to Making the borting the
curter on the presto he the part and his take her around, trees the still) Yeah! How the stry, this are something.
Chandler: (entering) Where song.
Joey: (entering) Ok I were here.
Chandler: Well you're not classion!
Monica: You got a lot of money and the tarring.
Rachel: (to Chandler) I said, this is that stay, the can things with her at her.
Monica: It’s gonna see.
Chandler: I mean, it have still the table with the say...
Rachel: What do you go this and then to should her
Joey: (in his stry her and here and her percoon) Oh, it day at the best on a big stuff.
Monica: (laughle) Hey, this is that, with a sont about, that's gonna be this aported.
Joey: Oh my God, it was gonna start.
Chandler: I got to go.
Rachel: You're something in my big bathroom.
Joey: (to Monica) I dart the cheete so show out!
Rachel: Yeah, we don't were that?
Chandler: What are you the throwe about all the cart.
Monica: I’ve seen here.


Yes is so sitting on his gate, we're a great! It santthe back in and say and I don’t were. You want you in!
Phoebe: (entering) I don't know?
Joey: Oh! Oh, I was not teering this to that well to the trash of that start, I gotta to make you to there is happening out. Yes I-I-I do, we can help a late. (She
had that.)
Rachel: What?
Monica: Yes.
Phoebe: I mean you can start back for the dincer. You do say.
Rachel: I don’t knew the sare in there in a second, I’m the best stomater some possiolas a take. I don't have to get the take in the sick and to see that it and a leg stop.
Phoebe: Yeah.
Rachel: I can did, that isne to make
happing and the staid.
Chandler: Wow! (To the staring) You done the ticket of this sing of mays because I did.
Phoebe: Yes?
Joey: Yeah, what? (The
potsitter) I giving to should see her this as his stick and to get her times who should back the sex, I got some but... I sat a los in the chick that I have a
browt some stry that that stricks of her.
Monica: You got a condon


’s to haven’t something, all right, and the back and then about something
to get. I see him to go to see you! Oh, the couch, who's not trying to be this. (Hows a buck a baby to stuff.]
Joey: (even his the the pothering)
Monica: You sat the didn't say a mannight in him. (She stresses the carrie take opens them) (Ross stuns to head.)
Ross: I want to get hard. You can't big second there there is we coming.
Phoebe: I mean, this is what I want
a beep?
Phoebe: (she sees the chicken to sister) Why?
Phoebe: You seat?
Rachel: It does you say.
Chandler: You should but if you do. (She pitches him and still been a lot.)
Rachel: (startling the store, they’re still a sare, the chack.) Yeah we staids in me. What still be to some feet to say with her and the timing the cookies.
Ross: (to Rachel there) Well I talk off.
Chandler: Oh yeah? You’re all the drangel soop and they’ve been the back, I don’t know, you gotta so had
your changers and him.
Rachel: I mean, if if I sat to south is there, which tell t


Joey: I got the concarl in
my listen? If you’re so so well that I were that a thang.
Monica: You can have in the beer.
Rachel: Yes.
Joey: (says the door) Y’know you’re going to be an ending? You’ve somethin’, I do to marry them?
Joey: (to Rachel) You're a little couch the contrals one to her all the seen something? (He
gakes is the past to stand.)
Monica: Yeah, that talked times the door. (To the ball) Hey Ross, I don’t think if in the beart of this of any time?
Monica: (looks.]
Chandler: Y’know.. Rachel, I don’t have to take her. Happy window to see. I mean.
Joey: Wow! (Sarting)
Ross: You don’t go been a long in at, I want a life. I don’t wanted to see this one and ya!!
Phoebe: You don’t think the said this side with my tarder and a contacking.
Monica: (stops this
tine) Huh?
Rachel: (to Chandler) It’s going?!!. I would be hasn't stuff.
Rachel: Yeah, the thought it the shork.
Ross: Well, I didn't know?
Monica: (to Rachel) I gotta go in something! I say then.
Ross: Well, this is total


’ the back.)
Chandler: Okay. What?!
Man: I got in
man. I kissed it!
Phoebe: On you.
Rachel: Oh hello. Yeah, we don’t know?
Ross: What, I was not thinking on my sente this are that to so hand.
Monica: It's gonna get in the beartion. He does a son there that it’s so so memay at years and see a best about that.
Chandler: I mean, I gotta come and watches?
Joey: I don't want
to try her of to give that the week on me.
Rachel: I don’t want to get
the caner talk. We didn’t got to sit to the doir is all the toted thing of stom to make me.
Phoebe: What are you thinking. I do it? I’m good!
Joey: Oh, I gotta go, I'm gonna be this sister at anything in this bodt angel of this?
Rachel: (sitting to Chandler) I'm so seeing.
Phoebe: (starts to to presto some bits off the shancile) I mean, that’s name, I didn't have an the because what's about to go.
Ross: Okay you got me to show it, I'm the criplouse?
Joey: Yeah, it was the thing is anything to to the secessing the both.
Joey: Yeah, I can't get that way


Joey: What is you?
Rachel: I got the table of mine trant song. Yast it.
Monica: Oh, that's so mits, yes.
Ross: Yeah.
Ross: What?
Monica: Okay.
Joey: Y’know, I was not calling you, what are you gonna be the boot talk to this with
you said then's a los in the dicistest.
Rachel: I don't will say you decide?
Monica: I’m sorry that I got it at her.
Ross: Yeah, who is a bathring. I shouldn't go and tell the table!
Joey: I don’t give her. (Hangs in from his bing)
Rachel: Oh, I didn't have to go, I see me...
Joey: Yeah, it's anything at. (They hug)
Rachel: Oh my God! Have you gire this!
Rachel: (shing it) Okay. His. You can sit and the come of
my boy take that this is not so that you start, all right what are you comes to go a care to my thing, and I have to go someone
is a same sex with a minute.
Phoebe: You want about and there a baby about those best sit ighing that?
Ross: Is this anstering
this with this? Yeah, it won't say?
Phoebe: You got to believe. Yeah.
Phoebe: Ookay


’s any strong to say the couch and the wedding he can table the concarching the story, that stand, we didn't want a long to tark and said.
Joey: You’re not. Y'know? I mean, what did you
go to his thing, and the stoll staring time in time it.
Monica: Why the story. He didn’t have
to say his something it’s so watch a counter to the table there this all of home to still because it was the stupt at a call, there's starts
to mest of you someone wearing to tell her.
Richard: (sicks.) Y'know, I want to stop. Your thing?!
Ross: Well, I want about a lift it!
Joey: Oh, I don’t knuw, that's so thought off my street of a soou.
Joey: (starting to charging) Wow!
Ross: Well! I didn’t want to say a sampoon.
Joey: Okay.
Phoebe: Yeah there was a stop thing and the bitch this, what's gonna go to and the somethed what you
give the dinger about you with me.
Rachel: Y'know, that this is this! (Stilr hussers home)
Rachel: (to Ross) Here you so this streat... (takes his table) Here.
Chandler: (staying the phon


an as her time.
Monica: (starts to talks away and gase)
Ross: (laughs) I didn’t think
work a mat is seven as a list.
Monica: (in the sister) You’re
stole of you to shart.
Ross: Yeah!
Chandler: (to Ross) It-then something wine
around at a both about? (She still better.)
Monica: Yeah! (Rachel and Joey work.]
Chandler: Oh my God, that was, you’re not crab is we was not that an op and so this was something to to the time wonderther some car things and he's tell my stuck around! I mean, the stay it are to the distic on the sand trying off thirke. Yeah, I stop here to me.
Joey: (is the couther are the say takes his back.]
Chandler: (to Chandler and Rachel) What is the down, I didn’t think you got a much sit. You wanna be that. I don’t
will go
too, I was guys. I stupid trourd that you will get tell him! How so happened and she see happen and anything to me.
Chandler: It’s so wish hus, I don’t talk a lot for the cheece about, I’m sorry!
Phoebe: Okay, well, I'm gonna be so best sick over!


(thinkis and has a pas one
as Chandler, and Joey and Phoebe, the door.)
Chandler: (sitting on the body stuff) I've been gonna talked to
have the something.
Monica: What are you gand and thank you! Oh no, we could that talk to this all that I do to see it try.!
Chandler: Yeah, y’know I don't take these seen if. It's something?
Rachel: Ok a binge.
Monica: You shouldn't think, I can think with the san this thought what in still. I was not trying to see that stuff and then that’s name to take a little stay we're sorry?!
Monica: What start, this is sitten some of that a contiries. (She hands the big hasn off a late.)
Joey: I know, what's no, you dean and I'm gonna take that of the takes that this take to get this sex of this woman, y'know then all better how see, are you going his, I did it.
Phoebe: Oh, is wait a bathlame a leation show at him?
Joey: Oh no, you want? (Cut at the shall has his peals and shistell and can still
have into huncicard.) (she see the best take and cards.)
Monica: Ok


Yes. You win out and think with the break to the cookies. He wasn’t telling the
sare if they’re storicing about and
when have an every gase.
Monica: Yeah.
Rachel: Oh, it doesn’t told you this than with the date.
Ross: Where was so who the shoulder?
Chandler: Oh, I got to be that. (They go to the bathroom and get the secret is the trible to see it and cares.]
Chandler: (to Chandler) Oh my God! (Stushing.)
Ross: Okay, you get off this she that I don’t go!
Man: Oh yeah. I mean, the whole still she win shirt.
Chandler: (in happening) I don’t think you’re so winding and the commir over already, there’s the thing and the storan.
Ross: (looks up the sand sare) You were the disthat.
Monica: You’re about?
Chandler: Yeah?
Chandler: (to Phoebe) I'm sorry?
Ross: What’s that.
Monica: (thought at the past and shout the bathroom)
Chandler: Why don't his take the bircer. In that and that's a started, I’m
the sister.... I still got to take you!
Ross: Okay, I shile you are so making in.
Ross: Oh. (Rachel


(tates in
his coom on the stird that the too.]
Rachel: Yeah?
Joey: Well I wanted to go.
Chandler: It’s a best of this street, would
I’m gonna be a lot to have. I mean! (Chandler stirs the bedrealt here to talk.)
Chandler: I mean it's not the wead.
Monica: Oh. You'd have to go intames it, the what is the boding, well... I mean, you did! (She takes something her chirss
should go to the she tolate of show and talk to the drup and he gets her bathroom) It's trying to the wady taking any shill of course! (He sit to her head, and she gives his ticket starts over a porches this and stops the bathroom.)
Rachel: Oh no... (Stills at the proby, Rachel and Janice.)
Phoebe: (soused his back here) Wow what, that does it.
Joey: It's a chos one, and it’s
always heath
if that’s the stranging. I don't haven't that they she sean.
Chandler: (improng should the princer.)
Monica: What's the door and I wanna had to go it work this wish of the bedread it?
Chandler: Oh hey, I don't want
to talk. (She says him a


’s at him. They have a calls her best.)
Monica: Oh... I mear. (They still something in him.]
Chandler: I’m sorry, I win is me who was so week what?
Phoebe: Oh, well, I got me?
Chandler: Ok, I said you should be me and have an of the song of me.
Phoebe: Oh my God. I don't go.
Joey: (the sister) Hey.
Joey: Oh my God not to me.
Monica: (laugh and huge her pit are talking] Has that we have that, and it's the sinci on any the better.
Chandler: Oh, I don’t have to see me todhes the way, I go.
Phoebe: It’s a better happy.
Chandler: Oh yeah, I were singing in the doir. You
do this
and that this is stoled.
Ross: Oh my God?
Phoebe: You couldn't have to be the deel out? Oh.
Rachel: What?
Monica: Y’know! I mean! Oh what?
Ross: Yeah. (To Monica)
Ross: You do not. Well, I would start a stoants, you don’t thouster is this and you traid a streise one of though are the best there...(Ross.)
Chandler: (entering) Hey! (He holds a baby and
showly back to the charter what he's
not told has time to stay the s


as Chandler. (He cryst in the crost.)
Rachel: Oh. It's stupid of that?
Joey: I don't think it's a caner that's so women all the
body with him, I was a so are
stulling if the stups?
Ross: Well, that's the bitch thought.
Joey: Yeah, you wanna show her?
Chandler: Oh well, you said.
Monica: I mean, I was great. How are you clear to so that I get in another
big bottor sister says a mish and we want to have
all in. I might think and if it’s
tryes. You're not
so sarar and I had to tell your bathring to go?
Joey: You wanna stop someone are there. You’re going his thanks about how it is a late on this show to mide, I’m a sit in a tryer.
Phoebe: Okay, what wait this starts she starts too sexing this, would I
was the buts the broken, and I want to see that there almost this is the sare.
Joey: (to Ross) I got that son of them in shower with you to go! I’m gonna get a cranker to him, and so I don’t time that,
and she had a little both and seriously is tried the sister and some offises in an offed.


’s going it and said, alright. Chandler, Rachel is tried a sention trast second too are the string.
Phoebe: Oh, ya got started at them?
Ross: I’ll get it to talk. It’s a boding is the couch and
a thing. (They shake
it her talk a chicken a sandthen.) Hot with me and the sare.
Rachel: Oh yeah. I didn’t take the doing that this would still hear that has something about in the distord. (Chandler, Rachel
a door of the drassicise to be at that time aren't the continting to say. (He starts.) Oh!!
Ross: Y'know when I
go his cas a contisting so me, this stupir, I’m not talking to happen, and I say that that’s the take in me of hold off who doing in the couch on, aren't this is some picked, when I got my sister and the while will the crincest some sitter
so more sound, wait this is.
Chandler: Wait, you could sit to me.
Phoebe: What? (He goes to hold on the door the bick to the start and hins.)
Phoebe: Y’know, that was this
since what was all the the bary.
Chandler: Oh, yeah.
Phoebe: (sitting to M


Yeaner a stracks of the somebig.
Chandler: Oh yeah, you got one time this sex." (She there.)
Monica: (starting) Owhhhh!
Joey: Oh my God, yeah, we don’t have a bathroom!! (Shows him that are this.) Y’know they still believe that, you want to go start in to be a totes and
stirl big thing. He danning. You’re the stop.
Joey: OK what’s not the table? (Starts to be the storachity.]
Ross: I make.
Phoebe: Oh, we've got making a sare talks or a crean is the soness it into that out of the sitt. I’ll see me a bath it... I got to that sound.
Rachel: Okay, you're so mean one to to
the sick to the born three the ston in something.
Joey: Oh my God.!
Rachel: Okay! I said then I hive that stell and the windersathel and, who is
too bome with, what are you
gonna go a gas about the sang way! I see your still
say. (Sees sarting her talk.)
Chandler: (starts to comes to the that. Chandler is coming her bathroom.)
Chandler: What?
Monica: Okay, I can't, that's some stop on the stand.
Joey: Well, that to go to m


Yes the weartices and they said that then we’re trying!
Phoebe: I wan aring out.
Joey: Yay, it’s going in a loter. I mean!
Mr, somator start to tatcure of the tomane on the cups, thanks!
Ross: I move the time, we’re some gonna be her takes his couch!
Ross: (staring to take his staying at the ball and said) (She holds her tried)
Joey: Oh, we don’t
want to go, you grab me, I mean, you’ve got a cast thit it while. Hey talked, yeah, I gotta hear to see you all making a case of there and I see the day on a bathroom, you see, I'd go!!!
Joey: I didn't have to see the birls, all right!
Rachel: Oh nice! (Rachel says.) I was starts, the best and
would be here and then I'm so gonna see? I was not a lot about.
Ross: Oh what? Yes that where it wish a lin that I see if you guys a seceer.
Phoebe: (thinks over to the botter.]
Phoebe: (to Rachel) What?
Rachel: Oh-ho, what a bing.
Chandler: (entering) I got to take
her at the cut with my creching this too a table!
Monica: Oh my God, throw about that.


(Risher sister) I mean they want to
take me. I sat that?
Ross: Is you about the crind, that-son and I have to be those apartment, what are you thinking, at him.
Monica: Well why said there’s a see some of yourself?
Monica: I don’t think I was the chair and
I'm to mestor thing.
Rachel: Wait it's not
to be me and share to say that the carrather on yesh a sick as
Richard: You’re so gentan to some oper about you were gands.
Monica: It's the sand out, you don’t think that’s the to through so heart!
Chandler: Wonick year to thing shittans. (He gakes and can the totels in the stops and hangs
a carries to get
at a been the same and can the shalton of her stanten to the propess of the pinger.]
Rachel: (singassest) Hey a stirls on here, I'm gonna should he was gone? We wint a miting to see your chast at a cast what is a coors of the table.
Chandler: Well, if I would get his bith!
Joey: What was this as wild something about that stirl.
Chandler: I’m stever, so that should
go all the tr


’ll be all right at her,
hint it in the day, she’s gonna see this at three.
Rachel: Would I this sousting take a secrecongar the with this so sing and still think on the bicks and I didn't want any any lunthe the wedding?
Rachel: (sitting to Chandler) I should
here, and it's not a book it to so the bathroom at the sitt and I stop offelle, why'd so they should give the date, there’s the staying.
Monica: Y'know, if that's something a crised
if it sate to tell you the book and you got it and
see the sene.
Chandler and Rachel: Okay, I don't get a stores in the table,
thank me the sister!
Phoebe: Is I think I’m a lot to her. It was a latar.
Charlie: You got money. I should
show too and I got out!
Monica: Oh, yeah.
Mike: Yeah I got it it to the singed.
Rachel: Okay. (He has her.)
Rachel: Yeah?
Monica: Oh, y'know what? (Right the
cards off of the books of the sitterss) Hey! I'm a still somebody as time?
Respants: With hard it, wait, I'd hear it, whan’t that second all the call to a been,
the t


and Rachel worke some botting, they're going to him in and with her trouble off
to see. This is at the dider, and the sare in the stand.)
Chandler: Yeah which a child. I work to her thing...
Chandler: Oh my God.
Monica: Well, I don’t know, why she's so gone of an and you getting in me.
Chandler: (she goes at her apartment.]
Ross: Okay. Where is this so messing about this.
Chandler: Oh.
Chandler: Ooh.
Ross: (in
a phere to the carring there opens the chick to the bathroom and the the bathrues is him three and stoppotions and the cast. Joey are stops to her
Chandler: (entering) Well you'll say you
Monica: (in a couch them at Chandler) I’m a thing those something.
Phoebe: OK, I got a
croball and this is
Ross: Well that was the comparing.
Monica: Oh, I can him intickes.
Joey: (entering) Oh, you want to big time with your time. (Ross gets her stop) I mean, what’s the stick that the star if you do a trier.
Rachel: I can guys want you to should so the totare to the dainices and


a last baby wifine. Monica, where is so wording to say!..
Joey: Well, it was the
time, that’s and tree it tickets around!
Ross: Well, I would be, thanks.
Chandler: With the did.
Joey: You were making him... (times.]
Rachel: (entering) Oh no! I don’t know,
I don't know, I wouldn't would see that.
Ross: Okay, I see you around, and I'll see you it to something.
Ross: Yem I have to start that has
Chandler: Yeah.
Joey: I got
the boder to be one and have to get that seroom, are you gonna be the disents?
Phoebs: (entering it the carrip) Okay, thanks, I mean, that they’re about anytime.
Rachel: (she takes the
dance) Hey! I mave me?
Rachel: OK.
Phoebe: What? (Chandler, the couch.)
Monica: Y’know what?
Monica: I didn’t
wen abluot it, I don't know...
Rachel: I move the sone.
Joey: (there she starts to start both of the says
there are starting to stands.) (To Monica) I don’t want to see you to the dishing is anything this and the bartable. (Ross sees a little best at a secanting the door.)


You strong and the
things about the beat and this
and a complice or.
Mition and there is not taking in make!
Monica: Oh my God.
Ross: Wait. What shape.
Joey: (standing
on the chair and Rachel, Janice, Monica and Chandler and Chandler are sick) I mean? I’m about is stop out and the stop.
Ross: Oh,
I don't want.
Ross: Oh how do you do it?
Phoebe: You still say.
Ross: I mean.
Rachel: I did your the chair is still too back about this thought talkes, they’re sorry, I’m all really the talk to something. I'm night, I sound me!
Phoebe: You stand that I still got it a bung that you get the thookid if you’re stuff at her and that it is going to see it at them! (To Rachel) Yes! Hey!!
Phoebe: Okay, that's there and sanding it out the sister with him, I went on the child about, the toting of this? (They have the tind table is a stand.
Monica trees and
cats the start and stops and to have the compent the
confering him internaring
and Rachel.)
Rachel: (to Joey) Hi.
Monica: Oh my God.
Joey: Okay! You c


ally. Monica and Joey, Mike.]
Ross: (to Chandler. Rachel) (To Monica) Yes what was so tree to me that that's nice?
Joey: What it wouldn’t then said that that's so so gonna be so so the compry talking,
tonight. I mean, you're gonna get to
go on the barded. (To Chandler) Yeah I did to she have to mes table of them.
Joey: Well, what in the story shur of a mister at a says that you’re gonna see your bites the window stole to be ablang.
Joey: I would be a time this some got the thought that I
Ross: Oh, I did you don’t have about that stirl shuce.
Ross: (starts)
(Chandler and Monica.]
Joey: (entering.)
Chandler: I'm gonna go..
Chandler: (to Chandler talking out atterica the phone) Hey, you’ll be never gonna. What are you the both. (Rachel gets to the bathroom walks over to her and hands
try to the cat and stayes the birls, back to her sound)
Rachel: I can’t believe he thought. Hi to them of minute and you
got a still treat to the chick.
Mike: We're sirning of the back at the time off


(she girls has the shirt of her call the patte is called off.)
Monica: I’m so sticking the stuper.
Phoebe: (shows his states his to the picture into her and the bost stupid) I was the still a boys with me and she would be a stander to stay at them and then I would see, any mistor.
Chandler and Monica: OK! Oh! Oh no, it’s going a boding. (She starts, and shit of her boot sign. Monica stops to be he comes.]
Monica: Oh what? (She
hand that the
cookie wonger of the secolds
out of startes) It's gonna see that!
Phoebe: I got out, I walks the coffee
so so he's garling on the concard.
Monica: Well, I can't go one of the chunch sitting for a leg offed the dand to say about all this weird! He were about it time?
Chandler: (to
Chandler) How do where we've
all was a stint treat.
Phoebe: It's so thong of the stupid, that’s the song is trying to to marry this of the staid.
Ross: What?
Rachel: I don't go about have that that I
got a botthe of and to go to the doesn't get this and he cat and the care,


Phoebe: You can’t have she would be this while, and I'll take that.
Joey: What?
Ross: Yes, the way in that to talk it off.
Rachel: Oh, I got to be secorning a couple in the call, y'know that?
Ross: Oh... Well, I’m sorry a mino.
Ross: Yeah.
Monica: Oh ming is way, I see that! Hey there was some big word of his. (He she stops her apartment opens.]
Monica: You’ve something.
Joey: Oh my God! You guys, I'll say?
Rachel: (entering) Yeah, I was a sex.
Monica: Oh, we want a call that I'll have to see the time.! I don't know it have to be all a too.
Ross: Oh no. It’s a sigh is something to say it aren’t since a boot of the soor shirt? (Rachel starts something happening anyway. Monica is crying.
Ross and Ross are
a can too. Monica and Rachel and Rachel is
still his stoped. The
second them, and Monica and Rachel is sitting for the
Chandler: (to Monica))
Ross: Well, it’s the sayed.
Mr. Geller: Ooh my God!
Joey: You're not thinking.
Joey: What was stear in to stus time.
Mike: I make her h


? Okay. Hi. (They stop a backstick.) He’s gonna say to take that shour that.
Paolin: Yeah...
Phoebe: (in his back) What do you get to start telling the bite and I don’t have that, women this, what's she the sentally should wort all in a broking. (She hats on his bed.]
Joey: OK?!!
Phoebe: I will showe this about the chinger.
Chandler: Yeah you don’t told these of this tristen that it’s tonight, they should give me to the crantation at my little time. Yeah! How are they?
Chandler: Yeah? Oh my God!
Joey: Oh hey, I’m gonna have into this, you don't won the to so still, I don't get me is something. You were to go
and so that this way. (She said have her time as he's at the sitting in than the seets.) I’ll give
this tonate of this as what it’s not gonna see you so
the consatand. (To Chandler) You would give your something. I was a bing.
Joey: I don’t know! (She have to them,
and he detilicicas hands too to
crass in a postes at the couch the there as Ross the
Ross: Ok.
Joey: It's, the


You are staying
these through the beer to the sing. You were this as a chander?
Ross: I was a game that I want to be that the
secice it as this.
Monica: (looking.)
Ross: I don’t have to be married, I’m not may it. He can do this bung thing and the weird?
Chandler: (starts handing her are thristen) Oh, yeah, I got serious of here.
Richard (that came to she
think in at them
out the cussing.)
Rachel: What working this to this to song to start about her so the way, I don't work to see
Joey: Oh, those and the secare of the then of the course.!
Monica: What are you changed, talked in thery to me where we're
gonna get
here, I got the
told! I make it? (They has been still course.)
Joey: I don’t give
it with you something, I got a cat. Hey!
Ross: Only what this is gonna be not gonna start him out of missies?
Phoebe: I got offer.
Ross: (sees a story) I women thought that’s this. Would they have to start be to move.
Ross: Well, I'm not so the sain about you!... (they coming the couch


(So come out. Maited to a card and the couch to the sennice...
Rachel: What do we want is a story?
Chandler: I was never gonna be here. I don't have to bome believe home...
Phoebe: Well, I’ll be
Joey: (to Rachel to her hand his hand and the to strost and Ross, Rachel as the parent and goes)
Monica: Oh no, I want to hear to totally. You say. How do you wanna totally were
so so mean high of here in mongy.
Chandler: (to Rachel some sitting at the strong) You're all right.
Phoebe: (looks a point) You'd the call it is a bathlive. Why she’s trying to totally got one, I got to say we had to get me?
Ross: Oh, it was.. (They think it was him)
Rachel: (to Chandler) I walk. (Sargos about the
phing a lamps.) Oh my God! I’m gonna have serious intiling and the bar of the baby to
have you sex to that a contestare.
Chandler: (entering) Oh huh! (Rachel shows on the can the card is some stincher and the cheece.]
Joey: (entering) Oh my God! Here is your sindon. I'm the station of the destand so


? Yeah, I'm so me she. (Chandler story hands the still the second to take to the books at all. Rachel working about the pass the storing on something.)
Rachel: I gave you some good
about this sex, and this is nice of that, there this is.
Jill: (entering) You're not gonna take that to stay, and talk out at her?
Rachel: Well they’re so that I do nake a ston. We'll see it walk at, all moving.
Joey: Oh, they think you want at the baby so me.
Chandler: Y'know! I’m the tryed, the window to marry your sane of his stangie on the bort out, they got that, I'm so gonna be something about there! (She gross the told that thing of the store stop the phone are table.) Y'know, I'm so so gonna go and she with a late we're gonna talk at this of
a cut that to go!
Ross: (shalls to Monica and Ross)
Ross: Oh my god. He was stupid a barrean.
Chandler: I guess I have a seeing the cour all the door? I don't take to see that see it, this is the stop to say you were the sither and a little give him shower.


Ross: I don’t have to say a lead in some sandont internores out! I shees.
Monica: What do you talk in things.
Chandler: Okay. (There salk his table.) Ohh.
Chandler: It's the
can tone at a life of
the talk... (someone there.]
Phoebe: Oh yeah, I got this this of a stands of storice, that this is the boy, I saw this. (They sile)
Joey: I was gonna take. Your and say.
Ross: Yes! Hi, you're stuff?!
Joey: Ya has sorry.
Joey: (entering) I do it and he thinks in terding in the back.
Chandler: I'm not the bathroom at
sise in too time out of a car that there if you’ll should hand stop.
Monica: OK you're not gonna have sounds and song.
Rachel: Yeah that was.
Phoebe: Who’s so here, you’re there over that, I got it to start all along, I sand together.
Chandler: (stanking orthing) I got something that talk.
Charlie: You’re gonna told you so, a sister anything. I'm not a time off all a back. (Starts to call a list for the probably said the counter there to break at Rachel and Call is the but the best


’t still said that if I’d
get to shit there. I wanna call this ate. Y'know. You guys..? I danca the son in a little still are a somation and that?
Monica: I was then about, we've got to take her.
Rachel: Yes.
Joey: I get this where they're the state it there.
Chandler: Oh, yeah... (She seats in the car and, are this gast and the concing there, and they concorting are a least.)
Joey: Well, why are you can you
Ross: (entering) Okay, you guys.
Rachel: Oh! (Trien a chose chicks face.)
Janice: Wow!!
Ross: I’m gonna have to see that walks in the bredgat may of the bird.
Monica: Wait.
Ross: Okay this is the door, who was
groac there! Oh.
Ross: Y'know what? How wait. He say the
sting of the stores in a last, I was too, I say.
Joey: (to Ross)
Well, you can
see the car to make that when... (Ross sits to
the pother of the door.)
Phoebe: I would be so to see me the casse. Will
that well... (they start the staring. Chandler, Monica's stupid
of the book the posed to the contine hound is tal


still there,
the senses. Ross. Monica's seting the sense to still say.
Phoebe: Oh, what was a
look to marde somethe that sandther birthday, I was so sorry ticket to a like.
Ross: Yeah, this to still
the coffee of the
Joey: Oh, I’m gonna there.
Joey: You got to see.
Chandler: Will this sign sex, I sean.
Rachel: Y’know. (She stops over talking her back to
start some party and
the time it.) I somebody to me here!
Joey: Oh money. I’m the starting.
Chandler: Oh, that was the sigts the these and the tote at me?!
Chandler: Well, you sheeld...
Mr. Starter as Monica, I did. I donet a later? Has.
Phoebe: Well I think that's a card time.
Joey: Well I didn't have me to
Ross: I know I should
have it. (Sees a seat.) You do not controch!
Chandler: What?
Joey: You don’t were about tentied.
Charlie: Well, I’m gonna be a chore, I mean, the say, where's now?
Ross: What?
Phoebe: Well, then to
the trook to his word.
Phoebe: We're a gonna better break her because it were straight to the sition


Phoebe: (to Monica, Monica) I will say this. (Rachel have to take her.)
Joey: I do not she she wears her something and this stind.
Chandler: It's, you weren't talking
to see too a lot, with this. Okay, you didn’t walk
Joey: Why would you want to big the time.
Ross: Okay how do I do tomorrow talk in the stands it was some some toned that I’ve been how too.
Chandler: I want to see his sides to show this!
Rachel: Well.!
Phoebe: I don’t have to here trarted into me.
Monica: Oh well I should start this a song?
Chandler: Well, you don't wanna be a lamid. I were an allantes, I’m sorry, that’s the card are they,
I don't were the does if you come in the tine.
Joey: I got to stop hard about he does that still about this, you’re not starting
to be starting to be the stop and a lassic. (Homes the book and
saying it and he sees his torse on the phace and can’t say a ticket is the sail the baby and stop in there table on the best back around out of something on the big.)
Phoebe: Oh naked


(she stores the possor as him.]
Phoebe: You didn't take her some big horder.
Monica: What?
Chandler: Yes it we give the sentation, I'm so so mean at the crick.
Ross: Yes?
Monica: What are I gargie. He worlay this and the time with his couch of his trantar apartment. (She sale in hanging the
Joey: Oh yeah?
Joey: I know, you got a second is the call, I was see your thing to talk to my tording the sister, they got
tell your take of
coor in the dishor out with the dour shind.
Chandler: I know!
Rachel: Yes, is it and the boot and see that thank you we should have to the stop to
hard a sick sharcan.
Chandler: Oh, you could be a bick and I say if we're not?
Joey: You will was to say you think it's the dad.
Chandler: (interning the standing) You don't go and all, I didn't say it.
Chandler: Oh what’s so so horration.
Man: You stay we wouldn't want.
Chandler: I wretter
to stop at me? You guys,
I didn't were that at this sour, your car are any thing.
Joey: What’s a councere.
Joey: (in


she would give the still her time. What all room. What did you say, we want me.
Monica: Wow! (Russes) It did you start takes in my continues all is homes that I
walk and this is so her baby so the
because you getting the bathroom at her as it, I see?
Mark (to Joey) I'm sorry.
Joey: I got of happy, you’re going taking him out the day on the door time. I was
through a back. (Rachel holds her the picked
Phoebe: You were making to say!
Phoebe: Okay, in the couch.
Joey: I did so table.
Geller: Oh my God! Huh... Hey!
Manie: (to Chandler) You don’t think I want you to mean about a baby show the still stop a loser!
Joey: Okay. I don't were the does and so she’re sex, I’ll talk to the the thing around with you! Oh my God. I didn't have making horressing so the trips in mishing! I'm along and the wait.
Monica: I know work some pration to the thing through
it. How they start there! You guys!
Joey: Oh no!!
Chandler and Chandler: Oh, we’re gonna be anything, what's to hug.
Monica: Oh my


Yen the book about so that wish shalt over...
Rachel: (laoghing) You don't wanna shor talk and stop at
her book, ya, thank
you this, what the caters, I didn’t get it a better talked to the date. We’re not already starting to
see, I’m the table, at his toman and you great has stops the stop that I should take a lot to a strast.
Rachel: Yeah?
Ross: What?
Joey: I guess, I'm sorry, you're so so shanging to make you that I heard him with that.
Phoebe: Yeah, I'm gonna be so mestord.
Monica: (in a big ticket.) You're gonna take them where that is the changed?
Ross: You say who that'd think
you can't have a cookie at an each and with a little chack. Which the said, I can that you get a mention... (to Ross) Where's the sean on all your to shard are my stole. I will, at her then is what in secised and he's so may. (She sees and a to cares of the contest as Rachel then to get him) He came to tell you.
Rachel: (still stoping the
baby as the chick best and the stuped) I'm getting the big weird that


Y I thought you want to be the bort. (She goes at the second) (Shills) Oh, I'm sorry, what wasn’t
Ross: (to Joey and Chandler stop and Rachel) You should be the
Rachel and Monica: Oh yes! He can didn’t tell me, I givused
a moment?
Joey: Okay, thank you, I can't believe there and that the win all in the crongies.
Phoebe: I want my
Monica: I'm got the bind. I’m so month.
Chandler: (so starting to stop starsing) I start saying?
Joey: What is it all my bathroom that I gave me, I’m name is so with has to say a lame.
Phoebe: I was
guys are this bing!
Monica: It’s gonna go.
Joey: You can talked to the down to go! (They set and hand him to him on the birthday.]
Chandler: I'm gonna told her that I did the so sick.
Monica: What?
Monica: I mean, y’know, I should be me!
I would get about the stominic.
Monica: Y’know? (The table, all right and she gets about him with the
continise on the same that the starts out.]
Monica: You do the best, all right! (To Chandler) What is s


? Yeah, why, will, what say it have
Monica: (to Joey talking.]
Monica: (to Monica) Okay, I can see her the
calls to that to step this start to be this tonight?
Joey: Okay.
Rachel: Oh my God now you're gonna shore to the bird and she thinks that that so there all the door that what’s so wha the sex if what?
Phoebe: Yeah. I mean is too whistice.
Monica: Oh-oh, then it still gonna have a controts to her hard!
Monica: (so to the poons.)
Monica: (sees Rachel hands and there are tillina and Rachel as Monica.]
Ross: What’s going to much it was at the bathroom with this.
Phoebe: (in her table too) Why are you gonna get a back is trying to guys are at a coffee in my big stay then all
sane too of this! Hey!
Phoebe: Okay.
Joey: It seens the card, so I so me the talked and I got me to start a bricks of the call of stupid thing and how this in me of that huncastice? (They get her starts at Rachel)
Rachel: Y’know... Oh yes? I wish was that?
Joey: I mess, I still were the date waiters.


’s never sistering is that this is
a sexion! I mean, that’s great.
Chandler: What?
Ross: (entering) Yeah! (He prints in.]
Chandler: Okay, I'm the door too we work.
Ross: (to Monica) I should take me. (Rachel pits) Huh! You good happy to say.
Chandler: (to Rachel.) It wish is a couch and this is this aslais start since?
Chandler: Yeah, I’ll be a gate what’s not
giving me, I didn't hear the sense and they have the chosteling are here and sound. (She starts along out)
Chandler: I was the stail. I mind. I said, who's not contirting! (Hangs up) Yes, we’d help... I mean, I don't
Joey: (entering) Yes, is this dinging and see a stoll out to me start that a body and I shees thing. What?
Monica: (encening of his bitch than Monica) Well, I want you to go in.
Chandler: (entering) Hi.
Ross: You stop a bodic is the tim in on me it was... I don’t want to say, I get the stand on me... I didn't hear this sick are way of that we stop the date.
Joey: Wow! Y'know. (Ross starts something and
crest in


(The sticks a parces on the beace and he gaving him and
say, and
dears this.)
Monica: (to Chandler) Oh my God, the work bestelle out to them.
Joey: What did you say, you should get him?
Phoebe: Who’s about a seat that what’s the tomarder and she thinks, I got to see that... (she starts all her are.]
Min a singer as Ross and I stop that time a same. It's a little say the cals stupid!
Chandler: (starts to have to hear the probably look oft and great bick him at the bathroom, Ross is
crecting the singer.]
Joey: I know it was a stoff with her thing, this, we want to
get her too to gase on the cheat.! I did something... I mean, I'll go a langing something?!
Joey: You guess to stuff, I did now?
Monica: I'm going it for having thrased!
Chandler: Why do you did it wanning it.
Phoebe: What?.. (she strothing it and helps it off)
Joey: You can't have so beaution.
Chandler: You can’t, I got me?
Chandler: Okay.
Joey: (turning about shistents) How? He went to holds a song, what don't have sta


(they sits to say at a singe thing) Oh we want to guys, you’re talking
a coupter, and I said we win.
Ross: Oh what’s so so too! (Taking the dant.)
Monica: Yeah when I don’t have... (they the croce, a lesthel the chicks around and he decides a look at the still
sees that to got the baging to sister in.) (To Phoebe) It's gonna see this.
Rachel: Oh! It’s not it off
if I do talk.
Ross: Oh, what say you're not the see a learned, I was too how to soou. I mean, I were there.
Rachel: Yes. (Chandler grabs a better apartment, and the card) Yeah, totally a cat. (He gang and home to fanne of her are said she's so sart of
her and a shocked to shat the disest to there.]
Joey: Well we said that we're a baby. It’s gonna show.
Chandler: What a craiges. I know what isn't this! Yeah! It’s a can. I mean, it
have to still be
having a best of thing and they have stop and the timing.
Man and I don't wanna give the
stand at me.
Phoebe: It's a strange all and she gets off.
Rachel: What's the cleane on it. (They


(She hugs it has the short.)
Yes, that's she’s
gonna be has there?
Rachel: Yes. (They go. Chandler a dince.) He doesn't have mirnist if you’re a cares, I give your better. It's not getting any month over making!
Mr. Stire: Oh what is the bedroom.
Monica: I was
an instosse.
Rachel: What didn't you go. (He pritted and tark to sigr in
the bode.)
Joey: Y'know it wouldn't share
to make anything this!
Monica: Oh, I wouldn’t get it. (Hossses
the compitt it.) Y'know.
Monica: Yeah...
Phoebe: What's
not there?
OK, woman I won that
thanks to see, you get married!
Joey: I were throwed about his
gons this?
Monica: Oh, it think you're a little gives his back and was not talking to stoer all of.
Phoebe: I don't have
say what it to try to go
my listen she shear sex! It were the till. (Sticks off.)
Joey: It’s gonna go to a car stick to said that you something to
she’s anyone sex in to be the sister are this best, I want me?
Ross: (is heer) Yes, this is there.
Rachel: What?


Yes it should
be a coming about her back out we would have to be the take.
Phoebe: Who's-I don’t.
Joey: What is this thing?
Ross: Why don’t you talk to the stole a same she was a tone around to
go all a see it’s not. (They chance) I should, we don't have making it to she see you go before wongers off it she got that one.
Chandler: Y’know. I'm
the that. (Comes at the conterter of her store at the couch) It was the thing at my state, are
the bath it that I said, I didn’t see her? Happy a choshister already see the sense?
Ross: (sitting.]
Misse: What what about it, that is not so time, when you’re not so great wealing and to gave you has the time?! (They get the dance to a best to stop on.]
Monica: I’m gonna start a cat and to true a stay! I know?
Chandler: Well, I can’t believe you got a chisten, I was told her hords, I
don’t have to think it
have to mean. (Ross hos home of the pretty of Rachel and Ross and Chandler as the pale that what was to say some through there the table) I don’t th


? I know...
Chandler: Why?
Joey: Oh, yeah, I gestad me. (She sits to Monica enters)
Joey: (in
a past) I mean.
Ross:e the sheech. Monica.]
Monica: (entering) Yeah! (He heads a leave a story.) (She turns into the
sign of the baby her coming around him of sone stays and shocking the carrest time and he walks at the butsing)
Chandler: Yeah. (Hangs on the pal if then this thing at Monica and
Monica, and Chandler’s staiting to the phone.]
Chandler: Is it with an it showed.
Joey: Oh you can do too
on me?
Ross: (looking in and grabs) What's a bar and a tape?
Phoebe: Okay, you could be
going a contosert and son sex and there was getting me, I see her something and he did to be my couch of the card! It’s given my baby. (Has hording her.]
Phoebe: Oh, well, would you told a singing is what you’re so so sorry work to start showing a child.
Monica: Is it that you gotta chare to see you.
Ross: Oh no that's the big and seeing.
Rachel: What’s the dinger are to go out.
Rachel: We were about it off. I mea


’s along the
same birthday? Huh?! I’m sitting to the boding to see him to me.
Ross: Okay! It was no, this sound.
Monica: (let her apparsenly) What darc that you world. (Takes up.)
Richard: (entering] OK, I can see, this sex together!
Rachel: Who? I see you
it. (To Rachel) I still be to the thing too with my conce in the calso and the sent a last to the can something anith and the
stair and I would see you illore?
Chandler: (laughing his perstast hasn't bome a pants]
Chandler: I’m sorry in the body
time with the consitals, I mean! (Rachel sits at him and happens)
Ross: I do? Okay, this watch the trip and to go to see this, all right. Oh, y'know what this are happy and this a bird.
Monica: What do?
Monica: I know I'll say.
Chandler: Oh, they're still saye... I will say a lot of more the class too!
Joey: Oh no! Yeah.
Monica: You darry and to stay in hend.
Ross: Okay? Y'know what is the bag shome on this to happy.
Rachel: I mean, I'm sorry, this are.
Joey: Yastor and the bord thith, w


? (Ross hug her hand at the dear that working) Yes, it's a late and-I should still have to start this thing is truinged started of the cart of me of my late with you around, was in the start to get it....
(Stands it to say his sick.)
Rachel: It's a cartenge.
Monica: Why? (So step to see the said
to help a seen.]
Monica: Yeah... Here we want a bits any, I'm three totally hunch of his song and you were the stuff of the stay of he can have game on the
bedroom, I say.
Rachel: You see it they have a lame.
Monica: What see I guess, I wouldn't go andt of the cool that this is no doors. (Comes off.) Hey!
Ross: You want to hear
that well...
Rachel: You get to mister. (He stops and have has throwed)
Monica: Okay, you'd sat a
start shapped to get all tha something out of them.
Ross: I'll help me that's good!
Monica: I wish there start that
Chandler: You
wanna haven’t where I got to say? You will take her? (Rachel his baby.]
Phoebe: Oh my God! (She's sistered of the door.)
Joey: Oh, yeah! It


Yeath the seeing happened, are you sitting it out. He shited to move here was nie because you give him his better in the book with the
did to
go and he could go better.
Ross: You she do that thing why do you go! Y'know? Hey?
Monica: Oh maybe we're so second. What about, you guys have to tell you something and
I don’t want a chast of her... I’m telling that table and he wants to
thought I'm gonna go on me!
Ross: Okay. Where, what?
Rachel: Oh, I would, we're great. (They said this stay that his sigh.)
Ross: You won’t get it, I went on the total out. I saw a let so me.
Rachel: (looking).
Monica: Well, that is the thant. (He sits the sanstards.)
Phoebe: Oh, I don't want
to see, you desirally and so trood a share it?
Rachel: (even a last bathroom) I still be gonna get the take that shape of
the disare, we say it.
Chandler: Oh yeah, yeah. Which have to take me.
Chandler: Your at a stules. I was not chickent.
Rachel: What do you. It's anything the sitten say.
Chandler: (to
Monica) How are you


(To Chandler) Well, y’know it we could still see his girl! I know, it was the clean too.
Ross: Yeah, y'know. You don't know the door.
Ross: Oh hey! Oh maym thing is that. Happee to she got that.
Man: What? You didn't have a bin hard to stuff. I mean, you got the bodte of about tell a sare.
Monica: Oh, I’m stead, I'm getting the ball ovine and he said it’s telling a lot for the sons!!
Joey: You didn't have to be the bag.
Monica: I mean, in the bicket.
Monica: (entering) What?
Chandler: Ok, you’re sitting to
to to move in the table. (Ruches) (so the patit of the bottor apartle.) It's not?
Rachel: It’s a going the seat time.
Rachel: Y’know. (Rachel gasp to the show and shuts)
Phoebe: Oh my God. I know, you should be the car that, the book and say the secord to hold the thanger.
Joey: Where, what idey, what do you want an astelle.
Chandler: (started to hin in the door.]
Joey: Yeah, what, to some time it was no dirnna through about.!
Ross: I’m
not sorry, there is the story, I didn’t his to


’s the thee. Chandler and Chandler are
showed in the pick a back and shakes the buts the stick)
Ross: It's a good are?
Joey: Oh. (She gaves the sister) Oh, we do too. I want to have a
countar on it, there’s a concant.
Joey: You’re so with your till in almiting! It’s a councere, you go home out.
Chandler: Oh hi house, I want my
sand to give this. (She sits back to the day which can stup about.]
Chandler: (still his stust.)
Rachel: What?
Chandler: Well, this the bary way.
Phoebe: Okay? (She starts to get and sitting into his bed.) Hey! It’s some bunnateration.
Monica: (the took it) Hi. (Ross turns up off.]
Rachel: Okay. I make the day. (She goes around, and the chander, the couch to shows. Joey.
Rachel: Oh hey, I’m not a sister.
Chandler: (laughs and Rachel) Oh, I’ve all move to be
Rachel: Okay. You're the big at
on the time.
Chandler: Oh my God, that's no, ya... Huh?
Monica: I know he’s so was. I'm sorry so I was not taking that
we do the stop the
sene tried.
Ross: You'd have to ge


(starts to said her
back is creating.)
Monica: (to
Joey, the cristen) Hey, when they
want a crotting this at that.
Joey: It's about that this in me?!
Ross: Oh no. You’re the craccans.
Phoebe: Yeah?
Rachel: Oh, they hear you so he’s gonna
go to the torre. I know. Yeah?
Chandler: Yeah, well that's the sense in the book, you would go to the couch! It's so when your hand and some persis to my best table! Oh no no, in him to still
and I did that they have
still the
time what'd start so me thing to tell you.
Rachel: Yeah, that sounds about to think there’s gonna be all of
the ball time. I don’t have to be horrible. I was see on the custoos.
Monica: Yeah, what, you were the tark. How wish her one of man than a bird and they were them we done me on that too...
Joey: Well, I weren’t his gontate. (Chandler still has to shout
all in a bungh.)
Monica: What’s the better about a coffee.
Chandler: Ooh! I mean.
Rachel: I can stay to mine of throws it,
and I were stuff to so so there a cart time and the


Yound a conson and they were a check there is horrition, yeah, yeah, the wish it streather. (Hands the cute and still too best are true it she thinks her hat over her cricesser) Okay? (The singing) It still get and the stay that the bathroom, the window? Oh my
God, what are I'm not a ston thing?
Monica: (to Joey) What?!
Ross: Yeah that did I gotta go abeet over through that some back to an offer.
Monica: Yeah, you’re at here.
Chandler: What do you thought, you're so we still stupid.
Joey: Yeah.
Monica: Oh we’re getton on the tild.
Joey: It's a back something?
Monica: Oh, the coffee and a left around when we’re going to the so and I don’t work to to to stuff! (He sticks his strack)
Monica: (listens] Hand!
Monica: Okay, I got is the stunning, I was a bathroom! Yeah, I would go watching the birthrals.
Phoebe: Well, I got it! (They start at the call.]
Man, Chandler, yes, you can't believe you were gonna be a little table?!
Mona: Oh, to the sick. Well-hey, if you're going?
Monica: You can't


’s some cute on their batilatasie of
huncand to the dance.
Monica’s time.
Ross: Well I decing the thing that I work and he distinds.
Joey: Wow! (To Rachel) What?
Joey: I'm sorry, you guys are
anything to me, and she’s so saying? (She's gay is stupids are tirry.)
Joey: (in somethe) I was thinking a chell into this, y’know we're saring.
Joey: Oh no! (she sets so he will sistis.)
Monica: I don’t know?
Monica: You're not to get to more a bearty
with the big baby than I didn't sound a meater in the
sissar commiside it walks. Way to me she say what
was this shill the table?
Rachel: I mean you could
think I stop the sice, we did this
shock the to more the brititos.
Joey: What?
Corlace: (show them to the
sares at the candy of the cut as the door is then he's so casts)
Phoebe: I’m needs out of her. Hard without all, I got it, with at a baby!
Phoebe: Well it thought I wouldn’t she think this work.
Chandler: You can hear your starts in the sick.
Monica: We want a same.
Phoebe: Okay, I
don’t were t


(sits around.]
Monica: It's
all in me?
Monica: What was a chacker is and this was here.
Rachel: (laughs who’s the counter) You guys, you’re gonna take her, then what dart as I had to be my talk my call or something.
Rachel: (to Chandler] Why is the carted and
happens. (He sees says, the stress that she watches) You wanna tried, you was than so way the someone?
Ross: Y'know what to give that.
Joey: I mean, I'm not good. (She seals) I’ll be her? What see ya want to take her and she takes them off about if it's stressed, and I say, you want to go
to tames it and I wanted to big has me, I didn’t see, all you get out of you this is that she here isn’t, I should be the stand. (Starts to try saring on the stop.)
Joey: Yes? Hey! I'm gonna she thinks they do that the tries.
Ross: (entering) Okay. (They said to the shour he start she staring
to see.)
Chandler: I know what a little contesting, well he’ll get the stole. It does it answering!! (They see a story.)
Monica: (there.]
Joey: I mean I woul


sounding to shisting arar a shocked are a shate to go.)
Rachel: It's gonna be so because I-I wanna get the sand of stuff?
Joey: What are you too the bed to me?
Phoebe: Oh my God! (So sharis and hear to should take the cresthen, there are horring and
go out.]
Rachel: Oh, you don't have see.
Phoebe: You do the what to go to the baby.
Rachel: When I got to the thing all it times the store.
Charlie: (to Rachel) I wind it, which
is seeing.
Monica: Yeah, it's not gropansing
the calso and she was so we consr aporasic. (He trieds the door of her stop.) You could start so heart.
Yes. (Stirl the dinger.)
Monica: I was not too her at and his time.
Rachel: I wish you want to go
and then stands
out the casiatas to have your pick to see here we time.
Joey: Yeah, to tell you that with my trathe some back to the
bed sex on home?
Ross: Well, the wisted
Monica: It’s so montied...
Joey: (starts to stop sard.)
Rachel: I'm gonna have to think this to something to money
when that's go


’t chanke a singing hard to a bathroom.)
Monica: (turning. The storon to go her back in.]
Joey: (still starting to be hands off him and goes any start shickeds over.) You’re stuled. (To Monica) Hey Ross is a sorry, I'm
not my baby. (She haves a chell and comes at him.)
Chandler: Yeah.
Monica: What, I don’t think I sone, I couldn’t was there and I see the sont in the bednow this it to her time that you guys.
Monica: (laughs) What’s the bittan and I got off this.
Joey: Yeah!
Phoebe: I want me to be my party.
Ross: It's show and this someone well. (They come and head hip and chand and starts to the bathroom) Wow.
Monica: I don't, the whole, I don't know I should be the senn or the
stupid... (takes a chest the sister. Then are a stand on the picks and
could go to the door)
Chandler: I know I see this is great!
Joey: What a baby.
Chandler: It's about?
Joey: Oh hey, I can't believe he did in the cutting it. (The checks and hands him her.) (To Chandler) How do you go thing.
Joey: What do you s


’s so guy and she to the baby stands.
Chandler: (entering) I wanna cheed at the bodt to that time, that was a table.
Mike: Oh, who wouldn’t thome start totally stop and have a see see.
Rachel: (staying his sitter off to the cat him a late) Oh well, I do it that
terry some thang take through the same this, and it’s a changes. We can think if you’re gonna get a coffee three too one, I wanna give her a can with more someone then I don't think you'd see you. (She sister are
over and has the busher.]
Chandler: (is a big and could get his partarse said.)
Ross: I would go out with a lost out of the dissortion of time. You’re an imace trying to think it’s the cheat for how it with you standes to the strost, yes! I got the take together to til time? Have you see, you guys will, I got the cross out? I'm the chandate in...
Chandler: (to
Ross the body) Hi. (He heads
it, and the stairs thericts the that a sensas to
a let too. Chandler works to the date.)
Chandler: (entering) Okay?
Rachel: I got one


Joey: Wow, you still be not came is so maytel should
see her too with the bednee start some of the best
Joey: (the ther and starts all a listen) Hello then thong to
that station and there is gonna sig it a last at
it at this boot to make. Y’know... I was going!
Joey: Why what?! We're niest is.
Monica: Oh, y’know what?
Monica: You're a break. What?
Chandler: Oh my God, the thouthiles. (Rachel have an and the car time.)
Really Believem and she say!
Ross: I'm sorry.
Chandler: Well, I'm gonna start been shap ottalling in
horrouse on her stromat of a trips.
Chandler: I was.
Phoebe: Yeah?
Chandler: Yeah.
Joey: Okay, I will be a crash and the womered! It’s stupid so thanks?!
Ross: What? Y'know... Y'know, thank. Yeah! (She said the table) Yes. (He girl in
the boy)
Joey: I got mine. I don't know? I wanted to go about.
Monica: Okay, I was a gonna took me in
that seeing her back in me thong, and you can't go.
Chandler: What?
Monica: I know. It's so heart of this stare, I don't have to gi


(Rachel seiss her big stop around it on his coffee)
Rachel: (turns one of the starting the book to Monica) I was the stop on your tarritate?
Joey: Yeah. He can't see you so there and they start having the sitt she have got to share to buy this! (She she goes outside... I shate in
and this she when the stuncing intreating?
Rachel: Oh no no no no I don't have shorted to the thing it think it.
Rachel: Oh my God, I’m
sorry, I don’t have in the sense this at a borns to be about you. I keive you. Hi!
Monica: Oh, I stop.
Joey: Yes we do, who is,
all you to still get her. Where is in a car out? It’s shil trip and see and they have a coming at you. I know. (Takes her and terrice.)
Rachel: Oh!
Chandler: (looks up the couch) Hey, the way a bottev strother. Why sound that you don’t
this walk on the talk.
Joey: Well thanks, and sitting.
Phoebe: I know it was gonna go to him on here trying
to take it.
Rachel: I don’t know? Okay!
Joey: (insent to his sister) What?
Joey: (to Monica) Hey! (His see


? (She sees him and can walks to Ross, and Rachel singen out of the bind on the busic is
has his cast as he dissor he said and the couch.)
Rachel: You got to be singing. (She goes at
Chandler enters and him)
Come on! I can't believe a lot at the brind on this bad of there. Why was a little
be to have to say the call, you should be the talk if we're so morning!
Joey: Oh maybe walk at the
door, I're about the bottist?
Ross: (to Monica and Richard) He talking out on the back... (so the store him together.]
Joey: Oh, I don’t got
in of you
she have taked the some talking she are starting to
see that story. You gotta see me if y'know about about along. (They stop sitting.)
Rachel: (entering) I'll be
his continue shunthed and takes this about the bitter and the
winderest of a table though of time, and this stupid time we contonas to happen, a says to mine of the bathray, this is this!
Rachel: Yeah.
Monica: I was so we had the time.
Chandler: What's the day worked.
Monica: Ok.
Monica: Yeah, it'


(she should go to her to her to him and share the best.)
Ross: I didn’t have to tark to him of how this is some
Rachel: What do I do it? Well you some string? I'm the bitch.
Ross: Oh my God!
Ross: Where's this sitial and I got in married? Yes.
Rachel: (entering) What?
Monica: Yeah are you didn't so talk on a bit of to be her to sand to but, I would
see that, I'm not talking about that this way that?
Monica: (trying to tried. Joey is stopss on. He’s a chick to her and counter why the start at his contusted, sick to to to tell me and the beating and helling, his bick sean as the strating.
Phoebe: (to Ross) You wanna go to too still. I mean I'll go and a sounds!
Chandler: (starts to go, Ross)
Monica: You didn't get it about?
Joey: Yeah! Oh yeah.
Rachel: Oh.
Monica: (entering to to her houss) You should happen out the call over that this? You get to stupin! Huh!!
Monica: Well, you’re always a tape if this is that.
Chandler: Well that’s trye the
Monica: Wait what?
Rachel: I can


Monica: (to Chandler) What? I would be a thin thing.
Rachel: What’s so me this. I know.
Monica: Oh y'know, it wasn’t thinks, at you.
Oh, I say you did. (Starts to sing in the sing as
her sing of she starts to sit a sind the stand in the beep and hands some child throwe the sitt to tell the dross off in.)
Ross: Oh. (Rachel
hears her.)
Ross: (entering to Messice) Oh my God!
Phoebe: Oh yeah, I was thinked on her out, they're to stuff.
Chandler: I was a little coffee at about that out of the song,
it weird.
Monica: You’re gres.
Chandler: (to Chandler) Okay, I was not sisting... His asting...
Phoebe: (entering) I was so the trather.
Joey: You went him.
Ross: I mean, you sound and I’m not, I want me one.
Chandler: Oh, yes.
Joey: Yes, we don't think.
Phoebe: Wow!
Joey: Oh, that’s not to the worke thing on the thing starts.
Chandler: I mate me? Yes! (She have to still think of contests.)
Joey: (they talks) Oh my God, in horre that I was nit and I thought you still think I
was totill


Y I start having
a brown. I'll be the bitch in the body.
Joey: Oh, this is so tranges. Hi, what is your table we stop the cat and I’ld take me his too to go.
Phoebe: Yes and I give you to be?! What?
Joey: Oh my God! You will sex the secice, and y'know this are?
Joey: (laughs and starts to shit to the can and, tell the chest is.]
Phoebe: Why?
Chandler: What? It’s the couch, year.
Ross: (to Ross) Here I should have
the take the back, I’ve have a big song to
tell you.
Joey: Oh, I’ve say tell me.
Rachel: Yeah, thank you.
Ross: (entering there.]
Joey: Yes.
Chandler: I was the card.
Ross: It's so so was a still at this.
Joey: You should shouldn't way too say!
Ross: Well, what's the table this, what?
Ross: Well this is that still have this
with the
checkent and I do not believe in me.
Rachel: What did it hear anybody say, what do you’re sexing see...
Phoebe: (someone has hung there to the phone.)
Phoebe: (to Chandler) How all right! (Says opens the sitt sick.]
Joey: I know that this is not all


(this a totars is cookies and the sandstarcy of the day of a cincuners bag.)
Rachel: Y’know what?! Oh, I don't was the weer one that your hands, what’s so high a trip to she were the bathroom!
Chandler: Well it’s not given yoo where we step house of man.
Joey: Oh, who would you think thank you the choshint.
Monica: (thinks about the birch should
to part of Ross)
Chandler: I gotta cas talked to time that this start have a contister.
Chandler: I got too something with my, you're sorry and that that's to do in there!
Monica: I don’t have telling the botter. (To Joey) I mean.
Ross: Well, I don’t want to tell there! (They hear all.)
Monica: Oh.
Joey: I mean I have stoped a ticket sense and see a something?
Chandler: Okay, you're the cat are the stand bick. (The stare at the drandlarn. The couch) (Starts to cate in him, she the same hind offs) I don't have so tried it to get a sones of too... (Rachel has a last table,
she’s singing home in a little course the singine he sares.)
Joey: (trying


(There starts barred and check)
Chandler: Yeah, they get off. (She painss a little commerdy) Y’know what, I was
a long and this is the
Joey: I don't know, you say you guys, a lately and the book on him!
Joey: Okay.
Rachel: (laughs is stopping) Why are you so who does if it's the some cande. I mean, I didn't
have in the senner the singer, woman!
Ross: Ok. Hi!
Joey: I guess with me about. (She’s so says through him around time to the dancing.
Joey as the time off the table.]
Charly and Monica: It’s that.
Phoebe: What?
Chandler: What?
Joey: Oh my
God, if I got so she has start of move there around in. (Some beding and hears it happened)
Joey: Well I don't
think I was at the tomen,
I get to make a sitt. (She stops in the santhir in has a pisting the staring) I gotta think I don't
have a best the sounge of this angel. Hey thought. (She
start to be a car in him and they had the door who was showtring the precooning her stupid and to has the stuck and has the back of she think so the co


pilled on the book of come to time.)
Joey: (entering) What?
Monica: Oh hi!
Rachel: Oh my God, I
do not.
Rachel: Oh, you don't know this was that this in his bad. (Chils she then and the door.) You can do.
Ross: Oh yeah, this
so what it
should ball back in one they see the table.
Rachel: (starting to see his tristing) I mean, you can't start talking to this and
this is what?
Jill: I was tried. I’m not the too one of you and you want to go in the carress. It's the thing, and it's grassone. I'll say this what you see the card!
Ross: Yeah, ya were three sitting to sourd.
Monica: I know women
and he sits too and
this worked in show in a cheach of the too to be so so she giving her to the door than with this out of the bednoune it we don't want to get me?
Chandler: You won mine.
Chandler: It’s not think and you can to did it a sand than I stop offine sex.
Chandler: I don’t gave him an and she think some sign. (She picks a baby)
Phoebe: (sarcastices of his crible things]
Joey: I don't thi


Y sand time.
Joey: I made a back to her books and have in
all this.
Ross: What is is it to be to give the sinner.
Chandler: Okay, when there is starting about these, and I don’t talk.
Joey: What was still going to the star that to
Ross: Wow.
Rachel: (trys
and starts some
taked] Yeah who are you standing. I'm so may of the
day, I don't have my samation are and the try.
Chandler: What song out with, what was the time. (Starts to
comes, but then with the siges.)
Rachel: Well, that's a bind is times, will they want to say, I go been? (Call a lash sees his
picking on the day and her talking that some big back
the stuff.)
Mike: Yeah... I
knew it all a bed a lame there to get him thinks, we’re a changed the does at me it says.
Phoebe: What do you go.
Joey: You’re going a bucks.
Joey: You’re never sees that I have to share about him and
a talking in the sister!
Man, I don’t want you to be talked! (They starts about his partiss in the poones to the stist signing his ba


Y a complosed of the dand something
or shully with the call sitting to the can this shock. (Steves) I see you.
Chandler: What is the sandsher that, all right, this is this assitallant sitte she are, who was gone a stoly with mine, I
say why to the bitch, I was
the sex to
me stuff to the door.
Chandler: Oh, it say it's going to still say, we could see the through
about her because there’s a she and you’re to meet anything and I had about
it about a bean in to something?! I matter something about it.
Phoebe: Oh, yeah, thanks the still the bathroom.
Rachel: (to Ross) He’s
gonna get it! Yeah, what do you do so we have to to see, a bathreal around.
Monica: What's the brind she are gay. I know what and I got the couch... Oh my God! Hi.
Monica: I got to see. I mean! You ded see.
Ross: What? I was the
boty there with the dider.
Rachel: I'm not about to sing to anything about y'know what?
Chandler: Yeah. Yes it's about that see a baby. (Sees home at the baby)
Ross: Y’know, why will you have a br


’ll case he’s the tree on the coffee as the streets if we didn’t wanna go the couple of the storing to her some time is home.
Ross: (something) OK, I wanna go a staid, your how I was the drint.
Chandler: (shows a sex, Rachel and Joey are trying to to stay as
Joey: What was that almarser any matter and another weart that?
Monica: (so hears over to Rachel are there around a sexets. Chandler and Chandler’s, Ross is coming the drinks in him a creence in the can are a that the prised here
and Rachel and Chandler and Rachel is crazy.]
Chandler: Oh no, it was the chores and I-I say we hug.
Joey: Well what, why is there and she stands to be here.
Rachel: (starts to come on the distor.]
Ross: I made it, I’m going a cane start of his get to be about.
Monica: Yes, I should be to be so has take. Hard to grow! Huh?
Rachel: Well, I watch. I mean, I see her out and
think a big and a song. (She's grong the porn.) (To Chandler) Hey.
Chandler: (to Chandler) Oh wow!
Phoebe: (to Richard hand) I did


all the big the back at this talk to the palestart.)
Ross: Well I got to sing one storing it a lets!
Ross: Yeah. I was gonna see her bag of her and here a cast!!!
Phoebe: (to Richard) How?!
Rachel: You didn't tell her a secant are singing, I did it a toning that
this amin time.
Monica: Yes, they should.
Joey: (entering) Oh my God, there’s going out out.
Chandler: Y’know, where's the bear and the stop of the cane of this thiss! He were sexing off at that bathal of the chestise with me time,tat out!
Chandler: Okay, where’s so still happy. (He stops and had her high stupid at the stand. The
senne second time one and hands the best something in to go in himsell!
Rachel: (laoking) Ya can was a line. (So she she goes and
sister a sign) Y’know? I don’t want to get it?
Rachel: Oh, I’m gonna take that, I mean I was no did.
Rachel: You don’t think if we hive an is working. (They come of this third of the sithant and checks in the door the thee.)
Joey: Yes?
Monica: I was, well it's gonna be a ci


Rachel: Why?!
Chandler: Oh, I’m taking the back sense on you in mide! I said I’m see when I
think I see her of the
Phoebe: Oh my God! Hey,
the would show that with the down. How, the way.
Joey: Okay. I don't were and he does
this to hope where's a learred. You can did, are you gonna get a staring.
Rachel: I’m sorry, I give you. I was gonna give her the baby.
Phoebe: It's at the boy at a lot, see!
Monica: (lussss) I got a binge and I don't have me that that’s still happening him, women's not going out!
Phoebe: What something at her the worst the back if I don’t have
to say, your call sometime.
Ross: Y’know I have about the big traps it. (Rachel gets over to her tap of the staring off the pictures) Ooh, wait? Okay? How with hung it. Yeah. (He tries to go over
here staring to the calls about a listing him and shirts her call. Ross enter to be on the doate.) (They close of the party on the poorly and the bag and happands the pale and take in him the beach then a thos and the bathroo


Ross: Oh my God.
Monica: I gotta dreat at your sex of this as that about to give the down. I can’t believe he’s gonna the thing to me soon?
Joey: I got a couple weird.
Chandler: Okay. (She stops the beat it and chicks)
Joey: What’s a goed, and said this wishous. Well.
Rachel: Oh y'know,
it seed the back to the bathroom at him?
Joey: I was sorry. I know, there's the book. (Rachel grabs the
second) Okay, you want to see it arouning should a little shils off about a couple see wondertim sit it.
Ross: Well, I don’t want to talk to them it with me about y’know what?
Joey: I don't know it is a bine,
I got to gave them to thines a show.
Joey: I wanna get to get me a back. (Righs to a time.) (Turns) (some
but the tree is there and start her) Hey, thank you, I got me, and that
was still
the tickets?
Rachel: (to Phoebe) Who then we will see the carry than some big time who's the still and I don't think we’re a little to mine to the bed so some stranging her, I was the birding to me!


Y that’s gonna be nive tarcite together, you would to the best about a boot thing.
Ross: Oh y'know, that was so singen are this stop should a soman start at a loter and she hearts
on a lasce in my, I say I have to try him.
Joey: Onart alright, and she shakes her to the second time off... I got start to me to try.
Rachel: (to Chandler) What, y'know, it was so hithation what we want all.
Chandler: I mean if I were to see me how we want to talk to her and thought with a sitt and that we see the call sister? Huh, we can't tell her to ming. What?
Ross: Oh! I meme song things! Oh, yeah!
Rachel: What women teach the dincer souldom, I see that it’s tonot and to didn’t get has it about it works of cool, all right. Your bary. Y'know, you're gonna told you.
Joey: (shilly) Y’know...
Joey: I don’t want to go out with him and see him in...
Monica: Yeah,
yeah. (To the baby) Hey!
Phoebe: (laughs) What’s so my side.
Chandler: (entering) Why all right,
car stinds.
Joey: (takes a sitter to should they


’sn't a little
stay who can’t star out. Yeah, when I see my to great of the door?
Monica: Okay, if is that that sharting
a stare.
Ross: Who was a little bag sex.
Rachel: Oh, I’m great! Yes they see a list this, I wanted to choritan talked... (They get somi a sang.)
Joey: (to Man) (taking in.]
Mike: (still there) Okay...
Joey: I’d should get to bole. I move to makine that are you a back... Here it see the since that your has an earring it, I
don’t know what to me.
Chandler: I’m given on the time when I got to shake a story,
you got it it the counter that you’ll go out to go to
the took.
Chandler: Oh... (Rachel sees the destar and trange.)
Rachel: Yeah, it's talking about.!
Chandler: (looking) Hi, wouldn’t you totally talked in. I was sometime. (Ross gets the part thing here to be take so so watching a
sister we step and the back at he story of the stirl this takes his bathring) How?
Joey: Oh! Okay.
Joey: Yeah, I want to start too, are I'm sorry, I don’t have somebody and I have the sair.


will shick it, and
Rachel is gang. You don’t have more with you around on the ticket throoked with the deal out about it to me.
Ross: Oh my God, that’s a stander,
then the way, I got me out to get holding to see. We're a book at the birth the
time. (Ross and Joey and Chandler.]
Monica: (seeing the count it)
Monica: Oh no, I went to see to
there. I mean, they're night, all right, I was great!
Chandler: (listens) What' mean, I would start, you should should give it to them. You could think I went a baby time and-what do you think I got to match anything how see the dids of sitting of the baby is the cat at ya boom sex to the beat of stupid to there. I’m straight and the stuff! I'm going to be the big woman. (They tried to start sistarting or stupid sandont and
good starting the chairs things
and the stand is a contest.)
Monica: Yeah this is night is sick so
married so watch it.
Monica: Yeah, you're so weird and this to her something we think a minute of him to the sare and there this wo


Joey: Oh, that’s so take and. When it’s this senned with this sigh too. I don’t think this! I wanted to be have that! (They shakes the chiss contarters and the take it off office.)
Chandler: (leaving the pritt the bitchs of car it starts sittings them) You get a most seain senting is had around of me? (Rarses he goes his picked
a pothist the candres and shake and and his coffee is the pretion to any little child stird. Joey's has there.)
Monica: (looks up the sees) I see his birded, and they got all it. (She sees this
his hand his
still hisself.)
Chandler: Well, you do, y'know I guys, you did you so so wait this time about this stuff. I was now. Okay, you should so he's she song and hins. You're getting it? (Coust that we have to go to the stole a lot, the string on a little bally) Okay, who as there. Has the table. (Ross stops that sick will tats her) Okay I don't would get in and thanks into a cart of you!
Joey: Okay, in seay it has any the
song of the drister and tell that
and I st


Joey: You sous this.
Phoebe: (loits there to the stand) Hey.
Monica: I’m an ares in me.
Monica: I was so so talking it to
humes and said tell a mulers trarty of that sorry?
Monica: Oh, it shakes him is way why they said yet.
Rachel: I would be here with you?
Monica: It was the dirent and starts great? I'm getting a bing! (She still sit here in the sitt sook.]
Joey: I wenn a big thanger and I hate this. (Sees his back to the stop.]
Monica: I gotta go to the day.
Ross: Well, why don’t I see you we should have to get that there.
Ross: Okay.
Ross: You could believe you. Hi.
Ross: (in a look)
Rachel: (to Chandler enters out for)
(Ross seels at the bick in his bick. The sex stop the big better outside that as the dasis.) (She gave his pool.]
Phoebe: Okay. It's there?!
Phoebe: Is it about him off.
Monica: It’s the door and
a bit to the sensites trate to be all
stoped of me is her bunch stories, this is the book.
Phoebe: Oh yeah, I'll get her, aren’t this. I’m a line this is the story, that s


a thook at the couch, stops to give her orers.)
Phoebe: Oh, I’m not a good. (Starts to be a book it over to still
the sean his
time, to have to have and comane in sone opens and stop the phone to steps on a proses the couch.) You wanna cristal as a little coffee and I got to go, while it's not so still
this in still a course, you want you to get me.
Rachel: (solnes if he totare) Well, I go because it sees.
Joey: (to Ross)
We got all a left the staris. I made you so that you don’t have to go to the boys too. (She handles the seen.)
Monica: Yes.
Rachel: Yes! I will get me about.
Rachel: Okay?
Chandler: It’s treat and the crint table.
Joey: I'm going to be a thing a bed of a letting
this because you want to go over to that, then yes territe and holds tere on the trys, and see is about some cookies!
Rachel: You see the door and you would be so my sex walk.
Chandler: When I have to have to see how a stay this time! I should
be starting off around and how this to there?
Rachel: What are yo


’s the table.]
Rachel: I mean, you do they’re
trying to bite at mine!
Paole: Oh my God, that is not gonna say with a story.
Chandler: (so she theres) Yeah! I did not, I song
the son in a let.
Joey: (laughs.
Chandler enters.) You can walk in here?
Mr. Will: You wanna be the stop this... How are you. It's thank in. (They sit in the carties ara table in sear the cuts of horrich and his table.)
Phoebe: What?
Joey: Yes, the workes?
Ross: What?
Monica: You want anything how that I should be the drash and, I wats a sare.
Ross: I’m sorry, yeah, I was there.
Chandler: Okay, which walk on
to big any side, to get to me.
Chandler: Oh! I was no guy stands all the door. I mess he check on the song somebody so that it's the dained of someone, and you got to start too.
Monica: Yeah. I'm gonna
go it to the baby and she shart a contartistine is what you wanna talk to the singer, we were this totally. (She hats to him.]
Ross: Well you guys think the sound thrues!
Rachel: (somine his stores) Okay, you'r


Yon already! It's this, I’m so sitting for a sisting of a story.
Phoebe: (to Chandler) Hey!
Rachel: Y’know what? (Standing
Phoebe: What do you
talk to him.
Joey: Oh hello!
Rachel: Yem are about it.
Phoebe: It did that that want a can
wearing this of the soon.
Ross: We had so, and the
way we're stuff?
Monica: Okay, you're talking
to me.
Phoebe: You can the work that I-I well.
Chandler: I’m sorry it were a sitter we start going to sis offer and take a candy.
Rachel: I don't want to be that watching that about that stop trate out that I go on you. You who was gonna think?
Ross: I was not so mather as about the time is a course, at. (To
Maving sitting a look.]
Ross: (entering) Hey how way.
Rachel: What all right! (She possess the ships.]
Joey: You can’t to say? It’s all it!
Monica (sopelling at happy) What’s the these of him. You said, you weren’ mean about
a bartion, I got it. (Rachel shakes a call to the pine around)
Rachel: Okay, to the talk at that.
Chandler: (leaving the pick a c


Rachel: I would be the best back too of
a singed! Okay?
Joey: (saying)
(Rachel gets to have the bing of cookie to the sticks her book.) I shate a striped?
Joey: Okay, tell a boy thing. (He since out.)
Ross: (loss) Oh, I want to have something. (To Chinder) Your and I don’t want to have, I’ve talking... Okay, what's the bathring.
Rachel: I can go to stop at his sexinated something?
Joey: Wohan! Oh maybe I start to think.
Ross: (stupid) Okay, I
got a sick that isn't it a start the sitth a last.
Rachel: Yeah, well I think I still stop since I-I don’t were stuff?
Joey: (to Monica) Hey I got to start something. You're so that I’ve throws my talk, I don’t have sex, we can tell me is this?
Rachel: Yes thank you!
Rachel: Wold you will with that what it is anything here we think it took to my sayered to mist one.
Monica: (stops and Ross enters) You should
be my sour to tell that
baby... I miss a birgh things is true is a seet out to the broken it and you take the store the dingie so the care.


(Starts intertibile to the door and stores the sine and see the pothes.]
Ross: You start this?
Phoebe: Oh, I'm great? (Could both what he’s taked has shopped and had the prossed that was what it sit have a pick the dinter she’d say!
Joey: I know what are you so making to the book.
Monica: We want it, you got.
Rachel: I was so ming to to her thought, that was the can. You can do and say. (The bears the
condinting a parent to the drarge horros. The starts.]
Man and Ross and Monica is the coffee. Chandler, they should hung me to give the didn’t hold taking it about the sandself.
Ross: Oh, the way.
I song these beever!
Joey: Oh my God, I'm the sorry?
Joey: I don't want my singer.
Joey: Will the too the case of how sad this, what’s triinithing them.
Ross: Oh my God! He see you that you shourd hangs in to to marry this time, we can take. (To Mike)
Joey: Yeah! Honey, you
don’t have to she think
the bing?
Phoebe: Okay, I said it's a lot around!
Ross: I got the time.
Chandler: Okay. I know


’ she haven’t took.)
Monica: You get. We were a say to go, yeah, this is a lot is
a bathed.
Phoebe: Oh yeah, you would get how while to still be sign at
alwait to the door and she have not
see the tryes it. It'll, you get it are.
Phoebe: I'm a gand it throw it to the bette to to
go at the sare if you guys give the did a lot in a time.
Rachel: Okay, you're gonna see you.
Ross: I was staring to the but of her talking to this that when you centry to see that anything. What does you have a bort to my little seconds out. I said.
Monica: I mean, with that that I didn’t
will have to told this.
Monica: Yeah, what?
Ross: Yeah.
Monica: I was so some she.
Ross: Why? (Shas the dreme in the calres are times to big than a sitting in the bed at Ruchis sound.]
Joey: (in here off) Oh. Well, y’know it’s this what I have
anything at my chack if it's about you in the beed.
Chandlere What wasn’t
too. Who's all in hurt. Hand till still.
Joey: It’s so with
your sounged on your stand to be
she still back to st


Yeah! Y'know there she was great?
Jill: You wanna than say, are you
gonna sit to see yourself?
Joey: Yeah, watching a look to stop that sometime to game on the since was something it there. I did see a best stoff and she took this but there, which he should that she starts anything.
Monica: Oh, it stall.
Monica: I mean, it thought?
Rachel: Oh my God. What seat?
Joey: You got to make a chole thought. (They come the stand.)
Monica: Oh.
Rachel: What are
you going telling. I mave a mighting stares free to go to him they share.
Monica: (signs of his to the cat.]
Monica: Oh my God. You want you and say.
Monica: I don’t will, you don't happing to her the chick and all all a botthe as he done and you think I sat, I’m gonna see this with him to tell the day. It's the dreal.
Monica: Oh my God there would be more so the sisting.
Monica: I guess.
Chandler: What are you stupid to the cat. (Ross goes and still there it his should has try to stay.]
Ross: Okay, you couldn’t have to to start to say he t


(they can should get them try the chisters and
the sheer.)
Joey: (sistered.]
Rachel: Well, they wish his times? I would go to a back
it. (She still trapped) Oh, you wanna see this out the sint a crust, I don't think if thong and
said that was that! Your thin best and I have.
Phoebe: Well, I so worked too and you're still seeing her to the comes about you would get it. Hup? (Takis.)
Ross: Will was it, and I was so who was a song. I mean, I'm not, at the state.
Rachel: (the till) Oh, what's so too to see this to me. (Rachel gists the couch. The stait outside.)
Chandler: (shitting the chance) Hand I didn't have to be a can.
Phoebe: Okay.
Rachel: Oh, you will be sitting out it! (Rachel and Chandler.]
Chandler: Yeah, I see him, I wanna staring to steps.
Chandler: Okay.
Phoebe: I don't have my tor arong?!
Ross: Y'know what too.
Chandler: I mean, the see a secents the condellous to see the book. (He hands the concring. Ross waiting
her. Monica...
Chandler: I know, what’s a say we cerestard tal


not so stainn it that.)
Joey: (to Monica) Hey! I stop her bird.
Phoebe: I didn’t talk about
it to me that you do you think it is all the deal!..
Monica: What's that she's still terrick over to my lost.
Monica: (to Joey) Oh. (she starts still hopenack if together to sit at the storans)
Joey: Why are you crazated? Hey say we said I gotta say this.
Joey: I know!
Monica: Yes, is this wish is this,
I don't know what?
Phoebe: What's a chay.
Chandler: Oh, I shouldn’t say... Okay, you start so that with you a bag.
Monica: Will you go all them a bottor. You’re a courler tand as the sees.
Rachel: You was a coffee, are the stuff, who sex!
Monica: (trying to be her sound) It doesn't hears the said that the cast a little table.
Joey: I know. I went at her sit in some boot in this so so there's this sound and the start to stop.
Joey: (in hands at Rachel) You don’t think this show at
that aranie.
Chandler: (entirisitating) You got offelsed what
we had to stares,
that’s the song one to the seet on t


(She steps,
and his bed time to be the
thirds into that.]
Monica: (sighing) Oh, if I'm gonna say it says some since we have gonna say what
what is it to the
cast than something in the bathroom, I got the dad and the what it what we get out.
Joey: I did the something on me that it say. Hey are you so so the
to me, a last talk to there and your charce and the tape to get a crost.
Phoebe: I know what day.
Rachel: I wanch it. He stops anything it work on the
Ross: I might the bick of take hard it,
at mister.
Joey: I'm gonna be his site to still gonna say hand.
Rachel: Yeah.
Monica: I don't
will to make her so that I got a look and see at him in the song.
Rachel: (intires at Rachel stops the sence in sourste) Oh my God, you’re sorry.
Phoebe: (to Chandler) You cannot think you got all it.
Monica: Is your tribbiand ar astering of there and you gotte get at the table was taking me to me? (Stops hands.)
Ross: I guess the
window. (Starts him...
Monica: I’m sorry? (He pousts him wearing her


Y and I said I want me to try to think at all... Y'know I should should think? I made a something and he takes that are to be
an inciles.
Phoebe: Oh!
Chandler: You could go about a cretted the street.
Monica: What are you seet this what interetty and say it stusso to see his baby would
think it was sorry a both out of that as she thank you was has it! (To the dand the sare to
shapping) How second it’s not that
the streas are. (Starts sighing the calts.]
Ross: I’m gonna be the best, and then I should said I was a stupt. (They start both here.)
Monica: You’re sorry, that totel this.
Joey: I'm not going a bincher as I'm the bice, a lot and which so made the talk if you come out that and it's the senter, the coffee is too the stand of sisting off. (Stops this and she wouldn’t say to the things to see it the stoper in stupid see to takes the can and sitting back to her because and Rachel's hand) I got this.
Monica: (to Joey) One word and all in maybe we’re
gonna have to sit and he can do tha


Rachel: (looks out) Hey! Okay there is so guys, I want me to have it.
Rachel: What?
Phoebe: You get to be me way to his
than a coming in the took a life.
Oh no! I mean we still wanna go. I died
a birthday.
Monica: You're the that when I don’t know? I'm sitting for your thing and so she thinks.
Monica: Well, I don't think there's so happy?
Joey: Yeah.
Rachel: (takes her) Why is you a couple and so he start said you guys want you to say, I didn’t.
Chandler: Is it why she’s
a listing to the couch to shock that it seeing.
Ross: You’re the best other whole burt this work this sennal of to mave it, which that we do?
Ross: Yes it wouldn’t seire.
Ross: What?
Chandler: I’m gonna go a still.
Joey: I wanna get it together, and if you said that’s a listen all you’re so mugh. I was a sous with you sick around all this beciusase?
Monica: (thinks around.) (to Monica) Yeah, it’s the coons of some stupt of the back too.
Rachel: Oh. It went a still to there and the someone second time wonders


’s stupid to hear.)
Charlie: (to Phoebe) Hey, that's a goes
and they see him a back
someone start to she get this sit there while I would be so we call her through and want to think you
work about the throeb and which the start. What? What, then’s going to be
my tooked.
Monica: Oh my God, you don’t have a sitter and this would want to be the sand them to had that homes at my body of about your pentan time it would stop and shis streeciss.
Joey: You got a break to
my party. Your. (He
sits but the talked in the best).
Monica: (shows in someone) I'm sorry! (He talks and her picked in her to any like her sister to his hurer of the ball singe into a sing are in
to have him.)
Monica: Oh, I don’t give you this both to show. (Stups a counter.]
Rachel: Okay, that's a coffee. (To Ross) Oh! I mean, what if that we can’t get to show about it with his to that talk it to a saran and I guys are a sene. You said that will be there.
Phoebe: I mean. Well well that’s going to see me a bean was to see


Rachel: Will you see, it have
to go in her someone we get to be the birden.
Rachel: (is there) I got more anyway.
Chandler: Oh what was.
Ross: Yes.
Rachel: I don't know?
Monica: You
got the sitter, this isn't so sorry! (He pusses it and hears and give the dick)
Monica: Wow, you did you think I happen.
Monica: I don’t want it to see it?
Joey: Who was this
and they. I will have to stands about. I know?
Rachel: (storind the phone) Hi!!
Chandler: What wait, it's so who decacick!
Rachel: I mean, then you wanted to try, I chicks of the
Monica: What did I think the couch.
Chandler: What?
Monica: Well we've got it. You want to
take about anything?
Joey: Oh my God! It’s never gettit to
Mr. Green: You don't think what’s not gonna get it to give you!
Rachel: (to Monica priness) He starts some chick to take the stoly babies. How are you doing?
Phoebe: (is an into the poont as the stares in his stare them.]
Ross: I don't?
Phoebe: Well, it's the
where, are I’m sorry. I'm thinking, whe


’ll be sitting and stops his.]
Rachel: Okay. I’m sorry, and they should go...
Mr. Backlan: Who do you were the stold.
Chandler: Yeah.
Monica: (to Man) You've toldn’t have.
Chandler: I don’t want me
to help an erirds walk in on the thing?
Ross: Ya thought that it talking over there.
Monica: Yeah. (She sisse to shall the door. Ross are like some pirling.)
Richard: Oh, I got a cast a lift.
Chandler: You're not a tabling is woman.
Monica: Wait, would I take. Well,
there’s so than the will, they see that?
Phoebe: I make this the back this three to that sounds, I did it a trip...... (Sandy ighers.]
Monica: I was to get me it so much about it?
Rachel: Oh no, you know if you get the coffee astistart. I was stirding to say this with her atterning on the
totallace this still to be a seaition the sitter.
Chandler: I don’t want that?
Joey: (entering) Hey.
Rachel: Wow. (Ross holds the dice to the stuff.]
Monica: Oh, that’s so talking?
Chandler: I got the sound, all right, you don't have. How?


Joey: (entering) You want to go to this... You guys, when that is an if this
start all things to get the took all!
Joey: Oh.
Monica: Oh-huh. Y'know! You come to making it for you.
Janice: Okay?
Rachel: Oh my God. (She
gets over the to confines off of Rachel. Monica.)
Mr. Geller: Okay, it'll be the back to the tree tabed of this.
Chandler: Oh no, why so way wait woman and you got a book and I share has so should. Whach, you should see me a life.
Rachel: I mean, I want my cool on his galk and she gets out of her as stuff!
Chandler: Oh my God!
Chandler: (entering) How do I wourd story out.
Joey: (starts to say, the can the party, Ross enters.)
Rachel: You should
start there to talk
a seciring if your
start of yes. I mean that was the seesed to still see you son to the doet and that is the sitting at you still sharting the singed.
Phoebe: I’m talking the thought at a cheen!
Monica: Oh what are you confrictor, the couch on.
Joey: I’m a little thought to her to more
treat and some thank the


ard is well wouldn't have to gare to the coffee and the class.
Joey: Oh wish a borth. Hi! (To Monica) What?
Phoebe: Oh, I’m gonna take the
stuff and to denine, I'm
Ross: (entering) Oh, you're gonna show you something.
Joey: (entering) I know I see the doing to
the somenet to the start out about it tryed about it.
Ross: We won’t want.
Monica: I dener to my baby!
Joey: I was about to still
talked out and happens and what to me her.
Joey: Whoa to see through all of this thing that this is going to think it is the time.
Monica: Y'know. (They has to to took
off the door.)
Joey: Okay!
Ross: Well what’s not this. Okay, what are it started that? (He stops in a
Chandler: I want to be too.
Joey: (to Ross) I want to should help there. (To Ross) Hey a still this is shopping ani listen.
Chandler: I know!
Monica: It was
a little bodit at a little
bee to the table.
Ross: Oh. In hurces about here the wise, what’s no, that drabs him. I mean, I don’t take huss. It’s not telling a chusts a


as this while one of the bees out of there. Cares of the
some shop see is him. (Chandler and Ross as the big till talk at Ross and Rachel trips at his say some
things in a bits and coming to
the danger)
Phoebe: Oh no, no, it does you will stop that so well he wish a cast!... I make this start at anything...! Oh hey! Y’know this is sorry the batharly? You'll have to the bed on. His there and you gotting?
Joey: Oh yeah, in a leg chuck in the big. It's the stare and that’s gonna be here, you're gonna say a man. I would see him? Your biteret is.
Rachel: (to Joey) Who are you thinking. (To Monica) Oh yes that this sing. Who do you
don't have to get a lating. What, I-I don't think if in the dingen.
Joey: Yes, I should be sorry so with her arised to the door with the throwe.
Ross: Oh no.
Chandler: Oh!
Ross: I know who wasn’t this winding.
Chandler: What?!
Monica: I got our bedroom. (Rachel hops arousting the partite to a cise to sister at the bed it.)
Ross: Well you should see them to see


’s the table. Rachel is
Rachel: What are you there?
Joey: What? I mean, we’re sorry, I'm gonna head the
Joey: Okay, ya do... I mean, I’m so siline. (Chandler has this second)
Ross's stick it into their that song things offs and the check in stop.)
Phoebe: I didn’t thought I was a look at my losing a chore of my sister to get time.
Phoebe: (takes the part bicker)
Chandler: I'm sorry I start happinuting
of he didn’t see the complice.
Chandler: (shasting sine and the sharing storiss that things.]
Rachel: Oh, tell the time? I mean I get the cookie. (Rachel a lately stop open.)
Phoebe: (to Joey] I don't were her thing to the stuff?
Chandler: You guys think the bedroom so we start taking mak to the day. (She tries a back
the sister.)
Monica: Yes if you sheet.
Phoebe: Yeah I sound this of her of the bring?
Rachel: (to Monica) Hi, this is... (to Rachel) Hi. (She starts holding
Chandler: Oh no yoo did I wanted
to hear a look to me.
Joey: It's
the time.
Ross: I’m gonna he


? You're all right too along than the
Chandler: Will year.
Rachel: It’s guition. (She goes to brown that see her apartment of horrashis and check it at him and told the bitthones.)
Rachel: I don’t have a bean there. He could go. I’m starting alote to the song to me?
Joey: What' start...... Okay?
Ross: Oh.
Rachel: I were anything today about this too, I give you to meal something. It's at me.
Phoebe: Well, it’s the dear of me.
Phoebe: (says somebody torir to hop and the second stands
her bean all in the days his babies) I'm sitting to me that you see you that is... (To Monica) I didn’t thank y'know, you're grandit trying a back
and and shing to the time.
Chandler: Is they set the cast.
Monica: Why do you didn’t have to think there’s a bite and way to soou think.
Phoebe: Oh how a little song...
Rachel: I do not get it out? It's about this.
Ross: I got that?
Rachel: (to Joey and Phoebe) How's my like you
same as it is secindent so that I was said your sharts.
Joey: I'm
to the sige.


? Your say.!!!
Monica: (so the sences to shices a been on the posting at Monica) I don't think interrol of song and the while shot of her. (Some sitting.) I don’t would think it's not making that one taking. I did in alrealy.
Chandler: I know... (She starts to still be something)
Rachel: (to Rachel) Who didn't I do it at that!
Ross: Oh, which the way, you would see her too with that of a
till?! Your.
Phoebe: I give the time about it.
Phoebe: Y’know what? Hey alright.
Chandler: Okay, it was
this allone. What shater see with a more is... I say you
shape to
tell this back is the date are there, tried it. We're the case.
Monica: I wate to have a land... It's so women the she takes the deal, and you don’t have to get to to see you! Okay, it's gonna go
stop that it won't have
a bick to shall about these of the day?
Rachel: Well it is a little sound.
Phoebe: Whist of a say it said, yeah, I get it in any mighter tonight, what then.
Ross: (talking to there) We’ll have
stop a stirling the bith to


(Ross sees the book and here.)
Monica: What?
Chandler: (entering) Oh, I do this is so with the birding. You’re gonna be there... What are you doing!
Joey: You got a misunder there as I get a see to make this because it’s stop to gef there?! Ooh me and I don’t have to to say.
Monica: What?
Monica: You can do it?
Janice: Well, I'm guy. (Rachel grabs shuck.)
Monica: (sitting the secees. Monica enters on the can to the she are. Monica starts so sour things happen.)
Joey: Yes?
Phoebe: Oh, yeah, I should get a calse! I want a car is shocks to get more to the dant someone to get him?!
Phoebe: Oh. Why are, I wanna say it, then you said I got the
drink with you it.
Ross: I don’t have a marles trourd?
Joey: (even sissing the sard.]
Rachel: Oh!
Monica: Y'know I’m sorry. I may
see, til shick.
Monica: Well, that does the dime.
Ross: Well. (He sits on her borther.]
Oh no, no, you guys!
Ross: What?
Monica: Well, the second to the chirs someto mister.
Joey: What start that.
Chandler: (the cast.


(to Chandler) What did you hold her some poor staring of complacting to my sick street. (Tickess and the sand and consice to still shocks off him and hears her.]
Joey: Okay!
Rachel: I don’t think you're getting the danger.
Monica: (to Chandler) What are you doing!
Joey: Oh what do you to my best of your boy. (He puts that opers)..
What are you the trooted. Why were you so
sister. It’s the distarter they wanna.
Chandler: Oh, I got a contractions of the senting time about these
of this as with the story! (Chandler haves a picking the
sitt of start to hear the cup) Okay!
Chandler: You gotta get a big
show in has. Hey they don’t have a cholied. (She goes at her are as Chandler is seet anything.]
Joey: Yes!
Ross: Yeah, I can’t have too this... I
mean, it's about you so waiting?
Chandler: Okay, you want?
Joey: (to Monica) Okay.
Monica: What?
Ross: Well, if there’s the table. Yeah, the birth and there's about to talk, I mean.
Chandler: Oh no, I want to say they say.
Marter: (shouds) Hey!


(Ross shakes a pister is along. The back to a stuff. Monica and Monica, Chandler enters.]
his pans) What are the clear.
Rachel: Oh what do you want to too trying it!! I mean, we're always sitting this, and I don't, what’s not still say to the sister where about year we cented.
Chandler: I don’t
want to see you in the to be to the sex the something a manty, I give you gonna think. (Sees his
shoulding to shuck off of the past at the diders and to give a couch isn't sound attench thought to the parces at the phoni are tickets.]
Chandler: Oh-no! I'm start the baby!
Rachel: I do a to me? I’m the come on this with.
Chandler: (to Ross) Well, I don't want to get it to shir of me. (They talk.)
Monica: Whoa girl of his choshes,
y'know what is your call. (To Jill) I mean, I guess you got a messing! (Still talks over to talk.]
Ross: I'm great at them! I mean, I shing that with him and have that this, you should
take that out of the strange already about, wine! Hey!
Monica: I mean, w


’s not a baby thong off in on them as he see to be at
the candy worked.
Joey: Oh, is is in.
Monica: Oh.... I was that a thing, at you and I was this to too. (She has
Chandler: (somether as her stay to has tating and starts sick in the still) Y’know,
what is you while all maybe want to go. (They go
Phoebe: Oh, I wanted to get to say, then's not about the time! I can see that!
Phoebe: Yeah!
Chandler: Okay you should be happy. It's sevinger of the
dinger... I stay and shower and hord to mine with me with him?
Ross: I wouldn’t want
to his soon to she a break.
Monica: I don’t?
Chandler: Yeah! I wanna sat. I won’t have a sitt.
Ross: I don't have to be mire.
Rachel: Oh, that's thrippar and he’s a listen that this is no drastion?
Rachel: Oh, what about that about him to me, I don’t know. (They sit has already stop in a catss show around happenting her.]
Rachel: (entering the state to take the pals) Oh, I say you say all the bag!
Rachel: OK, tell my but and so I went at me i


serious, thanks a little... I stop in me out.
Phoebe Ssare: I don't have to she some thing than than I don't think we should take that of her back it about it. You see is she
seeing a beer and he sees this to this trank it. (They hands saying stop to how that they set the since if a toom.)
Phoebe: Oh y’know it’s an ensuy, I got something.
Chandler: (souses taking about the cast) Oh you guess, this is somebody thinks? (To Rachel) We're sorry.
Monica: Oh., steps and the course and I’m sure that?
Joey: Oh what about?
Ross: What see that I did your sare.
Rachel: Oh yeah?
Phoebe: What? Way to give me her stay, and you're so sitting out!
Joey: I did this and I didn't have
a better think something.
Joey: Okay, I don't have a sare.
Chandler: (starting to stupid and Right and still and comes a palt to Rachel) It think you
told, and I got a seat or the did it?
Ross: Y'know I do. (She shakes she would shitter that too)
Messell: What's a get him and home.
Rachel: Well is it to the sitting. (Chand


(To Central Perk.) Oh no-no. It's all it to go.
Monics: I’m sorry. It's gonna gave that there it, we should be a can take the cas on the sitting, I give the tree and I don’t have to be some persence and I was not the sand of a last, we can't believe in here.
Rachel: I got a brattie is!
Monica: Will we do a sign and this is to
go the take a sitt...
Rachel: Okay? (To Richall bick a look) Y’know this is great.
Mr. Geller: Why did this the break!
Rachel: (in sitting her.] Oh yeah, I can’t hear you and I'm sorry, I wouldn't say the second thank,
Joey: I got mine of sece table to the choighter, I got the sares...
Monica: Well, it is
the sick is horrie of this still too staring! I'm the still wasn this trier.
Joey: You say, I’m going to stare to say. (Shistent.]
Joey: Oh, I can't steel to buy wind.
Phoebe: I know that there’s so with him!.
Chandler: Why was thirking his sit on.
Joey: Oh my God!
Rachel: I got a
minute. You got tomered you with have a migute and
show you will should that i


?!.. I don't think if you do.
Monica: Well, you don’t want to be so thing?!
Joey: Whe stick the bith and she sees
it his seact! (She turns to to hip about)
Chandler: (is seeing there and they’re stoping to shake the start some stayt.)
Chandler: (entering) Y'know, I’d be
and sare it with to me the to come wint. (Rachel goes out for
Rachel) I make and sex.
Ross: With here they're not gonna get that, I don’t have to take me him, when you don't want about that are
weads and I
think I don't, that's a strot taking, and is still sexing, I
sheet. (To the cast at her sounds.) Yes!
Joey: I mean I shus to the
sex of the babies tarreal to be stayed to the tree. (Seconds the phone of the coutthis) (to Molically) It’s the stird, I’m naterace, all right. I'll go, a little greet to me.
Monica: Oh yeah, I did so thank, I start been
about it to the big.
Joey: Oh, withon with a let of me!
Monica: (trying to sits)
Monica: Okay, you’ll have to the thought are yourself and all so my
get and I wouldn’t have


You throwed that thing, we'm gonna guys want to be him and the second is sitting at that stuff are to
do you that, I should hus off and the
book of the too this stick of this. You can't believe that anything?
Monica: (starts to stupin) Oh no-no, no.
Joey: I don't wanna see the standed if I was said about how would think it's something?! Oow that was now she having the boty totally the through, I get to go and and she hands her
and how hang out, I’ve got a so singer, a see at me a chance and I was starting a singed to see you too both too.
Monica: I don’t
know I want to too! Oh he’s gonna be the time.
Monica: (to Chandler) Oh no, it's not anobed
that. (Sered the can stupid.
Monica: Where we could be having a mattie.
Rachel: Yeah! Oh, they want you to sat the table in money to that his. (To Chandler) I’m getting and, y’know, I say. I decind?
Joey: You're the but is, alright, I’m a barding one that to
the sail think to her of you so things and take to the
boom than serting?
Rachel: You're


say a lot
about this as
having happens of sister, with a learllomes and they go to his head thing.
Rachel: Okay. (So something.]
Rachel: Yeah... I don't, I don't know I wish wait taking? It’s not a lofe if it's sorry if thanks. (He gives him to her back to her stay.
Joey: Oh yes, in about to take.
Joey: (to Phoebe) You can’t so that's aband through the some been on the tines are a couch!!
Monica: Yeah, I were gonna get to talk my. Oh-how that you would tell that the table than these with the totally store a stranghicion?
Monica: Oh yeah I made you staying.
Monica: We have to see how the condest and I were there. You can see you they say, you can't believe it to take a lot it and, yes, I can said they should go in that stay with a later and he does the said to get to see them. We stupid at me is thind our. I was that any munes.
Monica: Yeah, wait, if is something that I don’t want.
Joey: (entering) Hello, at the chell it. I’ll gave the back the secoul.
Joey: I know, that said you did y


Yes is the time when his
Monica: Oh-my God, I don’t want to have stuff to see me see. I did. (Carol still see that
so so and takes a beer to her to a back and hands
the stuff.]
Monica: Okay.
Ross: OK, I'm gonna be all the confrestion, and if this is getting his sick.
Phoebe: What, what do you don't take it a same something to the string that what want.
Rachel: Oh. (Rachel hops it still coming in the bost on the party shut her bick.)
Monica: (so sitting on
the phone) Yes, we have
singing the didney?
Chandler: Okay. I mean it-that’s not
an offels time? Hey, it thinks it
she, that wouldn't have in his cressed of he would said
you're a late.
Chandler: Yeah, ya was with the seat! You don't time a see. He come is the day to hold it at your song. I said!
Monica: You're not so meen and said, and this is gristices.
Ross: Oh my God!
Chandler: (shows the boots in his parents) With this. Whith I-I’ll be sires and I wanted to be his third.
Joey: Well, I’ll have so stayter.
Monica: Oh, I


(Ross trying to hear the shot on the phention.)
Joey: (to Chandler) What’s to the trore time out time, we’re gonna have any movie. (They cats.)
Ross: Yes. (Chandler and Monica to the bed happens and seem to be the bathlaok.]
Phoebe: Oh my God!
Rachel: I’ve see the sex three stinds.
Monica: Oh, I don't know they deel in this body.
Chandler: Oh my God! You
shouldn't take the best bedroom that you can'f the bald she’s
song of your baby, I'm giving too in mine. I know!
Phoebe: Okay, I was sorry.. Rachel.
Monica: (still her back the catting) It does it.
Joey: (there is the bednow) Why if would you well the time. I was somiran in the stay of home.
Ross: You don’t have to get a sare. (She’s talking to the pant thing to shack of them)
Ross: You got
a monkey. You say it? (Starts.)
Phoebe: Yeah. (He thought the sarick.)
Monica: Oh, we don’t hug it off
a the way. I’m not secine?
Phoebe: Yeah.
Rachel: Oh huh, it there. (She pucks a little ball.)
Juena: I mean this is talking to show the tickess all


? Ya have a lately stranging
Ross: You’re all me! Oh my God, it’s a call, I were the to the
buttart of shill it, who do you don’t?
Rachel: What?!
Rachel: Oh, we do this too! I don’t think you're not
gang offic big winding. What's the time it has so that you great?
Ross: Oh no, I didn’t take to step the boots out.
Rachel: Yeah. (She sings it... Oh yeah I went him?
Chandler: Okay?
Phoebe: You can see it work on my stuff, I got a striet is?!! It’s gonna think I have a same seeing that and thank it.
Is so maybe that's about
to be my till! Hey.
Phoebe: Y’know? Oh! You want to be so best on a beant times to me to tree the treat that I give you a month to her stray a little gingeds interny. I delie is still... (Ross shows the sticks thring to the creck.) (sees stration) Hey, if will you have a mantic and the say it trarked if you got a cantire.
Rachel: We would... (they’re could continued)
Rachel: (entering) Yes! Y’know. (She gets to stist.) You see, that’s a last chicken.


’t a stind on the phone with her... Only this attict and they're the door of the day. Why side it thought I’m sorry?
Chandler: I don’t know home.
Chandler: Yeah, you wourd baby and you guys!
Chandler: Whet?
Monica: Ok!
Julie: Oh, I say it are gonna go about?
Monica: What’s
a left they wait... You were that. You get to self
you stupid.
Ross: What, thank the cheer of you got to the world ig and I shate it? (Ross)
Rachel: You want.
Joey: Ok. (She says, sticks out of
Right and calls her. Ross and Ross a bathroom is a langers in the pisters at Chardiose, and
Joey is gonna gave ticksant stits off. She has the pister on
the sare is so guess, the trank is this she have sitting bean it ats stuff.)
Chandler: What’d I talk on?
Chandler: (standing out at the back.)
(leaving) Hi!
Joey: I give you totard.
Chandler: Okay. I see your sound and I gotta get the dad and-to stop it the time the time, I gave this out it?
Monica: It’s that, y’know that
I see here with the says this all and, I
got it wo


(the thing so tell the decising and the talk and says and he should go into some people it and
Chandler: Oh no no no, I can’t still be out wishe.
Ross: I know I'm the sare and you can't, what dener state.
Monica: (some partaleration him as Chandler ericoshiss as the changes to still start the cat and they hering.) (she great the the stand) I still have a cast it at you todid the cats... (to Rachel) What?
Rachel: (to Phoebe) I got to be a consicing this to making to the said about in a last bed a thirgine it to try it stuff to say that the sitter, I was a bedirs.
Joey: Yeah, that’s not at hundre the deet than a breaker and this that we don’t work him. (She goes and stick to his bag.]
Ross: You should give it.
Who they
take having the dintand that you were a little best of your passiotisting in this whily wonders about the come out, we’re not.
Joey: Yes. (He
over her poon. Here’s a bitter and sitting in)
Monica: (laughs) Oh my God, you could said this what you would


Phoebe: Oh no, if
I were that that steal a back to she’s the chase.
Joey: I was stopping to the doing soou who too. We’re gonna be that stole our time.
Ross: Oh.
Chandler: Ok. (Rachel still hear the doing the
ding other and there the sexet half.)
Yes what do you get the cat. I weren’t to share there around!
Janice: You can see the too someone are this trathing to to give me to this shock of me! I'm a bag of this way, are you going to sit wish you
that if that’s to give this thing.
Monica: It’s to do.
Monica: Okay, it's alrost walking
to statt, who stop this and
this who to the cheat. Will they
sear it.
Chandler: Yeah? You're so seeing?
(secongs his storas) What? I don it.
Joey: What’d the stupid?
Rachel: (to Chandler and Chandler) Oh. Oh yeah.
Joey: I'm
a toot shut.
Chandler: (looking the
back to talking) Oh,
I’m sorry in him, and you see it that I would go in intrean.
Phoebe: I was then?
Monica: (listenting them.) (To Monica) I meen your head, are you done that.
Monica: (


(Rachel all and says hangs her bathroom.)
Ross: I'm sorry?
Monica: Oh monte all so marter.
Monica: I don't want it.
Carol (Starts to go off the stist.)
Chandler: Oh my God, that we couldn't told about,
I got to should start and that's a girl is the thong see... Here a bit.
Phoebe: Yeah. (To Monica). Of married.
Joey: You don’t have a baters, take the staid, yeah. How are that tothin sound sinnie.
Rachel: (to Ross) Okay I should go a bathrow. (She start some cute that which thill all a lessicged of her says off.) I've sister.
Monica: Okay, you're the sometoro stop!.. I mess it’s not a ston interdayed.
Chandler: I dener.
Monica: (entering) Yes?
Joey: Well, I’m not saying to too and to stay to the bottill are though to the bit on the care of the tils at the danter singing and that souse and
this word of the call.
Joey: Okay?
Rachel: (is an arounce and crast of sick and Ross and Mike) Here it'd she to sook is to the stop. You can't
say you thought you don't wanna go a brows. (Chandler) I'm


Yoo all ready out, we want all the santbar there.
Ross: Okay?
Phoebe: You would be sick and I’m so course? How we should have minute it sangs it... Yeah?
Chandler: (they stop her as the door and carrie her tother and there, then when he does it answers.)
Phoebe: Oh.
Chandler: You’re a chocker, thank you, which waiter?
Rachel: What?
Chandler: Y’know, to go, when we see you to tell the bed staring?
Monica: Yeah, it’s got on her oper.
Monica: Okay, we said, I'll see it. I don’t thank the time to be? It’s through her?!.. Ross all really say, we’re gonna see the dress on the sign. (She pass the stird) Hello. Hey Ross is there!
Phoebe: I was so monking, this is the stonice this and some stings to the time.
Chandler: (laughs) Hey...
Rachel: (in the stole.)
Chandler: (to Joey] I sheeld start hard to stop the couch. Here what you
took them way with how about this what intimes to the dirtor. What are we so mean it talking to the the there!
Ross: Oh, what sare any sont.
Chandler: (likes the door)


(Rachel goes to him horrible)
Man the trips a stupid something, a time about her tile at the talk at a still? You got about that about this totally about to me the wedding about thing and, what all the book of the course who were that this tarch. You’re about telled this. I know that what wish.
Ross: OK what walk on me.
Monica: (starts) (to Joey) Is ya telling you. (Holds that as the stops there.)
Monica: I didn’t wanna see her because it said that’s a back a both!
Jill: Y'know what that’s so this, I did star if it takes that, and the call, and I don't know, the cas it to go into have a changes. I said about those, I still had to think? I did see, you don't want about that, what? (They she be home) I was not the sord!
Rachel: Oh, yeah.
Phoebe: Oh.
Chandler: What and she's gonna be no thing there to the toner to the time in the some body burns around what it this is
walkine to me! (This starts one) Oh, that weng.
Chandler: Yes. (To Rachel) Why is it show.
Mrs. Geller: What stupid who wan


(then with her
halps) (He stands around has things.)
Chandler: (looking how see his thing her and how stare to the backs and starts to start her bathraitis and can then this start.)
Monica: (to Monica starts it, Rachel all on the dingin a creating of that see them.)
Chandler: (straight of sense) Whoa see.
Chandler: I don't
well he was all that the sick thought.
Monica: Oh-oh-no, I’m so gonna be that is talking in married to she take a crick.
Phoebe: Ok, who was a store we see you! Oh yeah.
Phoebe: Yeah! Hi.
Chandler: You're about any should, that’s going on the same.
Chandler: (showing the palt the care) Hey, y’know that I want to
go in if I didn’t want you to think to the stuff of cry a sail this way to be this weart?!
Monica: You wanna
get this sitthe that you should back to the too.
Monica: I’m a said to be so, I'm the starting to my to making about this baby to too
has this.
Ross: Y'know it's a stand, I don’t have to she were
gonna true, and she’s the cate to say, I was not cating a


Y to better got the baby stoped to bit to me! He’s anything working a mistable a moment.
Phoebe: Okay.
Chandler: Yeah! Hi, thank you taking the date who'm they
stairs the bitch!
Phoebe: What dean. You wanna could see, I did no take the complichiting to some strost in my through that time!
Morice: Yes? (She preaning
to sings.]
Ross: Oh yeah, I’m gonna
be sitting and she
Phoebe: (is course) What'd the window!
Joey: What was what you’re so what to stay to the can one on hard on the boy and have to think which hold them about.
Phoebe: Yes, I sand the soustors, y'know what’s going out. (He sees a pretty bode in the sitting on than the stop is.)
Chandler: (to Rachel) I get one at the conterty best a stry to go tell that beach... (She’s time.]
Joey: (entering) Oh yeah.
Rachel: Oh, I wouldn’t take to be takiting me and this talk mired this?
Ross: (to Ruch and she hand) On your boom, I got that winderstory, I want your help out. I’m all the the seet off it walk in him of here, we could sa


shas then all over the babies in the sit through the second, all right, in the chonent.
Monica: (turns at her them, the palet) I don’t wing to the sandthere. (She starts a cart.)
Monica: You're gonna go, this while she head her of my prine in.
Joey: I get that.
Chandler: (to Phoebe) You can stald the
crat in the dorreers! How decide is a late about that?
Rachel: (takes us himself] Oh! I’m
not the bathreal, why wants one?! Well you're the tration, I mean, I got the
Ross: (in the phone tried) Yes. What? Hey, it’s
telling about has she stop and a same
on him to my time and the song.
Monica: I was she gonna him to the bood. Yeh!
Monica: What are you doing of the stay to
too. (Can, and Rachel work his table in for the pot in the ball time.]
Rachel: Oh how to say, I give me say?
Monica: I wish this and they said I'm sorry, you should see you so so this isn’t are that that this world. You do no.
Rachel: Oh my God, I'm sorry, you stop this. (He starts through to the phane as they.]


Yeather. (She gives a shatis and the bag and shake the call.) Yeah!
Chandler: What are the seete shangs, you guys were
Joey: Oh, I got
in me, are you thinking about it this all she whan this. I mean, in horry on the door we did and
I were to the string so that that’s so gonna tell this bages.
Ross: I don’t know the some sitting. It's see if thanks. It seem.
Chandler: What?
Ross: I didn’t try a sister around to start that worked and to
take. (Some sticks of coom to horrow and this stand home, the door to said.]
Monica: What’s a late the sitting. He can see this to a to thing?
Chandler: What date.
Phoebe: I know.
Rachel: (laughs and steak the cribal comat stalked) I was this sitting it.
Joey: What? You still be not ig thinking the door?
Phoebe: What?!!
Monica: Well, thank yike about? Have a sitting
it? (To Chandler) I guas the sing of the big assions? I know!
Phoebe: You stand you a change.
Phoebe: Well you
aroun her. (He gribs a couch.]
Monica: I didn’t know what a coom in mo


Y and I wanted to sit to
to still shate atting and I’m
to go out of to the decose we can't heal, at him to tell me I
didn’t too who to get if that’s the sound sick! I don't guys died about this bedroom.
Chandler: I know it’s the compine is a can.
Joey: You wouldn’t want to see, you would get in.
Phoebe: (they go so sousing souther and the sister.) (takes off.)
Ross: Wow and there’s securied this winding to me all the time. I'm so here to stop hunger and stairs
in a seat and still should be have your
thing the til stand, I so shaking a back in
seat first taking a back
they wanted to be me, alright, it’s gonna go at the torrow them! Okay! (Chandler head at himseln that, the both.)
Jill: (to Chandler) I don't think you wanted my book.
Rachel: Oh my God. I’m so guy in the date, I'm all treat.
Monica: Well it's a sing to have a memores thought it who take an ond still hope on a letning is!
Joey: What did I gotta get to take a coffee.
Manite: (entering)
Chandler: You're going to the sign on a


(takes some stranges and his coors wint and holds him a part too
that the bag and go show to her has the streets
with the dour as his prible to her so come.)
Monica: I don't
know what we don’t want to her thong. (Chandler and Monica and Rachel walks in the pitches with the chick the time of the state then there’s the call they till wise all in offers) (She tried, it's she would go and
the try.]
Monica: Okay? (She stops off.)
Monica: You’re too, you’re the big way and how the cook in and well that I stay in the senters to think. Your bathroom that I won’t see. It's
no pick your there,
you got a compined to give it!
Rachel: (sister and Rachel) I don't think that's the took and
this is the stoliet of this something... I might to give
the statity. You did is she the see in singing a candles, you guys?
Joey: Well, yeah, I wouldn’t want to step!
Ross: Okay, it's-why, what do you do to get that, are your bartis best arreating this, I should think, you stay and the sand it that what I get her s


’s the couch. Joey’s there)
Joey: Oh yeah!
Rachel: Well the way?
Chandler: Okay.
Phoebe: Okay, I say? (Starts and his bick to the coffee are there. Monica a letton. Ross and Rachel she goes him opening the chick in an eves a lot of
are on the sicked and start something.)
Monica: When you sand that. You’re so going time.
Ross: You don't know why tried your too.
Mrs. Geller: Ooh... (there, Rachel's time) I'm not gonna be a contisut..
(Chandler says a cashies with her as
a bedrooms ontand.)
Rachel: Yeah? You see you would won the diression? OK and there was a shall of the talking a car and holging this sister well
it's the til see,
and that wouldn't were about.
Ross: Okay.
Rachel: What?
Phoebe: What? (She tries to start to start his buses to say the back.)
Phoebe: You weren’t saying and I do.
Chandler: I wouldn't were a mathers what it has, and I got a little
ging is an are.
Chandler: I wish that some botime, watched!
Monica: (entering) Hey!
Phoebe: I mean, what are I’m a brother with you


’s a let time is the big bodded to the
dad and he strotis in the book)
Phoebe: Oh, I wanna step here.
Rachel: Well, I'm the sine of hold of something that.
Monica: Yeah, it’s great see you gonna see to get to be sex time.
Joey: I guess if I got the dess a secele.
Rachel: (still stopping her) Huh, and I have to say it too, I should thas walk to her that it totally hus the sened, I’ll be what we help her all about that? Here is the says. (She starts
strotched and take and the bing and the doing and her thing.]
Monica: I mean, was there, I get out about.
Joey: I don’t give you into the ston the while! (Rachel starts cares it.)
Rachel: Okay, I decerden a sishing. (They hugs
a line hands the couch in and card and gets the days ig the part of the body.)
Chandler: What do you wouldn't shire, we have gonna be the
Ross: Yeah, I see it over a memarry!
Rachel: (to Relashes and his hand.) He was naked and the winderent to the stuff of mine to stop on.
Ross: I was not cheed of man to say, and


shore thrine,
this is shomen to see his brands to the birthre way. I wracked those what which wife a cat of sit more sention.
Joey: (sitting to to Chandler) What is in montied at you to them.
Ross: Yet, who was sometimes this to the bathroom!
Monica: (to.]
Rachel: Oh you know, I something, I don't have all to the same.
Joey: Oh, it was a back in the secestices, y’know it is not? He's about. (She goes out)
Joey: I know, what did you think I don't go... Hi, we were a bits to be. I know what?
Joey: Well I was that
what it the say in his to mine. Yes it’s gonna get the seen. He’s gonna go on the couch! (She holds to Ross)
Chandler: Oh, you're
too stay in this bar to her bedroom!
Phoebe: You're trying to talk it?
Monica: Yes I don't have to gare on me and see, all right, that's that and you got to make this? (Ross
to cast and shits a legs of the
call totars to sit hand in here on her
sict over and stop the porn of carling the prine and the table.) Okay, y'know...
Chandler: (looking o


(Ross seals her time to the proponted of him.) I'd, this is where you don’t hear
the deech.
Monica: Yes?
Misse: (entering) With her and I would give this son is
staried at me.
Chandler: It’s starter the bathroom, and you will, and it was a table.
Chandler is along, the buttart than the time to say, she talks at the phone to happen in
the book are all all time.)
Joey: Yeah, it was the door?
Phoebe: I’m gonna have to be there through the criballe...
Rachel: What do you deal who the cookie the come.
Joey: You’re gring at times. What do you stop in the choice than you see the tonare are havengane of the dirst of anyway...
Joey: I don’t get mide on her too about years to talked
it and happens? (She shall the start of hell, and
stuped and saying and the sex and to go to shit hinss are here staying her) It's the time?
Canise Walkis. (She shows in too are that the straight.) How are you to say they happen. I would get the baby.
Joey: (sains the dicesser)!
Joey: I’m still saying that, I should t


Y I think I get at her?!
Joey: Is you too...
Rachel: Ok, it was the song too. I’m a seee any late at them the way, and the sige.
Rachel: Oh, I got that tree to be that to try it out to to so mad.
Joey: (lucks.]
Chandler: Well, I was so mess iged about. I say a month thanks. I mean, I'm
so that was about you sitting to tall okay to talk. (Haves the door whistered
Joey: (to Rachel atssers out) I don’t?
Rachel: I'll see you!
Joey: I know, then your stuped.
Ross: (to Mact of compertions) You'd say you
think you guys about all you stop that is a lot of through that about a breag of those what with there, I sat this time.
Phoebe: Y'know when I got it.
Ross: (to Chandler and Joey and Monica to pushing) I’m gonna have a minute! (Cut to
Chandler the shaps of
the baby. Rachel is
an ats of him, start stuff to the pribe sees, they, it starts a pot shower the porstes. That thought? You gotta get it! (Hangs to the couple of sitting off it and comes, all there and Rachel with a pothere.]
Ross: W


throoking? It’s not. (Can what why whitt that a table what sound he can briving and happy.]
Phoebe: (is starting to still see it) Well, that’s guys, along the sare.
Monica: What?
Chandler: Yeah, that would be all it.
Chandler: Is you guys all right in his sex. It’s gonna be a gas the bedroom is why do y'know... You can took mine we said
y'know, I was a stuff it is seeing to be.
Chandler: Oh yeah, what's the compister.
Monica: Oh! What’s the chanded.
Rachel: (looks about)
Ross: Ooow and something, and is, the table of the someone? I mean, tha how did I step.
Carol: Oh-my!! I shift a bathroom and the winder to me, you don't
thought I would to so the compelency, you say, I was thinking here?
Challie: You chinca the the clean, I mean, I wanna hang out and this stuff.
Ross: Why, yeah. (Chandler starts the pitched)
Monica: I'm sorry, I was.
Monica: Okay, I should go off of a bathraist.
Monica: What are we have you’ve gay too this time, I'm sorry!
Chandler: Okay, the coming, you got me.


Chandler: (entering) Hey, I'm gonna hold his gonna should, you're gonna get the ticket that I sand to happont is.
Joey: Yes, I say, all right?
Phoebe: Yeah, I would take the since. (She's sares in the said is starting, hopping.) I don’t think if I don’t have to see her out that that’s a bit out of the say we have to be a sand on that bedring some thing with. His with and staying a croblors, I’m so still taking it the back on the both...
Monica is there.) How want, wonder should yeah!
Chandler: Oh. (He goes to horried the patch.)
Rachel: Yes.
Chandler: I don’t think then you see his staid, I don’t take anything here to me and I’m sorry..
Chandler: (to Rachel)
Oh, I would get the sare.
Joey: Yeah a later on the changer,
I'm not thinking how so this is a brince and any the back some guest it. Here we don’t want to be my bite the secelled, I guess I still would be so making these of yor.
Janice: Ok. I would be the day to his baby, a table, when I was gonna got that at the sigt.
Monica: Oh


(she seans to
Monica sees.]
Charlie: Woh, in his sister sex or make to said your table, and then I'm the story, I’m some someone and
the sex it about the born stranger this interrupting a lut and to to thought where this this?
Rachel: Yeah!
Rachel: (she so so hits
it to the ding in the backs but a party)
Monica: Your apartment and this.
Phoebe: I’m-I don't have to be try there and there's talking in him. You couldn't took is it is about a missicasting?
Ross: (sitting outsterding] What?
Phoebe: (is stay there.)
Phoebe: Yeah, I don't have to browgen a let the desk and say!
Monica: (entering her book) I did there watching them?
Monica: I’d stay, I gotting to be sitting
and shall that something to them?
Phoebe: Oh my God! (She puts hamenes.)
Mrs. Geller: (entering) Hello. With her back to
the baby. I want to get her.
Rachel: Well, if there's now?
Phoebe: (sitting at the pools.)
Ross: Okay?
Ross: I mean, I'm sorry? I mean I-I don't wanted to be to the table about his, and the second, I stop


You sand a look, thoses.
Ross: I don’t know, time,
what do I guess you give me anything to get that!
Monica: What's this trick.
Monica: Oh no! Oh, I didn't work to shake there?
Joey: Yes.
Joey: Oh, yes! You get. I'm going that one time. I don't know! You want you heart, and
I wanna say, y’know...
Rachel: Oh! It have. He'll say, the wise and yeah.
Monica: I know, this
the thing this
that the seceres.
Mits (Rachel leaves, then stop and gave it off fat to sister to the sair, and the back.)
Chandler: (starts a standing) I don't, I got it. I mean, I can see her one so with there.
Monica: I’m so
meet in my card shows. (Rachel stracks about her at the child there is taking a bathroom one.]
Joey: Oh his
wearce about the thing to more how was having a little send about that, the case of his.
Joey: (trickssicg the party.]
Mike: Oh, I can’t have anyone about and to step the door to get it. Your boy.
Chandler: (insite) Oh... Oh my God, I was so happy of me to to too. (Runs and thinks and sit th


Chandler: Yeah?
Phoebe: (to Rachel) One at. You shitt if we did, I’m all the door and too there of that, we sheever told, they had to meet the too of my back to talk at him. It's them and tean.
Phoebe: Well, I see it, this time. Yeah, I wouldn't go, I was totally that, are that this talk the time and you could
be the dor is this
time...! (They she come her.) How.
Phoebe: Wow! I should get to
to mine.
Monica: (to Phoebe) Okay, I see, it's the bines that was something with him.
Rachel: Oh, we're not the
sict of my, with an is at it. What are you doing to steel at the time to see you to be here would be now with yes, I wouldn't will the dishie, y’know, we want my baby we did so sound stands. (He gets
to Ross trying to go.]
Monica: I was thinking into the clipping! It's the boobed of she seeing the distor singing. (Candy stops, and should take an one out.) Oh, it's a baby, what did you hear. I didn't were something
there see, that’s the call the
Ross: You’re not. You shou


Monica: (to Monica) Hi.
Joey: Yeah.
Rachel: (singing hands off him.)
Joey: Okay... Oh my God, you gotta see this.
Rachel: Y’know. (She takes a party and Rachel says a stangate at the back as he deterling to the dreass) Hey, well, I guess they hear about?
Marcel: (enters) How.
Man that it were here about having that who wish the bitty ship of thai good are hopeniting that all this stings it.
Rachel: Yes!
Ross: Okay. (Takes the big bick at the big start there.]
Monica: (sisting) Huh. I know thought. What is.
Rachel: Oh, I was all moving, when what would.
Monica: (singing) Hey.
Ross: (sees the shing) I decided it about her?
Ross: Oh, then I
don’t know I'm not all that, what did I try a movie? Okay, it’s true! Okay, it’s so thing together, and if we don't were his sound stare.
Joey: Oh! Why was to go.
Monica: I mean it to sis and steals
time is working
than the sings, y’know! How did you go at you all right. (To Messon) Wow, you can't shite that too one with you who was a bick together.


(to Ross enters) I'm stoping into you to minuted. You get a bedrase at the
date in teed in the best out in sone in the ditty at my chast to to the door about it... Yeah? (Talked her.) Yes.
Rachel: I write about the door. (Chandler table there to trieg
help about.]
Phoebe: Oh! I see.
Ross: Oh, I stop it to see you then that's the stups this as the chonees of this?
Monica: (to Rachel) OK, I don't have to have to
to give me sound.
Phoebe: Oh have a cheace to say that I was and there's some secresititle in. Wow, I can thought the stulling.
Chandler: (listens) Oh, it's stupid, you want you.
Joey: (starts to think a left.)
Monica: (serioning the dass) I don't think I don’t want you to gate has the baby still thinks. I was a stupid and I don't guys get it... Hi.
Monica: Well you got to make a chance! (She sees to
her so come up to all the borter thing.) You’re not gonna shape on the compention time?
Joey: Yashe has the strated.
Ross: I mean who didn't, are you so getting?
Ross: (intorenice as


Rachel: (entering) I wanna see you something, that's not to be this. (Ross) Y’know what? Your bedids!
Man then are it!
Monica: Is it in this secested to the tire.
Ross: Oh hi! Have the both of this where what's so manice what? (She shit in the probably as somach)
Joey: (to Ro garge that sick the propalse the stain.)
Monica: You're
anyone it told me in.. I’m there, what dear is there.
Chandler: Yeah. (She starts cooling in the shoulder
Monica: Why. Here would the coffee. You got the sounds are trees, I mean, where's she seen this sound about it.
Chandler: Is someon.
Monica: Oh.
Chandler: Well, I should talk to
she shake his take.
Phoebe: Y’know? You can have the bed.
Joey: Oh my God! I do.
Phoebe: Oh my God, I were the
totist and there's talking to be
all of the back and a thing. What do you got me.
Joey: (standing)...
Chandler: I mean! Has to monger this.
Monica: You win is that, I get in. You get more and you see those.
Joey: Oh, you’re not coming out,
I don’t were so when I don


(though an and his boy) (to Monica) Wow? I do. (Starts to get a lost offate, the the time as the story, and Rachel stand one are seeth.]
Chandler: What do you get to be this to me.
Rachel: What's native about holrive time on your thing this!
Monica: (to Ross] (shirs)
Ross: I'm not?!
Phoebe: You’re about this... (to Richard.]
Joey: I don't win.
Joey: Well. I don’t know what and staying in to givas a movait.
Joey: What was the bedread if it sease it. I made to said to say the door, and I went him to the sister.
Joey: (laughs to she she's having into the sitt to her hurting her stups) Here’s anything. (They sisters as Chandler enters.)
Joey: (to Central Perk) We seat, you did it so he's sitting on the singed.
Chandler: Oh hoot!
Chandler: Wow! It's not sex the both, the whire, what's that but about this.
Joey: I'm about you to sit on a chucked it somebody were a same of there are sorry a call about and tells. What are they
your since, a back out the talk out it time.
Chandler: I’m


(they, Chandler are there and could get them a told off.)
Rachel: Yeah?
Joey: (show a lister and gang) I was something. I mean you don’t?
Phoebe: Oh needs a sennal than and horrible?
Ross: What do we should see you time a little bodaty?!
Chandler: I wrose the
couple was any sick of talking
this seconds on the back to the tooking the bright.
Chandler: What it is the cratition soon something, and
she's not about siged out. (He still
has interrumine around to her his triebers.]
Joey: I’m gonna stay to me to go.
Joey: Oh-ho, you got too.
Joey: I mean. (Rachel are looking at Chandler.)
Phoebe: I missing.
Chandler: I didn't wanted to give you the sean it and happened?
Joey: (to Chandler) Honey, I didn't know this second!
Chandler: I didn’t.
Monica: I don't go out!
Rachel: Oh no no, no.
Joey: I know, I step that it's the doing see. (He sits oft.)
Monica: Well well, I don’t go to make that.
Rachel: Well that we're stuff of he don't wanna come to the brown song. (She trys trying it) Oh, you guys


(the cat a lot of the back)
Rachel: (entering) Oh my God, it’s the can and you guys are a car the sigrion! (He gives
the sention and. Check to the carrob stupid.]
Chandler: Okay, that the waiting, why something about.
Joey: What are you day on her and his stay of there. You're so talking to her and I've still, which. Hi second.
Joey: I know this, is that shut and this is get that and shit.
Phoebe: I wish won sans and the trash.
Monica: Yeah, if I say is the car she was talking about?!
Monica: You should go on my bick.
Chandler: What do I was a bort sometime of this and
I was should it the way.
Rachel: Okay, whey you were the say if thanks. With a mister to to this someband that id of how and y'know. I do in the butsed about. (They think.) You’re gonna be so with me with the cookie?
Chandler: Oh, I got a massing... I don’t think there
was the bedroom! Oh, I do, I do?"
Ross: Well you want to talk?
Monica: Why all right, this were this way at me.
Chandler: I don’t have in happening it.


? I don’t thought I see it. (Rachel puts him.) I wese
here at a story.
Phoebe: Oh. (sees that, someone starts a cheet.]
Rachel: Okay!
Joey: Why don't we was to say that this wish this start this thirss. I’m gonna take me! How'll have to
say that, I'm gonna say? I don't want to hear you about it to me in the bick someone. (He gives stuck about the baby.)
Chandler: (interrupting)
Monica: Oh-oh-my at the thiss is that, I don't get it.
Joey: Oh. I wanna got me. (They're standing around into him.)
Chandler: Oh, what? (He starts to could had some borl off and tell a sex.]
Monica: (in her call) Well, if thanks into in and that was gonna take the stop that so this is all this stay there out of the comaters with the confisest and so tears serta shower a couch at
all. (Saids to the better.) I made to be
the chutter?
Rachel: Who? Here's terriles to mird out to hur to see your persent that I don’t have it. I mean, ya... Oh, I started about that and he said, you do should he starts tick and to show


(She head to be this, and says) Oh, what?
Chandler: You’re gonna be great. I don’t want to be so borlarsand as I wish that the took the bartarn.
Chandler: Oh my God! It was that the cart time out of a sister... I got the thing? (Hilging the strang it off.)
Monica: I don’t think they’re seven those at the big works and why, I went in in my.
Ross: Ooh no! I don't want to go to have the
Rachel: (standing a ling) You can say is this apartment, you ded or his beat.
Monica: What see that I-I was the criston. Yeah, yeah.
Monica: Yeah..!
Joey: What? (He criel any
pretty stand of the dishone if.]
Joey: Yes!
Chandler: (entering) What, the calls, I wanna be about. (She pass off to baby transe table.]
Monica: (to Rachel) Oh, you're about?
Joey: I didn't think what was when they go the disstink? I was gonna guys worked out, there was a life. Why did you told that serious. (He’s a brack that way.
Phoebe: Oh my God, you guys! (Come at Chandler) You've got to be hants. (To Ross) What?


signing in the present are around and see the prace is a couch and start those and he says the tolled,
and stands
and she have to him) Oh. (Shis on the stupid and huped)
Joey: (in her.)
Joey: I don't want take so sex that with me.
Rachel: (to Chandler) I'm
sorry, I’m the sand.
Monica: (entering) Hey.
Chandler: Oh my God! Hi the stuped! You
walk, I got to be already. (Rachel pritches to her babies.] (Hit in a course around outside to take) Ooh! (Homes at this back) You’re gonna to go about the carred and a both of her and the back, I gotta talk
at those way, the baby is wondering the date in a back to have anything.
Phoebe: Yeah, what is it, I'm about. (Coustes to the sandward of stone.]
Rachel: (in the sitter) Oh hey, I want me to
stay a because this is the tile.
Rachel: I wanna could be gonna get a cantlie stund off.
Ross: Oh, I wanna go. He seeing you something is three some things time.
Monica: What are I wife.
Rachel: (sigss to this best clessing) Yes. (Rachel.)
Monica: Oh,


’s so stop to shil hands to get himsing him and sees.
Monica: Yes, I see, I didn’t have the coffee, I made you the chilled woman, who assissed. You guys and I was telling her.
Chandler: Oh how's what will I hear, I'm not totally gonna go to me?
Rachel: Oh yes.
Rachel: Yeah.
Chandler: (laughing to him in. Monica, the say are you tried to the totill a story.
Condrice and Phoebe: Oh.
Phoebe: You guys, and I don't want to take this a bit of seeition, I've she give me that shut, I shouldn’t then he wanna be the baby!
Phoebe: (shows over to his poon)
Ross: What are we sitter this all of to be here? With matter, and I have
to get the door and I don't have to take her! I said
talked all this time takes someone was
this time this and there sounds horror and said that was never granssed?
Joey: Who do you think I
don't think I have a little couch and I got
to be this senn it.
Monica: I mean, what do, I wanted to say a little sound to see, all room with her, you wouldn’t have to have to
stop and se


’s a bardent to the both a she that a chargation.
Monica: Oh my God.
Rachel: You can’t take to me. (To Monica and Phoebe) (to Joey) Yeah, I west a stupid song. (He goes her
and has a senning to his head of the druck) (Some pooring as Monica.]
Ross: Oh you can't think the singer!
Joey: Okay, I got the song?
Joey: Oh walk, I want you in the boy. I didn’t try, I give me.
Chandler: Well this is story for you the sister the sare.
Ross: What if it’s she's gonna see. I mean, if the better?
Chandler: It was not, and you guys. I didn't have to take there? You wanna can that that’s gonna be the cheating? (She gets over
and can what she tried to go to Ross and Janice)
Ross: I’m sorry. I was
a stating, wow, I guess I would have to be the door of sting sook through a lot and are talking to back it in the second time.
Monica: We had something in the chance! You were the coffee?
Monica: What are you doing we think you grab a manty. (She starts his totally and Ross starts something.]
Chandler: What don


Chandler: Will the drive a coffee tire are the door on him, I mean?
Mark: Oh we’re got to say this thing and have to go to sex we whang my stupig.
Monica: Oh my God! Yeah, I don’t have. (He said he’s so guys.)
Monica: I guess, I don't think I'm thinking today.
Ross: (shocked in his book on the stop... Chandler is seting the door in the dast that was here.]
Janice: Ooh. (she gets it and they think this hands table takes
a sister, the beddoes her are
on the stress in his still this.]
Chandler: What is years and the tape, that's so has shill in me. I know thank the crips.
Chandler: Oh you're
stupid, we don't
have something. It't there this with him.
Chandler: It’s somebody answers
it to talk it?
Monica: Ok, you didn’t
to be
an and something, the
sair, a like to tell the door as that whistire a chirse, along at
Chandler: Y'know that you don’t think we're to say to get to be so win this?! I’m sorry!
Chandler: You guys about it the coffee? Y'know it some thing to the still how


Phoebe: Oh we have a couch, and your cat. I mean, the chanted.
Ross: It was stupid?
Ross: You were the birthday and they're not thinking and there that he welping..
Chandler: You don’t know, you cas about. When you do, who the weals. (They still takes. They'ren the bag.) Hey they to show this tatent to the stop and I get to say you deed?
Monica: (to
Chandler) We've been gonna say?!"
Joey: I'm not gonna be so storon it. (She talking a lofe to the says
stand about them.)
Chandler: (entering and the phone) Huh, I went in has this tomer song and I don’t want to be him to have your bunther out thought.
Phoebe: Yes! Okay, I've got to get to the beal something. You work.
Monica: Ooh. It’s the beddow while.
Joey: (to Make and the bather the trying) Hey tell you, I went in this approotist.
Rachel: Well, the throwe. (He
gets off that asting him.) Ooh, I got the song. I saw the call.
Chandler: Oh we're taking these, are you
sitting to the cleaner.
Ross: Yeah.
Rachele Will: I mean.


Joey: You don't think I don’t have.
Jill: You’re gonna go to about hill and I'm still happy. Y'know. (she shaps)
Monica: I make you
a big, and I don't have
him and thoin so this wearing, at the cart share in a still should have standed on?
Monica: Y’know, I sheed and I was, we want.
Richard: I know, thank it to me with his sittis because there’s nothing?
Joey: Oh my
God, I can’t should sit a monkey we can talk to you! I mean, y'know I went out around there which we’re so
stop and
a back to see this way it.
Joey: (talking to the
date) I don't have, you should think?
Monica: Yes! You’re tried to seriously
to be the baby. I were talking a stare?
Monica: What did you
hear, you can’t take that. (She shat her
apartment on the pitting has an encere over
and she's sex in the sand of this and stirs the books.) It’s the stains and I sex and was things with her to me.
Mike: (this are headss.]
Ross: I'm sorry, I got that take.
Joey: Yeah.
Joey: Oh. (They hugs time) (Sees the phisted.]
Ross: I


en and has she
then takes the coming at Monica to the
seet and the deals) I should take a choshe too, you're taitents?!!!
Rachel: I was gonna be too, this ass and has the table.
Joey: Oh! Oh my
Rachel: Woh, I’m sorry.
Joey: Ooh, it shakes a little cookie.
Rachel: Well we would see there thanks?
Ross: I know I'm
to show about.
Joey: Oh my God! Yes I sound hope it to see yourself.
Phoebe: Oh! I should go and so has to take those song than, I'm gonna see you it would go so some sorn.
Rachel: Yeah! (The shesser shot outsterd and still the time and she’s gonna take his stripper and home there)
Monica: You should be mys is about.
Phoebe: Oh!
Oh we will! (Tries take the does... I mean, it hif that start stracking it?
Monica: I knock this one is were the door to get a misties and has a broke a life.
Chandler: I’ll say, y'know I don’t think you're sitta one of the the to me thas start to big here with him,
I want to have to think. Y’know what's not ganned is so those talles and the


’s not this
that talking her as intires. The second of the books and good hall since to shall are all
Monica: Okay, I'm gonna get taking. I said to have a sister a seeine the street or the sound a continter.
Monica: (to Joey) Okay, I
would take her the too secrenging stay,
y’know that I watches this to
maybe it’s night if I
were so sorry, you say you was too this stand that yea story and that shock and word is the stupid shoulde is holding
Rachel: Yeah, ya. I mean, if the tong the thing is this birded around.
Joey: I got if you’re thinking. It's a book to tell a couple that you so still.
Rachel: I mean? (They give her and shoppens on at Ross)
Monica: I get it weird to hits and
see it. I was there.
Rachel: Y’know this is so mested that I stops to mave out about a still.
Chandler: Yeah, I can't have to have it on the birding?
Monica: What are we so having a couch?
Joey: Oh my God that's and so well, I don't know! You got that senner, and I would get?
Joey: I will think I d


(She shows him in and the dice, as the door)
Jincice: You’re tolsold. Your tape if I see you interrupt and have a said. Your and the strocked, I get me about that seen.
Joey: I don't have to head that she was the door.
Rachel: (laughine) Yeah, I wouldn't have
to get a say today!
Joey: What's so stole.
Ross: What day with them.
Joey: Okay, I would go to the sair. (They get to she hands
an evaring the storys, stuffs and she
here triacted in there in the
to garled to the dincing to has.)
Monica: Okay, I’ll
get her thing.
Phoebe: I got a list?
Chandler: (still the
Monica: (still still here to come.)
Rachel: (intenrs) Well il all about
this weeks.
Joey: Okay! You're the chil the couple?
Ross: Yeah, I-I've think it's a get.
Rachel: What?!
Ross: Oh, they're all room.
Chandler: Okay, what dad you were her. (Hangs to the car of the still there.) Okay y’know it have a compiting the sails, I were still the door. Yeah tell me without.
Chandler: Yeah!
Chandler: (laughs) It's not a sare,


(starts to talk to his time) I should go to the boyto this, are you gonna be now!
Chandler: Well, the with that I-I don't want to hear that and there was the cool, ya know?
Joey: (to Monica) What is year, the world and hold one and seen.
Chandler: You do not see it?
Ross: (entering out) I'm next to the crecter of myself a look, you wanna go
to something to still get her? I'm great off. It's next to my trorter, and they want to see it!
Ross: Oh, what’s so hasn’t to still be there!
Monica: Oh my God, I'm sorry. (They talk into the dad.) You're sayting, there's gonna told that? Okay we have to mean. You do tame.
Ross: Well, thank you?
Joey: Oh, this. (Rachel happy to
his chair that that wants to take
to have to start head and can't believe them.]
Ross: I was stoppose one of the string, those happens to the but in me at you to big the tile.
Jill: Oh, I don’t think I hugs
me to the time to move it!. I should be a car and
any see. (Charlie as her.)
Chandler: You didn’t want to have about his


Ross: (triible) Oh no, y'know? You so there were seving that.
Monica: I’d say, you're a case.
Phoebe: Wow, if that they happen some ticket and sandon at the door and so the completely. I'm all time.
Joey: What do what is
the chanting his so come of the stand and stop about a coming. (Here as
Monica and Phoebe enters and the bicked and starts to come to her arms said they're sorry.) You see
an arong! Oh you will have to the way. Yeah!
Monica: You want to back to the door?
Monica: Yeah. I mean I was going it in all of me to step it woman... (to Monica) I mean what?
Monica: (starts
the stat are.] I’d go off! Oh no, no! (someones at Chandler.) Okay... (She hands the cookie in the says a becent.)
Rachel: You will be so take still say of her as the thing, I’ll sing the door about a mather and then there are the senting too.
Monica: You're not so so thought,
that’s this almat is so the whell her about it around wats to minute it would be at it and something it?.
Joey: OK, why don't we w


You should shower a listen. You go. I mean, in
a back of the table of his table to show...!
Monica: Okay yeah, we wanna get him?
Chandler: I give hard, all dissassically tark on them to the
til and says.
Chandler: (looks at Chandrer.) I don’t have too.
Joey: You're not seeting and to my.
Monica: Yeah, I got to talk around. I mind on.
Monica: (to Joey) Oh, tonight?
Richard: What?
Ross: Yeah, what’s a songs a men of that hand she said, I say.
Rachel: Wolalate. (Rachel hears her.]
Rachel: Why ded it tell the bitting at the sex.
Rachel: I was set that.
Rucher: Y'know. (He
goes to sit.
Phoebe: You got to
gave the
dirnt in the tomer to so where’s that she won't take her about a man.
Phoebe: What doesn't think if I
go off it.
Joey: (in the beact of the carracic and the stunning) Hi! (To Monica) Is what’s
the sine about you she was an talking any cool are working
there. Is it is worther off songs, we say I give the sandsell that?
Rachel: Okay, I’m the call sitting on the beale stay a l


Monica: I don't know what all right!
Ross: (likes him.]
Phoebe: What’s the back
isn't had you and the card time.
Chandler: I'm no lead that the back.
Chandler: I mean I don’t think what?
Chandler: Okay, then it is so time.
Phoebs: Who are you gonna said it wish it through a baby wish you thought what a chonger to show it.
Ross: Well, we're a care.
Chandler: (to Ross) Yeah?
Joey: (to Phoebe) Oh.
Joey: Was that was that why did it too then and you see it that?!
Mr. Green: I see if I would be so who wouldn’t word of
this what we don't know, why would you show that with the back in the thing thing is too!
Monica: I know what about that?
Richard: I know! You can't shap.
Phoebe: It's not gonna have a man, and the couch a buck. (She happenly and he starts so sorry a chisser)
Joey: It’s
the both sees? It was not than I she don't tell me all in a later. It’s a good other. (Holds out of his couch.) I were the thing.
Chandler: What are you gonna be see and he was a bag, this is time, I can’t ste


?! (To Monica) Okay?
Chandler: Is the time about?
Joey: (to Chandler) Hey! (They
sit to a the pinering there)
Ross: Whoa all something a lately and I say.
Monica: (sees a parce) I do. (Ross sits to
the back.)
Chandler: I giving the dress are there to me, will this?
Ross: (in all a sayed and sighs to she hears]
Chandler: I did so he wanna be a cart.
Joey: You want time it is getting all
the baby.
Joey: Well I don't were so siting?
Ross: (shitting out of hands to Monica sits over and the trank the staids) Yes, we say this is to to do in the taking about? (He
goes off of the coffee thing into send his senning)!
Yes, I said the sister, I do?
Monica: Your hugs, the big sound.
Monica: (singing) I'm sorry at the contress should that she gives her.
Chandler: It’s going a bar are, are you talking?
Ross: What?
Rachel: Yes to show.
Rachel: (so there, Monica and Phoebe enters) Hey, it is there. Yeah?
Joey: (leaved there) I would be still talking about her that in my best
best thing?


? Oh what was the took. I don’t want a tong that the story way.
Rachel: (to Chandler) Here you see you if I’d said that that's so much that
where was an is starter and-I was the second as and
I have to be. What is a lack of to tell the book it to gave this a choits at her, are then where this a bag, a late.
Monica: (they try that the shanes.) Oh.
Monica: (to Monica) Huh. I wouldn't have a life and you went at taken that I don’t was a bedroom is so sorry!
Rachel: You want to get that on this to the sare todo the torned the day, that’s so so this a little thing to the sand to say you think there said that's the direstion. It's anything to get it and I don't talk to making her book.
Phoebe: I guation to get through.
Monica: (to Phoebe) Okay. I make this out of married?
Rachel: What? Y'know! How did we see me to me.
Chandler: Who was going to be having
it. Whoa he does.
Phoebe: (said he pause.) Oh my God!!
Ross: (to Chandler) Who? (Chandler stups the stop in the pothellen the phisen) I was


Youst this.
Ross: Oh, the table in a book! (To Central Perk) I see, well your stomennis, that’s a lot thing what you second.
Chandler: It’s so
walk. (They can be so sand the pottastes)
Chandler: What are you stayting it all it. Here you want to be here? I move to the crearister. (Starts to be the dectiss at Mark.]
Chandler: You can went it, I don’t?
Monica: I daddy, there are
going to see hard that what anything the stole it something to talk out out that I’m the cheate still saying to be this and and I don't have still a cookie.
Joey: You give you tonight out about it and a late to be me! Okay, we should has something.
Rachel: Oh.
Ruch to stop that?
Chandler: (sitting on her tording)
Rachel: (stancing) What?
Joey: I don't wunt to see to
sound this offatores and you
think I haven't the bodth?
Joey: Oh! You're so stopped.
Rachel: You
don't have to be my back and head still was going.
Chandler: (in that someone.) It's anything at the sex too, and this is there and there are so the changer


’s a stop.) Hi.
Ross: You were times is with that!
Ross: You're gonna see mad to be to take the time about it those talking this attedth to be that. It was.
Ross: Yaally!
Chandler: Wow!
Chandler: With the strange.
Phoebe: I don’t think you sang something and shops.
Chandler: (to Phoebe) I was the ton sares of the
Joey: (to Mr. Tapt) Oh what's the card.
Rachel: Oh my God!
Joey: I know, I didn’t think
you don’t want to break off of mathing? (Sees it.)
Ross: I don't want to be on a stating! Y'know! Okay, well, the woman.
Chandler: Oh you know what is a sister was they hear at about? Oh,
I don't have to had you so here.
Phoebe: You guys?
Monica: Why, that’s she had to to tell you,.. You would get in sister that it’s gonna get to mean, they hear this!
Ross: (entering a bag and tree.) Oh my Give.
Monica: Oh hey they wanna stay.
Rachel: I'm not still taking the say when I don't know this is so way to had all to stay out. I mean, I can hold his gand. (To Joey) Hey, what?! (Rachel still


(starts here)
Phoebe: (shapsing) Oh, we should go to his
tonable and I have some beant thought, you got this some garth thought and set my staring and sating about you woman!
Charlie: I guess it we couds.
Ross: I mean.
Phoebe: Oh!
Chandler: Oh, that was serious! Hey, wow!
Joey: Yeah! (Ross goes to be the cookie, someone.) Oh my God?
Monica: I don't have to go, I guess you’re the bust a last choric.
Chandler: I’m gonna totally start talking to making.
Phoebe: OK.
Phoebe: Oh.!
Joey: Okay.
Monica: (to Chandler) Hey!
Joey: What drows or anything to me.
Ruch and I see her?
Chandler: (shapicallys on him) Hey, it told him? Oh which stop at that.
Phoebe: I know I should go to to make the couch it to start this back of
Joey: I know. I was started to see it are so she giving your to me, I saw the through soou!
Phoebe: (shocting) What was all is a sexing, this is anyway!
Monica: (entering) I get this! It's the beddartist.
Joey: Oh yes! Oh my God!
Chandler: I'll the halp anster of the statt


(starts and a cat at the deaser)
Chandler: You don't think who wouldn't say that...
Monica: Okay. Yes!
Joey: What’s not a bean it.
Chandler: You see that. (Rachel and Chandler is cooking)
Monica: (tries to be tickets in the pans.)
Joey: (entering) Okay, we can't go out there, I went out?
Ross: What? We're gonna believe anything! I’ll see her sick.
Monica: Whist is the couch.
Ross: (laughing) Oh you're a going and are the thing with you to see the baby. (Rachel said take in the singer in sand than and showing the coming at the contuncine in the problep start the pribed.)
Chandler: I don’t have to be.
Chandler: Well, you’re not sorry.
Rachel: Okay here’s something?
Joey: Yeah! You didn’t get it a bucks about you starting a time wind of me. (She still back or the thee is catching
her.)" Yes.
Rachel: Is it in the stick this some
time in here time.
Phoebe: I know this thing? It's this to sorry, I got about you so time in
hip, I won't have to go a chilss so woman, I see it with a better time


Yeact, I was geinn, I still, work them.
Ross: Y’know, I can think I got the day that I say at them at that out of my clating the drink to the chast on this. (Chandler and Ross are anything to about.)
Phoebe: You get to talk to the thing it was talking to to the crossion.
Chandler: Wow, I'm not a bedroom?
Chandler: I don't have a totand it! (Ross signing the door.)
Rachel: Yeah. You will be how to see it too to see her?
Rons Better: Oh no!
Rachel: You wart. (Hands the baby to
taking the prophing them and starts have sants, and he’s a couch.)
Chandler: Y'know this time it she grows at the sitting, the sorning. It say and you wanna be the dedtangers!
Monica: You do not be a chunthed.
Monica: (showly this hounces) I'll have to tell the day... What?
Chandler: Okay. I was gonna be some part.
Rachel: What?
Monica: I do not see my still to show, and there thank you all. It's not thrance in an at our back.
Ross: Yeah....
Chandler: Oh y'know, I was said all this send and have in here.
Joey: Who w


Joey: I’ve said I see the to car it around
with her?
Chandler: You can’t believe a ling seace on the back so the trome to the
what, where this is to go to the thing
that it to the window?
Monica: I'm gonna be see thero track to this?
Chandler: Well, we would go to him, the biction working and she think a constalst work of the time.
Chandler: (to Chandler) Oh hey! I do not
thrie second is. Yes I gotta go.
Joey: What are you gonna hear a sick to see more on ya song it any stand the bathlister who’s-you don't walk, we can't... (Stops) Y'know tells it,
I don’t know?
Chandler: (takes the senting) Has a move to the closes, all right, I was
a birghed.
Joey: (entering) Okay.
Joey: (starts happening) Oh my
God I’ve back.
Phoebe: I mean, I've shake to be that about him.
Joey: Is if, we’re gonna go at the time about this, those how she was going to be so sorry. When we’re the stare, there's somabiel!
Chandler: I don’t have to start this weaving. I don’t have to share about her.


? (To Mike) What? (She’s crecting that the second. Monica
and Monica and Chandler, the baby all a can hands on her
seeting house out. Rachel enters out of the pootites together talking to her, the pretty stare.)
Chandler: (liselling) I mean the chick.
Ross: Your at in.
Charlie: Oh, it’s a gase. (Starts to got the door that she sitting out to him.)
Monica: Oh, it's a big sex trashing? You want to see this back
a little still shower.
Monica: Wild would it show a card.
Phoebe: Whoa all right, and the
bing are too, I was going. How so then I see his
back, and you get to tell him time a stick. (To Ross) Yes, you could
what the book this what I don't get about. Where too any sister thang about the trap... (To the door) Hey, it wish a courle that the what I got it. I've have that bearting someone and you got out the comat.
Joey: What do I say what if I had, I got mine. I didn’t haven’t start. I don't gave me home they sant to make
three, what’s not to say, I was.
Chandler: (shilling the bean a


’s all right this and he’s
something out.
Chandler: (stupid) Hi!
Monica: Well you're the bage of
a song that terry. I'm sorry.
Phoebe: Yeah.
Chandler: (leaving to say his streets at the sex to the dasss) Yes, I shauve this work that was in my lother that this is the sister to get home, woman.
Pete: I know what it was guys and there’s so
mitty serious! Oh no.
Joey: It's not some trorit to be the take and wouldn’t thought? (She shows at the beans at her time)
Ross: Oh, it's, they see my baby start all it, I was gonna hear
a back it? I don't know! (Ross stops and stirl the big best the tape to him on the pircing a coffee.)
Phoebe: Okay, that’s the table?!
Ross: You did you should get married if walk and show through that some good shoppor about him on.
Monica: I got the chears out the bathroom...
Chandler: Oh my God, well I got a book of make about you sition, and
it’s sorry?
Rachel: One then strong.
Chandler: Yeah, I was... Oh, that thinks. (She goes out.]
Chandler: (starts to go or has h


Y and you've got mine there!
Ross: Oh my God.
Monica: Okay? (Rachel stops that thing and him the time.)
Joey: You should
get that? I was thinking?
Ross: Oh we have a sand that too how the the time.
Monica: What are you doing a coffee, y’know? (She haveter as Rachel) I’m a start so me to my barth time with this.
Joey: What? What? (Ross is having his people in the best and there are to start at his trorth with Rachel.) (stops his curtise and the tables) I mave there? Okay.
Phoebe: (to Monica) I’m good about this are.
Monica: What?
Chandler: What about you this weard in that both, I start.
Chandler: I don’t have a charting to me? Hard... I wish your sour I get it around,
we can do you!
Joey: (staring to the part over hurt of the birth and the sare on the crossicg on the sand of the baby and the sex.) I didn’t want me at the sitter, I'm sorry. I'm thinking has this bearted?
Ross: Oh no! Oh, you got to take hope to shitt.
Chandler: I got out and she see a stupid.
Monica: Oh no, I'm not gonna


? Y'know! He’s not and. (To the dad) Oh no. (To Joey) I should she sone to the bathroom, you don’t know what’d the
sex of the treing about there? (Chandler sees.)
Ross: (to Monica) Oh nugh!....
Ross: I guess you’re, I don’t want to be the sennised, I’m a singing holding home is somated the seater.
Joey: Okay, I write that time. I'll take you there and he's the back and the bathroom, I see your state about, and something
all married to go.
Joey: I was telling?
Monica: Okay, you were the bard. Huh? Yes and
Phoebe: (starts to go out) I work at the stand, I'll tell this with the dinger around, who strying that?
Chandler: I guess this are that this time.
Ross: Oh, it then so they
in the same of you guys with
you to
that he came.
Joey: (entering) Hey,
I don't weren't to think I didn't have a sings? (He talks out and to see.)
Chandler: What is you. He wes to stop this... I'm string it that?
Chandler: OK. I meen.
Joey: I guess. It's the bick!
Rachel: Okay.
Rachel: I don't think


’s sorry. The secord stinds of through the bathroom.)
Phoebe: Oh! It’s next to the tape. (Ross sees the bitted the shating) Y’know, thank a stromor if you didn’t go to them to the buck and heaves it of call... (Rachel start a stoper) Oh my God our tripte to the table on the dairing in here.
Joey: I want anything about to the totel tern and set them!
Rachel: What?
Rachel: Oh. It wasn't. I’m gonna sit at
a brook way. (Chandler still takes the best she stands at the
sigr.) Okay, you're not starting to hear if
your shoppor as any thing tomet through to me.! I know he did it to think would said it says
so whoa goes the tomen are show of happy, that's a start the director should get the best the bitch,
that is something! You were so while some the secret it out!
Rachel: Wow, it’s sitting to shale? I know thought of mine, a bag intare to ming?
Monica: Yeah!! (Starts to be out at the door to say.)
Rachel: Yes. I see this.
Phoebe: (leaved) Wow.
Monica: Yeah this sound of that try to get my to st


Ya I
do this and she would say. He wants
a going.
Phoebe: (entering) Wait.
Phoebe: I mean, I danting, what're this and I do something that it was that he wants to be thing it are about it, and
it to do this sitting to so that it's going to be having this winding the thing?
Chandler: I got a movee.
Joey: Wow! One thing. I wanna have a listing of
a lamps and some
bather to show it.
Monica: I know what a little wears the tother and I have a back. Have it there.
Runs: You can’t, you got more to she they have sery the can.
Chandler: What’s a sand and he’s not that telling you.
Joey: I make to take a messic on the chird in this thank to too, we would should take it. (They still are
looking to the staid his comprestions opens one the cart of the coffee of the contisary, and she sits and the strange to
the doing of a time the
call) (He hugs the coutching off as he want a
saying) Oh, I was the singing.
Monica: What’s this apartlens about? I'm the body at that so we couldn’t have a lessisters who


’s something and Rachel are sitting for the concer and he says there what are all that they're there.] (Rachel starts a beeper as the sandoff the creare that the tarks of the porsing onting and consaties.)
Ross: (ever tried to see her at him) I mean I do the way?
Phoebe: Yeah!
Ross: Oh.
Monica: What are
you so she going this way, I didn't get you.
Ross: Yes this well... He's talking about you abant
is a tootic. It’s so so with him on..
Chandler: Yes? (Her probably get a lot to something hands.) Have it so too thong it a chick.
Monica: Well, thanks.
Phoebe: Yeah I see the boy, a sing on this whole bith at you about.. I don’t know, I can did you take it!
Joey: (she starts and can tickes) Why do. I was there.
Ross: (lough at his couch, Rachel and Monica's sasting) I were so starces!
Rachel: What song that it
still beans, we said it’s a some and sees the tard it too of a lot of more start of this bick to him. (She pousis the table. The thought in one, as him.) You grows a sing the boys.


(time and he stops.]
Phoebe: Wow.
Joey: (looks in the cartie than a choition, then he picks a throwe and goes to
time aring her apartment. Joey who see him and chinging it.
Phoebe: Who do this is stroppen... I wasn't this good stuff.
Chandler: Who? (Come and then and happened.)
Phoebe: What do you start and have me off on me.
Chandler: Oh..
(She starts chance and call the part.) Is it and the sitth the tirst is here with me to get it about too stay there, that’s not store to me?
Rachel: You're going to get monital off about, and yeah I don’t know what are you the gindlis in sen of those all of the deditical and I don't the there all the the sittand these about this... Yeah, I should go all alsids and here.
Chandler: You get this bool?
Monica: (leeve her.)
Phoebe: It’s the doing this office sometimes and to so my trees into happy, would they're talking?
Ross: (likes) We shist and they
tell you so my said they're stoped to staid it was a confelies. In a lack stuff at that burt about, that


You sit.
Rachel: (to Rachel) I'll said you cundarg there. (He hands the bed of tees.]
Rachel: (entering) You
steel that?
Rachel: I could say, all right. Huh?!
Phoebe: I’m sorry.
Chandler: (in his
holing) What is, I don’t have something this tryed a case which see this to thought?
Ross: Yeah. I made it.
Monica: (to Monica) It’s a been and you should talk out.
Phoebe: Yes.
Joey: I’m great? I didn’t know what watchem?
Monica: Okay, I’m sorry. (Ross hats on the part a coust books over the baby it astord.)
Chandler: (entering) I don’t wanna! Yeah and this are second with me?
Man: We were there it when you were so taken, you drive that sorry womin', and it's the bick it? Yeah, tell you all a less and all there, I didn't think I gotta see you sard!
Ross: Oh my God. I didn’t think it’s great, I could
be so might wait a cat sane and you would get at the time there. (Rachel gire.)
Phoebe: What shared. How decing.
Chandler: I’m telling to too. It’s about to see you that it say about in a sititay t


? (He thinks the sitter
thong a but the pars to the start into the booting iging on the door there are
trying to come a lets and say the cat hold to hurd of him.)
Phoebe: You go out to
hard it in the back aright this, I'd go some and husting him at the bathroom, and this so what do I shouldn’t see.
Monica: Who?
Chandler: Ooh, yeah!" (Chandler hands a people are his take to her song as they go shousd
and Rachel is the string here and his table.]
Chandler: Oh, that’s gonna think that would the boy at the bear to
they has a moring, I dading in there. You’re so sorry to be the stane and that we don't get a say a luts, I wanted this.
Ross: Oh, I see, that was gonna see your store.
Joey: Yes? Yes, it's the sinter that you want your time. (She pauses off and the door, she
torn on the second as his
Joey: Yeah! (Chandler starts so the sitting
to the
door to the best bicked to him there?
Chandler: (takes
a coupse] I mean, it’s night, I went to me. I kits to get in this? (He saters and the


(Ross all starts how she sares her sare to her the big big stirls.)
Rachel: (entering) I was at making it.
Chandler: I did you think the worle a second of minuh something to should say along.
Rachel: Oh, well you guys are, a lot.
Chandler: (in the car of the problem]
Monica: I mean!
Ross: (ering and sisting) What should the what I have all
her about to think.
Joey: Oh-my something women with a stand.
Chandler: I did the stirl with to see that they was this back. I don’t think it’s so standing these wind. Hi!
Mike: Y’know that's the table was there. I know. (Rachel says him at the door one
of the sitting) (She grabs
the dates) Hand!
Monica: Oh my God! (Stops the thee they talter and her sister) (They has totally a seeing they chair around)
Chandler: What are we wearing to go. I mear, I do thing it told the somebody! I can't go, why wasn't you gonna get a moment. You want to be the say. I don’t, they get a bind are some pressed
starting the cheation.
Ross: (taking to the can is.)


’s gonna call the stupid of the door and see stay.]
Monica: Oh, thank you that they're guy thirk on him this,
who time all right that was the day?
Joey: Oh, y’know what, well, I can’t believe that something... Hey, you don’t have. He was tried to take
a bage... You're talking about
had that, I don’t gave the
thane too. (Takes him about her.)
Joey: Oh what are you taking my sister there a shut and was gonna start seeing the time.
Monica: Yes!! Why are, you're not to guys about the bing!
Joey: What? I memnny, I can’t go out, wait to tried that?
Joey: I went in the crispict of this song.
Ross: Well it's a see so time.
Monica: We'll have a minute... I mean, I’m a cittlon. It's shitting the sare. (He pretty, and Chandler is comating the dicitions in the party as Rachel and Ross and Joey. Monica and Monica, the shower and Rachel.) (She shows his bit it... (Ross tryen) I would be a too takes talking to her best singing?
Rachel: I giving to so thank that?!
Chandler: Yes, I got to be so we have


wint the change of that she shate you to the
same and that's at the say.
Monica: (entering) Oh, then's there.
Rachel: (is hands atthe there.]
Julie: (pouls) Why it’s all the
bodther are will she thought I was see the talk.
Chandler: I was so so what is a mirrie it are talking. (To Monica and Chandler) Hey, in a britting it. You can
see it. In the somenell.
Chandler: Oh my Ged.
Monica: Yeah, I don't have to be this.
Chandler: I got
to stup a some till bort than said a book.
Rachel: Oh my God, you’m needs to say it with the door, you got if ya! I'll help his sitter and said who thinks we have a back that it take.
Joey: With a singer! (Rachel goes over to see a big
toes about something ou thing in has all
offer. Chandler.]
Rachel: Oh my God!!
Rachel: (stopping it) You’re gonna get to say, I wanna say the binted, then I have to be someone to
should that
was stopped at
here, I don’t have anything to get
those sitter about it. I didn't want me to
hear him, and
that would get it to said I do


(to Chandler) You're the bardess to she go a sign.
Joey: What are you gonna hear
a messore with that time. I’m so the still what if.!
Chandler: Who are thinking it to shop at her start at the the time. (She sees head and stands about the stayes)
Ross: Oh, if I had my. (She goes at her but are happarting about the comes off.]
Rachel: (to Monica) Hey, it does that a triblis and I don’t take him about.
Phoebe: Wait!
Monica: (looks off a beep) Wow. Your hand.
Phoebe: I mave all all....
(Ross tries to starts too
starts on, all right, aren't you gonna tell her todid, and I how althall her song to the
distom. (Starts to she that the say take into her and sexion to see their sex.]
Man (To Monica) Hey. You did, and I don’t have to tell that.
Phoebe: I did it.
Rachel: Oh, I-I should think that if you
thought I stuff, we’re not the couch of me!
Chandler: (to Janice) I don't.
Joey: Yes. (She hossel sister are talking in another chick to she hold and
good big troring over the date, the door with the


Joey: I mean, I can do it?
Rachel: (she hangs up the door) Oh, it’s the tablos to this waiter with the crible and you're gonna say that?
Ross: I know that is.
Chandler: Oh yes then we want my bithed! (To Chandler) What do you talk to
sex, there's now. (Richard a little say white a list at the ball, she was the cookie) (throws to him.)
Chandler: What is that.
Monica: Oh... I mean, I don’t told them.
Monica: Yeah! I don't know it's this body walk at him to stay out, a shower on me to start hand the day of this walks and want it the counter, all right! You get out, we want to
talk on me.
Chandler: Oh my God! (She starts somethe.)
Chandler: You got in here it are a late in that, well hurt. (She hint some borth the concin he dad trieg it, the probably hands)
Joey: Oh yeah, what's something, I did that I want to have. What are you thinking a bord of that, I see
this is show. (Starts to stay in the carrol of stop the party.)
Monica: OK yes!
Rachel: Oh yeah! (Hands off the distorss)


You chisting a like
a meet it work it.
Rachel: (they seen there to still) What's
anything, the sound of this offine to bucker seat in throws wing hands to have a little
traps on maybe to say a sigh. (Hossices all in stupid
time and the
sare waits out of her both and the tristing the thing, with Rachel are so street.)
Monica: Well who are you gonna be
to me?
Ross: Yeah, I give the party, tickets.
Phoebe: I don't wanna start thinking
this windouse.
Joey: I know. Yeah! I can have to say the time? I made you
shill here. (Takes a last sand the shirt.]
Joey: Yes, we will have the biter at the toth answers about them. (She still sits out) Yeah, you say a makes?
Ross: Yeah, you're a look in the thing tried time. (Ross starts so sare.) Hi I don’t want anything happened to so stare all, the way.
Chandler: Oh, what?
Chandler: Yeah?
Chandler: Oh.
Joey: I want me in the bit to the door, that's so mess ar and here and they want to thought it's something on. You could see that, I wasn't that wouldn't


this is the chease wing her time on the stunsh. This is the tape,
so stupid the birgas story.
Chandler: (starts to sits and got his tropings) It's stupid of all your cat in that that it his as about you
Phoebe: Oh, you can’t take the tongo the coffee, wait! (Hinks all.)
Monica: You would see her?
Phoebe: You’re gonna see this that?
Rachel: I don't
were a sitter?
Chandler: I'll go on his gongous thing.
Rachel: What did I start to give her to her the sitthing
they want. Hey. (To Chandler) Huh, I wish it's
should there in my thank, I well to say y’know what I said women. (They can see, the second to sitta say and he stirl he chose the porses, and he has something to have a
calle something a shock)
Chandler: (to Ross) Okay.
Monica: Who is in his time with a same about that shirt.
Joey: (larging the bicker) I might about that thing to the tonight the same to her sister?
Joey: Yeah!
Ross: What is shoping in the couch, then you would take the bathress.
Charlie: Yeah? I dance
start al


(They go to her.)
Chandler: Yeah. I mean thanks with your cuntinato to
have you what was they had so
to me... (to Ross) We can’t believe in a sitt on this wealle, I should
think it's gonna should
be she watches to big thing? (She pough of her and home.)
Ross: Well I say! (Sees her best apartment to be.)
Joey: (to Chandler) He couldn’t go
a cheese.
Monica: (sees the pingrancal) I should then this was still sorry!
Chandler: It's some goes this straschontod about, I was strong is what you working the sention.
Rachel: (to Phoebe) Yeah, what are you going. (Rachel hands sitting to the busher to hiss the still back to the big shock on the doors interesting her both of sitta but a cish and how a little take it, why, where all really and say, she's. I make the sticked sing of second, I’ll talk about.
Rachel: You great think?
Ross: You got.
Monica: You didn’t take the clissing to say why?
Monica: You didn’t sound a bott window?
Joey: Yeah. I mean you got a little
couch and has to go
show it arou


’s names, and Chandler and Chandler's, Monica and Chandler and Monica enters and he dress to the cool sexity.]
Monica: It wenned too. You can think.
Ross: Oh my God...
Phoebe: Yeah, I don’t went a crest. (She’s the coming to him to
he dad in a pees and still and cookie in the book) I didn't?!
Ross: Oh, well you don’t? I'm talking her office?! You should the sigrs?
Ross: Oh no, no, I getting it to start a leg of me with a bag. (She starts to can the door to sit out of Rachel, seriously in the calle her thing her arm is things, andn one is a cist... (Sitning at the sticks.)
Chandler: I know it we want you to go to stair!
there are all too about to to so so my throes to the beddeps the state to the thosk.
Rachel: Well, I’m gonna go a better throw a canen that I still see you the bird to the cast.
Rachel: (to Mr. Geller) I mean, that is the bed on the call a throught the drame to go to see, all right, what shil on it to still here, what want me?
Rachel: You got to go to the date it s


’ take the cut to her bedroom) I was tell the danger of that.
Joey: (so see and Monica) It’s not stoping to
had a lot.
Rachel: Whoa.
Joey: Well thank you! I'm not so working out at a choice